The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 26, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1930
Page 2
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MOB-TWO ISO-VIS jl/r ?/0r 0/7 A A G ROUE OF MEN were gathered ir the research laboratory of Standard Oil Company (Indiana). Before them stood a motor. It had been difiven 25,000 miles— the "turn-it;" period of the average car. Bit by bit ft was taken down. Micrometer measure-. ments were made. In the 2 5,000 miles of driving it was found that wear |; bin every moving part was fai] less than normally occurs. Literally i hundreds of these tests were n'iade before we announced New Iso-Vis Motor Oil. Scores of cars of. various makes iyeic used. "Here are the results: I Less than normal near on every part oj the motor. • 2 Less carhoh deposits (almost 50 per cent less than the average oj various oils). •3 Effective lubrication at extremes oj heat and cold. A Absolute p/oof that Nex, Iso-Vis will not thin Out in'the ip-ankcase. You can gi ! t New Iso-Vis at all Standard Oil dealers and service stations. Try this better motcr oil today. ORUELL1NG ro«d tests proved that New Iso-Vis increases the life of the car. Engine' pans, by iccuruc micrometer measurements. • hou-ed mueb'less wear (ban usual New Iso-Vis forms decidedly less carbon than most oils. Thor- ouch tests prove it. New Iso-Vis saves time, trouble and money. KewlPolarine is also ejected by our hew refining processes— giviri$it an efficiency which is exceeded-onlyby Setc Iso-Vis. • The brice' is 25 cents a quart. STANDARD Oil. HrfotorOh C O M P A N Y (Indiana) AIM'A IMA 'PI-AY. c!y produced by special arrange- "liient by Samuel French,.; of New him 20,000 which he invests; and meets with success and thus the Court Asked to ^Biqoin^Vh< __ ion of Stan&ud of New ^ . York and Vacuum. RESTRAINT OF TRADE Washington, March 26. — The first step to test the legality at tlie proposed merger of the Vacuum Oil' Company 'and the Standard Oil Company of New York has been taken 'by the Department of Justice when it fileid in the United States District.court rat St. Louis 'a petition asking that the proposed merger be* declared illegal. The papers filed recited the legal history of the' old Standard Oil case which ended with a final decree in 1911, and the petition was filed in that case. «jp f "The Standard and Vacuum companies ' are both engaged in refining and selling lubricating oils aiiti gasoline," the - department said in a separate statement "and are among the major companies engaged in*that business in the United States, particularly, in. New York and New England "Both companies were defendants in the trust suit'filed in the St. Louis court in 1906 against the Standard Oil Company of New Jersey and its; subsidiary companies." The government contends that these two companies, the Standard of New York and Vacuum have been and are engaged in substantial competition with each other and also that they are potentially .competitive -with' each other in interstate commerce. The petition filed at St. .Louis asserts that, by the terms of the decree in the original case, the court adjudged that these defendants with others had been engaged in a conspiracy in restraint of trade. BUSINESS CHANGE. Miittingly Cleaning Establishment Leased to Anderson Finn. Ou< of Given jrollese" AVill lay School. The senior cljiss of the Arcadia high school is iholdiug rehearsals U ;.iiy. and'soinf; through 'the en- ;ife play, "Just;] Out of College." v:n'eh they will; present in the -hool au 'ditorii;';m on Friday. ;nid S:t;urday niirjits] of tliis week. The play was [Written by George business i<le ard is a ligrht three -act come- king," and induces him to loan AMERICAN LEGION MINSTREL SHOW with Mitchell & "Mitch" i at the mgli Sehcol Auditorium, Elweod, Ind. Wed. -Tburs., Mar. 26-27 DOK'T MISS THIS SHOW! Bo. York. The play is being coached i requirements of the father. He l>y Mrs. Leslie Davis. English! finally wins the girl and all ends teacher, and later Sir. Davis will j happily. The comic part is car- assist. The story centers about a -j ried by Glen Knapp as Prof. H. :outh just out of college seeking a; Bless, The cast of characters is business career. He falls in .love j as follows: with the daughter of a pickle! Edward AVorthington Swinger, manufacturer. In order to win j Doris Knapp; Septimus Pickering, the father's consent -the ^oung j Howard Waltz; Prof. H. Bless, man must establish himself in j Glenn Knapp; "Slivers" Mason, He makes the "pickle Harold Knapp; Rufus, Herbert JNightenhelser; Ernest Bradford, Garrett Snpder; a collector of souvenirs, Edgar Groves; a ticket seller, Glen Boyer; a train caller, Leroy Rollings; a delegate from. !the union, Lloyd Clark; N. W. l 'Jones'i Mildred Devaney;' Gene- Ivigve Chizele, Naomi Sexton; Lu- |ella Pickering, Pauline Thomas; jCcrblyn Pickering, Betty Smith; JEernice McCormick, Virginia Sto- i 'ver: Aunt Julie Springer," Mar- jgaret Waltz; news stand grl, Mary 'Graham; a lonsesome lady travel­ ler. Mildred Clark; a subscription [book agent, Audra Hodson; bun­ co girls, Helen Gwinn, Alice But- f; Ruth Harold. . I - .'.'The'special'scenery for the play j is.being painted by one wf tliCse- niors, Virginia Stover. \ ' ' . ••• . '.— . . v ! VlGH HONORS i'O EIKLSOX. Cyril Mattingly who for the past two years has conducted a cleaning and pressing establishment in the Leavell building on North Main street, has leased the business to the American Cleaners of Anderson and J* A. Berry is in charge of the business. \ This establishment which enjoyed a good business and employs several persons was started by Mr. Mattingly. who after operating it for two years has decid-. ed to return to the farm and he will move Monday of next week, to the B. F. Leavell farm northwest of Tipton. . RA<^ AGAINST GERA1ANV. Fowr N>Uons W1U Bry For Atlantic Speed -Record. .-'"•'• New. York, March 26.—The greatest shipbuilding race in history,-, In which -ttftir nations will attempt to.wrest from Germany the" -honor of having the fastest steamship' afloat,- was'foreseen to- : GernfaTify's hold "on the mythical -Mike '"ribbon of the Atlantic was dnhcTleH firmly yesterday' ^ISen-^the new North German! LoVd liner Europa established a record of four days seventeen' hbtirs and six minutes from Cher-^, bourg breakwater to ' Ambrose channel lightship, entrance of: New York harbor, bettering by eighteen minutes the former record, established by her'sister ship the Bremen. Ever since the Bremen took the speed championship from the Cunard liner Mauretania in July, plans have been under way in the United States, Great Britain. France and Italy to build ships in .the 'hope of carrying off the speed championship. The United States lines already have submitted plans for two super liners capable of maintaining an average speed of twenty- eight and one-half knots. Each "ship will cost about $30,000,000. In Great Britain the Cunard line has completed plans for a shipvbf approximately 60,000 tons. In France construction of a super ship by the French line awaits enlarging of the St. Nazaire shipyard, while in Italy both the Navigazione Generate Italiana and the Lloyd Sabuado have plans prepared for ships designed to make, a speed of twenty-eight and one-half knots. SQUAW NAMES INSTIGATOR. Says Lila Jiiiiersbn's -'Witch Let ters Inspired Her to Kill. Buffalo, N. Y., March 26. — A web of evidence woven by the In dian memory of Nancy Bowen crept out today to encircle Lila Jimerson, oil''trial lor complicity in the- murder of a white woman. Nancy, elderly Cayuga squaw, revealed on the witness stand that she had accepted on their face value letters telling her to' kill Mrs. Henri Marchand as a "white witch of Buffalo." The letters, the state contends, were written, or at least conceived', by Lila, despite their signatures of "Mrs. Dooley,' aud were inspired by Lila's desire to free Henn Marchand, French sculptor, so she could become his wife. Nancy admitted that she beat with chloroform in the Marchand meY and then suffocated her with chloriform in the Marchand home, March 6. THOMPSON NOT A CANDIDATE Windy City Mayor jSa.vs His PooirS Health Will Not Permit Him. DRY AGENT KILLS PLANTER. Revolver Fight Fatal to Prominent Southerner Under Inquiry. Clarksdale, Miss., March 26. The fatal wounding of 4- L. Doggett, age fifty-seven, prominent lumberman and planter, in a revolver fight with E. S.. Chapman deputy prohibition administrator for northern Mississippi, was being investigated today by both federal and state 'authorities. BAD ACCIDENT. Aortli Dakota Suspends Affairs as Noted Fl.ver Is Buried. —"and-at's right fcere at your doorstep, too." Won-lf ^turfnlly attractive wall coverings—modern in da£ 'feign, snperl* in rich colors. Come to our store and] |<]et ui figure the cost of papering your room or lioj^p 'Yon will bt surprised at the small, outlay of mowij| |idrad—papers are inexpensive'now.. Hatton, N. D., March 26.— North Dakota turned from its.ev­ ery-day affairs to pay : high" tribi ute to Carl Ben Eielson, who -had .flown across the top of the world [and amid arctic -.wastes/before he j felt to his death, last November j In northern Siberia. I In LAW Franteralty. * T "" r - ^Blopmlngton z I n d., Mar.- 26.% ,<}erald C. Todo/of Jlpton..i» «n(l of:vtw e lvetidl»ria' 1 Univ«rilty,:iaw >?hool .tudeute wbb.Ti.ntiy:'wer 8 . (Continued_From Pagel.) assessment in Miami county. He' and his wife had been at Indianapolis for the purpose of bringing the daughter home, she having been in. school there and , was coming borne for a tew days' vacation. ' Birth of Olrl. re- th. . Friends ,of Arcadia-have ceivcid :snaonncam«nt . og blrih^of;*' mgn /^^v ^m f o,und >baby./girl -bslag ^bprn^w^f I i»n .sMd; dijc^^ofj fetmlJistoti Chicago, March j 26.—William Hale Thompson, for twenty years a vital factor in Chicago politics and now rounding)out his third term,as Mayor is^through politically and does hot jentertain anv lesire to hold office during the Century of Progress (World's Fair) Exposition of •• 1933. This was the opinion express- 3d today'by close friends of "Big Bill ' as the campaign for Cook !ounty officers warmed up with, the city's N most picturesque political figure having no apparent voice in the. making up of the various tickets. Friends said that M a y o r Thompson; if he attempted to-go, through the rigors of another campaign, would never live to occupy the office. While the Mayor looks'the picture of health, tiiosc in his confidence say he is not strong physically.' The vigor, the initiative, the ..desire to do-big things that marked him in the heyday of ^his political success are lacking, It Is said .Since his severe UlneBs a year, ago, Mayor Thompson has laid tfown a'strlct^dally routine to >e teU«M^. ^bJons aa'he »nd ChtMren Like pM^fffjR^a^nptoloushlp.'Ipou-! Cbnghs and Sore Throat Relieved Almost Instantly Stop children's coughs, and sore throats before these ailments lead to dangerous ills. Thoxine, a doc­ tor's'prescription, now.assures relief within ,15 minutes to children as well as adults without the danger in the use of patent medicines containing harmful drugs. Thoxine works _pn' a different principle, goes direct to the source ot trouble and relieves thg irritation which causes tho cpjighing; and sore throat.- Ideal tor children because'it is safe and does not have the usual "nasty-medicine" taste. No, gargling, Just isk for Thoxine, put up. ready for use in 35c, 60c and fl.00; bottles. Money back if hot relieved. Sold by Blue Front iDrug Store and all other good drug stores. 12 YEARS AGO ^ March 27th. Mike Foley spoke to a crowd which packed the Martz theater on loyalty to the United States. - * * * Miss Ida Ostheimer and Miss Jessie Knee returned from West Middleton where they had attended the. funeral of Mrs. G. A. Russell, wife" of Dr. .0. A. Russell, former residents of Tipton. " » * * Friends' here were advised of the'death of J. H. Gentry, Arcadia merchant during the night. If * * * . -It was announced that E. R. Shepherd would; be the agent for the American Express, company at this,point replacing L. C. Rayls resigned. ' , MIXED BATHING IN RUSSIA. Absence of Suits" Not Writer- Says. Mrs. J. W. Shaw of Goldsmith | was advertising for a bundle con- Genei-al, • taihjng dress .goods and patterns i lost somewhere on the streets. We had no stranger experience: Harry Vandevender resigned as in Russia than the first sight of switchman at" the Lake^ Erie, bathers in the Volga, writes Maryj yards an(1 acce pted a position as Vail Rensselaer Cogswell in the'.ij neman a t Elwood. North American - Review. The! * * * ' "• lack of bathing suits is not quite! as general as it is said to be. Pei-i goodbye to the farm they Uad re « haps a quarter of the men woar trunks (once I even saw "a short sleeved bathing,suit and it looked very ancient regime) and in the James Bowlby and wife bid odbye to the farm t i sided on :!2 years and removed to [-Sharpsville. country where there is real mixed bathing most of jfhe worn-: en wear some sort of skimpy and. inadequate garment. j In the Moscow River, where j the real dyed-i'iirthe- wool Com-1 munists' bathe, it is 1 considered j very bourgeois to weav any kindj of bathing suit.- The men and! women undress in separate lious -i es and go in the water on different sides of the beach. The imag-; Miss Helen Mattingly stenographer at the Good Samaritan hospital in Kokomo was here visiting relatives.- isiiXY si'MiAvs sox HI:I,I). Chicago Police Make- Arrest for I.os Angeles Authorities. Chicago.'. -March 2«.—George M Sund'iy, aire thirty-six, son of Billy. Sunday, the evangelist, was Los tele- New Majestic, Model OO, Complete With Tubes, »116JSO. Lee S. Leathennan FUNERAL DIRECTOR, Drake Beauty Parlor Graduate of Rainbow Acudemj ' Call 15 for Appointment Second Floor. Masonic Bldg. Takes .Maytag Agency. inary bart-ier between tliem is,. , „ , i held . by police today for only a few yards wide and there, ,-i Angeles authorities, who are no screens or fences, . yet. ' graphed he was wanted there for somehow it seems quite respect- . . -,, : bond torfeiture .and on a statu­ table. • • ; • , _, , ... •.! tory charge. The people on the .Yolga are; - les3 sophisticated and have more! fun. , The whole family spends; the <Iay "ori the beach and after j lunch the rneti and women move i _ D- .K. Doyle. 335 North Green j a short distance apart and take j street, jiasjtaken over the Maytag sun baths. j agency for'this territory, and tin-1 Once we were sitting on tlie| tn available quarters are secured, J basket, squatted down near us.j win handle the business from liisj and wlieu a couple, hand .inl home - "oyle's phone number' lis 1271) or 4!i2i> and he can be. i reached by calling at any time, f I»- • my desired! J service in connection with the, Maytag products. .- c-i! !> i hand, burdened with a ' lunch basket, squatted down near us. They were pale young things and i is P renare < 1 to » ivc looked as if they worked in a dark office. The man undressed md rushed into the water and '.he .girl wriggled out of ' her jlothes a few moments later. Then for oyer half an hour he gave her swimming - lessons in a 3olemn, professional way. After the lesson they floated' Never grease you pans when making pies. It is a poor pie thai jean not grease its own pan. around a bit and finally scuttled! out on the beacll and into their; clothes. When we left they were) placidly eating their sandwiches. J Political Announcements. The Tribune, from now until, the date of the primary election, will carry political announcements in this column; payment for the same must be made in advance. A motion picture film owned by the U. S. navy was used 7,000 times before being rendered .unlit for use. For County Clerk. I I hereby announce myself as aj candidate for the nomination fori clerk of the Tipton circuit court.! We sell new and used typewriters. Tribune Press. 1 subject to the. decision of the: j Democratic voters at the primary I j election to be held May 6, 1»30.| i IWItKER DUNHAM. ! What Price Glasses Tn "our advertising we have never k said much about price. In fitting glasses- we! nave always striven to fit the Very best rather than; the cheapest. As a result some people think they must go out of town if ^theyavoid paying ft high price for glasses. ! , fiuohis^ot the case. We can fit your glasses at al- mo»t any"prteo yon wish--' ffM'^mf or five dollars ^pitofnricei, Jhat, include Htmbjia studded frarces. - l -or Trustee. I herebv announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for . trustee of Cicero township, subject to the decision ot the Democrat voters at the primary elec- i.tion to -be held Tuesday May li, 11030. ' ! • ' RIX L. HASKBTT. i I am.a candidate tor the >Denil ocralic ttoiniiiatuiu for trustse «E Cicero township and will "appreciate any aid that is civen me in my campaign and m the primary election. JOHN C. BOZELL. Wall Enamel For Your Kitchen, Bath or Woodwork— and it's CHI-NAMEL Blue Front Drug Store TIPTON, IND. "tfdooa* Place'to Trade" i3*W&A3?Bunr Dr. E. E. Hicks Chiropractor Office Over Blue Front Corner Jefferson and Maiu. Fhone 64. Tipton. Hog Houses and Brooder Houses Ready for You J. P. SMITH Lumber Co. Phone 72. M. & N. SHOE STORE Nothing Over $4.98 COURTESY OCK MOTTO Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — Accident I'rotcction for Whatever Your Personal or Business Needs Stay Be. LEE F. 6SIFFTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone 57. Suits to Measure PURVIS STORE LOANS $25 to 8300—Your Own Security—Quick and Confidential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Bin. 4, Masonic BId£. N. Main. See— YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 6 East Jefferson St. RADIO SERVICE Wo 'lit> Anywhere — Aerial Work—Full- Iiine Accessories McJunkin Radio Shop Phone iSt>X7. Our New Spring Woolen* Are .\rrivtng—Cotne and See Them CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and Men's Shop 108 North Mala Street. W« Trade for Yonr OM Itee* XI HIBACKS ^e^iefftvlMiSt

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