Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 24, 1957 · Page 6
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 6

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 6
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"SIX Rainbow Girl Installation Two Seniors Scheduled Tomorrow Night Honored By Confraternity EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY,. .MAY 21, 1057 Installation of officers of Cum he Ra regular p. , ... Greene Street. The installation; will be at 8 p. m. Officers to be insiallfd _. Vera MacKenzie, worthy advisor Konna Grim, worthy associate >rland Assembly of ihe Order of O T 1 /"~i/ ainbow for Girls will fellow thivOnVVlGS {^ICISS •gular meeting tomorrow al 7J , v , ID. al llie .Masonic Temple,'/-'//'/17 c / /-i /-/n//"/ reciin Sir-pel The insinuation; 4U'«O X U J.J.L/LU- aJCoM-71 fry Store • knr.l -' Miss .Mary Lee Jolley. a gradu ate this year of Ursuline Acad sliort lalk. anil an orchid corsage The Skyles Memorial Bible advisor: Linda Viands, Charily; iciass met a recent evening al Klaine Cornwcll. Hope: flita Mil-jthc home of .Mrs. KUie Kerr, 119 ler. Faith; Patricia White. re-'l'slley Street, ivith .Mrs. Mar- cordcr and Billie Snyder, treas-'garel Rallard and Mrs. Louise mer. |Shobcr, co-hostesses. .Mrs. Myrtle .Appointive officers installed Br ° de pr ' si ? cd Margaret Conner, chaplain:! xl ?- Carl . Ua PP °P encd , the •'«" prayer. Mrs. tlea- l ' ctl le Scripture and reporl emy. and John O'Donnell, who graduates from LaSalle, honored at the party given byj^ s prespn(cd (o Mfcs _ the Confralermly of Christian Swanson, organist and director Doctrine of SS. Peter and Paul] Tlie committee in charge of the parish at Ihe home of Mr. and dinner was comprised of Mrs. Mrs. John J. Blough, 1104 Picd-!'- auia Valentine. Mrs. Wilbur mont Avenue. Both honor guests !l uds0 "' Mrs - Bo >' d Graves and ,,„ „,„„,(,»« ~< ,.,„ „„„,..,,—:... P !rs - William Selllc. ." 1 * 01 " arc .. „ .. _. Bonnie Keller, drill leader: Shir lev Bujgniaii, Jove; Judv Voiuie-l 1 .,.' ...., „ . . blood, religion: Sunnv' Walker,] Mls f. '"Ma Ruchl gave nature-, Lana White,; K^ r^tVth'e da« Brenda Bingman. (idelilv: Chris-!... ,f* h " ™ , ^ l a f: ,, , tine Manner, patriot; Caro«,£%^£ w ~ ™ y» Mmnsoii sm-u-o: .loyce: t s , ore wi| , * c ', Holshey. confidential observers Al , cndin8 wcre Mr5 Lol . ene are members of Ihe confraternity. 'J'he table was centered vviili a large cake, enscribed "Congratulations and Success." flanked with silver candelabra with pink ... candles and bouquets of sweet- i/f™,i, 'i?'"?' 0 ^' ?' r ' peas and roses. h crml( . England. Mrs. . , Barbara Miller, outer observer; Marjorie Johnson, musician; . Karen Oglebay, choir director Bittne'r. Mrs. Hilda Huehl, Carl Mrs. Clapp, 1 dell a Harl- ' advisor, and • Emcrick. choir mother haren Oglebay, choir director: sock. Mrs. Margaret Ballard Mrs. Ijlhan Zimmerman, inotherJMr.s. Eleanor (later, Mrs Louis c ( Dorothy Osier. Mrs. Ruth'Moore! - . • (Mrs. Myrtle Brode. Mrs. Nellie Dr. William f. Fndm^r. pastjlVeires, Mrs. Ruth Hergotl Mrs '""" "' ""' 1-odgc 100. Clanchc Ridgeway, Mrs. Martha "MyjMillcr, Mrs. Louise Shobcr, Mrs. Mildred Beall. Mrs. Elsie Kerr sing and master of Potomac AF and AM. will Task," "For You" Lord's Prayer." installing of/ice rs will be '. Phyllis \". Mackenzie. past vorlhy advisor; Shirley Keating, chaplain: Patty White, recorder; Brenda Waite. marshal and Do- Jores Rowley, musician. Refreshments svill be served after the ceremony. and Miss Ruth Paupe. To Hold Summer Social Sessions . Summer activities for Omicron Tho ,, , Chapter. Beta Sigma Phi Soror The three largest motion pic- iiy. were planned at a meeting lure industries in the world are ih eld at the home of Mrs. Seanor injhe United States. Japan and Dicken on Valley Road. Miss SPECIAL ! Armstrong Felt-Base LINOLEUM 6-9-12 ft, Widfhs Per Lineal Foot BURGESS 26 Baltimore St. Bible Class Entertains Second Baptist Choir The Class Swanson of the Memorial Btb'c Second Baptist Church entertained members of the choir at a dinner in the social room a recent evening. Rev. Cornelius Davis gave a | Members of the choir attend ing were Miss Anna Marie Tipton. Miss Elizabeth Tiplon. Miss ipt ° n ' M , r ' alld *'• Mrs ' Mildred land, Mrs. Margaret Robin- Miss Diane Hobinson, Miss Mrs. Miss Mary Ellen Ward. Balli- norc, visited her parents, Mr. md Mrs. J. Stanley Ward, 124 v'orth Smallwood Street. Mr. and Mrs, James I,. Sease Vilmingtou. Del,, is Ihe guest of Mrs. Thomas W. Koon, 221 iallimore Avenue. Mrs. Sease is he sister of the late Dr. Koon. Rev. and Mrs. Calvin Duggcr Vinchcster, Va., visited Uenrv S Vard. Ridgeley, who is a patient n Potomac Valley Hospital. Mrs. Douglas Ferguson is con •aleseing at her home in LaValc were presented with Groves. gifts by John G. Burke on be half of the group. Others present were Mrs, Charles W. Blackburn, Miss e r ; Mr" Mrs. Margaret Rev. and Mrs. Cornelius Davis were guests. Members presetit were Mrs. Mary Robinson, teach- in the parish hall of the Church Carol Ann Boyle, Miss Mary Jo Simpson. William Long, Mr. and Mrs. Blough, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph L. Chambers Jr. Paul Williams, Mrs. Charlotte Northcralt, Mrs. Barbara Richardson. Miss Shirley Sandsbury, Mrs. Eslalene Shan- holtzcr, Mrs. Loretta Smith, Miss Margaret Smith. Mrs. Betty Taylor. Mrs. Martha VanHorn and Mrs. Patricia Buskey. Boyd Groves, Mrs. Edith Yutzv Mrs. Mary Settle. Mrs. Laura Valentine. Mrs. Mary Breakall. Mrs. Fannie Goodrich. Mrs. Vera Davis, Mrs. Thomas Hoggard Mrs. Gertrude Wilkcs. Mrs. Edna Leese, Mrs. Minnie Gibson, Mrs. Eva Thompson and Mrs. Ethel Hudson. Libya has a 1,050-mile coast Horoscope MAHCH 1\ to APRU.' 10'(Aries) - iftuencfi for light and tay h »j muslr. art. n-holc- Jnmeol. Necessary taiks need not irrilate; U'5 up to yoj. APRIL 21 (o -MAY 21 ITauius) — - -• --. —^— .-. - happy, interesting and fruitful day. KiJenliat tasks should be handled without fuss, anxiety. Take Dolores Chase presided. The group planned to adend a, play al .lennerstown. Pa., and fiimunt also to hold a picnic and harbe que during Ihe coming months. The cultural program, present lne M001> t ed by Mrs. Eva Sliviak, was en-petted. aSmjVio tilled "Enjoyment ol Music. „ Dealing only with classical mus- slm, u me i,, gooa („„'. ic, Mrs. Sliviak played record- - . MAY n Io JL1Nt: !1 ICt1 "' bases of classical music I 1 *'- ehildren and the fine arts. Without H wn<; HociH/Nd t n v,^ 11. i ne * tfftin * Important matters, enjoy Ihe 11 was decided to have the day healthfully, cheerfully, with some next meeting al Ihe home of Mrs. " !axi ??Alpha Barb. Braddock Farms. YO^M'OO" i.'.hit^iLuiatin'i 1 ''" 0 ..^ Following the business Session, (period lor health, learnlnj;. social hour was held and refreshments were served. Guests present were i\frs. Max- ic Luck. Mrs. Hubye White and, Mrs. Kathryn Koon. Other mem- "- *'°f'iJ ",'" ^ u •; k rt ,. r « i V, J1 "-' IL spiritual development hlshly honorert. bers present were .Mrs. Alpha AUKUST 21 to SEPTEMBER Barb. Miss Ruth Barry, Miss Patricia Golden, Mrs. l.aVerne Hankins. Miss Helen Mae Kreiling. Miss LeAnnah Matthews. Mrs. Enjoy take it .hatever you must do, thus aslrr. JULY It lo AUGUST 33 I Benelic rays. Wholesome * , enletlainment Interests, oiua In benefit mankind -..^_. — Although il may not -- holly aaliJf>Jnx day for menial work, its can he a progressive period for lanual tasks anrt similar matters. SEPTEMBER 24 In OCTOBER U Time Specials! PLAY SUITS with detachable matching skirts! timulat* your talentr and abilities ..«-. he arts, icknces, music, painting, jtdoor hobbies and sports ipon&ared OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER « Scorpio) — A good period in which tendon and ease up on strenu- ..., -Hair*, reviewing lamlly needi! pleasures, NOVKMBEn 23 (o DKCE.MRER 21 Sagittarius) — There may be ilmc -ach lines to lisMcn and some diifi- cult pioblems and situatloris may arise but. for ihe most part, ihe day i; Renerous, heartening. When you can on should rtlax, enjoy ils jood points DECEMBER 22 (o JA.VUARV 2< Capricorn) — Exhilaratins iniluencfjL 5on't permit (ear, doubl or irritation o enter your mind. \ erand lime f ( •ecreationa! activities, hobbies n«i icuiuaf matters. JANUARY 21 lo FKBRUAMY Aquarliu) - Where you can, and rtierp you should, make improvem n jour home life and pay * )iitJ* itronger altenlion to family •^eep calm and , collected; j in Joy Ihe day more KERBUAHY 20 to MARCH 2Q - This day's good possittiTu. natiy and striking. Hut don't overlook iinal! del ails. Enjoy iome rtlax YOU BORN' TODAY have an in itinc, enthusiastic persunaihy You (re always willing 10 lakt )lans, projects; can do well al anything lovej. Ihingi Ihat in>ol»e ne<c face md place*. But in \our quest to :omeihinx more interesting, don't dro >!d matters which >ou should -- ani ran — finish successfully. Emphasit /our good humor, but don't fall inli he habit of sayiny "an>-thinR for ; laugh": it can hurt (hose you Jove, Ai unusual hobby or avocation could he] take care o! Ihe extra energy yo have. Birthdale ot: Ralph "\Vald Emerson, poet, eisayiit; Edw. Bulwe: Lytton, nov«Jist. statesman. features Syndicate. Inc.) lor 7.00) Everglaze and Drip-dry Cottons in novelty prints and Ivy league stripes. Sizes 10 to 16. SKIRT EVENT Hundreds and Hundreds from which to choose — very, very specially priced SIZES 8 to 18 LAZARUS O O 11 19 DeMoky To Hold' Family Picnic A family picnic was planned by DcMolay Majority Association al llic aieeling Tuesday evening at the Ali Ghan City Club. Dr. John Robinson presided. The picnic will be held June 9 a 2 p. m. at Ihe All Glian Country Club picnic grounds. Dr. Robinson, chairman, will be assisted by Wayne Couter, Roscoe Mc- Klfish, Ronald Hansrole Fred Jackson, James J. Have and Dia! PA 2-4600 for a WANT 'AD Taker AllegaiiyCountyWCTUSets Annual Meeting T°niorrow Officers of the Allegany Conn- Miss Iva Ke'sler, treasurer and ey Woman's Chrislian Temper- president of Ihe CumberJand On . . >, . „„• . : : . 1i"i(l' MFC Ijni'le nfACirlnni _f II.- Owen Morris. Prayer Schade. A large was offered by John -„- number of members allended services Sunday, May 5 at the Presbyterian Church. Dinner Scheduled A chicken dinner will be held Sunday, from 1 p. m, to Union will be elected and ion; Mrs. Lewis, president of the at Usannu, meeting tomorrow al First Evangelical United Brethren Church. The session will begin at 2:30 p.m. with Mrs. Frank Dayton' _ . Llewellyn, Barton Union; Mrs. Kathleen DeShong, Mill fiun Union; Mrs. Campbell. Tri-Towns Union, and Mrs. Edgar Shoemak presiding. Greetings are to be cr > chairman of the nominating extended by Mrs. E. B. Miller. Mrs. Robert Campbell will respond. The address will be by is to be installing officer. Mrs. Bessie Grim svill lead Ihe flag salute and Mrs. Clara Lewis, the dcvolionals. _ Reports will be given by Miss Union; Mrs. John committee. Following a box supper there will be an executive meeting, Mrs. Charles E. Wagner, past then the evening session schcd- president of (he Maryland WCTU.ulcd al 7:30. Devotions will be by Mrs. Everett Culp. music b.C Mrs. John Lower and benediction by flev. Dr. E. E. Miller, Mrs. Dayton will preside. in Cumberland only at smart for daytime . . . dressy for dafei and blissfully comfortable every step of ihe way . . . Summer - Time Paradise Kittens 1395 So/(, supple genuine pig. skin, punched Jor air coaled com/o r I. tfhite or natural . , . AAAA to B To Sire 11 Breeze cool airy mesh In white, blue, black and beige . ., Bermuda and Jamaica SHORTS $4.98 Sleeveless SHIRT . . $4.98 Shirt front HALTER $2.50 SKIRTS from $4.98 SLACKS $6.50 lorty-ieren Baltimore rtreet >fun clothes styled by SACONY smartest of all under Summer's Sun! Here are sport clothes that would lift a coo! eyebrow to ?i^ tags *" no T a c er what you mi 9 ht p°y for th ^They are Sacony-fashioned and therefore hove "The Pnceless Look of pure simplicity and good taste built right into every clean-cut line. Co-ordinated here into colorful separates that move freely with natural grace • • .all perfectly coordinated to mix perfectly in many combination! ... ail drip-dry poplin! Versatile CoHon Knit SWEATERS . . from $3.50 PEDAL PUSHERS $5.98 Scant SHORTS .. . $3.98 TIE HALTER $2.98 JACKETS .... from $5.98

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