Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 11, 1952 · Page 5
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 5

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Monday, February 11, 1952
Page 5
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Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. MONDAY, FEBRUARY 11, 1932 FIVE The MATURE PARENT How To Build Up Your Child's Trust In You JACOBY At -the foot of the great railroad down at the mackinaw-coated figure i terminal's marble staircase, he sat at. her side. "Yes, he knows that! on his suitcase, reading a comic it always do my best to keep my| book. After a while, it bored him; j word to him," she said. he found a string in his pocket j Because Jimmy knew that, his and whistling through his teeth be-i mother could break her word to Help Your Partner If He Opens A Bid By OSWALD JACOBY Written for NBA Service Most good players will respond to partner's opening bid even with a very poor hand. Failure to respond around the suitcase handle. At the-tion. end of and hour when the porter; We modern parents could be a| o f spoke to him, he had put the string • i itt i e k j nc t er ^ ours eives than we' away and was counting the brown- :a re in this matter of keeping pro- wioed people who hurried by him. j mlses to children. If we have a indicates that the hand is hopeless rather than just poor. Information kind maneuver in a hand re' "I can't move, he toW the porter j record for honest dealing with them, ,'e do nc expects me to be cently played by T. C. Drake in a KnoxvUle tournament. Drake is no shrinking violet, so | apologies when circumstances occa- By the end of another hour, the:Anally force us to break our word. a shade more enthusiasm than it really called for. It should be ad- Minnesota City Gets Along Without Any Big Problems PHASER, Minn.—(INS)—One of the strangest citias in the world can be found deep in the heart of Min- 1 nesota's Iron Range. It is the fenced-in City of Fraser. It has no store, no gas station, no tavern, no school, no church, no bank. Its policeman has never made an arrest. Its justices of the peace have never imposed a fine. Eraser's 135 residents call their little city, on the outskirts of Chis- ho!m, Minn., "a mile from Eden." And it is. Where else can a family rent a. j modern seven-room house for $35 a month (formerly $17) with the landlord looking after all repairs promptly, shoveling the walks and even washing the windows. Praser is surrounded entirely by by the adjacent village of Chlsholm to armex it. Now, ironically, Pras- erites refer to Chisholm as "uptown" and have come to depend on Clean French City border, puts in a claim as the clean-1 The famed Boston scrod !•••» est city in Prance. ! mythical fish, the name being »p- BIARRITZ, Prance —(8*)— Thisj Sixty-three per cent of the city's! plied actually to y«ung cod and resort city of 20.500 population on! houses have bathrooms. The rate I haddock which weigh from 1H ;-to the Atlantic .coast near the Spanish if or the rest of Prance is 8 per cent. |2'.i pounds. his sketchy Travelers'Aid lady had become con-| The very best guarantee we can, mitted, however, that North might a steel fence, originally erected to cerned about him. Yes, he was aj ever make to a child is the assur-jhave had slightly more strength' fe e e P cows ° e tne property. There little hungry and would like a sand-[ an ce that we will behave honestly i f 0r nis raise to three spades ' " " ' ' " wich and a glass of milk, but he | a "d lovingly toward him, not under j Moreover South didn't have any money to buy them j tne special situation involved in a and even -if he had, he couldn't go I promise, but under any and all con- and get them a s his mother might! ditions. |ln with return and miss him from his place j Tna t is the guarantee Jimmy's As she handed him his sandwich j i 110 " 16 ' ^adjiven him. That is why and glass of milk, the Travelers' Aid lady said gently, "What is your actually made game contract, in she broke her word to return at an appointed name? Do you know where your timk " ls confidence had been mother went?" ! grounded, not in her pledge to be The composure of his manner ! "aik with him at a specific time on had. glowed into friendliness toward j? sp f cl£ "; occasl(0 , n ' but ' n ** in ' her. "You can call me Jimmy if! egr f yrf f a mother who could oe you want," he told her kindly, add- \* usted *> perform honestly at all ing. "You can ask my mother where I" 1 ?" 5 on ^occasions. We are not wise to talk too complacently about how we have "never she went'when she comes back. He was 7',-- years old She came," of course', though S hej brofk f n f pr(omfise ," to BUIy ° r iras rmnrlv frmv v,™,r-: i.t. .et,» Not ln front of t hem - anyway. was nearly four hours late. She came unhurriedly, a pleasant-faced The time may come when we have' to — —•-•»* «****«* * 4wu,i j, a, MlWdO«.Alll—idtfKilirl t_ . , "T-I;II j woman with a manner as composed i bre , ak ° ne ~ an ^ Billy and Janie, as her boy's. "I took the wrong \T & • ° comlortmg f . for our subway train to the airline office," dlsappol " taenth a ' M * be ff ab <! she explained as she ™..n^ ™,* to & ve them what we 110 P ed to - wil1 counted out the 45 cents she owed the Travelers' Aid lady for his lunch. "I had never been on. a subway train before:" Accustomed to the panic of children and the self-abasement of parents who have mislaid each other, the Travelers' Aid lady could not contain her admiration. "Your little boy certainly trusts you," she said to Jimmy's mother. The pleasant-faced woman looked HEADQUARTERS FOR MIRRORS and Furniture Tops PITTSBURGH PLATE GLASS CO. 317 Henderson Avenue Phone 3757 be shocked and disillusioned with j us. v ' i We will .have lost the trust we ! NORTH A J 10 4 3 2 ¥ K84 * Q98 * 104 11 WESf(D) EASi VAQJ76 V1052 4K7 4 J 10532 •*AJ65 *Q987 SOUTH * AKQ9E ¥ 93 • * A64 *'-K 3 2 Neither side vul. West North East South 1 V Pass Pass 2 A Pass 3 A Pass- 4 4 Pass Pass Pass Opening lead—A 6 wanted because we got confused) West opened a trump, and Drake arid tried to be lords of the universe instead of ordinary human fathers and mothers. Shakespeare wrote during ths reign of Queen -Elizabeth and most of his plays first were acted at the Globe theater, in London. BRING YOUR FILM WORK to be developed - RAND'S 24 HOUR SERVICE WE SELL FiLM OF ALL KINDS RAND'S Cor. Baltimore and Centra 5ti* Look what yott &et -ff YOU GET personal attention, -fr YOU GET prompt service, •jlr YOU GET a payment date to fit your payday. It's "yes" to 4 out of 5 cm- ployed men, women at P&rtmat. Come in, write, or phone today! loam up to $1000 Even* Pay't* -»• $12 $21 CASH YOU GET IS Mas. $143.26 250.70 1 8 Mas. $165.05 288.83 Above payments co*ef everything! Loons $300 anri Irn made under the Motvland Small loon Act. |Md.| €O*f*Hr THAI KXfl TO »AT Tit- FINANCE co. aren't any cows there now but the fence has remained through the a unique landmark for a unique city. Besides, it helps to keep the youngsters off the highway. Chisholm's stores, schools, and other facilities. As a city, Fraser has its proper number of freeholders and city officials. But basically, it is a company town, all male residents working at the Fraser and Sherman Iron Ore mines. When they stop working for OIM they are expected to move but no one has ever been evicted. Fraser's oldest and largest family j are the John Hoopers. Mrs. Hooper i has reared nine children and now | cares for two grandchildren. The | Clarence Lilyas, with two children of their own, have been foster parents to 13 other youngsters — all welfare department charges — and have adopted one of them. Fraser has produced several talented artists including Mi?s Betty Beissel who won notice in Minnesota for her paintings an4 murals. Fraser is proud of its 25 GIs who On Valentines Day BE SURE YOUR GREETING GETS THERE! *&v Praser was incorporated as a city served in World War n - jn 1931. It has two paved streets and 34 houses, plus a wooden shed for fire hoses. Every home has a garage and a garden/- There also are a community playhouse, city hall, playground, baseball field and skating ring. Children comprise half the population. Mayor Aldrich Pospichal says he cannot recall when the city council ever faced a serious problem. The council riieets an hour once a month but much of the time is spent discussing the weekend's hunting or fishing trips. The biggest problem to confront the city fathers in recent months was the question of when to open the skating rink. The landlord of Fraser is Oliver Iron Mining Company, built the entire settlement in 1923 for its employes. Formerly a village, Fraser became a, city after a heated court case involving efforts Most of the men have held office. James Kealy was mayor for 12 j years. His wife says: ' | "Jim was like Roosevelt. He didn't know when to quit." Fraser has two full-time handymen. One of them, Al Francis, also is justice of the peace. His main Say ft" with Howers-By-Wire job, however, is to look after repairs, shovel snow from sidewalks and man the fire wagon. "Hot Flashes" Stopped! or strikingly relieved j in 63-80%* of cases in doctors'tests j • If you're miserable from the "hot! j flashes," and accompanying irritable, the I restless feelings of "change of life"— i jj. i you may -be suffering unnecessarily 1' drew two rounds or trumps. He then led a heart, and West took the ace and got out with the queen of I hearts. Declarer Avon in dummy withi less than that : tee chances are that the king of hearts and ruffed a heart. Having stripped the spades and hearts, South now laid down the ace of diamonds and led a low dia- r-i.ond towards dummy. West won with the king of diamonds and now had to lead a heart or a club. If he led a club, South's king would win a trick; and if he led a heart, dummy would discard a club while South ruffed. Either way, South would lose only one club trick. The key to the correct play was the knowledge that East could not possibly have the ace of clubs. He had failed to respond to the opening bid of one heart and was therefore bound to have a hopeless hand. The on!" chaiicc for the hand therefore, was to catch West in a throw-in and make him lead clubs. This was possible if West had the doubleton king of diamonds—which fortunately happened to be the case Incidentally, Drake held his breath when he cashed the ace of diamonds. West could tiave set the j contract by dropping his king. East would then be able to take a diamond trick eventually, and the play of the clubs would give West two club tricks. the hand will not produce ten tricks. TODAY'S QUESTION The bidding has been: j-North East South West 1 Heart 1 Spade Pass Pass ! Double Pass ? You. South, hold: Spades Q-107-3-2, Heart 6, Diamonds K-9-4-2, Clubs J-8-5. What do you do? Answer Tomorrow Gives Protective Warmth FOR ACHING CHEST CO IDS! to relieve coughs — sore muscies To bring fast, long-lasting relief, rub on Musterole. It instantly creates a wonderful sensation of protective warmth on chest, throat and back. Musterole not only promptly relieves coughing but also helps break up congestion in upper bronchial tubes, nose and throat, bringing amazing relief! Any drugstore. For tests by doctors . . .Lydla Pinkham's Compound and Tablets brought relief from such functionally- caused suflericsr to 63% and 80% (respectively X. of the women tested! Complete or striking relief! Yes! 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