The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1936 · Page 7
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 7

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Wednesday, December 2, 1936
Page 7
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WEDNESDAY, DECEMBER- 2, 1986 BLYTJ1KVILLE (ARK.) COUUIETx NEWS PAGE SEVEN CLASSIFIED ADVERTISING INFORMATION Dally rate per l|np for consecutive insertions: • . > • Ono time per line 10c Two times per.line per day .. 08c Three times per line per day .. C6c Stx llnies per line per day ., 05e Month rale per line ... GOo /ards of Thanks .... 50c & 150 Minimum charge 50o Ads ordered for Ihree ,or six times Shd stopped before expiration \vlllybc charged for the number of nifties the "ad appeared and] adjustment of bill nmde. ' Ajli (Jlasslped Advertising copy t,ubmltt«l by persons residing oul- alde pfv'Vhe city must IK acconi- panicU : >;by : cash.. .Rates ;may be easily 'ccpiput'id frpm.-'aupve table, Advertising oidered . for" irregular Insertions takes'the .one time rate. No" respojislbillty will..'be lakcn for more (nan one incorrect inser-: lion of any classified 'ad. busmess Directory Coal & Wood • We Sell GOAL Blytheville Gin Co. For Sale riastefing ' & Stuefo^Phouii 350 Bob Malone ' ~OUIl STOCK IS ' .NOW' CQMPIJJTK. ON Rawling§ Athletic Equipment A^ School Prices Phone 35 Shouse-Henry Hdw, Co. J. W. Shouse Wilson Henry WE'IHJY WOOD CtJ NIC tff •for Coal Co; ODiiosllo Jalto Ungar Cilu ' - :\VE HAVE^TKE^BEST ' Alabama, Illinois & ':';' Kentucky '. ' '• COAL At the Best Pvice Kindling Too ' GIVE; IJS A TRIAL We Guarantee Honest Weight? Shaver-Foster Gin CD. Phone 218 - Chickasiuvba & K, R USED CARS THAT ARE PRICED TO SELL 1933 CHKVKOI.ET 4 T V 0 O 11 MASTER SEDAN ...... 5215 1934,DOPGE COUl'E ...... S'iSU ISM CHJSVKOLET O.O U I 1 U ¥ 85 103Z UO11GE SEDAN. Extra Clean .................. §215 1933 DODGE SEDAN.'' FOR SALE —Elsht, good Work Mules at ti bargain, See 1'iuil Dyrmn, : 118 E. L Main. Home Made Pure Porh Sausage ! ! COUNTRY. -STYLK One Trial .Will Convince You. Pichard Grocery liono 073 1011 Chldmsawu-: 5295 Cold Weather Corning ! ! Protect Your House With Nu-Metal \Veather Stripping Call Us For Estimates' Arkmo Lumber Co. Phone 40 N. W.'TRANTHAIH Dealer in BEECH CREEK COAL Other high grade .Coal, Wood and Kindling S. Rroiirtwav - - Phone 9C'l Parker - 127 Daily Freight Service PAINTING-PAPER HANOINT. Freeman & Hous? - Call 749 ~ MOV1.NG~ STORAGE LOCAL HAULING FREIGHT-. CARS "UNLOADED We Move Anylhngl + BI.VTHEVILLE W MOTOR FREIGHT TEBMINAL • Sycamore & ' R. R. phone 318 ALADDIN LAMP. TARTS' 95". each". ' '• > BURKE HDW..CO. Mrs. j. J. Davis—Spencer Corsetlere Call 421^V lor Appointments •New Carload Shipment MOORE'S HEATERS, COOK STOVES. OIL & GAS BURNING STOVES, FUEL Oil. HEATERS SEE OUR NEW STOCK Liberal Trade-in Allowance for Old . Stoves Hubbard Hdw. Co. COAL PRICES Delivered In Blytheville Slack Coal ton 53.2 \'ul Coal ton 54.7 tine Ribbon Lump ..... Ion SiU While Ash Edd Coal ... Ion $0.5 tock Creek Lump Ion Sfi.5 i)en Franklin Lump ton $7.2 '•ic l*en Liiinp ton S7.5 Ky. Lump, 3 to 12 in. lump ton 5G.5 Coal . Delivered Any\vhere, An. Time - - 24 Hour Sen'ice HARRY BAILEY ['hone 1505-Fi Slate Lii If You Want WOOD We" Have It! ECONOMY COAL CO. Cheery &[ R. -R. Phone 1 Wobii & Kiiidli.nis PHONE'244 FOR THE BEST COA FROM ALABAMA, ILLINOIS, WEST KENTUCKY. L. LRICE BES1- COAI^BEST PRICES BUY NOW! "My coal is. Black- But 1 treat you White." LOCAL HAULING • |f ,. m , ," JOHN BUCHANAN—PHONK 107 •" »»I'IS AM) 34 TEERAVLANE C 0 A 0II $ 34 f O N TIA C "EIGHT" SEDAN .....;... $150 35 TKIUIATLANE J-DOOH SEDAN ....; 5135 35 G. M. C. 2 TON TKUCK $375 K3 DODGE HOADSl'KU. New Tires ' "..-. § 63 35 DODGE I'/. TON T IjllICK, I(uns Like New $100 ROADWAY SALES, Inc. Ill Broadway. , MULES : For Sale, or Trade '• rerins To Responsible Parties. DEL'l'A IMPLEMENTS,' 1 inc. wo good imiles c'rieap. E;za Wheel- ,cr, Pliilllps Motor Co. 27-pk-2 iuick. isnir poor Touring Sedan Demonstrator, with low mileage x?c Motor Sales.' 28-ck-L THUCKS FOR SAI.K InfcrnaUonal, '/. Toil, Long wheel base. International, 1 Ton, Slake body. 1035 V/. Ton Chevrolet, Slake body. 1931 l\(. Ton Chevrolet, Slake body. Nabors Pole Trailer, Electric brakes. All in Good Mechanical Oonclitio with Good Tires. DELTA IMPLEMENTS. Inc. ALLEY OOP itore. fixtures & slock wllli llv- Ini; qunrlcrs,. iu best nelghuqr- icod. Doing good business.. Lciw- HB (own. Cash only. IJox "I 1 " Jourlcr News., ', 30-li-k-a J1CVCLE, only 3 weeks old. Paul Ilollemnn, 024 Clark St. 30-p-l;-l O'BRIEN'S OAFls! ' cblil|ilotcly equipped. Colng Rood'.business for past 10 years. BARGAIN. Brunswick POOL '-,TADLE, , complete.- CHEAP. : -,, " ; '" JORDAN SEDAN, In good condl tion. At give away • price. F. SIMON, Phone 7U1 Heal F,sta VVimled To Buy Highest Prices Paid for Used •Furmiiire Wade Furniture Co. __ 30l-3ti:)/u. M/ilN- WE BUY Hides & Pecans Mfilnis iiiul Scrap Iron lilythcvllte Iron & Metal Co. Cherry & R. Phono tit ; We Pay : .' Highest Prices TOIl SCRAl'^ IRON, UIIB'J'ALS, I'tiCANS.v HIDES & FUUS Wolf'Arian 120 E. Ma.ln - Photic 17B . NOTION roil I'Ulll.ICAVION e|Miiliii(.nl ol the IntelIQI, Gonernl Kind OIJIcc nl \ynsliiin;- lon, a (J, Octob'ci 13, 10J3. I'rowlcr Slcsla Sjlme " Okln. (UP)-A pj-owler cnlei-cil O, 0. Webb's lioin'e all (ho clolhcs he coukl cur- Nollce Is, hereby given tint l > nl111 tUpmlcd n/lci taking Jnines Kdwurtl Kt>llcy, flC Doll, Ar-' to shiiva hluiself. lie acl<lecl livsujl, kiuisiis, who,, on Scptcinbor a, to Injury by Icavlue Webb's raior 1,931, made Homestead •'Entry Ninnbei' 022017 lor . SIM Bcctlpii 21 TownsJUj) 10 N. nmigo 0 17 An ml of congress h iwccssiiy Mil Principal Mcilcllnn, hi\s llled to leinsmte a ]K>llceiimn dlsmlsse'l nollco of IntojUtoit to lunke ntul fiom llic Wwhlnalon D 0 uollce three-yeni pioof (o Cilnbllsh claim nice.' N., Hungc !l K. Bth l>rlnel)Wl Me- rl<lian, 1ms nicd iiollcc of InlcnUai) to innkc llunl tlirec-ycar nroof, to lo the land above described, be- loro Ciux-y Woodburn, Counly Clerk, lit. lllythCTllle. Avknusns, on the ninth dny of Ueccinbcj', .IBM, Cliilninnts as witnesses: l.on Wnlsoi>. or Uell. Ark. S. T. Frccmnu, of Dell, Ark. Marlon Koehler, of Dell, Ark, Fi-unk »lley, of Dell, Ark. 13. K. I'AUriO'ri', Acting Assistant Commissioner 4-11-111-25-2 Dutch I led Vhlla Singapore SINGAPORE (UP)— The orttclal vblt pi the Dutcli East Indies fleet to SlnuaiKn jhas revUcd British and y an • /uif>lg- Dutch undcistamllnB on defence' policy In tho nu East, ' ^ current Dutch icsldent-i of S i\cd and btolm live rooms, hi good neighborhood. MOI-IO Crist, phone 219. ipkli KOU SALE S Room House, l>4tli, large lot. Across from high and grade schools. Cheapest .taxes In town. Could be hiado Into auaiiincnt. Cheap for cash. 809 Chlckasawbu. . ;'•• .; ' :• • : '.'dii a and Bfiart! UO.Oji & UOAH!) Mrs. J. f. Sanders N. liroiulwoy - Call For Sale: 8(1 acres' PAHM land near Co. Manila, stcrnijcre Cotton 20-ck-lt Ten-Ycstr.Otd'.W«nnd' From Bullet hifi money In 20 cent pieces bud luck In nny e\cnt, a buiBlnr took iu\ny']ici entile col- liciion of: $05, nil, In qimrtcre. VANCOUVKU, Ji. C. (UO-J^bn KilV.cllv. M. di2d here of 11 '.')- For sale or trade: 50 ft. lot on Hearn St., with water Installed. $175. Easy terms. Russell Phillip:;. .yi-jv-o!d bullet wound... l-ck-4j "Kllkclly \\a5 shot IhTOuis',) the buck during n street (lyh(. in 1020. Thc-bnllet Incised In a kidney and doctors wers unable to remove 11. He recovered, liowever. and led a normal lite until the Inillcl begun lo mov3. (lien dentil followed. Rent Nicely furnished STEAMHEATED BEDROOM, .biitli. Call 050, Nice comfortable bedroom, close In. Mrs. Nolen. 310 \V. Walnut, . 3 room fnr: apartment, bath. Mr.s. Mick. 110 W. Ash: ' 21-p-k-a Wh'.ninL'n (ids Kcllncry WINNIPEG, Mini. (UP)-A beet Eliar refinery, cnnable. of handling from 1.000 to ' 1,200 Ions dally',' is '''Ini; built here. " - ' ,. ELDING AT 'BEST .'PRICES I'KOMPT 'SKHVIOK SlOVl PHONB 10 \VK n\vi: si SIKVUTS or AN THI: RADIO MECHANIC wlio will eiinrr.ntce lo rc|mlr your radio lo div-l class condt- llon. A Cniniilcle I.lii^ of Tuljcs and . Parts - - ISest 1'rlces Ilubbitfd Tiru & lint. Co. Phcne 476 You Cuu Affoul Q AKCOI.AB, KAN'OKS, COOK ""'• " A LAUNIHiV blOMb 1.1'I lie GKBAT IIKAHT COAL "Wnfia'n /;<•'«/ /fji A.vjr' ^i^i^ET 1 '"^ l '"" "'"' —\Vo.Aln6 Si-ll— Co. BupcrioV Coul & M'ii'»j I'll one 7<H> NaUimlly you Mil \>1^ the ln?t (.erslccs fpr jcui loved pnes lo bins Impicv'slvc and dtg- nined 115 care can make them HOC. regardless of the cost, cvciy minute clctnH will .receive considerate attenllon. FUNERAL mm G.AY & BILLINGS, Inc. Coal - Wood - Kindling PHONE 70 H.HO 1 . SO Y'DON'T THlUvi MY COUNSEL \5 VALUABLE IN THIS PLOT. AS VOUG THU6S N'VOUR DIMOS.AUR/ EH? Y'THINk: PQ'RCS.' 3-AUL"VER GQMNA WEED TPUT THIS DEAL )VER, DO YUM? WHY. YQU BOOBS —• WITHOUT ME; J-JU'LLGET NOWHERE/"- NOW.WU'ACXJLT-.-F GORILLAS -7H'-VK .- THAT OVER 'FCK£ f HAH! OL' JTSTOpL-AYe,'/\VUiS'<t^)wHO EVER! 'Jl5GE7T:W"-(HeAS;p OP I' (SORF./ HEM B3AIS15 Vf' No\\ I ocntcd al Idl North Second t ADDING MACHINE & TYPEWRITER SERVICE BUREAU DON TDMAUIIS, I'rusirictor All milscB uf Rebuilt Tsjiimrlters, Ailillnit Miclilnca and Calciilnlors—licjalrliig—1'nrts—Itlbhoiis I'LL UF' WHEW THEY THIMK I'M V'ALWW'OUT ON ^fck'.THEYLL COME. /.50UNJD (M A HURRY/ ' S 5AY.-TUWK-HA5 IT EVER OCCURRED To YOU TH4T WE CAW PUT CIHISOVERIAJITHOUT HIS FEEBLE 111. SAY IT H4.S' WHV TH' HECK 5 U .CULD WE CARKy THAI" OL' GOATALO"JG WITH US? UMAX'S TH' SEMSE OF SPLITTIW 'ill' " SPOILS THREE WAY-. 7 FRY Bus. Opportunities NEW CLASSES OPENING' Complete Beauty Course DAY & NIGHT CLASSES State supervised TUITION VERY REASONABLE See Mrs. Wm. Berryman Eiaiiie Beauty Shop Night Clubs CALL E. P. at Wonder City Coal Co, FOR ORIGINAL GENUINE Montevallo AND -OTHER HIGH GRADE CuAl. ' PHONE 4T) COAL, WOOD, KINDLING Prompl Service -- Call 47 KIM'S COAL CO. Automotive DANGBNG Ever" Ni?ht 0 'Xil 2 . Silvnr Moon Nicht Club 2 Miles North Missouri Line Music by Harold Sudbury and His '. Orchestra NEW FLOOR SHOW FRIDAY, SATURDAY, SUNDAY DIRECT FROM'NEW ORLEANS —ADDED ATTRACTIONS—'., Good Comedian - JIaslcr of •;.-: Ceremonies- ••. LET US CHECK YOUR BATTERY COLD WEATHER IS COMING! J. B. CLUNE Jackson 'Service Station^Call 8 CALLING ALL GET READY FOR WINTER Healers,'$1.19 lip Radiators anti-freeze. 78c gal up Texaco oil, 2 bar can, 89e ••lew Ouarantccd- ; batleries. $3.23 up Flubr: Mats, 7Sc up icod prices on radiators exchanges. Heater parls cheap, 3ee Us Before You Buy Anything r For Your Car WOLF ARIAN 12n E. Main — Phone 17G DANCING Every Nieht : 8:30 to 2:00 CRESCENT NIGHT CLUB Four Miles North of lli^soiiri Line Frank "IVcnncr" llarmon, and His Sensational 9-riccc prclieslra, ol : Chicago Klor Sho\v Thursday Through Sunday - Direct, From .SC,Louis Hubert : 'Utlcj- Owner anil Proprietor EXPERT SEAMSTRESS. Do ffllicy work. Grace /McParland, 913 Holly. Phono D36. . ': Fuiliilure WE PAY CASH FOR 2ND HAND FURNITURE Hubhard 2nd Hand- Furniture Store Phone 1031 Hotels Clean, coniforlablc, Etcam-heatctl • rooms, hot and cold water, rea- sonable'rales—day," week or month I'EABODY HOTEL ' Personal Seeds'-.Plants --—[ We arc buyers of Ear Corn Q AS ! pedcza Seed. Soy , n FREEI STOMACH ACID, PAINS, INDIGESTION relieved j quick. (3et free sai prescription, Ud'ga, al Drug Co. I The weight of a. single large' ..^ . blue.-,whale.' is said. lupre .Good kliowance for.your old"su'l .tlian the combine j vreiglit ofi on new tailored, suit. ilvo eleiilianls. . 1 GEOKGK L. MUIR, Tailor Tailor S ill Ops > . 'LENTY ."WOKUIEO! WASH TUIHiS n AU, FOR TWO HITS! OmEKFREAK.5/ACROBATS', M461CI AND WlLPMEM -AND HUIU GIRLS. \ Oi- SILO COUNTY \N AN EXHIBITION V^WH 5piy/ 0 SULLIVAN, OF NEW VAV'< ^~ CITV. ON (HE PROGRAM IS NJ) : nS FRIENDS TIIM'.Y TAKKS THK l!GEE,FEaAS,I'M CERTAINLY : GRATEFUL R>R TVIIS SWELL .e/EU TWO I DIDM'T GET A CMAHCE TD \A3TE R3R THE MOST VALUABLE PLAYER ! '-^tf Bar rr.v/AS ONLY THRU *• ' MARVELOUS THAT I WAS SO SUCCESSFUL? T CAST TWO VOTES POR HIM ' IP FRECKLES DIDKJTM3TEV ' HOT/ COME THERE ARE TWEKrrV-FOtJP BALLOTS?THREE PLAYERS WERE SUPPOSED COACH, I THINK I CAW EXPLAIH THAT.' YOU SEE, I GOT AM AV/FUL LOT 07- CREDIT THIS VfeAR FOR BEiS-'G A FLASHY PLAYER ! T's Beans,' Corn. Russell

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