Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas on August 2, 1963 · Page 5
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Garden City Telegram from Garden City, Kansas · Page 5

Garden City, Kansas
Issue Date:
Friday, August 2, 1963
Page 5
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Your Problems — bv Ann Landers — Mr. and Mrt. Sidney Coombs, ; 2605 "C", left Thursday for a DEAR ANN LANDERS: How dare you call my child n vegetable just bcuiase lie refuses to fio to camp? Did it ever occur to you that some children love their homo a id hate to leave it? And what's wrong with keeping kids home as Ions; as possible? They grow up and leave too soon! as It is. ' My Vincent is a bright, sensitive, \vell-aclusted boy. We sent him to camp three years ago when lie was 10. After two days he telephoned and asked me to come get him. Of course I brought him home at once since I saw no point in forcing camp ; on a child whose personality rebelled against discipline. Vincent never was one to follow orders : like sheep. I can tell by your' writing, Ann i Landers, that you have the men-! tality of a WAC sergeant. You j like to boss people, order them ! around and impose your will on i everybody. I'm raising my Vin-< cent to be an independent think- j er and a free soul in a free so- j ciety. So phooey on you and your military approach to child rearing. — MRS. B. B. Dear Mrs. B.B.: No free society would be free for long with- 1 out discipline. I hope your Vin-i cent understands that th c freedom to swing lii s arms ends j where the other fellow's nose be- ! gins. i The youngster who calJs homcj after two days and blubbers, , "Ma, come and get me," is thei ve,ry one who should s t a yi j there. He needs to learn how to live with other children, and to take orders. He should understand, too, that taking orders is essential training fa r living n a world where nobody can do what ever he pleases, when and ifi he darned well feels like it. DEAR ANN LANDERS: Please i don't give me the devil for being nosey, just tell me what to do now that I have snooped into my husband's wallet and found \ $350 in cash. He didn't buy me an anniversary present last week, which i I though was very tacky of him since he bought his mother a set' of dishes for her birthday. I got 1 curious about how much money he carried when I saw him shell out $55 in cash for thoses dishes —so I looked. Should I tell him what I know and take my chances on him blowing his cork because I snooped? Please guide me. — SUGAR PUSS Dear Sugar: Tell him and face the music. It will be worth a few sour notes if you can get the man to bank his money instead of carrying it around in his wallet — like a fool. Money in the bank is protected against theft, loss and fire. It also accumulates interest. * ,* * DEAR ANN LANDERS: This girl whom I will call Grace has no friends of her own so she tries to take over mine. Grace and I work in the same office. Every day I -have lunch with one or two girl s who work i in this building. On Monday I j plan my week's lunches and they i are set. Ab'out four days a week Grace spots me in the restaurant with my friends, comes right over and says "Mind if I join you?" Without waiting for an answer she moves right in. She monopolizes the conversation and gives me indigestion. Is there a solution, short of being brutally frank and saying, "No, you can't join us — this is a private party"? — BICARB BETTY De*r Bicarb: Probably not. Insensitive clods rarely respond la hints. I can't improve on your answer, Betty. Go ahead and use it. i i i To learn the difference between a marriage that "settles down" and one that "gets dull," send 1 for Ann Landers' booklet, "What To Expect From Marriage," enclosing with your request 20c in coin and a long, self-addressed, stamped envelope. Ann Landers will be glad lo help you with your problems. Send them to her in care ul this newspaper enclosing a stamped, self-addressed cnvel- j ope. 28 Attend Baptist Missionary Twenty eight members of thc first Baptist Women's Missionary Society met Thursday morning in Hatcher Hall for the August meeting. Airs. Ken Snelling presented tha lesson on "What is that in your hand?" with the assistance of Mrs. Joe Plett and Mrs. Ed Aust. The Baptist mission effort in Assam was presented. Mrs. Snelling stated that when one presents to God their "complete personality" that the missionary challenges and needs of the church can be met. "This is My Task" was a vocal solo by Miss Connie Glunt. Hostesses for the morning coffee were Mrs. Frank Dailey, Mrs. Edgar Aust and Mrs. Carl DeRcy. Mrs. Klaas Thomas of Powns was a special guest. Devotions were given by Mrs. Earl Parrish and Mrs. Ken Heinrichs conducted thc business session. Bible study will be in the Ken Snelling home, Aug. 8 at 806 N. 5th. Circles will meet Aug. 15 and Missionary will be Sept. 5 at 2 p.m. Garden Citians In Hays Monday In Hays Monday to attend a workshop sponsored jointly by the State Dept. Social Welfare, State Dept. Public Instruction, State Dept. Health and Fort Hays State College were several Garden Citians. Approximately 75 attended this exploratory conference at Hays which pertained to "What is Happening in Vision?" Another such conference was conducted yesterday in Pittsfourg and today in Emporia. Attending from here were Irene Hoyt, public health nurse for Finney County; Otto Peterson, district home teacher for the blind; and Roy Chapman, rehabilitation counselor, and Mrs. Loretta Hipp, teacher at St. Mary's Grade School. Mrs. Thelander Given Farewell A farewell picnic was given at! the home of Air. and Mrs. Louis j Lefort, Joe, Rome, Lena and; Marie, Rt. l, honoring Mrs. j Richard Thelander, Sheree and Jeff who licve been here since March while her husband is in the service. .Mrs. Thelander and children ! will leave tomorrow to be with her sister in Michigan. The eve-' ning was spent roasting wein- ers and eating homemade ice- cream and cake. This was also tlie fourth birthday of Marie Lefort. Others attending were Mr. and Mrs. O. J. Lefort and Christine, Mr. and Mrs. George McGrew, George Jr., and Elizabeth, Holcomb. vacation in Minnesota. -Arriving this weekend from Manhattan will be Mr and Mrs. Ray Salver who will' spend n month with Mr. and Mrs. Emil Salver. 1012 N. Main. Olmstend, 506 N. 4th, thc \\wk. pnst Le fl vinfc Sunday for G r e e n Mountain Falls. Colo,, for a week will be Mr. and Mrs. Frank > Holderness. and sons, 605 E.! Hazel. i Spending the weekend at Km- 1 poria will be Mr. and Mrs. John ] nobltinon. 907 Theron. who will visit their son and wife. Mr. and j Mrs. John Robinson. Their son. i n teacher at Wichita, will get, his master's decree from Em-. iwria State Teachers College. i Returning recently 'from a trip j to Minneapolis. Minn., were Dr. [ and Mrs. R. W. Speckman, San-! dv. Robbie and Shelley, 611 Briar! Hill. Doctor Speckman attended the national convention of the American Optometric Assn. They were guests of Mrs. Stockman's j mother, Mrs. Lois Thomasson' and Gary, and her brother and L'avlng Saturday for Gr«v;n Mountain Falls, Colo., is Ken Kis- nor. U08 E. Laurel, who will re- Him Wednesday with Mrs. Kisncr and children who have been visit| ing the past two weeks widi Mr. and Mrs. Lee Kisner at their summer home. VlflMng next week in Garden Citv and vScott Cltv will lw Mr, and Mrs. Marion Hackerott and daughter^ from Smith Center. They will visit his mother Mrs. Julia HnckoroH, 524 Summit, and brothers Nfill and Norman and family. L««vlng Saturday fcr a two weeks vacation are Mr, and Mrs. Charles Peebles 303 Center. They will visit her unrents. Mr. And Mrs. D. J. Knuenpcl at Hampton, Iowa; and Dr. and Mrs. Robert KurtJi, Prairie Village. Lyrtc) Thomoson and his nnr- ents and brother, Mr. and Mrs. Milton Thompson nnd Donnie. Elk City, Okla.. were dinne,. guests Kalveita Nflwi Dancing Squares Plan Dance at Cimarron Thomasson and son Bruce. Guests of Mr. and Mrs. Karl Brooks, 113 W. Hazel, are their granddaughters, Pat and Sue De Graevc who came from Livonia, Mich., last week to spend the rest of the summer here. Returning Wednesday n i ff h t from spending five days at Parson s were Mrs. Clifford Cultoert- son and son, Danny, at the experiment station. They were housequesls of her parents, Mr. and Mrs. John Burrls. They also visited other relatives and friends. Week e nd guests expected to arrive today at the liome of Dr. and Mrs. R. W. Speckman, fill Briar Hill, are Dr. and Mrs. Jon Thayer and children, John D., Teresa and Jill from Belleville. Miss Carolyn Ca*es, fiancee of Kenneth Elliott, was a recent guest in the home of Mr. and Mrs. Russell Elliott, 905 N. 1st. Kenneth took Miss Cates to her home in Bethany, Okla. on Wednesday. The Russell Elliotts left today for Bethany where they will be guests of Mr. and Mrs. Laverne Cates and Carolyn. They will attend a bridal shower for Miss Cates. Vacationing at Grand Lake, Colo., and at Colorado Springs for two weeks were Mr. and Mrs. Hank Robertson, Ted and Dewees, 1010 N. 5th and Judy Hester from Larned. Recent guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. D. Gcmaelich and daughter, LeAnn, 1109 Safford, were her sister. Mrs. L. L. Brown, Mr. Brown and family from Wichita. Spending the weekend at Red River, N.IM., were Mr. and Mrs. Lloyd Joyce, 809 Davis; Mr. and Mrs. Marshall Finney, 1612 "A"; and Mr. and Mrs. Clifford Hope, Jr., 1112 Gillespie. Mrs. Geraldine Knox was in Wichita recently visiting h e r sons and their wives, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Knox and Mr. and Mrs. Robert Knox. Miss Mary Kiff is expected to come from Pueblo, Colo., this weekend as a guest of Mrs. Knox. W««kend, guests of Mrs. Lois Riggs, 1211 N. '"A" were her j daughter and family, Mr. and j Mrs. Leon Atkinson, Fred, Mike \ and Pam of Pueblo, Colo. j Leaving Wednesday evening after a tlireC-dav visit at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Lewis .1. Kil- lK>un, 504 Conkling, were his sister, Mrs. Betty Larned of Ix>ng Beach, Calif.; and n sister, Mrs. Robert Clark and son, Don from Clinton, Iowa. Arriving last week from Torrence, Calif., was Mrs. George M. Prince Jr., formerly Ann Conard, who will be visiting her mother, Mrs. Martha Conard, 1218 Conard for several weeks, Guests last week at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Jesse John, 803 N. 4th, were Mr. and Mrs. Norman Schullz and b's father, Bill Schultz. from Gardiner, Mrs. G'Cne Blankenshlp, Susan and Linda from Eugene, Ore., Mr. and Mrs. Norman Jesfield and daughter, Susan, Hcttinger, N. D. Guests to leave today are her sister and family, Mr. and Mrs. diet Stubson and son Don- akl from Lance Creek. Wyo., and a niece, Mrs. Bill English and son Donhie of Denver. Mr. and Mrs, Lawrence Odgers and son, recently of Cplum- ibus. Ohio, where he was editor of tlie Jersey Journal, have re. turned to Finney County where he is farming with hl s father- in-law M. L. Russell. Wedding Date Set Hiuly V'aleu/.uoln Mr. and Mrs. Harold R. Shobo, 2011 N. 7th, parents of Sandra Donne Shobo, announce tho approaching marriage of their daughter to Thomat Lynn Gottschnlk, son of Mr. and Mrs. A. C. Gottschalk, 807 N. Main. Their marriage will take place Aug. 18 at Woodland Park, Colo. Tha bride-elect and hor finnco attvndad Kansas University in 1962 and for the past year havo been employed in Denver, Colo., where tho couple will make thilr home. When you ar c barbecuing spnivsribs in tho oven, you may wish to cover the pan during the roasting; if so, be sure to uncover the meat about half an hour before done. CARD OF THANKS Words cannot adequately express our appreciation for all the kind and thoughtful services performed by Dr. Nelson, thc Sisters and nurses of the St. Catherine Hospital and our friends during the illness and loss of my son. Clara Johnson. —2adv p.m. Calendar of Social Events FKIDAY IIIOH SCHOOL NIGHT — .Civic Cnntar i'loTO.1 line to iloulili'lioatlnr liasolmll playoff at Clint LlKhtnur Fluid. 1MONIIAT KAOLKS AUXILIARY — R p.m. KngleM Acrla. Initiation will Iw AUK. 19. KLKfl LADIES BH1DOK — 3 p.m. Hlk« Hall. HimtoHflPd, Mr*. J f> h n Mllno hiul Mm. Unify Bcnli'up. < TUKSIIAT IIIOH SCHOOL CROWD — Civic Ceiltor to IK> clewed until AUK. 2:1. BA8TKRN STAR FAMILY 1'IC- NIC — 8:80 p.m. IloiiMa Hummer residence, 2.115 Tonlo. Drink init ili'n- scrt furntiihnd. Hrlntf tabln «prvlo«. BLK8 COUPLMS BIIIDC1M — R p.m. ISllid Mall. Hi*>l«; Mr. find Mrs. ilnnry Bontnip and Mr. nnrt MfH. Henry Wollny. HAPPY HOMEMAKKRfl HUH — 1:30 p.m. Ml*. lOlsia Culdwnll. BOB jon(H. QudHt SHSRltnr Donna Wiley. LINCOLN GOODWILL HDtT— I:!l() p.m. Mrs. Wllllnm Drcos, 808- N. 4lh. Cow-Belles to Dine at Corral Southwest Kansas Cow-Belles will entertain visiting wives ol the Kansas Livestock Assn. and guests with a dinner at the Old Corral Saturday at 7 p.m. All women planning to attend are requested to make their reservation in the lobby of the Warren Hotel between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m. Saturday or call The Old Corral, G-6831. Mrs. Karl Brookover, 1117 Gillespie, will give iin open house at her home between 2:30 and 5 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Arellano, 713 W. Fulton, recently entertained guests for four- days from El 'Monte, Calif. They were Mr. and Mrs. Val Aille, Brenda, Anne and Caverly Other recent guests at the Arellano home were Mr. and Mrs. Paul Hernandez, Paul Anthony and Marina from El Paso, Tex. Mrs. Emma Grier of Wichita visited her sister, Mrs. L. W. LISTEN TOMORROW KIUL, 2:45 P.M. Listen to the championship running of the 26th All-American Soap Box Derby LIVE FROM DERBY DOWNS Akron, Ohio Presented by Chevrolet in behalf cf your local Chevrolet dealer BE SAFE-BUY ALL DRUGS FROM A PHARMACIST AT NORRIS DRUG . . KEEP DRUGS OUT OF CHILDREN'S REACH Doctor, come qui'ckly!", shrtiktd Martha over the phone. "My littl« Johnny swal!oy/ed a whole bottle full of my heart capiulet " We hope the doctor geti there in time, Marino. Pleaie, pleaie be lure to move all medicines awny from the hands of curious childre » NOW is the time to let our experts Reframe, Clean and add Non-Glare Glass to... Your old pictures, paintings, etchings, watercolors, etc. Wren Studio and amera 211 N. Main BR 6-4951 Page S Thr OandnR Squarex will have a ilance Wednesday, Au#. 7 In the shelter house In the t'lmarron 1'ark. The dance will lx> prrcod- ed by a picnic for members and their families, Hosts will be tho Lloyd Heweys and tlie Marvin CJarks. Mr and Mrs. Loyd Timken attended the dedication nf tho new Southern Haptlttl Church In Hays on Sunday. Mr, and Mrs, Jim Hayes and Brian are visiting relatives In Croftoil, Ky., this week. Joe Brings, member of the Pawned Indian -Ml Club, Is nt- tending Junior Leadership Camp at Rock Spring* thl iS -week. He Is oi;o of thc six 4-11 members from Finney County. Attending the ChuiTh of the Nazarenc Assembly In Wichita this week are Mr. and Mrs. Otis Bond and Dick, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Ilond and Dale, Mr, and Mrs. Jerry Burns and Darlnno. Mr, ami Mrs. Rufus Woods, and the Rev. and Mrs. A. C, Slothowrr. Mr. and Mrs. Chester Ile*d and children have moved to the W. W, Boll farm. Mr. and Mrs. Virgil Simmons have bought, a new trailer-house and moved It to the Schracdor farm. Mr, and Mrs, .lorry Burns and children nr<j moving Into the hoiiss vacated by tho Simmons on tho. FranK Burns farm. Mrs. Louis MeGlll and two children, Sue and Gay of Wichita, were Saturday quests of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Troohmol and Dcloros. Silo and and Gay re- Friday, August 2, 1963 mained for « visit with their aunt :ihd uncle. Rocky Swan and Donnlc Alex- under of Uurbank, Calif., hava bcon visiting their cousin, Marvin Troehmel for several weeks. Mr, and Mrs. Floyd Thomas and girls of Dlghton were Saturday night guesl.s of Mr. and Mrs. Leonard Woods and family. On Sunday the Woods ami Thom- ases attended the Wagonscllor reunion In Dodge City. Sunday jniosts of Mr. and Mrs. George Fowler were Mr. and Mrs, W. C, Fowler of Ford, Miss Darlone 11 o r n u n g and Geno Sharp of Spcarvlllo. Marsha CroUngor of Garden City was a Sunday guest of Mr. and Mrs, Ronald Scott and Larry. Otto hallhvxer of Garden City was an afternoon caller. Mr. and Mrs. Krnest Spacll and daughter of ICIIImvood, Miss .lacquo Schartz and Lloyd Powell of Ilulchlnson were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. E a r'l Powell. Monday slipper guests of Mr, and Mrs, Virgil Woods and family wore Mr. and Mrs, Jiggs Stelnkueliler and girls of Monterrey, Cnllf., Mrs. Clara Stoln- kuehler, Dean and Esther Stain- ktiehler, Mrs, Roy Salem, and Mr. and Mrs. ICd Itay of Cimarron. Nothing In the house for lunch? canned vegetables In a or choose sauce with hard- cooked eggs, Garnish with crisp bacon It there are a fow slices on hand. Gamma Mu's Picnic at Finnup Park Gamma Mu chanxptcr of E|v silon Sigma Alpha met Sunday evening in Flnimp Park for their annual family picnic. Hostess committee included Mrs. Dale Snodgrnss and Mrs. Clarke Culbreath. Memboni played horseshoes mid enjoyed the activities in the park. Those attending with t heir families were Mr. and Mrs. Charles Owen, Mr. ami Mrs. Ed Cox. Mr. and Mrs. Russ Famsworth, Mr. and Mrs. Clarke Culbreath, Mr. and Mrs. Philip Mehrlnger, Mr. and Mrs, Wendell Maddox, Mr. and Mrs. L. L, Beckett, Mrs. Dean Marx, Mr. and Mrs. Zeke Zeycn, Mrs. Emily LaGesse, Mr. and Mrs. Ortha Garrison, Mr. and Mrs. Dale Snodgrass, Mr. and Mrs. Archie Shook and the special guests Mr. and Mrs. Bill Rnwlinson, Mr. and Mrs. Fred Vallier and David Williams. NO MOLLY YOU CAN'T DANCE but • • • YOU CAN do the next best thing. Listen to your favorite music at • • • AL BRUNGARDT'S Park Inn FEATURING ABE MAIN an d hit snt «<u ban4 Thursday, Friday and Saturday "THE DREAMERS" On Tuesday Nights ,00. THE WESTERNERS NOW SHOWING It's hip-hep happy Hayloy in a whirl of happiness WattDISNeYS "^ TBCHNIOOIPT' --'-? lllHII<t|«llWI«IIIMnM<MU.>I..OIHl*<D SHOWS CONTINUOUS TODAY Admission Child SOc - Adult $1.00 COMING SOON! Starts Aug. 8th NEW! Insect Fogger Rldi Patio, Porch, Terrace, lawn & Garden of Pilot arid Mosquitoes In Seconds. MAKES OUTDOOR LIVING PUN AGAIN. Hundreds of other usesl In juit 30 tocondt ... an ounce of liquid producet 2,000 cubic foot of Intact killing fog. BEST SEED COMPANY 102 S. 9th BR 6-6921 HURRYI ENDS TONIGHT Jewiems MONEY APAIUMOONimiAK PLUS COLOR mo JIOTMRf MBBIt MVN01M UlU PALMIR HUNTER CARTOON THE MOVIE . . . THAT STARS ... THE GIANTS IN A GIANT LOVE STORY . . . II GIA NT A» jrrr RINK MOM IHCNOVCL BY IN WARNIKCOLOh *M ELIZABETH TAYLOR ROCK HUDSON-JAMES DEAN CO-HIT— JVlARLOW BRAKDO AND AX EXQUISITE NEW JAPANESE STAR. SAYONARA : 7%<r«»>fl:iw/IM^ to luiinf H1KICIA OWIRt • KO (HmONS • liCAKDO UOKULBAH - UlfillU 5C01I • yiVOSill DUHI • MODK'IU If PHICIII If '"'' '"'"''" MIIKOTAM SATURDAY ONLY! Glavit Starts 8:25 — Sayonara 12:00 IT'S A RUNNING RIOT WITH BLONDES . . , BRUNETTES AND RED HEADS . .. . Cirlsl Girls! Girls! ttdiHicour STARTS SUNDAY! until* iiiwtn.o- liiiu i rUUUWI ULU3 Boxofflcs Opens 7:15 Show Starts 8:15 CAR SHOW SATURDAY, AUGUST 3 Can that will be running in this Sundays drag races dt the Garden City Drag Strip will be on display by the GallahacU at the Drive-In Saturday night before show time.

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