Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 18, 1969 · Page 10
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 10

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1969
Page 10
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10 > Tundoy. Fab. 18. 1969 IMkiMit Ooily FaeH VL06 Television Review By RICK OU MOW Opens oWc9 by filing suifs pgainsf boss TIZZY 5iim HOUSTON (UPI)-Mortaa L. I RMXYWOOD (UPI)-Not n'about tiie home tube these dayi I loog ago, it wac prettsr difficult is that a fellow CHI tune in at i.«ekly series. I meanlheldnd ^'«*»»8»8eo«<tahort« of women who appeal mosUy to to JSf- - until last Friday, opened his ma rather thw to ladies of the .Maj*e part of a« «««^ pri^.^ Uw office Mooday and sevioc-dtde. btidge^lub cate- that the networks are gor>-. more and more after lhe;cdebrated the event by filing •n >e thewy that kept sexy "J-winJ ,f<Jult" aadieBce^jriiiehl seven tsniU against Us fenner dames at • mimnuni as video J2«*,.5f «»P« «Vloyer. regular, appjTrtly «u tat « ^Sdy Sfto' tte^vi^' fiW the suiU aiainst M bosinesa to ^ ^ "'^i the gomnmeat. asking tax imlenonty conplexes to the I average ladies at home who do TTie sexiest thing on tdeviaion inutst of the buyii« of tlie''^- ""ithout question, Battn I products tdevision srils. I Streisand in her annual CBS-TV • One of the happier things: spec«»ls- refunds totalini HOjtXO. I TUESDAY FEBmiART U • GEORGE PUTNAM NEWS ir The Best News in Town • DONALD O'CONNOR •k NEW TIME/NEW TIME MOKx N (C) (60) Jenyj Dufipny* eSNnltaf -lrWdqr (Ct (30) BM M h «diM (O (30) • THE SIX O'CLOCK M0VIE| ir Mor-"A SufflRMT Pl«»"| Partll—«tars Richard Epn I. Dorothy McGuircj MT ntir Part II (draoa) *»- Kchart Epe. Oorathir MeGwn Siidn Dtc; Trey Douku*. ai»r(C»(fio> SMaaa (Q (30) 0Mir* N MT ; (30) "MUM* Os W* Gat nr BHI SmWi )Bmtn ts tevenl ftma ts see how fniitt ind «<cetibl«i m irami, practn and aadagtl. SHiimSaMMr SntMitaaKe) UianiK NMMnriM (Q (60) e RicHnao PRESENTS ir LOS ANGELES LAKERS VS. NEW YORK KNKKSj 0UlMW «aH «(C) •I ,\s for the weeUy stars. Susan Saint James of NBC-TVs "The"***'" Name of the Gamt" contznues tiffe) ••66-«l:rk)a Brando. Aiii««et-i mvnnv < ITPH ThW.r..t^ *«'^««-She is to Contr. Jdi« Sitsa. Emffio Fef. LONDON <UP1) - Thieves,^ TOodetfnl looking comedy lUiidez. Hati netciKT 't plifl to be- 1 smashed through a rear window, gcuess. in the tradiiiaa of (C) ^ Awilecn* (idMii Museum patn*»«g« including SM <O(60) eiMi «imiirMrCkiM .(30) •4S0UlMn 11**111 (Q (2 iir IS min) cm httm calls Uw action betaeen Lot Angeles Laken and the New Yo(k KnicketlMckan. TMSCtS biaiM nmn (Q (30) Witter Cnmldtc. Omar>MyLkM!(Q (30) OPaaMMd (0 (30) ffi1lNFnM)iClKl (30) CMaadsiittaSiaCC) STralli ar C lamw (Q • A Nat'l. C M . Special ir "AUSTRALIA"— Sponsors: BRITANNKA and HAMILTON WATCH Sf^ltt (60) "Aintr»lla-1h» rnaalaas Und." «n adventuiwis look at tha Down Under caatinent and its raoid irantisnnMe. who fargi a life in tiw mannr of tiM piooaws or Amariea's Old We«. Alaundar Scawby aanataL Tha pnmn ate lalMalaokatS|fdna)r.thaso*lils- volis tliat aits eat far IlO «e8QEIiO Miaalaa (0 (60) Sutjacts « currant iatarast are pit- aanted in a nufannt fonnat • GEORGE PUTNAM NEWS ir One Reporter's Opinion eaHM«<o(60) inars Ub (Q (60) ticatad i«etinpote_ fiflm tha ehaHenfas at tha hodto iateiior. • •(SejMf Ui*<O(60) iSfffOb and fan! Lynda (uesL ^»'u ^*'tbln?*We, Unc a«d Jo»t tmal to a small waateta tsara ia the fuiaa of atchaaploar atudants to search for Capt Greer, who failed to return frem ncatian. Jawa E MR fuesls. OMM M < Mwii . . , a Haanaaiiir (drama) •S2--An- UMV Quinn, jKkie Gteaion. Julie Harris. 0Tnlii ar Canaatacncea (Q (30) 0PtnyHaaan (60) 0Caaciaadelallna(3O) Clalaialaaairaaia tJI^Haial (0 (30) 0 «Md Piaat (C) (60) PlwiiF OHtofl €••€• "•s ^iBois r -H.^ (OtsL o a 9 )0 Mia <Q(^ SriGaw Wen." Julia's ipartmenfl is bwilerized with unwitting help it. m J. Waaedom't aunt Wandi Traqf Itoiian piays the wter of Laoaard Wauedom (Hank Brandt). She ia Brandt's real-IHe wife. OIBCSfflKTakaaalkiif (0 (S)^tipaw." Fernando Umti] fuasis as Pepe Bovchet a thief ;hom Alexander Mundy tricks into ittBiiptine to recover the stolen cnwn Jewels of U Monica. • MERV GRIFFIN SHOW ir NEW TIME/NEW TIME • •tnCtlttiafOOO) AM •« Odds (R (30) Cin a new life en his foster binth-i ^ ef-i ratrt h upKt when a Mexicat " • Portsmouth bandit stalls his ^;»!oasa bottc. I Monday and stole qikaaijaa S (t) (60) Al Hiitl valued at C40.000 the sisa who really kaeais hoa ttj Rembrandt's "Portrait of make a tnimprt tOi brfnfs sixt)'Okl Man Wearing Black. minutej of SOUND. JacMf him ani Sarah Vjuthn. The M Hiit Sartet Dioy Gillespie. Ptte Condoli and Don Eliii. O Rm lor Year Uf: (0(63) (3 m FesSnl (O '53) "The Film Gt !«:;;fln on MuJ^ " Aa^rea Ounc-:!i nirralet prsirem on music on film. n:;!inentt arc •mCM."." by Will Hinffle; •Djnc- ini Sonjv- by Ba*9 Beurek: "Capriccio." by Ole Astonan: "YelVm Submafine" Inm the new Beetle! none: musical Pit.- by Oatke Gt(ic and Tuesday Afttreoon." • OMdaAaallaBai an Carole Lombard. And it is time she was si^-en a diaace I D make her move in motion pictures. &Mie Hasn of NBC-TVs "Rowan and Martm's Laugh-In' WASHINGTON (UPI)-Uara lost their liv« m eatHtquakes around the world last year than ia any year ainee 1960. aeeording to the National Eartiiqnake Information Center. The center said » qoakca hi 13 foreign countries took 12.401 Hves. f -JOaSODBirisDarfC) (30)Bock S ^Miy ttdttd over his wbudai anapads in tha annual honadioc tsumanaiit until Laray aocidantal) atutnbes the pitchinf am of Doc Caipaoter, Bucks partner. • EXCELLENT POLICE ir ACTION MELODRAMA 0IB)(I)CBl>n« (0 (30) "The Candy Men." Conclusion of a two- part stoiy. James Eari Jones, stai oi lha Bnadway bit "The Great White Hope," (vests as Candy Lation, director of tha Phoanb House, a dn« rehabilitation oantM epentad by ax-addicts. Haines. Ward and Cono continue their ia- vestitatkm into the robbaor of a local tmeiy store in which the main suspsct b thoufht to ba a resident of the Phoenix House. QRaas (0 (30) Tad Mayan. • Her y ital 9 M (0 (30) Jays Bhaic Humor." Maipnl Ttn- man and Lao Rostao fucsL • •Uftneaciha(30)«paaal of nportan Iran tha tocal diiettai the campal|n far Mayor of les Amalas with candidate WitUan Hathaway. • Md« (0 Caaa Manair (h Kali Maklan. Patricia Tka PtaalM al (horror) 'M - |Haaa (O (30) Haas Oaahnaaa (30) CMSiHMMia • Uanaab(0 0IMK Ika Mack RH^ (ad- mtm) •57-4ia|k MaikiM^ Mfit (DSiaCSeHaaa (p ll:3O0Harie: (0 "Ho Haaw aa flw MM" (western) 'SS^ie Murpby, Joan Enns. • JOHNNY'S IN TOWN ^ ir THE TONIGHT SHOW Starring Johnny Carson Guests: Richard Harris, and Buddy Rogers Oe (I]ffiTaa-igUSkaw (0 • Msrir **oiias' a«kBeer (drama) '48—Dick Powell. Malta Toren. omtsaim M M* (0 OILONLaqr UrOO ^TTSaaaalSHp 12:100 (horror) TalbotL alDr.Jakyir '57 — John A|ar, Gloria 1M6 OAdiea Owes Me a Ikaafct: U»ing." •Tha World OCaaaaanilyBullatinBaartCO OFM Ike Inside Oat (0 1:15 a Mane: "Ban of Fire" (comedy) •« — Gary Ceeftr, Barbara Stan­ wyck. l :30O'U*^°«M ^**<" }^ SSk Hair The Amphibian Man," and "War Paint" - nAYTIME MOWB _ ma) 'SS-Anthony (Juinn, Hichard Eiaa. UJOO'Ika ii| Fnf (mystery) '46- jMies Brawn. "Hal Ccrtaki Wa- MB" (drama) W-Bette Davis. (*aaM) Mia*)' iar HM- (mystery) 'SB BfoA, Lyn Thomas. (adnntura) "53 StaA Nqpl Braca. _ • (adnntgn) -B ^MV catlK, JsMi Fwcim RUCREDUIMDS «3 Stwat • 793-4331 Wiiinor of 3 Academv AA«rds! • Shaw TiflMs: Tot*.. S -ja ».m. (.-atVINARTSl PLUS - PEATURRTTi "SKY OVER HOLUND" ' plays • rather nutty character. Ibut if you watch her often CDOU^ you can't help but discern that she has a certain) vulnerability that makes her irreastiUe. Diabann Carroll of NBC-TVs "Julia" is. of course, a dassic beauty. And Nichellc Nichols of, the same network's "Star IVck" is a maturely suUry actiess. "Jane Ellen says she's planning to elop*—but not till1976!" The Side Lighter Red ^vowlefs held ACCRA, Ghana (UPl)-Four Soviet fishing U-awlers and their ... '52 crewmen have been detamed ^^T^'JLi'JJ'^ by authorities here more than mu<* for CBS-TV-s Dons Day,f^ suspicton they Something to crow about or that Beverly country pri HiUbiUies" By DICK WEST WASHINGTON (UPI) - Hie recent investiture of Ralph Nader as a member of the National Motor Vdude Safety Onaea is expected to perk up that group's liberations. It means that the auto kidustry's unofficial bairsbirt will now have a formal podium from which to cany on bis hectoring of Detroit. If the council does became more stimulated as a result of Nader's presence, perhaps it win enlarge its field of inquiry to indode psydKrfogical as weB as mechanical defects. In the event. I wouJd like to see it hivestigate a strange motoring phenomenon known as tiie "Volkswages syndrome." Rarely a day goes by along the commuting trails in this area that I don't find myself being intimkiated by small foreign cats. More than ones a dark su^cion has crossed my I mind that they are out to get ' me. i At first I dismissed such ':hou!Uits as the product of an overwrought imaginatian. But at a party the other evening I discovered I was not alone in my foreboding. One of the lady guests happened to mention she had been run off the road by a were standing by to help SAN FBA.N'CISCO <UPI)-A|Volkswagen earUer in the day. on **Gr £60 restore deposed dictator Kwame wliats-her-name Acres." But Barbara Bain of CBS- IV's "Mission: Impocsible" is a nifty^ooking dame, and a good! messages before capture. They'"cock-a-doodle-doo. Nkrumah. police saki Monday. PoUce saM the skipped of the Soviet vessels admitted ordering destructkn of their togs and Chinese-American first grader toM her class Monday that her big brother had awakened their family in the predawn hours by Gapping his arms and d»uting actress, and is one of the fiew todies I hav« ever aeen who is aUe to be cool and mrm at fiie same time. Oh Boy. I mean, oh Bfly- saki the Soviets were still being; It was just his tribute to the held "entirely due to their recalcitrant attitude" towards questkming about the alleged plot start d the Year of the Rooster, the year 4067 on the Chinese calendar which ^rted Monday. How much does it cost to run vour TVset? Someone else related a similar experience. It soon developed that everyone in the room had been involved in such facidents. In each case, the adversary was an undersized import None of us bad been cowed, bullied, or browbeaten by autos as large as our own- Now let me make it clear I am in now way casting aspersions on the cars themselves. For all I know, they may be everything their dealers claim. But evidently there is something about little foreign-made vehicles that brings out latent domineering tendencies in American motorists. A man or woman may have driven for years in a docile manner, cruising along in conformity with the traffic pattern. Then he or she gets behind the wheel of an import and suddenly something snaps. The driver becomes a despot bent on conquering the road with arrogant veering maneuvers that cause other motorists to quail and truckle. I have seen Volkswagens challenge and tyrannize huge buses and moving vans as easily as they might coerce a kiddycar. Anything Nader and his colleagues might do to end this reign of terror woukl be greatly appreciated Iqr all of downtrodden drivers of standard-azed autos. With the council's help, wa may overcome. Dr.Marcuse retained by UC at San Diego LA JOIXA, Calif. (UPI)-Dr. Herbert Marcuse. an avowed Less than 1^ an hour—morning noon or night. Any size TV. Quite a baigaih, isn't it? In fact, electricity in Edison areas costs an average family less per kilowatt-hour today than it did 10...20...even 30years ago. And practically everyone today is using much more electricity—more kilowatt-hours—than ever before. Take washing dishes. Few people owned electric dishwashers a decade ago. But now you see them everywhere. And you can wash a load for less than 2^. Or washing clothes. Remember when this was a hand operation ? With an electric washer, you can now run through a load for less thanlHfS. Or shaving. Electric razor sales are booming. And you can shave all year for less than a dime. In Edison areas, one of your biggest ba^ains is electricity. It does so much for so little. You can watch TV around the clock and it hardly costs you a thing. (Except maybe a night's sleep.) Southern California Edison AN EQUALOrraaTtffOTY EMFLOYEK Marxist and influential philosopher for the New Left movement has been retained for at least one more year on the faculty of the Univeraty of California at San Diego. But the reappointment of the controversial |*ilosophy professor did not make several local orgam'zations. including the American Legion, happy. They fought the renewal of Marcuse's contract on the grounds that he has inspired rebdlious students around the woiid. The popular teacher is au±or of the book "One Dimensional Man" and other works which have been mfhiential in the thinking of members of the New Left At 70, Marcuse is past the retirement age of 67 and must be rehired on a year-to-year basis. UCSD ChanceUor William McGill made the announcement of Marcuse's reappointment Sunday. McGill sakl the decision to rdiire Marcuse came after five I sennr members of the school's faculty conducted a five-month investigation of his recent writings, his standing among scholars, his teaching and his service to the communi^y- The chancellor said he agreed with the committee's recommendation that the popular Marcuse be rehired for the 196970 academic year. "I'll stand by it" be told a news conference. McGill sakl the reappointment is subject to review by the state board of regents. The reaction to McGill's aimouncement was immediate. Hany Foster, judge advocate for the Legkn's 22nd district said: "I don't bdieve McGill had the stamina to resist the pressure of the faculty and students who wanted to retain Marcuse." He said "the chancellor av&taitly disreganied the fed- ing not oiiy <rf the vast majority of the people in this community hot of tha stale." Ftets Classlfled Ads Can sen Anything canTss-aza

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