The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 26, 1930 · Page 1
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 1

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Wednesday, March 26, 1930
Page 1
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Entered aa aacond dm matter, Oct. V Mb. at poatofflce at TI?ton, lad., under the act at liar eh K W9. VOLUME lixxv, y .o. TIPTON, INDIANA, WEDNESDAY EVENING, MARCH 20, 10.10. x BEN F. LEAVELL 10 HEAD FAIR Dates for Annual Exhibit' Have Seen Fixed lor ! August 12 15. TAYLOR 'IS SECRETARY! Same Directors as Last Year 1 Will Hflve Charge of Arrangements. Seeking Bomb Plan 's to Kill Wild llarso Howls in Oregon Salem, Ore., March 2G. —, Ranchers in eastern Oregon have appealed to Dr. W. H. Lytle. stale veterinarian, to arrange with tho United States army to send bombing planes (hero to wipe out roving herds of wild horses infected with dourine, an infectious disease. Dr. Lytle said an order from the slate livestock sanitary board would be necessary before tlie ranchers could resort to bombing, and such an order, he prwlicted^ would not be issued unless an uncontrollable infectious disease should appear. Ranchers said that the di.-easc. which eventually results in paralysis and death, is serious and increasing. COUNTY IN GRIP OF WORST STORM OF THE WINTER Wins King of Spain Trophy i North and South: Roads Are I Drifted in Some .Places Six Feet High. TRAFFIC IS PARALYZED Hi SWERINGENS PLAN NEW LINK Soft Roads Beneath Downfall Adds, to Troubles of Drivers. At a larger meeting 1 lui.i.i uvs : anticipated, considering the iiiil--• nient weathei";. the Tipton County ; Agricultural i; Association stock- i holders. i)roc(-eded Tuesday tiiali- \ ' '; to <>!i"-t new i;officers and dii-».-- j j tors r«r the bso 'fair. Repres..,,- j Working - Control of C. E. &! t :itiv '-.s were :;iere from SHvoral fl'^i:i:it point. r- of .the county and the nu-cting '-discussed matters pi»rlai!.iiig '<"•:'. tb'r coming fair. The dates :for T!}.-=• .'Ji'd ann-a. 1 .! exhibit niul'TJ. tltp present set >r stockholders -.has been fixed i 'or ! A'ngust 12 ttil", inclusive and j flails are liPi ,;ig. laid for making j Ibis the best fM the three fairs. \ lieu F. LiUivoll - was eii-ctcd president of r-he association and Purchased From the Ryan Estate. IS A. Taylor.!: secret a ry-lreasu Tipton county Wednesday noon was in the midst, of the worst snow storm of the winter and traffic on. many roads was suspended on account of the -huge drifts. The Shell oil truck coming ; from Windfall Wednesday morning reached here after a hard i tussle .with drifts, some of which . were reported to be all of six feet j in height and similar drifts were I reported in other north and south BIG COAL CARRIER: roads. Although ft was clear pearly Wednesday morning, re- i ports received here at noon were i that the range line—road in the Hopewell vicinity was blocked by drifts and cars were stalled. To add to the troubles of mot- New York. Marrli'2G.-—The Van Swerii'gens have assured their eastern railroad system a link be- Spectatqrs ' thrilled JS the '•Marin," sails taut and tilting with . the breeze, led the speedy "Babe" in one of the heats of the King of Spain Trophy race at Los Angeles, Calif. Sailed by Frederick M. Hoyt, the "Marin" won the international sailing classic when it beat the California Yacht Club ' entry, "Angelita," on the last day. {International Nmnal) US HAKES VITAL NAVAL Delegates May Entice Paris With Prospect of Security Pact. ORDERS FROM HOOVER Other Powers to Assume Liability While U. S. Will Consider Treaty. Male Ml P.'s Maintain Rights Against Women in Commons London, March 26. — The March of women into the secret places of the house of commons s'eemed irresistible, but now the men are beginning to turn. The. M. P.'s may take' men guests but not women into the gen/eral smoking room. Tlje •small smoke room, which used to be sacred to the Conservatives, has been -invaded by the Labor men without comment. but at the arrival of the women M. P.'s the old habitues struck. They_de .claTed there ought to be one place where they could be on their own as men. As one member put it, that is the only place where collars and bootlaces,can "be loosened during an all-night sitting. FIVE MINERS ARE KILLED; SIX ENTOMBED j Death of All Feared in West I Virginia Coal Pit iFol- |. lowing Blast. RESCUERS AT WORK BYRD WILL CLAIM LAND HE FOUND Repudiates Report That He Would Not Press U. S. Claims to Antarctic. I rer j and will sin-.!;-d J. W. Addlem.nn :iml !.. F. Cri'Tith. who last year. No. i-bani-esi; wore made in the personnel of ljhe board -of directors, which consists of John H. Waller, At. .Orr. William Curry. O. 11. Hushes. L. L. Shall. N. L. Ilutto. lames L. Uoma'ck. itween Chicago and St. Louis by orists the j roads were soft when | , I acquisition of working, control in,' . ' set \> <i - : first in many places, which impassable recently when K. V, Moser. K. n. Miller. .1. A. Burner. F. K- Goodnight. C. W. Cossai'l. Otto' Wyrick; .lessc lie- vault.-K. S. .".t'iriin. F. M. Ilwoiis. W. T. Kinder:: ivvin .Miller. John ,11. Xash. Williiam Ryan. Theodore Fu'nke. Clen :?. fiifford. Nelson Lilly. C ,,-r,<•:•<• ;\V. Leisure. Kmei ; y. Sinyser. Mon !7 McKay. Carl Scudder. Onu'i- Darrow, Rolla.Hohhs. Wilber Dnveriharger. Clialmgr L.' Hfibbs. M. ICotton, Harry Henderson. W. !F. Dunham. Z.ira - Watson. 1!. F.;;t.eavfll.' W. E. wijliucr. .1. V*. Addlemaii. J. C. ' Tulle. Claude Cochran. Ward Lawsnn. W:ili:-#> Kinder. H. R. Sinclair, L. V. Griffith. Harry Bihkley. JaiiHS Robinson. O. W. Collins. Jndse c. \\;. Mount was elected snperintenilent of the speed department fijir the present year and will be a-xisted by Jesse Devault, who handled this department most satisfactorily last year. J. W. Addjeman, the retiring president. wa»>lect«d superintendent of concessions and will be assisted by Walter B. Kinder, who has had this department for the past Mr. Kinder made ^record last r/ear by having the money for every .- concession be-. ' fore it openeq. A proposition for night racing during the suiiimer. made by local parties w;4'discussed by the meeting but i^'i definite qction was taken on iiliis question. It was decided by the meeting tliat - !iiiv.;lo f'ndmission tickets this year v.oirx] be nflc and family tickets f.-jr the four days would be S3. N'ight admissions to the grounds \<ili be 25c, it being planned io ho!<l night attractions. -On account;of, Tuesday night.' being a bad orpe another, meeting •will be called!; within the nest ten days for ai discussion of other matters pertaining to the fair. In jkoapital. , Bernie Mooi-e, Jlormerly of this city, IB In a.taiispltal at Mtoneapo- takinc trdittn'ent for nlcera ot tbe • atomjeh. i- He recently had bto:toift^i«>»^. D i!>T? d ' further 1 «M«inaflpar *;f. the HpecialtetB re- the snow storm started and the j • msi downfall melting as it Tell ! the Chicago & -Eastern - Illinois „ as , )lem to , )e , n yery , )ad j railway from the Thomas F. Ry-' condition an estate, it was learned yester-!were day. The purchase was not made j the unseasonable weather came through the Alleghany Corpora-! a t first of tn « month and lion, through which the Van Swer-i ciillsed them to - B0 ^°»S^. ingens have financed other merger deals, and it is expected that no formal announcement of the FOR RITZ FROLIC Big Midnight Show at Theatre Saturday by Little Theatre Club. acquisition will be made at this time. {of the city was said to be very The cost of acquiring actual j bad again and every car trying control of the C. & E. I. was esfi- t0 go through had to call for as- mated at from SS.000,000 to S3.-J si3ta „ ce _ Tnis strip %vas use a as a detour for 28 for some time. .Every garage reports its service, car as being busy all' day Wednesday helping stranded motorists. The condition near the! HAS SONGS AND DANCES cemetery at- the southwest edge "(10.000. hut tbe amount paid by- the Van Sweringens for working) control was estimated to have! been below that figure. No comment was available^ here on the price, paid for the sf ocIi Stock of the C. & E. I. has been advancing recently. It has risen from a low for the year of 14Vi tc a high of 25%. The preferred has touched 51% this year, advancing from a low of 3fi. -The 5 per cent bonds of 1951 have been r.ctive and strong recently, but "lr.sed down a point at 82. The Chicago and Eastern Illinois operates nearly 1,000 miles T ON RANGE LINE /London, "March' 26.—If France can obtain the military guaranties of security she demands from- other nations the United States delegation to the five-power naval conference v w'il I consider a proposal for a consultative past' "with an entirely open mind." A statement issued by the American delegation today reiterates unwillingness to enter any eaty which would involve the '-United States in any sort of miii- • fcary guaranty of French security. The consultative part mentioned , merely would involve consultation with the other four powers • i in eve"nt of threat of war. . ' • j j Denial also is. made in the [.statement that there has been any change of the American atti-i j tude since previous expressions. I sentative j In. elaborating paragraphs, how-iRailer, announced thai he would iever, it is said there is no objec- claim for the United States lauds RIGHTS SEEM VALID New York, March 2G.—Rear ;| Admiral Richard E. Byrd, in a j radiogram to his personal repre- in New York. II. H. Apparently No Fire in-the Workings, Although the Bodies Were Burned. Ainettsville. W- Va.. March 26. —Five miners were killed and >•!•. otheus were entombed today • :t an explosion in a heading of the Yukon mine of the Crown Coal C.-mpany here. The fate ot the six entombed was not detcr- mii; i! several hours after the- blase- Vtine rescue crews were attempting to reach the entombed aien. There apparently was no fire "in th<_- working. The bodies of those known to .1"! der.f! were not removed from the workings, They were burned badly, rescue workers said. The explosion was believed to have been caused by gas. It occurred 4.000 feet from the mouth of the mine. The dead men included J. H. Livingston, torero-in. The mine Car Of Peru Family Left the! such, the danger lying was opened in 1922 and is owned lion, to -a consultative pact aRJi, e discovered in Antarctica. He: by j ohnst< ,wn «Pa.) interests. It in the j Road and Turned Over in Field. | United States stand being mis- points out that the lands lie out- WOMAN WORST HURT i j understood to imply an obligation i of military assistance. The London press gives statement much significance land accepts it as representing "possibly ! a turning point, in the conference. | The Daily; Herald says it fol ! side the Ross Dependency and I that there should he no ground l the; for controversy. He sent the message to clear up any misapprehension as to what he had said in an interview, in Dunedin, New Zealand. In an, j lowed cabled instructions Monday! Associated Press dispatch from - The United States weather bureau in its Wednesday noon forecast says no immediate relief is in sight as cold weather with a slight rise Thursday is to be expected. The vise Thursday was expected to melt the snow, but this may add ro bad roads troubles. The .present storm-is general ip Illinoii, Indiana and Ohio, different localities reporting the same condition. I - : i from President Hoover. • The Ritz Frolic which is being j Mr. and Mrs. Ed J, Englance; 'if staged by the Ritz Little Theatre j a ,,a lue ir 19-year-old daughter, i Club as a midnight show at the| Anela> residing at 72 Ea St . 6th ! Ritz Theatre Saturday Marsh | 1 29th, is to be a musical comedy escape from death on the Range ! Prairie Center community, ""^Slowly Recovering. street in Peru, had a miraculous j Jesse 'LaGarde, living in the brimming with mirth provoking j comedy situations and sparkling | Line road," Tuesday night with up to date songs and dances, j the Graham-Paige sedan left the as Mrs. Woad. jumped the fence about 100 I Dunedin on March 13. Admiral i Byrd was reported as having a-n- i nounced in an interview therp ithat hejiad no intention of claim, ing for 'the United States any glands he had discovered. On Mardh ilB Joseph P. Cotton, acting secre­ tary Ester Boring . . Spinkenbaum and Margaret j yards south of the intersection of Bunch as Aunt Hazel are assign-:State Road 28 and turned over, ed the main comedy roles assisted stopping with all four wheels in by Kelton Essig as 'Hello World' the air. Mrs. Englance suffered a and Robert Saissline as Mr. ] broken left-collar bone, a badly injured right leg w.hich may be and when|? ble t0 sit up a , part of the time -;tary of state, declared in Wash- after being sick'for the past five j in g toir that such an anuounce- weeka. • v-- . j ment by Admiral Byrd, if correct- Those from a distance who vis-. ] V reported, would not be biiul- ited the sick man Sunday were:! jpg upon the United States. Sheriff Jesse Devault, George; • • • Key, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Wood- 1 Roads Very Bnrt. ruff of Tipton, Dr. J. H. Mills of- —^« is a slope mine. Two hundred men are employed in it daring the day and twenty-five at night. The eleven men entombed by 'ihe blast were working in the ninth right heading where the explosion occurred. ' Two others were at work behind the heading and were not aware of the accident. The electric power suddenly was cut off and the men sat down •to >viit until the power was restored. When the power remained off for three hours the two miners walked from the workings and it was learned then that an explosion had occurred. " BODY ItKI.VO RKTt'RXED. about | spinkenbaum.'Frieda. Ellis Wal jker is featured as Helen, daugh-jbroken and numerous -cuts .Message Received by Parents Youth Slain in Texas. of In the larger .cities, thousands , ter. of Mrs. Spinkenbaum and is j bruises. Her daughter Aneta. 19,' It was reorganized in 1920, losing'streets and roads so thati other | as James the butler. The in the process about 200 miles of j thousands could reach their work less productive road and coal [Thursday morning, properties. Soft coal is tbe chief) •'• item of its freight, comprising! Spelling Bee. more than 40 per eent_of tonnage,] although manufactures and mis-| The Goldsmith schools wjll hold ?ellaneous freight comprise about! a spelling bee Friday afternoon 25 per cent of the total, compared j select representatives for the coun- with 15 per cent ten years ago. ty meet in Tipton next month. Summerail Reproves Aberdeen Officers; General Walks Away During Gun Tests of men worked all .of Wednesday supported by Herbert Hodson as i suffered' cuts about the head and ^.road southward from Chicago.'. night endeavoring to clear the jimmy Dale and Charles O-Toole/face and a bad bump on top of her head. Mr. Englance suffered a few minor bruises and cuts. The injured woman was' carried into the Triangle Inn operated by Grafton Small at the intersection ot the Hub' and Range Line roads and .a. doctor from Tipton was called to attend them At. the same time Mr. Englance telephoned for an ambulance from Peru and -after receiving first aid they were taken to that city. ' '. , • The wrecker from the Tipton Buick company went to the scene and brought the wrecked car_to tfieir garage in, Tipton where it will await the orders of the .owner™ .- •'.- '- •Mr./'Eiiglance stated after the accident -that he was driving about 40 miles aJB- hour when the car seemed - to .suddenly swerve and before he ' knew' what' : -ha.d .happened had turned over : in thJB field; Parties from the ; Buick garage who went (after the -wreck* ed car-';%^iwC«ii 'F ^iUie < 'fa^^daAt:r."oa>nlii : hot hKfi happened at' 'a "bitter place. On either elde of the place _whe ^&*^«*|iij »^t^'i^^^gy Washington,' March' 2C—Army (the incident is closed and no fur- 'irclos are wondering just what j tlle >" disciplinary action will be happened at the Aberdeen prov- taken un,ess : »« commanding •• officer at Aberdeen." ing grounds, Maryland, Friday,- , „ • ... • .... ' -I General Summerail went to the when General Summerail, cljief j provin g ground9 for the demo n- of staff walked out on Colonel Istration, having telegraphed in Edward M. - Shinkle, the commanding officer, during a demon- • \ j stration oftordnance. WhateveV it was, Colonel Shinkle received' a rebuke from General Summerail, who left-in what was described as disgust. .The only comment at„the"War Department on behalf, .of tbe General was:, , ^'?The deportment \ the offJtSri of .some, of c^rs at rAherde^n was not aatiala^^Rib^JeorrB^W^t^: advance tfcot his visit would be informal and that no salute or turnout of troops wonld be necessary, t ' Some reports are that these instructions were taken -too literally and that he was - shown. disr courtesy.'" Other .reports are ithat a. young; of fleer incurred ? his displeasure throngh attempting Via detailed /and elementairXetplana^ tktnNpfVpleos'vof- ordnance^.td: General'#Snmmei moresiM latter trio have several comedy situa T tiohn that are hilarious. Robert Tolle, and Charles Leonard- as Spike & Ike, "Performers De Luxe" entertain with . comedy cross-fire and singing followed by Elliott Meeker as Pierre ini a screamingly funny skit "Who is the boss.?" that Is' woven cleverly Into the play. One of the cleverest skits in the play, is presented by Crystal Stewart and Mary Achenbaugli as -Broadway Babies' a singing and dancing number of unusual merit., y Thfiititz Harmony Hounds will provide a surprise number that promises to be breathtaking and two-other surprise numbers are alro in store for those in attendance. Chorus numbers and parodies of popular songs are interspersed throughout the play and all In all It promises to be one ot the best shows of its kind produced in Tipton. - - .Scarlet Fever. Mary Beth: Booth, the.three- year oId>datighter ot Mr. and.^fnT. :yern } Jtogtfc , of ^hanwvlUe, . Is beln^lpat^under^qna^ntinn^Won^i Russiaville,' Mr. and Mrs. Wm.. Haskell of 1 West Middletori, and. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur LaGarde and son of Frankfort. , Shirley Wright, residing in the Wednesday Graff receivti! afternoon J. P. i telegram from In New Position. Carl Williams, of West Adams street, who was recently promoted by the Shell American Petrol- •eum Company to the position of district manager for 'the. tanks, /f has begun his new .duties and is this week working out of the Kokomo office and visiting points in j badly after once the his territory. New Lancaster community was corsicana. Texas, stating that the here Wednesday afternoon at- i, 0{ jy of his son Ralph was being tending to. business matters. Mr. shipped to Tipton and that Ho- Wright reported that the north mer Alspaugh. who was with him and south • roads were drifted at the time he was killed would badly in. places and were almost;accompany it. impassable. . Charles Angell who j The message says: "Ralph Graff . recently removed to a farm in the killed here In accident. Homer Windfall. vicinity managed to get: Alspaugh will likely , accompany here Wednesday .afternoon but [body home. ' Local officials han- reported the roads badly drifted, dling situation. Sincere sympa- He stated, however, that the thy from all concerned. — C. C. snow was soft and did n6t drlft. Miller." v road' wasi According to the news dls- broken. Town Law Orders Adult Men Home at Midnight; Young People Can-Stay Out ; patches trom CoTsicana the youth |wns killed-by a discharge front a i.'inn in the hands of an offish, ci-. jud local parties -caShot understand the term "accident" n*- nd in th<- telegram. C. C. Miller who sent tho tele- Tram did not designate whether he was u n' officer,,pfivate citizen". r. j son to carry or go driving withj It wns understood by the news 'liny woman or girl between thesei dispatch fn.-n Corsicana that T. hours unless the party or parties |M. Franks, the guard who fired . can give a good and sufficient rea-;the shot which killed grant; caught -on Wlllacoochee'B streets during early morning hours. The ordinance makes it unlawful for any person to be loafing or loitering about the citystreets without giving a good reason to the inarahal. "Nd person ahall-en- tar iawf»«»\dence^atter midnight ^o^ar tbeir most. notpr^>ui plaeai^afjabode" without giving tha^rabal'a'good explanation Wlllacoochee, Ga., March 26.— i Unlawful .lor "any person to go The City Council has decreed that °ut riding after midnight and tin-' .- , . • • i. ... til daylight or for any male per- or nmtertak* young people may return ito their|V - ; • . ____ homes after midnight,- but grown men must furnish the city. < marshal a satisfactory reason if Boh to the marshal on duty. This r ; r af'f, stated following the shoot- ordinance is not, however, meant: i n g that the youth stumbled and to construe that young people' tft u ag ne wa8 trying to eacap* who may go away early in the Jon ^ a truck conveying priaoajera evening cannot come home after, to tne county farm and that the* midnight so long as they are or-f^t intended for hla legs atrack derly." - , Persons found guilty ot ylpliit- Ing the new ordinance are - subject' to a fine of 1100 > or thirty' :|iOT':tl«bqr'[ on> the'•• city greets .or lin6ttK <f according : to - the - ^ Mayor's lOfinc^-fgtrlaiSand,! T'ntftf Jfw/fflth.laH'aar^Thrln thit him In the back. Tikis la th* Mlr^. way the term "aecldaat" nt- It* " telegram can be explained. - 1 •«• .. j • The batthaMs) Nmds 1 staUMl a >,S«* radio

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