Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 11, 1952 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 16
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SIXTEEN KVJSNUNG 'A'iMES, CUMUEKLAJNU, iVLU, MOJNJOAtf, 11, i-none lor a Synthetic Fabrics Loom Big In Future Fill Special Needs, Hold Down Prices, Textile Expert Says Editor's Note: Albert R. Jube, who wrote the accompany article on synthetic fabrics and their role in your Hie, has had 'a long career in the textile business. Since 1920 he has been with Collins & Aikmon Corporation, one ol the nation's biggest weavers of upholstery fabrics, and has been president of that company since 1949. By ALBERT R. JUBE President, Collins & Aikmati Corp. (Written for NEA Service) NEW YORK—It is 40 years since the first man-made fibre was introduced to the public, and it has taken almost all of that time to have synthetic fibres become accepted. It has taken nearly that long, too, for the public to realize the important job synthetics have—to help and strengthen natural fibres, to serve as a balance wheel in the supply-and-demand picture; and to realize that synthetic fibres are not substitutes, but specially - created fibres to fulfill needs no natural fibre can possibly meet. It has taken- a lot of teaching, a lot of actual experience on the part of the consumer, but that goal has" been reached. ' JETack in 1911, when rayon, the first synthetic fibre was introduced the consumer had for generations been used to just four materials: Looking with Luke ALBERT R. JUBE wool and cotton for most uses; for a few special uses, silk and linen, i * * Introducing anything else wa; almost like heresy, and inevitably rayon came to be considered a "sub stitute," rather than accepted on it own standard. It took years to overcome tha prejudice on the part of the con sumer, but it was overcome, anc rayon today is accepted in prefer ence to other fibres in a multitud of uses. We now use it in varying mixtures with almost all of our up holstery. Viscose rayon has proved a boon to tire manufacturers, giving tire strength which natural fibres coul not give. Acetate rayons are es pecially -good for women's wear men's wear, draperies, and othe textures where a soft, warm feel is important. The need for strength found in animal fibres—wool, silk, and mohair—spurred research work towar a synthetic fibre with all those qual ities and some special ones—an nylon was the result. * * # Acceptance of nylon was imme diate and enthusiastic. In fields lik stockings, for example, it replace silk quickly, and did a better job Its great strength and elasticity len themselves to many uses, but some times only after a lot of researcl and experimentation. In the case of nylon for i;phol stery, our own company spent al most three million dollars in th development of Nylon Candalo: fabrics for automobile seats an furniture, and its acceptance, like wise was almost immediate. In fact, the pendulum today i swinging the other way. The magi name of nylon has tempted man manufacturers to offer the ibres in items without sufficient esearch to determine if they offer mprovement over accepted fibres; if they also present hindrances vhich in some cases outweigh the advantages. The danger today, then, Js to be ure the public does not come to ook upon manufactured fibres as magic ones which can do anything and everything. * * * They cannot, and aren't intended o perform miracles; but they can do'things, in many cases which natural fibres could not do. And, most mportant, the prospect of blend- ng synthetic and natural fibres, to ain the best from each, is what holds a bright future. More and more synthetic fibres are being introduced today, and production is increasing tremendously. In 1911, rayon had a million pounds production. Today, it has a quarter billion. Dynel is another .new synthetic fibre that promises much, especially for clothing, pile fabrics, and such uses. Dacron, stronger 'even than riylon. may prove the ideal fibre for men's wear. Saran is a heavy duty fibre good for industrial fabrics. Vicara, soft and as warm as wool with special blending qualities, may fit in many places. '• * * * Many more are on their way from laboratories all over the country Most of them will have special qualities of their own, perhaps complete enough for a wide range of uses in themselves. * The general feeling, however, is that no matter what particular qualities each synthetic has, its best use is bound to come in blending with others, natural 01 synthetic, so that the test qualities of all of them can be utilized. 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Phono 6768 The upholstery industry Is also aware of another advantage which ynthetic offer them—and that is a stabilizing influence on runaway :osts of raw material. Within the past year the rug Industry, by using synthetics, has ound this to be true, and public acceptance has been much better ;han was expected. In fact, synthetics, whenever they are introduced, have ( a habit of ;aining in popularity, provided the public is-" appraised of their true qualities. Four Dogs Perish In Pound Blaze Pour stray canines were burned to death over the weekend when fire destroyed the city dog pound on Oldtown Road, according to P. P Perrato, humane officer. Fire Chief Van Malone of District 16 Volunteer Fire Company at North Branch said the blaze was out o! hand by the time his men arrivec on the scene. Malone said the fire may have been caused by sparks from the smoldering dump or from the con crete-block incinerator, fanned by high winds. Ferrate explained that no one' is on duty at the dump after 4 p. m to release the dogs in an emergency ouncil To Get ^etitions For ]ity Manager The Mayor and Council will re- eive petitions from the Junior As- ociation of Commerce Wednesday rging that the city manager plan « put to a. referendum, The Jaycees reported 'today more lan 2,000 names have been obtain- d asking the question be bKKigbt >efore voters on March 18. OSi-"-T" aid the petitions will be presented A&yor Thomas 5. Post for verifica- ion. Although only 1,087 signatures are .ceded to place the issue on the allot, Jaycees sought a minimum f 1,300 to allow for names which may be disqualified. Citizens asked to sign petitions eceived solicitors enthusiastically and Jaycees reached their quota ooner than was expected, it was aid. When the petitions calling for the :harter amendment are presented ,o the mayor Wednesday, he is equired to verify signatures within 30 days and upon proper certifica- ion, the Mayor and Council must provide within 60 days for the sub- nission of the amendment, unchanged, at a special election before the next succeeding general mu- In Zanzibar, houswives do not bu; fruit. Instead, they pay the vendor by the month to keep the household supplied. Almost one-fourth' of the farm land of the United. States lies in the 10 states that contain the Mis souri river valley. A parachute opens from the top down; its skirts are the last to open 36 TABLETS 23e 100 TABLETS 49c CTINO. DEPENDABLE! ASPIRIN AT ITS BEST St.Joseph ASPIRIN WORLD'S LARGEST SELLER AT 10< Drink Queen-City VITAMIN "D" ENRICHED FOR GOOD HEALTH/ Milk is truly the wonder food! It starts you on the road to healthy growth, abundant energy and helps maintain tip-top health throughout your life. 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Home rule, whether statutory or constitutional, places any proposed change in the city charter strictly up to the citizens and deprives the county delegation of is powers to pass local'legislation. 523, sponsored by the AUegany county delegation. It authorizes the City derland to amend its charter and sets up procedures under which changes may be made. The amendments may be made jy referendum following petition of ten per cent of citizens who voted It's MOST IMPORTANT to know your costs in Advance Writ* . . . GEORGE S.MAY COMPANY D Eastern DIviilai m t«t ««l Slrwt, tow Y*ik 17, N. T. E.lpbllih.d 1*25 310 S. MECHANIC ST. JwJk and Jmm... . . . about a home of your own, let us in on your plans. Our home loan experience is yours to draw on freely. See us about financing the home you are going to buy or build. "It Poyt To Do Business In Cumbertandl" FIRST NATIONAL BANK of Cumberland MEMBER f. D. I. C. 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He said in a recent speech that on an hourly basis, the $1,200 paid annually to the aldermen averages 37 cents an hour. Fountain Room MONDAY CHICKEN CHOW MEIN FRIED NOODLES STEAMED RICE COFFEE 55c Lazarus . . . 3rd floor tS5i 1952 Single Pin $8.50 Double Pin $8.50 Necklace $10.95 Jewelry by Krements Beautifully designed and made with a hard rolled overlay of 14 karat gold her gift of Kremenlz jewelry will last brightly through the years as a cherished Valentine's memento! *AII Price. Include Fed. Tax It Starts Tuesday... Promptly at 9 am. YOU PROFIT BY OUR LOSS AT THIS BARGAIN prog ^P^{J^lw\lf"Wlf| jwPWfjf^wlfrppl^Fij Shinnamon's Complete Stock SHOES SHOES SHOES (FOR WOMEN) Every Shoe In Our Stock On Sale (FOR MEN) (FOR CHILDREN) Out They Go! r AND LESS! SLIPPERS - HANDBAGS and HOSIERY Notice: We'll Be Open 9 'til 9 Daily ... Until Entire Stock Is Sold!! MEN'S and CHILDREN'S SHOES on 2nd Floor (Entrance In Lobby) 61 BALTIMORE ST.

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