Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 24, 1957 · Page 2
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 2

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, May 24, 1957
Page 2
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TWO EVENING"' TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., FRIDAY, J1AV 21, ]957 Dial PA 2-4GOO for a WANT AD Taker Jewish Foster Parents Win Battle For Child XT4 JEWISH FOSTKR- DC HKD PAGE TWO .,. By K. T. MACFKELV T ALLAH ASSE, Kla.—MV-"Simple right and justice require llval Ilildy McCoy's present home life should nol be disturbed." With those words. Gov. I.cRoy Collins yesterday granted sanctuary in Florida lo Mr. and Mrs. Mclvin R. Ellis, the Jewish foster liomb Dropped Ky Accident. In Son I Incest Area Al.KUQL'KHQL'K if — An Air Girl's !»«>;<Ill Aboard Train Natural for four years to lake the child ij<. a) BALTIMORE «v-A preliminary medical examination of the body of a Michigan high school girl taken olf a train at lirunswick showed no evidence of foul play. Dr. Russell S. Usher, slate tmedical examiner, said "1 am in- parcms of 6-year-old Hildy, born! t | ined ,„ bclicve shc dicd „, na . ol an unwed Catholic mother. kural causes " MassaclHiselts-wbicb has tried j K C sai<s microscopic and chem- IT- tn\\f *>n',i-e t*. I ~1. ^ II,., ..l.:l.l . . .. ' . sllldL( . s wou!d i!avc , 0 be vc 0 e away from the Kllises under ai ma dc lo determine the exact law requiring adoptions within religious faiths where possible- cause. charged the Ellises with kidnap- ing Hildy. The 17-year-old girl. Jean Longton of Ciarkston, was found un[conscious in a rest room on (lie rorce »3fi accidentally dropped a •"» '""'•'• conscious in a rest room on (lie aomb about five miles south of < °''"« called the charge "syn-[train. She was pronounced dead Kirlland Air Force Base .vo.ster- " lc '" c ami saul " lhe rcal issuejal Frederick Jlospilal Jay. ' ls simply whether or not Die cus-j The girl was one of 55 students .J-L- i. - ..L ._ _i_ • -_ IrttU- Of Mllnv \tf( n*' elmjlM ..,!„_!__ .,. - _ Korce B3fi accidentally dropped a boi K day. i- • '"•';•' "• '"" "" "-"°~i me Sin was one ol ss .students The bomb struck in open coim-i lo " y ol Hildy Mctoy should con-Jon their way lo visit Washington try. A Kirtland spokesman aaid! lllH1F wllh tlie ''• lll!ics or be placed; : .——. there was "a little damage lo the" 1111 *"' institutional control and di- aim-a/t." ' ireclion." There were no injuries aboard! tiles Fundamental Rights Ihe bomber. i 1llc governor said that while he The spokesman said equipment inspected the right of the natural failure caused the bomb to break!" 10 " 1 " lo havc "* child reared saidt'" l!er fai "' "'' nulsl - vicld 1° "'ore loose and fall 3.000 feet He sa/d! m '"-' " ...... ' '""• i » Ihe explosion on Ihe ground u - as jfundamenlal rights. small and described it as "juslj ' G " ', ',; gra " l , s , an ordinar> r bomb." ' '"' * ...... "'"' . . - „ to every child - first the right to lie wanted Col. Frank Hradlcy. public j,^'™^ocondly the right to be loved. lonii.ilion officer at KirtlandJ "llildy's mother has denied . - — - ........ — said he could not answer further,'" 1 . 1 " of thcse ri S llls lo her - Ad' questions concernin" the honic' m '" e< ">' sltc --base ol the H:i6. or the incident.) 11 ) ! ne firsl P ia(;c Earl Warren To Speak At Judges Meet ASHEV1U.E, N. C. W - Chief,. er _,,_,,., Justice Warren. C!ov. Luther U.! r t t * Hodges • and Attorney Gcncra|!f,,iMp.' e C nu- Brownell head the list of speak-! i,,,' ,, Idy ers for the 27th Annual Judicial! ',.„,'-,7,' her Conference of Ihe Fourth Circuit)' f',,'., .i._fp,,,.^i ,.r »...._.i.. t_ _ . _ _ I'-uinnmiee Judge Scans Evidence In Miller Case WASHINGTON <» —A federal judge today began studying more Hum 701) pages of testimony and legal arguments lo help him decide whether playwright Arthur Miller is guilty or innocent of contempt of Congress charges. Hut U. S. District .Indue Charles F. Mcl.aughtin did not plan to an... nounce his verdict until after lie:! examines still another defense brief, due next week. Miller's six- day trial ended yesterday. ,McLaughlin heard the ease without a jury. Miller's attorney, Joseph I,. Itanh Jr., was given until Wednesday (o file a brief supporting his contention that the House Committee on Un-American Activities had no valid legislative purpose when it questioned the playwright last June. Rauh insists f h e committee called Miller as a witness "to punish him for his criticism of the committee" and to cash in on the. publicity incident to his romance with actress Marilyn Monroe. Mil- BIG . . . MONEY SAVING SPECIAL! PIECE ARCHERYSET! LOW PRICE! GREAT SPORT! *•""•' *M» out Poi'ter fiulictod Jn FalaL Boa I i 112; not want Ilildy ers for the 27th Annual JudicialL '' ^ •".' . >v * '>\^'»'am Hit?.. . - ... the mother Conference of Ihe Fourth Circuit) ..... V or . lhwartc <l 'he [claims that she now loves the Court of Appeals here June 6-8 W,. y refLlsln " *° l(ie »child. but ... lore can only result! The list also includes Charles s'l",,' Comnulmsl . wrlle « with from the giving of one's self to; Illiync, president - elect of the' ?• admittedly attended another. [American Bar Assn e jmeetings HI .\ew York in 1947. "It was Ihe ElMscs in truth ami Justice Warren and all circuitL , f !f comnllil «. -Wer ac- •ir-t i,,,l«.n« win L v,™" knowled g edsu PP"' communist • i .-uj «nu L.uirvua MI liuiji aiuij uusntc iiitiien ana an circuit in fact who have been the pcrsonsjand district judges will be here H«r«'s FUR For 11w Entire Family I A complete ... colorful Archery S«» thai con be uted in your own back or on weekend Iripj in the country. Mother, Dad and Junior Robin Hood will all enjoy hitting Ihe target. lf« So Eoiy... So Much funl HERE'S WHAT YOU GET! • »«utifully Fini>ti»d and tMAti S H. Umonwood flat tow wild 20 lo 30 Ux. ' 6 DKoratod «„) politKwJ NanuM Arrow} • 18 /«* Si»,».|.oth,r Qurvw • Uolhtr lob fiffffr Guard 16 Inch Paper Fact S*t of Iniirvdioni 'Complete! DOWN i Specially Purchased! Sensationally Priced! COME EARLY! QUANTITIES LIMITED! BALTIMORE W — Meadroif : lbrough whom God has asstiredi/or an executive session .June 6 linmch, 3f)-ycai'-o!d N'egro porler.jlo Hildy these first two rights as I Warren will preside at the open- lias been charged with murder of:one of his children. It was theling session June 7, wilh talks by his employer, Heinz Heymann, 70-;S!lises who wanted Hildy lo be 1 Brownell and Gov. Hodges, year-old German restaurant jiro-jborn ... It was the Elliscs! Mliyne, District Judge Johnson prietor also IJV1111 - ufi^u H-no nave given ot lliem- The grand jury yesterday also selves to Hildy, as only parents charged Bunch with assaulting can understand." with intent to murder an elcvatar Collins, a Protesfan! and the operator at Police headquarters. Bunch tried to escape while being questioned about the murder. Itcymann was found beaten to deall) in Ihe Deulsches Haus restaurant on April 27. Itlisluip Victim Dies CLARKSBURG. W. Va. If, ~ Mrs. Mary Ogden. 80, of nearby Nutter Fort, died last night of injuries suffered when she was struck by a truck as she was crossing a street in Sloncwood. Harrison County. Tuesday. NOW- 100 colors »e from have given of them- J - Hayes of Wilkcsboro. X. C. and Judge Shackelford Milter of Louville, Ky., will speak during Ihe ftcrnooti of July 7. District Judge ohn Paul of llarrisonburg. Va., •ho has completed 25 years of Jrvice, and District Judge A. D. Jarksdalc of Lyncbburg, Va., who s retiring, will be honored at a anquet that night. Judge Simon I.Sobeloff of Baltimore will speak t tbe banquet. Chief U. S. District Judge Botha J. Laws of Washington will peak at the closing session Jul; The f o u r i b circuit includes Maryland. Virginia, West Virginia nd the Carolinas. PITTSBURGH tanenthide MASONRY PAINT * Goes on Easily * Dries Quickly * No Primer Needed * No Cap Marks OPEN SATURDAYS UNTIl NOON falhcr of four children, concluded. "f sincerely hope that his child can now be allowed lo continue grow and develop in lhe onl> home and wilh the only mother and father she has ever known.' A crowded hearing room ap plauded. There were tears ir many eyes. One of Ellis' attor neys, Ben Cohen, wiped a hand kerchief across his face. With joy shining through lear of relief, Mr. and Mrs. Elli thanked Ihe governor, the men and women of newspapers, radi and television who helped iel their story and the many thou sands who wrote letters of encour agement. Doesn't Regret Sacrifices The ordeal has cost the lillise home and a successful dr cleaning business in Massachu sells. "But when 1 weigh it all agains having Hildy safe and secure, don't feel sorry." he said. They rushed from Ihe hearin directly to an airliner taking then back to Miami Beach and a re union wilh Ilildy. Today (he chil graduates from the first grar at Lear School there. Her mothc announced proudly she is first i her class. PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS COMPANY PITTSBURGH PAINTS 1!Attorney Jailed, Fined IiiTax Cast BALTIMORE Ifl — Samuel F Beach, Washington attorney an I former assistant U. S. Attorne i for the District of Columbia, wa | sentenced to a year in jail an fined $10,000 today for failing I file income tax returns over three-year period. Federal District Judge Rosz I 1C. Thomson, in passing senlenc jsaid that while he felt there wa no need for correctional punis ment in this case—that the in pact of the trial and verdict wa more acute with a lawyer lha wilh others — he could not j along wilh a plea for clemenc Bus Crash Kills 15 YAOUNDE, French Cameroo Hf>— Fifteen persons were killed t day when a bus carrying 70 pa scngers ran off a mountain roa into a river near Foumban. in t western Camcroons. Most of t; other passengers were badly bin Marvel ICE CREAM ¥2 & 65* Fresh GREEN BEANS 35' Ibs. Jane Parker ANGEL FOOD CAKES Large Ring 35' Super Right SMOKED or COOKED HAMS Whole 53c Ib. Shank half 49<z Bull Half causes in Ihe past, but said he,' wouldn't have done so in recent'I •ears. He denied ever having beenil inder Communist discipline. H/> ; :ited his "conscience" in refusing \ o name the Communist writers ' Hit-i contended that Miller, in,, •efusing to give the names, "act- 1 ' ed with necessary criminal in-' ent.". He asked for .Miller's conviction. When Miller testified, the committee was looking into what Chairman Walter (D-Pal called'l, Vaudulent procurement and mis-, ise of American passports. Miller' •vas a passport applicant at thej ', time. He. subsequently got the lag Ripped (Continued from Page t) ent home ililches. mm LEATHER TAB j 1 FINGER GUARD i 3 Ft. Umonwood v FLAT BOW aassport and accompanied iliss'- Monroe to England. Iv Ranh and ffitz disagreed on' whether the names of the Commii-!'. nist writers were pertinent to passport inquiry. after receiving six- Most of the embassy personne. \-ere away for lunch at the time 'f the attack, and those inside ivoideri more serious injury bv aking refuge in the air raid she! er. Two Beaten On Street Jlost Americans encountering he mobs in the streefs escaped nit two airline employes were re ported to have been beaten when " ' " '""I" they came ont of a restaurant on From Jordan On Request Taipei's main street. The riots started after Sgt. Rob"' K. Reynolds of Colora. ,Md. Kremlin Accuses Israel Of Violating Promise '', LONDON ww The Kremlin ac- cuscd Israel today of breaking promises to (he Soviet Union by accepting the Eisenhower Doctrine for tbe .Middle East. It warned the government of Premier David Ben-Gurion that it was taking a "dangerous path which has nothing good in store for Israel." Syria Removes Troops and Coatesville. Pa. — the marl ls P ul| i"g its troops out of Jordan whose actjuillal stirred (he trouble at lhe request of King Hussein's — bad left with his wife and 7 year-old daughter by chartered plane for Manila. A U.S. court-martial found the sergeant innocent yesterday of charges of voluntary manslaughter of a Chinese caught looking through a bathroom window while his wife was taking a shower. A guard of 67 armed police escorted Reynolds and his family to the airport. The allack jovernment From 3.000 (o 5,000 Syrian soldiers are stationed in" northern-, Jordan. The Syrian official saidi; Jordanian Foreign Minister Samiri ™"- : asked them lo leave. on Ihe embassy erupted alter the widow of the slain Chinese entered the embassy compound with a banner protesting Reynolds' acquittal. A crowd of Chinese gathered at the embassy gate. Then a stone was thrown. The crowd began hurling missiles until practically every window in the embassy building _ w a s smashed. Kach crashing pane brought uproarious applause. Several islands in the South Seas Polynesian groups have found an effective way to reprimand tardy lax payers. By law. those who pay their taxes on time are privileged to move into the homes of delinquent tax payers and live as free guests until the lacking taxes are paid. Maryland's Washington College is the only one lo hold that name with the consent of George Washington. DAMASCUS. Syria W — A government official said today Syria ; UATHER 'ARM GUARD Made By leading Designer of Fine Archery Equipment! Vacation Time Specials! r PIECE 4 Player BADMINTON SE "The Mink AR Around Toy"' Appearing In Johnstown Tuesday, May 28th . SZ.25, SMS ^<fc^; ^ mm ' mjmim ^^^m^m^mtmmm^faaHm]mmmm Regulor $|4.95 Value! j SPECIAL! ^m?/gg^ li'ii t O rDOWNi A WEEK! Exclusive Offer! 6 POST - NYLON 4 STRUNG RACKETS 20 Ft. x ly. Ft. REGULATION NET if i \f. 1 ^ WAR MEMORIAL Tuesday May 28 8:30 P. M. 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