Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois on November 11, 1970 · Page 15
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Forest Park Review from Forest Park, Illinois · Page 15

Forest Park, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, November 11, 1970
Page 15
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FOREST PARK REVIEW, WEDNESDAY, NOVEMBER 11, 1970, PAGE 15 We're Openi COME GET THE WORLD'S BEST FRIED CHICKEN AT Chicken UNLIMITED HAVEN'T TAST r CHICKEN UNLIMITED FRIED CHICKEN THEN YOU RE* ^LY HAVEN'T TASTED FRIED CHICKEN CRISP OUTSIDf , TENDER INSIDE, NEVER GREASY MAN, THAT'S FRIED CHICKEN! Randolph &, Desplaines 771-62OO WATCH FOR GRAND OPENING SPECIAL! TRY THE MANY CHICKEN UNLIMITED TASTE-PLEASERS 2 PIECt CHICKEN DINNER 1 PIECE CHICKEN DINNER a PIECE CHICKEN DINNER FISH * CHIPS LTD (ilANT '.-POUND WHAMUUnr.Cn JUMHO MOT DOG WITH FRITS SHRIMP DINNFH MOT APPU f'UM OPEN DAILY 1 79 130 Me 11 AM-11 PM Chicken- UNLIMITED is MORE. Bob Hope's Oassie Kart at Rod & Custom Show My Neighbors .... \ Probably the world's costliest Golf Kart, Bob Hope's $14,000 vehicle resembling the famed entertainer will be a highlight of the International Championship Rod and Custom Car Show in the International Amphitheatre at 42nd and Halsted, November 20 through the 22nd. More than 400 entrants from all over the U.S. and Canada will compete for trophies and cash prizes in the three-day extravaganza. Other features of the 9th annual exhibition will include 20 finalists in the "Miss Show'N Go" queen contest, plus daily performances by five top-notch rock bands. The public is invited to be on hand with exhibits open 5-11 p.m. Friday and Noon -11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. RAY RATAJAK SAYS "How loll)- ilo you huvr to work hrrr lirfon- you ^rl on liny*!*" Handicapped Make Good Employees "Kmploymcnt of Hie handi- i'ii|i|ii'(l does not raise insurance rales." Ccnrye T Welch, cliivi lur of rehabilitation for the Insurance Company of North America, said at a hearing of the Milwaukee Area Committee on Kmploy- ment of the Handicapped. "They are safer and more productive employees than most people." he commented Mr. Welch emphasized thai the handicapped individual must lie properly placed if he is to work lo his fullest capacity "AH loo frequently we will rush in to employ our i|uota of liandicappcil persons and place them in work thai is ha/.ardous for the individual and other peopl,. that surround him." Mr. Welch .said "I'nlcs.s we in rehabilitation properly place the handicapped we will ilo a disservice lo I hem." hi 1 added. INi-w Campaign Launched to (.ut Drunken Driving /Ml'/ Ct.iinli intlin-k. a coni- ni'init'. action program t" i liai I liepriiblemol ill unki i. il M ^ i or \\ a^ l.iii in lit >l a I Hie l',M h Annual MeH inr of tin- Ami m an Automoliilr A -.-" i i,il ion. in Hrverl v 1.11II -. ('al |(WI mi-aiis Dnviiir While IntoMi aled Alcoliol is a major I'ai lor in more than half of the nat inn's annual loll of ."iC.WM; Ira flic deaths and the new program is said to ruprrsenl an innovative and realistic approach to the rehabilitation of the drunken driver because il f combines both disciplinary and educational measures. The basic promise of the plan, adapted from a project that ha.s been operating with promise of success in Phoenix, Ariz., for the past four years, is that violators can be helped through their own efforts. Under DWI Cinintrrnltufk. ; persons convicted of drunken driving are required to attend a ten hour, four-session corrective course. Increased Productivity Is Key to Pollution Control AWA-i I* TWt 3UM? ThE -itfifr, BUT ir A tjiveew a<*ee, on/ A JO MfH WOWLS 9£ T-i lEAfS ov-0 Incrc'asi'd productivity is the kc\' l<;.sol\'inK the natjon'.s pollution problems, according lo W. P. Cullamler, I'rcsidrnl of the N-alicjnal Association of Manufailurers. AddrfssiiiK Minnesota's first Kconomic Development ('onl'i-rcnce, held recently in suburban Hloonilnutiin, Ihc NAM I'rivsidcnt called on Americans "to HI> to u'urk with energy and |iride ol performance in order In achieve clean air anil clean water without pcnali/iiiK our standard of living." Neti-s.sary Investment Mr (iiillandrr pointed out that the billions of invest rncnt dollars and the millions of man-hours of work re quired lo achieve pollution control will be diverted t roin other pressing m-rds unless productivity is si(>iiilicanllv increased t h rouir hou t the ((unit ry. "(July in this way can we undertake this very necessary task without sacrificing nlhiT demands of our popula- t ion," ho said. "We arc all both villains and victims in the pollution situation Therefore, pollu tion control is everybody's business industry, municipalities, householders, farmers, merchants, children and adults." "Much .study i,s required to ensure that slaiulards eslab- lishrd arc not a serious pi n- alty to Uie cflicii-ncy of our economy," he said. "Recognition of local or regional comli (inns may well pay dividends lo I ne comrnunit n-.s invilived." Mr Cullander called for (ooperation and undersland- ui^' l^y indu.slrv, commerce, government at all levels and. above all, by Hie pi opl,- who he said are the most affected anil who, ultimately, will pay Ihc bill. Read Review By Sally Shaw DEAK SALLY: I'm a girl of IV and my parents are objecting strongly to my boy frlond. He works all (lay at a service station and has neon visiting me two or three evenings during the week to watch TV with me, still dressed in his dirty, grease- spattered work clothes, grease and dirt still on his hands and face and hair very unkempt and uncombed-looking. This bothers me, too, but when I mentioned it to him, lie claimed lie's too terribly (ired after a day's hard work to clean up and that besides it doesn't matter that much, since we aren't going any special place on these particular evenings. My parents say that if he's too tired lo clean himself up for a visit witli a lady, tie should stay at home. What is your reaction to all this? BKV. OKAR OKV: The same as that of your parents. UKAK SALLY: lam in receipt of a formal invitation to the wedding of a very good girl friend who was formerly married and tragically widowed williin six months' lime. Since she could not possibly have made much use of the very nice wedding gift I gave her for her firs! marriage, I'm wondering whether I should ronie through with anolhci •ieiMing[;lft I hi;, lime. I'UNIil-.KIjNI,. Dl.AK I'ONUKItlW.: II :.he really is "a vei y good gill friend" of yours, you »jll. DKAK SALLY: I'm a bacheloi of .')!> oil'] becoming more and more concerned over my set-tiling inability to find the girl who is completely right foi me, I date lots of girls but thus far haven't come even close lo falling in love. Time is slipping by and there's nothing I want more than to fall in love and share my life with a good woman. I'd appreciate your advice. STILL LOOKING. DEAH STILL LOOKING: There is no set formula for falling in love . . it just happens. I'm wondering if perhaps you aren't being too critical or analytical about the girls you date. None of us is perfect, you know. Marriage is a complete sharing of everything, a loving tolerance of one another's seeming failings, foibles, and faults. Just keep playing the field and try not to be too "desperate" in your search for Miss Right. DEAH SALLY: Itiave been dating a very attractive man for some time who has now shaken me up with the news that lie is married. He (hen told me that his wife lias been an invalid in bed for the past two years and that his relationship with me has been a great blessing, the companionship of a good woman. He ha.s begged me to continue going with him, vowing that lie will keep everything strictly on a "friendship" basis. Should I do this? IOWA. DEAR IOWA: No. What sort of future would ttiis promise you? And besides, tills is a man who deceived you at the beginning of your relationship, to say nothing of his wife, a wife for whom he originally took a sacred vow to cherish "in sickness and in health." "Ta«'l in llx; urt of nizinK wlicli to lie hl when not lo bi-lillle." uild

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