Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 19, 1954 · Page 15
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 15

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1954
Page 15
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1954 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE Proceedings of the City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois. Official Report Pro. AN ORDINANCE MAKING AN ANNUAL APPROPRIATION FOR THE CITY OF ALTON, IN THE COUNTY OF MADISON, IN THE STATE OF ILLINOIS, FOR THE FISCAL YF.AK KEtilN- NINU APRIL 1ST, 1954 AND ENDING MARCH 31BT, 11)65. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THK CITY OF ALTON, ILLINOIS: Section 1: That there is hereby appropriated to defray the necessary expenses and liability of the City of Alton, Illinois, for the fiscal year beginning April 1, 1954. and ending March 31st, 1955, to be provided by general tax levy upon all the real and uersonal property within the corporate limits of said City of Alton, and revenue obtained from other sources, the sum of $1,07U,979.(»9. Section 2: That the above sum of $1,070,979.09 Is hereby divided and appropriated for th* following purposes, to-wlt: FOR GENERAL GOVERNMENT ADMiNISTRATIVC: LEGISLATIVE: Aldermen's Salaries ...................... $ 5.670.00 City Clerk's Office: City Clerk's salary ................... 3,600.00 Deputy City Clerk's salary ........... 3,570.00 Assistant Registrar ................... 3,OU».00 Extra help ........................... 150.00 Printing, stationery, supplies, postftge.. 1.200.00 Newspaper publishing ................ 4,500.00 Illinois Municipal League Membership. 700.00 TOTAL LEGISLATIVE EXECUTIVE: Mayor's Office: Mayor's salary $ 6,600.00 Mayor's Secretary 3,000.00 Mayor's telephone and telegraph 360.00 Mayor's postage, stationery and supplies 180.00 TOTAL EXECUTIVE FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING: Comptroller's Office: Comptroller's salary $ 600.00 Deputy Comptroller's salary 3,300.00 Bonds for City Officials 1,200.00 Equipment and Office Supplies 700.00 Telephone and telegrams 120.00 Audit of Books and Accounts 1,200.00 Treasurer's Office: Treasurer's salary 4,200.00 Clerk, Treasurer's office 3,300.00 Postage and supplies 200.00 TOTAL FINANCE AND ACCOUNTING LEGAL: Corporation Counsel's salary $ 4,422.00 Corporation Counsel, supplies and telephone 90.00 TOTAL LEGAL JUDICIAL: City Court: Clerk's fees and salary } 4,200.00 Equipment, printing and supplies 600.00 Extra Clerk 990.00 $ 22,390.00 $ 10,140.00 TOTAL JUDICIAL TOTAL FOR GENERAL GOVERNMENT ADMINISTRATIVE FOR MAINTENANCE OF POLICE DEPARTMENT: Salaries: Chief of Police, Patrolmen, Desk Clerks and other Officers $131,130.00 Other Expenses: Telephone and telegrams 150.00 Stationery and supplies 300.00 Equipment. Maintenance 200.00 City .Tail Inmates' meals and maintenance 500.00 Operation of Motor Vehicles: Gasoline, Motor Oil and Grease 4,400.00 Maintenance 600.00 Radio Maintenance and Supplies: New Equipment 7,000.00 Maintenance 1,600.00 New Equipment: Three new cars (net after trade-in),.. 2,700.00 Cruiser (net after trade-in) 1,500.00 $ 14.820.00 $ 4,512.00 $ 5,790.00 $ 57,652.00 •OR GARBAGE * REUSE COLLECTION Operating expenses: Salaries $ 40,000.00 Gas. oil. grease 3,600.00 Repair, maintenance, tires 4,200.00 Insurance 6UO.OO Interest Anticipation warrants 5t>0.00 Miscellaneous exprnse l.SOO.OO Central Avjnue Dump: Caretaker s salary l.T.VJUO Garbage Disposal: Salary of Operator 4.HOO.OO Fuel, grrase anrt oil HUM HI Repairs 2.000.00 New Equipment: • •J New Trucks 11.2UU.OO Tractor Shovel 1'J.IHHi.OO TOTAL FOR GARBAGE * REFUSE COLLECTION AND DISPOSAL... PARKING METERS: Policemen's salaries $ 46.9.SO.OO Clerical expense 4.SIHI.OO Operation & Maintenance 9,000.00 Supplies * Postage 1,000.00 Motor Vehicle Parking System Revenue Fund Bonds 35,000.00 TOTAL FOR PARKING METERS .... INCIDENTALS! For purchase of stationery, stamps, supplies, and other similar Incidental expenses of the City of Alton, and City Officials '. $ 2,500.00 TOTAL FOR INCIDENTALS PUBLIC BUILDINGS: For the heating of all Public Buildings of the City of Alton except firehousrs .. $ 2,000.00 For the repair of Public Buildings except Refuse Disposal Garage and Fire Department Hose Houses 2,858.00 For salaries of 3 janitors—City Hall Build- Ing 6,642.00 $ 81,952.00 $ 96,780.00 $ 2,500.00 North Alton News Phone 8-6641 ohael and Charlotte O'Hara. Clif- m North Alton area! r °rd William Uarstang. Jacqueline t^rp Cox and Janet I. PC Smith. Present Tiny In addition 'o the regular worship servlct Sunday at the First Churrh of Ood, a play, "A Day in Emmaus ' was Riven by children under direction of Mrs. Alit- Chtirrhes received persons hy haptism Awing worship periods Sunday morning. At the North Alton Baptist Church eight persons from the Forrest Homes Baptist Church were baptized In addition to seven from the North Side church who were Miss Roma TOTAL FOR MAINTENANCE OF POLICE DEPARTMENT FOR MAINTENANCE OF FIRE DEPARTMENT: Salaries: Chief of Fire Dept., Asst. Chief, Captains, Engineers and Pipemen $130,500.00 Other Expense: Truck and Equipment Maintenance... 3,000.00 Heating Fire Houses 1,200.00 Gasoline and oil .' 2,000.00 Supplies and Miscellaneous 2,700.00 New Equipment: Fire Hose 1,225.00 Improvements, No. 1 Firehouse 750.00 Improvements, No. 4 Firehouse 750.00 $143,770.00 TOTAL FOR MAINTENANCE OF FIRE DEPARTMENT $142,125.00 FOR LIGHTS & STREET A ALLEY LIGHTING ft WHITE WAY: For lights and street and alley lighting and white way $ 38,500.00 TOTAL FOR LIGHTS, STREET AND ALLEY LIGHTING AND WHITE WAY FOR POLICE PENSION: For Police Pensions $ 4,500.00 TOTAL FOR POLICE PENSIONS FOR FIREMEN'S PENSION: For Firemen's Pension 5 15,000.00 TOTAL FOR FIREMEN'S PENSION. FOR SPECIAL CLAIMS AND COSTS: For the payment, settlement, compromise, and adjustment of all claims against City of Alton $ 17,000.00 $ 38,500.00 $ 4,500.00 $ 15,000.00 TOTAL FOR PUBLIC BUILDINGS .. INSURANCE: For the payment of insurance premiums on policies of Insurance on all Public Buildings, automobiles and other necessary and requisite insurance on property belonging to the City of Alton, the sum of $ 5,000.00 TOTAL FOR INSURANCE ' CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION: Secretary's salary $ 360.00 For payment of commissioners per meeting of $7.50 each 600.00 For purchase of requisite supplies and other Incidental expense In the administration of said Commission 240.00 $ 11,500.00 $ 5,000.00 TOTAL FOR CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION FOR FIRE HYDRANTS AND WATER: Hydrant, rental and water used for fire hydrants $ 24,500.00 TOTAL FOR FIRE HYDRANTS AND WATER FOR COLLECTION OF GENERAL TAXES*: Salary of City and Town Collector paid through collection {ees through City Treasurer's Office '$ 1,500.00 Clerk's hire preparing tax bills, posting and recording tax receipts 7,000.00 Postage, printing and stationery supplies.. 2,000.00 Collector's Bond 1,000.00 S 1,200.00 $ 24,500.00 Van Fossen. Miss Marjorie Hartley, Paul tanpcr, Raymond Garis, Merle HazolwondT, Leonard Parker and J. S. Clyde. Friday at Hethalto members of the North Alton church who attended the qunrtrrlv conferrnt-e were Mrs. Srth Burlrson. Mrs. Clarence Owens. Mrs. George Cannon, Mrs. John Hicks, Mrs. Finis Morris and Mr*. William Robertson. At Model A.M.E. Chnpol, the Rev. John \V. Curds christened Stewart Keith, infant son of Mr. and Mrs. Claud Somlar of Indianapolis, Ind., who arr visiting Mrs. Sumlrr's parents, Mr. and Mrs Nilcs Collier of Bcllr St. The infant is a grandson of Mrs. Loota Pitts of 503 Mitchell St. The RPV Curtis, pastor of Model Chapel and of the Rocky Fork, A.M.E. Church, w a s assisted Sunday by the Rev. E. Tarbon, pastor of Bethel A.M.E. Church in Champaign, who is presently at Alton State Hospital. His wife, Mrs. Gertrude Tarbon is visiting with the RPV. and Mrs. Curtis. On May in, the RPV. Curtis will dedicate the pews of the Rocky Fork Church at 3 p.m. For two years work has been in progress on the repairs of the church and new furnishings placed. The following children wore baptized Sunday morning at the second worship sprvice of Elm Street Presbyterian Church: Paula Kathleen and Barbara Lynn Conrad, Gary Bon-Del, Robert Alan Norman, Ronald n'nd Donald Crowson, Richard MI- TOTAL FOR COLLECTION OF GENERAL TAXES $ 11.500.00 FOR MAINTENANCE * EXPENSE OF INSPECTION DEPT. Salary of Plumbing Inspector $ 1,452.00 Salary of Electrical Inspector 3,600.00 , Salary of Inspector of Department ot Health and Finance •, 4,200.00 Salaries of Liquor Control Commission... 1,000.00 Salary of Building Inspector 3,600.00 Salary of Health Commissioner 1,200.00 Salary of Merchants' Watchman 2,234.00 For the purchase of requisite supplies and other incidental expenses 1,100.00 ta Thompson. In the cast wpre Barbara and Nancy Ccomlis. Sandra Bull, Janet Beck, Brpnda Loflis, Richard HiiphPa, I^Proy ColPman, Benny Bridgeman and David Kplly. Thp hrRinners class under Mrs Ed Stone also gave a program. Veterans Kntrrlnlned Veterans at Alton Statp Hospital received Easter treats from V.F.W. Post 1308 Auxiliary, Saturday afternoon. Those who furnished entertainment to the 176 veterans were Mrs. Clarence Cousins, Mrs. Laura Mardn, Mr. and Mrs. William Gillesplp, Mr. «nd Mrs. John Baker, ind Mrs. Evelyn Gill. Mrs. Gill Is state de- imrtment hospital chairman, and Mrs, Ciillesple Is local hospital chairman. The auxiliary will resume Its social meetings Wednesday evening. Visitors From Chicago Mr. and Mrs. Richard Si-haller and Infant have returned to Chi- CBRO after visiting with his par- nils, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Schaller of Carson St Sunday guests at the Schaller home, were Dr. and Mrs. C. O. Thomson of St. Louis. The two families visited the women's mother, Mrs. Mary Curvey of Park Drive In the afternoon. M-Year-OM ERR On display at Evans 'bakery over the Easter holiday was a china egg more than 50 years old, which was given to William Evnns on his first birthday. In this day of plnstlc Easter bas- Unlon Electric Power Co. (for the payment of Electrical current used by the City of Alton) 17,675.60 TOTAL FOR PAYMENT OF PAST DUE EXPENSES AND OTHER MUNICIPAL COSTS 144,746.33 150.00 75.00 12.00 150.00 $ 17,000.00 TOTAL FOR SPECIAL CLAIMS AND COSTS FOR INTEREST ft'.TUDGi»IENTS'^'INTEREST ON TAX LOANS:' For payment of judgments $ 7,500.00 For Interest on Judgments 200.00 For payment of interest on anticipated warrants 4,700.00" TOTAL FOR INTEREST & JUDGMENTS A INTEREST ON TAX LIENS BONDS AND INTEREST: Bonds and Interest—Ordinance No. 2303 (Elm-Central Bridge Bonds) $ 10,88500 Bonds & Interest Ordinance No. 2304 (Municipal Building Bonds) ..' 4 370 50 TOTAL BONDS & INTEREST FOR ILLINOIS MUNICIPAL, RETIREMENT FUND: For the payment of annuities and benefits to employees of the City of Alton, Illinois, under an Act. of the Legislature of the State of Illinois filed July 29, 1939, as amended $ 22,000.00 TOTAL FOR MUNICIPAL RETIREMENT FUND ELECTIONS: Judges, Clerks, Printing and supplies, rent for polling places $ 3,000.00 $ 12,400.00 $ 15,255,50 TOTAL FOR ELECTIONS PARKS: For the upkeep and maintenance of public parks within the City of Alton to be administered and disbursed by the Park Commission $ 29,392.00 TOTAL FOR PARKS PLAYGROUND ft RECREATION: For the upkeep and maintenance of the playground and recreation system of the City of Alton and to be administered by the Playground and Recrea- $ 22,000.00 $ 3,000.00 29,392.00 tion Commission .$ 33,323.26 TOTAL FOR PLAYGROUNDS AND RECREATION 9 33,323.26 TOTAL MAINTENANCE & EXPENSE OF INSPECTION DEPT FOR STREETS AND ALLEYS: General Foreman of streets and men laboring on streets and alleys and sewers..$ 36,000.00 Labor for weed cutting 600.00 Other Expenses: Electricity, ice-water and fuel Boots and Gloves State license plates Medical Care Building Repairs 2,466!6o Insurance on Garage and contents 350.00 Equipment Operations: Gasoline, oil and grease 3,600.00 Tires and tubes 1,000.00 Truck Repairs 1,000.00 Repair to grader, tractors and high-lift.... 2,600.00 Small tools and other supplies 800.00 Sewer Equipment 1,400.00 Materials and Equipment: Bituminous materials, lumber and cement, aggregate, and other materials for use on city non-arterial streets and sewers Paint, traffic signs and marker materials.. Street signs Engineering fees Bid Publications Sidewalk repairs and labor $ New brooms and wire New equipment 3,500.00 Power saw 400.00 Cleaning streets ;.... 4,000.00 Flushing streets 700.00 City Engineer's salary 5,200.00 Maintaining city bus routes 5,200.00 For upkeep, repair and maintenance of present sewer system 4,245.00 For construction of additional sewer and sewer facilities 2,000.00 S 18,386.00 24,000.00 4,500.00 500.00 800.00 600.00 500.00 200.00 TOTAL FOR STREETS AND ALLEYS FOR MUNICIPAL BAND: For salaries, upkeep and maintenance of the Municipal Band $ 9,460.00 TOTAL FOR MUNICIPAL BAND .... FOR PUBLIC. LIBRARY: For the maintenance, salaries and operation of a Public Library in the City of Alton $ 27,555.00 TOTAL FOR PUBLIC LIBRARY .... FOR CIVIL DEFENSE: For Civil Defense program for the City of Alton, Illinois $ 8,000.00 TOTAL FOR CIVIL DEFENSE FOR PURCHASE OF HOFFMEISTER PLAYROUND: For purchase of Hoffmeister Playground for City of Alton, Illinois $ 1,000.00 TOTAL FOR PURCHASE OF HOFFMEISTER PLAYGROUND $106,482.00 $ 9,460.00 $ 27,555,00 $ 8,000.00 $ 1,000.00 GRAND TOTAL $1,070,979.09 Section 3: (ANTICIPATED REVENUE FROM WHICH APPROPRIATIONS ARE MADE.) That, the aforesaid appropriations In the aggregate sum of NINE HUNDRED THIRTY-ONE THOUSAND TWO HUNDRED THIRTY-TWO AND 76/100 DOLLARS ($931,232.76) are based upon the following anticipated receipts, that Is to say: Tax Levy for General Corporate purposes.$182,258.00 Licenses of all kinds other than automobile licenses 88,000.00 Percentage return Union Electric Fran, chlse 34,000.00 G. M. & O. payment towards crossing watchmen 6,135.00 2% for tax collections 27,000.00 Return from rents and leases...-. 5,000.00 MFT allowance for clerical, etc 2,000.00 Returns from fines and fees in Police Court 28,000.00 Buildings, Electrical Inspection fees and pole permits 8,700.00 Traffic Bureau 15,000.00 Motor Vehicle license fees 45,000.00 Percentage return Citizen's Coach Company franchise 4,000.00 Receipts from Parking Meters and Parking Meter Account 95,000.00 Receipts from Parking Meter Advertising 400.00 Fees from City Court 3,000,00 Tax Levy Streets and Bridges 72,936.00 Tax Levy Special Claims mid Costs 1,500.00 Tax Levy for ScWers 6,2-15.00 Tax Levy for Elm-Central Bridge Bonds and interest thereon 10,885.00 Tax Levy for Playgrounds and Recreation 33,323.26 Tax Levy for Municial Building Bonds and Interest thereon 4,307.50 Tax Levy for Refuse Disposal 72,936.00 Tax Levy for Parks 29,392.00 Tax Levy for Police Pension 4,500.00 Tax Levy for Municipal Band 9,460.00 Tax Levy for Civil Defense 8,000.00 Tax Levy for Municipal Employees' Retirement Fund 22,000.00 Receipts from foreign fire insurance collection 7,500.00 Tax Levy for Firemen's Pension Fund.. 17,000.00 Tax Levy for Library 27,555.00 Tax Levy for Payment .of Judgments.... 7,700.00 Tax Levy for Lighting Streets 38,500.00 Miscellaneous Receipts 9,000.00 Tax Levy for Past Due Expenses, Salaries and'Other Municipal Costs 144,746.33 FOR PAYMENT OF PAST DUE EXPENSES, SALARIES AND OTHER MUNICIPAL COSTS: Police Department Salaries $44,504.34 Fire Department Salaries 45 933 79 Salaries 17,623.57 Civil Service Commission Expense and Salaries 375,00 City Court Expenses and Salaries 1,408.80 Engineer's Salary 1,719.60 Public "Buildings Maintenance and Expenses 2,500.15 Building Department Maintenance and Expenses 1,221.10 Alton Water Company (for water used by City of Alton) 11,779.38 FAMILY KBUNION TYPICAL SCJKNK — This scene was probably enacted many limes over the city Sunday as families attended church together, though separated during the week by many miles. This is part of the Homer E. Voiles family, showing Mr. Voiles, left, daughter Alberta and her children, Scott, Kent and John, Mrs. Voiles, and Alberta's husband John Berwick. Picture taken after services at Grace Methodist Church. The Bewicks now live in New Haven, where John is in the metallurgical division of Olin Industries, Inc.—Staff photo. TOTAL $1,070,979.09 Section 4: (REDISTRIBUTION OF, OR ADDITION TO FUNDS APPROPRIATED.) Nothing herein shall be construed to prohibit the redistribution of funds appropriated so that the amount herein appropriated for any express purpose, which shall later be found In excess of the amount actually needed for such purposes may bo allotted and added to the amount herein appropriated for some other express purpose, which may be later found to be less than the amount needed for such purposes; nor shall the same be construed so as to prohibit the addition to any sums herein appropriated for any purpose hereinbefore expressly specified of any amount of revenue which may be received hereafter, which are not at this time anticipated or foreseen; or shall anything herein be construed to prohibit the right to make such redistribution and allotment of the funds herein appropriated when the same have been found to be greater, or less, than the amount appropriated. Section 5: (REPEAL OF INCONSISTENT ORDINANCES AND RESOLUTIONS.) All ordinances or parts of ordinances, all resolutions, conflicting herewith, be and the same are hereby repealed. Section 6: (ENACTING CLAUSE.) This Ordinance shall take effect and be in full force and effect when passed by the Council of said City of Alton, approved by the Mayor of said City, and published within a period of ten (10) day* as required by law. PASSED by the City Council of the City of Alton, Illinois, this 14th Day of April, A.D. 1954. APPROVED by the Mayor of the City of Alton, Illinois, this 15th day of April, A.D. 1954. LKO J. STHUIF Mayor ATTEST: PAUL A. PRICE City Clerk. kets, chocolate eggs, and artificial grass, the china egg, measuring about 7 by 5-lnches In diameter looked much out of place. The egg must, hnve brought hack memories of the "sitting hen" butler dish In which the churned butter vvns put after it cume out of the old time wooden molds, and placed In the spring house to cool and firm. Also the days when, yi.slcnd ot buying readymade, baskets In the store, children went, looking for eggs hidden among chips of the wood pile, or near the barnyard straw slack. Writing on the 50-year-old egg has fiided until It no longer can bo rend, but with tender cnrc it is placed in its wrapping after each Easter and put. nwny lot- use again the next year. School Clauses Ilntmmn Tuemlay Classes «l North Alton schools will resume Tuesday morning following a four-flay vacation for the Easter holiday. Dinner dtucnU Mr. and Mr^ Sam Tarrnnt of Thomas St. were dinner guests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. Berl E. Tnrrant, and their sons, Ted, Bll and Dick of 2107 Fernwood PI. Entertained on Birthday Mr. and Mrs. William Hine of Alby St. were guests Sunday of his brother-in-law and staler, Mi' and Mrs. Charles A. Harris ol Wood River, in observance ol Mine's birthday. Other guests were his niece and her family, Mr, and Mrs. Ralph .Schmidt, sons Terry and Randy, and Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Findt Hcalinf Sub»Unc« That Relieve* Pain-Shrink* Hemorrhoid* New York, N. Y. (S|>ecinl)-For the firnt time science has found * new healing nubntancu with the astonishing ability to shrink hemor- rhoids.and to stop bleeding—without surgery. In cane after case, pain was relieved promptly. And, while gently relieving puin, actual reduction (shrinkage) took place. Mont amazing of all—results were BO thorough that iwfferers made astonixhing statements like "Piles have ceaned to be a problem!" The Mccrot is a new healing aub- •tance (Bio-Dyne®)-diacovcr'y of a world-famous reacarch institute. Now this new healing substance in offered in ointment form under the name of Preparation //.* Auk for it at all drug (lore*—money buck guarantee. •TM<J« H.rt Carrolllon Youth Group To Attend Meet CARROLLTON — Miss Mary -on Sexlon, Miss Sarah Beth Williams, Miss Donna Vorhles, Miss Plane Journey, Miss Bonnie Turpin and Larry GIlllnRham will spend Ihe sveekend In Waukcgan where they will represent the young people of Ihe local Baptist church at the Illinois State Bap- list Youth Congress. The young people from nil over the stale will go by gpeclal bus to Waukcgan and the local group will leave here Friday at 7:30 a.m. Methodist Groups Meet CARROLLTON. — The weekly prayer circle of the Methodist Church will be held Wednesday at. 9:110 a.m. at Ihe home of Mrs. Bertha Hlndelang. The Methodist Youth Fellow- daughter, Carla Jane, his aunt, Mixs Sarah Willis, and cousins, Mr.* arid Mrs. Robert Seaman and children, Gary and Linda. Meeting Tonight Missionary Society of Elm Street. Presbyterian Church will meet lonighl at 7:30 p.m. in the church. Hcreim liihlft Meeting The Rev. Alfred Van Dyke will continue his sermons on "Future Things" at the regular midweek meeting of the Berean Bible Fellowship Church, Stale St. Wednesday al 7:'I5 p.m. ship will meet Thursday at 4 p. in. in the church at which time the annual election of officer! will be held. The program leader will be Miss Wanda Smith and Robert Richie Is the chairman of Ihe refreshments committee. Read Telegraph Want Ads Dally! NOW! AIR CONDITION fOR AS IITT1I AS 38 A DAY (after imoll down payment) f The magic of cool, clean, healthful air conditioning in your jiving loom .bedroom or office. Yours for M Unit as 38f. * Jay. Set the powerful new Fcddtti Room Air Conditioner in action today I * Exclusive Built-in Weather Bute*.* gitei the weather you want with the touch of a button! * Dcpendible, Economical 1 All the cooling power of 12 refrigerator* fot leu thin price of one I * Dehumidified! 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