Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 19, 1954 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1954
Page 18
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pAdfE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1954 Leaffo Charter!* fS.THE OftlOfNAL EMTRY %X) SENt IN TO OUR COPfnSt. LETS SEE If >Ou ftEAiiy HAD ALL THOSE ANSWERS PK3HT/ CHRIS WELKIN, Plftneteef By ROM Winterbotham BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin COOtto CBOON 60 Wt THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlin DONALD DUCK By Waft Dtemf Television Programs Key to Frcnuenrles: (51 KSD-TV- (30) KSTM! (54) WTVI. MONDAY 5:00 P. M. THE BERRVS By Cari orobert HENRY By Carl Anderson 4-19 CARNIVAL tttj Dick Turner "I want to buy a gift for my husband—something he wouldn't buy for himself!" 8:30 P. M.- 9:(10 P. M.- 9:30 P. M.- (9) Robert Montgomery (301 Red Buttons (36) Second How Center (5i Who Said 1'hatV 1301 Second Row •154) 111. Demo. Candidates • I5i Studio One (30) Set-end Row Center (341 Movie Showcase •IB) News (Si Mr. & Mn. North •(5) Red Buttons -(51 Lester MorrU (5) Weather 2:00 P. M. 2:30 P. M. 3:00 P. M. 3:30 P. M. 4:00 P. M 4:15 P. M. 4:30 P. M 151 Double or Nothing (5) Movie Quiz (51 Welcome Traveler! (361 Ed Brown ISi On Your Account (301 Kay Morton (5) Music Varieties (301 Penny Wise (54) Boh Crosby (Si Howdy Doody (36P TV Auction (54i Spice O'Llfe .— (381 Westward Ho! Musical Matters Answer to Pr«viou» Puwld ACROSS. DOWN I "That —- ' Medley Black Magic" 2 Grant us* 4 Crosby temporarily 8 "Take me out 3 Poor financial to the . game" IS! Gypsy Ros« 13 Notion 14 Curved molding 15 Claire 16 Irritability IB Peculiarity 20 Encounters 21 Encore 22 Baseball 0. iT 11 Inferior 17 Tainted 19 Before tenth 23 Female servants cmciai s( con., 2254 S e '- ed 24 Observed Z5 Das " 26 Brother of Jacob (Bib.) 2? Mineral spring 30 Click-beetle. 32 Laundry machine 34 Somewhat 33 Ridicule 36 Abstract being 37 Decays 39 Htroic poetry 40 Father 41 Knock 42 Egg-shaped 45 Lacking 49 Leave-taking 51 Lamprey 52 Passage in the brain 53 Seed vessel 54 Theatrical sign 55 Organ of smell 56 Disorder 57 Pull risks 4 Nips 5 Roman date 6 Centaur 7 Gun (siang) 8 Skeleton p«rU 26 Mistake 41 Virgin!* 9 Awry 27 Most insolent 42 NrvrM god 10 For fear that 28 Child (prefix)43 R«fui* eoniin< 29 War god ot 44 Monkey*, Greece 46 Discord 31 Weirder gbddest 33 Mountain 47 Flddlinf nymph emperor 38 Holding 48 Shine 40 Gate fixedly SO Scottish cap so m Lambs Face Sad Fate Because there's no market for inferior pelts now, thousands ot Karakul lambs in South Africa will grow up to be mutton instead of fur coats. Farmers in the Karakul country will keep only their best ewes and rams for pells. American and continental furriers won't even look at the poor skins, which once sold in quantity, Upington reports. Machines That Think Russia is going in for "mechanical brains" in a big way, Moscow diplomatic observers report. The Russian Academy of Sciences has named a group of top Soviet mathematicians and physicists to develop electronic computing machinery. Computers essential to complex research on atomic and hydrogen bomb projects are supposed to be an important part of this project. I'M GLftD WE 6ENT OOOLA. B^Oi^O I 6WEAR, ^V. MOO_BHE'D HAVE BEEN PRETTY UPSET ABOUT AU. THI5- (51 Wrnn8ler'« Club (30) Westward Hoi (541 Serial Theater (9i Buckeye Four (30) Sundown Ranch I3i Sportsvlew (34) Capt Video (Si INS Telenewi (M) Sports (341 Movie Quick QuU (5) Jann Fromnn (3R) News (94 News; Sport* (.11 Dottye Dennett Oil) John Daly (Ml Marge & Jeff (5i Joe Brennan (.1fi> Hed Cross (541 News. Kdwnrdi 151 News Caravan (54) Perry Como (5i Nnme That Tune (36) March of Ttm» (54) Dollar a Second (Si Howard Dnrlow (38» Sports Club <B4) In the World 15) Mama (3(1) Homicide Squad 1541 Merry Go Round (54) Boxlni HINGSOKAV HERE..WHOCT PvRETOU GETTING ON THE SCREEN? ...INCIDENTM.I.Y, WE MIGHT CHECK MOO TO MAKE SURE THE TIME-MACHINE OlPN'T LOSE HER LIKE IT PID HER BOV FRIEND. ADJUSTMENTS-. NOW IT SEEMS TO BE CLEARING UP.. 5:18 P. M S:30 P. M 6:45 P. M OSCAR.I CAN'T FIND A TRACE OP OOP ANYWHERE/ 0:45 P. M. .0:00 P. M. 11:00 P. M. il:15 P. M. 11:45 P. M. 12:15 A. M. 12:30 A. M Kcconl Takes Time PHILLIPSBURG, Kas. /P—Don Harsha, 62-year-old oil transport driver for the Co-OP refinery, has driven a million miles without an accident. Of his record, set in less than 14 years at the wheel, Harsha says, grinning: "Well, it took me a little longer —but I got here okay" 7:00 A. M. »:00 A. M. —151 Day* Carroway (54) Morning Show — I5i Arthur Godfrey (541 Morning Movie ,—(5) Home -151 Valiant Lady — (51 Love ot Life —IS) Search for Tomorrow -151 Guiding Light -151 To The Ladiei —IB) Carry Moore —15) Strike It Rich — 15) iiomemaking 6:45 P M. 7:00 P. M. 10:00 A. M, 11-UU A. M.- 11:15 A. M.. 11:30 A. M.- 11:45 A. M. 12:00 Noon- 12:30 P. M.. 1:00 P. M. 1:15 P, M.- OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOI'LE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. William* , BARTER/ ARE too TA<:IM& A ORDER DETeCTNE COURSE HOW OF FRYIN CHOP •v/^ *** ^ M nn : A POTENT^ I CAWT GET 71 tkAC .\ I I I Ct l/"\i t^.Ll j~^s ' i T7 « n-> i U.N i » i (, AM ) cae PERFUME. ALL J EMOUSH OP •TI KI6HT/ r^^. n- AAM/ THE COP&, BUT THAT LAST N16HT WAS MO CAT WITH HIS TAIL CAUGHT^ 1MB FEMce/—You've OP 60M& SCREWY MOIS& , Atf I'LL HAM6 YOU FOR RUlM- IN6 PROPERTY VALUES The Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart .» ^,^.. i . /,--, i =V' • •»«".• X v ^•^^F^ivrX ^^^trv ^w£^^^te THOMB-. PRINTED? KMOX (CBS) 1120 KG KWK (MBS) 1380 KO KSD (NBC) 550 KG KFIJO 850 KO KXOK (ARC) 630 KG WOKZ 1570 KO NewH; Sport* renn. Ernie News Cor The Book llan lackson News; Hines Curt Massey News; Thomai News Art Sports Reel Serenade News; Record Record Report News; Sporti Ar«»t of Club 1S70 News Sports Extra uck Norman News; Sporti Snorts Dally Morgan Beatty One Man's Family Sports Digest News p Rnnger News Julius La Row Bob Burnes News Railroad Hour Howard Barlow Henry J Taylor Vandercook France Laux Cards vs. Cinn. Eddie Fisher Perry Como Arthur Godfrey News; Bandstand Band of America Melody Pattern News Two In Balcony wards Dave Allen News; Bandstand Guest Book Music Mart Newi. Music Open Bible News MHII on Co Platter Parade World News Sunshine Su« Music Hour News; Allen News; Allen Bandstand Dawn Patrol BLOSSOM TIME News; Sport* I'latlcr farad* Nrwi Midnight Melodic* Concert Favorite* News; SporU Of These 1 Slnf Top Tunes ews; Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Bloss*} GENUEMEN, L WANT TOU TO MEET MY NEPHEW/ GROV UVERMORE, FROM EN6LAMD ".-. AND OWNER or one OF TRET VEHkCueS I'VE EVER HAD Art TALLY HO' News Chapel Time and Teirpm New* News; RFD 6:30 Practical Lund Us* Kentucky Jtti News; Market* Country Journal Salute Tom Dalley New* rom Oalley New* New*; Br'fast Club New* Dwlght Gordon Farm, Horn* New* Meditation Weathercast Music Reveille Chapel Window News; Breakout World New* Rex Davl* Weather Records Tom Dalley New*; F Moetl* Ed Wilson Show New* New*; Br'fast Chib New* Dwight Cordon News: Cordon Bruce Harrington Breakfast on 630 World New* Sport* News Time and Tempo* News Melody Magic News World New* Clock Watch*? New*; Br'fast Club News Dwight Gordon Welcome Traveler* Travelog Board of Guardian* Concordl* 1'hemes of Age* Showcase Songs; Singer* News Dwight Cordon OK Bandstand Bob Hop* Break the Bank Whltperlni Str**tf Ctrl ..larrlet Modern Romance Llberace Coffee Break New* New* Di*c ft Data New* OK Bandstand Grain Report Open Bible Phrase Thit Pay* Second Chance Make-up Vour Mind Rosemary CAPTAIN EAS Bargain Counter Uy Leslie Turner News lour ot Stan Adv In Melody Just for Women St L, New* Women In New* New* Concert Tim* Wendy Warren Aunt Jenny Helen 1'renl Our Gal Sunday RecalUt and Win New* Make Mine Music Martha Lane Jack Berch Martha Lan* New* Woman'* View I (A &01WV.I..I HW6 W>' RE&SPU*' MO, FOR FORSIPDIM6 IT' A»ANB6 vOU / VOU'R^ NOT IT IS! I KNOW lM50 SORRY FOP POBgV, VOU WLJ&TMT Our TO T New* Playhovue Party Minute MaiUr* Repot* Weather River Markets Bruce Barrlngton Song and Dane* New« Ma Perkins Dr Malone Road ot Lilt New*: Music New* Make Mine Music Market New* Bing Crosby Curt Maisey Cap Commentary Queen foi • Day WJP I CA.M PO THlWfi* TOGETHER../ BEiMCJ FKtR. V TRUE-/LET ME PO YOU HWf ME PONTVOu?! CHM)FFEUR fcKW New*; Other Side l O'clock Call News; Markets Song & Dance Ind Mr*. Burton Perry Macon Nora Drake Brighter Day New* in Stare* Pauline Frederick! Judy and Jane Vie Oammoni Piano Newt Life Btautifuj Road of Life Young's Family Right to H«pplne*» Sacred Heart Native tn Ton* Programmed for Newt Into World Urain, Music you News Choral Society New*; Other Side Ed Wilton Cd WiUon Hilltop Hous* House Party Martin Block Ed Bonner New* OK Ballroom Wizard oi Odd* Backstage Wife Stella Dai la* Ai In My House Wilton; N»wi Cd WU*V» New*: Record* Record Report News Curt Rav Penny Trio Guiding ugnt New* OK Ballroom UN Newt The Bookshelf lu«t Plain dill Front Pag* FarrtU .orenzo Jone* Marriage Pay* Music fatima Rosary Song Shop Child's Album Open Bible Beading Circit Music Mart Kllrhen Club Phil Stevens Newt; Kd W first Civ* newt: Rtcotat Record Report

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