Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 17, 1969 · Page 13
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 13

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1969
Page 13
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Opportunity Knocks Every Day In Fact^ Classified Ads Notes from foreign news cables •r MIL NIWSOM Windoir on llie W«rld: Nentnl IndoduM: Precidcat Bidnrd M. Mzw b TirtnaBjr certain to be adnd br Prarideat Ctariei de GiaUe to' sappott his can C M - the nentnlizitim of Indochina (inpecttnt factor in liif 196 jdectiaB vitii lier tooct on the Mitipaiyi piatfonn and ber] smilet. Ite oppoaitioB ii attaddne bcr pet tnjtd, a tsj oilliOB cutatral center, aa a "wasteful misnse «< jnUie faais." The fampaJBi eoaid backfire because Filipinns consi* ih. tmn UMAMS^ MA --rf!**' unmanneriy to fait a ladyj fln^'• «^ sednsion of the MMon diaiean outside Paris. Speaidns before tiie FYencfa di|4omatic press FOiac U M vMam: Diplomatic aaoreea !a say the Sonet Wan viB «Ar Umited anns and eeoooinic lid to South Yemen. II Britidi ooioqr of Man. Briti* power U beiflC wiibdmrn east of Suet aod Is KaviBK a splendidly dettieped base atj Aden at the foot «f (to Bad Sea. With the rMpenii« of Ibe Su«i Canal a tatked^fpeasOaity and Ihc (roviii^ poivcr of Sorictj Aahn navtf forces. Adsa would provide an ideal power base. Communist harassment: Western diptomats in Loadon ; expect increasing barassmeat of coipa bst week. IiVracn Beriin's hifhway and raOroad Uinister MicM Debre sail Doacoess routes as Cbmmnnist Gaulle's sotation was the ooiy;,epnsals tor holding West! cne capable of restonnc peace; GernMo presidential elections in I xoncc ro anasns io Vietoam. The sdieme out- west Beriin. But ttey do «•<*! '«SS SSSCSTSaS-' lined by De GauUe in MS caDs 'bdiere tfae communistB wiU nmliSSifumfM sSSSi ObtiKt M s <m for tfae nentralizatioa of all of j, major showdown by •ctaarg««J|«- o^g^ CLASSIFIED RATES Miniawa 2 liain. S nrnft to IM ih^M Igtm ana i t Vim tuo tiM w 3 LiM* iM ZU 3M * mm iM iA i» S UM* US MO S linn UZ ca T Unit Ui S .0» »» i Lines .... 2.U iJi lost • UtMi IM tM UM UUn«s . zn 7Ja 1X29 b» tl» IIM - »«* I liMM on Raaucst 10 For Rent A—APARTMENTS raRRiSHOS—QTBfOKVr CloM in. S3S mentlb SIDE GLANCES ratcf. *M snd up. (lUUtm i CMWrwi tMMooM. RZ^SIS. iWMt P»hn. AVL 1 WTH A STR" 73MM4 CLASSIFICATION INDEX « fcx* toctaiM Found i^BoD Parker, Real Estate Nnenais • — - Spocial NotiM* S3 «J.*r-.:;; STK.— -Mountlin RontK* Won tod to Ront •tnom Spot Uiisicol tratrumonti ... Roil Esau Loon* to Loan .. i .. « .. 13 .. 11 37 E. Olivo A»e. WiRtHESTS- Unfumishod 2 tMdroofn. now car-, . petinz. tlU. P OOL air conditicninft! i .1 and laundry. Adults, no oats, im Palmbrook. N.W. cofiMr and Ash. 79 ^^sat. PATIO APIS. ' 1] 2 liedrooms. Carpeting, drapes. ' 15 and rXritcraior. Larn c ' 2K patio siidinc doois nnfo .1 use of military foive against the city. Indodiina. Red (3iina Bole: De GraUe believes ConinQ- ly f #• nist China most pUy a nde in, f 0/6/1'/AO tfae final ff^^^tTmrt of the . Vwiaam conflict, and is sending fBOBOTBr his top Vietnamese affain expat to Peking as the new DES PLAINES. IIL (UPI)-A French ambassador. Be is| St Valotine's' day daughter was bom Friday at Hdy Family Hospital in this Oiicago subutb. Mrs. Rita &Iarin. who along «ith ber mother. Mrs. Stella Juskieiez, were bom on Valentine's Day. gave birth to a daughter Friday. EtioM IbMch. outrtinc bead of (be Foreign Ministry AsU desk, who mn tdce with him a detailed knowledge of tfae military and diplomatic issues in tfae Vietnamese conflict He has kept in fontfaiit touch with an tfae delegatioK to tfae Paris •aikf and played aa instrumental part m preparaliaas far the parity. Food drop Not Very Chivalrous: j SINGAPORE As poUtiod debate in tbejus.., PhUippmes heats up m prepara-,.^ , . . tion for tfae November presiden-'^W*'' a ton of food to U.S. (UPI)-A Bri- cargo plane Army satellite tracking technicians on remote Diego Garcia Uw AMiaiaBt »mHa- tOn OOleti. S Woat Im- •oBla Amnt. aaAaads. Callfanila, untu Ui* 3rd dar of Mardk ISSS. at '*» pm. at which tiow aaa piseo EUCT M C TTrXwjuTXlU Kacfa DM ihaU bo aada out oa a form to ba oMattad at «ha oOleo of tho AaMant aiiii liliiiliiil at mr tn» _ br a coftUM or parable to iha oner or a atitfaetecy bM bead la tnm or tho ted br the Mddar aa principal and cooipaBjr latittMtaiT to tbe noard e( CducaUaa aa nraUr ta an aaoant not laia than S» t* the bid: aald check ar bead Ml be dTca ai a soataaiao that the Mddcr vm cncsta the eeatnet It it be awarded to hioL Die (oretBiac Boai^ o( said School OKtriet leaerraa the riiht to tejKt *nr or au Mda ar walm aar infomaUtr la a bM. No bidder mar wlUidraw hia bid lor a period of thirtr OOi dar< attar ttte date let for the openlaa UMreof. Br order of the Gonralof Board of Rcdlaadi Unlllad acheoi Otsttiet of Saa Beraardiao Couatr. Dated at Bcdiaada. CaUforaia. this nui dar of rebruarr. UM. A. R. SCaULTZ. JB.. Clerk of aaid GoranUac Board. — Trust Doads Busincu Opportunities Incanw Property •oac^-Mountain Sales Industrial Property Lola and Acreaco .... Real Estate Excnanies.- Grans and Ranches . . R«al Estate Wanted . .. Oomniercial Property ... Houses for Sala , _ Jins kitchen and living room, doso to U. 01 R. on auiat siraet Unlur- n.thed. S12J. 920 Stillman. 792-07M. NEW YORK ST. APIS. 25 Ne>^ York St. Vv- Apt. 8 TM-0756 Ccmolelely redecorated. 2 anj 3 Badroom Apartments J12S and i\n per nwntn. . 50 . 51' :i; » r::rftousls" — i WMSbM, un/umlshed. Carport ABBREVIATIONS water paid. W Nonroed. Readable and undentandablo ads 1 BEDROOM cottage, partially iur- pnoielo graatar rasuits. The use oti nistied. No chiMran or pets. SSO a any ozcopt standard abbrsviatiens ini month. T)l-K22l. Cla »Si«y MMrtjaamonts hittho rSEBRBOM <um!shed house in Men- •eanoim,, therofom „enl> ^Standard tone. $60 a month, utilities paid. Abbcooiatlens are auther&dd. I Adults, no pets. TW3». ______ NEW collage, furnished, private, wall ERRORS to wall carpet, gas lights, yard Whw* an error Is made on the part, care, maid service. Lots of cup- a( Iha Radtands Daily Facts, and tne boards. Employed adults only. J90 Facts is notified by 9 axi. day foj- 1 one. »100 two. 797-M75. Redlonds Daily Fads Mondoy. Feb. 17. 1969 -J3 55 Hwaes for Sile "Tell him to be sure to book us on ont of their mora delicious fl^!" flV emVk—A bedroom. t^-^S. zm sq. ft Family room, racreation South of the Border Spinish style heme with 2 bedrooms and den. Attractive B-B^ In back. A real buy at $16 ,000. Garden Setting on Garden St. Nice two bedroom with separate din- in room (or family room), central hallway, fireplace in. nvins room. Be sure to see this at S22,50a Corner Lot •A bednjoms, 2 bath home in lovely low-traffic araa. Built-in bar. Attractively landscaped. Life of luxury for msKO. Bob Parker, Realtor 37 E. Olive 793 -aU Open till 7 JO TU WlOl OPEN SUNDAYS DO YOU HAVE... In-Laws? Teen-Agers? College Students?.. JMtins fiijt Insertio'a.earrectiori will ba made and the ao will be run ••»Rri«a-«i2SI?'.»: , 2 Dally Facts will not ba raiaonsible for mere than ono in- corract insertion. I "PRIMrCOCATION- bedroom with den, Wi baths. 15 Bargain Spot CANCELLATION drapes, carpeting, fireplace and air Q _ FURNITURE conditioning, on landscaped comer y .u .iTjittv ^ D^Fi^irniurLDiNcs—i KfdinT'.S ^-."SS: Binair^ (20. uo. ,2T?'IS!2;*,J?i?'!I!?f2 ^*2iCennEftC 'AL building. RedSSSI bTiiiS Wrth miiror; KO. MIseat lay be made until ? ajn. of | lj2 pj^t. 7S2-4611.I laneous items. 515 Unda Place. E-MISCELLANEOUS publicatkin. II made after 9 ajn.. cancellatien will be made lor tha fol- lowil wing day. .. ^ ^ 1? WantpH fft RMt.UaW HEAb SKiS - Mow on sale. V^-H oH. E I K II ad placed must be publishMj 13 WaniCfl IP ncni'tcaw , pratt Bf<».. 651 E. Citrus Ave. Nonce TO No. tial eiectians, opponents of, President Ferdinand E. Marcos, „^ are expected to zero inilsland in the Indian Oceani superior court of the Steu of call- increasingly on the Philippines'jFnday. the Royal Air Force! ^^Jor the county of sen Ber- first lady, Imdda R. Marcos.(reported today. The AmeHcansibute at Mrs. Marcos, a fbnner beauty 1 radioed for food when the ship; »- AUHH»C« E. WIUJAMS. JK. one tme or there will ba a type set ling cost of SLOO. 3 OR a BEDROOM older home. South~ —' east Redlandt. 793-1731. DEADLINES ROOM in private home. CalFTK^ZHI Private party ads-4jO pjn. ^ »""• : preceding puDlication. ic «S ?iafi2l-' ""^ •^"-15 Bargain Spot FUft Restyling. Sbles made. SiTiip: ig. Years of ex- itomia St, Yu- queen, is admitted by husband to have been an j failed to make its delivciy. ber;that normally supphes them L AWRENCE Z. WILUAMS. JR.. I DeceaMd. NOTICE IS RBBEBV CIVXN to tha 'leradltora of the above aaaiad de- I cedent that aU PHONE 793-3221 Daily 1 :00 a.m. ta 5 p.m. 1 :00 a.m. to 12 Noon Saturday 'A —AUTOMOTIVE •BTSCBWista Cruiser 4-Door Wagon.; ^ Auto- power steering and brakes, Cleaning and eiaain perience. ll«92Cali caipa. 797-2201. Repossessed 196S Singer Sewing machine. Zig zags. blind hems, monograms, overcasts and appliques. Payments >5 month. Call Mr. Hammit for free homo inspaction. 793-2901. RUTf ^-VEOETABLES 55 Hones for Sale BEAT Inflation. Invest in this lovely 3 badnom, 2 bath home, on corner lot and racaiva Incomt from smaller guest housa^with its own private drive and ««!Sajf »(^M »7 oitras. By owner. 522000. 792-4997. PRIME LOCATION 2 badioem and dan, Wi baths, complete with drapes, carpeting and fireplaca, air conditioned, double ca-port and brick wall patio- Vi acre comer lot. beautifully landscaped with fruit trees and flowers. S2fM0 with 10% down. Ovmer will finance. 792-3621$5,500 Here's the answer to your housing problems. A very livable, modem, 4 bedreom, 2 bath home PLUS a cczy 2 room and bath guast housa with complete privacy. Smiley-Cepa School District FHA Financing. <25,50a Now You Can Buy On FHA or VA Terms This lovely custom built home In a most desirable southslde location. 3 bedrooms, two baths, plus den with used brick fireplace. Built -in range, oven, dishwasher and rafrij- erator. Quality wall to mil carpeting over beautiful hardwood floprs. lots of fruit and shade frees. Low down. Only »25 ,7M or NO DOWN to qualified veteran. VIRGIL J. SIMS 18 W. Citrus Realtor 793-2777 factorvairr^io heater. Lie No! ORANGES^^^lOneTJlOO per box. 2 bedroom homo on R-2 lot 45x146. " ' " Ei-j. and Sunday TWSM. S27M^' . . 1336 w. Highland Ave.. 792-1526. | Close In to town. Owner will teke payrene sTi^n Wanda Griffiths •y Dick TwMr 1 Lost and Found SSS?to*^ile''lhli^I*Sth'lhe"^^ LOST - Set of keys. San T.nwteo l^y^S^^SlhTStS! rtthi I _ Owyon-Barton Rd. area. 792-409- eierk of tlie above entitled court, or i LOST — Charm bracelet tn vicinity of teWmt tltmTwitt tte Mowurr Martiet Basket Reward. 792-33S2 voudwrs. to the widersHned at thel before V. office of Bex W. Craamer. aoi East State Street BedUads, California, which is the plaee of kuslaeu of the undersifaed in all natlen pertaining to the eaUte of leid decedent wlthiB fear neaOu after FOR SALE — Antigua sofa, Hoosier the firrtpubUcaUea •( this BOUce. r cabinet excellent condition. Dolls. Dated February 13. IMS. . miscellaneous. 796-9071 301 HATFIELD BUICK E. Redlands Bh«l. C-PETS-ANIMALS •67 BWdrcillt -GS. power steering. i^^flS.te B M.I L*M ^ JSS U? air. good condition. 792-1307^ ; !,?ri *ni2 i5S'n» 7«5n7 ' •-a-TeRiS%mriS -sor2To5brT5rtt55 BolTbr ™rS-^< uji »„in lyiwcr KtMr ne and BOSTON Bull, male, 10 m< tlOOO down and carry the balance '-m-^iK I have tha key, better hurry on Mgrtha Fcuch this ono. I 792-3013 792-5170 Elsie Webber 792-g500 792-4696 Roy Buchez 79 *5ir 797-4 V -a. aulo., power steering and . brakes, factory air, tinted glass. radio, heater, white walls. Lie No. RRW 438. $2099. "fE » HATFIELD BUICK ISiTJlti " 301 E. Redlands Blvd. 793-3238 792-0519jir _j months, nii maridngs. Make offer. 797 -6266 -4486. -EARL JOHNSON, Realtor $ITooo' 40S E. Redlands Blvd. *' ' '"^^ loving, gentle 7»«ao Cocker Spaniel. 1-4383. ' I 2 Personals •M~AUSTIN HEALY. excellent" condi- • K — GARAGE SALE tion. 793-«24. |(SSfiSGE ""SALE~Forced to sell every- JACK WILUAMS. Mrator of Ibe Ute of tho abeva named REX W. CBANMn. Attorney at Law. 306 East Bteic Street RedUnda, Callferaia. Telephone: 7W 3iH. Atumcr for Administratar- (Fiist publicatioa Feb. 17. U8Ri 65 BUICK Wildcat 2-Ooor Hardtop. V-8. auto., power steering and brakes, factory air. Lie. No. HUS 827. J2199. HATFIELD BUICK 301 E. Redlands Blvd. 793-3238 •62 RAMBLER classic wagon^ Auto- thing. Tools, all kinds- Beds, chairs, old radios, phonograph, wire recorder, and antiques — all kinds, refrigerator, gas stove. TV, hardtoa boots IS), antioue desk. Trailer house. 5100. 32291 Ave. E. Yucaipa. 797-0027. L-MOTORCYCLES •66 BD I CK GS 2-Door Hardtop. V*i___ _^ ^ , automatic, bucket seats, console, prepared by' ooti„_ Ociorv air. radio, heater, lop mechanical condition. 792-7876. Lie. No. GLA 225. 52499. a =S=^=S =S 301E. R .ilSi5i ^!:iVn3-3238; 47 liiconie Property ! INCOME Tax Returns , ^ I reglslefed tex consultant 797 -5482. 1 I nrftS—Cleaning and glazing, relinihg. \ remodeling. Stoles, hats. repairs. KOraCB TO CBBBITOBS No. 3»N Superior Ceort of the State of Call- f emia. far tiM Caoatir tt Baa Bet- aerdlao. EtUte of CBABLBS 8. RUMT. Deeeaeed. KOnCB IS HEBEBT GIVEN to the creditors of the above named decedent that an pinani havlac claims against the said deeedeat are required to toe them, with tha oeces- •arr veudiefs. la the ofOee of the derk of the above eatltled court or to present then, with the necessary wndierk to the «in«ersi»icd at the office of Beaton S. Bnaan. 30* E. SUte St. Bedlaads. Callt vrm. - -eling. _ _ or collars made. 792-7140. TaUR "T2~European countries Summer, congenial group, expen „ •& FORD >j ton. long wheel"base.; — tins r^HliMt ^nnrfiflnn incirl* unrt nuf. < rTT^ congenial group, experi-, . enced,;vide, ECONOMY $ Evenings, •s. Excellent condition inside and out. gy QWN ER — Rialto, XJy)}<)<^^-^*LSS!^'S:^^LjniVa, ,f^t„S extras, mo 8 units with Income tlOW) a 797.6576. "FORD kSirtang 2-Door Hardtop-; JJJf. 'ti5.00O 'do»ni. Trida 'for Ml" auto., bucket seats, povrer, 874-1547. which is the placo at bniiaeee tt the undersigned in aU aiatters penaln- inc to the csUte of said decedent within four months after the first publicatioa of this notice. Dated Jan. 30. Itti. ALEXANSEB C ANKBSON 3IARCABEr E. ANDERSON*. Ezeeutara of the Will of sonable- "Bob" DeWitt HXmTENXNC'ETIectri'cian, 35' years experience. 2 days week only, semi- retired. 7W-8182 C9N~wants private duty nursing — home or hospital — night or day. Excellent references. 797-0027. V-8. . steering and brakes, factory air. vinyl top. Lie Na RHL 495. J1999. HATFIELD BUICK 301 E. RedlandsBJvd. ^3-3238 i •£3~B"lJrcK~Riviera. Excellenf^condi-; tion. Full power, stereo. 51400. 792-67SZ •67~0"PEL RSITJ -Ooor. 4 speed, radio, heater. VUL 328. $1999. HATFIELD BUICK 301 E. Redlands_BJyd. _ 793:3238 50 Lots and Acreage 4 Employment Wanted YARD clean up wanted. Call Joe or Dave Torres. 792-4706 or_792-9337. CE*Ti*TEO teacher wiirtulor in reading or elementary subjects. 792-5709. tXPERT'CARPENTRY Call Bill at 792-0375 ^. --^z—. . _ „, , PAINTING — A -1 worRmanshio. rof -59 cAD Fleeti«od"4-door sedan. Ex-;M Baal FctltC WMlCd sonable- "Bob" DeWitt 793-372t_ . ceiient condition. Private oarty.JJ nCBI MIBIC WHICH 792-4677. BUSINESS LOT Excellent comer, loth- and State, bordering Redlands Blvd. Will really sacrifice for quick sale. 792-41(1. CASH FOR EQUITY We pay cash for the equity In your home. Bob Parker Real Estate 793-2914 TOWN SQUARE DEVELOPMENT CORPORATION Real Estate Sales MULTIPLE LISTII«G SERVICE REDUCED $1^ 793.2291 4 bedrooms, a lovely fainily home, close in to markets. Completely chain link fenced. Small down and easy monthly payments. Vacant and ready for occupancy. 6 Help Wanted tbe aba\« niimeirdecedent LADY to live-in, some driving, light "Th. bo,.' cold is better tod.y ... h.'. making a list V^^- ^^^^^^rtZ^'^iF^'- of suspecte as to who might havt given it to himl" cut. Shrubs Aatwer ta f rcneat hula ACBDSS IShnibiaed 10 Mart bind (flang) MAdjectiv* suffix IS Strong Vi ^ind bronze 17 Artful UDeprested 'Unoaeniaia aOnthissidt 22Everfnm Arab SSCandlenut tice 2B Soviet oil center 31 Goddess of 32 Distress Msoal 33 Grow old 34 Thin SSMake 38 Slight iUp «llMrteB MShrabefpw fanuly 47fiieivate «Ea (oorab. ibnn) so Open by Veidi 51 Greek goddess e{ dawn SZIadrridtiab 53 Departs 54 rate SSMakelacc 57 Tombs DOWN IStegt 2Scepter 3 PreiMsitiiill 4 Phial SUncatmy (var.) 6 Attempt 7Ve>etian of&dals SCityin Al^ria 9 Town in Ontario 10 External covering UUisculin* nickname 13 Ethiopian title 17Pen{orpigs 18 Expires 20 Australian ratitebiid 21 Region (poet) 23 Ignited again 24 Neat and compact 25 Tree 2SLow,asacaw 27 Poisonous seipent aSBasebaUdub 29 Turkish dignitary 30 Snun cask 34 Plant part 35 Together (comb, form) 38 Mouth part 39 Brag .41 Roman date 42 At any time 43 Varangians 44 Pouch 45 ofcolots 46 Greek theaten 47 Spoiled, like mUk 48 Cruising 51 Breakfast item . 52 Poetic form Redlands. rrVT. 7«3.47U. Attaroey for Kncutors. (First publlcettoh Feb. 3, l»«l NOnCE or •lABWG OK rcTt- TlOX FOB PROBATE OF WIU, AKO FOB UnSBS TBtTAMEMTABr M«.3n4« la Ibe Susariar Oeutt et tba Stale of Califorala. la and far Ike Cauaty of saa aeematdlM. IB the matter of tba Xstato eC AKraOB P. MvnAT. Oeeeaaad. Xotiea ia'kecalw flvea that tha petitloa •( Balaa BayleF «ar tbe Rebate of wm et Arthur P. Matray the above aanwd deeedeat and for the isenaaee e( Lattera Teataneatary thereon 1* Helea atyler. peUtleaer. rcferenca to wtdch la hereby nada for further aarticalan. wfll be beard at 9:30 e'dadc ajo. ea Mntary 28. IMt. In the eeart ream of tbe Probate Departneal. Kaem 3M of the abeva eatltled Court at the courthouaa In tha City et Sen Bernardino in the above desfcoated •57~BUICK Wildcat 2-Door. V -3. automatic, power steering and brakes. XJK 936. $2699. HATFIELD BUICK u-,,,., 301 E. Redlands Blvd. 793-3238 BOD rarKOr 1966 VW Sedan. $1450. AM 'FM radio. 37 E. Olive Ave. Less than 24.000 f ,1iles- Phone ssss^==9e!^S^BBsai •H-pdNTlAC^Cal'aTinaTDoqr sSfiiT 53 Real Estate Wanted Automatic. o :iwFr steering and ^=sa=^—^=aa^e brakes. 89A. $1399. HOUSE in Redlands to $15,000. Cash. HATFIELD BUICK No slab floors. 797-7607. 797-6448 Ml E. Redlands Blvd^ 793-3238 • . .»'ter3p_m. •t^NCmper on 65 8 cylinder. CASH IN A FLASH .C APABLE Bookkeeoer/Secreury for Chevy. Air conditioned. .Power NET CASH — ALL CASH nig« o«iee. Rodffnds Airtwt Mr. steerHjc. automatic transmission. , ^^t^^w »n^^»LU^ ^ Odom. Appointment only. 794-2314. 799-154?. -,, c-it. tfelinouent payments fUa -TIM?feusekeeper, tSperiehced. •©-BI/lCK Sportr *agon Automatic, °^',Ji„t"i'mm1dJate'?.'cSS raferencas. Must drive own car. | factory ajr. wwersteenng and accepted. , 793-4460 evenings and weekends. 1 brakes. NFW «S. $2»9. PARTHENON BUILOEHS. Inc. I MEOICAL S^ta^,.ExprrfS [^rfo;r!^, , ^JiJJJiELO BUICK . . _ . Sweetheart Sparkling clean. 2 large bedroorns, large paneled living room with fireplace. Beautiful tile bath with shower. Large pantry, wall to wall carpeting, drapes and curtains. Nice bright kitchen, cooling, new garage. The price — J15,50a «lu- able lot Walking distance to shopping. Cope-Smiiey Located across from beautiful; school area — a charming 3 bed-' • " room home, large living room with beautiful green and blue carpeting. Tile kitchen with breakfast bar, dining room, utility room. This home is immaculate and a pleasure to show. Full price $13,500. Small down. Heap 6' Living 4 bedroom and large family room, 2Mi baths. Near Smiley-Cope schools. Very attractive stone fireplace, wall to wall carpeting, large enclosed rear yard with timed automatic sprinklers, shake roof. Refrigerated cooliir end forced : air heating. Ideal Iscation lor the I entire family. Excellent terms avail- I able. Wanda Hale 126 W. Colton Realtor 793-247S ; Eve. Dudley Owen 792 -018S Smiley Heights, this real sharp 3 bedroom, 2 bath home has been itductd way betow FHA appraisaL Owner wilt FHA or will consider 2nd to qualified buyer. The paneled family room Is separate from tha test of the living aiaa. The spacious kitchen has built-in Chambers appliances and nod eating area. Yard is well landscaped, sprinklered, and fenced. There is a cozy covered patle and carpets and drapes throughout Call us today as it will sell fast at the new price of 4g*9X I W«st State Street Day or Nite 793-2841 Lois Lauer 793-I2M Bonnie Rook 793-1308 Helen Johnson 792-CI46 - Pat Newnham 792-7122 Mary Poole 792-2197 Lea Platz 792-9100 II 7 a • L n 12 n r, J J county Dated Feb. 10. lt«. V. omns WABOLC aerk. Mr a/ wm Houghton. OevutF Clerh. WOLIAX J. CUUtlC. JB.. 33249-A TUealpa KvC, Yucaipa. Calit. AUoniey far PcUtleaer. (First Pohilcatlea Fkb. 11. UMI 9439 Sierra Ave- Fentana 8234276 or 875-3140 collect _„ _ HATFIELD BUICK J^^jSMl"^"' :f^dl .Si ^F -«-spbi.«--:! SERVICE SiatJim attenaantTFOTfiSe: j •^'<A V^?'"^ "^J; ' tt H M.*.. f.P Caia gSlS *"rh .n*=gSW?aa^ ^ gl.*^'„„L'%.s?A ""^ "^"'iSS Houses for Sale • - - BeaiS^L___ -irvw-rH^^^^ "sTTBookkeeper NOD M7^»U9?.„.._ I.... Jii?;*"*, pcrienced. Yucaipa Ka - - - light.bookkeeping, helpfuL Must be , area. Write Bos 1129, Yucaipa. 'hiib^-madi t« t«««tFurnl»hed, Swrtiv^Tbedroom du- LoVAJJNDA NOnCB or BBABRO ON TlOX FOB PBOBATC OF WILL AND FOB LBTTEBS TSSTAMBNTABr No. 3n» In the Superior Court of Iha State of California. In and far the County of San Bernardino. In the matter of tbe Estata of AUCtlSTA KENNBOT. Deceased. Notice Is hereby glveo that the peuuon tt Nlaa Sbamaode for the Probata of Will e( Auanta Kennedy, the above naned^ decadent and for the laeiieaea of Letters Testameatarr thereea ta Itlat Slm- monds, petltiener, reference to which is particulars, will be heard at 8:30 e ^dock am. oa February 38tb. 1968, in the court room of the Probate Oepertmeat Boaes aes of the above cntiilaC Osot at hooM la tbe City of S dino In the above Mgaalad county and state. •""•"^Oertt PAUL a WILSON. CUAY P. WUMN, Automatic Transmission repair man with Ford Motor Co. experience preferred. See Jim Haney. JIM GLAZE, INC. Lincoln - Mercury 420 W. Redlands Blvd. Automobile Salesman GOOD DEMO PLAN SMALL SALES FORCE SELL NEW-USED See Bob McMillan or Jim Glare No Phone Calls JIM GLAZE, INC. Lincoln - MTercury Dealer 420 W. Redlands Blvd., Redlands HATFIELD BUICK 'BEAUTIFUL area, view, 2 story white 301 E. Redlands Blvd. Z ?%3?M| brick colonial, 4 bedroom. ZVi •a • MEhCURY Colony Park Wagon. Automatic, factory air. power steering, brakes, seats. HUS 333. $1899. HATFIELD BUICK 301 E- Redlands Blvd. 793-3238 baths. 2600 sq. ft Many extras. A very special house. $42,000. 797-7321 after 4 p .m. or weekends. Redlands Wh0H°a"lt? Puick 'Relerence Directory to Business Household and Professional Services Ofity $8 ptr month buys o minimum, 2 -line od in fhis directory Call 7*3-3221 fcr further infermatton • Air Can nifif - HMting •63 OLOSMOBILE Super 88 2-Daor Hardtop BURGESON'S # Lennaa * Day 4 Night • Fodders : Sales and Service; Call 793-3185 ™* JELL'S 792-1849 G.E. - Payne - Worthington Since U«*—Service —AH Makes 394 cu. in. V-8 with automatic, power steerins. brakes and windows, fee- tory air. Mechanically sound but 18 W. Citrus needs new rubber. Low Blue Book Sy OWNER LARCE 3 bedroom, 2 baths. Texas. 783-1753. gY~5vvN£R— 4 bedroom, near Saga's. $23.000. 5t>^ loan. 792-1349- • fiuViWG - SELLINS - HENffSS"^ I j flntlauai VIRGIL J. SIMS. P^LTOR^ * *^ ^^^^^^ ^- !ly custoffl~2 bad- 1 Cut Glass-China - Furniture • Class 'EVERYTHING IN GLASS." Redlands Glass House. 510 Orange. 792-5623. • Hardwart and AppHaiKSS 10 For Rent A-APAKTMENTS »J6, FURRISREB: Olive. 792-2368. DUPLEX — Excellent condition. 315 l966 17 ft CoachmanTlelf-contained. Bond St 792-3907. l >sdroom. is $700 . . . THArs THE PRICE!: room, den, on Elizabeth Crest New- Call 792-9604 after 6 p.m. ly redecorated. Magnificent view. •64~T;BIRD"^2;Dd<)r~'Hardtop. Auto^ Owner transferred. 834,70a TK-aiW. malic, full power, factory air. KDT r ^EBBCOM, 2 baths, oak floors,, 699. $1699. Insulated, view, patio, large level! HATFIELD BUICK - I lot carpet drapes. Fireplace. Near ;(2« Taaas 301 E. Redlands Blvd. 793-3238 Country Club. 417 Beverlv Dr. I . - i__ »__..__ •?rTmE9fireT«iriHr 's 's7"coH^rti: i a^j-naitea _ ^ h.n...|'w Aaawarim aerviea ble. power steering, and brakes,, buill-ins, carpeted, drapes, fence, bucket seatv TAK 926. $1499. i $19,600. $2,000 down, assume SV «"4 ,.. _ HATFIELD BUICK loan. Shown by appointment onh>.!-i. a..i- n :. 301 E. Redlands Blvd. 793-3238 ' 793:3698. mm w^wr B^TTRAILERS-MOBILE 4 BEDROOM. 3 _batn. custom, hotne. IMPERIAL HARDWARE !l9 E. Citrus 793-2917 !• Jewelry Mtg.-Repair lALDEN JEWELRY-Mfg & Repair, IOC I Orange. 10 a.m.-4 p.m. 793-4078. !• Maying and iterate REDLANDS VAN * STORAGE !l955 Industrial Park 792-714g Tuna^la. Air Cendltlonlnr. Brakes I* Mufflers JtEBuNOS AUTO ELECTRIC (ALSO exhausts - tail pipes. 792-4975. 792-4776 Guaranteed for life of your car. Yucaipa Tum -eff • Aiile«leetrte 792-7209 MERCUMY ANSWERING SERVICE 47 E. Vine 793-2901 Royal MuHler. 601 N. Eureka. • Office Machines - Furniture FURNISHED. 1 bedroom. Garage, c _ APPLIANCES ^WIJ I M " '^""""^ "'-^"irR-ierD-SlRE gas dryer, like ne^$7i: J<L«3-4586, 792-6761. IRENT A REFRIGERATOR RANGE OR WASHER HARLOWS 796-0121 DURRELL ARTS. 2350 sq. ft Outstanding view, acre landscaped lot Dining room, family room, large living room. $49.7*; 7»2-«9tS CUSTOM extras in this 4 bedroom and pool home. Cannot be duplicated for thousands more than the owner's price of $42,70a On cul- de -sac near Kimberiy SchooL 792-1548. All Chrysler, Willys. Fiat Cars ^ Ganray Meters. 4is" Orange. 793-2323 SERR-S OF REDLANDS 208 E. State 792-3939 • Feinting • Aete Sales 4 Service Van Dorin Meter Co.. Chrysler and GEORGE MOEHLE Painting. 792-3179. 5-7 p.m. FREE Estimates and Guarantee Dodaa. 1M7 w. Redlands Blvd. i • Celn-0> Dry Cleenlni-LaMndry | No Job too Large or too Small 15 years area experience. Call evenings only for appoinbnent 792-9361 i .ex.units,„«l carport Pool, ALMpST.^_ew ^4^bume_r gas^ rangj. plex uni laundry. $130. 793-5785 gyK.^large oven. I Atb ..joeya I Oidlaaaee N OL !3ai—Aa Oi«l- aaoc* at the City Ceaacil of of the OlF SSSSSal- _ »tea e( lUs cede Mae cea- •ideied far edealiaa are aa file .la the office of fte Cttr Oeik. aad Pine Crest Manor Apts. 1001 PINE St. .Mgr. Apt a— 792-UIS NOWROmNG Just nowly eomplttod • Baehelert, I, 2. 3 Bedrooms. • $100 to $190 per . inenth; Dtctric GoM MtrinKoB . ess than V4 cost --•1943. D-fURNlTUfcE 2'6CCASldNAL chairs, aqua. 6ood •addition. JIO each. 793-5987 altar WE BUY and SELL good used funiP tore. Value Center Furniture, 31S W. Redlands Bhrd. 792-lUl. HOMES-LOTi-MUM TRADITIONAL SEKVICC FOWLER'S 210 W. Citrus REALTORS 7M-28M AMD SHAPE - i bedroom home. 2 car garage, patio, air conditienad. alarm system. On Lugnnia Ave., University District Good ' Only$17«X). BEN M. NYMEYER (tfeker) Call 793-4990 • NELL'S CLEAN SHOP Paint and Wallaa—r L I UM N. Orange TM-?»I » r»m ana Wallpaper I YOU 00 IT or WE DO IT | ANGLIN & POWaL, 7» • C«r W8ldin.Wiae? 44 Bnilness Opportunities 44 Biislness Opporfwilies GeiiM loto IniMst for yewscH? DO IT RIGHT! All Stale* comprahensive Iralninfl-preeram pirn Irand Name Ik Snack* and Candy assure yaur succe**. WE 00 1. EstablMi Rsela- 2. Suppty yen with Nabisco, Aes- tin, Surry, Heashy, and ouny other Natianal Brand Naaie Its Snacks and Candy. 3. Give yeu home office training and supervision. 4. Provide you with cicellenl income far a few hours' walk each week (Oay er Eva.). YOU 00 1. Sapply 3-4 kauis a sisalL 2. Be wming Is Hum. LKeep yeur cain • agefatag gis- paasars, clean and sisckag. 4. Provide tIJH Is fl,nB apsial- ing cagitat 5. Shaw svidenee sf •» Carpet Cleaitfi^ ACCURATE JANITOR SERVICE |Carpets-neers- Windows 792-2594 •k Cleemrs, SWrt Laundry Dutch Girl Cleaners 38 W. Cellsn 792-3630 ^Cekfrelevitlenierviee and stabOily in year ana. eURKS COLOR TV SERVICE U2S W. Parli Ave. , 792-g09I OTROGRAPH PRII U3 C. Stats fer appointment Pat Store. 3l£ Otanaa. POWaU 7S3-4670 " Painting and Decorating 792-51111 NerAside Paint — feOS Orange W2-94U SANITARY PLUMBING 1248 Wabash Ave., Redlands, 794-2131 ir Reefing REROOFING, ROCKS OR SHINGLES Superior Roofing Ca, Est 79^3681 • Retetllling NEW lawn, sprinkler systems, yard clean-ups and shrubs trimmed, trash hauling, odd jobs, monthly maintenance. Call Ken, 799-2217 or 79l^& Freewtimatas. "k. SpefHin Geed*. BICVCLES-Bicycle raeeirt. Scherinn. Tfstt grofc. tn E. Citrus • Stetlenery • CHt*. Card* SERR-S OF REDLANDS 20* E. stata mva RESTYLE, Repair, Refinish. Rm 's Upholstery A Orapety. TM-lTg. k Watch 'Jewelry RapaWne FURNACES-SALES-SERVICE Ef Samosea. 28 hews, 794-1130 • Mert —MnHOWEteai AMiiANS Sbjd Clifford Famr. Jeweler 7 N. 5th St 792-347S ARTHUR COMMERCIAL P«ESS_ m W. Fifth St 793 -4tn • WeWlne Chas. E. Mesia WaMing Wdrhs 701 W. ^rt Ave. 793^

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