Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 11, 1952 · Page 13
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 13

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 13
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, BID. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1952 Solon Opposes Pollution Bill SALISBURY, Md. — i/T'j — State THIRTEEN Ground-Packing Machine Devised Radio Programs i The programs listed „ PASADENA, Calif. (/P)—A machine ! responsible tor their accuracy, which does a pretty thorough .Job j" a "="'" lo "ateaers._ MONDAY, FKBRL'ARY 11. 135'! are supplied by tbe local radio stations, which are This space u provided without charge by the Times e, ^ . _ _ , , f.ii^iL u'Jc.-j a, |JICLI,V niuiwufcii juu j Senator E. Dale Adkins Jr. IB- „, soUcUfyi! ,, earth by ehaklng lt •Wicomico; says he will oppose aj ha ., been "developed by engineers at dctatonal and conflcatory- bill toj the CaWornla jMt itute of Tech- enlarge the powers of the State [ nojo g y i Water Pollution Board. i The ' Wea ^^ the machine is to { The bill, recommended by thfii, imp!ify and spee£ , up the founda _ j legislative council for passage at| tion work on hi g hw;lys , a ; r iieMs! this months session of the General and buildings. The underiying' Assembly, would R we the Aboard al-| ground has M be packed to take! most complete authority over all| the weic , ht witl , oat sinking I kinds ol water pollution, including; The b u.sii:ess end of the machine! sewage. The board also would get jls a stccl plate wilh an area of 15 authority to upon the adequ- SCjUaJ . e teet which Shake5 the grountl TCDA* 4:00 4:15 1:30 4:45 5:00 5:15 5:30 5:4r acy of sewage disposal systems and 6:00 6:15 6:30 WTBO U5« KC Bacluugft Wile (NBC) Stella Dallas (KBCi Widdcr Brown (NBC) in House (NSC) Five O'clock Show News Will* Creek Hoedown immediately beneath it at varying i Van Rooy Sports Newi Dick Haymea Show Play Radio Plants operated by cities as well as| ratcSi sorne tirnes around 12 times a industries. j minute. Towed along a sandy beach. Such powers are now shared by,' it solidified a streak of sand about the Water Pollution Board ana the| 4 feet , vlde ancl 75 Ieet lon in onc State Health Department. i minute. Salisbury, in Adkins' diitrict, is. 1 now involved in a disagreement be- £• • i . T • c . tween the two over the adequacy oli 5 >' rla Aml Lebanon Set the city's proposed 5810,000 sewage'Unified Pipeline Policy disposal plant. The Water Poiluticn Board says VPCUM USO KC FM 103.9 MO WDTK 1230 Kt) The Chicagqans (CBBi The Brighter Day Treasury Bandstand i Valiant Lady (ABC) i Thy Neighbors Voice Muggsy's Movie Matinee Artistry in Music Korn Kooblers Eddy Arnold Show Bobby Benson iMBSl Wild Bill Hickok; New* News Sports Roundup Old Timers' Club Local. National News Sports Roundup Dmner Date Story Time the proposed system is inadequate. CAIRO—(VPi—Syria and Lebanon are discussing adoption 1 of a unified policy toward oil companies that run pipelines over the two countries, including' a sharing of royalties, the Arab news agency reports. The American - owned Trans- Arabian Pipeline Co. and the Iraq Petroleum Co.—in which American firms have an interest—would be affected. The snow removal equipment Of some towns consists of nothing more than a prayer for a heat- wave." „.„.. Start The Day Right With The Mai Jones Show Every Morning (Monday thru Saturday) from 6:00 A. M. to 8:45 A. M. WTBO dial 1450 Your NBC Station Television Summary 7:30—Screen Test—abc 8:00—Paul Wlncnell—nbo Video Theater—CDS Detective Drama—abc The Pentagon—DuMont 8:30—Barlow Concert—nbc • Talent Scouts—cbs Life Begins al SO—abc Science Review—DuJlont 9:00—1/ichts Out—nbc I Love Lucy—cbs Art Baker Show—abc Wrestling Bouts—DuMont 9:30—Montgomery Theater—nbo it's News to Me—cbs 10:00—Studio One—cbs Bill Gwinn Film—abc 10:30—Who Said That—nbo Stud's Place—abc BARBARA GIBSON Tonight on The Telephone Ksur WHILE YOUR DAILY WORK YOU'RE DOING- GET A UFT BY CHEWIN6 SPEARMINT WITH DONALD VOORHEES AND THE BELL TELEPHONE ORCHESTRA > J:00 I 7:15 7:30 • 7:45 '•• 8:00 8:15 8:30 B:45 • 9:00 9:15 9:30 S.-45 10:00 , 10:15 1 10:30 10:45 ' 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 K:W H. V. Kaltenborn David Rose Show World News <NBC> One Mati s Pamny (NBC) Railroad Hour (NBC) Barlow Orchestra CNBCI Telephone Hour (NBC) Lyn Murray Show Goodrflan's Album (NBCi Root. Montgomery (NBC( Andre Kostelanelz NBC News News of World Surprise serenade (NBC) News; Sign Off I You and World (CBS) 'Jack Smith (CBS) Here's To Veterans Edward Murrain (CBS) Suspense (CBS) Junior ^ Town Meetinz Radio Theatre (CBS) Bob Hawk Show (CBS) Kobert_ Q's Waxworks News & Analysis (CBS) Jack Fina Orch. (CBS) Weather, Sign Off Pulton lx>wls IMBS) I Love A Mystery Lone Ranger Woman of Year IMBS) The Big Har.d ;A2Ci News; Crime Fighters Cafe Istanbul (ABC) News; Concert Master True Detective (UBS) Crime Does Not Pay Frank Edwards (MBS) Moonlight Reveries 1:00 Sign Off AM. xoatoREQw 6:00 6:15 6:30 6:45 7:00 7:15 7:30 7:45 8:00 8:15 8:30 8:45 9:00 9:15 9:30 9:45 10:UU 10:15 10:30 10:45 11:00 11:15 11:30 11:45 Noon 13:15 12:30 12:45 1:00 1:15 1:30 1:45 2:00 2:15 2:30 2:45 3:00 3:15 3:30 Ma News; Mai Jones Show it •• ** »* ' World News (NBC) Mai Jones Show Morning Meditations Coflee Time Mcrry-Go-Round Helen The Homemaker Welcome Travelers (NBC) Double or Nothing Strike It Rich King's How Dave Garrowsy (NBC) Music At Midday Mid-Day News The Bandstand Play Radio Kate Smith George Hicks News Lorenzo Jones (NBC) Ralph Edwards' Show Afternoon Matinee Lite Can Be Beautiful Road of Life Pepper Young's Family Right to Happiness i NBC) 6:M' Sign on Sundial " World News (CBS) Sundial News of Ainerica (CBS) Friendship Hour Morning Melodies Arthur Godfrey (CBS) Jimmy Carroll Rosemary (CBS) Noon News Roundup Perry Mason (CBS) Helen Trent (CBS) Our Gal Sunday (CBS) Big Sister (CBS) Ma Perkins (CBS) Susan smith Time The Guiding Light (CBS) News, Melody Ballroom House Party (CBS) This I Believe News Musical Roundup; News AM with JM Martin Agronsky AM with JM Breakfast Club (ABC) My True Story; News Marriage for Two Against The Storm Lone Journey When Girl Marries Break The Bank C. Massey Time (MBS) Capitol Commentary Jack Bcrch Show Grandstand Banastand Paul Harvey (/.BC) Ted Malone (ABC) Queen For a Day Ladles Pair; News Take A Number (MBS) Poolc's Paradise; News Joyce Jordan M.D. (ABC) Evelyn Winters (ABC) son, Gardner Star' Tonight Ll'L ABNER By Al Capp (B.v The Associated Press) Listening tonight: NBC—8 Gordon Macrae; 9 Donald Voorhees; 9:30 Paul Lavalle: 10 Al Goodman; 10:35 Dangerous Assignment. CBS—8 James Mason in "Odd ifon Out; 9 Ava Gardner in "Show Boat;" 10 Bob Hawk; 10:30 Waxworks. ABC—8 Henry Taylor's Talk; 8:30 Big Hand; Whiteman Teenage Hour: 10:30 Time tor Defense, Mrs. Anna Rosenberg. MBS—8 Woman of Year; 8:30 Crime Does Not Pay; 9:05 Crime Fighters; 9:30 Korean Report. Radio and TV: NBC and NBC-TV —8:30 Howard Barlow; CBS and CBS-TV—8:30 Talent Scouts. (Joe E. Brown for Godfrey)". Television: NBC—8 Paul Winchcll and Jerry; 9 Lights Out; 9:30 Montgomery Theater; 10:30 Who Said That , , . CBS—8 Video Theater: 9 I Love Lucy; 9:30 It's News to Me panel; 10' Studio One; 11 Sen Kefauver . . . ABC—7:30 Arlene Francis; 8 Amazing Malone; 8:30 Life Begins at 80; 9 Art Baker; 9:30 Psychiatry Program; 10:30 Studs Place . . . Dumont—8 The Pentagon; 8:30 Science Review; 9 Wrestling from New Jersey. Whisky Sale Boomerangs MOOSE JAW, Sask.— (m— A police constable testified in court he paid a woman , $8.25 for a email pint bottle of rye whiskey. The seller paid a lot more than that. She was fined $200 after pleading guilty to selling liquor in her home. VIC FLINT By Michael O'Malley -AND THE **a?-HO.7-AMU5ING ) ¥ HOST _. TH IMG WAS, TWAT AFTER I'D O HO.V SHRUNK n^ FATlEwrs HEAD ) THE SAME RXJMD TMAT-jJAZ»-«4rf-THE <! SORT OP REAi. CA/JSE OP HIS TROUBLE } THING HAPPENS WAS A BOIL ON HIS ELBOW.'/ PLEASE/.'-DO SOMETHING.''.'' ITS HEARTLESS TO LET THIS /LAD WASTE ] HIS TIME, SUFFERING, WHEM HECOULD TrlE. HcSSASE ARRIVES —BUT NIGHTMARE ALICE 13 GOA/£ 7W6T CHILD K TOO VOUVG TO IT'S A SIMPLE CASE OF A MAK/KlG VOOt>OO. r . r -SOMEOK)E v i ) TWE BOILING THE'HEAD OF"./REQUEST HIS HEXED IMAGE » BV , I'LL ASK THEM -X TOM -TOM, TO STOP/." _;, DOCTOR? AH'M TARD O' BOILIN' THIS DOLL.V.'"/-AH'!.L SAW ITS HAID OFF .V- RUSTY RILEY By Frank Godwin THE CULPRIT IS A SLEIGHT-OP HAND ARTIST.. OK A PICKPOCKET' Rlfih'T NW WE MUST 60 SEE F THE AMBASSADOR" HAS RECE1VEP ANY COMMUNICATION THE THE MONEY/ v 'ALLSATISPACTOf?y.> PROCEED NORTH CM PARKWAY., LOOK TO LEPT"..MM-M..SOUNDS LIKE THE SPOT WHERE VOU'LL FIND "BLU£ 6R* MY SECRETARY RECEIVE!? THAT (?ATOEI? MYSTERIOUS MESSAGE A SHORT TIM WEIL, WE'RE PISHT B.ACI^ \VH=EE WE STAKTEP..THAT RANSOM WAS TAKEN 01/TOF THE PORTFOLIO RI6HT UNPEK STEVE CANYON By MMon CamFf RIP KIRBY By Alex Raymond * M£WWHILEAJMI5SABEKNATHY'S SCHOOL THE DRESDENKOOA CFTHf BEVERLy-STKATH/HpRE': ' KIEB/HATES MY GIZZARD « BUT HE SEEMED TO FEEL SOESY FOR MONICA...1P HE DOESN'T KEEP THATNO-6OOP YOUNG PUNK AWAY FROM VSR t^rW-^W^ JUST THINK, MOmCA.M/SWgET, J , I ;-— 4* V V»"Sa IN TWO WEEKS VOU'LL BE fes RICKX LAMBERT AND VLl BE THE HAPPIEST GUY THIS SIDE PARADISE/ YES, MR. KIRBy, I REMEMBER MONICA 1 THANK YOU, HILL WELL..,SHE WAS AN ORPHAN.../A1ISS ABEKNATHV WEALTHY.»REFINED...A QUIET, /^ WHAT YOU HAVE LOVELY GIRL WHO WAS ,»S?fe.< TOLD ME CHECKS BUGS BUNNY 'WOW ABOUT A BUCKET O' TH«T COA.L TA OUCT HAP INTERRUPTING LUNCH HOUR / / A\^<e IT £NWPY &EFOKE H6 CHP.NGE* BOOTS AND By Edgar Martin "TO VOO '.VOO WHtW \ VPiS\ SftVi VOO I AH! \VMAT DID Z TELL MDU? PLAY WITH THE TUMBLER* AWHILE Vv'E &OT PLENTY OF TMAE AMD AROUND! ALLEY OOP TIM TYLER'S LUCK By V. T. Hamlin By Lyman Young r AYE,6O 5E IT...I/M IN NO M EGAD,S!K,YOUR FRIENDSHIP/ Y'MEAN I COULD WITH CHIEF POWHATAN'S HELP YOU TALK MM DAUGHTER COULD MEAN V INTO TRADING YOU THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN] ENOUGH FOOD TO LIFE AND DEATH FOR Ji HOLD YOU THRU THE JAME5TOWN j f ^\ TH' \V1NTER? COLONK j^l YEH,CAP'N 6MITH, I'LL TRY TO HELP YOU...BUT IT'LL MAVfc lO 5t DONE MY WAY... ._HE WLJSTPdVa P;C<=: 'T UP AN'u 1 PjT i i I\ SCV-- U«ST=3-45K'BT LIKE I TJJ5.-;T HiM TJ CC — J9/1\'D I WILL CM=C; ALL TPH ^ PO5ITION TO QUIBBLE.,. /I'M TOUGH BUT I WARN YOy,THE5E/ TOO...MEBBE jM 7 iNiuiAKJD ARfc ^jfifo A MI 11 /TifW :AY HAVE 5r^.=\ TOUGH JASPERS. . ^gry- f^l & .«- >\ v y FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner By Merrill Blosxcr 6.T LEAST PROMISE VOU WHY 00 POLICEMEN MWAYS SEEM DETERMINEP TO HARASS ME-;! TcLL' COL'LDNT HMU\ A PLV L VOU GO iXEOUND CARRYING CONCEALED CONFOUND JTi J*.NET...WHEN I AGREED TO DRIVE VOUiIDIDNTCOUNT KNWU.WE WONT PERSECUTE THE \BETTEK HOLD I LOVE, JUST BECAUSE YOU TONIGHT, HE OWNS HW.F INTEREST /TOO...TILL WE IN THAT ume PISTOL! / GET TO '<T£SC^,°sD vA.'jDYi'f ?-.'<i r ; I rvrr To riC=Y "/WiTM IlLSLfrLE' OUT Or MY TO TH' FAFEEj icu PUT A tfc&Y. L WAS &FRMD YOU'D GO OFF AND DESERT PMALLY Si5, A VJI OWN POCKET.' 5L )T YOU'LL P/-Y M- BACK E MORE WHISKERS VAWDYKE' WITH CUr'A PER\MT, SiW V'«S'DV';E'S L4RO/ I CAPL,M.!LD4.' yOOT'4 MEE PRISCILLA'S POP By Dudley Fisher By Al Vermeer APPELLATlOMv OM, THAT MEANS THi NAME OF SOMETHING JELPERS! THAT'S W'MAl WROTE ON MY PAPER AMD THE TEACHER MARKED IT WRONG! I SAID IT WAS THE NAME OF SOME MOUNTAINS.... ~HE APPELLAT/ON MOUNTAINS J V/KGIN/A 1 "^

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