The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on January 11, 1930 · Page 5
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 5

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Saturday, January 11, 1930
Page 5
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- T/SATUHDAY,.JANUARYJj, 1030 .^^^•^•h. • BI.YTIIKVILLK. (ARK-) CqUuiKn.N«\yg £ NBA Service Inc.. j5y LAURA LOU BROOKrvlAN Altrr m trhlrlnlp4 romrttktn Jl 'I11TII C.tHKKOjr, tji.1,1 |, T, N*-»v York imUllMklm; oM1i-r, !• •uarrlf* to AHT1IUH KNICIIT. rkrrijlKr ot llir Urn*. Kn*Kk« J« a nlilimrr, Inlttrr of Inc. children. 'l'».\V,.liU IS-jcnr.nld JinitU.rr l> In i;un>ii>. Jim) Jt'MON, 10, l» Judllb kn, 1,'rrn .nuhl.rj I,J olbi-r rnt|ilj>rn hrrnutc »tir »tn« inn xitmuunlrnllvr lil.i.ul hrr prl- Iflli 1 nrr:ilr«. Sli«> bill in, (nI[iu:iU- irlrnil< rliuuKli on fecvcrnl uccn- "lim» *hf krrji-i niy>lrrlou« n|i- polnUurHIK nllh u rflunK 111:114 knnwn HA I1A \. Thf Ural urrk i>T Ilirlr hoRt*- tm:nu hi Hrrniuiln l» a iinrrnJUr iit n c.iMrgrmu, fur- Vork, If irMch ivnrilfj fruw \r» • nlllnc f<ir"h.imr. Knight >»}» he nrH Judith nn;M rclum Iti mere Tn.ij'" linnl. Tk<-> driiarr inn ilu>« lnl<-r. Sir,co nt-lllirr "f linlKln'M i-Mltlrru knft IM-FM tr,IJ nlnml UK- man-lagr. Juilhk I, ,,f her tvrleiiinf. Mnv c;o ox WITH TIM: s-ioitv ' CHAITKH IX , SUNDAY on shipboard was a gray J day, stormy and menacing. Jt reminded Jndilli Knlglit Hint not only New York but December lay alifad. llerniuda hail been like [1 May. Now they were coining to Deceinhcr. May anil Ucccmlier. Oh, why should that hateful, hackneyed iibraso coins to mind? i!he was 'shaken and pale— doubtless a reaction from her tempestuous outburst tlie night before. Judith tried to ronnuer the- mood. She put on her brightest frock, a green velvet with skirt and bolero of solid color and n plalil blouse combining cjlnisoti, yellou- and black: Her hair looked a mass of silken high lii;hts and slie used carmine to accentuate her vivid l!ps. Then, summoning reassurance, she set out jauntily lo find Artliur. It was late morning. She found -cr husband, as she had elected, In the purser's office. Tliey strolled low.inl the library. "Arthur." said Jmlitli with forced cheerfulness, "do you know whal's almost here?" . "OrtBinly. New York liarbor. (inly you've got U wrong, dear. It Isn't almost here—we're -almost there." Laughing, the shook her head. "You've forgotten. I knew you bad!" she accused. /"Artliur. It's Christmas." "CbristmasV. 'Good Lord, that's wiut the serrii-tropics will do (or a vercon. .f.lake you fornet everything Ip the world that's seasonable.., •.Christmas— Judith, what day Is iU" she told him promptly. "Sunday, tbc 17th of Decemlu.. -, only eight days more, Mr. Knijlit. 1 to do^ your Christmas SQOLoins Arthur assumed an expression of mock terror. Jor-.'t make it sound worse than It Is," he salu. "Anyhow, 1 never have any Christmas shopping to do. Hiss Tnpper attends to all that." Judith's arch enemy of office Hoys! Hearing MJ SS Turner's name *« like a sudden dash of Ice water., it nrouglit to minil an in- Elnnt vision of the woman's race Judith could hear tlie private secretary sa ying again in her cold, clipped tones: "i cannot witli a clear conscience givo you a iccom- Biomlation—" * * • 'T'HE girl fought down impulse. Wbat a bundle of nerves s!;c •»-;is keconilii:; lalcly. Siie wouldn't —no she WOULDN'T surrender! "Of course," Arthur was adding hastily, "i don't quite mean tbat. •"'" Tupper doesn't do all my for me. Just tho worst Part, the cards and duty offerings, »iul gifts for the employes. There arc presents." ho Interruotcd bim- French Hotel Owners Must Disgorge Tips PARIS </!>i~v/ho gc(s the lips when liclcls add to per cent "for service" is by way of being decided. Senator 'Justin (Jodart loid parliament that many hotel keepers took a considerable share for thcm- iclves. That is to be slopped by a ' law which already lias pasted tlie en ate. Tips in 'hotels which leave cus- j, tomers to fight their own way oiit • past a line ot extended palms seem to be growing. France's prosperity ami years of publicity about Wall street profits have whetted the. ap- pctite.s of thore who receive. Ten per cent is the unwritten lav,- everywhere, but in the best restaurants 15 per cent Is more usual. Then the wine steward, hat boy mid doorkeeper get In fine for .1 few crumbs more. "Arllmr." ill f said, "I DO hope they'll of ulorrtcd. met fm url—url sejfjo chuckle, "that It's re-ally a Pleasure to buy. Don't you Jusl wish you knew what I'm thinking ot? Don't you?" Judilb rallied. "No," she said. "I'm busy think- Ing about certain Christmas jack- ages myself." "Oh. we'll have a great Christinas—a wonderful Christmas," Knijjht continued as though the subject, launched so 1 hurriedly, was beginning to suggest great possibilities. "Just think. Touy'll bp boms. I'm Kolng to Insist she, shall stay home at least that long this time! And Junior's school will be closing in a. day or two. We'll have a big tree In the living ronm and you and I'll find seeks for 'the Hoodlums.' And we'll have—oh. just wall tllj you ue what I'm thinking ot: You sec, I have to make-up to you in.somo way for bringing you hack home ?o soon." Tony would be there—and Junior, too. Just' In a few days now. Knight was so dcliglltcd with his own speculations he failed to sec expression cross Jiis the clouded wife's face. "Arthur," she said, turning to .him earnestly, "oh, I DO hope they'll like mo! ried—" I'm—sort of wor- He laughed down at her, patting her ami and told her that of course tho children would be fond ot her. Slio must put such nonsense out of ber head. . f "I'll try," Judith promised, but the smile with which she said it was a rueful smile. The rest o! that day aba kept her worries to herself. When Ar- tbtir talked she was gay, apparenth 1 in tho best of spirits. Uut if conversation Janfiuished tho hunted look came back Into tho girl's cy«s. for IOUK intervals she. *«t silent. Two fenrs were bailllng In Ju- The one- fear illth Knlght'i mlnil. was langible— and she ' leil she mlgbt conquer It.. 'TUo 'other fcai was intangible Bnrl therefore Immeasurably the more .dangerous Judith Knight was no cownrd. She' knew bhe was facing -her ordeal. Later that night wheh she «• pcnted and wept with her heaiijill- Ipwed on Arthur's uutiulder he assured himself that the attack of nerves was only n.' minor malady, soon to'be forgotten. » • * < UKE enough, Judith seemed h?r usual, sweet-tempered self next morning. By .7:30' her ',.husba,nd was out on tlie decli. 'He hurried In to report that tho harbdrVas glorious In the early morning mist.\Soun they would stop at Quarantine; He urged Judith to dres^ quickly'and coma for a slroll ort'flcclt. -..--'• She sent liim off alone' again, promising to be ready lu b^lt an hour, feverishly the;continued her painstaking toilet. :>-;:/,':. Tho frock she .'entile was : a fcetgo crepe. It waa becoming and perfect tnsle for morning. Ofer tbis she wore the coat.'of 'broadtail- dressy but permissible, she thou'glit, for a brlilc. The black liit'was her favorite and so she^wore tha'L'-' At breakfast Arthur. n-as. raren- oua. He ordered fruit cer'eal; then broiled ham and eggvbrought on a steaming platter. Judith broke a muffin open, buttered-ft. and tried lo sip lier coffee.. Tho cqffeo was strong and good. . She.'eujoyed It "Judilb," lier husband said, glancing across the fgble/wlth his most appealing smile,-"we're.going —home! Are you glad, rfc.a.r?" "Yes, Arthur," sbe told him "—glad." ..'...' They had been late to reach the aroie »t list »d mido their way to the deOd Tbere wag thecllyl Everywliere In the Norlh rlrcr was activity.- Tugj and ferry bom mored about them, clilrplnn and monulng. Tlie brcexe wai cold and smarted against Judith's clieeki, t the dey wa> clear, "Arthur," the words camo 1m- pulslfely, "ob. i AN jlail lo b« back!" Tb« clijr had proved kind once. Why not agalnt Judltli Unlghl felt herself jwept by llio contajloui gooj cheer of » return lo port. Thi vpyag« was ended, a task oicceta fully completed, Sbe heard the national nnllicn rlnp out on the morning nlr. Ovci the splree of akyllno and tlirnUEl gray clouds a flopil of bright ecu light came pouring. They moved up Into the lludcon past pleri ol a down Btcnmsbli companies. At last tlie liner maJ< a half turn. Tugboats propelled li to the dock. Down went tbo gang plank.- Her kusbEnd knew exactly hovi to mlnimlfc delay with officials and resurrect familiar baggage frwi the eudlaaa atreum borne off th« ship. He manaced It all r(r) quickly. They passed beyond th« customs gates and there Arthur paused. "Ouglit to be around hero somewhere." lie mused. "Do you see him any placeT" "Who!" "Bert—with tho car. If ! could only get where I could see something—" There lie Is-bver there —see? Here," ho added, turning toward tho porter, "bring tlioj* bagi after ut," • • • HEY reached the tnaroon-tolorel HmousiuD, nblcb. still was » Jlfilit to fill JuiIJtli's heart with awe. Bert, beaming Rn4 apparently delighted to Bee them, stored away tho bags, look his post at tlie wheel, then turned for Instructions. yjlotuc first." Knight told him. The two In the touncan rod! silently through streets crowded altb morning trams. Judith her band l;iio Arthur's and left it there. They r.ide across town, then over (he sweeping Quccirsbaro bridge to Long Island. Soon, Judith told herself, she was to see her new home. It was dluiog room. the place was Read Courier News Want Ads. Would Keep Children Out Of All Theaters HOME—(-Pi -Minors should not be allowed in movies and music halls. s,aid a resolution of the Italian national organization for ma- turnity and infancy. To combat the sinister Influences of jnrtccr amusements cf that-sort on the young, the organization's directorate urged more public playing fields of which there arc now 351 in the country. In the sports field, Italy shmild take the United States as a model another resolution said. It cited the striking example of Blngham- tcn. N". Y., where In.five years creased recreational facilities boys and yirls reduced-juvenile delinquency cases from 100 to three IJsr annum. almost deserted. Judith and Arthur to be 8 new homa and a now llfn. She tuined toward Arthur and found reassurance In his smile. "Fifleen mlnulcs more," he sali "and we'll he there. AnMoui'to sea the place?" Judith jioddcd. . "Think you'll like It ooller out here than in the c|tyj" "Oh, yes. I'm sure ot that!" Uert was a good cbuufi'Mir. Ho avoided traffic tlcnps. turned down ' llltle used Btrccls. u was really less than 15 minutes 1-ctorc he drew up in front of a large colonial brick housa and turned fn'.o the driveway. "Here wo are, Judith." Arthur was helping lit?r out of the car. She stood on the walk an instant, looking up at the big house. There was a yard, trees and chimps of shrubbery. Tho structure back of these was ot dark brick. There waa a wlilto doom-ay witli pillars on each side. Judith saw shuttered windows and someone in the doorway wailing to welcome them. She law three, a dozen other details, and then the wbolo scene became a swimming, hazy vision. Very, very hazy- Arthur Knight's right arm snot forward. He was Just in time to E»V8 her. (To no Continued) SUNDOWN $ T Q&1ES Games By M3-IY (IK.ui.VM BONNKit The inost inpulnr game ut all uggnteit by Jo),,,, ' wns p r i w , lel . 6 . They tost niuccs on each aide o' the picnic yranids M-IUCH were upon the great huulliij. deck In the lt | r , ana there was no danger ot tailing off Decansp of huge rtUllnys. Th«n Pessy siidgcslcd "atlll- Pond-NO-Mo:c.Movlng" and lln-y (nought that a n | CC S j,i Ml . tuo They 1ml iH-ver played It bcforel They all knew tag, uUhoush one 0( them said it was more fun to run races In their planes. However, tbr-y ,,11 scenitd to enjoy Uils a lot. mid whfii lliey nnlshed rimnitij. races on the utr picnic grounds and playing tag they had the , uos i deliulons ol drinks nuilc (roin MJIIIC syrup nnd foatn galhcred f rom the clouds John and i'i- 8 |jj. f m iiid | t soine . thing like lee cream soda and yet more delicious. AfUr the names mid refreshment* everyone went olf In the different, planes, ami the pilot took John and Peggy and the Llltle Black Clock back lo the earth again. "I don't, lit'llcvc mother would ever let me own a plane until grew up, no mailer how far in the future we lived.' 1 eald John. "Why, I saw a lltllc girl, no 1 , much older (hnn my age," Pegjy, "and she was In a nlmie with another gin only n few years older." "You've certainly tunic dlhc Urn,; way, way. way ahead (his trip,' Wld John to Hie Little lilnck Clock "That's wnat I did," the Llltl, Black Clock said, as he took then home once more. "But next lime ive'ic goliiff lo go back years nnd years and years Remember! I'll be waiting for yoi Monday evening[ lr "We'll remember," the chlldrei said. (Monday—"Writing Pictures.") A massive floating crane, to ut supplied by German manufacturer to the port, of Dunkirk, France, wil bo paid for through reparation ac count. NCL UPON A71ML PAGE CLASSIFIED ADS DU,v— 9fiA C 0 ^?* *^ te ******•"•<•••*»-w r none 31)0 £ ££??* *"** * *"" " •^ Announcements Kor Count)' t'uurl Clttk AlliS. JOHN LONG. FOK SALK UABY CHICKS-AII varieties, from promt flocks. Cusltmi Hutching ollcllcil. Marilyn Hatchery, Bly' liL'Vllle, Ark. flck-tf iOOD ISEDi FOR SALE- I Mndrl Clu-.rokl Itoad- &trr. A.I luiidltioii, (uud llrcs. Only MuuYl A ("uiiMun; exicl- Icnt munition; ID oil tlrw. Only G.Mudrl lluirk Cuacli, Motor In EMd ilmpc; |cod tlrm. Only .............. } IKO Mixlrl rUmouth Dilute Coups. t;uod lirtn und motor In A-l tonditiun. . .5335 All used cats juaranlccil. On tlbi- liUy Coriu-r Walnut and Hflh CAM, 777-810-811 I'HII-I.II'S MOTOR CO. Aulbiuljird Ford Dealers t'HONK S10-BU FOH RENT— Olio 40 acres hind, One UU acres land, ijuod on totn tracts, 11. A. Smith, bit) West Miiln birect. PAKTV 1'leasc iciuiu j x 0 Ilrown ttug plckcil up In front of my residence, tins morning to 11. A. Smith', 618 \Vcsl Main St. lopkl'j FOR 8AI,B— liny, in ton or car load lots. See J. n. Dobiis & Son, lilythevillc Houlc No. 1, or A. Con- IVANTED-nourilcrs uml ropmcn. $7.00 ixir weex, m East Cherry r.trcct, I'hcnc m. $pX15. SALESMAN— Eari to »IO,000 n year easy rcproentlng mil- lon Uollar innmifacturcr. No cnsh •cinilrcd. nig sampic otitni free. Sell Guaranteed pilnt, varnlMi, lOO/lDir nt facdry prices direct lo user. No experience neccssury. Permanent |ios!lhn. Kucliulro territory. Sent! today, 'nio Adams I'ntnt CM., Dcpl. M-l, Cleveland, Ohio. Ilpkl3 POULTUY "WANTED-W« hnvo"sct Ilic pncc for live years. Marilyn Hutchery, Ulytlicvllle, Ock Feb. 10 WANTED—23 colored families to make/crop. Sec- Hoy Ilrlnkley, Oscoslu. Arkamas. apk22 SIXTEEN year eld school elrl wants hoiiic In t.iixoro will «-ot)c ovc- iilngs and Saturday. Write "X31," Courier News, lOpkia PERSONAL W. J. KNOX repairs shoes good No. 204 VftJt Main, 8TOVR ncpnlrs by 11(1 8. Broadway. Sam Sickles, 13pk Jan 18 WAKN'INO ORDER Chancery Court, qidckusawba District, Mississippi County, Arfcntuns. H, \V. Roberts. Plaintiff vs Katharitio nolwrts, Defendant No, 4033 l!i warnrd In appear within tlilrty tlnj's in (ho court named In the cap- ll'n hereof and nsswer the complaint of (lie nlMnlirr. II. W. Roberts. Dated Dec. 23, loan. W. W. HOUJl'ETER, Clerk, lly Kltabelli Bli'the, D, 0. W. U. draye-lt, Atty ad Ulem, H-38, 1-4-11-18 Valiant Scout J3url«p < fl«,, la»t Juinnicr, Nuwlnn Crouch, boy ocoiit. shown above, jumped Into a Itkr to rencue Mlm AVIIIk Chll.ttri, « cliTBhisie. from <lrnva. Injr. In r*cosnltlon of thin «ct. Crouch w«i rtccntly »w»rded tha Boy Scout fs'ntionnl Llf» S»vln| BiedaL way, Blylhevllle. vapkFcb. 1, Justice • Ollvtr Wendell Holmes, ot tM Unli«il SUtea supreme c o u r i, was wounded In the netk, tht breast and tbb foot, w h I le serving »lth tbt Union army In the Civil War. Ho Kill bt 8H years •M Jl»rct) 6, GROCERY AND MEAT MARKET, Arkansas. Price reduced for miick sale. Host location; live town. Sales 54,000 monthly, Uox A-3, Ccurler News. llnkia FOK KENT WARNING ORDER Clmncery Court, Chlckasawba District, Mississippi County Arknmns, Edward Splcrr, PlatntlfT vs. No. 4047 Mamie Hptccr, Defendant The defendant. Mniiilo Splccr Is warned to appear within thirty clays In Hie court named in Ihe caption hereof and answer the complaint of the plalntld, Edward Bplccr. Dated Jan. 10, 1030, W. W. HOLUPETER, Clerk By Elisabeth Blythc, D. O. W. D, Gravelte, Ally iid Lltem Jin. H-ia-25, Feb. ). flee In the City of Joiiesboro, In tald District, on Jim. UOth, 1930 at 10 a. m., at which tlrnc the &ald creditors may- attend, prove their claims, appnlnl. a trustee, examine tlio bankrupt, and transact «uch oilier business as may properly como before said ine«l!ng, At Joncsbcro,-Arkansas, this Jan, Oth, 1030. F. 0.. MULLINIX, Referee In Bankruptcy POR REHT—10 room house, modern conveniences, 124 East Ky. Bee or call E. J. Browne. Phono 70 or 510. 12ckt! TOR RENT—Furnished Apartment; 108 West, Kentucky. Phono OB3. lOpkll FOR RENT—Furnished Apartment, balb, 305 Djugan. llpklB FOR RENT— Model 11 rooms mul bath, Phone 110. Residence 0 Dr. Sallba, JlpklB WANTKO FOR RENT—Large comfortable furnished ro:m. Oarage if dcslr- ctl. 1IM5 West Wnlnnt, Phone 117. llpklG WANTED—Downstairs room, well heated, for couple. Wife Is registered nurse. Call Marshall Fclld, Courier-News. 10MF13 In the District Court of llir United Stales for itic Jourcilwro Ili- vislnn of the Kwtrni District of Arkiruus. In the Matter of Bud Smith, In Bankruptcy. To Ihe creditors of Iho above named bankrupt of BlylhcviHo, in the County of Mluljslppl, Division anil District, aforesaid, a bankrupt Notice is hereby given Hint on Jan. Bill, 193ft the nimvc named lictllloner was duly adjudged « bankrupt, anr$ the first meeting of tho creditors will be held at my of- WERT He Makes 'Em See New York Cotton NEW YORK, Jan. 11.—('?)— Open High Lpw Clos» Jan. ,, Mar. .. May .. July (.. Oct. .. Dec. .. 1729 1105 1T2G 1751 1123 1148 1176 17« 1706 1790 1785 men 1788 1796 1780 1799 1776 1749-S1 1773-15 1189-90 1188 1798n New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS, .Jan. 11— (/n— Open High Low Close Jan. M»r. M W July Oct. Dec, 1687b 1713':l 1714" WJ' iTM 17« 1765 1739 175S 1780 HSS 1755 1717 >756 1766 .1713 1736-39 1763-64 1780 1777 !T87b Royal C. Mills Public Accountant and Auditor . Specializing In Income Tax, Bookkeeping Systems, Phone 5:8 Ingrain Bldg. BIytlieviiie, Ark. Plumbing, Steqm, Gas and 'Hot Water Heating hy "AL" the Plumber (A; C. Aitken) ['lions 894-W 316 N. Oth. Sam Felrlman, Atlanta grocer has been robbed seven limes by tlie came man. "i hops lie breaks the habit," prays Keldman. RE-ROOF Exposed to drenching rains and tearing wind;,' alternately hot end cold, «ct and dry, the roof must bs of tough wealher- reEistlns material. ' Cur rccfinj i 3 ma( je by nationally known manufacturers who stand back of their materials. We will sell you the ma lerlal only or make yon price applied. We buy all our roofing in carloads direct-from the manufacturer. BEWARE of roofing iwddlers who make promises they 'have no intention ol fulfilling. They are here today and gore tomorrow. E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO. RIG HANK ROHDERY . BUT USE.D 10 HIVJF1 f\ niLUOH BOLLMC5 UKL •<0<JR POP ONLY TWEMTX-DGHT CENTS WHY hhvic.s you so KMD GOOD 1HIMGS TO t-M SPECKLES AND RIS FRIENDS * i^' " '''MI WHITE HOUSE CAU.ERS TJilS IS TU£ OF IT- WcvlS BUT <X& OP You IS TtiS. BACK » IT THOUGH -\weu. B£ 0AC IT-'OPEM TUS ViMVTC Moos V MOST wwe A M6M» 006 TO sooi A ex? LIKE THIS IT"

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