Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 17, 1969 · Page 8
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 8

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1969
Page 8
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RedlanA Doily Focb • - Metidoy. M». 17, ^9» Nnwiy manM Thomas Brooks' hosfOponHouso Mr. and Hn. HHIIMS A. BnMioi vere tocU for an Open House and post-nupti^ reecptioo restcnUy at ttieir borne, SIUBj Alta Vista drive. | Hw couple were married iH' Las Vegas on January 4. Mrs.' Enooto if (he {bmicr Suilyii C' BrMMt of BMtaidf. Yeatcrday flwy wen joined I>y ab«< 75 rdatim and friends tor the parly. GnesU iacloded Mn. Brwto' bllier, WilUam Cfi-. ver «( Newport Beach, and Vr.' Brooks ttrac cistea and tiictr familici from San Benardino, U Siena and TPCTiBee. Past staf* r*g«nt is DAR luncheon spaaker Mrs. Walter H. Dore attended a reciprocity luncheon Saturday at Leisure World in Seal Beach at which time the btHKH- guest; and speaker was Mrs. Donald Siricer, past California State Regent of the Daughters of the American Revolution and current National Chairman of. American History Month. '•Mrs. Dore was accompanied | by Mrs. H. B. Stark, regent of Arrowhead chapter. &c chapters were represented at the hrncheon. Cahuilla chapter has invited Arrowhead chapter to a lundi- eoa at Indian Wells Country Club in Palm Springs on February 22. Speaker will be Barry ma Zdl on "Patriotism." Mrs. John C. Yribame, Mrs. Willa Peterson and Mrs. Stark of Arrowhead diaplcr have made reservaUons for thisknow how her son in the Navy 'could remove rust stains from jhis white unifonns. My husband is in the Navy and I use lemon juice on the iron rust, sprinkle on table salt and put the gar- !ment in the sun. .After awhile 'all signs of rust disappear. — iMRS. P. W. L. A TURN ON TV — Dennis James, second from right, welcomes "The Fire- liters" a jazz instrumental group from the University of Redlands, to his "All- American College Show" when a session was taped for release at a future date. The UR performers are Ron VVogen of Redlands, Pat Wilson of Pollack Pines, Gary Locke of Whittier and Stave Tarter of Burlingame. The group, which plays rock and roll for matiu« audiences and mature music for their own Ustening pleasure, was selected in auditions by three judges. Sacred H^rf Paronf'Toacher group roporfs Sacred Heart school's Parent- Teacher Gnwp appoinlad a omn- faiating committee for the UO- 70 term during Iti reet ms in the schori lull. Two members of the advisory board wore appointed by Mrs. Micfaad Malis, president Oliey are Mrs. AIKsoa R. White and Mrs. Dwayne EBi^lt Sdected by members at large were Sister Mary Davida, Mrs. Leonard Goy merac, Mrs. Jeiome Arendt, James Struna and Ambrose Merrier. Richard Bartlett of the Emmerson-Bartlett Mortuary in Redlands presented a film entitled CbOd Molestation." Tbe fihn is presented as a public svvice and has been shown in various school districts as a means of stressing protection and safisty of children. An Irish-Oriental luncheon is scheduled for March 18 at noon in the parish baB, to be full of surprises" says Mrs. William Mariano, chairman. The April meeting wfll have election of officers as (he major item of business. Ann Landers answers your problems Brown new hood of Colfoeh Dear Ami Landers: My hus-;worker and there is no known band and I started out together, \ cure for it. But this can be both poor but ambitkws. After 20 1 good and bad. It's good Uiat years of hard work we are; Sam enjoys bis work so tbor- worth about a quarter of a mil lion dollars. But Sam still woria as if he bad to earn next month's rent He keeps ezpand- ougfaly that be can't pull him sdl away from it But it's bad because he is cheating himself and you, too. Please show him Ing and getting into more deals! the letter which appears below, when he shouU be taking life lit might help open his eyes, easy and enjoying what we have buat Dear Ann Landers: I never I always worked in the busi-itiiouglit I would Avrite to you ness with Sam and raised a | but I find now I must If I can family, too. It was hard when the children were small but I didn't resent it because he needed me. Now I do resent it because we sbouUn't have to work this hard. We've already made it Sam and I havent tak- prevent just one person from making the- mistake I made it will be well worth the trouble it took to put this letter together. I am not a very good writer. My wife and I were married pours POINTERS •y Polly Cramer DEAR POLLY — I am answering Hazd who wanted to event ABOUT fiMSwours This commf Wednesday, is the beaiiMiing of L«it, and CRISWOLD'S will have hot cress bun* availaUa lor you every day. We feel that evr bun* are iust a litlla btt difler^ *nt and taste, eh, s* much better, they ar* iced with eur ewn tom­ an custard er Ih* ref ular while leing. In addition «re will have saffron ceffae calc** at a special treat. Come hi and pick seme up, yeu will surely oii|0)f ihoNi* Ann DINNBt MENU OF 1HE WEEK MONDAY, FEB. 17 CMcbOT end Dunn Vael Cutlets iling* TUKiOAY, FEB. 11 M lM*l Frevbicial Can Quas* WEDNESDAY, FEB. If Reeat Beef Veel Scalbfini THURSDAY, FEB. M Fried CMcken ' •BQ S^re R»s FRIDAY, FEB. » •ahad Fresh Salman RawtUmk UTURDAY, FEB. S Reeat Tuiliey A Dresainfl Beef Slew SUNDAY, FEB. S ReaelBeef Fried ChMM ^ofrf St* wri N M ^foowoy DE.4R POLLY - My son also was in the Navy. When in boot; camp tliey were issued an informative book that I leafed through and discovered a solu- doo for removing rust from wliite clothing that was the same method my mother used vbtn I was young. She mixed oxalic crystals in water, pouted jdireetly on the rust stains, a small amount at a time. This was done in the backyard, on the washline, in the sun. When done on a sunny day you could watch the rust disappear before your ej-es. Mother washed the garment before and after thisj treatment It is necessary to| wash the solution out well after use. — MBS. P. S. Polly's Prablam DEAR POJ.LY - Ttw It* welding en my metal ironing beard has btaken lees*. I aien- der if any of Ih* readers have discovered a practical er dec- erative use far such a metal iromng beard top with little round holes spaced regularly in the melal. — MRS. B. J. T. DEAR POLLY — When I put on a dress or skirt with a zipper, I step into the garment with the zipper portion directly to the front and hoM the ripper away as much as possible until the garment is com^etely on. I then straighten it in place. This prevents nylons from being snagged by the zipper. — MRS. G. S. H. Forfnighfly dub elects Stan Blackburn en a vacation in ten years. Our 145 years. We both worked hard success has made us slaves to land made more mwjey than we the dollar. , could ever s?)end. She begged My m-laws keep beggmg Sam; me to take her on a trip to Eulo play some golf or buy a boat' but he insists he enjoys his PASADENA (UPn— H arold Brown officially took over the reins of California Institute of Technotogy today, socceedmg Or. Lee A. DuBridge. who resigned as president to become President Richard Nixon's chief science advisor. The U-year-oM Brown, farmer Secretary of the Air Force dur< ing the Johnson adnuDistratioa, is a physicist, like DuBridge and bis ptedecessor, Nobd Laureate Dr. Robert A. MBldcan. DuBridge retired from Caltedi Jan. 15 after 22 years at the helm. During the interim. Dr. Robert Bacfaer, Caltedi provost, was acting president. Before jouing the department of Defense, Brown spent 10 years on the staff of the Radiation LabOTatory of die Ifciver- sJty of California at Bertcdey and was later director of the laboratory's Liv«rmore branch before going to Washhigtini. Teacher 'drepoats* WASHINGTON (UPI) — The Departmait of Health, Educa- I 'work the way some people en- but I was always "too busy.";P™»^™ education is the enjoy a hobby. ' ' We missed weddings and Bar j I envy the modest families j Mitzvahs and other happy fam- jwho have one car, a smalljijy occasions because 1 couldn't ; house, and have to save all year leave the business. ,j . J ,T,- to take a trip, tourist class. We vohem I reache„ .... a^,^ presMent and mawger of the Ri- ^ t,,^ ^ „^ey ^ my w^e Dieted ^ift atto branch of Hoine Savmgs eess. I fed so frustratoi I wantll 'liT^L.^'' SUnley W. Blackburn, vice! and Loan Association, haslto cry. Any recommendaUoos? been elected president of the I RICH BUT POOR Fortnightly club for the current! Dear Rich But Poor: Wel- pring term. I come to The Club. The only line A. Lawrence Marshbum, chief! missing from your letter is — librarian at the University ofi "The kids never saw their father Redlands. is the new vice presi-jwhen they were growmg up." dent for the term. } Your husband is a compulsive A. B. Drake, a 48ycar mem-; ber of the club, presented a pa-| 1JIMIC4IA>> per on die subject of "Ants"| Wlini »TWr at the most recent meeting of! Lu the 74.year-old literary dub; 0115X80 By v^h was founded in January: ^^j^g^^f^^ HOLLYWOOD • (UPI)-The Rev. J. Hugh An\vyl has been ousted by his congregation at the Mt Hollywood Congregational Church. The ouster came Sunday at special meeting where duircb members voted 74 to 45 to dismiss Anwyl after having been at the church for four years. The 3».year-old pastor is cur- Church Women United to meet The February meeting of Redlands Church Women United will begin at 9 a.m. Tuesday m John Knox haU of the First Presbyterian cfaurdi. After a coffee hour, a stim-! ulating program will be present-'rently chairman of a clergy cd by members who attended I counseling service on abortion the State Assembly m Los An-|and has been involved in odier geies receiUy. They will outline social protest movements, in- opportiinities for service m this! eluding a tenure as Los Angdes community. | chairman of Clergy and Laymen FISHERMAN OF LAKE PATZCUARDO—Hector Cliaves plays the Fisherman with Maria Guillen as the feminine lead in the current play at Padua Hills Theatre. "In Beautiful Klichpacan" is a tsvo- act musical romance to run through March 1. Curtain rises at 8:30 p. m. Wednesdays through Saturdays with matinees at 2:30 on Wednesdays and Satimiays. Reservations are recommended and may be made by telephoning (714) 626-1288. Mrs. Harry Robbins and Mrs. Eunice Evans will give the devotional and Mrs. Frank Mar- quaidt and Miss Charily Carmen will lead a pand discussion emphasizing "Broth- eriiood." FoUowing the meeting. Miss Clara Blesener will lead the study group in a cohthniing study of the book, "New World a' Coming." An Orientation Retreat is scheduled for tomorrow and Monday at Arrowhead Springs Hotd. Mrs. Blandie Reese,' 793-1886, has been taking reser-j vations. Concerned About Vietnam. Anwyl's dispute with the congregation, however, centered around his relationship with the church members. In a "no confidence" resdution two weeks ago, they charged him me to retire at least part time. But I wasn't sure anyone- else could run the company and I stayed on. She tried again two years ago, but I oouUn't see it Well, dght weeks ago I buried my wooderfiil wife and now I suddenly have plenty of time on my bands. The business doesn't seem important at aU. When I'm not there things go along just fine. Even better. I realize too late that I made a terrible mistake. Now the money will be enjoyed by our children when it was really my beloved wife who should have had the pleasure from it— REGRETS Ann Landers wiH be glad to help you with your problems. Send them to her m care of ever-growing number of teacher "dropouts" «*o quit the classroom to take higher paying jobs m the education fidd. It said "teacher dropouts are as indicative of oir educational problems as are ahidcnt dropouts." Redlands Daily Facts endosing a stamped, self-addressed envelope. (Copyright 1969, Publishers- HaU Syndicate) Hrt And Cold AYLESBURY. England (UPI) — Two ice cream vendors got so heated up even a dose (rf cold orangeade couldn't cool tWhgs off, a magistrate's court was tdd. C. Frcscenda said he had to borrow the orangeade to How 's Your Heoring? REDLANDS. Calif. - A most unique free offer 0/ spedil interest to those who hear but do not understand words has been announced by Bdtone. A replica of the smartest Bd­ tone evo* made will be ^ven absolutdy free to anyone answering this advertisement Try it to see how it is worn in the privacy of your own home without obligation of any fcmd. It's yours to keep, free. It weighs less than a tiurd of an ounce, and it's all at ear level, in one unit No wire* lead from body to head. Here is truly new hope for the hard Eastern Stars to meet Wednesday DeMolays plan for 50th anniversary In cdebration of DeMolay'sj 50th annit-ersaty this year, Copa del Oro chapter. Order |of the Eastern Star, will med DEAR POLLY — Put y ou r Wednesday at 8 p.m. in Mason-^ Redlands chapter name and address (mine are ic temple. Tlie theme wiU be nainted) on the underside of! I Am an American" with Dons "7 ... „ , "f, , ^ large gattoge^TMorelBeldier as chairman. AU East- ^"U« dunng DeMolay Week, than once mine have been re- em SUr members are invited.: »artii lft-23. Parents of mem- turned after having btown away, . . . ^ fOr a pothick on a windy day or night - Rebekah P.N.G. fTi' ^ » ^^J' MRS R. A S. ' -I L : K. Hovde, 720 South Buena VIS- MBS. B. A. S. , club to meet U stmt DeMolay advisoivi ncaDciBic iii.:idrM.i< NoWe Grands dub of present were Charles Riddle,' •^M^LisA ^ul ^JrlL Sapphina Rebdcah lodge will diapter dad; WIIUOTI Md^amey r.«^r ^n.W - fclJId MM '"'^ Wednesday at 1:30 p.m. and Oiaries Bniriart and Gene !t !rJ!J^ L A ^^lJ*! Sallie Littleton. 2820 MiUjSchuler, senior DeMday and ad"'^J^-lT.S: 5 ;Credcroad,Mentone. AAUW bridge section reports winners Mrs. Edward G. GIdtsman Jr. and Mrs. Dorothy Gracer were first and second prize win ners when bridge Section B of AAU\V md recently in the home of Mrs. Ralph MitcheU. 527 Ca mino Real. Mrs. Gracer, a former member, is visiting in Redlands. Others attending were iiiss Dorothy Baesd, Miss Nadine Cragg, Mmes. H. A. Briggs, Ir\-ing Hauptman, Robert Lampton, Jack Litisk, James Moore, Jay Sexton, Robert Sullivan and William R. West with not keeping members ade- quatdy informed of his activities or mvdved in church decisions, and with not spending enough time with members. Several who opposed Anwyl said his outside activities and political views were not the reasons for dismissaL Anwyl had uidicated prior to I Sunday Qiat the issue seemed to I be over whether the members wanted a pastor "to minister to them or for them." TAe Studio of KIHGHAM visors assistant M that it would look even mare like a real headboard. Any dsswbsrv in M M roofn would If Ifr rifht In v^th th* roon'f alhar dKoraHan*. — POLLY i DEAR POLLY — I have found' that wash-and-wear slacks re-' tain their cdor longer if turned 10 the wrong side before washing. I do this with all my boys', pants and the blue jeans cer-i tainly stay Uue tooger. —| GLADYS. I SHRTS-SHRTS KAUnFULLY LAimMUD STAKCNIO TO VOUB UKING OUK RieULAR DRKSS IHIRT DlSCOWm i Airls er nare Mc a*. IfeS Wrts ,.Me«fc I liSfllMa ...,..,..^,..>tc w. •RMPm W MNMW MITTON? *Mliailbinadw 1 I Swvice AvaBaMa LAUNMY AND MYOEAMU SAVI NK At Ow'Xa* « CwnT Office I. ciTRW AVI. raoNi mva Mi NrMcMlpaA representing PHYSICIANS FORMUU Hypo-allersenic Cosmetics to answer your questions jibout your sensitive skin! .•WAILABLE FOR CONSULTATION in our cosmetic department She will advise on newest concepts in pure cosmetics, designed for the w oman with the delicate complexion. S'nehasasiitoftrial . sizes tor vou! See new est eve makeup techniques, designed to enhance and protect your most predous possession -I'oureyes! 11A4fLle«P>JI. AvwVafi/e 6y ippo',r\\jrm\l, call or come In todtf' M.17 OPFIR 6000 PH. U THRU MARCH I IN THi HIART OP OOWWTOIirN RIOUMOS cool the radiator of his icei°' hearing, cream truck after ri>-d ice cream salesman A. Gaeta blocked his exhaust pipe with a piece of cardboard. The court awarded the owners of the truck driven by Frescenda 63 pounds 10 shaiuigs ($152.40) damages. TREASURE HOUS^ Your unused furniture or appliances win find a ready mar- kd through Classified Ads. These modds are free while the limited supply lasts, so we (ug- gest you phone for youn BOW. Again we repeat there is no cost and certamly no obligatkm. For further information, write BELTONE," Box C, Redlan^ Daily Facts, Redlands, Calif. (Adv.) Need new furniture? use our money! That 's what Morris Pbn money is for. You mqr iMnow from flOO to IS^OOO^ or moi% for bill consomnrani nome or car repaint mwui or vacation expenseSi afiy good raemik Plyineiiti scheduled to fit your income. With appiavii yeu may have your money the day you apply. No repayment for 45 da^ SAMPLE LOAN SCHEDULES YOUR wanpNir RoLOf CASH Monthi 1 4SUi M $UIUS7 $ss M SLSian SS6 » US Credit me and disability imunnee amiMta. Morris Plan MM * > 233 Eist stiff Stntt - Tf^afN

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