The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 24, 1930 · Page 8
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 8

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1930
Page 8
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-2 OF HCPEWELL i APPROVES SETTLEMENTS Permission Given .Receiver of Arf cadia Bank to Accept Offers. Wednesday, March 26, Will Be Open to v ;the Public. ItEV. MOORE TO SPEAK Judge Fred Hines, of the Hamilton circuit court, has approved settlement of notes held by the First National Bank of Arcadia at the time that institution closed its doors. Robert Hartman, receiver | presented the offer which was accepted and.approved. Two of the notes were executed bv J. O. Anderson and were for $600 and $1,385. They were settled for $190.15. There were also two notes of Oscar Wise, one for $2,500, and one for $22, secured by mortgage on.! a 70-acre farm. Wise offered IK £tl> Ilff9dtll .f|4tti?-TUB,01U March 94, 11 LOUIS Joss *tr fcifes. Prominent Resident• of Noble*: -. - Title IMed at Indianapolis Indianapolis, Jtf arch • 2.4.— -Louis N. Joseph, 60 years old, 37 East Thirty-second .street, died at his home yesterday. • Mr. Joseph • was president of Eay Phillips, Mooresville, Is tne Hoosier Brick and coal Com- Pinned in Wreckage Fol lowing Collision. OTHERS BADLY R. E. Foster of jithe Hopewell |sij364 to settle the debt in full, community was. h|ere Saturdayjproviding the mortgage was re- and announced the*, the Tegular j leased and the court approved the "March meeting of tj'ae Community j settlement. . Brotherhood of HiipeweM would! . i . — be held Wednesday evening,' "March 2C. Mr. Foster says that) this meeting will bji ,on open one | •-'tor all men and thejjr families andl \an invitation is extended the pub-| lie. : •. . jj j ~> At 6 :30 the ladies will serve aj penny supper aridb every good' thing that a farm [.affords is in-j eluded on the men v. ! ' ' "The speaker for" the evening jjiOSS Will be Rev. A; H. jjloore of Indi-i anapolis, former minister of Ar-i cadia, Tipton . and : Noblesville. j Friends of this pastor! will welcome a chjince to meet'- c him and hear him s|beak. immw The men 's quartej: of the West:TWO _ ; ^ Her CO]]dition ^ consider . Street Christian chiirch of Tip-j ton will be on the: program for; several numbers at d other pro-! grain features are ^planned for: Hobokeh, N. J., March' 21.— .this meeting. r • Tne city's worst fire since 1900, . 'The^" Community 11 Brotherhood' wh,cn started at 10 o'clock; Sat- of Hopewell which [^originated i n ; uraay ni * ht and wrecked the up- the' Hopewell church, confines EN FIRE VERY SERIOUS Along City's Water Front May Run Above $4 ,000,000. PIERS IN pany of Indianapolis, vice president of the Citizens State bank of Nobfesville,: president of J. % Joseph & Co. of NoDlesville -and director of the Sheridan Packing HURT' Company of Sheridan. He founded the . Noblesville Water Company and was one of the largest farm operators in Hamilton county, managing about sixteen hundred acres of land in that county. He also had large business interests in Shel- | Plainfield, Ind., March 24.— One.young man was killed .and five other persons were hurt, one perhaps fatally, when two cars were wrecked in a head-on jbyville and until, two years' ago WH1HS E Third Man Held in Connection With $25,000 Robbery at Marion. WAS FORMER EMPLOYE aniefcy relieved, can eaatr/sawaltoWjIlrJi •agar coated pm*..'-They from' caloiMl ';and'aoa«Hio All Druggist* »c and 75c red crash two miles south of here on was a director of the State Sav the Mooresville road shortly after nine o'clock Sunday night. . The dead: Ray Phillips, IS years old, of Mooresville. ' The injured: • Paul Cooper, Mooresville. William Sadler, Martinsville high school center! ' Wayne Marshall, Martinsville. Virginia Hadley, Mooresville. Christina Smith, Mooresville. Miss Smith is injured most seriously of the victim*!, 'and was j unconscious when removed from JJTJJJIgi llle wrec ' ta se of the two antomo- ings and Trust Company here. WEATHER— Rain in south arid ram or snow m north; colder in south and central parts tonight, becoming fair Tuesday; colder in extreme southeast. - SMALL vSUP'PIiT OF HOGS. i per part of the water front, was believed under control at 6 itself to no particular creed or organisation .and jits meetings i °' c l° ck ' a st night, are attended by practically all; Two piers of the Lamport .& of that community. • The i Holt line were ruined arid more: immediately. I than four hundred automobiles destroyed. • , Estimates of the damage vary from $3,500,000 to $4,000,000. Files for Prosecutor. Beetings are held jln the Hopewell church on Federal Road .31 \ and delightful programs havej been given during the winter. | On account of th <j condition of { the roads,' no February nuVtnig was held and all w'il; welcome the announcement of Ithe meeting! Lemuel S. Todd, farmer, resid •est Wednesday evtining. A num-i ing northeast of Tipton, 'j filed his her of persons frohi the• Arcadia • deciaraHbh as a candidate for the community are planning to attend Democratic nomination for prose- thta supper and projj-ram.and Tip-'cnting attorney of this county with ton will send a go|d delegation.' tlle county clerk Saturday evening.! in : . [Mr. Todd was a law student at Val-j ed most serious 'j The accident occured .on a short curving hill iwo miles, south of here. The automoblie carry<; ing Phillips and Cooper was going to'Mooresville and in round-j ing the curve of the hill met head-on with the ear bearing the'j four young men and girls. . Medical aid was summoned An hour, after the accident the body of Phillips had: not been extricated from the 1 wreckage. Business Survey Shows Low and High Spots Over the Country. SINCE STOCK CRASH TtOOKXHAMER DAY. Anderson Entertains For National Commander of Ix-gion. j Miscellaneous ifSliowcr. ji A miscellaneous jirshower was given Friday eveninji at the home of Mr. and Mrs. William Halley •ear Windfall in honor of Mr. and 'Mrs. Ralph Drake who were recently married, th; latter being • daughter of Mr. md Mrs. Hallay.- The -event was ^sponsored by Was Mary Heath and Mrs. Earl Shockney. - More than a hundred of their friends jparaiso thirty-five or more years | ago and since that time has kept in touch with matters pertaining to the courts. Recently he appeared in the local court at attorney for himself in a suit pending and presented. an argument on a pleading to Judge C. W.. Mount.* He is opposed for the nomination .by, Aj W. Bolton proseauting attorney, attempted to get into the race two years ago, but his name was not gathered Jja fspend tbe!^; evening Wjth them ilnd the honor gneats received a jarge number •t beautiful and useful gifts all «t which will find: an honored •lace in their home; --. At the close of a:] very delight- fal evening light $ refreshments were served. Mr. add Mrs. Drake Will reside with Mr. and Mrs. Bailey for the present. placed on the_ primary ballot, it Anderson, Ind., March 24.— Eight hundred to 1,000 members of the American Legion from fitly posts, including visitors from Ohio and Illinois attended a le- jgion riieeting here Sunday honoring O. L. Bodenhamer of Arkansas, national commander. The event was one 6f the largest ever held by the legion here and one of the most representative held this year in the state. National - Commander Bodgn- the present j hamer, addressing an audience of Mr. Todd j 2,000 persons "yesterday afternoon, including visiting legionnaires and the public, described the purposes of the organization. Washington, March 24.—An estimate of the state of American business, nationwide in its cope and expressed in detailed figures of production and dis- ribution of commodities , was made public yesterday by Julius H. Barnes, chairman of President Hoover's business survey crihfer- nce. . Expressly submitted without onclusions, the statement never- heless said that "some early re- arding factors, partly psychological, appear to have been grad- ally over conie,".and sketched- a tate of trade and commerce with >oth good and bad points.. In many instances the reports leal with existing conditions as ompared with the end of the ear 1929. They also show to a onsiderable extent conditions as ontrasted with a.year ago, and ome of them provide data for a ange of years. They indicate both trong and weak spots, and show learly the interrelation of all in- iustry." jbeing said' his declaration wasj em ph a sizing the.need of rehabili- I mailed to the secretary of state j too late. Attended Funeral. Mr. and Mrs. .R..P. Rice and Mrs. Sam Mettlin-were at Martinsville Sunday; and attended the funeral of Mrs. Florence Toner, widow of Ed T. Toner,, former Anderson • • • •—r— | newspaper man. Mrs. Toner; was . Mr. and Mrs. Will Gunkle andj a 8 j ster of Mrs Jean RIce - cMMren of Crawf^irdsville werej hjlsbaI , d , Prank R i ce , was a Bon j |the Tipton couple. : tation for disabled veterans. He paid tribute to the work of the legion 'in Indiana and praised"the efforts of the George Hockett post TiereV which has, attained a membership of' 519, exceeding its quota. The national commander 'said, in part: "We hear a great deal of today about peace and. prepared' the week end visiters of Mr. and| of • lira. G. M ^bunkleiand Mr. andl 'Vra. W. R. Todd s'jnd family Mr y*. A. B -JNi V&m, inffiaaa. Mi SIS whose mess. The legion talks of peace land the legion talks of preparedness, but over and above the ^ p __ question of naValstrengthyahd ' ™ „ ^ lover and above the Question of and Mrs. Hubert Phillabaun J over a Chi.i, were the Saturday night guests of Mr. and Mrs. Forest Eson Dearborn street. Vmf Trflntne classlflod ads. US— vs. '"•fir %M ffptofSOO b fo W4 Haw a Difficiii : /Task Easier neceanty of selecting a —»—» ~— at a' time the standing armed forces of land and air, there: is. sfill a greater and more fundamental' principle on which must rest any real preparedness, and .any .adequate", national defense program. - Likewise that principle is • essential to the) .promotion of peace, call it what yon may* universal draft or unl- ^veraal service, or what not, - that fundamental principle -Is- ^rapped npvin the-spirit of union'; and• un-' ity -and'.^h^ spirit;of one v for nil and-alUfor?i»he;3'^ " • (themind is neither able nor•Ur judge- mm* Canone;PTnt«!«ted. Miama, Fla., u March U. ,— Al ^_ionse. Capone^ ^Chicago ^ao* eteer, is free to enteT^Worioa^an| Vrocirt f to his Palfetil^«:*o »5 sheriff, aion^tb* Probable of his trip to Miami ler>8at.ra «>>nl «^>lga^^>Um • Marion, Ind.,- March 24.— Carl J. Becker, former traffic manager of the TJnited States Radio ' and „ Television Corporation, of this \Sales Made at 9W.4S to $10.85 on city, was arrested in Chicago late!" . Monday—Cattle Slow. Saturday on-a charge of grand! . ; i larceny in connection with the al-i Indianapolis, Ind,, March 24., -. .... „. , „. . . '-Receipts on hogs, 4,500; : cattle, leged radio theft ring which is al-, G00 . 4( f 0; ' s ,; efep 20Q leged to have been operating in, jr 0 g prices early today at the this city. j local "live stock market were 10c Becker is alleged to have been, lower, with _weights of 160 to 250 the "brains" of the-gang of racke-iP 0 » n . ds at $10.45 to 810 .80: the - .. .', iheavier kinds sold at $10.30 teers who escaped with radio sets | aown underweights at $10.60 from the local plant estimated in j down, .and sows at $9.25 down value by "Arthur C. Chase, vice president of the local company, as being about $25,000. Becker was charged with grand larceny, along with John Ointer, who was tried- and^convicted and sentenced to one to ten years in the Indiana state' prison recently. Cattle bids were lower with the trading slow, calves were 50c higher at $13.50 down, and sheep were strong; lambs higher, wool, $10.25 down,'clipped, $9.50 down. Becker, who is a native of 000 sheep. Chicago,- III., March 24. — Receipts on hogs, 53,000; carried over, 1,000; prices were 10c to il5c lower, with the top $10.60; there were 14,000 cattle and 20,- Peru, and who is said to have been at one time convicted in Federal court, is the third man to be arrested in the alleged radio theft racket; < The second man is Michael Corsi of Oak' Park, 111., who was indicted by a grand jury on a charge of receiving stolen property. He is at liberty oh bond. Iiocai ProCcoe Market. (Moore & Moore) Bntter 35c Eggs — 23c -Wit©*— ' THE FIRST QUARTER —of the new year is just about completed. What has it meant to you? Are yon better off today than you were on January first? Are you forging ahead the way yon should? Are you making the most of the opportunities the present year affords? If not, make a FRESH START now by opening a Savings Account in this bank. Ton can do so in ONE MINUTE. Farmers Loan&TrnslCo. THE BANK OF THE PEOPIJM A Voluntary Member of the Federal Reserve System Only Bank In Tipton Conaty Under Both Pedeval I-iATIN CONTEST. Tipton County Students Carry Away Prizes at I/ebanon. In the Ninth District Latin contest held at the. high school building in Lebanon Saturday afternoon., several Tipton county students, won prizes. In.division 4 Miss Ruth Kelley daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Harley Kelley of Goldsmith .won second place. Miss Kelley is a student of i >jo. .$ .95 . .35 Local Gram Market. (Hobbs Grain Co.) ! No. 2 Soft Wheat ________ Oats ; New Corn, No. 4 yellow, per 100 lbs. .85 Indianapolis Produce Market. Eggs—Indianapolis iabbers offer country shippers for strictly fresh stock delivered at Indianapolis, loss off, 23c a dozen. Poultry — Jobbers paying for fowls, 4% pounds up,'23c; Leghorns, 21c;- 1929 .springers, less than 4% pounds, 21c; 'Leghorns, 17c; old roosters, lGc; ducks, 12c; geese, full feathered,. 9c; guineas, young, $6 dozen; old, $4> turkey henb, young, 30c; old, 22c; toras, young. 30c; old, . 22cj squabs, 11 lbs. to dozen, $4.50; old pigeons. 7Sc a dozen. ' Butter—Jobberj' selling prices for creamery bntter. fresh firsts, 1, 44-45c a pound B EFORE you buy Furniture, Rugs, Stoves, Linoleum and other home furnishings, get our prices and terms WE APPRECIATE YOUR TRADE Suite & Bamnn PHILCO — RADIOS — ATWATER KENT the Tipton high school. , th the same division Dan Simpson, basketball star of the Tipton school and a son of Mr. and Mrs. R. JW. Simpson ...of Tipton won third. Miss Helen WelBli, student at Covington high school won first in this division. Twin Baby Died. One of twin badies born to Mr. ind Mrs. Thomas Davis of Windfall Sunday night, through the lid of a Caesarian operation died ind the other a daughter is do? ng nicely. The surviving child is lamed Katherine Ruth and was welcomed, by a little brother age 3. When Mrs.- Dayis became seriously ill Saturday night, the attending physician Dr. B. V. Chance, performed a Caesarian operation and succeeded;in saving he life of the mother and one of he babies, the other being dead. Mrs. Bjavis is reported to be getting along as well as could v be expected. •' Saturday evening Francis M. Myerly filed his declaration as a candidate for county assessor, subject, to the decision of the Democratic Voters and will make a campaign for this nomination. He is opposed by Landy R. Lee, who filed his declaration several days. ago. Improvement .Continues. Mr. and Mrs. W. M. McLucas residing northeast of Tipton .re celved a message Sunday contain: ing the good news that their son Fred, who is in an Eyanston, III., kosplUI, was making - a steady ^aln. He has 1 been crttieally ill following the,re |BOTal of one^of hjs kidneys.' J ~ : ', « :flee r -M bc.^; Butter Fat— Indianapolis buyers are paying 40c a pound dellvr ered at Indianapolis.' Dust your seed oats with Ceresan; pays big dividends. Compton & Son. tf Out for Assessor. Kindly Notice Our Window (Display. The New Croslcy Radio Fiiww0fliD4 fjw tt. Phone, 102 Peru. Ind., ^arcli^-i-AH^t.. tendance records attcj*a»>wlnter. onarteri hei» wewehatteted Tea Sr&r.'H^JB^e^la^^ so larga that t*m$m. •ad to mmmm ,TBQR«^«A&T W^^^» i ' ytaam ^Jemswoa 4 Mli'a; sgiliP -1 — jand mimlian —bagged his game usually with the first arrow —his eye was keen, his aim true. Ton need a keen eye in these days of artificial light and quick action. f We can tell you upon your first visit the exact condition of your eyes. If you require glasses, you can depend, upon: it that our prescription will be prepared strictly according to it. / Dr. E. F. Sailh Dp. E. D. Foley, Optometrists Ofiice : Hours ^-10 A. M. to 4:00"RE, Tuesday. r Examinations Free 8LAUTKR'S JEWELRT Our First Mortgage Bonds and Other Sound Investments Appeal to Women Investors Citizens NaOonal Bank The Only National Bank in Tipton County The carefully combined colors in our designs of linoleum will bring new beauty to old floors and add a smart effect to new ones. We sell only the first grade "Accolac Process-' Linoleum with the smooth, easily cleaned surface and lasting satisfaction. Let Us Show Ton the Many New in Rugs and Linoleums.

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