Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 18, 1969 · Page 7
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 7

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Tuesday, February 18, 1969
Page 7
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Redlands Doily FacS Tucsicy, Feb. 73. 1969 - 7 Ann Landers onswers your problems WASHOUT—This view looks down on the county bridge at the mouth of the Santa Ana canjon, thnee miles northeast of Mentone. Bridge has been out of service since January floods washed out the north approach. A branch of the river still runs ai-ound north end. North abutment was undermined, tipping the bridge upstream. Today's Grain of Salt on editorial page is about the bndge. TIPPED — Looking through the over-head trusses, this view shows how bridge is tipped to the right Across the washout, sightseers stand on the brink of Greenspot road which leads to East Highlands. In opposite direction road leads to Greenspot and to Mentone. County road department reports that study is being made to determine what to do about the Santa Ana crossing. (Facts photos by Frank Moore) The day in Sacramento Dumke confirms By United Press International requires, cities and counties to; fhTCSt Of bOCllly bami to dean steroids helpful to selected asthmatics By OR. WAYNS C. BRANDSTAOT THC cnvcDuns a^^cles made in state pris-, perstms to four-year teins onP ^;L .n,..^ c ,n„ r Board of Trustees, -njey were; .-jLh^ w^^T" "'^^ "-v.«.^,aw - ."Hvhat undesirable side effecfs do ^rheat How docs one crt it' Charl^ Palm^. Mrs. Emma!~^^^j,^S« ^«th a *o-^^^^ ^ "bbck dissKknt stu-jtbey have? !What foods should Hvif? Q — What are steroids? Why are they given for allergy? ener cures this type of allergy. Q — I have an allergy to ^ua.ic» xaiiu«, ^uini<.i „y identificaUon card. (AB519 -ida ,,v. forced a dean of admis- Jo Ballard, and Thomas Black-,vaxman D-Los Angeles.) ' dean oi adnus- man, all Republicans. : _ . Water — Appointed J. LeClair. 47. a RepuWican, a four-year term oa the strobe lights for use during fog. r; -•ZT ~,— Angeles Regional Water QuaUty^^'^l^t!siacTy. R^BL ^ Gtem S. Dumkesaid Monday. Control Board. field.) ( Dumke confirmed a charge Welfare — Social Welfare Di-: student — Prohibits state col-oiaAe Friday by Gov. Ronald rector John C. Montgomeiy ask- i .g- juni-r poUece stadeots Reagan in two Orange County ed federal Health, Education . ?. - Food allergies usually Dear Ann Landers: Is it pos-,'ivas alive?" Us a good qucs- sible that my boyfriend is al-tlon for married women to ask lergic to me? Lately when we Ihemselves. tao. God alone ;are together he breaks out in knows whose husband will be ,a rash and starts to itch like ne.\t. — Wash., D. C. jcraz}-. Believe me. this can ruin Dear D. C: Your letter is a romantic moment sure to prick the conscience of At first I thought it might some and jog the memorj- of be my wool sweater, but the others. Please read the next I same thing happened when I letter. It could be your laugh for 'wore silk and cotton dresses, the day. One day, as an experiment, I took almost ever>'thing off and Dear \m: Don't close Uie he itched worse than ever. Does discussion on uidows without this mean we can't get mar- adding this one last thought. As iried? Please check with your a widow, I am accustomed to consultants and get some word being left out of things by old back to me immediately. If you "friends." But I get furious say to go to a doctor he has when wives whisk their hus- promised that he will go. Thank bands away from me at cock- you for any help you can give !ail parties and civic functions I us. — WORRIED WENDY as if I were a scheming hussy ' Dear Wendy: Y'our boyfriend w'th evi\ designs, might be allergic to something *I<^t of the old goats have vou are wearing other than'"'^™S aids, emphysema, and clothing, such as makeup, hairare loaded with Uver spots, spray or perfume. He shouldj^Vho'd want them anyway? I go at once to an allergist whoj There are more bad mar- iwill tell him what to bring in liages around than good ones, ;for testing. ;and nobody knows this better If the tests reveal no allergies "lan Ann Landers. My marriage and the itchmg persists, he "'^^ ^ good one but should consider the possibility ' l^ept my mouth shut and never that the rash is caused by an's' °" 'o anyone. Of course I I emotional problem. He might am 'on«'y. but I am also rca- jbe "itching" to get married, or sonably content and far from xTr.™ v^n., . I he may be afraid of marriage miserable. The last thing I want WbW YORK (UPI)—A severe:and "itching" to stay single. In is to get married again. So tell cold contracted while preparing j any case, be careful with those *ose smug women to stop wor- for an "important opea break-experiments. Buttercup, or YOU TyinS- Th^y are safe. — DUSK ,lhtough"-a mrfe sequenc^hasjmight wind up with an addiUon- Dear Dusk: I don't need to ! forced soprano Teresa Stratas!al problem. 'eU ^bem. Honey. YOU did. And to cancel an appearance in! ' yo""Manon Lescaut" ' Dear Ann Landers: Your re- Miss Stratas was confined to ply to the widow who translated Landers will be glad (o her home and missed the Sun- a former friend's sympathy note ''^'P your problems. Severe cold follows opera nude scene !*:f^,r'^ asthmatics '"completdy <Ugested sUte. to '"M1^^^ '°?CoDyri 1969, Publishers- whom the cause cannot be the blood it sets up an immune Theyard filmed the drop requirement •welfare paj-ments be continued during the feir hearing the pro-; pus acti\ilies. (AB511 — Pattee, R-Salinas.) cess and that welfare recipients life — Requires boats to car-' , You said an interestmg and . * X«iCJ«M« UllllCU nude alert widow not only hangs on "all bvudicatei found or in whom other methods reaction simUar to that used to^ bedroom sequaice last week to to her old friends but makes of treatment have failed. Theicombat an infection. When the be shown as a prelude to the new ones. You are partly right. 'Ortrtnc side effects include moonface.lsame food is eaten again, an at-;opera. She'll make new friends all '•^OOpS cial approved the admiSion of,obesity, gro«-th of hair on the tack of asthma or hives usually; right. If she isn't careful she'll ^mnn 4UmK 40 students after 35 other stu- «ace. weakening of the vertebrae results. breads unless j-ou make find herself surrounded by ^' ' d him. and peiHic ulcers. . wich modem food processing; them at home from known in-droves of widows, divorcees and BOSTONMUPD-Those about Reagan's Q — I hare had an allergy to, an aUergic person is often at'gredients. maiden ladies — all Just as ^^^^.^^^^^^ replied: "It did tiHraviolet rays of the sun ^ disadi-antage because he Before ' ' '—'"' '" onH w»if=ro -i,^^^ less than 12 uints perjspeeches that the college offi-s^de effects include moonface.jsame food is eaten again, an at-opera. end Welfare Secretary Robert - „L > -J—:Z-:.- nhociK- omn-th nt i,..;- fi«>!i-,»i- .,<• -^u^ u: *^ Finch to drop requirement that !^*f ^,.,^J^*'. P?,"? dents threatened bim. When asked and pe^Hic ulcers. __ _ _ _ . , bank ^ ^— g.^.^^^ « ..icvAv*. iciuit7 .i — aLi juoL a» survoillancc cameras that are -j-j -.u 1 1 • T at least one life preserver charge, Dumke replied: "It did ^ ultraviolet rays of the sun a disadrantage because he Before eating any ccred or lonely and isolated from mar- ^ p. take pictures of be pronded with legal swrices.for everj- person on boanl. (AB !happen in the sense a group of^^^r si.x years. A sunscreen prep-jdoesn't always know what he is commercial salad dressing or ried people as she is. After bank robbers don't always do T ^"roy — -*rtj'- ^®./"<'mas!5Q4 _ p^ojo R.pacific PaU- black dissident students exact-:^'"'" helps me but 1 wonder eating. You, for example, should candy, read the list of ingredi- awhile she'U resign herself to tj,^ job Lynch filed a SZ million suit ^^5, ed pressures on an administra- 1 "^lether usmg an artificial avoid not only aU wheat breads,. er.t« on the label. You must the truth — it is better to go jamcs L Handley special against the manufacturer of Ku- Uve official that he agreed to' s^V««tf"er couW have caused my, crackers and pastries but also avoid commercial sherbets, ice to the theatre or a movie with agent in charge of the Boston by \acuura Cleaners and 89: THE SENATE admit certain students." allergy? jsuch coffee substitutes as Pos -I creams, custards and pudding another lonely woman than to office of the FBI. told a bankers Califoniia distnbutors chargmg Passed ; j,,^^ y ^ mcident oc- A — The calcium cyclamale)turn and Ovaltine, malted milk, mixes as weU as Swiss steak,isit home in a baUirobe. meeting Monday that after a fraudulent sales practices. Rea^ess - PemuU reassess-; . ..^^^ ^^^„ ^ present in some sxveeteners may beer, ale and gin. TTicre is of- chUi con came, meat balls, I hope the widow who BTote recent Boston robbery his men ' " •• • •• •• ten some wheat flour in breads! meat loaf, croquettes. Accent, you will ask herself. "How checked the bank's camera and curred THE ASSEMBLY T,^'dtia'^T'dSr^edTi^ ^ ~' introduced . . Divorce — Re\ises marriage, n-Gaidena 1 ' vtavfA denied ttiat flie ^ents divorce, annulment and separ-i _ .~r,' threatened the administrator by ate maintenance law^. (ABSSOl 5^"*^ ."l^tpmnn™™ switdi-bUde kmyes to -Hayes. R-Long Beach.) ! n.j^w'ZwIfS^ ^ """^ ^ ^ Blind - increases from S6 to ^ ^S!, 1^^^^ i $S the Califbniia Industries for ^^ "^e ar« looking into the Blind contribution for non-^'«f™f^ matter." Dumke told civil service production «T>rkeri 1,°"" ?fp .^j,, ~ acH^en at the capitol where healUi insurance. ( AB 532 -I .he was meeting with Reagan to Crown, D-.iUameda.) \els — Urges rcconsidera-djjcuss higher education finance. Junior - Includes junior col- of PJans to close five vet- oumke also said some of (he lesesinproiisionsmakingita?^,^J ?5 "'^^_'°??*studra^ admitted because of mUdemeaMr to fail to leave an ~ D-Bakers- the Um?aU are stiU enroUed. educational campus wten order-! „ , ' . "My current information is ed to do so by an education of- , «oads — Extends reporting; u,at some have been conducting fir55.i (K^viL _ xt,.~.i.,. -a oate for a siaAv nrrionvi tfcen^ves welL" the cfaancel- cause an allergy to sunlight when used in laise amounts. Discontinuing the use of tiie sweet- made of rice, potato or soy flours as well as corn, bran Zest, cream soups and bouillon 1 many widows did I include in "all we saw were pictures of '^"h"^- 'my social life when my husband'the bank's Christmas party." fidaL (AB534 — Murphy, K- oate for a stody ordered by Santa Cniz.) Senate Transportation Conunit- Coroner — Permits families of dead persons to have attorneys IH«sent during coroner's inquests. (AB536 — Sieroty, D- Be\eriy Hills.) tee oo roads and highways to April 1. (SR49 — CoUier. D- Vreka. Voice vole.) Hospitals — O^les a $150 I million revolving Amd to insure tor said. "Some have i»f' Reagan had said (he mcident n-as not i«ported to police or higher campus authorities. He said the incident proved that Sie academic community has not been aWe to cope with campus \iolence. Oil - Ada federal govern-'f^'?*«''wpit^ k«ns. (SB334- meat to strengtiien regulationsi^'<^' R<»d Flat) for federally controlled offehore Femes — Autiwrizes D^rt-i oU operations. (AJK16 — Cotj'. m«»t of Public Woi*s to seil' afc ^ ^.i^ D-Ganlen Grove.) ,twt» Ooronado ferries. {SB335—i mm •Welfare - Urges federal gpy.: Mills. D.San DiegB.) emment to consider redirection; of aB federal welfare programs Leftists tO DTOleSt toward maximum use of state MORE SOFT WATER FOR LESS MONEY! THE (sERViSO ^J Check Our Prices t-.-fofe veu buy. Call 793-2359 Redlands 612 Texas St. WARSAW (UPI) — Antoni' ' i Zambrowski, the son of an' ousted member of Poland's __ Communist party poliUMiro,; end local agencies. (.URIS — LONDOV fUPI) — Presidwit went on trial BTonday fori Ketchum, R-Paso Robles.) N 'won will be "hounded from "slandering the Polish nation," Fly - Permits persons wto P '^Pf. *° P'^je, from buflding to tiie governmwt announced, ore unaWe to use the space re- ^'.Mm?, long as be stays in Zambrowski. whose faUier was sm-ed on an imrastote flight »^ protester from 50 expelled from the part^ hier-1 because the flight oversold groups dunng his London arehy after student nots last to demand a ticket rcftinH D 1 U <: ^"^"^ "'^''^ sti>dent organiz- year, was accused of sending M of tf ^tkkTorice ^"'^"J Davoren toW news- defamatory matter to Uie West, f^^Z'Be ^^^ramS -^"^^^ "^6^'- for publication. ! to.) Drugs — Prohibits a t^iarma cist from dispensins any pres cription except in a container bbejcd witii prescribed information. (.\B527 — Veyse^•. R-Braw- fcjM Dress — Permits counties and cities to regulate the dress of waiters, waitresses and entertainers in restaurants and bars. (AK24 — Quimby, D-BiaKo.) State — Proiiibiu state officers and mployes from tiI^ea^ eoing or deprii-ing a ctaSe em- plo>-e of his job because the emjHoye appeared before a leg- isiative committee or the state personnd boanL (ABS23 —Pow-^ ers, D-Saoamento.) Prison — Permits, ratiier (ban A Let Angcln TlMatra Guild Hit SIMWI NOW COMING TO SAN lERNAROINO TOW Bimmn mm OF nHK son nut ITCH- an* TM nmtsitu TEur* "At** Www P """«J« Umum Turn*" •Hoto DM ^V^IiSiirf 'niHNcr' NKKII IRK ON STAGE —ONE KWOtMANCE ONLY ^ CALIFORNIA THEATRE * M ScHs SM AnhUe Call TU 9.2678 For R«s«rv«fiens MAIN PLOOt: IW . HJS . H« MLeeNV:tUS-$U|.|UI MX OmCK NOW 0 »IN PMM It NOON Sil KUKTH ST.

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