Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 19, 1954 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1954
Page 11
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1954 tipper Alton News ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH tot o?r too E?rt>s tf HtJrtfiD Little Tommy Wyhs of 22? Allen St. went on an egg horn Sunday in Rock Spring Part but somebody forgot to tell him that the searching area had boundaries. The four-year-old hunted and hunted eggs with a fair amount of success but wound up in a strange part of town and not a familiar face around. Mrs. George Wyhs, his mother, said the tot had gone to the park with three brothers and a sister. When the hunt started they became separated. Tommy remembers nothing of the hunting period. He went from bush to bush in search of eggs and when the eggs ran out the bushes didn't. He doesn't know at what point he became aware that the egg hunt was over and the hunt for him began. "He told us that he \vas standing some place and crying and a policeman came up and gave him a nickel and he told him his name and address and the officer told him which way was home." Mrs. VVyhs said. They believe this story except for the policeman. pA-erybody with a visored rap is a policeman to Tommy. Mrs. Wyhs said. Tommy got home about. 5 p.m." and he says he walked every hit of the way. From a description of this hike the family believes he must have brcn along K. Broadway. "He was uncertain about landmarks except for candy stores," Mrs. Wyhs said Tommy remembered seeing Kaster candy in a lot of windows. Thus, they reason, the route must have lain along E. Broadway. Which is a round-about way home for a boy who started hunting eggs in Rock Spring Park. At least when he got to K. Broadway, one - person commented, he knew the egg hunt was over. Not many bushes around there. nojf wiNsiiip is AT CAMP CIIAFFKE % Don Winship, who enlisted In 8-6641 the Army a few weeks ago. Is stationed at Camp Chaffee, Ark., undergoing basic training. Winship was graduated from -Alton High School last January. He was a member of the football team. The 18-year-old serviceman is the son of Mr. and Mrs. L. A. Winship. 1628 Rodgers Ave. CIRCLES tO MEEf JOffrtLV WEDNESDAY Circles 1 and 2 will hold a joint meeting Wednesday, T:30 p.m., at the College Avenue Presbyterian Church. Speaker will be Mrs. S. E. Cnhoon whose subject will be, "Christian Family Life." A special musical presentation will be made by some students of Alton High School. Hostesses will be from each circle. Mir/rox HAVE BREN ORDKKKD Some 25 street signs to be erected along Milton Rd. are on order and that phase of a general drive by the Milton Volunteer Fire Department is expected 1o be completed soon. Cost of the markers along the main thoroughfare of the community is underwritten by the fire association, Billy Woolen, vi".e president, said. A drive to install markers on all Milton streets will hegin later this year, Wooten said. MKX LKAVK ON FISHING TRII' SK(. Robert A. Brown of the city Police Department and two other area men left early today for Oscoda, Mich., on a fishing trip. Included in the party are Fred Haper and H. C.. Alexander. Sgt. Brown resides at 2701 Bost\vick St. The group is expected to be gone three days and is up there during the run of smelt, which is a major event in Michigan. MRS. W. NISlNGER TO HAVE SURGERY Mrs. William Nisinger, 213 Wisconsin Ave., Is expected to undergo major abdominal surg- ei-y early this'week at Barnes Hospital. St. Louis. Mrs. Nisinger was transferred EXCELLENT SPARE TIME BUSINESS DISTRIBUTORSHIP IN THRIVING FIELD SERVICING — STORES, MARKETS, DRUGGISTS, Etc. In JO minute* you can hr in your own business BECAUSE we have our fast Mlline; merchandise in thousand* of retail •tores. Our product ii nationally advertised in Vogue, Glamour. Mademoiselle, Charm. Today'* Woman, Family Circle, Life, and many other magazine*, plus TV, Radio and Newspaper*. We turn over established accounts to you a* »oon as you are selected by us a* a distributor. This Is a repeat business that can be handled In ipars or full time. No experience necessary. W« furnish everything needed to start with. NO SELLING — EARNINGS START AT ONCE. We will only appoint reliable persons with sufficient initiative to properly service these accounts. (This is not vending or Gimmicks.) ...»° Ur , minimuin '""h Investment for merchandise i* $740.00. We will show where you realize a positive return or over 100% on your original merchandise as illustrated below! Merchandise Investment Minimum Return to Vow 8395.00 8840.00 You must have cash for merchandise and be able to start « once. For personal interview write detatlt about yourself •nd Include phone number to: Box »7«, «/o Alton Evening Telegraph. PAGE ELEVEN STOPPED BV THE COPS wre these Girl Scouts of Troop 80 to get a fast quiz and check up of their bicycles. Motorcycle Policeman Gerald Loy puts the eye on equipment of bicycle in forefront. The police check was pre-arranged by Mrs. Klrby Siebcnthal, a troop leader, as the Scouts were on a planned ride this morning to earn merits toward their bicycle badge. The Scouts were not told of the check before hand. No glaring violations were found, Officer Loy said. The Scouts were "nabbed" near Western Military Academy Staff photo. last Tuesday from St. Joseph's Hospital here to St. Ixniis. She was at the Alton hospital nine days. In other news, Gerald K. Peek, 3429 Thomas Ave., underwent a throat operation Saturday at St, Joseph's Hospital. He entered Friday and he was discharged Monday. His condition is good. He is the son or the Rev. Kldon F. Peck. C.IRI, HIT BV ROCK THROWN BY VOITII A teen-age girl was treated at St. Joseph's Hospital Saturday night, after she was struck in the foot by a rock tossed by a boy in the 1500 block of E. 4th St. Miss Dorothy Carol Stites, 2701 Benbow Ave., suffered a one-inch cut and was discharged after treatment, police reported. Miss Carol Lee Witzig, 1315 Bloomfield Ave., reported to police that she, the injured girl and Miss Vera Elaine Enos, 2132 Seminary St.. were returning from a movie when the youths tossed the rocks which struck Miss Stites. Police found the boys, aged 10 and 11, later but no complaint was signed against them. They did not account to police for their action. REPORT CAR AERIALS DAMAGED BV VANDALS Two Upper Alton residents reported to police over the weekend that their automobile aerials were damaged by vandals while the cars were parked "on Edwards St. near 'Main St. Donald H. Fennel!, 2415 Sanford Ave., and Reid Childers, 2433 Sanford Ave., said they discovered the aerials broken off early Sunday morning. Fennell reported that . three newspapers were taken from his car, SIX-YEAR-OLD BITTEN BV DOG Gary Fisher, 6, of 1522 Spaulding St., was treated and dismissed from St. Joseph's Hos- your Dream House with our finer Drycleaning! pilal after treatment for a dot; bite. The incident occurred in (lie 2800 block of Edwards St., police said. ANNUAL SPELLING HER TO BE HELD TUESDAY Annual spelling bee will be held during the Mothers Club meeting at Horace Mann School at. 1:15 p.m. Tuesday. Top spellers of the 4th, 5th and 6th grades will compete in their classifications. There will be election of officers. First grade will present a program. IWOW.V STREET BAPTIST SETS ATTENDANCE MARK Brown Street Baptist Church set an all-time high Sunday record Easier with some 820 attending, the Rev. Howard K>' Miller, pastor, said today. The church had set a goal of 700 in connection with a Sunday school attendance contest against the First Baptist Church ot Decalur. Topping the goal by 120 gave the contest to the Brown St. church by 148 points, accumulated during the six-week competition. ASSEMBLY HAS 401 AT SERVICE Edwards Street Assembly of God Church topped its 400 at- tend.xice goal at Sunday school Easter, the Rev. James C. Kofahl announced today. There were 401 at (lie church school which is believed an all- time high. A revival is in progress at the church and will continue for the remainder of this week. 'I ho church is erecting a new building in an expansion program and the crews are about mid-way in the brick work, the Rev. Kofnhl said. MTE UNIT MEETS TUESDAY EVENING Upper Alton Nile unit of the Madison County Home Bureau will meet Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs. Lester Miller. 3303 Lincoln St. Co- hostess will be Mrs. (Jlcn Slen- noi\ 3 CARS AND BOAT IX CHAIN ACCIDENT Three vehicles and a boat were damaged in a chain pile up of automobiles at Washington Ave. and Bo/za St. Saturday evening police reported today. No one was injured. Officers listed the following drivers: Roberta Rush of Rt. 1, Alton; Earl T. Stupperich, 8GG Washington Ave.; and John Bnrtee Sr.. of Bethnlto. One of the ears slopped for another vehicle which was mak- g a turn into Boz*a. police said, causing the pileup. One of the automobiles pulfPd a boat and trailer. ORTS t4 FOOT" CASDT BAR TO HOttK IXTACT Miss Alma Tienwn of 1106 Rixon St. won the 14-foot-long candy bar in a Sunday school contest and because no one ; n Upper Alton ever before had owned a eandy bar of such size, a few questions w»«- in order. "How did you $rrt it home?" Miss Tieman was asKed. If you think about It awhile that's an Incisive question. You probably never again will see a young woman at a Sunday class faced with the* problem of lotion home a M-foot candy bar ft developed that Miss Tiemnn had come in an automobile. Rut that didn't solve everything. Consider the N feet. Fourteen feet of anything won't fit into the average-sized family car. You've seen folks returning from the house furnisher with n 14-foot- lonR roll of linoleum sticking out of their automobile. You've seen them in the same fix with a 14- foot-long piece of lumber, or Christmas tree. Hut a candy bar. Miss Tieman said It was simple enough ftfler they thought nbout it awhile. The candy bar was wrapped in tinfoil, bedecked in ribbons and mounted on a 14- foot plank. "\Ve slid the thing off the plank and toted it to the automobile," she said. They weren't sure If they had anything in mind up "to that point, but when they measured the candy bar against the car they knew that something drastic* would have to be done. They did it. They folded the candy bar in two and thus were able to cram the seven feet of It Into the auto. The prize \vns taken home, where It <vas reduced to bite size with a little regret. Such a phenomenon never again will be seen in these parts. It was like destroying a six legged cnt, or a watermelon that grew Into t he likeness of a man, or an apple tree that produced cherries. It may be the last of its kind. Miss Tieman won the prize by accounting for 22 persons attending the Sunday School at Edwards Street Assembly of God Church. The only question left was to nsk what a 14-foot candy bar lasted like. It was good, she said. Made out of marshmallow, YtCA Observing National Week With the theme "up RO to rhurrh. we go to school, \vp RO to work, we go to the YWOA- go with us." the local Association began the observance of National Young Women's Christian Association week today. Mrs. William D. Johnson, president of the Alton YWCA. in i< suing n statement to the membership, said: "\Ve are proud to celebrate our anniversary. For TO years the YWCA has worked toward building a better society through its services to women and girls. Side by side with other institutions of proved worth, the YWCA works for healthier, happier and more ef- fecthp citizen* in our community who RO to church, to school, fudge and puffed rice and few other things that one could not readily identify. j After rhoppirig it up Miss Tieman returned it to the church where evcrvhodv took n pin-c or two. There wasn't much of a thrill to It A M-foot candy bar isn't anything to look at ome it is knocked to pieces. Everyone who ate some must feel a secret Riiilt today. T h e candy bar should have been preserved. Put In a glass case and exhibited some place for all of Upper Alton to see. Nobody expects to see another one nuain. KTIIK1, IllSSfiV f'I..ASS TO MKKT TI;KSDAV Ethel Hussey Class of Upper Alton Baptist Church will meet Tuesday, 7:30 p.m., at the home of Mrs. William Bar Gabriel, 3315 College Ave., for the regular session. to work and fhe YWCA as a normal part of their daily lives. It is our hope and determination to !-eep them going and to help keep our community a growing force for good." A special program for the week will be presented Thursday afternoon. Comparing the old and the new. an antique display is being arranged for the lobby and the showing of "Better Thuti Kings" will hegin at 1:30 p m. This is a color, sound movie of the luxurious court life of ancient kine*;, early American scenes and the ultramodern homes of today. Refreshments will be served st the conclusion of the pro- grnm and a set of antique de- siRii salt and pepper shakers will be Riven as souvenirs to all who attend. The regular Thursday luncheon will he served during YW Week and the nursery will be open from 10 In the morning until 3 o'clock In the afternoon. To H slcclman. a crook Is not a criminal, but a distortion which sometimes appears In cooling « casting. Want fish fillets to taste deli- clously different? Dip them into creamy French dressing before broiling. 2 Decatur Men Charged After Fire Kills One DECATUR. ni. /p~Tm beea- lur men have been charged with arson following a fire in *Wch one man was burned to deafli. The charges were filed ftgalffist Logan Brooks, 3,1, Decafnr, Mid John Louis Owens, 23, wTWSft home was destroyed tn thft fit* Saturday. Firemen said a body found in the ruins was identified M that of Frank Owens, Decatiif\ H6 t*- lation to John Owens. .. Police Lt. Otto SaleftM laid John Owens signed a Stit#rte«t in which he admitted plotting \vith the other two men t* twrn his home and collect $9,060 hVlur- anre. ^i Sale 1 f ski said Owens rtSW^'tfie Head man apparently was trapped in the burning house when f»*o- line poured through the house spread too quickly after It was ifinitefl. Brooks has denied taking part In the plot. lown, in the heart of the corn belt, produced 1.170,000 toni Of bituminous coal in 1953. NOTICE- To Y.W. MCMfcCRS AND FRIENDS OF THE Y.W.C.A., Com* and Sto "BETTER THAN KINGS" <X>rx>R—SOUND MOVIK THURS., APRIL ?2 — 1:30 P.M. 804 K. Third St. Who Lawiden Sheet* and Shirt* Best? 909 E. Broadway Dial 3-8877 Are your drapes, blankets, curtains, slipcovers "SLEEPING BEAUTIES?" We bring their colors to life! Recapture their sparkling color and brilliance.... fabrics look wonderfully new and alive! Costs so little. 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