The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 24, 1930 · Page 2
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 2

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Monday, March 24, 1930
Page 2
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I flAQE TWO •THl TIPTON frULt TR1BDNB rted CIGAR long fitter. • • handmade The individual foil- wrapping of each cigar preserves for you the full fragrance and aroma of the tropics. SOLD BY ALL GOOD DEALERS THE HOUSE OF CRANE Indianapolis IMFOBTEtlS Evanavllle SUFFERS FROM BURNS. Left Knee of 5-Year-Old Lad Was Badly Blistered. Richard; the 5-year-old son of Mrs. Marie Meyers, who makes her home with her mother on South street, continues to suffer j from, burns on his left knee, suf-j fered one week, ago Saturday, i The county,health nurse is keep- J ing in touch with the, case and visited the injured lad Monday. The boy was burned when his clothing caught fire frpm a burning trash pile near which he and other youngsters were playing. . 12 YEARS AGO led-to seek the governorship the j would have the United States 'next time. If Senator Watson is j committed to building up to par• enabled to retain his control ofjity Great Britain at 1,300,000 : the state organization, as he has j tons and a provisional clause in- iiii the past few years, a good I serted designed to safeguard | many political observers believe j Britain against France, so Brit- signatories a political BASIC LAW. (Continued From; Page I.) U 'OiJage may be tin ust aside in ;>jvor of some form Hoi" civil servile. In general it ljhight be said: t ,, ey ca u-write their own ticket i j lin can notify other tilat the political leaders will pp-! in a slale convention, but in a pri- that such-and-such pose the calling of ja convention. j m .„. y anything might happen, as [ situation has compelled her to Already the Democratic state com-; j, has 1n tlle past in Indiana. ! l )u ild up beyond the treaty liiu- miUee has turned dCjwn a sugges-j Authough the "Democrats lent its . tion that the party advocate a ' ,,.ie-.„tly little help to the Republi-; Jt is crys t a i clear that when nixe constitution ini^its. platform jeans in eliminating the primary,; p rime _ Ministe - r MacDonald and June j t ] le y'are no more anxious than the i Pl . es j dent - Hoover had their fam­ uli, the state convention on if. and the Republics, although 0 . P. to see it restored.. They, j ous conference 0 n the mossy log •„g no formal action, have in -j too , have had some bitter expe- j over Rapjd Creek eithei . tIley dialed that they i regard the i fences ii> recent years with pri vliole affair as a hot poker, politically. V ! | Not only has thei; spectre of a tl l:i inary races. There is. however, a movement within the Democratic party to get behind the primary institutional convention arisen j restoration cry, but the leaders to confront the politicians, but 1 are opposing the idea. ey are now worried by reports «n that a deliberate movement has been undertaken in many parts of the state to pledge (Jandidates for e. state legislature ;to restore the sttite-wide features of the pri- r.:|ary law. . ., :, • , , . -jty would be a battleship building It was not until the last legis-l ' are that the poetical leaders i llolidayin wlllch France is uni "- oould muster sumefent strength! tereste<1: a,ld a hisllly tecll » ical take the nominations-for Uni-i ^reement on the process of men- j were uninformed on .the Franco| Italian political Conditions, which i were bound to wreck the confer' ence, or cognizant of such condi- i lions, the two visionaries never[the-less thought they could con- i jure up an atmosphere of sweetness and light'which would he- j guile the hard-boiled French ra- (Continued From Page 1.) ; tioalists and intensely antionalis- Other points which- might be; tic Italians into the happy family of Noah 'when he enjoyed his naval holiday. OBITUARY. included in this face-saving trea- IAXBYS -END COAST HOP. Couple Flics From Frisco to Burbank—at Friend's Home. Los Angeles, Cal., March 24.— Col. ChatiCi; A. Lindbergh and his wife -completed' -a three-hour air journey from San Francisco. Cal., at 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon when their trim monoplane landed at the Lockheed airport in Bprbank. Immediately upon their arrival, the couple left for the home of a friend, where they will resume their local residence. At the Circle. FIFTY YEARS. Hid States senator ' tind governor | suration of naval catefories in a| of the primary and place them! compromise between the global ck. in the conventions. And i:»nd categorical tonnage systems. I This process is meaningless un-. building of. the community; (Continued From Page 1.) community life and in the up- Mr. r.i)w. before they caui get a chance' - - i ...... . , . to 1 operate under tli:> new law 1 less ; it can be applied to actual | Wilburn lws been superintendent tlJev must fight top hold their! »6™res ° £ " aval f of Sunday school for the past plins.' Inasmuch as Candidates fori .Bnt even such a treaty is non-j.five years and has been foremost senator and governor will not he j client. So far,,, France has ad-| ™ bringing it up to its fine stand- nominated until 1!)*2, the legis-l van(;ed liRures padded with obso-j ard in the county Sunday School lalture meetine. in 1!»:S1 could re -'leteiships and Italy has submitted! work. He has also been closely no figures whatever. ; j As a matter, of^fact. two store the state-wide seatures. This danger is of :yhief concern now to Senator Watson, who will be acarjdidate for recrimination in 1932. and his first lieutenant, M. I identified with the school inter- I ests and served the township as months of negotiations by the trustee. He is a member of the Technical Committee on Mensu­ ration has not produced a unani- Bert Thurman, Republican nation-1 nious report, nor is there- .an'y- commi'tteenian. who is expect- Why People. Abhur Fat i * it - INotonly .because it bights beauty and vigor, but because infoimed people regard it as needless. THay know that a chief cause is a gland weakness, easily corrected. ' |Modern physicians, lie world over, now «im at that weakness. Their method ist embodied in MarmH>!a prescription tablet!, now used for 22 years. The countless fat people who have grown alennrr now everywhere showwhat this method docs. Ferhapsyiiur close friends can tell you. . J If you are over-fat, ycu owe to your- If a test of Marraola. Ilhe reasons and formula ate in every b<ix. Every drug- gat (applies it—11 a b'»x. Starving is not necessary. Go start ,;oday. thing unanimous from Technical Sub-jConimittee on Humanizaiion and Limitation of submarine size. This last committee is stalled because of France's demand to the Masonic lodge and o£ the I. O. O. F. lodge. Besides his farming in­ terests'he has also been identified; with the business interests of Hobbs conducting both grocery and hardware and implement stores there. . The anniversary dinner was build three more submarines of i enjoyed by a very large number Burcouf type of :i,250 tons. of the relatives. A large basket The sum total of two months I of beautiful golden flowers, the of negotiations is exactly nothing,j gift of the children, graced the except . the accentuation * of I center of the table. The children Franco-Italian suspicions, which'also presented the parents with were dormant before Kiiig GeorgeIgold money in remembrance of opened the conference in the j the anniversary. Royal Gallery of the House of Among those m attendance Lords January 21. These Franco-' were. Davy Daniels and family t A Good Selection of Used Cars to Choose From One. 1929; Model A Ford Standard. Coupe, Bonnie | Qrey color, excellent condition; not much mileage. Oio 1929 Che\Tolet Bix Coupe; you cui more than ijiiwe tbeftrilSyewr'e iep -i)ippf|lodel-A llordor BedM; leta than 5,000 miles on """"" r; car|aes a^new guarantee. ^Rrhiijpet.Ooupe; good paint and tirei;: A-l nawuindally. ., i-., . ^ 7o^:Tndon; ne# paint; both^thetit; liiy^soiittfciok^l^--'''- "T IftnSlpiii^witli new paintrjbbijeicel- Italian suspicions arc now most j near Atlanta, George Wilburn acute. | and family of Elwood, Mr. and Perhaps the real result of the < Mrs. D. B. Com mack of Logans- parley will be the three-power'port, Mr. and Mrs. CLarence Rus- paclj, as indicated for several sell Gunning and family of Aro- weeks by Universal Service. This ma, Mrs. J. E. Buchannan and daughter Mildred of Ft. Wayne, Miss Lois Rushtoii of FisherSrfMr, {and Mrs. Virgil Daniels and little j daughter of-Terro Haute, Lloyd I Daniels of Chicago, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Taylor 'and son Jackie Mr. and Mrs. Ralph' Wilburn and family and Mr. apd Mrs. Dale Caster and family of , Elwood, i and Mr.'and. Mrs. Stanley; Trimble and family 7 of Windfall. All the grandchildren- wefe '-present except two, P.sul Daniela - of WasblnKton, D.. C., .and Harold .Wilburn of ; .Elwood, : detained oh account 1 of illneaer ' , • ; ' •'. : ter- ofi'neif ttborB Md - -1 Heqdr who ^R^Jdurii^|t^o.*^^ ^M ^Tt^^onKi^^tpna. The circle theatre, Indianapolis, will take on the appearance of a Broadway "first night," with it's grand' opening of "The Vagabond King" Friday evening, March 28th, according to an announcement made today by the management. The theatre will be closed all day Friday and the box office will •open at 7:30 p. m. The first performance will begin 'at eight. A second showing to accommodate those unable to obtain seats for the first, will begifi two hours later. The opening is scheduled to-be broadcast over WFBM with many celebrities present to speak over the microphone. The outside of the theatre is to bo flooded with light, banners waving, giving it all the appearance of a New York premiere. Motion picture of the crowds will be made. "The Vagabond King" is Paramount's latest release and stars MacDonald, Lillian Roth, Warner Dennie King. Supporting Jeanette Cland and O. P. Heggie. The entre ca*st numbers over 5,000 and the production has been filmed entirely in technicolor. Dennis King is a Florenz Ziegfield star having appeared in the stage version of "The three Musketeers" and "Rose Marie." This is his first .appearance 1 in talking pictures. .Miss MacDonald made her audible debute in "The Love Parade." Lillian Roth of the New Yorki musicalyeomedy stage was also seen in an important role of that picture. Special excursion rales will •prevail on the electrical lines be-r tween here and Indianapolis for the grand opening and applied on round trips in order to accommodate those who wish to attend the opening, according -to an announcement made by officials of the railway. Home Two Dajs. Mr ( and Mrs Roley Smith, of East Jefferson street, are home for two days, after speeding i week with their daughter, Mrs. 'Guy Ti imble, south of Windfall. They will «o to their farm In-the Wind- fatl community on Wednesday, and will remain several days as Mr. Smith • bat -some' repair ^ork on the place which must be done. Returned j Home Mrs. Edna Conley, of Gas City, was here Sunday and spent the day with friends. Mrs. Conley was formerly employed as milliner .at the Boston store. GENERAL CRACK' BY GEORGE RREEDY . Copyright 1928 by Dodtl iUcad S: Co.. tnc. The Warner Pros. & Vitaphone production starring John Barrymore is based on this novel. SYNUMUI General Crack, sulfite? of lortune, Itas routed the enemy and is ready to make King Leopold .emperor. The latter is smarting because he *iad to yield up t'rincess tlleanom. whom -he-wished to iced, to Oencrul Crack, as his price tor supporting him in the tear. Leopold secretly leaves Brussels and rides incognito to Crack's estate and meets Ulrn nora in her chamber at midmulit At daicr>. Gabor. Crack's enemy, enters through- the window. To en litre his secrecy. Klcanma gives him two large diamonds, given her by General Crack. Gabor then tmorms Crack, and gloats over the evil lid ings. CHAPTER XVII—Continued Hensdorff closed his linmls over his eyes, and felt his tremliliiiy lingers cold upon his licit lids 11^ heard a sigli from Christian, ami then Christian's voice. ."To whom did Colonel Tons rctc-i when he said 'Blast hi in to a!l eternity?" Gabor licked liis lips over the e.\ quisito flavor of'his .triumph. "Leopold," he answered. At that name. Men?dorff felt ap if choking aslies tilled the warm rtiuin. Galmr's voice came • dclihenitoh "You Monseignetir. may slay, an* for what I am aliout to say: and I He listened to tne .erniiie sfory.i can be slain, having said it. Mv life is in your, but uot my silence. "1 have been to Ouenlieiin," he smiled, "where I so ions served you. Mouieigneur; . services that ycu kindly repaid with a cut acruas my face. Perhaps you may'recall:' ycur memory^ is good. 1 think, even ter trivialities. I have Keen to Ottnii helm, and 1 have seen the Prince!-!: Eleanora." The old, trembling voice of Hens­ dorff cut across bis speech. "You shall not say what yon In tend to say! Leave It! Leave it!' But Gahor replied, undauntedly: "1 will say every word that I I it tended to say. Why should I leave anythfng?" And Christian, In an exprcssiun : less tone, said: "Leave nothing." "1 have been sentinel." smiled Gabor. "outside the Princess lileiiii ora's window, all through one winter night: a dog to watch out side her-windqw. Prince .'Christian That window was unlatched: llii-y were so Inexperienced! Both of them so Inexperienced!!' "They?" whispered Christian. And Gabor replied 'immediately as if there was a dart In Iris voice— so keen and vivid were his words: "She, Eleanora—and Leopold: together .in that room all night! When I broke in upon them, thinking the dawn made such dallying indiscreet. •'I saw her. Prince Christian, half naked at her dressing table: and he behind-her. asleep In her bed-. . your bed, Monseigneur. that you so brightly decked for her." Christian said, on a soli: . "You blackguard! 1 will have you.flogged to death!" "Ay, no doubt!" replied Gabor. with unquenchable furv and tin- flickering hate; "and take these. Monseigneur, as my. parting gift—a second time let them be a parting gift" :'..•• He brought his hand swiftly from bis breast, and held out to Christian the two green diamonds tliat he:had v given td Eleanora on bis wedding night "She gave me tbese—ber bribe for tltance. They 'were lying un­ regarded, with other trinkets, on her toilet tfble: her bribe lor sljencartsay! Butsbe did not offer hflhTraongb., No pearls "or din- monda,inorcgold-^ay. npr anysgems l*E!"W?boight: tnls *momen» Christian moved and. raised his eyes: bis level glance stared down the fury of the uian In front cr !;i™. Ho said in a voice not by one Inflexion oat of control: "1 marked you deeper than 1 thought. Gabor; I see the "mark of my ring quite plainly across your lip!" . At this, most unexpected, the spy winced hack, bis malice llutteriug on his ashy lips. He had expected death, not this: some fury, tremen dous and ungovertiable; but oevet this. "Hack to your gutt'er.-dos!" added Christian. "Back to yjur tilth and garbage . . . and do not dare; tc come within my sight acain. . . .' The keen edge ot Calior't triitniph was blunted lk>w man> times he had ...rehearsed this moment: nut never like this., lit- .keen eye. vivid- with malica- searched in v;iiu the cold face before him for any sis" ot pain. "You brave it cut. M'.':::iip;::ein! he snarled, "lint it Is done, and cannot he .'undone: ami 1 was the 'first to tell you." He took a stealthy six;) toward? the door. "Have me tmiclic-ii." lie ridded. :n nines shrill with venom.-'''and I will -make-tier name as stale a- ihat "I any .comniniici nt tin- c:imp!.' 'Christian coniiiiucd to stare liim down uiilliiichingly. wi'linut r. quiver of hi? lids .or m hi? !lr,s. "Co!" muttered lleti .sdm 'n_l!r ,2 >-ftly: "go! Have yon nni yon blackguard, that ymi can 'do nothing more here?" Gahor liad other and even deepei iiituries tiiirmiiu up'iti his lip*;, .but ••oforc that unlltni-lilni; stare, that : Tiute arrogance of Christ Ian.. he r.uild not utter them Kven Die vigotir of his hate was taken aback by the vignur fit the ntiier mati.'s pride. Hut there was'.;iinso >i«; controlled his yet uushtked malic':: there was time—other places. ntSi/r opportunities: inurh t!:at' lie mi^lit vet do to wound and dismay. Without a saline to either et the men. and with as nitieh insid 'suro as he eoald crnumand. lie left them Christian sat down and looker: slowly at Heu'deirlT. who remaiuc-i! ''lii.'ldletl and uiriijnnlcs'o' in his l'-w seat: : Christian saitl: "There is hrtimly in eitp j 'loaiil: will van. Count. :;i'.'e me some?" And. as Ik-nsd'ori't rose in lilence. lie added: "Is this true".'". Hensrlci IT. without ausw 'iTiii!;. found thi. bratuly. [."idreil it out anil brought the alns-i tn itie lahte. . Christian repented: -• "Is It true?" Hensdorff replied: "Drink that, for Cod's snke!"' Then added: "Yes." "You were there?" asked Chris linn. lloiisilotfl replied: "I was at llospiilicrs: I waited fot him. I was there when be came home There is nothing to be said in the way ot .extenuation, of ex- ense." "She—site . ." asked Christian, and for the first time his voice faltered. "Was it round nut?" he added. "They nlere such' fools!" replied Hcnsiliirfi.' wilb hitter contempt. "Yes. it was .found nut. And' that: old woman,'the lltieliess tit Selion- liueucl. told her what slie was' . she sparetl her nothing." "And Ppns shot " himself." said Christian "She was not wort'v it— eh. Hensdorff?" "Pons was cut to the heart .that' he had heen outwitted, and his trust betrayed: but it was not his fault: if was an act or the most foul treachery!" 1 Christian . .raised - the class oi brandy, but sol it down again. "Oh. Hensdorff." be murmured. "i. feel sick—a sudden and utter sickness. Never in my life nefore such weakness. O God. what shall |/rto if I should not be able to command myself?" "I did what I Could." answpc*>d the minister, in the extreme nt bitter distress:."! hastened after him. for l-gdessed; I tried to save her for you. but I was tocr late." . "In my room — my liouso — my bed!" breathed Christian, as If he had tint heard these words Why. I itm ill! It is as if the sudden blow had struck all my senses! And that dog to see her,-as he said he saw her... . "Have him strangled. - said Hens­ dorff, "and thrown into n ditch. . . ." "Where Is she. now•?'; asked Christian, heedless .of this. ''At. Ottenhelm,'.". replied Hens- dorft. •' :"i'' . '. "' :"What title has she now?" asked Christian, with a- terrible smile. "What shall J, call her? His harlot and<>my -wife;" - Bensdorffsald; heavily: : "Brerythtngwis in ; your hands;- wltbout^you^he- has no crown, no army/no^chance." . • i Miirch 24th. Clinton C..,White, Frank M. Wright, Chester F. Heflin, Harry '•rioyer, John Wesley Firiley, Will • Harve Bess, Walter . C. White! head, Francis C. Mitzeuburg and I Aubrey C. Graham were ordered to report at Ft. Hamilton, N. Y. I * * - * j Announcement of the marriage [of Jack Weaver and Miss Martha i Russell at the homo of Mr. and Mrs. Hay nets in Eaton. - ' * * * The burial .of Mrs.- Caspar Brankle of Windfall took place at Brookside cemetery. * * * Mr. .and'Mrs. J. H. Goodnight of Kempton were in Texas visiting their sons) Carl and Irwin, stationed at Ft. Houston and" Ft. Waco. • . * * » Charles Losey well known Nickel Plate engineer on the east end was off duty on account of illness. • * * * William H. Lee and others filed a petition for the construction of a public drain. * » * Top for hogs was SIS.50; wheat 52 .05; corn 51 .40; oats "S7c; eggs 32c and butter 3 Sc. * • •» * Paul, the seven year old son of Mr. and Mrs. 'Wilnier Dovers- berger was struck by an automobile and rendered unconscious but not seriously injured. 15oy Is Killed. Torre Haute, Ind., March 24.— James O. Booth, age cighteeir, was accidentally shot and fatally wounded by Robert Stewart, motor policeman, last night, when the driver of the ear ho was riding in. failed to stop after he was ordered to do so by Stewart ami C. U.' Thompson, another policeman. Everett Prnitt, age eighteen, driver, and John T. Winley, age nineteen, BoothVs companions, were both put in jail after the fatal shooting. Ptuitt was charged with intoxication* driving- an auto while intoxicated, reckless driving and violating the state liquor law, while Winley was charged with violating the statu liquor law and intoxication. In Mciiioi-hiiu. In memory of Unma Major, whose death occurred March 21, 1025, and who is sadly missed by members ot his family. A precious ope from us is gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our home. Which never can be filled. Roma is gone, but will never be forgotten.—THE FAMILY. Card of Thanks. - Wo wish to sincerely thank all the neighbors and friends who assisted us in any way during the illness and after the death t of our dear husband .and father. .lames A. McCorkle, and to express our deep appreciation of what all these kindnesses meant to us in our sorrow; also to express our appreciation of the fieautiful floral offerings sent in sympathy by railroad .employes and others.— Mrs. James McCorkle and Children. The "lower animals" are the ones' that, don't kill for pleasure or make a vico of sex. Tribune want, ads get .results.. ' Political Announcements. . The Tribune, from now until the date of the primary election, will carry political announcements in this column; payment for the same must bo made in advance. / l«'or Comity tJlerk. . I bcrohy announce luyaeif as a candidate Tor the nomination for clerk of tho Tiptt.m circuit court, subject to tho decision of the Democratic voters at the primary election to he held'May 6, 1930. •• ' PARKER DUNHAM. For- Trustee. .. . I.hereby announce myself as a candidate for the nomination for trustee of Cicero towjuship, subr Joctito.the decision of the Democrat, voters at the primary election., to be; held Tuesday,May 6, <:••..--•-" RIXL^HASKB!ja , ri i x.amM .caondldate for the"iD«i% Xew Sliijestic, Model OO. Complrte With Tubes, $tt0.5O. Lee S. Leatherman "| FUNERAL DIRECTOR. Drake Beauty Parlor Graduate of Rainbow Academy Call lH for Appointment Second Floor. Mu-sonic Itldjr. Dr. E. E. Hicks Chiropractor Ollite Over Uliw Front Corner .lefferson anil Main. Phone 01. Tipton. Hog Houses and Brooder Houses Ready for You J. P. SMITH Lumber Co. Phone 72. M. & N. SHOE STOEE Nothing Over $4.98 COURTESY OFK MOTTO Insurance of All Kinds Life — Auto — Accident Protection for Whatever Vour Personal or Kii.siucss Xceds May Be. LEE F. GRJ1TTH INSURANCE AGENCY Phone ."57. Suits to Measure PURVIS STORE LOANS $25 to 5300—Your Own Serur ity—Quick and Confidential Peoples Loan & Credit Co. Rni. 4, MiLsonic BUIpr. X. Main. See— . YOUNG & MASON Suits and Furnishings 6 East Jefferson St. RADIO SERVICE \\V '(;<> •An.vwhcn- — Aerial Work—Knll Ijine Accissories McJunkin Radio Shop Pliitnr a«>X7. Our New Spring Woolen* Are ArriviiiK—Conn-, ami Sw Thera CHARLES FOUCH Tailor and Men*s Shop 108 North Main Strict. We Trade for Your Old Ttre* LIMEBACKS West Jefferson St.

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