Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 11, 1952 · Page 12
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 12

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 12
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TWELVE EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker America' d? re's Not Enough Money To Pay For The Work, Time Spent As King (ll".S. V- S. Pjt. Off.) Bj INEZ UOBB along by the crowd. But the committee on arrangements had hysterics, and it was never permitted | to happen again. Only once on the trip did I catch! a glimpse of rebellion against the | exhausting daity schedule Maurice Store Will Hold Sale Your Horoscope rwnanmpnt Store 57 ' d: ' v *°*** ""« nr - d " vvhlt >° ur Maurlce s Department Store. s '! a « or(lmg „, t hc Baltimore, Which was damaged in: Loot! in the section in which your birth-1 with all, esepciallj agreeable at home is. j where your real friends are. Likely tend- (oncy t-o intolerance, irritability, quids temper: dlsps! it promptly. Everyone on the royal train was the fire last Monday has moved completely exhausted when we left merchandise from the first and! For Tuesday, February It. IK". -MARCH 21 to APRIL 20 /Aries;—Ciet j yourself in line, ready to rnuke quicker i i'l!ort and contact* this itunulat:ng day. Vibrations or the and NEW YORK- really money •(INS)—It anyone;that there 193.9, an .annualinow a woman) and his family for; salary of $2.000.000, r would have;the commuoJs personal sacrifices! said a loud, flat "no." i involved in life in a glass house. But by mkl-Juar* of that had changed rny mind. I was ._ •convinced after twice crossins Can-> Dcmocrac w!l ° haci .ada and cletourm^ into the Unilt-U, lhat km ' s and queens were rather States with King George VI and !ike orchids and did «o more to his Queen than His Majesty wav carn thelr kee P- z staggered away grossly underpaid by the British from chal assignment with the government greatest admiration for the ~ (During World War II, at the: _, . . ,. . . V!oraci«n.S la.Vi t..e alert ist;u Hititii^, Ottawa about 4 p. m after 48 hours! of the ;„„„,, new ldc improvement*, naoitl . of frenetic activity. I thought their I img. Act with tact, mo. •: ;-_.;_. . ......... ^ nearer (Woodmen of the World building on j APRIL 21^ ta MAY 20 -TaurtiM-.vixrd Jrely they I Union Street. 'hinder your progress, dspuudins a deal that they 1 Maurice Cohn, proprietor Of ttie'. advantage;!! Ijt*" leas" some''achievement 4 , be permitted some rest. j store, said a large quantity of mer-jand with intie strain. T-V! But thirty minutes out of Ottawa ichandise was not damageV by the; o^ 1 ^; 1 x^v^lifc^J^'i^Tet™;'^- of Aquarius the Humanitarian Seldom /"•,,„..,.,,•,,;,«« 1 ipirii nd tel-c . L.OlllllUniltilh L Tg<. worry about thinss generally nappenlngs in a ma'.tcr-oi-lact «»v. WJjor.;,,, you do worry it can atlm your whole out- i 1C) you do worry look. That is not good. Take the philo sophlc course. Compensation may ;.cmp- «i*ii • J-M iYlukmg UlOTCS times came unexpectedly. You can except for smoke and water jpansive l I' The rix weeks' tour with their! thel tr f in stopped " * sma !' tow »'ifi>-e mafestics WHS a revelation to thisi with *? mayor and _the welcoming I damages in some cases is Btill !,;„£,. Melil t ; 10U( , ilt committee, done up in hired morn- j serviceable. f > '• 1)r '" ° ing coats, to greet their majesties—i AS soon as merchandise can be as similar committees greeted them; arranged and inventoried, Maurice's in hundreds in similar towns. pians to hold a fire sale at the mtas-urts. finanre, under I have been married too long not Union Street building. King's private request, this allot- by George VI and his Queen in a to know when a husband is giving] it was necessary to move the his wife a bit of back talk, royalty goods from the Baltimore Street or no. And when their majesties i store because the fire destroyed the exited from the train, George VII upp er floor and burned through the care. For affairs rightly handled can, drills pleasure. j JUNE 22 to JULY 23 'Canci'r i— Most sound investment*, busint-.'i.s and household affair* in favuratiie po.siiiun lor R;iin^ Unexpected succenh and. satisfying events likely during p. m. LooV: bright, be bright! JULY 2-i to, AUGUST 21! i Leo i—There 15 stronger indlc-'.ion of line ways To c^'.- tain credits and profits now. Tur.c up your ambitions 10 reach goal> quicKer. Look for! help from unexpected i.ource.s, loved ones. AUGUST 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 i Virgo DECEMBEH. 23 to JANUARY 2! I Capricorn i — Headway possible in business, building, product distribution. Good period /or useful innovations, efforts to bolster security, professional, artistic endeavors. Follow up good lde»*. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquar- PEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 20 iPlsccsl — Go along with the smart trend, but never loriake good principles. Solve matters amicably. Look for unusual gains. Real cstare. other sound Investments sponsored. YOU BORN TODAY arc under the Sign Jw'H VIENNA — (,P> — Hungary has "solved" the problem of its iiiilk lour rapid headway In medicine, .-.ocial service, Inventing, managlne concerns. You direc: others, ably when living on the j srioytaBe feV milking COWS higher plane. Be Informed, seek rt.:?ii" i b • and education: choose good. clean com- i times a dav, according to the Buda- panlons. Btrthdate; Abraham Lincoln, i sreat U. S. Pres.; George .Meredith, novel- ; pes(. newspaper "oZUbaci Nep." . 1st, poet; Wallace Fore!, acior. (Copyright, 1052. King Feature. Syndicate. Inc.. Pasteurization of milk s ll fi htly re- C In a recent edition the Communist '.ran urged fanners to follow "fiov- l practice" and milk cows every tis ^ obtain more mi!k. p — Both per-vonal matters 'iiiari before. All I had to do was to' same building vacated the day oi Why Thousands of Doctors prescribe pleasant tasting -No one but financial advisors knows the extent of the royal family's private means. But thrifty Queen i • Victoria is supposed to have left a • large fortune to her descendants, the bulk of which presumably will '• now descend to the youthful Queen:.,, Elizabeth.) 1 It is still my considered opinion ] lcee P U P tne type- i was fed up with the whole shooting the fire by the Potomac Edison Company, «ow located at 63 Balti- manhadled bv com' His Queen " a radiant smile °" her ™™ Street. Shinnamon's Shoe of i faCe ' lent him a sympathetic wifely WWle tUnUng C ° mpany Store at 61 Baltimore Street, also that shook the hand of— . : fa « on lhe official throng. In a tomorrow. P lans a sale FREE MOTH-PROOFING On All Wool Garments Cash - Carry and Save! Phone 2571 USE MARY'S PROMPT PICKUP & DELIVERY SERVICE 4-HOUR SERVICE Mary's Cleaners 157 N. Mechanic St. The Knickerbocker school of writers, which included Fitz- Greene Halleck and Joseph Rodman Drake, were followers of loved- ones, triond:-, vo:-k relationships follow sincere, careiul procedures. Dvni'i delay urgent matters. OCTOBER 24 to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor- plol—This day might be misconstrued as eaay-soing. Be careful, there may be pitfalls in unexpected pUce*. Count ten before acting and don't bo carriitd away by rumors. CTse common sen.sfi' NOVEMBER 23 10 DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius)—Be sagacious, diplomatic dealing who appeared rather like nicej suburban folks when not encased! M'otllf'l* 1 S TToe in ermine, plush and diamonds. ! iTlulllel ? AO, *iag NEW ? tSe ^nd Daughter FO R C(Wg/l George VI and freed for once of elbow seemed to love it as they were swept , t] b .^, ryil LITTLE CHILDREN separated their majesties from,their I „ . . ! ,. - , . ,j royal guardian* and the roval boclv A second dau gnt er wa ^ born For coughs and bronchitis due to colds yai O uaiuidii. anu me royal oociy ! recenUy to a i5 . year . old oidtown i you can now get Creomulsion specially prepared for Children in a new pink and blue package and be sure: (1) Your child will like it. (2) It contains only safe, proven ingredients. (3) It contains no narcotics to disturb nature's processes. (4) It will aid nature to soothe and heal raw, tender, inflamed throat and bronchial membranes, thus relieving the cough and promoting rest and sleep. Ask for Creomulsion for Chil- Write Your Own Checks As You Need Tien,. Open A Special Checking Account 1,00 YOU BUY 15 CHECKS FOR Ko Charge tor Deposits No Minimum Balance Required The Commercial Savings Bank City Hall Sq. — Cumberland Md. Member Fed. Deposit Insurance Corp You can clean up overdue bills quickly and conveniently the way thousands of men and women do . . . with a loan from Household Finance. $20 to $KKK> * on signature, car or furnitura HFC makes loans to pay medical bills, taxes, fuel, car repairs, or for any good purpose. No endorsers or guarantors needed. Select your own repayment plan HFC repaymentplansareespecially adjusted to fit your particular problem ... Lake 6, 12, 18 or more months to repay depending on the purpose of your loan. she was only 13 years old. The young mother is Mrs. Shirley Parsons, former Fort Hill High School student and wife of a local serviceman. Her husband is Pvt. | James Edward Parsons, 18, of North | Mechanic Street, now stationed at Sampson Air Force Base, New York. The young couple was married by 1 a Methodist minister here on Sep-I idVcn'inThe'pink'and'blueWkage. ' tember 6, 1949. with their parents' consent. She was 13. he was 16. .Their first child, Jacqueline Parsons, was born November 19, 1950. 'The youngest baby, born February.) J2, 1952. has been named Ima Jean j | Parsons. ' | ! The mother -and her baby were j released Friday from Memorial | Hospital and have returned to the j Oldtown section where they "are i living with Mr. and Mrs. Leroy! Klinger, Shirley's parents. The young mother has three sisters, < two younger than herself and one : older. i Shirley was born near Oldtown on '. November 10. 1936. ! CREOMULSION FOR CHILDREN rtlitrss CHffu, Ch«l Cote, Atate Jrwdiitis Animals at African waterholes step aside when the ostrich comes down to drink. PHONE 2765 for Finest FUNERAL FLOWERS HABEEB'S 26 N. Mechanic St. Cash Yoy Gnl $100 200 300 son 1000 MONT .u •321.62 •IK. .11 HLY PA IX fiavmtt sYif 2L81 31.7-1 6'2A2 fMENT 1 12 SI 0.05 20.0'J 30. M 46.09 90.58 'LANS 6 SI 8.46 36.92 55.38 89.34 175.43 tnrnl* (Jfkyrr jnrftlfif itiltt fi* Ihr toun >1 xl on v-lirtitilr . t.ttnrzr; nn loan' nl*)rr cjtf ttlfiflc ilttilfi the hl<iu.\lttnl ^ intinfr Got a fresh start the HFC way! Clenn up worrisome old bills now with a prompt cash loan — on sensible terms — at friendly, dependable Household Finance. Phone or stop in today: If it not n«c«ssory for you to bay life, health or occ;'<fon' /niuronce to gef o loan ft«r«. 12 South Centre St., S. E, Cor. Baltimore 2nd Floor—PHONE: 5200—Cumberland Loans .Mode to Residents oj Xtarby Towns Prepare for Rainy Days It's the wisest policy to invest in insurance — your best pro t ection against financial loss due to accident. Call us. It Can Happen Any Time — PROTECT WHAT YOU HAVE! BARNES & BARNARD 9 INSURANCE - BONDS Clark-Keating Building Phone 25 SAVE TIME and LABOR HAVE MEATS CURED and SMOKED! Specially tenderized and sugar cured treatment! 353 Frederick Si. Phone 2 CAUSED BY COLDS acts at once to relieve coughs, raspy throat and hoarseness — when caused by colds. It also increases natural secretions in the throat and bronchial tubes to help loosen thick, sticky phlegm and make it easier to raise. PERTUSSIS is sa/e and mighty effective 'for both old and young. Pleasant tasting and inexpensive. Hour Cleaning "Service at no extra charge Also Waterproofing, and Mothproofing Available South End Cleaners 219 Virginia Ave. Phone 3248 branch store -<*k Also A Col Cartoon The News NEXT A Pf'one Call That Revealed... Exposed! SOON at ffi@ THEATRE! NEXT - TWO THRILL HITS! iTICHNICOLOR ] 4 y Midi *i IM CMH ol l v ' T-JJj „ CMIM «M.t" CitiWuM 'BS 'The Great Caruso" 'The Prince Who Was A Thief" with Tony Curtjj STARTS TOMORROW You Can Always Da Better in A P. S, PURE WHOLE STRAWBERRY ".-.'^•^.J*''.' •- "• || •'•'•'---.' ;/'" '-. M^ ..'•-•'.«:; •••''. '*..'*:. ^•±•3".) Old Home Bumper •;.;_• ;__ * '-,v'- .-'.',-" *"',•'-»'•' ; • - • %- H 1 *--';''-^ :.-./••• r^j ffile^d^TO.r. YtftiM ^ IT'S EMRICHED! \ A BUMPER CROP OF GOOD HEALTH IN EVERY LOAF! Bckers of Distinction COMMUNITY BAKING CO, STARTS TOMORROW T5-IE SCREENS GREATEST TWIN - ACTION HITS! SCL' 10.000 YELLING SAVAGES AMBUSH THE I IONEERS . . . SEE 1 BATTLE OF THE WAGON TRAIN . . . SEE! DEADLY CROSSING OF THE MOJAVE DESERT . . . SEE! 500 WILD HORSES STAMPEDE' . . . VilL \-.!v-.'* K«# I CO-HIT ^ THUNDERS FROM THE SCREEN! Edward Small p.-t;rente /.JAMES FENSMORE COOPER'S SCOTT - BARNES • WILCOXON Feature Time: 12:00 - 1:56 - 3:52 5:46 - 7:44 - 9:40 IT'S A PICTURE FROM M-G-M STARS! EVERYONE HAS A FAVORITE SCENE! There's laughter, heart~'hrobs, romance for oil! BARRYMORE GARY COOPER 6EHE KELLY JANET LE10H FREDRIC MARCH WILLIAM POWELL GECP.GE MURPHY-KEEFE BRASSELLE JAMES WHiTrVlQRE • KEEfiAN WYNN NANCY D.V/IS-LEWiS STOKE n IN THE NEWS tv '• NEWS OF THE DAY BRINGS VGU A DRAMATIC PRESENTATION OF THE HIGHLIGHTS IN THE CAREERS OF THE LATE KING AND THE NEW QUEEN — A COMPLETE REEL OF HISTORIC SIGNIFICANCE. '

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