Weekly Raleigh Register from Raleigh, North Carolina on April 30, 1819 · Page 1
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Weekly Raleigh Register from Raleigh, North Carolina · Page 1

Raleigh, North Carolina
Issue Date:
Friday, April 30, 1819
Page 1
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MMM t fr- ! t , ''.' . - .. - I V". . I , ' ' ' -' ' 1 'I ' . . : . 1 t ' ' " Uiwtarp'dciy yaxty rg(to JitniLt wotaeTi. r - .a-'.' '11': -iV1. fk ,.'-) 1 , VOL.1 XX P?)-.7 a7j57 ii?J:i-. t;1 -J .-I 5 .;.'..'':;'.;'v fl '.';-,"r.V i " ., f r ' j' " -' i . - j 5. T . ry i' . , DKTVAR VT10N OF IMPENDENCE. 4 ii-htK rmbly ;wh tnny of tl.ahe citizens or .irrjiu Crnm trade ibrrs. " The follovvng- Pj 1 tie r.and? of the' Witor froro lirqutfstiona-; b!e luthorUyamtis rub)isUed that it may j go flown to posterity. , v; ' ';? i NonTd-CAP.ousA, Jleeh'&ktrjr ntfyi . j - 20, 1575 ( ! ft ;tiytirin:tr or 1775; the leading c.ha : ractcrsofMeck!en,nir conntv, stimiOa a Ktr hihjisiasttc natrirt;sm which , el'-vates thcjm.lhVVnbove crmderat?ons'.of A to sbeltertHemse1vc? from the Inf pending storm tjy5 aiomivsin, iu m ! jn ecdvfrf vh;ch the infl;vunl cntment 1 cr' "f all ttiat their destinies v.ere 1 ipfiiciuhlr trcn'.Vted with thn?e cf the if ! Faster FeUow?uze.n--nnd;,lhatyth i jr.ut .either suU'mt to 11 :the ip(psitlcns vhich'an uf.principtedaiid .to itftw' an I t'nrepre'scntfecl patliaTrentVniHt !mpos Cy!. Adam Afexander, tnrousn scuc:ta-I ti n, isfued ai .,rtir to each Captain's ! CAir pny ir .he county of .Meck'erburt:. I (fhp'n comprising.!:. present Cfinty cf ? C larrnsl dircftinc e!.cfi militMcrn.pa7 cv e!-rt t wo pr cnsr ar'd delegate - to tyranny. . ' ' 4 . ; 1; . In "conf r'm;ng to said Order,4cn the 19th. : of Ma v. 175 thf'&vd deje?atuii met m Ch?rlotte. vested, withunlitiviteitpovers ; tt which time ! officii I vj?ws, by)' express, f ar ri ved of t b e 1 at 1 1 e cf Le x 'njt on on- th a t 7 day cf the preceding monrb. . Every fW 'Megate felt the vohm-Sc . lrrppTtance ot' (he jj pnz? 8c the; a"i f 1 & sc Vnrr crjsir ' which il ir.'irratiro su thf,nUce, in.eter.icy'apn. I uisatable re.ver.ge deveped 'm the late, : attack at Ltingop'.". The ur.iver saHenT ! tinr-fpt was; let usnct natter ourselves. ! that piuf han ngues-.r iv)te$ ; I that popular i a cr will avert tjhe stormr for yar.qi.tsn, eur common cn,v:m lci, u tdt'l'uVia c-4Vjt us calculate the issued Lthf.rrobahle it sulU and then 1ft us act yehh merges brethren, leagued to p"rt-" ti rvc cur prr itj -cur Ikes, and what is still more t ndearirg;. the liberties tf j Atrierica. -Abrahatii Mrxiinder Uen j elected Chqubian; and Jcfin 'I'Ans -t- tzjvendcrr Clerk. - AJter a free and ftill dis'n5isTtifof fhe yanpuscjb;ecftifci;whic!i j unanin.f-usli Ordained- j l. Rt&c!vtcffTt whosoever directh j or ;rdiiT?flj s;pet'teor,in any way; fr-rnT cf in;T.r.er c,cnintedaVtcd tik uucharferrd ! ar.d dancroasl invasion "of our rights, 'as ;'clained by Gieat-Bri tain, ban enemy to ;tHs CouCtry, to Americai and to the. Kner.mt arid it blienable 1 ights of mari.y; !L-Itolvedi Thai vre U;e citizen'cf caj connection, contract or asscciat:on ,th iwil :.je .antonM UHiuuari!y shed the mncaent bleed' of A- I .rnian paifHHa.1 jexmon. . , i o. KeaUv'td, .That we do hereby: dc- tUty oursejea free arid' indepeivdcnt I'ec'ple, arejandj of right ought b be, a piereign and sejf foyerning Association,. fcTl'"'t trip rtntWI nt h.a u f Mr Ihon I teht-bf ' our God and ..titc General Gov crrmer.t .pf Congress ; to the mamte- : nancccf hich wdcendenct-, wfc soIemnMi V pledge tq each; other ciCr . mutual Co- cperailoe cur Uv es, cur fortunes, arid cur tr.ist sacred Bonor-t,-: -vf. ''-' I Rruhjid, That, as we notf 'acknow'- lere ti.e eyjtne-and controfrof po liw vi .i ii omcer. civd or miliary ,'wihin wis CcuRty Wtf da lkreby4 ordain and as a rule o life, al! each And ive? or cur former J a Ws,---wherein, ever-weles-s. the Crown of Great-Briufn nc -er f aQ cKiihidred as' holding right.; . ---vo, uuujunsuea orauuioriiy uicre- '-i r ' j v ' ' 4."-"-V7.-'' I lornur, Command sind antnq-jt j- -uns. i Aad tiiat everV' membeiOTe-.i .a cneleSkf ' ( or snopoTtliieir brethren tho were tlrm-,Tceivea, tomiiltraentary or tr-ej .2eai, in vn I ei to'ci;tain the f rst shock of that poVen ' ccn .v j n cauke . and 'M.ccni mendir. i tv! irh J if "wccesstul there, .won?d uhi- fcevcr;rt.ce, M'dtr and entt jcy i 1 . n. mlirbi n in thp r.rmmOi 1 J hp .irseoenfc Jkrmoni'i unani'jvuv ni 1 i.Jrt.-irr " C4iformablv to these prinopVs I: exertion in th cause c, liberty w - t-itin an plc f o'vr to evl.c tvayi and j scsmKs ill cvheru u d Vd nig;u;rt a! Xir.A,s to'- aid fi'rd 'asstj' eir suffer''-' i tern u e'.y, -alnd-v; ho confiVmd thei ..rynri-r. in? hretliTein "Jii. !3 tJ n,,l and ajro "'-e j ( natic u and acts of the delegation in, riivir reriVr to aopt nf isuf's to extricate -jofBcial capacity, . . . - ' themselves Krom the imindin storm, From tins delegation criminated tlie 1 & f n securej nhimprdrcd their in deuaile Cou-t Knqr.ify of .this ' County,. Ti.p'its prlvflejes aid lihortie - from ( the constituted jind held; thejr f.rst se kkju in - - i ' , - or lifR; sjeaov,. ana unsnaKon toyary, and ts to the !otcr; Country, and hereby j of iuvi,vlable: fidelity M aUachment -bsclve cursives, from ail allegiance to iof hiTs faithful subj in thwproVince to trc British Crown, and amure all pojitx- ..r :fi. r6V to i " : 1 V7- r77j i K o vcvva re.ason .-ana argument, ai.tr -y allm J "'rOT "f tuanrthe forf hi, urms; 6f4SC:ta i' 1. 'l me M vttedACstrcpgti:oft hMiahful Tinree-ligi - ' ,ief A i fictL. kist'l ia I''iu:,'ij.ti-' uLlll', l.l-s i 'i-eT.l. dl-vv .rfi rTTN. L v- - r -17- i 5VVW4tr.-wgfJWia '-rrutccxi- tana- otiAWp J 'V more eenrin,iiw utainz.c4 wvm'---- -be estabiisneq in.tnjs province f coh?iis!oh and -to reijulate tKe.ir .gem conduct as citiieni'i Afret-sHting'in ! J Courthouse all niehtf neither sleepy, h f grvv 6r fatigued,- and after'dfsciis&in e v e . j . TT pararap n t tney were a q pasen , sauc, ' Vioned and'- decreed unanimously t about , ,2'clpck 'A. Ml May 20. . In , a fq vr day s- deputation of said "delegation convened Philadelphia, with a, c6pylofHaid Kej 3lves and Proceedings, tgeiher With lettfr, iiddnssed to tur rhwetKepr sufltntires . there.' viz. IRic&ard Ca Urtder f xpresn "mjunctioni persjinallyf aij all possible mean ir to-: have sAii .proteei ;s sanrtiorted and apfrqyed by tlie g neral ConsTess; On the.rttu n, wf Cat Jack, tne delegation; learnelrl ujiat tiw proceedings ycrc indivicI -aHv approve : fore the House. ' A ' joiryt. fetter, frdtn 11 1 three n;t r.;iers of Congrejfs.-W&si also rJ ! J; nenner.ee. evident V.. ivstntinsr 'froril tiiest ; regulations tihd Ihe' taunued " exempt j - - 17 . 'r of said delegation ,: apnifenty iranqirii 4 ised" this ec? ion t;f . d re:-8rate. aiid 'thet witf I 'V l the concurrence and hirjh nppro.bati - K.;5i - - ithe : Covnribof .. S'n;v, hn I eld .the"! sesiV'hs''K't w.beru at;d , al resiui a r 1 v :at - C h ai lot ie. 1. JanjesN nuvr; s ana at uoi.ruuers aiteroateiyi ope weetc,?.i eacrtf pif-ce. jc was a civu i" Court foni.ded on indiury process... Be- aardi - 1 ridictioa wa; asunlin?i f ed s -YVyism, .ud it.dvcri-es as final as the enfidttice ad.prViatls'i of ih' County as cc Sev.;rsjl ' ie'e ff .cj-- brought ..ti-j fore tlkem fr rr Lmcclti, Ron! and thei . Tle forcing" 'is a tniec' py" cf the papers on the a?o-e S"bi c(, !rt"t in mv maid a' ny .ot; y 'ivmtt Ak x?nr. uec V, I Snd j W'liJ-imsbn m-Ne Vork, ti en, Writjng a H;stor" t-t iSortu -t.voltna, And that a r-i;py is sent 1.0 otrii. v tv. 1 .fsiv i. rr fThe tollovrirsr iToTAii'Pnflci.Mi.Tioirr Vas ; coi'tTjioniC.'iiTra rl 'hcthc ; ua.ef ana is ,v;. ::N0RTU-0AR6LIW.C'-.1 tevt Gdpii.ii! General,' and Caventbn i$ Vhtef bftle iaid Province, fcfi'&e.:fp.7 , ' 'A PHO(;LXMATlON;r . .vv Jier;as me rvmsr ;eer anxroiis tor wtrie welfare and hat)piness of all his neo- ; pie; ?.hd. senibleiito the. representations mem nave lieen const?mtiv maae to mm to liis Majesty of teir own at most ejeer- tions in co-operat'on r;iH his arms wheVrm c r. lUy- uouiu oe uirer.tcu io mejrsup. port. -; J AKD.wiinEA nis Majesty mov j -d b'f th ese- cop si deration sV a n d bf e ye ry i-the m.t! tender 'and paternal' feelinVtof j concern; ar regard for the siiilenogs " & . ' . . .si.--..1 jml)cse! bv the"tvrahnv of the- rehM Gnn. e?s t upon , his fi-eebfe supers, ihiath been pleaded to send. .an aj-mv t their; aid t;and';ilitY,;IrH3.VHEk f.fore - thcueht f.lr proper, by this ProclaruatioriVAo inform fch'is Majesty 's-foyaVand faithful iubjets ihi i ir;is. rrovince,. oi ; wns. grt.ai proct antijn--f 'stajrfpedf his. Maje'sty s gciou"s atTeth' to theitti and at thsa'm i tise thevn ths. the royal army under the' cm m a nd " of Lieut en a t t -G ene ral -Earl uiv-ir bajjHri, je lug it io xiiitniseyes j to crmtpute-f ksv Power and superiority;' from at O t mefftiOT.ed on V.ftthrft iHv ncrn- al b U 1: w a s 1f 1 r n ed iApm, 180 0. ,,.,T.ha t a l.the rgreat, signal, and complete tvictorr Wni? mas -whilehis MaJtv'i ?he W i.,T A,vti. a n.r iiiii.:-! awT withoa taitbrrfturtrx their diitjl v:a.. . ; . o. iyv-wnicn tney Tornnervy. lenjoyepi v -suqn :sfiiU fecurity ; viritleV nild 'gqv6rtiment Intf "te&iori of; G reatRritain)' to mnel ' the : ; disobedient to i submission;? to rbe ra'ws, findj t a partcipatiohi7thoe. btsirigs ; oF a - free cjcpstiiii X iohV vW hitli t!irongb ignorance infat(iax6j,delusion", blmdires audfraudney. have ' been hn ,tlert'ed tbTrjesist nptwihstanjdin jbis; iestv VmosCecioij?? nllrciiful en df vor s to Vec jaim t henK H A TWr'th us 6 sTied fm it becomes my duty to remind. iijrMi iuar tne ine isti"v arrivwi in wmcn thly are to evince ihe; sincerity of ; theirt I professions of lovltv and attachment' to f UuilV 'J. . LL',i ' '-fcfi'-y rtney ure to t conncer tfiemsrive5 m'tnis liour most' seriously- and sol Shi inly called upon b-every duty of the subject to the soveihl'ffHd bv everv fie and dnriside- f . in ;ovIeix deliver, theiliseives fcu that. j - intoJeMJ le vke of slavery andv arbHrary i 1707 1 nicnrt je. wannya tne ueot ii;CQhr(V(ii'vtKe- trjut'h and w holW'-nfii t.n-.and iKrpsiant 1ab0r.it has ,t . ' " - r j: T" 7 1 - , Ijeen to subVerti the ci viliv I th i l!gras'JvDi esot a.kihf) ..nd to retitpre th'eAivj-; tp .. tfi"3t' state of... perfecjt free', t - doinwhlc; thi-t Jt is U? iishi inclinatnin, anil arleut J 'desire 6 f hV 14) esyfs faith fuVand J'ST subiects in:thDroVinceL to emDlov tfkiir strppgth (onlj'Ht . jc.caioivf'prhe VvttefiitK:p?M-erv. 1 -Tg thatVcaije ' '.'v7 ' A I-"'-."? 7 ,71. I ; cf f?r tfv menn.tne way m 4 ejrectui) V kM 4CrlAinJv f v t-eat .xietfts 5 'peacft :, which, they hav m view exhort SiRinxN all thfe ,voung andrable 1 1 ne Men ntv of int; bV enHstlng in wnicn ;re tonh ui unei my com t and as; ftts: MiK; sty's JCIoyerhcr, of the! ;herr,.t hih e a.;e a nd. ! vfS be req i red l&. serve f MiVyf jdrtii'tg; ti;e: Rebellion, aott vithin thefrbvfrco2.of Korth and South wtrohna; andW l-heir own- recommend tion,;: that ach ; "n receive oountyot.tnree. tu beas at the p me o enhtSng; & li; the !?ayv chrathing, afip-svRtnients, alH.u-xes l: CHCtirCemens soldiers' of. his Ma ir- ul v-uimtu. til. uir fc assui A'.ce tnan. nivviaies tyVIoyal andtithfti-Mects ofm Pro 1ce:'WTfli-sp;eaHfelJ:he'jjnjprtety & vicesstrf .fornnptKefr strength upap this pi;ih4hifcb:xphc Hath Proved I caralontnderdt a Vaird ff ctuat to the spcS j swpprfeit'n of the-tyranny i which haSlf iv veirsfeft -AiiMviS . ti.m of every j W$4ngriv will lead'Vtt-m each Other M ihUrnthiiSectiv hsttaK liens W wjhiij thy sha lTOin a just 4'Seof the kerit & applause that: w dl bd dd tichtsi. arer soonest. cbm pleated. 1 ! "S:Am:l:-y' tii Oiven;und?r. nxvl .lvand land thle Great I -i. ,?eai oi theafi pt-ince, atHe-1 : ,!:'.' Quarters, jn ChaTOttTown; tliis 4 , ' iuira oavot ucifer,r,in tne year 7.:77i '...'. z twentie -V7 7 JBtj hi Eitvelfyil1 vf4..Rl4.ft Ail a& taamhorfse: -.r-vi-JL'r--l,t-i..V.' '.f-M?. 'i"j-'..' ' j - buoy, ton places y jf ana and 'Erie; and' .fyrot i erriKe$.!i i. Jx-l tx Ji.-'.t i 'j-i-'i..'.-.. l7'.i J ... 1 . - u,saaii, 4uei '.us.? uuiy o Treu ec.Teia!:,v ot o a V .rxt XJU JM.' tJll J ill -lf fii-.t.'oiie:oa'frti'" 1 v ttt a6w'i:-P6Vt-iVVk'-i4'.fi- giuhetl to. tfe is.rng;9 oyal? ana tajtntui nnearjtn? -pcrcoi jj3Ren,iu me state ot fefctsv.the' arrival androSreof hlrtteofgiaVv - f fpZ , m iifesty Varm to theiiiaid and support, U , fkc;d $i;cH sthey'! have- ;s6 liens: and eagerly f itishaU ' Secretary Vf virme.S .ivn -em lv anninc to rivet upon lhhbaiih. iu.tKf,aidof tie two'Ho-'manlGth; VJcj- pw rs-of I Fiianct'&-:S'pitin ; 3' hc know led ere d thn?uhGut j . the wtaici ii (be f:md oiilvsin thi envied I'hiigrijs .d,pyti(i .ohfslv subject;; : 1 Ajsd wniffefcA tlive entir confidence, nu ote reeihont v?lin thev are, to be tscharted, to Me e&hfa of lanii and I 11 r Vif.-'L"-V" V5 y7,X. fi7irriy tirvveirsu K:Aii ta-year d his Aiaiestyrs j rr r"? 1 .r.-A . ; r?- 'TT T.r r v:A-X ri.f vrzv-r?ri? f7r-Tvif'T v f , v lY i v' f,'- rt . -,r,i fpC-ctiveiy uamaai pe, aua meyrc,ci wy.ifiy .i&riijmntte. freshen 01 m Vniisi - the rvastiry;;;;t6-,)rria vrhich shall be h pp j-qved U tfceredents pf the - jp;nedfS UooiseiSuiijg rafca'm wks? and plaph&light v house pP Birds is andvtn'Btafeil1 iu' .t bbitate; jbf:, Miassacbu se ttjM?HH4h Ttft light, house onl uallp . Is.ikf,; ; nes themtde'ifk&Dtitiai TbfJ-K,yor.f!f petienf - thexnotn hroif JRr vrfn rthir A liiht house u rn WmdmiliPoint.v at tne , m.qutn 01 KappananocKr jver, pr,a Heht Vessel bpat ; onithe 1 Wolf-trap 7 '' Til .. :t-. t T - 't- 1'' rt ' .. f Qltrt-alc-if 1atfr chall h rV-rnOfl lefabiei ttv aPifgut noase; on vvindmrjl Ioint ;i!a llgKthouseon Craney, Island at .the liijouth; of EUzabeth River, and a light selyor oiityilloughby's Spit, between; Iyhnhayea:Bfl(y: and V Hampton R;oadpjmHst :'Apd' a beacpnor land 'hiafkvrbn Wolf Jsjand, Secretary the Treasury to cause three buoys to be piac-a m sucii manner as 10 marie out tne channelleadink into the harpor if Boston, and oneTlbupyito be; pted 6h) VV$t Isiatid I ia!An.e."-'r? .t.'iii,.Jf.;: ntlkj,:t LJii'LAL;K i ouoy, omi the outer) tock of ithfe, reef fon" ffnfhg; frlm Gohney s Jsland. icasteir'n j HNorwalk' Island; - another spindfe,or ; f buoy cri the ireef a runninsr "abmt 'soiith a II. - - . - ... I .' i . - :. .1 . 1 . T F I rer?i inav w aj fc isiana ; ;k ana, a. spmuie on u xiieMcs:6i -thei Doin tFMrwatherFIstaridd f . .v; V'.'.-M . . l,,-f- . c . ; ', J buoys lrt the Chesapeake Bay,' and rat psco Riveri for kleignating the' loais and phnlintd, mi'tfri sate of Ma!r:lantL:' it shall if e ' thevc&ty '0ft.crifyV?ietC I the Treasury to cuse a: pier i car j ried ibutftb nine feet water, at . the house hitfetofore fvuthnrised to b at . themnwtl5df iheMisstesrtp atno, thk he caue.rt'; present er. ac tne aeguianeut of ; MHssiieusctti, l to ne ot stone. ph Htver dollars thBo. on Snar row's" Rav. -sLih' ort the. Pat4risCoSRiver; hide ttiV,usap4 . dqliars : For a; light" ius'oa j Windmill Ptint, -j or light vessel! orr0aat iiiiht htsuse on Crahy if? Elizabeth KiVer, t l!a;rsVFirthree:v'q!ijQys chaunelJeading into for; oneflp be ledge, in Buzza dollars trt tf ihe' point! oi-. ve I h undred j dollars , Forft wMHI bJuoysrtD "bel placed i the ChesapUke BavVand Hatapsco Iver; eight tht, doilarbt For ; th'pier to ,b$ carri? in the- Trea.JVy if tbeUmtell ed io 1 Mot otherwise aprdpted, tlie fpllovf ' PfV .j V ir 1 ' -. iiitK fru , h olrtctrs and crew tjf- mei bne of war ' S W. ,ni of' moneyvLtp ccompl feh - the i . Ai fWi .Liilfi&S . piirrioics heretn5rej enumerated m this Z?Wl a Txif ' v im&mt : "Fori thelerectioh an'destab- SliSfiiiliSj and banning Jiniarivon xiairwav n.cit,eicvcn u uusdnu - t -tit- 1 j r(-I 7:TLr lit s"-' anu nappinfvSh j ; ... ; k -i,. ,: . . i-A,,. iiir . J ks 1 i breach f of the -blockadd of t ie Oortof :v-V. : 1 do herehird If - .f. r.L. v , v on.ua 100 island ntr,UJeoutietLot;iK.e """tu "-r v;',TT,rr; ; :-v ?V :11&f three ilihtm6use6e i .Vr' :riferTf V .- mVonV on ' Hortil 3 al! ifcd.h ;if ,-. : rm thn Wi Ktran i iil:. a itffHC vessel OC l . . v'-; '. z o . r : v ' bhatori IvajoughbyMitibee haven B.v and Halnploa-kosd a-R ; fion? tohiicow. and Isl .udi-ate mouth ! offic'CTm ' fio,ma,ortitae. .. ;rr ' place-d on west tna .'v; -r'irf.V.T t'" p f v,--'v;: Iay, sixn riundredv ie:spudles o.r,fuoy soa tae .jv. VT :-. vi V V." T'.-t ' : r-.'; - rief funning froft). . Cqchneya;-lsl4hd ; tor K r '"-. . thai onBTeef iUnng abkt thW- westeri Norwalk Island,l tor. that oane x d in, the :&yil service ofhe; ariitety;it;: J i"1' t riJL : . li.:a : ik:'i.i-'-,i.R:-..-V: '.x : I "irUiru?lMfb'TsialrK" f - ouauc,. uunafc ..?. MJC WU- irO ; -. .. S Ifrbm flight: house t the bWOT J M i .sissippi? four i thpu.aud toirs ; "and in the ,yKi niohVr r diel Seirhialrheretofcre de: irs.-j;r' "-v rx.H 7 . - r4;.'-irxiir rn, li :rr the deie&Cs ot the aP: frM-iaiionii :rhel;eto!brc t; mide ,-,,ii.ir'. .,--1 -,-7. ..... 7 , .. t;i. 1 ... .. .. .1 I'.rv'. lllrv. 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