Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 17, 1969 · Page 12
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 12

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1969
Page 12
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12 - Atonday, Ftb. 17, 1969 Redionds Daily FocH Television Review HOLLYWOOD (UPI)-"NBC Experiment in Television," icliidi appears moftly on we^end aOeiBoms. iDustrated again Sunday «4iy it ought to have a regdlar prime time spot: ^ ly KICK DU IROW lives wilii ber black SOB . played a brave but tragic lady lAose life was rmned .by tlie nifgitiwa'* birth, triMse (amity refuses to accept her ofiqmng and whose boyfriend will not this time with a drama about a'matry her so long as the young Negro American teacher who man is around, visits 'ins German-bom, black Miss SUrr's play, produce] nephew in Munich. land directed with grace and TIZZY rnrm bjf Kalz QsBr.n MONDAY FEBRUARY 17 4:30 O GEORGE PUTNAM NEWS it The Best News in Town 5-31 O DONALD O'CONNOR it NEW TIME/NEW TIME tMOTke Ki Mm (C) (60) Jerry Dunphy. g SSHuntlqf -BrinUejriC) (30) Stevf lUhn Stam (Q (90) Reverend Dr. Ralph Absmsthy, Willi; Dorsey and The Ledies o< Song.! Don Knotts, Barbers Rush. Dick' Jensen and Asher Snider guest OTHE SIX O'CLOCK MOVIE if Color-"A Summer Place' Part I—stars Richard Egan & Dorothy McGuire. O S" O'ClMk Movie: (O "« Sm-\ nwr Plate" Part I (drama) '59 —' Richard Egan, Sandra Dee, Dorothy McGuiret Troy Donahue. § 1 $P» (C) (60) MMM (C ) (30) Wkift n»m1 (30) "Health Heroes." A kwk at the life of Madame Marie Curie, who discovered radium. Stills and film footage are from the Metropolitan Life insurance " braiy. SIMeiertt Sim Aaer Cgnu) Nmffl •:30QimK Heenanice (C) (60) JSvonage to OM Botha tf .Ikt See (O (60) QIOEBUr RMdi Out (30) A new biographical series by LA City Schools concentrating on minority group irxfividuals who have risen to high positions in the commu ^ (US) 99 CD "•"(O (0 (30) 7 «eCK BMring H <M Walter Ctoniiite. OMwft My LiM? (Q (30) Guest panelists are Shari Lewis, Bert Convey and Soupy Sales. tanmmd (C) (30) Audrey] Meadows and Bob Crane fuesL Q3UMiAU«rt« (30) SCmfsWoiM (0 CBTnrtk er Cennquencei (C) gation leads them to an estabHsh ment called the Gaslight Ghoul Club where they experience a livmg ie-| membrance of the crimes of tlie| 1880's. Patrick Newell, Rhonda Parier and Guy Rolfe are featured. OI«iN$Marir miteUttl Hairf tf ««f (drama) 'SS-Humphrey Bopit Gene Tiemey, Lee i- Cobb. !uMoeoscBKM* m • MERV GRIFFIN SHOW it NEW TIME/NEW TIME .fDHcnrCrina (t) (90) IS Beat Ike 0 «i (O (30) S )n MHictI Oswt SdOeHsybeiiy RfO (Q (30) Firmei Sam's carefully nurture^ strin{ beans came up. prtifully stunted while Millie's beans grow long anc beautifuL O The Bob Hope Special if Bing Crosby • Martha Raye • George Bums Diana Ross - Supremes 0@(9ffiM Hapt SpNii (0 (60) Bob Hope and his pab gel together for a raerry salute to UK days of vaudeville. The miesls in dude B:ng Crosby. Martha Raye Gnrge Bums and Diana Ross anc nt oupremes. . 0@C3)CBTke 0u'4C3sti (0 (SO) -The Thin Ed't." A yojng gir is accidjntally shat by EarJ durini a s-hooiout nith an outlaw, mt Eari, racked by unbearable guilt seeks his own death. He challenge! the girl's fiance to a gun due which he plans to lose. Carol Pfan der, Lukas White and Ida Lupine guest IB Kan far Tour Life (Q (60) ^NETloumal (0 (60) "The Bat tared Child." A report on the wor> being done at the University ol Colorado Medical Center by a spe- a'al team of psychiatrists, pediatricians and social workers. They an working together to rehabilitate children who are victims of mental and physical abuse in the home. ^(i}MaaFr »«UNaE(C) gglj Braia MaMito tJOOFiaitr Affair (Q (30) Undc Bill and Cissy find romance in Spain, unaware that French has lost the twins on a sightseeing trip in the second part of this three- part story. - (O (30) Ted Meyen. Then was. no major "experiment" in the fine piece of work I by write Manya Starr, who did the original tdepiay. It was simply a first-rate contribulion to television, far superior to almost anyttring seen in priine time, and one hopes it jets a renm outing at night before the mass audience. The production, in fact, was siicb a true and affecting story —involving a search for identi^ by the teacher, the n^ew and the youth's white German motfaer-that one felt it definitely had the makings to be expanded into a full-length motion picture. There were times that the video compression had a constricting effect on the story, which was fairly bursting—as a living inece of work always will be —to be told in all its proper ! dimension. It was little surprise, then, (0 learn that Bavaria Film Atelier, with' which NBC -TV collaborated in feding by Victor Vicas, touched feelingly on the problem of the thousands of "mischlings" (children ot mixed racial parentage) but never slipped away from its gripping story.of three people. The arrival in Munich of tiie teacher, portrayed with searing restraint by Edwards, predpi tales the showdovvn in the lives of all three. Immediately be becomes a father substitute for the high-spirited, good-natured tdack youth, whose role was enacted by wniiams with a pwgnant attractiveness that made the play come aUve—and stay that way. The mother and Edwards are attracted to each other, and for a while it looks as though something will come of this— making for a new family of three. But several incidents make all too clear to Edwards' the real state of his nephew in Germany. " And with the young man's exuberance — and situatioa — Ut's moke •y DICK WiST I WASHINGTON (UPI) - Dr. has never been around any Theodore Emmerman, a New other dogs and we've never told [York veterinarian, recently hadihim the difference." the audacity to suggest that doss should be treated like > if he dags. said. Canmes are happier, Zimmer- "What man said, if they aren't given snapped, the run of the house and otherwise treated like people. "They like ,to know tiieir I limitations," he said. "Hiat sounds plausible to me. But I fear Zimmerman is gomg to get a hard time from dog owners, who presently spend about $3 billion a year to humanize their hounds. The reaction of my friends ••Well, he might like it better knew his limitations," I • mil, MM, •«. TM. k» lU. Ml OK "Conway promisad Jan* Ellon tho sun. the moon and the stars, but ho still owes her 45 cents from throe, weeks ago!" i.u bringing aUve in the uncle the Uie producuon. "vnH show -ride i„ being just a! (I 7dOe@3 )S«MMte (Q (iO) Doc, Kitty, Sam and Louie Pheetera are held hostage throughout a long, perilous night in the Long Branch I Saloon by a band of bounty hunters, who hope to trade their prisoners to Marshal Dillon tor a caw-j boy m the Dodge City jaU with a! {10,000 reward on his head. Robeit Totten. Bnice Oera, Lou Antonio and Russell Johnson guest O ® I DTMI ff tamie (C) (30) ••Is Ttiere a Doctor in the Houser Tony develops instant sleeping sickness when someone wlirstles and Jeannie is unable to cure him. OttUa Voyage (C) (30) "Journey of the Jungle Man." 0 @(SC9Tkt AiMgws m (60) "Fog." John Steed and Tan, King are assigned by "Mother to track down the culprit responsble' for a series of homicides threatening the success of a woifd ia-. _ llBMOeCSCani imil (Q (60) Ken Berry and Shiiiey Jones guest O TEXACO Presento if "Jack Benny's Birthday Special" with LUCILLE BALL—STARS GALORE! OaCSffiiMii BMMfi Nik- day Special (C) (60) Lucille Ball heads a list of guests who will join Jack to celebrate his natal anniversary. Also on hand will be Dan Blocker, Dennis Day, Ann-Margtet Lawrence Welk, Jerry Lewis and Rouvaun. • GEORGE PUTNAM NEWS if One Reporter's Opinion n (C) (60) EDHe lit vmar (Q . Ifoot" Jarrod tokat Die ease of an Indian friend wto ii falsely charged with murder. Joi Don Baker guests. ~ HanU DiHsw (30) Hot Skew (O (30) Phil Ford. ...imi Hines and restaurateur Jet Kipness guest ®Tkc Craat War (30) "Eihais- tiott." The time is January 1,1916, to July 1. 1917. Lhiyd Georr tackles the problem of winning the war and turns to France for help. Highlights: the LanHtowne Review, Irish Rebellion, the Russian March Revolution. ^-Marion Brando, Red Buttons. Miyoshi Umeki. OHM (0 (30) e)lMi »Mim(30)1lewCaitftif Coronaries." Two pliysiciaM discuss new tediniques and equipment for truting heart attack victiffll. S Carte SiiHMarii OTralk er tonseqeencM (0 (30) fBr «fiyMtM (60) ®CaMindelallaa (30) eihiAa|elaialFa«|( MO iRawai I MartM Tny Tim guests. nuCU BaMkd (0 (2hr) Didi SAerg calls the action between the, Bruins and the Washington Cougars.' OHiBl (0 (30) (10) HigMights of the 1966 Newport Jazz festival featming Bobby Hadielt IM Alltg. Dizl^ Gillnpii. CUrk Tefty. Jimmy Owent, Ckarii* Byrf mi Georfe Benson. • y _— (0 Rod Sediii hosts. Panelists art Rolfe Pitamn. Betty White, Pia Undstrani, tad Pat Buttnin. eilenK -lisrs Fiw Hamf (adventure) 'SB-Stephen MeNaUy. Wc Morrow. @(I )e ®eNM *(C) iII-jaaiiMiK LMT (fflusicaQ I '47 -FrMk Sinatra. Slsiia DeHaven. e JOHNNY'S IN TOMM! if THE TONIGHT SHOW Starring Johnny Carson Guests: Samiwy Davit Jr. and Carol Wayna aiMr Iki niilK tai <cMM4y) :3»-liml A IMy. Il2« 077 Swat Sbip •Mm9(i)*>^ lav (O (30) 5ifcwedii««««5toh «Wiiiew suftoMd, tokes a |ob at a nper- matlKt On his first day at wo* Ins tokes Nm to the sapemattet where Craig is working to Aoerhr the -tairteer way to shop, and, ^£'j4rL 'XeTo2i "«!B«-™ -pieee. DSPlfka Ptoce (Q y„, „. Jma advim BeBytogivt ip W fiiht tor the tohirtj»; !«• hies to make friends with Jo- ant; Haisha tells Dr. Rani Fnd ptetomatibogblecCiiolyitolli jriltkeymttm^ Girl Friday. M (0 1 (0 Ida I) •Sl-Diant OMl, Ctaii TUESDAY lUdB V-TMriir WML T«iy-' ady) -S-Fred AMn, iMEt Cm- (i»Mic« 'Vr-Dm Imtmm. le* (ad^O ID-JMH longer version ui (^rmany. The one-hour video drama, "Color Me German," offered three principal characters who were so compelling that one could identify in compassion with all of them. And the location fibning in and around Munich contributed greatly to the simple reality that was so winning in the story. James Edwards, whom 'many moviegoers will remember vividly from "Home of the Brave," portrayed the American teacher— a man who is uncomfortable in middle age dormant pride in bebg just free man, it is finally resolved' the two will return to the United States together, permanently. TTie mother loses her; son, and it is wrenching and! cruel, yet she is finally, perversely, freed from the bondage imposed on her by those others around her. In a fascinating sidelight to the play, NBC-TV notes that the germinal idea for the story came from Edwards, whose "late brother had a son by a Swiss-German wife. . . . The young man is now living in Switzerland. Edwards had brought his Allergy may cause child's bedwetting •V DR. WAYNI •. •RANMTADT with the new racial militancy mi nephew to the U.S. for a visit the United States, and whose doubts about his place in U.S. life have him thmking about staying in Mmiich. Ron WiUiams, as the black 23- year-old German nephew, had the role of a youngster who was su«d by an American G.I., and who tries—perhaps too hard—to believe he is truly accepted in Germany, but Imows in Iiis heart he is not. Rosemarie Fendel, as the attractive white woman who UNLIMITED SOFT WATER CHECK OUR LOW PRICES BEFORE YOU BUY' .ERViSOF Call 793-2359 Redlands 612 Texas St. and took an mterest in him." Good insurance salesman DETROIT (UPI) — Thomas Jefferson would have made a great uisurance salesman, reports a handwriting analyst Dr Norman Smith of Wyandotte, who has been studymgj handwriting analysis for the Life Insurance Co. of Virginia, studied JefCerson's signature on the Declaration of Independence. He said Jefferson was endowed with a diplomatic nature, sincerity, empathy, aggressiveness, determination, drive, self- confidence and intelligence. A small bladder or emotional upsets are usually assumed to be the cause of persistent bed- wetting m children who are over 3. The fact that the problem is not that simple has been dem onstrated by Dr. J. W. (>eirard at the University ol Sasfcatdie- wah. He had been using all the known treatments on a 12 -year- old girl without any appreciable success .when he learned that her baby brother was dtUergic to milk. He removed milk from the diets of both dnldren and within two weeks the older child's bedwetttng stopped completely. She was so baniy aixHit this tbe\ refused to drink milk to confirm the doctor's Mief Hut an allergy was the tnie cause of her trouble. When, sometime later, she ate some ice cream, she wet the bed again and this left no doubt as to (be correctness of the diagnosis. Smce then. Dr. Gerrard has cured bedwetting in 25 children whose allergies included eggs, citrus fruits, tomatoes and Uie Sam and Millie Underfoot may be typical of the breed. I mentioned Zunmerman's comment the other evemng when I was having cocktails with the Underfoots and theb: poodle, Bonaparte. (Bonaparte likes his martinis very dry with a twist of lemon.) "Sam," I ;aid, "did it ever occur to you that Bonaparte might be happier if you treated him like: ' dog?" limitations?" Sam "Bonaparte has nicer manners than some people I could mention, including one who is right here in this room." "I'm not saying anything against Braaparte," I said. "He's a fine dog. I'm only suggesting he might be happier if he were treated normally." "What is that supposed to mean?" "It has been a long time since I've seen a normal dog but as best I recall they like to chase cats, bury bones, scratch fleas, dig up flower beds and bark at the moon." Millie grabbed up Bonaparte and clasped him to her bosom protectively. "You horrid man!" she e.\claimed. "I've half a mind to turn you in to the SPCA." "This isn't my idea," I said. I'm merely quoting Dr. a ; Millie quickly put her hands Zimmerman. ;over the poodle's ears, causing! "Who is he?" Sam demanded. I him to drop the tray of hors'"Some kind of a wlerdo?" d'oeuvres he was passing. ! "No. He's a prominent "Don't say thuigs Uke that veterinarian." around Bonaparte," she admon-i "Well, I wouldn't let him ished. "He doesn't know he's a j touch Bonaparte with a 10-foot dog. He thinks he's human. He anti-rabies needle." Use for rat tais MANILA (UPI)-Ugaspi City| officials have come up with an incentive for public support of their rat extermination cam paign: Anyone showing vp with 10 rat tails wiU be admitted free to a series of dances. wATiowM. aoaux. coweowCTieN RECREOUIMDS Winner of 3 Academy Awards! Siww Timet: Man.. S :M p-m. TIM*., sat p-m. MM NMMim iH0«.-SCVOI ARTSi PLUS — FEATURETTE "SKY OVER HOUAND' The Almaiiac Today is Monday, Feb. 17, the 48th day of 1969 with 317 to follow. The moon is between its new phase and first quarter. The mommg stars are Mercury, Mars and Jupiter. The evening stars are Venus and Saturn. On this day in history: In 1801 after separate balloU, an electorial tie was broken when the House of Representatives named Thomas Jefferson the third President of the United States. Aaron Burr, tied with Jefferson, was named vice- president. In 1817 Baltimore became the first American city to have a street illummated with { Ughts. In 1906 Alice Roosevelt, (Mest| daughter of Presidait Theodore Roosevelt, was married in the White House to Congressman Nicholas Longworth of Ohio. In 1966 a Soviet T-U4 crashed, kilUng 48 persons. A thought for the day: William James said, "Man lives by habits indeed, but what he lives for is thrills and excitement" i§ artificial coloring in soft drinks, .^ergy is not the cause of all bedwetting but it is apparently a more important cause than has been generally realized. 9 — Is it healthy to let a child sleep in a room without a little circulating fresh air? A — Although the cu'culation of fresh air is necessary for comfort in the summer, in winter there is enough air movement through porous walls and ceilings and around windows and doors to supply the body's needs. The air doesn't liave to be cold to be fresh. CoU drafts should be avoided. Q — My son, 7 has had repeated colds. I have beard that a deficiency of the gamma globulin might be the cause. If so, what is the recommended treatment? A — Agammaglobulinemia is a disease that, like color blindness, can be inherited by a boy from his mother. Girls may carry the gene but do not have the disease. The victim has difficulty fighting any kmd of infection. An mjection of gamma globulin helps the victim to get over an infection for which thene is no effective antibiotic, but the effect is not lasting, lliere is at present no lasting cure. No VIENNA (UPI) - Priedrich HI, the Roman emperor, was not buried in his tomb in St Stephan's Cathedral here, tour ists visitmg the crypt were told today. Experts said the tomb was X-rayed last week and no trace of bones was found. The mvestigation began when dwrdi archives show«d that Priedrich died 20 years before his tomb was finished. Out leek NOTTINGHAM, England (UPI)—The judges took one look at Janet Beesley and pronounced . her the campus beauty queen. She was also named nmoer-up. Artually, the choice was simile. Janet, 19. was the only girl to enter the contest for Nottingham Regional (Allege of Teduuiogy beauty queen. Star lucky 'to be alive' in crash ROME (UPI)-Gina Lollobri- gida, proclaiming "it is a miracle we are alive," lay in a hospital today with multiple injuries suffered when thej Rolls-Royce she was driving skidded Sunday on ice and slammed into a guardrail that kept the car fom plimging 250 feet The voluptuous film star broke her left kneecap and suffered cuts and bruises about her body. Doctors said today they vmM operate on the knee] "in a few days." , Miss LoUobrigida. 40, was driving Italian film directed Franco ZeffireDi, a photogra pher and a critic to a- soccer match in Florence when her black limousine hit a patch of ice on Italy's Superhighway of the Sun about 60 iniles norm of Rome. Police sakl the big car| bounced off the guardrail andi back onto a wall befwe careening to a stop. "If it hadn't been for the guardrail, we would have crashed about 250 feet down a hiU." Miss Lolobrigida said. "It is a miracle we are alive." Zeffireli and critic Gian Luigi Roodi suffered mmor injures. Photographer Thomas Neuman was unhurt Officers said Miss LoUobrigi- da was traveling about 60 miles an hour, within the limit, but wiBch police said was too fast| because of snow and ice on the road. The Rolls was heavily dam aged. Reagan reveals threat to dean of admissions NEWPORT BEACH, Calif. (UPI)—A dean of admissions at a state institution was forced to enroll 40 students while switchblade knives were being held at his Uffoat by 35 other students. Gov. Ronald Reagan charged recently. But neither Reagan nor bis press secretary Paul Beck would identify the institution involved, and university and state college offidals said they were unaware of any such incident. Reagan made the charges at two appearances in this Orange County community. "The 35 students made up a list of 40 people they wanted admitted," he said, "and brought it to the dean and stood there with switchblades at his throat until he admitted them." Reagan said the incident wa* never taken to law enforcement offidals nor was it reported to campus authorities. He concluded that the incident demonstrated that the academic community was unable to cope with campus violence. The governor voiced the charges first during a talk at the Newport Harbor Exchange (Hub, then during a question- and-answer session with students at a Newport Harbor High School assembly. WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Honey Fitz" and the "Patrick J." are now the "Julie" and the "Patricia." Presklent Nixon announced the name changes for the two presidential yachts during the weekend. The old names were given the cabin cruisers by President Kennedy, in honor of his grandfathers. Nixon decided to rename the baats after his daughters. Frederich III missing from Vienna tomb no lie a free pie (whM you buy a iMictot or barrel) As a Washington's Birthday Special, we'll give you a luscious FREE CHERRY PIE...enough for seven generous helpings... whan you buy Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken by the Bucket or Barrel at our everyday low prices. Offer good Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, February 17-20. Th* Buckat: 15 tender, juicy pieces of chicken; 6 hot rolls: a full pintof the Colonel's chicken gravy...only $3.99.The Barrel: 21 pieces of golden brown chicken...finger lickin'good...only SS.19. Youll find that free cherry pie and Colonel Sanders' Kentucky Fried Chicken are real George. FfM CiMrry Pi* oflar good Monday, TuMday.WodiMMtey and Thursday, Ftb. 17-20. VIENNA (UPI)—The tomb of Holy Roman Emperor Friedrich UI in St Stephan's Cathedral, one of the leading tourist attractions in Vienna, has turned out to be empty, cathedral officials admitted today. Prof. Rudolf Bachleitner, director of the diocese museum, disdosed that the tomb recently was X-rayed with the aid et isotopes and no trace of bones was found. A search of cathedral archives failed to revail any clue as to the whereabouts of the remains of the Habsborg emperor. Friedrich lU died in 1493, some 20 years before his ornate, carved marble tomb was completed by the Dutdi sculptor Niklas (^erbaert Van Leyden. Experts recenUy began to suspect that in the endiusiasm to see Leyden's great masterpiece finished, churdi offidals overlooked putting Friedrich IH into it Looking m to the tomb hardly came into question, because the Ud alone weighs nine tons. Special on fhe menu m UOUNM ILVB. TARRAGONA, Spain (UPI)— Customers were enjoying a leisurely dinner at the Tarragona Restaurant last Friday when a 220^ound wild boar suddenly burst through tim front door and began at'taddng eveiything dmt moved. The boar, which had escaped [from a cage outside the restaurant, sent customen nc- mg into (he street and ^proceeded to make a shambles I (A taUes and cbmrs. Titen the ! beast escaped mto the hiSs surrounding the town. However, the villagers later bracked it down, killed it and brought it bade to flie restaurant, ^AaA feabired roost boar the next day.

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