Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on January 11, 1898 · Page 24
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 24

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1898
Page 24
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MILEAGE BOOKS. Modified Features_pf_The "New Interchangeable^, Mileage Ticket. Mr E.A Ford, GenerallPaBBCCger Agem of the PoDneylvania and Vandalia LioeB, pcnds out the following information regarding the •nodltled features of the Central Passenger Association's imerchuntftable one thoueand Kile ticket: The most important modifications are in tbe nilc as to siKnin? the mileage strip and issu- ins? tho exchange ticket. Under tho new rule, the owner of an {Interchangeable mileage ticket may, at his convenience and leisure, 8i"n his name upon the t back of the widest P tt°rt of the mileage strip close to the last preceding detatchment. (but it must be signed with an indelible pencil < r>itb ink, or ,t will not be hono.cd). andtcan'leave his ticket thus ataed with the Agent upon his arrival at a station or send it to him by a messenger or by t he hotel porter, or in some'.other way. and upon his return to the station flnd hie.ex- change ticket ready f.nd his baggagd checked; provided he has made such an advance arrangement. Therefore there need be no more delay at the station or on the train in the use , ,.1 „ ,,,„ n In nalntrthft OlQ good only over the system of roads, while the "interchangeable" ia good over forty. The old form of exchftn 8 e;tickot is valid for continuous passage ouly on a certain tram and date while the new or modiflod form will be good on any train, (except tha ••Limited") on either the date of issue or the day following. This new form has been simplified to render It easy of Issue and to better accommodate trailers, and the hindrances which accompanied tho old form will therefore be, in the early future, entirely obliterated. Interline tickets from points on one Bailway to points on another, via through car lines and via junctions where connections are dose and there are no transfers, are being prepared as fastasrosiible. These tlok»ta will be issued in exchange for coupons from the intercnange- able mileage tloket.aad baggage will be checked through, IL convenience which could not be fROTGUESOTCLENGUIJ AUTHOR or "AN ARTIST IN CRIME.', ETC. - COPYRIGHT. 1897- BY G.P- PUTNAM5 "It's CHAPTER I. THE CRIME. my opinion they won't catch him. Marvel's no fool if he is hot hcad- ed, and he knows enough to keep under cover now thai; they are after him." "That's all. right, Everly, and, as yon say, I Knew Marvel can hide away well enough. But what I want to know is, -what's he got to hide for? He ain't done nothing as I can see 'cept to fire off his pistol when he was mad as thunder.'' "And right he was, too," said auoth- er lounger in the saloon where this conversation occurred. "I say any. man of grit would have done the same. Why, didn't the old man try to disgrace him right before his sweetheart, and a lot of girls?" "Well, anyway," said the storekeeper removing his pice to speak, "smart or'fool, I guess they'll get him. I hear as how the squire is terrible cut up about this thing, and he's sent down to Boston for a regular detective." "The squire's sent to Boston for a detective?" said Everly. "I wouldn't have believed that the eqnire would do such a thing. To set a spy on the track of one of his neighbors! Why, it's disgraceful. '' Over in tha corner, on chairs drawn •np close to tho stove, sat two strangers. e roug, I enjoyed by the use of the oldjform of mUensre 'ibe modifications above alluded to have ieen approved by the Mileage Ticket Burean of the Central Passenger Association, and will be in effect on or before December 1st. or lust as soon as the new forms of exchange and interline tickets can be printed and dilitributed among the thousands of agencies of the forty different railway companies over whose linns the tickets are honored, and some Agents of the Pennsylvania Lines -have been already supplied with thorn. It Is believed that these amendments to a plan which is ready successful and popular, will place the new interchangeable mileage ticket, beyond the reach of reasonable criticism. SEXUAL VITALITY — o which 1 1 tho clory of manliood— the pride of bothold Uml founB.buUhcroare thousands^ ™* enttermg the mental tortures of a ivuaUenea mnnltooa. shattered nerves, and foiling »exnal power who can bo qurcd by our Magical Treatment who uh to cVtne here. It we /all to cure, no free prescriptions. freo euro or C.O.D. fako. We Save $250,000 capital and eunruaceo to euro svery base wetrcai. or refund every dollar yon pay us, or tee may bo depoRlted in any bsnK to be paid ni When a cure Is effected. Write for fall purtlculttl. STATE MKWCAX CO.. Omalm, He*. liver REGULATOR WILL CURE ... ALL COnPLAINTS AND DISEASES OP THE Liver, Kidney AND Urinary Organs Biliousness, Jaundice, Headache, Constipation, Pains in the Side or Back, Sour Stomach, Dyspepsia, Liver Complaint, Catarrh of the Bladder, Irritation or Inflammation of thei Bladder, Female Weakness, Gravel, Diabetes, Dropsy, Brick Dust Deposits, in fact all diseases arising from Liver or Kidney dis- orden. Price, $1.00 DEW YORK, K. Y. (Cleveland's Baking Powder the burn out; heals the , They had arrived in Lee that morning, and after takiug drinks at this the only tavern in the town had apparently set about getting warm. The elder of the two here ventured a remark. "Gentlemen," said be, "if ..you'll pardon the curiosity of a stranger, I'd like to ask you what crime this young man has committed?" A pause followed, while the strangers became the object of a close scrutiny by all present. Finally Will Everly stepped forward, and, looking his interrogator steadily in the face, said: "I am Will Everly, Walter Marvel's friend. Before I answer any of your questions I nrnst know who you are and why you wish to know this story." "Your tall: aroused my curiosity," said tho stranger. "Will you deny that you are a detective?" Everly eyed his man closely, but not a sign indicated that the question had caused surprise. He was disappointed, for he had expected him to be disconcerted. Tho reply was simple. "I shall not deuy it, for I never lie." He haudecl Everly a card upon which was neatly engraved, "John. Barnes, Detective, Boston." After reading it, conciliated by the detective's honesty, Everly said: ' 'I thank you for your candor. I suspected you, for we seldom have strangers in Lee. As I am Marvel's friend, and as you havo COILO here to make trouble for him, you will pardon me if I give you no information which will be of use to you." "No need, young man. We'll get along well enough without you." Everly recognized tho voice of Squire Olney, who had just entered, and he turned away. The squire shook Mr. Barnes cordially by the hand, saying: "You are Mr. Barnes, the man sent down by tho Pilkiugtous, I presume? I am glad yon are so punctual, I expected to find "you here, as I received a, dispatch fro'm your chief last night. As soon as you are ready I shall take you up to Mr. Lewis' house, for it is in connection vmh his affair that I sent for you." "I am ready to go with you at once, said Mr. Barnes in an undertone, " but first let me iatroduce to you, my friend Mr. Burrows. He is a young man in whom the chief is interested, and he works with the older raeu that he may acquire experience. He is a beginner, but he is shrewd and promises to become a first class detective." Burrows arose, and the squire shook bands with him, whereupon the three men exchanged a few words in an un aertone. Meanwhile another stranger appeared upon the scene. This was a man dressed in the garb of a sailor. He ordered a hct drink, for which he paid in advance. Thou he asked one or two questions, whereupon the storekeeper called out: I say, squire! Here's a man you may as well see." Thus summoned, the squire left tho detectives ;iud approached the newcomer. "Well, my man," he asked, "what can I do for you?" "My name is John Lewis," was the reply." "I have been at sea for severa years, hut havo at last reached homi again, or rather I should say my father' home, for this is my first visit to Lee. I was asking to be directed to my father's house when this geutlemau told me that you were about to go there and might be willing to take me with yon." ''I shall he delighted to do so," said the squire, offering his hand to Lewis in cordial ifecoguiticn. "I have ofte:n heard your father speak of you, and as I know that; be loves you and longs for your return it will be a pleasure to me to restore his sou to him." "Yon can't; think how your words gladden me," said Lewis, apparently overcome by emotion. "I ran away from home -when I was a youngster, and now that I have come back it is good news to hear that a welcome awaits me.'' "Welcome? Yes, indeed. Tonr fath(jr has often said to me that he would cheerfully forgive your foolish escapade UUiil v»*u^ »..»».——— xj*j%-i-***. v^^.-j — — i^i-- -- ^ — _^ f tbe pain. Dr.Thoma*' if -you would but returiL But come. We r . ,, j,_ 1 „!. ^^-* .t n r,ra T h»v« business of WU UUU } \,U**.B V*J \r ^»*»»«»» — - •• • I •* Eclectric Oil, the household remedy. {must start «t once. I have business of importance with your father this morning, and I am taking a detective with ms to his bouse." "A detective!" exclaimed Lewis. He seemed startled, and Tom Burrows, who was watching him, noted that he glanced hurriedly around the room, his eyes resting finally upon Mr. Barnes and himself. "Oh, you need not be alarmed!" said the squire, observing his agiration. "It is in your father's interest that I have brought a detective from Boston. I will explain as we go along." " You must excuse my being startled,'' said Lewis, "but it rather astounded me to hear that you were taking a detective to my father's house. At tbe instant the absurd but horrible idea entered my brain that you meant to arrest him." Tom Burrows thought it a significant fact that at the mention of the word "detective" Lewis' eye should have sought the very men. who were detectives. When he imparted this suspicion to Mr. Barnes, the latter suggested that possibly Lewis had seen them before and tliat their faces attracted him because he partly recognized them. Subsequently he learned that Lewis had seen them that same morning on the train, but had reached Lee after them, because he had walked from Newmarket, while they had taken the stage. Without further conversation the four men started on their way toward the home of John Lewis. As they walked the squire enlightened them upon the affair which bad necessitated the presence of a detective. "This business," he began, "is particularly unpleasant because the best people in the town ate mixed up in it. John Lewis came to Lee 15 years ago, bringing with him a, little girl, then about 6 years of age. Virginia she is named, though her intimates call her Virgie. We knew nothing of Lewis, but he appeared to have money, for he bought Riverside farm, on which he has lived ever since. He made friends rapidly as the townspeople came to know him, and he was reckoned an acquisition. The girl was not his own child, he explained, but an adopted one, the daughter of his sister, who had died. 3e mentioned having a son"—the squire hero addressed Lewis—"but we never saw you. How was that?" "When my father came to Lee," replied Lewi:-, "he left me at a military ic-ademy in New York, but I chafed uu- der the restraint, and one day very 'oolishly run away and shipped for a voyage to China." "Ah! That explains matters. About five years after Lewis settled here the Marvels came. At first it was only for :he summer months, but finally they bought a place and since then have been permanent residents. Naturally young Walter Marvel—an only son— met Virgie, and from boyhood he has been attached to her. But while she has not rejected his attentions she has never acted so that any one, even her most intimate friends, could be sure that she loved him. There are two others connected with what I am about to tell you—Alice Marvel, Walter's sister, and 'Harry Lucas, Walter's ;:rier.d, currently supposed to be in love with Alice, though there are some who claim that were it not for the friendship between him and Walter, Lucas would court Miss Lewis himself. That is probably only gossip. However, these four young people are fast friends. "They are constantly together and are partners in many enterprises of a social or charitable nature. Another fact which has a not unimportant hearing upon the subsequent, events is that all four of these young people are expert shots with a pistol. Some two or three years ago a circus appeared in this neighborhood, the star attraction of which was a young girl who was wonderfully clever with a pistol. Virgie declared that she, too, could learn to shoot, and the result was that pistols were bought, and, I may say, a sort of shooting club was formed, though only these four were members. "Recently Virgie attained her majority and arranged to celebrate it with a festival for all of her friends. As it was during the nutting seasoa the guests were invited to come for the day, the many nut trees near the river banks promising occupation to those who cared for that sort of amusement, while tennis nets and croquet were set upon the lawn. In addition it was announced that there would be a shooting match in which all could take pan. "All went merrily during the morning, and a sumptuous dinaer, served upou tables in the open air, bad been enjoyed by all, after which the party dispersed about the farm in small groups. I was sitting on a bench chatting with Lewis when Virgie and Walter Marvel approached. The latter asked permission to speak to Lewis privately, and I therefore walked a little way from them with Virgie. At the time I had no idea of Marvel's object in seeking the interview with Lewis and was startled a few moments later to h<»r them talking in ansry tones: but that you may better unovistand the affair I will relate just •what cccurred, as it was told to me afterward by Lewis himself. "It ap^ars that the shooting match that day bed a greater prise at stake than the trophy v?hich had. l>een offered. Marrel bad asked Ttr^ie to be his wife and begged permission tc; srieak to her adopted father. With a smJle and wom- aalite, desiring to keep him •with its "rounded spoonful" does not go so fast \ as others, with their 'heaping- spoonful," but it lasts longer and is more economical. w long m possible, her icply had been, 'Bear, me at the target, and yon may speak to father.' This he had accomplished, though by only a single point, ami ic was to ask for the hand of Virgie that be had impatiently sought the private conversation with Lewis. Lewis confessed to me that he had not suspected that there was any attachment; between them, and hn was therefore surprised by Marvel's request. He asked whether Virgie had given her consent, and, receiving the affirmative reply, after a moment's hesitation he informed Marvel that he would not sanction his suit. Marvel of course urged his cause, and Lewis made some angry remarks, which at last were loud enough to attract my attention. Virgie and I then went quickly toward the two men, and others did the same, so that when the finale came there was quite a crowd of people about us. As we approached Marvel said hotly: "'Virgie, Mr. Lewis refuses his con- seat and will not give his reasons.' ''' Why do you object, uncle?' asked Virgie. She .strongly emphasized the word 'uncle.' a title by which she had never addressed him before. This incident will give you an insight into that girl's character—cool, self possessed and withal willful and determined, though by willful I do not mean that she is uu-' restrained by reason, but rather that once having formed a project she will carry it into effect at any cost. For a moment Lewis teemed staggered by her words, but he quickly recovered himself and replied: " 'Because I will not allow my daughter to marry into a family of jailbirds. ' 'What do you mean by that?' fairly screamed Walter, trembling with barely suppressed auger. 'What do I mean?' retorted Lewis, speaking rapidly aud as though actuated bv intense hatred. 'I mean that your uncle, the man whose vile name you bear, is a convict and that he caused the death of an innocent girl.' "With a wild cry of rage Marvel drew his pistol, which he had reloaded after the shooting match, and fired at Lewis. The sequence of events had been so startling and so rapid that none of us made a move to save Lewis except Virgie, who exhibited her usual presence of mind. With a quick upward motion of her hand she diverted her lover's aim so that the ball went into the air. Having thus saved the life of her adopted father, she turned to Marvel and said the single word ' Go.' Walter looked at her a moment with despair upon his face; then, as she made no answer to his mute, appeal, he threw his weapon from him and rushed from the place, threatening Lewis with his vengeance. ' 'He had scarcely departed when Lucas pushed through the surrounding circle and upbraided Lewis for what bad occurred. Lewis, by this time beside himself with rage, ordered Lucas to leave the premises, and threatened to set his dog upon him if he would not do so, or if he ever should return. Lucas muttered some threatening words, but prepared to leave, whereupon Alice Marvel pressed forward and said: " 'You are a coward to have insulted two gentlemen while they were-your guests. I almost feel that I could kill you myself.' ! F01 DEMAND FOR TRICYCLEC. Englishmen of Advanced A C e Revive an Old Fashion. ' In recent English exhibitions the tricycle has been much in evidence, following upon the wholesale adoption of cycling by the youth ot' Che leisurod classes came the persuasion of their ciders that it offered he.-iltr.ful recreation for them also. AmonK them, and also among certain younger members of the weaker sex. enjoyment is not found in excitement 01 anything bordering upon it. Feeble ^or nervous temperaments do not relish the vagaries of the two wheeler on muddy roads or a sudden dismount, in the thick of city traffic, nor can they overcome tho horror of mi unlocked for tell or forget the consequences. Yet have they tasted the joys of tho pastime. They are loath to relinquish it, <ind in their perplexity they have bethought them of the tricycle. The three wheelers were formerly popular, but were eclipsed by tho safeties. Probably the tricycle would have remained had the staider"people boon cyclists. But youth hud to bo served, and the tricycle was sacrificed, It really never had » fair chance, but perhaps skill will bo brought to bear on iis development that will jnnke it little, if anything, behind the safety in either Speed or comfort. Utah Guano. During the last three years bird guano from the islands of the Great Salt lake has been put upon the Utah market. The analytical results of two samples, typical of those received at the station, are presented in a station bulletin and also the average composition of the fa mons Peruvian guano. As no member of the station staff has visited these deposits the samples received here may not be fair averages of Utah guano, but may be too rich or too poor according to the"purpose of the sender. The guano as received by the station had the appearance of » rich, fine loam. The Utah guano appears to have the .ame potash and phosphoric acid cou- ent as the Peruvian guano, but much ess nitrogen. As all Utah soils are extremely rich in potash, the guano has ittle or no value as a potash fertilizer on the soils of the state. The pbos- ihoric acid content of Utah soils is not iigh, but is sufficient; to last, with iroper tillage, for many years. From an sstended .study of the soil conditions in Jtah it would seem safe to assert tha it the present time no locality in Utah s in need of artificial fertilization. Galtee More a Klondike. Galtee More, the celebrated Irish rao horse, is the {greatest money winner in tb< world. In actual racing time of 18 ruin utes 9 seconds he has earned $113,185 This Is at the rate of $104 per second, cal dilating two jumps for every second o time. Galtee More earned $52 for every jump he took in his winning races on tb English turf this year. CHECKERS AND CHESS. Checker Problem No. 45". Black-1, 3, 8. 23, 25. PARLOR CROQUET. A Modification of the Popular Gam4 Winter Use. No popular outdoor parae is easier tc transfer to the house than croquet. Get t large board about tho »ize of your dining rooii- v.ble and you havu tho field. Iher a fev- lengths of wire, cut into proper sizi and pointed on the ends, will give you thr wickets. Fas«!n these hoops to the board m m m MI m m m m H '"lie! Sj VP ,;;'^ •itfift yAfZi :m ~ '%pm m <^9 White- •>, 15, 21. 31, '• Black to play; white to draw. Ciiesd Problem Net. 4.^7. Black. ISDOOR CROQUET. •nd there you are. Each ioop has » •umber, and tbe player •g'foo rolls up the highest score within a given number of shoia wins the game. No mallets are used, but there are very small balls t-o be «ent torougb the wickets by direction of tbe hands. The wickets showing tbe highest numbers are, of course, placed at tho most on .*-/ . •:-— *v ,,-:-. ^^ rjfrfrirfi ' """" White. White to play iind niat« in three JDOTOS. SOL.CTI08. Checker problem No. 45ti: White. !..13to 9 2.. "to 10 3..10K>14 4.. 9 to 6 5. .14 to 18 6..W to 22, SLQd -vrins Gbess problen. Ho. 458: •White. Black. 1.. 1*0 5 2. .M to 17 3. .17 to 21 4..21 to 25 5.. 5 to 9 Black. ..K« g.JtxZt 3S::»S«5i5!t*:*-: < K*»vw5«5st^t CELERY SARSAPARILLA COMPOUND. The Greatest It Restores Strength. Renews Vitality. Purifies the Ellood. Regulates the. Kidney* Liver and Bowels PREPARED BY PecK Medicine Co., NEW YORK. N. Y- For sale by Ben Fisher, Busjahn ft Schneider, W. H. Porter, J. F. Coul- Bon, B. F. Keesling. THE NEW WOMAN Pennyroyal Pills SAFE, SURE AND RELIABLE Especiallv recommended to Married £<wUet Ulc your druggtot for Pwrln'* l |« nn »"7« l /2J and fcike no other. Thej are the only CM, sire Jnd Rellibl. Female /ill. Price, f l.OOpei bo\ sent by mail upon receipt of pr 1 "Address all orders to advertised agents. PERRIN MEDICINE CO., NEW YOU* Sold by B. F. IVIAIM HUNDREDS ofMea arc: eking out a miserable existence for w*nr of icnowingwbat to for themscIVes. H (J' DREPS of men. i suffering from tb, menial tort'-ire* Shattered N« Failing Memory, Loct Manhood, lmpot*noy. Vitality, Variooo*!*, btoughtou by «ba»e, excesses and indiscretions, or by »everem" .train, close application ID buiinei* or '° rk " DR. PERRIN'S Revivine lm the only ramady that has ever been covered that will positively cum t**li nervous disorders. If taken as directed, Revivlna brings ml jjnmediate improvement andefiectn cures W; jl other remedies fail. It has cured thon" AND WILL CURE YOU. We positively guarantee it in every ca»e. Price ji.eo a bor, or six boxes for $5^ mail in plain wrapper upon receipt of pni Order from our advertised: agents. AddreMl other communications to THB Di. "—— MEDICINE Co, New York. For sale at B. F. Porter's and Johrnrtwn'i. Wffl BLOOD •uiciii in Month. Hair- „- - - IKEMTCDY co_ SOT M.«»t« T«-.I i *]Q1.» tor proolJ OK LOODPOISO ty. If yonprefertoootnoheru vewUl wchine. if we fail to com. If y<ra here tcken i «nry, iodide pptavh, coct »tiu hare mr 1 paiiiA, Mucou*Patcbe* In nxnub, 6or« 1 Pimples. Copper Coloried Spot*, r~ ACTpttrfiof tbo oody t ]El4iir(if X'T€4>p<w. oat. it If this Secondkrj' BLOOI> POISOfl T* giwnaitee to cnr& W« soUclcUMDiost obstf ••to cue* and cuaOene* 1th*. world tor J wecannotcure. •&* !!•***, lot •!»: cfauu. SMKMMM HoamlfOKKjIf. AIM beiiwl our

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