Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 23, 1957 · Page 25
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 25

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 25
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Dial PA' 2-4600 for a WANT 'AD Taker- 25-Buildiiig Supplln 28-Male Help W Sole Odd Windows 30% Off Anderson Flcxivonls Anderson Casements Standard Double Hung Colonial Picture Windows And many others BUCHANAN Lumber Co, 549 N. Centre St. PHONb PA 2-0650 In StDCkl Corrugated Meta! CULVERT PIPE S thru JOS Inches SUPER CONCRETE CO. 405-11 Henderson Ave. PA 2-4260 For Concrete and Cinder Block of Guaranteed Quality Call The Cumberland Cement and Supply Company Rear 419 N. Centre St. PA 4-2OX BIRCH. KITCHEN CABINETS.., \Vc are now producing a cab net \vhtch incorporate' 1 ; all (It fine features which have bm,.^ yr , demanded by housewives across|^ i "«p WANTED TRUCK DRIVER I'A 2-2040 YOUNG MEN TO ASSIST . . . Manaecr In total braru-h o( coa&Mo-coaU chain or>!aniralion. Kvperiencc unnecessary liut must be able to tonvcrw inlcllJscntly and be vuisfied with S7a per v,pck lo start. Hapld advancement to those accepted, for Appointment Call: MR. PULS1FER, PA 2-3925 9:30 A. .11. !o 1:30 P. W. 47—Rcol gsfofc For Safe lUST OUTS"l[)K OF**C1TY — G~ow,\ brick, wood fireplace, (nslilrj xaruRc, aulomadi- h«:a!, IM\ 80x140, $1^500. rj[>Lc Annan, 58 N. Centre SI,, PA 4- U2SX). tt'K.ST SJBE substantial 12 room wuh furrmhrd upaitrncm. Hot heat, j8iage. Treibor Heal K I'A 2-E230, ,r.SHA\ WANTEI> — <;(»!) PAY SbK MR. 1.1CHTESSIK1S, ITS N'. CENTKK ST. nd roofinR appHcaioisi door, f,asb, and alun innin Atipli 115 llffntl'tfrson'^Avt' iriujKNiLY N'KKDKD - sT^Tu^); W l^'h' i '°" n * " iaD d citiM. IK-nii Kiounds, fujnberlarrfl^.SMinday tfead' lint. 29-Sa!csmcn Wanted AI.KSMA.V ivantcd [o'r CMmbcrlatid lernlory to rep:ese;it M(g. of San> r'rcmncls. Must have car. \vcck 13- advance against ronnnlusior eained \\ritc ItQchcj.(er fierfiiuidi tonipau. 19 South JJiamond Siuiri- I'm.baiuh 3, p a . 31-Situotlons Wanred ir Nfc.Kl) of cvpcrie-nc^d otfL- rs, htiu*rto]d. aursing, etc,, ca! )»:2, Tri-Style ASP tic y. 32-lnstructions LKARN TO DRI\'K - Dual ContToTT Autoioatlf.. Striijhl Shifts. 3 lo 9. I—VU.™'.'!' 15 * edlonl PA i.731 —... 34-Losf and Found t -- M'jndav. ". laric- male I__S^John^on. IO.YT — Moritiaj- rllcm-. Marion innlty. llrvtur viiinity South Johns >ellfjw cat. K*".va: E'A 2-]Wt3. 7'ira'k'™i7Brwi~i"i st . UiHiruor.- ^v il. Ilial I>A AMU. EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., THURSDAY, MAY 23, 1957 48-Roofing, Spouting KSAITOWN — I.Jt-al family house, bedrooms, larxu Juvel lr>t. S1COO lown antt asiuine CJl Mortgage. 1 - 'KOWjUNC 70-jiLTe Dairy Farm, 5 bi'dnjojjj house, a!3 moiicrn conveniences. Stock and equipment. 514,800. Kor inspect mn, pngce Bedford Valley IIAVK buyers tor 5 or 6 room [ionics For qtiick action call <icor«e Wain- Hold Heal Ksiatc. PA 2-2152. KTiFOim HOAl> - hr /«w hwJixwrn*, large modern kiichtn, larjie l I A 4 (TJ98, S fc M I- H U N (^row'' llent conditio City wal HUn« room, indscapird lot. , ha^cmi- znd ga . - z gas. ^cai' al "I," St. Potomac Park. J'A 2-5571 all .AIICK LOTS in Ihi- rijunTr^TcliVDrf jour |>ifrs(>nl home or tr. Live . v.hc-/i you n-lirv. Trrms SJ«) ra^.., halani'p monthly, Opie Annan- I'lione PA 102W or tiRevnk-iif 8 tMI. >'Lcm> P. CIUCE REAL ESTATi: 2 AC'KJvS. 6 JIK S'3202 wonKnis! SOJ Nittionai Hicri 1 n liou^v city it-nt, l>:ilailce u T'A 4 H24. IIOOM U)\JK Kcciicm y, LSI Vale . I'A aiir heal, lk*(Uur<t city watt. Road, near I:.\CI;LLKNT U.ratlun, 5SO I'atlorio: Ax'i'nuo, 3 Ik'drooms, ?.icKlprn Halh Cood. trinriiiion. Insult ted, Lar- >anl. I'A l-. r ,E57 ~ brick. 41*; Maryland Ave . ~8 lloolin«, Sixiullng, Siding, Awnlnyi 1'brce ycart to pay. Guaranteed work Aodrew Wilt, Phoite CO 4 5iM (S'eif fioonnj, famoci, Guttet> «lcUl Work, all tjpca, Ksllmalci (r^,. :0 yes. Ex p. Alex J. S chute PA 26*03 HOOVER VACUUM , CLEANER SERVICE i PA 2-5070 1302VA. AVE.I 1UMKS Jfutne rtajiravcincnt Co., general contracting ID roofing. J M and fnselbrfc Elding. Also Aluminum Sid' Infi N o down paym c nl. I'h one I'A 2-1891, PA <-3595, 337 Davidson SI. 1AHL1T2 Home Improvement Co, Ltuildittg Contractor. Johns-MacvUlc Insetbns Sfdiog, Roofing, Block lay. leg. I'A 4-M55- Oisploy Classified Alcoo AlumEnum Siding fly the Square or complete Job No Dowa P&ymtsat 5 JTJ. to Pty Cumberland Home Improvement .1 W. Young, PA 4-Q004. Bedford Rd. ilOOP Hep a Irs & New awjfa. ShLngliei Slat* Unfit Up. Hot Asphalt Ccatln»i E. W. Abcll. HA WML ROOFING, SIDING, Palcllng, Spout- Ing, General repairs. Call CUmb. PA 4-M94, Hyndmao L37-R-5, Fre* t . BilliDEer-Burtelt, ROOFING. Aiding. All makes. Hoof painting, repairs. X mo*, to pay. Milo Brewer, iltttinfct, Md. Ph. CH 5-3601- SO-UphoIstering L I *lloi_ST tfu j NG~ 7 ruck Stal5 & C'onv, Tops. Llrapery 4.- Slip Cover Fabric. \S 1 itulo'# Mriecns jii^tlc to otdtr. Alum- tnuni icrc'enfng d- mo'ding available. M Shecrbr, , CKO. liRAOfl. l.aVul«. Md, . o[£, CtK- yd PA 4-4311 POSSELT'S Cuslom t/£ibo!jterU>K. Furnllyr* Repairs, Awning* & Tarpaulin* 131 Frederick SL Oldest, most rcllablt riial PA 2-4715. Over J5 years in <' UPHOLSftRING Tzoicll. 222 Oavnason PA 4-203* ','3650 IXJU'Xt 5-room homv, hjlh hpaF G3f. H«Hord si. Icit loun J MIU.KXSON Jleal Kstau-. PA 4-5S90 CUSTOM .MADE FURNITURE Recovering and Spring Repair C. E. Biodc 555 Greene PA 2-1890 UPHOLSTERING n™™™* AUTO CO.VVEHT1BI.E rOPS* TltUCK SEATS TAHPAULJNS -lASTI-Vns ALUM1NU1I AWNINGS Gro. S. H'aroer 1281 Va. Art PA 4 on 35-MijceManeouj WELL vr,. Kxp. M Ihc Nation. These include: The finest grade Bircli fronts, Hammered Copper Features, Formica Tops, Flexibility of design which allows our stock cabinet to lit into any kitchen situation, and construction by craftsmen \vho have been qualified by years of experience in their I ratio. See 1'htsc Cabinets In Our Display Room! BUCHANAN Lumber Co. 549 N. Centre St. PJIO.VE PA 2-0650 SHOVELS — DOZERS Si"; '!ob:!f Oranei. ila r k Hoc*, iiith IJ[IN, i'*™. ^oniprrssori. Pn ing BrcaXt-rs, Drills,11*" •cV Ttailcn. Tnicks t>l all kindi. f"i'"" :u>yn<J and roari nialcrial. BAUGI1MAN CONTRACTING ^LtL"! 1 "'- __Pi a U!-'V 2 " i5 ' ss Septic Tanks~Cleaned" , ! -' LKHOY KENNKU. !• TANKS O.LANKD S75. Modtrnicil, water and clecuic;ly 5< >'l. II! Stare rhspofai fervjV.- !=ew?r lap. pated ilrtet. Size ; o/ I'^one_Lon^ror^n,; I[o 34!ai|W x ^120'. Ix>cated r.cEr Me Excavating Rulldozing \'»ow^n"_B°-cnAXAx : . rl i'Nc! AiphetJ </ir£ Orrie .Srn.s(i!>a»gJi 26-Help Wanted Kxperjencod se.imstcr. Good pay Call PA 2 0780. SEE OUR AT) C'NDKR BVSI.VV^S Ot'PORTUMTIF.S "A ONE-MAN BUSINESS >1W» INVESTSIKN'T-" (CAN START PART TIME! HIGH SCHOOL AND COLLEGE STUDENTS for ip^cijl outbid* promotion. FTVasant *otkinj! conditions arvd o;v portunity lo «irn up to 1100 nt rr.orr J*T ^crfc. We will train >ou. Com* and I a It this <j\tr bftue-rn S >rrd Co.. IM N. Mti-hinic St. 27-Femoie Help Wanfi WAITRKSS Wanttrt avTTirburjl (inrant, Hou(* W, tU mile* t'urntwrJanri. \\OMAN a> bouatTicrpcr Jn~~ . Live In. 2 ariultt, PA (-JiTi Jtftr II 1 c-hildrrn, Phor.i slcrl r*iuipmf aniied . s. avanied asu.n . V. CAIU'KNT.i:i! WELL I1IUI.LINU 3-.;. rujnb., I'),. H K 8 SJW HOOM.i, bail), arasc. May 51—Vacuum Cleanc/s _^ \1NF. MirRS~i7om Ihc c,L> — 9 room pte-CJvil War ttul;, lirrpJatt-. jjjrrc b» thi . MC a m heal . bo\« txxl fades. Bo.iuiiful count r>- hamo, Will finance Opie Annan. PA 4-02'» or «« S-JWJ 48 ACRE FARM" d. Wood];ir;<l. I'iisloir. lw Display Classified c ,-,r- rtinc- <-oj:-(Ji" PRICE ONLY k!l hcallh. $3,000 Harry Albright. "I'irito J-ots For Sale. «- Attention Hoai-e Tr^LJcr \\ iT:;: Lcri Top soil PA -3-59.5.? NKV" l.o HOUT Hotleri/ Si! Phone PA CONSTRUCTION CV-iri*. Tn:cV.«. r.ra(!*r, nf Sprcadpcs. f'lU T>nt 4-5575 cr PA 2-6327 Block Laying, Cement Work PHONE PA 2-2699 TOR EXCAVATING OF ALL TYPES Cticit FlU for Drive»ar»! R^a._JOjHX50X. RT, 5, PA 4-3!3£ H.OORS — TjTYlXtlTsANI)INC. I : is" ISHIXC. Free cilimales. Oarlfj Hujrh. .Ml. Sivace. Phone CO 4-5MK OIH< 519 S. On'., vtnincs, dial PA .. PA VACUUM CLEANERS New 1 Heb'jlll. run, Gu»ram«Kl! PARTS 4 SEilVICK, ALL MAKES A Of VACUUM STORRS PA 4 «IO , X - LJV " PICK UP tf DELIVERY 1-Vocuum Cleaner, Pi'P'oy Cloulrfcd TWENTY-FIVE cuum cScancr. Repossessed. I May Iw purchased tor balance due. I _jS[iUjcr Co. f 65 Baltimore SI. » * "*^^^^y WHIT ACRE't ;TEH'PA-2"2790 BEER POPULAR BRANDS Reg. BolKes . . . 2.59 i Throwawoyi , .. 2.99 Cans 3.19 German-Export 2,99 FREE DELIVERY KLINE'S Liquor Store t N. Mccb. PA 4-3740 CUMBERLAHD PAINT & GLASS ^wtge DHL PJ VOW? tt Itttifl RAILINGS WARNER'S i'HOI Vo. Av«. fA 4-0774 Delicious Beautifully RIPENED BANANAS FRUITS And Vegetables Potatoes HAGER'S SUPER FRUIT MARKET NARROWS LOVER'S IEAP TRY PENNSY We Give Sill Green Stamps "Building Materials" Paint — Lumber — Hardware Boctt 40 Nlr*o*i Dili PA V13UU Frtt E&iy Porting CONCRETE < SEPTIC TANKS , POWER EXCAVATWG TRENCHING STEEL STORAGE TANKS PILE BROTHERS Air Conditioning By Buy Carrier ^— -^ Call your dealer or AIRGON Enginicrtng & Supply PA 2-7269 BIGGEST PRODUCER More irJorm.-itioo Call: PA 2-S184 or 2-S485 WILL HUrLD 2-Bodroom Rambler SBJ7S. .1-Bcdroor^ S;'.5>3. Split Level I.AWN NSOWKUS Si HA.VI) Ofl ITHVKR. PA 2 :.!'.! 36-Wofch, Clexrk Repairs fAST* EFFICIENT WATCH REF'AmS JOHN NEWCOMER H5_^*irflr.i» Ave, PA 3-53i8 37-Wetol Weafherstripprng REAL ESTATE SERVICE Let us list ufmr properly UY Gf( J?r^»;?5.' The HAROLD R. FLK1CHER CO E X. LIBERTY Sf. DIAL PJA fW: AWVBURY^POljVNU HEALTY UEAL ESTATE nnOKKHS ^,^_ PJ{ONE PIEDMONT Kill to ritENT ~AA 1 ^ fclxu E '^^V^ wiri" "trki ^ (umafp. bol tt.-iler beai. 31 iKs, psraije, I'A 21733. Defiance Weatherstrip Co. i FREDKHICK C, HAAS DIAL PA VWIO W* have casti trj j ers fo r tn C^in Gome*. Guaranlccxl Rtsulti or oo cost to SOUL Your Ltqalrlei welcomed. M. D Azency—PA 3-1113, ti iDEHN z itrccrw'sn"' tiomc —"kiTaicn". locaiion in LaVjle/l'hocc I'X'^.ilJ- 1 . 38-AAoYing. Storing EXPERIENCED Pe rhioe Opcr*t,o.-» fo Shut Till*. M e*me Ma- allovslnc tip- t»f Shirti-: <?<% inc. ar.rf mntl OJficr .'a.. Grant* MEIiEHS ITtANSFEEl, IXX^L LONG DISTANCE AGENT NORTH AMERICAN VA.S LINES PA 4-39W SALESLADIES with dircxl pprlr ace. -Muit ha»c | Favolich a! tart cumbct bet^wn 7:J&-9:ro p. m. > i*llable to wntk niuhls. No :*1L«^ Apply Quron <"iU- }ToirI. RI-S 20 to 15 for C m(*T«-$1ed Dial PA 2 « Apply in GRAPES TRANSFER Dial PA 4-5622 BENNETT £££ s? Local—Long Distance PHONE PA 2-6770 Display Classified ACKNT, MAVFI^OVVER TRANSIT U)CAU tONG DISTANCE MOVING KI^VUUX THANSKEH I»A 1277 JOHN Ar'PEL HiANSFER tX>CAL, LONO DISTANCE MOVING AGENT CREYVAN LINES PA 4-16U 39-Poinling, Paperhanging VKF:E ESTr^SATES. GET THE TIESTI I 1- WILBERT I*,\ 2-f.5.?3 C1RI, M'ANTED, (or of (ire w. Cumberland, uho uartl« Co f» rrlariaj eKprrirntc. Should ^ in tjpo. Write ittvine rjil part HOT KSO A. c o TiRi«-Nrws. 28-Molc HclFWontcd" KOH NO STRIKES — NO LAYOFFS! CAU, I'A t 316 40-PcrsonoIs VAOVnONKfTs.- h^c T 1 ?- •vt* tntlr™ you Vkhi> 1,11 Ijrd Xrwh ci[ K rOLUMEUS pro-cut homes. Lrrter Mc- <HIl, act-r.i. Mo-icl on Hi-atfd-.x-k Kttsd, KENflLE The Asphalt Tile of •> Cntjuring Beaury The South Cumberland Planing Mill Company 33 Queen St. PA 2-2600 in lV2-yA classl Juicy Rcnclioii TCl/EDO^Ohio wv-Never yn- dcreslimalc Ilic wrath ot »n [orange juice drinker scorned. A ' iv/aitrcss al 0|>perman's Heslau-. rant here told police two youths objected to the price of orange juice ttiey liad purchased, got in- 1 lo their car. and then fired a bullel into Ihe building from a pistol. BO HP CASE-TERRATRAC r-ihovcl — wilh lorque- converler drive, povwer-ihifting Teiiomatic IrorAsmiision and ef- faitfeit pawer-H*«fing — movei up to 40% moie yardage ptr ihift than any olhtr rig in iH pn'c« ronge. t«l ui PROVE ET with a fief demoni trot Ion. MORGAN BROTHERS INDUSTRIAL SALES Hi. 40—We it City Ltmilt Phone Frastburg 1080 LAW OFFICi: OF W. KAHLK tOBKJ" CIlMilEKLAM), MD. Pearl B. Mulljftiui, 20 Orcliard Street, FC'umbcrrnntf. Maryland, Cojnplainant, \h, James H. Mulligan, 3 (Hocher Street, irtaolcy, Wcfcl Virginia, Respondent. No, 2;B02 Equity in the Circuit Court or Attcgany Icunlj, .Maryland. OJtDKR OK I'L'IJMC'ATIOX 7he object of IhiA suit is to procure device divorcing Pearl n. Mulligan, e Cojnplainanl, from James 1J. SJull- an. the Hesponrtenl, A VlXCULO lATniMOMI. The Bill recites the marriage of Ihe lartlcs tn {.lumber! and, A1 leg any Coun- y. Marylanil. on July M, I922i that he Complainant has bvcn a ifbident »f Allegany County. Mary 1 land, for »vcr J5 >cars; jhai [he Ile_*pondent is i non-rt'sidi'nt of Maryland and nosv esidint! at i Kloclier Street, ftidgclcy, Ve^t ^'irginia; [fiat ono chile', v.ho is iou- an adult residing in Johnstown. > enn'sylvania j was born lo the parlies if this marriage: that a film ugh the •omlucl of the Com plain a nl toward the Jt eAponrft-n t has a) n.«,»j. )>ren kind, aHet lionaU' and above r*pr&arjh. th« said Rpspondenl uilhoul any just ed Ihe C'omplalnani ant] declared inteniion lo live with her no Ioiyg- -_ and that iuch abanrionmcnl and dcsi-rtion ha* tominued uninteruptedly litr at lead eighteen months ayid is deliberate snd final and the reparation E the parlies beyond any reasonable opu or expectation of lecoiK-iltation. ll is thereupon (his 2Ijl day of May. 193T, by the Circuit C'ourl of Altegany County. Mainland. Orrfered that Ihe Complainant by causing a copy of this order to he published in Aome daily lewspaper in Allegatvy County. Maryand. once a week for lour successive- ^eeks bclore the 22d day of June, 1957,- ;ivins notice l& Ihe aliwjit RCJ-pandent. fames IE. Mullisan, ol Ihe ohjt-ti and aurjatanrc of this *uit warning him tn- be and appear in this Honorable Court,- rn person or hy solicitor, on or before tht 8 day oE July. 1937, to show cauir, if any he may have, why a decree sboutd not be passed as prayed. — /s/ -Joseph E. Boiien, Cleric -. e Copy ' Test: Joseph r Boden. Cleric v. T May 23-30 -June j-12 5°6 Down To Veterans 7C2 HU LTOJ 1 Drive, 6 ioo in •MUmm Call PA 2-5100 for AH Typos of Roofing oncf Siding Applied by Exportt 10 YtA* WKrniM GDAKANHE ON LABOK AND KATUIAU Ask About Seori Own MODERNIZING CREDIT PIAN t*a Mo««7 OOWK. Up to 36 Mofijh* b Ttr, SEARS, ROEBUCK AND CO. 179 Ballimore 51. Cumberland, Mil. HERE! Prices As Low As Any * We have the Brand that suits your needs! JACK WETZEL'S Strand Liquor Store N. CENTRE at BALTIMORE ST. The most convenient location for you to shop On* of America's lamcs-l *-" c T l0! 's 1 i< 1 Rs'yJ l , J ^f ^-^'', *re«. S100 per week «tr*w and corn-: 'f F.IHS oj \ mission? if joy qualify. You reed no'^ ^^ *plc*' <juil your pre»cnl -o» until you pro^c i AV T!l ' *"* lo jour^tlf thai YOU *an rtn thi* onp. j _.:MJ!; Sft Mr. l>. J. Graharr land Hottt. Tueiday. ..,.-...-,^.K. Thurnday. 10 A.M. lo l r.M. ?..„ „, *r,A evenfnij appoinlmcnts. (Inquire al d»V> • nip 1'iinnr lhr >-lr paper. al Fort Cumber-1 K'cdnfirtajr ar.rf f Piano Tuning & Repairing Laurence Griffith PA-2-1633 ROBERT W MOHKLAND, ASFT.i runes. He pair* School, Oiarch Hcme- PiJUias PA 4-1CS*, .U.icd Plaoci. PITTSBURGH Plate Glass Co. WORKS NO. 7 CUMBERLAND, MD. 45-Radio SCCY'CO 46-Tolevisiori Service P. ; are now being received (cr job openings tii to be fitted in the early pnrt o/ this summer. Hourly rates of pay lor the Dept: — Electricians $2.62 per hour — Machinists—Shop — $2,63 per hour — Machinists—Plant $2.45 per hour — Pips Filters $2.45 per hour — MUIrighls $2.« per hour — Carpenlcr-Painter .... $2.29 per hour Applicants must be qualified Journeymen in order to receive consideration. For further information call PA 2-8500 or write; Director of Personnel. fV icrvtcci on ill m»Kc* S'ile-Sundaj service tciua Humbertson's STRANF) TV s>ltf l» Scrricc Rt 40 IjValc f*A 2-723) Open ~l\\ 9 oys Past Schntil As To Help u-Uh Harden Work Apply: 120 federal St. I'm heading for Smith Gardens (o, Vegetable Plants GfJARAXTEED R»DIO SEHVICE SpoctKllirnK • ham* & huui r^djof )|j*NS (I N Ootce SL PA W5 CUMBERLAND ELtCTRlC CO. Kwrei Polntoes Home Grown By SMITH GARDENS UNITED TV W* repair *U Bedford St. Radio. T-V PA V14& 7niii}Vi TV AUTHORIZED IfCmUl I V SalM fc service !y :l 21!l A J} T l s i rA2 : iS ^if *J? "-P-™ 47—Real Estate For Sale gontrry Ave, ("onrictc bti used as c^rAs oul OltllrrtfTi R J. s. IHmON. RcaHtvr Rf}p\ f VV. Vp. HV; 8-8700 lot S0x225, miles rooms, modrrn halh. All crtv frtntcn- loners, Newly dec oral til. Kxcclknt tontlilton in.siric and out. ImniCrtiatc possession. Plal RK 8-S977. AT FURNACE ACRES 4 miles out Uoute IP. Another A Jt A Home (or s^lc, Will be completed about June IM. For prifp nnti iTiformaiidT,, phone A & A Builder*, Furl Ashby 2U1. Available Immediately SUNOCO Service Station For Lease Good goUonoga notion wilt, Sigh p«5lcntiol end o minimum ir\tfeitmtr\l. Write: L, S. Madison Box 13, Bedford, Pa. Phono Bedford 1132.Y * Phone Orders Delivered Wrrhin 1-Hour. ''A" Charge. GRADE LARGE $1.00 3 Doz. Swift's Premium Ib. CHICKEN Legs and Breasts |b. 65?! BACON Sliced Morrcll's Pride |b. 69^ Pitphpr nf Potatoes - ! t!.T.1J» riiuiei Ul Pork Chops 2M r. s 1.00 Pure Mb. Packages Dainty Dell Soap Chips Q4 t k ± tow 98c Open 7 Day* A Week — S A. M. to Midnight 11 N. FRONT ST. DIAL PA 2- Display Classified NO PRICE IS A BARGAIN PRICE IF QUALITY IS LACKING IF YOU WANT A CAR OF THE HIGHEST QUALITY AT A FAIR PRICE SEE THESE NOW! 1955 PLYMOUTH Suburban al[-metal italion wagon. Two tone paint, Powerftite tranimit- tian, radio and heater. EASY! '^BATCOBESTi; Parl» For All Mak« r~ SKELUY'S DA *> I 536 Pine Avr. » ** ^"~ 1956 DODGE S t « r r a 4 door- station wagon V-8, 8 poiienger model, puiri button Irons- mlision, low mileage, btal- «r ( two tcne paint. NICE! 1952 FORD V-8 [M> leJan. Rcdia anj heater. Read/ to roll at 1952 De SOTO Cut lam 4 door iedan. Radio, hoofer, avtomalic 1949 CHEVROLET Club taupe. Good tirai, Hcatir. MoVat a good HI ion d cor. 1951 CHEVROLET Bel Air Hardtop. Radio, healer. Standard trantmH- 1949 De SOTO Cuitem 4 door leda Automatic trantmt lion, radio antf heate DAUGHTER KEEPS TIP-TOP WITH Happy Hills Cti al buy lo I I 519921 1949 FORD V-8 4 door s«dan. Radio and fceaUr, good (fre*. Ycjuri *or only . . . $19569 1947 DODGE 4 doer »erJorv Radio and Kioler, ILuid <fiive, good $9959 1950 FORD Club coupe. Radio, heattr, good luei. $14939 1947 Studcbakor Heoltr, ovtidrive, geKjd tilt I. $89 79 "Woody" GURLEY'S USED GAR LOT 212 Greene St. PA 2-0202 / 2 GALLON 80c gallon Plus small deposit on jug At any of these convenient locations! CUMBERLAND COYIE EROS. 5AN1TASY MXT, Virginia A>r, ENGlfS MARKET FINDlAYS 7*11 MARKEt Mcrylafld A»*r we GO5S DAIRT STORE HAGtSS GSOCERT E..C-] Sued HARRYS MARKET JO.4N5ONS OSOCFHY Pervnylvonlo Aveno* JOSEPH UWlS GROCERY Ella Avenue MtDADES FOOD MARKET N T>onf S(IM! HOWARD Me(N7V?E ANDREW MttNTYRE GROCERY Gtf-rf S're*1 VtlNTYRE 83OS. VolVy 5t,-rpl NAVE'S OSOCESY N Wcthetnic S'rf^t NIXON'5 GROCERY STO3£ Ro;e ifrtel PERRINS GROCERY Salf.'mofp Aven u * 5WI1HS GROCERY E. Olcilown Rood BEDFORD ROAD ISGIES MARKET WARN1CK 5 .MARKIT BOWLING GREEN 6OWUNG GREEN OROCERf fAIKGO CAFE CRESAPTOWN VAN METER MARKET MT. SAVAGE 8EA15 GROCERY ZIHLMAN RAYS GROCERY LONG STRETCH HAPPY HILL* rAR.v.S RESTAURANT FROSTBURG JO IE KAY MfcR^ET E. Main Street KROU'S GROCISY WftiKinalon St,-c»l IOARS MARK€T W. Moirt 5u e «t LAVALE ROY 00M 5 GROCERY iivs ^^ARKt^ CORRIGANVIUE M/MHEWS G8O<Eftr ELLERSLIE DEVOBfS MiRKfl ECKHART ENOIE S WEAt MARKET L.

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