The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 24, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1930
Page 4
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Your home,') bolb inside and out,'prxuums .your taste, or casts reflections upon«it. Appropriate wallpapers froaj our • varied stocks give !]• decorative touch' that \ will reflect only credit!-: upon your home end you Rexall DiBfl Store tftABfcD OA* THIRVB8. EI *oo4 Po ^ice'Car Wettt In Dttcb - . a»d Rs*tteS Escaped. Locappollcs Sunday night failed to find any traeeof a stolen Studebaker car or the' men wno stole it from Elwood About 8 o'clock and were chased" to the-' east iedge of Tipton. . The theft of the car was discovered immediately and the ponce notified, Officers from that city took- up the chase and were gaining on the fleeing car when their auto went into the ditch hear the home of Omer Lee,'traction : motornian, just east of the city. ' •' I Police visited Sand Island asd investigated,'thinking the car had been stolen for joy riding and might, .be found there, but it was not located It is described as a red Studebaker four-door sedan. Members of Mr. Lee's'family assisted in getting the Eiwood police out of the ditch. It was hot damaged, and no one was hurt in the accident. i (Residence of lKr^s and Mrs. Brooks ttaauged Sunday. Fire discovered in the. roof of the farm residence - of Mr. and Mrs. Ed Brooks, residing three and' one-hair. miles southeast of -Windfall, Sunday morning, was extinguished by a bucket brigade hastily formed by members of the family and neighbors. When the fire was first noticed it had quite a little start in the roof and several neighbors were summoned by telephone and 'shouting. By quick prompt action the flames were extinguished but hot until a good sized hole was burned in the roof. Emergency Operation. HURT IN CHURCH PANIC. Several Cut, Braised in Excite' ment as Lightning Strikes. Daily Bible-'Quotation. LI * i If thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe iu thine jheart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. — Romans 10:!!. • . ;! • "Wanted: To buy a good used invalid-chair: mjist be in good condition. Bock-over Furniture Company. II ' c-149 Hard Coal far Br<»oder Phone 55. BURKHART & CO Vigo. Spain, March 24.—Several persons were cut and bruised yesterday in a panic after lighting struck the Roman; Catholic church in the village of Salceda, near here. The church was crowded with attendants at early mass. None was seriously -hurt Holt Before Baltzell. ; Oliu R. Holt, Kokonio attorney, and Ora Butler, former sheriff of Howard county, were in. federal court at Indianapolis and their attorneys presented an argument on a demurrer " to an indictment charging conspiracy, to bring about a violation of the prohibition laws. Judge Baltzell, who heard the argument, took the ! matter under advisement. ; Holt and Butler are charged with forming an organization to defend violators of the liquor laws in case, they were placed under arrest. The two are said to have charged a weekly fee from each person as a retainer in case they were in need of an attorney. James Steele, only son of Mr. and Mrs. Hugh/ Steele of Anderson went to Lafayette Saturday to spend the week end ' with friends and while attending a -show, was taken ill.,He managed Xo get to'his room and a physician was summoned, who,found 'him suffering from appendicitis. He was rushed to the hospital and an emergency operation was (performed Saturday night at 2 Jo'clock. The parents were spending the ;week end'with the former's sister, Mrs. Elijah Perry in 'Windfall. IThey were notified Sunday . of their son's illness and with Mr. 'and Mrs. Herbert Stout of Anderson, the latter a sister of James -and Mr. Steele went to'Lafayette Sunday and found the son getting along nicely. The father remained at' the hospital with the son. DBATH OF SISTER. " " • •'"'• '''-' / Sister of Mrs. A. H. Surface Died at Martinsville. Mr. and'Mm. Harold Henry and two children Keith and Kathleen of Sheridan -were the over Sunday guests of the former's parents, Mr. and . Mrs. Romeo Henry on North East street. Sunday evening all visited at the.home of Mrs. Romeo Henry's nephew, and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Larue Wallace, formerly of Sheridan, who have recently gone to housekeepingg on a farm southwest of Tipton on road 31. Mrs. A. H. Surface of East Madison street received word Saturday evening of the death of her - only sister, Mrs. Ida Keller Iwhich took N -place Saturday afternoon at her home near Mooresville. Death was-due to a complication of troubles from which she had been suffering, for several years. Her illness assumed a serious nature a week ago. Funeral .services were held Monday afternoon at the Mooresville Christian church, where she had long been one -of its roost faithful and active members. Burial was in the Mooresville' cemetery beside the husband Fritz Keller, whose death took iplace about five years ago. Besides Mrs. Surface the sister here and a brother Austen Cox of Cartersburg,. Mrs. Keller is survived by one son Howard Keller 'and wife who resided on the home farm with the mother. She was one -oil the splendid christian women of Mooresville, active in the community and was be- iloved by everyone. Mrs. Surface 'accompanied by Mrs. Dora Lindsay attended Wie funeral serv- • ices Monday. Mrs. Keller had visited often in Tipton with her sister and had many friends here who will regret to learn of her death. JUNIOR CORN CLTJB. To Organize Here By County As- sociation Tuesday Night. : The Tipton County Corn Growers Association headed by- David M. Smith, is inviting all boys and girls between ten and twenty years of age to attend a meeting on Tuesday evening, March 25 in Tipton.' Air who are interested in growing good corn will - please come to the Tipton Main Motor salesroom at 7:00 o'clock. Robert Amick of the Purdue Club Department will attend this meeting and assist in the organization of a corn club for Tipton county.* • • .' Parents are urged to attend and bring their sons or ' daughters, and to lend their assistance and co-operation. Remember the date and place, Tipton Main Motor rooms March-23, 7:00 o'clock. Help put Tipton county on the map with a real Junior corn club At the Diana. MAX, 108, TO WED. Tribune classiled ads pay. HUNDREDS /of THOUSANDS ['Serbian Butcher Regrets Third Bride, 80, Is' Not Younger. Prague. March 24. — Ibrahim Gayan, a-Serbian butcher, is to marry for thje third time at the reputed age of 108. Gayan's first marriage was 82 years ago. His only regret, he says,.' is that his latest intended bride is no younger—and she is only -30. , . Al (ended Funeral. Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wilburn and family northeast of Tipton were at Boxley Monday afternoon attending the funeral of William Rohrer, which was held at the Boxley Methodist church at 1:30 o'clock, and the burial which was at tbe Arcadia cemetery. Ramon Novarro, dressed in the handsome uniform of a lieutenant of Napoleon Bonaparte, making his escape from a firing squad; climbing into a beautiful young womau's bedroom; masqu- eerading as a fo^tmah; duelling his way to fame and fortune . .. . these are some of the sequences of "Devil-May-Care," Novarro's all-talking screen romance which will gpen Tuesday at the . Diana Theatre. ' : The new picture, adapted from the French play, "_La Bataille des Dames," is said to be a perfSct vehicle for the romantic Novarro. Makes Own Grave. Wilbur, Wash., March 24.— The story of a miner who eniled his life and buried himself at the same time was told here yesterday by Ben Olson, another minor who discovered the grave. Olson said he discovered the tragedy in an assessment claim near. Kellar. Herman Vogler, owner . of the claim, who had been missing since'IBIU winter, apparently placed several sticks of dynamite in the roof of the tunnel and then sat underneath until the fuse caps exploded them. The debris killed the man and covered the body. ri-i 3 -v New- Spring Shoes Shoes for all occasions—from sports to formal wear. Oxfords, step- ins and strap pumps, in all new combinations at prices remarkable so early in the season. $3.35, $4.95, $5.95 to $6.5© / SEE OUR WINDOWS FOR THE COMPLETE LINE (A Home Owned Store for 74 Years) WILL LIKELY REBUILD. Returned K iine. {ipbergerjHome Northeast Tipton May He Replaced. Rippetoe and family. Mr. Wells returned home during the past week. Funeral 4>f William Rohrer. or| Mrs. W. E. Wells, of West Ad jams st.reel, .'returned home Suu-i, , ,. .1 t . i day from.Connersyiile and Greens- It. was stated Monday that -in; ! all probability the residence on'' m,rs ' *h«e she had been visiting, the John Ripberger ,farm, north- j fpr several days. She was accom-j Funeral services, for William east of Tipton which was de-ipanied home by-her gjanddaugh--Rohrer, 63, whose death occurred stroyed by lire Friday afternoon | tor, Elizabeth Ann Rippetoe, of'early Saturday morning were would be rebuilt. The house' was j occupied by John Ripbcrger, Jr.,! and family who-lost considerable: Connersville, grandparents. who i will visit clothing, bedding and other articles in the lire. Insurance, of $2,000 was car-, ried on the house in the Farmers 1 Jir8, Mr. and Mrs. Wells were called jto Grensburg two weeks ago by the death of their sister-in-law, Carl Mitchell. They re- thej IleId at tlle Boxley Methodist church Monday afternoon and a number of Tipton county people were in attendance. Mr. Rohrer was a former resident of the Aroma community but died at his home north of Sheridan on the Interment was Attended Funeral. Mrs. A. Afanador of 724 North East street has returned home from Fithian, Illinois, where she had been called a few days ago by the death of her sister, Mrs. C. A. Cox, which had taken place at a hospital at Danville, 111. Mrs. Afanador remained until after the sister's funeral. Madison Democrats. All. Democrat voters and those who desire to affiliate with that party are asked to attend a mass meeting-of Democrats of ^Madison township to be held at New Km caster Thursday evening, March 27; at 8 o'clock". EARL WEAVER, Township Chairman. Pinched Finger. Ernest Rosenthal pinched the third-rfinger- > on - his -left hand Monday morning when a- stepladder folded on him; suddenly. He was - working at the Tribune and j^was i attempting' ':to>|pullthe - lad-, der through, an open .window. . Art Ketal flies and office fwrdtart; ^BrMijone PrJws.', 1 '-'hi w I'll Iiiiproveinent Continues. Mr. and Mrs. 'J. H. Tiviiibarger, accompanied by their sou Byron Tranbarger and family of Kokomo, motored to Rockville Sunday and visited' their, daughter Miss Bessie Tranbarger. Miss Tranbar^ ger who has been in, the Rockville sanitarium for some . time continues to improve and.her throat and chest troubles have completely cleared up. The physicians in- charge did not say when she would be released from the sanitarium but said her condition was very: satisfactory. Distinguished Student.' One student from Tipton county Garland L.Horton, Tipton, a senior m the school of agriculture is one of 234 students on the-Dis TTiiguished' Student list or honor roll at Purdue University for the last semester, according to .the list as announced today - by Presi dent E;-C. Elliott.: Approximately six percent of the entire student body achieved this honor, which parries; with' itithe referendum of certain registration fees totaling $25 per student. „ . mnined a for few days with. Mrs. Insurance Company of tins conn-;^. I)rot]ie] . Jfr mu *z\\, be-! Jerkwater Pike w " low !fore'goirig-to Connersville to visit in the Dunkard cemetery at Arof John Ripberger, Sr., had about: ... .... „ R „„J,-„ ! -with-their daughter, Mrs. E. L.'-cadia. $100 worth of clothing nnfi miior} ^ • articles destroyed. This is also; covered hy insuancc in the'Farm-' ei-s Company. (leargo Hcrron, secretary ot '•• the'Farmers Insurance Company was adjusting the loss Saturday and it is likely that work on a new building will start* soon. Mr. and Mrs. Ripberger have taken temporary quarters in the ; house of-the old Peter Garsl farm in the same neighborhood! ; FEUDIST DIKS OF WOUNDS. Louisville .Salesman Shot Home of Jeft'ersoi'iville .Man. Louisville, March 24—-Another echo of the feudist days was silenced here with the deatli of Louis W. Hatfield, ago thirty-! five, Louisville musical iiistrti-! ment salesman and descendant of! the feudist family bearing. his' ; name. ' ! Clark & Miner Company, Inc. Abstracters, Real Estate and Insurance If you have property to sell or trade, we would like to handle it for you. If you want a home, see us. We have some good, property to sell or trade. . See us if you want to buy pr sell farm land, large or small, we can handle them. Come in and let us take care of your mortgage exemption. CLARK & MINER CO., be. C. \V. RAMSAY. Pres. Court House. T. 1!. BARTHOLOMEW, Sec.-Treas. Phone No. 6. MOSCOW RELEXTS. - Drastic Orders Retracted . Peasants Are Pleased.' and; Dohcny Acquitted. ^Washington, March 24.— Ed-, ward.-L. Dohehy, the: 73ryear -old oil^operator, w ,as acquitted in the District of Columbia Supreme Court: Saturday r on the charge bf bribing Afbert V. Fall • Secretary of the anterior in the Harding Cabinet, ^irith T S100,000 to infiu- } ence tiuj lease of the .Elk. 'vali.oll:reserve to.the-Pan-Ameri- can}?p|rrbljuira|!,' and Transport; TGotapanyv;"afeDoh»ny'corporation. \ Clf4lihCCrsll employed at;the NiUnl Plat*, riepot who has been: > S ^|^» r (QjHssM»| r days, suHerjl Moscow, March- 24.—iMuch sat-| isfaction was expressed- in all j quarters yesterday over the de-i. cree issued by the central execti-' tive committee of -the soviet nn- : ion .Saturday night ordering im- 1- mediate corroctipn of the prac- 1 tice of distrauehising certain i categories ot citizens, evicting i • them from.their homes, and even : exiling them. - * • • : j - The decree was interpreted jby.i many as-meaning that Russia's Last Showing Tonight Shows at 7:00 and 8:45 Admission: 10c and 25c. JAMES MURRAY and KATHRYN CRAWTORD in "The Hideout" ALSO COMEDY AND MOVIETONE TUESDAY; WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY i i/l communist rulers have definitely embarked upon a policy of mod- UC| oration toward those who heretofore were regarded irreconcilable class-enemies. ' - - . After Two Jobs. Two:.. automobiles "--were '• delivered to the Tipton 'Main'.'Motor-, Co-Monday 1 ;for purchasers^ Mrs..-.C.* W. Mount 'drove ; tack from Indianapolis a New ' Ford coupe.-for delivery to a- purchaser In.the ,.:Sharp8villo .commanity:and jpon-;Coffln;:- manager 'and Joe De- Passes drove: back "d new- Ford 'truclr 'pf \t, '"tW capacity which Mr.' DePasse, piircbase'd ; for T fir» *ak.ery :.-.,^*f'^ :. - ^ i.-.i? " MfV|,{Coffln" • s(ates -that; »^toji ^ The screen's, first spectac- l^iar »inus(cal' romance—a Ifpiaure that.wur establish • IsM ^-^oli^'^ %«^^Mrwwo 's fcstl

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