Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on January 13, 1978 · Page 7
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 7

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Friday, January 13, 1978
Page 7
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Friday, "January 13, 1978 Ukiah Daily Journal, Ukiah, Calif—7 For Sat, Jan. 14,1978 By SYDNEY OMARR Aries leads, invents, often dominates, is a fighter, understands impulse, temper and is a marvelous ally. There is fire to Aries — the native is the opposite of moribund: active, persistent, striving for new starts, capable of overcoming odds, coming through at the finish line. A power year is indicated for many born under this sign, especially those born during the early morning hours. ARIES (March 21-April 19): Popularity increases — fine social time indicated. Relationship is more serious than originally anticipated. You can make correct decisions — cycle is high and all signals are "Go." Gemini, Virgo persons figure prominently. Yes, the change is beneficial. TAURUS (April 20-May 20): Look behind scenes for answers. Take nothing at face value. Many around you now are not above putting on "false faces." Accent on making concession to family nriember without abandoning basic principles. ' GEMINI (May 21-June 20):, Accent on desire, friendship, being creative enough to make wishes come true; yoU do' it easily by asking the right questions. In matters of speculation, stick to number 5. Whether or not you are aware of it, you are "involved." CANCER (June 21-July 22): Shake off lethargy. Make inroads towards goal. This is a power-play day — assert your needs. Capricorn is involved. Responsibility is clarified. You know what to do and when to do it. RelaUonship is intensified. LEO (July 23-Aug.. 22): You ga»n added recognition as product reaches more people. Aries, Libra figure prominently —and so does the number 9. Accent on journey, communication, publication. Express views, refuse to be intimidated by those of little faith. VIRGO (.Aug. 23-Sept. 22): You break through area previously "locked." Gemini, Sagittairius persons figure prominently. Spotlight on finances in connection with partner, mate — you also make decision combining money and love. Be flexible; you could make valuable contact at social gathering. LIBRA (Sept. 23-Oct. 22): Follow through on hunch. Individual who taught or aided you in past is due to come back into your life. Check legal rights, permissions. Accent on partnership, marriage. Circumstances tend to control personal events. Ride with tide. SCORPIO (Oct. 23-Nov. 21): Emphasis on winning by being Versatile. Work with material at hand., Gemini, Sagittarius persons figure in scenario. Popularity with associates, co-workers increases. In matters of speculation, stick wjth number 3. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22-Dec. 21): Good lunar aspect coincides now with creative endeavors, swift changes, excitement of' discovery, intensified relationships. Someone wants to restrict your activities. Be aware — don*t lead with your chin. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22-Jan. 19): Study. Sagittarius message. Rebuild, review, remodel, become familiap- with basic issues! Gemini, Sagittarius individuals play imoortant roles. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20-Feb. 18): Accent on messages, movement, short trips, Relatives, domestic situation become top priorities. Be diplomaic — you gain most now by making intelligent -concession. Yes, money is involved. Check cosfs, get budget agreement in writing. PISCES (Feb. 19-March 20): Emphasis on locating missing pieces, putting together links that complete chain. Estimate costs, refuse to be intimidated by "shadows." Another Pisces — and a Virgo — could be inyolved. Steer clear of self-deception. IF JANUARY 14TH IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are inquisitive, would make fine reporter—you. have .unique way of expressing yourself. Gemini, Virgo persons play important roles in your life. April could be your most significant month of 1978, a year in which you can reestablish yourself. You will build on solid base and utilize obstacles as steppingstones. . They'll Do It Every Time Ai^cyrf/eR. HAZARS> /N //0^£ PIAMT GROy//A/S- Sheinwald oh bridge High-low in trumps simpliflies defense FOR mHERS PAY I'LL SET HIM M INPOOR By ALFRED SHEIN^VVOLD , It's wonderful to lead a suit that your partner can ruff, but you feel very foolish if it turns , out that your partner has no trumps. How can you tell? •. South,.dealer % 'i Both sides vulnerable NORTH • 87 6 10 4 0 KQ3 * K Q J 10 3 WEST • 432 ^ J 9 8 6 3 0 7 * 9 7 6 4 EAST • A \^ K Q 7 5 2 0 A 10 8 5 2 • 8 2 South 1 • 4 • SOUTH • K Q J 10 9 5 'Z> A 0 J964 *A5 West North East Pass 2*' 2V All Pass • Opening'lead — <:> 7 East took the ace of diamonds and returned the ten of diamonds. West ruffed and obediently returned a, heart. East would have returned a low diamond if he wanted a switch to clubs; the ten of diamonds called for a switch to hearts. In leading for u -ruff, a high card indicates an entry in a ' high- ranking side suit;, a low card, in a low side suit. South look the ace of hearts and led a trump to the ace. .CROSSROADS Now East ''was ' at the crossroads. Should he lead iuiother diamond, or should he try to cash the king of hearts? The actual East had no problem. West had ruffed a diamond with the three of spades and had played the deuce of spades when South led trumps. This high-low in the I rump suit showed that West had started with three trumps. East could safely return a diamond to make sure of the setting trick. If East tried to cash the king of hearts, South would ruff and draw trumps. That would be the end of the defense. DAILY QUESTION Dealer at your right, opens with one' club. You hold:. Spades A, Hearts K Q 7 5 2, Diamonds A 10 S 5 2, Clubs 8 2. What do you say? ANSWER: Bid one heart. You have the right strength but'not the right distribution for a takeput double. You would be embarrassed if partner jumped in spades in response to a takeout double. Daily Crossword ACROSS 1 Environment agency (abbr 4 African land 9 Ostrichlike bird 12 House wing 13 Layed ofi^: 14 Household animal ' ' V5 Research room 16 Brazilian port 17 Compass point 18 Creeping creature ' 20 Brainstorms 22 Bring to completion 24 Cameroon tribe 25 Dock 28 Printer's measure (pi.) 30 Conditionally 34 Pots 35 Cereal spike 36 Greek letter 37 Author Fleming 38 School organi zation '(abbr) 39.Blessing 40 Building ground 42 Summer (Fr) ' 43 Aardvarks diet 44 Hank of twine 46 Youth 48 Black and blue 5 1 Jeans 55 Compass point 56 Fools paradise 60 Salamander 61 Graduate of Annapolis (abbr.) 62 Indian, for one 63 Genetic material 64 Swift aircraft • (abbr.) 65 Likeness • 66 Enormous A.^swer to Previous Puzzle A D E N A D E S 1 B O A R N O U N D 0 D 1 N A U T 0 G A E L E K E B 0 s 0 M N U • s E IE v E S T 11 1 K E E N E E • V E D e C A N T s D 1 Z L E .T s S L 1 M m E R E L O P E E R E W A_ 1 T s K 1 Y A c H .T s N Bl R E 1 A N N A N O D O N E D •u N 1 T E M m O D S s P A C E D E m .T O P DOWN 1 Electric fish 2 Project 3 Morning song 4 Fabric, woven from flax 5 Mountain near •^ancient Troy 6 Sandwich type (abbr) 7 More so 8 jmpromptu (2 wds ) 9 Fencing , sword 10 Small plateau 1 1 American Indians 1 9 Islands near Florida 21 Put on 23 Grow more intense 24 Middle Eastern nation 25 Jest 26 Russian river 27 . Domini 29 Marshal Dillons nickname 31 Metal 32 Photograph 33 Charged particles 39 Greeted 4 1 Three (prefix) 45 Former , candidate Stevenson 47 Without company 48 Residue 49 Hostels 50 Weskit 52 Part of speech 53 Former Spanish colony • 54 All male party 57 Doctrine 58 Actress Farrow 59 Piece of luggage FUNNY BUSINESS T By Roger Bollen mt^e> SHOES Ai <H OIO TpE FFTi^ FLOOR... AMD Tpe ANSWER TO VOUR SBCOMD QOEST /OJ (s;PiNI=:iE IKFORMATiOM IM AFRAID I' M GOING TOBE.APbAPPOINTMENT TO toU, MAKCIE... © Un.lej Feature Syndicnmln? I DJENT.GVERTOTHE RINK TOPAV TO 6eT.J?£VEN6£ ON THOSE M0CKE4'PLAVER5 DID ^OU, PUNCH TKEIR LI6MT5 J UiA5 60INGTO OUT, SIR? /MARCIE... 'BUT THENTHEVA5KEP, METOPLAV CENTER ON THEIR TEAM .' • BLONblE 7 LET'S JUST TALK TDNIGMT INSTEAD 3P:WATCi HING TV By Jim Raymond BEETLE BAILEY you 6AIP you \ WERE G0IN6 TO THE /VNOVIES WITH ME/ By Mort Walker 7 by Stoffel & Heimdohl GETTIN TH PLASTER TH RIGHT CONSISTENCV IS VERY IMPORTANT,' A- ---V YES, OKAY START WORKIN' ON THAT HOLE, IN TH ^ CEILIN / I ASPIRE, TO END WY APPRENTTCESHIP AND .&ECOME A NAASTER CRAFTSMAN.' /WHAT 'S WW MS^ f RIM60?. by Crdlg Leggett THE BORN LOSER WRE,TWq |J47MeiC» by Art Saniom A MOVIP? I DCVT (beTiT! «> l«7atiyNC«. Inc 'THE OF KiAVA «>ie* COMSS CUlU FIVEMIMUTBS! FRANK AND ERNEST by Bob ThavM WE fl5K THE ^ CuSTOME /e IF Ht W/lfsfT5 TO SO FOR NOT iF HE WBfurs To g£ r /1fC£M FOR ONIE. a c vt S SHORT RIBS SIRE.VOU POttr fZEAUi/ J(JST LAST WEEK tl^& APPReC /ATE THE" CON - WITCTH TUI?N EP A. -riSiBUTIONS WOMEN PKAGON INTO A fRQtS. >HA ^e MAPS. ^ IN THE MO<^XiJ, \^ by Frank Hilj VOU tALL THATA. ' CONTRISUTION / I C 1979 by MA, Inc. r M nig US

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