Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 12, 1952 · Page 8
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 8

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 12, 1952
Page 8
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EIGHT EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker Helping Others Best Way To Help Yourself EDITOR'S NOTE—Our troubled times make the netd for helping and understanding at hen greettr than ever. In the .following article, written especially for International News Serv/'ce, noted psychiatrist Dr. Robert ». Seliger discusses ways in which help can best be given. Dr. Setiger is a fellow of the American Psychiatric Association, Chief Psychiatrist of Heuro- psychiatric Institute of Baltimore, and assistant in neurology at Johns Hopkins University Medical School and Hospital, BALTIMORE.—(INS)—We can all help people, and these days there are more people than ever that need help. There are myriads of! human beings who are lonesome, contused or overcome with a sense ol | being unneeded. There are many people who suffer from inferiority, j insecurity, self-consciousness and a sense of world-nsjection—these' people need help. ,, I In' all social relationships people stimulate, inspire or otherwise influence each other. These influences may be helpful, harmful or merely indifferent. To be actively helpful to people, one must veer from the ways most commonly tried. Outright financial aid is often the technical knowledge, because intuitively they feel what other people need and they minister to those needs. • • | To be a better humar. and to help j people, one should practice daily i I with an increasing desire to be i I near perfect in the development of i | the following: | 1. Graciousness in behavior, I speech, manner and appearance. j 2. Decency in inter-personal relationship. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. ing. "8. 9. Kindness. Humility and humbleness. Tolerance In all spheres. Understanding. Patience in listening and Warmth. Considerateness. By developing and following above nine suggestions, you can yourself by learning how to others. Veterans Of USS Estes To Hold Annual Reunion The third annual reunion of sailors act- who served aboard the flagship USS; i Estes AGC 12 in the Pacific during World War II is scheduled for April lln Washington. i A. T. Ferguson, Jr., 2450 Montrose t!:le i Street, Philadelphia, has charge of help : the reunion. Area veterans who were help; crew members of the Estes are to i contact him. easy way—but with very little real help value. Very little help results from only giving advice or appearing superior or moralizing. widen the ga. 1 between people and separate them. Good Listening Helps . We often reason with' people People are most helped by the | when we try to he j p themt Reason- attitudes we show when "we are with them. They are helped by what they experience in our social relationship or contact with them. Things Money Won't Buy Often the first thing people think of when a person needs help is to give financial assistance. Very often this is quite the wrong thing to do, though the person concerned may think it is his greatest need. One of the problems of maturity that we all have tp learn is to work and act within the limitations of the "environment and background in which we find ourselves and within the limits of our capacities. Financial aid may postpone the facing of a problem and prevent the growth that is necessary if a Siven person is to make a success of life, , Ths next thing that occurs when we think of other people is to give advice. Here the individual needing help will feel imposed upon 'and dependent. Becoming more dependent Increases inferiority feelings. We all have the need to be respected and to feel our individuality. We must think something of ourselves even if we are in trouble. We need to be respected in the midst of failure, mistakes and losses. If that support is gone, we have very little left. Avoid superior speech and behavior which stimulate feelings of Inferiority and produce negative feelings, Negative Jeelings do not bring people together; 'they do not Inspire them to do their best; they Ing And exhortation should be replaced by understanding, kindness and patience by allowing people to ventilate to you or "talk it out." Peelings, impulses, habits and expectations are all more important in our daily living than reasoning. Do not criticize people. If you are going to help, don't always contradict, argue, oppose or tell them they are wrong. This usually arouses antagonism. The heart of all of us is in our feelings, emotions and impulses. Attitudes, behavior, smiles, tones of voice and manner make people appeal to one another and bring them together, One large corporation has worked out a way to obtain happier employees. Men are stationed at certain places in the various plants as listening posts. They do not give advice but are there to listen to ^people who have something on their minds and want to talk —to get things off their 1 chests. As a result there has been less dissatisfaction, relationships are improved and production increased. Being a Better Person Remember, there are people who can help others without having "Oldat40.50.60?" — Man,You're Crazy Forgot your «t«l Thousands »re peppy at 7(). Try "jHSDplnR un" wltb Oatrex. Contain? tonic lor weak, rundown feeling due sololy to boUy> Ikck of Iron wblcb many men and woffn*n call "old." Tented bj Doaom 867 e reporwl good result* Many, ImprEsscd. said, "will prRscrlbc •ot dellihtM. I ntroductory ftlic only 60^. for •&)• At all flrug §tore* ivwywbert. AdverMsitment KIDNEYS MUST REMOVE EXCESS WASTE Nagging backache, loss of pep nndenergy, headaches and dizziness may be due to slow* down of kidney function. Doctors any good kidney function is very important to good health. When some everyday condition, such as atrcsB and strain, causes this important function to slow down, manyfolkmutlernag- Binft backache—feel miserable. Minor bladder irritations due to cold or wrong diet may causeKettingupniKhtsorfrequentpassaKes. Don't neglect your kidneys if these conditions bother you. Try Dean's Fills—a, mild diuretic. Used successfully by millloni for overBOycara. It's amazing how many time. -tofkidneytubesandfi]- tcrs flush out waat«. Get Dean's Pills todayl __^ Advertisement NEW AMAZING SPMD EUCTRIC RANGE WITH THE SENSATIONAL $prr» COROX UNIT THAT GETS ... of course, Jf's e/ecfricl Low down payment, terms to fit YOUR budget NEW! The SUPER SPEED COROX Unit, is the fastest heating unit on the market today. In fact, it's so fast the unit gets hot the instant you turn on the switch . . . RED HOT in 30 seconds. NEW! The new Westinghouse MIRACLE SEALED OVEN lives up to its name. No more air drafts-to dry out cakes and roasts... no more shifting of hot racks. 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Table Cloths 52x52-in, size . $1.98 Hond printed new "Ivy Bowl" . •»«« pattern on .ail cloth 52x70-1,1, SIZ6 . $2.98 FREE City Delivery 138-148 BALTIMORE" ST. CUMBERLAND, MD. AN OlD-tlMC INSTITUTION WITH NEW-TIME WAYS The fre/)c//s fo FOR A QUiCK, SMART, ACCEPTABLE METHOD TO PAY BILLS, DISCOVER THE USEFULNESS OF THIS LOW-COST CHECKING- ACCOUNT SERVICE EVERYBODY'S DOING- IT- WHY NOT YOU ? ADVANTAGES Your name printed on all checks •without extra cost; delivered at once. Start your account with any amount. No fixed balance ever required. No charge for deposits; no monthly charges. Bank by mail if you prefer. Your cancelled check is always a valid receipt. SECOND NATIONAL BANK MEMBER FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM AND FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION IN BOTH P. S. MKTS. WEDNESDAY! KEYKOOLEO 42*1 JERZEE MILK 8 cans SI KRAFT'S VELVEETA CHEESE CHIC & RICE CHIC & NOODLE SOUP 8 D*l Manl* Tomato Sauce 12«"»$1 Dal Mont* PinaappU Juice i 46-01. cant Orange • Grapefruit rans* & Grapefruit Juice 46-»i. cam DEL MONTE Woodbury'i Soap 15 .k.. $1 SOLID PACK TOMATOES 7 No. 2 cans HUNT'S DEL MONTE CATSUP 5 large fj-f btls. ¥ I PURE WHOLE STRAWBERRY PRESERVES MUSSELMAN'S APPLE SAUCE 12 !;•;, $1 WHOLE KERNEL GOLDEN CORN 6 c <ms$1 KING KARLO DOG FOOD 10 „„, $1 Tuxedo Tuna 4 con$ for Calif, Tomato Paste 9 eani for Del Monte Peaches 3 L\ for PalmoliveLuxSoap12 ek ,for Pork & Beans 3 5 ^for Potted Meats 13 . for Vienna Sausage 6 con , for Apple Sauce 8;i for Mixed Vegetables 8 can , for Apple Butter 4 3 - a :: for Green Cut Beans 8 N ;Jfor Columbus Spaghetti 8 jar , for Perk Wash Powder 3 bxl for Apple Butter . 5 2 ^for SauerKraut ; 8 No ^; /2 for StarkistTuna 3 can jor Assorted Jellies 3 ^ for Early Peas 7 canj for Red Kidney Beans 8 NC °J for Prem * Treet 2 „„, for J DEL MONTE PRUNES 4 £ $1 Red Kidney Beans 10 "r for Carrots & Peas 8 "I 2 for Kraut 10 N l*for Pork & Beans 10 ± for Lima Beans 10 „„. for Tom or Veg Soup 11 „„, for DOLLAR DAYS SAVINGS IN OUR MEAT DEPARTMENTS FRESH GROUND Hamburg 2 , b , $1 FULL DREST ROASTING Chickens 2 , bs $1 PURE PORK COUNTRY STYLE Sausage 3 , b , $1 ARMOUR'S STAR SPICED Luncheon 2 , b , $1 Boston Pork Roast 2 »» $1 Pork Liver 3 n». $1 Yellow American Cheese 2 "»• $1 Skinless Franks 2 »». $1 Pork Shoulder Steak .... 2 »" $1 Sliced Bacon 3 IB*. $1 Fresh Frozen Pollack 4 "». $1 Sliced Bacon Ends 5 »» $1 Smoked Bacon Squares 4 "» $1 Pan Liver Pudding 3 »». $1 Wilson's Smo. Sausage 2 ^ $1 Asst. Lunch Meats 2 »". $1 Lean Pork Chops 2 »» $1 Slab Bacon 2V 2 lh < $1 Sweet Florida ORANGES 39c Slicing Tomatoes "> 25c Giant Lettuce 2 19c U. S. No, 1 Potatoes ^ 77c Solid Cabbage 2 17c FLORIDA Seedless Grapefruit Bag •

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