The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on March 8, 1949 · Page 9
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 9

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, March 8, 1949
Page 9
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TUESDAY, MARCH S, !!)« Bi/mmviT.i.n (ARK.) COURIER NEWS PAGE mm lome Builders )se New Ideas "Tip-Up" Method Put To Use by Blyfheville Realtor, Contractor Cost-saving benefits of •wnstiuction of 14 economy homes in East Cherry Street. Under construction bv M;ix Lo•;«n, realtor, and Harold Wright, •Contractor, tliesc homes arc spced- I'd toward completion via on-iho- e prelabrication in which basic, liarts of tlie liotise are built before |lie final assembly. Using special Jigs for each major •lart of the house, carpenters con- I-iruct gable enri.s, root travse.s, ouv- |i(ic walls with siding, and door and dosv blitt-s. All are finished and Kivca a pritnei coat of paint, and l.lien are moved to the house site Jor assembling. These methods reduce the time •et|iiired to complete a house and •MIIS Hie toliil cost by decicasitl,- |,he labo: expense on the part of Jiaid-by-ihe-honr carpenters. Savings Estimated Mr. Wrigtu &iid that -lince His |re\ys were working 14 houic.s at filce, it was hard to tell how nnicn J.ime was saved but that estimated •laving* of il.000 per liou-e were lilfected. Power-driven tools and eaitn- Imoviug equipment, also are used to |ipced construction. Fully oppro\ed by the Federal Housing Administration, these fioines sell for about 55,1)00 each. Mr. Wiight pointed out that car- xmtcrs could work faster when their work was on jigs before them fhan they could when building a using conventional method:;. I After the door and window butts kre built, they arc placed in the jl^s land partition. 1 ; and outside walls built, around them. The completed 'tiai'liUon/i nre placed on the floor Standard Kitchen Units Allow Easy Remodeling Standardized sires for kitchen cabinets and other equipment now make it easy to modernize • any Kitchen by fitting units toKeUior IA- lo a unified whole. Evcrv inch of space Is thus utilized. Cabinet units i.rc now available with counter-tops a standard 251," from front to back and M" above (lie floor; widths of base anil wall cabinets Increase by •tniilliple.s of ' 3" from ia" to 30". Widths of ran- 48"; sinks. 20. 42 iinlf 60"''ri'7rinc- rator ividlr.s. 23. 30 atidd 32". Hlde- by-side laundry nibs are .'!" deoti 42" wide. On-Site Pre-Fabrication Speed Homes Here Although women were not generally enfranchised in tlio American colonies, lax-paying widows and unmarried women .sometimes were permitted to vote. of the and erected after the outside wells have been a.Vicmblecl Then the roof trusses and R eml.s arc tied in place and the nnil ; placed. I'owcr H<iist Used Tne |):c-labficatinj; of m.^,. puns and then assembling them is ' called (.lie "tip-up method." In this ', the parts are "lipiied np into pmillon by of a posvor-lioisl mounted on a tmck. The JKHISC.S under coiLstrutliou contain four foonis—living room, kitchen and two bedrooms. One of several clevaiion.5 may be selected. Tlie pre-Jabricated parts arc as- semnled on a concrete slab foundation. This includes lour inches of dirt fill and lour inches of gravel I laio on the cxistin;; grade. A waterproofing layer i.s inserted between concrete layers. Asphalt tile is u.seii for the finished flooring. j Ready-made cabinets are instaUrd ' in the kiU'hen, which i.s also equip- 1 ped with a table-top water heater. S»;wer and water mains and fiie hydrants already have been Maul along East Cherry street. Fifteen similar homes were constructed by Mr. Logan and Mr. Wright last year. >lt>ycd on Hit ullt »nd given one ot of completed Real Estate Transfers Building Permits Asked for Eleven New Homes Here Klevtn 11-sltleullnl hnlldlnn 11 mils liuve lieeii applied for or w i-d dmlnit the pasl week g lo nir.s | n ,,,„ „,„,.,, KtiKlucer j at c*rney, The total of rsiumucil cast.s ll.s Tn^'hT',"",' """""""I I" »•«.:< > (i s, ", ' t "'"" 11 """">•<"" be ,1. i t, l '"'' 0< "" tmnw '">" ueliiR built on E n. it Cherrv S|, , ^ Mas Lou,,),. u , : ,llor. and ..... ,,|,I l <''' ' or '" "" ..... '- Kim,,,,. flll . „ »,.„,„.,, ldence at 3M Bast M ". •""111: ('Atliuii(,,,( cosf, $12,0(11) vv^rr: cost, ttsaa , 1 ' ""' * rivr "'"' room frjuiie resilience ,,u ml y """''•' """»"'«•<' <•'«!. w,- Cecil CMiniiHv, [or n ihrrc-ronni <"<»«• reside,,,',. ,,i nn PI,,*. rsli mated rail, $l,()(m. imiierls, for „ jonm-tr k a, nS e In thr m.r of .|<>a ; rMlimitCfl cftsl, JMO. WearjRcsistont Shingles Reduce Roof Maintenance •nit lioini- niviipr w!la raah hts house wllli ijcimmidif. fireproof r<mlliiR not. only |, t<lk |, lg nn ,„,_ IHiilunl Mop ),, Die illrci.'tl<iti at Mili'ly for his tniiiHy liul uddltton- i.lvo roof repairs „„,! increasing the viilitc of hts home, builders »,wrl, 'I'li'-y I'xplnln l)«u nimljiistlblr nxils me R innjoc .sotii-ce of rosl- rti'iilltil [|rc.v Hor>llnit which dolcr- I'lfiilM from cmllnnr,. ,.„„.„,,, ,,,„, "il'l. requires cnslly iiinlnicnniiM nver n t) ei'lo ( | o[ ynn.s nnd \CMHU I lie ir.Miln viilttp of n One of ili<. upf,., n , perjiHtiient loodiiB UM'il exteiiNlvely Is composed of i.sbrMi,., ([|, m nml ))nl( . linui cement. NHtlirr ol tllcsn mib- sliuur.s will burn. .« v O r corrode. JMilmuKli KMbrstos cement shlnulrs "ir^eui "T" '" W " """'" ll1 "" lim-itm worn ,„,!. They nir avnUuI'lc "i linn ivtliiutlve styles nnil In »»Kjli colors us BUiy, i,[,te. bluc-b|[ick, K'd llllel HITCH. MODERN KITCHENS €«rff for KEXTtt.K Floor* Inelnrfe in Tour plans f nr , Heller kitchen i truly mwicrn Hone — Kentlle. Resilient nnderfoot, «jy to clean, Kenlile never show, ssuff,, .cars or spills, li'j bid s<}UMe by square in rfeMirm «nd colors to pleaM Tour taste. Ami it has 18 years hard twl'ing hehintf it. Tiih Kentile in jour kilchen-bafcrncm pljyroom- foycr-You «rt hours of work -add eltra h^,,,,- , o yol]r h[>mOv Slsrt planning now. wYll hf glai! t o help. 1 our Krnlilc Dcnlrr. . . Deal's Paint Store 31)!) West Main IMlone , „.,, (CHICKASAWBA DISTRICT) .... R D. ;,nd Agnes Taylor to Boyce j Moore. bot II of Ihe j. p. p,id e a ,, (( G.Ve\i;\y Subdivision, Section 17-i ! 15N-UE. $815, j and Myrtle Austin to John ] Allri-ri and 2uln Mae Jonr.s, West «1 Icet o[ the E 2 of Lot 4B ol tile J. P. Pride Subdivision, sa.'JM. Max and Annie Laurie Lognn to Claude p. Bud Lottie B. Cooper Eel 5, Bluc-k 2 ol tile Chickits.-uvbH Gardens Addition. si.aoO. W. H, pud Rfvsle E. ChrUUe- to i ! Dennis Earl Christie and Rera i ' Olean Christie, Lou; g-c. 3-D. in • tlie Overton Survey of the w 'i of the N\V 4 o[ Section 3I-15N-OE, Jl [ land other consirierEition. V. E. Enirier to Orval and Ruth Cliisttm. s 2 of U>t 5 o[ Block t of | David AciCi, S400. W. E. anci Henry Etta Wallace to Dr. p. L. and Annie P. Husband, 52 of Section n, SE4 of Section 10. fractional part of Section 13 Seclion.<; H. 15. 21. 22. 23: part of SE4 OX NE4 of Section 17 lying ^outh of Meander Line traversing said tract; S2 of SE 4 ol Section n. part of s i of NW4 of SE4 of Section 17 lying Souih of the Mississippi Hivcr Levee and of the River Sty.v; all t)ial part o! the NE4 of SW4 of the SE •! of Sectio.'i n that lies East of the River Styx part of S,2 of SW.4 of Die SE 4 ol Section 17, all in 15N-13E, Ju exchange of property. O. S. ami Eiila Rollison to J E and Etlicl Flowers, Lot. 8 ol the Replat of tbe o. s. Rolli.son Addition, SI and other consideration. H. A. and Marie Asliabranner to Victoria Asliabranner, plot 150 by 50 feel in the NW 4 of the NE 4 of Section 31-I5N-9E, {^(). H. C. and Snsie K, Hoover to I»la and Velma Marie Sliar|>. all >f the E 90 lect ol Lot 10, and the E 90 feet of the S 2 of Lot 11, Block I "H". of the Barton and Lilly Adcli- Lo! 27 ol Ihe Jackson Second Addition. Sl.SOO. Napoleon had n daily bnth In mixed with water. Thrce States Lumber Company ^i^'^^'J^™'*^IJ^^IZ^IJ^L 1 "'' " rnd Co "" er Nc «^ w«m A<I S YOUR OWN HOME witl remain yow (ainiTy'i ll MORTGAGE RETIREMENT INSURANd ixolccn rhelr inleroit In H E. OLD Jr., Special Agent I*hone 3tiH THE PRUDEKTIAt INSURANa COMPANY Of AWWCA STOP! - i~*Slop ami consider Charley's Eleclric Shop «-h en von need e«,x,ca ,v,rin K or electrical repair. Years «r experience in «I.v(Tiev,lle, expertly trainer) personnel, and (ho Use of , lU n.i(v n.aier.i.18 assure you (hat (he work we <h, will ^ f " m a maximum of service, a mininium of r ll(ui . e , tr()ul)| ^ { , ,j ^ a nnd be sure! Charley's Electric Shop 11*>tf*rvi I South 5th Phone 2993 SAVE $40 ON THIS VERY SPECIAL OFFER. Reg. $140 Heater — $100 This Offer Expires .Midnight Mardi 31 A NEW DISCOVERY ^ a M Hot Water ? YES! The .icicmific discovery that Wilh the IIBW Pmmiftas Water 1 1 cater vim ran cojoy complete freedom from lank rust . . . freedom from corrosion dirl. Tim modern water heater hat a t.uik of mirror -.smooth .sparkling blue glasj-Uiscd- lo-stccl. It's sanitary as a clean drinking £U«! It CANNOT rust or corrode. M.itches your ntticr modern appli.inccf, too. Fully automatic. J:vcr rcadv with al! the hot water you nccil, tparklln^ c/ SMITHwoy Water Heaters • 10 Year Guarantee ('otuplclc Line of Sinilhway Hnf Water Healers In .'ID to -id Gallnn Si/.rs Jesse W. Province PLUMBING CO. 127 East Vine IMtone 27111 Courier Nrws Wall! Ad:, MniKRi-el «mi(, heir and ox- i ri'ulrlx of anvciimr l.coniinl Ciil-i veil "f Mnrylniid Is believed to Imve ! liceii Ihe first lnx.t,i,y|,, K lv ,, mi in In i Amrrlcn in »5k for iiollllcnl pr M . Both Tubs W« Hav« 'Em. One For Every N««4 Closets LSev*r»l Different Lavatories To Mntrh Other Fixture* Kitchen Sinks All Si/.t. /'I 'PETE" THE PLUMBER IDS No. lit riiune 1731 ! Here's Your Opportunity IQ_QWN YOUR OWN HOME * Compare The Prices * No Other Values Can Compare Surp/u, Goyernmertf Building Converted with Trim Addtd Make Your Dream Home a Real Home - - - Immediate Delivery ONLY-- M.95 f.o.b. (hipping point 00 r r ' y r • •• • A deposit will hold your house at today'i advertised price. Inquire about our many other sizes for homes, tourist eourtt, stores, farm buildings, lake cottages, warehouses, factories etc CHECK THESE OUTSTANDING FEATURES Size— 25'x20' (Approx.) Height—8' interior (approx.) Roof—Solid 1" Decking • Pro-cut. Rafters—2"x6" on 24" Centers Ceiling Joists—2"x4" on 24" Centers. Studs—2"x4" on 24" Centers. Side Walls—105 Wood Siding. Sheetrock or Ceiotex Back of Siding. Floor—Diagonal Sub-Floor. Floor Joists—2"x8" on 24" Centers. Sills—4"xB"—3 Runs. Windows—Six—Double Hung. Doors—Two Outside. Dry Lumber Throughout. Stop Paying Rent-Own Your Own Home! FREE BLUEPRINTS SKILLED LABOR NOT NECESSARY ALL SECTIONS MARKED CHILDISHLY EASY TO ERECT A SECTIONALIZED HOME SHIPPED ANYWHERE IN U.S.A. Act Now—Write or Phone Mid-South Surplus Building Co, 108 N. Second I'. 0. Rox 123, Blytheville. Ark. I'hon« 4905

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