Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 23, 1957 · Page 20
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 20

Cumberland, Maryland
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Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 20
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TWENTY EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD., .THURSDAY, .MAY 23, 1957 Dial PA 2-4600 for a WANT AD Tak«P _^^ •_ .^ , -. ,_ j ;_ _. „ r -•- •• — "— -? , — •• vAMj.v.atK •. p ^ *•*.*-& A &<rp A wU I IJIal 1 .rt A"iv w *vi. • n *»i.i A. f\.U JLcU&Vii 1 Tanner May Solve Braves 9 Outfield Problem HomerBeats RobertSc,4-3; ChisoxWhip Yaiiks Again If you were watching the baseball game between the Washington Senators and Kansas City on television Tuesday evening you _ _ _ missed a lot of good programs " r , ED DE LUCA —Red Skelton, Cheyenne and _ tw "°RK — (INSI- Chuck others. But, if you were. Well,f' a "') e ['. an Independence Day you were almost silling in on', y " J "" e "' ma J' be the man another bil ol baseball history.]' 0 r " e Ml 'waukee of the leftfield Kot that man'v give up Uieir {£"£" '"* ' hnrealcns '» favorite video shows to waste !„?£ ™ pennanlAho / C5 . ... ... \, .. Bobby Thomson Andv much time walching either thrv__., ... „ . . ' """/ the first l as if Ihere mighl be a success ibut not one of them even .200. Tanner, born July 4, 1929 in New Castle. Pa., got his chance virtually by default and the led- handed swinger is showing signs lhal he intends to sign a long, lerm lease on the position. Blaul v/Mfi Roberts The soldidly-built athlele picked out a Rob'in Roberts fastball in the I3lh inning Jast night and blasted it over the righlfield fence to give Milwaukee a <-lo-3 victory over the Philadelphia Phillies. Aside from Ihe homer, Tanner also contributed two sensational catches to the .Milwaukee cause and doubled in the second inning. His balling average is only .220 bul he may gain the confidence now to boost that figure lo a more respectable lize. - ...w^.. ,,....,...*. ,, v i,i,,, 6 ,,j t Tanner's initial homer of the spangles of the Washington-club season presented the win to went up and down without one rookie Juan Pizarro who became elory being unraveled, Rinold Duren, a sore-armed hurler, was making his lecond tlari for the A'I. He was pitching as though he would hare to make H Rome- Uiing outstanding or he would »oon he bnck lo Ihe bushes taking long, rlrttom* bu< rides. • Duren was a picture of concentration. He was mixing his deliveries well against the not-so potent nor menacing bats of the opposition. They weren't mixing up much of anything, most o( their efforts being feeble swishes at Owen's pitches. The Nals were either striking -out or chopping easy grounders for just as easy outs. Fifteen players wearing the getting a close shot at first base. It was a perfecl game" in perfecl working order. Of course, per- Ihe fourth Brave pilcher in Ihe 12th inning. Milwaukee's three earlier runs were driven in by feet games are few and far Ed Malhews' seventh homer. Ed between.' But here'was a be-Bouchee homered for the Phils ginning toward one. The seven) The triumph enabled the others in (he 80-year history ofjBravei- lo take over undisputed organized ball had to 'start 'ihe possession of second place as league-leading Cincinnali crushec Jlrooklyn, 8 to 1, behind Johnny ' pitching. Klippstein's five-hit Klippslein employed the irga same way. The Nats'-fcrHr Berberet. a heavyweight catcher with a lightweight 1957 bulling average, became lbt culprit with utler disregard for perfection. IVIIh one hefly jwlng of his bat he grounded Duren wilh only the quickness a single hit could bring to ruin a perfecl game. x.iuia&u x.uu3, T m o, anu me It was an opposite field blast S ame belween Pittsburgh and St. by- Berberet that landed just '-""^ "'" r *'"" A —» within the confine ot Ihe bleachers and out of the grasp of left- fielder Gus ZerniaJ. It was Lou's first homer this season. It ruined what had been (he by handing the New York Va longest stint of any hurler in kees another beating, 8 to cither league for a repeat of Ihe perfecl game so skillfully exe- windup" delivery made famous in Ihe 1956 World Series by Don Larscn as he pitched a perfecl game against the Brooks. Elsewhere in ihe National League, the New York Giants scored onec in the ninth to beat the Chicago Cubs, ^ lo 3, and Ihe game belween Pittsbur Louis was rained out. Soi Beat Yanks Again while Tom Brewer of Boston shu! out Cleveland, 11 to 0. The Re culed by Ihe Yanks' Don Larsen'sox tied a leaenp rernrrf hv hit ,,,,.. .-. , sr-^sss trt s^j^r S ^5 --i^;:^— PCC Refuses To Lift Ban On Gridders SPOKANE, Wash, un - Having demonstrated it is in no mood for eniency. Ihe Pacific Coast Coit- ercnce plowed into the final day "f ils annual spring session loday ilh aid to athletes as the Slapped down a requesl Ihat in- j?. e . ! n ro< eligible football players at schools fleld spcl mder probation - UCLA South- Balling Only .225 erri California and Washington— Smlln ' a taat<xi youngster in the be half forgiven and be permitted s P rin S> is baling only .225 and is o play in five games next fall 1-for - 14 in tnc las ' (i « games. Fined Jdaho and Southern Cal- Tlle «->'ear-oW rookie slumped tornia $1,000 each in disapproval ™ ls « ra >>Iy a " er a 'airly good start 1 f adiartf iw r»nr(r,; n „„„„! on the soason. , actions by certain coaches. There was little optimism among the facully men and ath- etic directors that an agreement -..-v uia vvtvi..) HJHI an agl WlilVlH «,- - - - can be reached here on changes evcry now and lllen brought probation and penalties rield !las been an on-and-off proj- Broadcasting Company, which lei- for UCLA, Washington, Southern cc( °' lhe Cardinals. It's been dis- ecasls Ihe weekly Friday night California and California The lat- cusse d time and again but never fights. HE WON IT KOK J\1E — Juan Pizzaro. rookie pilcher of the Milwaukee Braves (left) playfully hugs Chuck Tanner, left fielder, lasl night in the dressing room at Milwaukee. Tanner hit a game-winning home run in the I3lh off Robin Roberts to break a 3-3 deadlock with Ihe Phillies. (AP Pholofai) er will have served ils one year if penitence July 1 and the "con- „ erence voted unanimously thai it ° be rcslored to good standing. Major Pacesetters By International News Seivice AMERICAS LEAGUE BATTING (Based OD 75 otrklal al b»U) riajer and Club G AB R H pel. Williams. Boston . 18 93 22 40 Mantle. New York 29 95 23 35 ... Fox. Chicago 28 tM 21 38 .15 SeiitiiielsEdge ~ Cresaptowiilii County Meet Scoring a third in the final event, the 880-yard relay. Fort Hill won the Allegany County Junior High track and field meet yesterday at (he stadium by edging Cresaptown. 76 to 74. The DOUBLES _ p|rv> , , Wa!l1it , sUm) . ,, runnersup finished fourth in the TRIPLES - simpion (Kansas city); relay as both schools entered the 4 - flayer O} Day Brewer Finds ! Strength Also HOME HUNS — Williams (Boston). TT« ~\VT 1 10: Elcvcrs (Washington), 9 and Zcrnlal ft 1C \V aOO IT II <~vc-o (Kansas City), 8. J.J.1S ?T t/cilvlieSl HUNS B.4TTEr> IV _ S]n-f,, /ll^<>r. HUNS DATTED IK — Sicvfri (Washington), 27: Dflby (Chicago), U end 'eo;;en (Boston). 22. RUNS — Sloers (Washinjlon), 14. HITS — Williams (Boston) and Simp- 00 'Kansas City), -SO. DOUBLES — Pious (WashinsUm). 11. final test deadlocked with 70 points. Allegany wound up third with 52 tallies while Beall of Frost- 3urg was fourth with 41, Beall Elementary fifth wilh 10 and Penn Avenue Seventh Grade sixlh with five points. Beall won the 880-relay with Alco second. Cresaplown's Jim Hcdrick was the only double winner with | STOLEN BASES — Landis (Chicago). " tiic u"iy uouuie winner wild In the American League, the firsts in the shot put and high Cnicago White Sox increased jump of Ihe Junior Unlimited their league lead to three games division. Bob Gaffney took the hw hani4inM 4h« XT,.... 1 w,._i_ -\f , .-_ . J Maas tDctrolt), 6-U Plwct (Chlcajo) and Brewer < Boslon), 6-2; TnicVs Kansas City), 30; Wilson <ChicagQ5, 5-1 and Wynn tneveland)> 5-3; Grim 'New V&rkt, t-2. STRIKEOUTS — Pierce (Oilcago), - — o NATIONAL LEAGUE BATTING (BisMi on 75 officUt il b»U> 'l»y*r »nd Club Ilob.nsi 100-yard dash in the unlimited class and was on the winning 440-yard relay team. The Sentinels countered points in all U tests while Cresaptown at 1-^4 games by Ils win over Brooklyn which was interrupted p«™j.. „„..,„ „« ..iLciiupLcu 4 « yard relay-Fort Hill (R«d 5-2= JacVson (St. Loui,). Spahn (Mil (Or an nOUr and a half by rain.JS^ti^ker, M.Hcr, Sedersl: Cresaplo«- n - waukee). Lawrence (Cincinnati) and GUS Bell's two-run single Off A "««™*' Beatl Ekme/Hary. Time 55.5 Sanfo.dI .Phi^dclphi.,. ^ c , „.,,.,, fo . I STRIKEOUTS — Koufax (BToo^Iyn), oariuV KOllIST mhnPn nut an o^r. nx.iriifvnr-iicc ' In 9-V POUND CLASS SO-yard dash- OM filnss. AHc^anv; Kopwoodj Fort HilU 'McDonald CrrV aptown; Altiier, Allpgany. Time 9 G seconds. HiRh 3ump—SKirey. Crcsapto^ n; Hosier. Cresaptown; Green, Fort Hilt Jeffreys, Allcjjany. Heighl 4'9^". Broad jump— Owens, AUeganv; Rcrd Fort HiJl; rianagan, Cresaptown- "*' ler. Fort Mill. Diitanre 1V3" 4*0 yard relay—Fort -- - roL r sn CLASS 100-yard dash—Bell. Fort mil; uu Ifr, Allegany; IU1I, Beall High; Trost Sandy Koufax rubbed out an early Brooklyn run and Ed Bailey homered later For the Redlegs as Klippstein won his first of the year. A double by Daryl Spencer and Red Schocndiensfs single pinned..,. ,, u . „„,.. Man n Bob Rush of the Cubs with hisj K "- v - r ° rt «»i- Distance is 1 . er. Allegany; Hall. Heal! High; Trosl -c- . r- r^rr r »-. , Fott Hill. Time 11.5 seconds. •SpCClflC Offer' Ready Hl«h jum-Stevenson F High jump—Steven ion. Fort Hill; Shephard and Strickland ol Cresap , Forl town, (lied for iccond>; Fainle Hill. Height V9". Broad jump^-Hamilton, Cre-saptown; (BfM, Fort IfiH; Hall. Beall High: Me- u __. — 0 — ^ •••••>,unjj IULJI uuiijci^ nj uiit; inning game of lhe World Series lasl Al Pilnrcik's tenth-inning sing). October. [drove in the winning run as Bal The fast-balling' bespectacled lim'ore edged Detroit, 4 to 3. ana Kansas City rookie'was clearly Gus Zernial slammed two horn- a dejecled figure afler the poke "s 'o lead Kansas Cily lo an by Berberel. For here was lhe 8-to-G win over Washington, shot heard around Duren's ownl Cincinnati kept ils league lead little world. It-wasn't witnessed by the great throng of 66,000 that saw Larzen's feet as only a pallry 2,0fi6 were in lhe Griffith Stadium stands. II had an nffccl on Durtn'a hurling and II dldn'i tali* long that cool erenlng before lie was on his way lo the mhowers with ofllj a memory of what ha« traded almost »!l llw great pitchers In major-lea (roe tilttory. Before the evening was over, (he N'aU had scored a 3-0 shutout and Duren had been touched (or five hils—all coming in an inning and a third. But he'Jij have many more lurns on the mound and (he chances are now about 18,000 to one for a no-hit, no-walk, no-error, no-run, nobody on base pitching performance. Teachet VonA-s Respect The same Mr. Duren, earlier this month, had taught the New |aa u,,, York Yankees to respect him asidefeal. 1 — a mound opponent. The Yanks.! The four Red Sox homers were.Olf] fif rmiiic who are making their predictcd-by Gene Mauch. Ted William* ' w» HICIHB, ninaway in the opposite direction!Dick Gernert and Frank Malzcnc of first place, faced the slants of i n the sixlh inning and all came ™™^^ a * K ™ m &™£^^>»*™-' OId Germans .and Hermans — cago. Mfnoso (Chicago), 6 and Francona Baltimore). 5. PITCHING— (Based on most wins) .•aukee 30 131 32 46 incin'tl 30 131 27 45 .351 Mu&ial. St. Louis . 39 121 IS 42 .31; Hoa^, Cincianati . 32 107 IS 37 .316 HOME RUNS — Aaron (Milwaukee), 11; Moon <St. Louis). 9: Sauer [Ne Yorkl and Alalhew-i <Jlilw-auIcee), 7. RUNS BATTED IN* — Aaron (Mil v-nu'tee) and Furillo tBrooklyn). 25; Robinson (Cincinnati). Zj; Sauer <"~ York and Hoak (Cincinnati). 22. RU.VS — Aaron (.Milwaukee), 32, HITS — Aaron (Milwaukee), 17, DOUBLES -- H&ak ICincinnali) a'nd Mu&ial (.St. IxMiis). 12. TIUI'LES — Walls (Chicaso). Mavi (Xew York) and Bouchee (Phlladel phia). 3. ST01.E.V BASES—Ma>« (Neu- York) i^: Gilliam (Brooklyn), 6; Brulon (Mliwaukee* and Temple (CincinnaU) PITCHING—(Basn on most wins)— Gomez <Xew Vork). 6-1; Acker 'Cin rinnatl), S-l and Burdctle (.Milwaukee) 5-2: Jackson (SI. Loulo. Span By Intcinolionol Newi Serrict Tom Brewer, ace righthande^ of the Boslon Hed Sox, has found that his big slrength also is hi weakness. Brewer, relying mainly on i crackling curve ball, looked lik^ a sure bel to reach his ambilion of 20 wins lasl year. Hurts nighl Elboir He had won his 18lh game o; Labor Day but then the strain o loll and he came down with bad right elbow and was able to win only one other game. The 23-year-old hurler from Wadesboro, N. C., is off to a goo loss without a win. Al Worlhnglon of lhe Giants won in relief of Ruben Gomez who surrendered a homer to Dale Long. Yanks' Fielding Sloppy In winning their ninlh in a row, - -. lhe White Sox took advantage of T**/,' Cr u^t «40-jf»rii relay-Fprt Hill (McKay. Bell. DiNicola. Clem): Cresaptown: Beall Hish; Beall Elementary. Time JU.VrOR UNLIMITED 100-yard dash—CaHney. ALICRany: ^!l""'»- F ?. rt ..."." u _ B ™«1 AlleHnj: 1(1.9 *e cords. Cresaplc For Dodger Park NEW YORK (INS)-A special PIRATES 'SQUEEZE' New York City committee has J'/rTYlRV ftVVR I lf\\'C reported that ,1 "specific offer" IL -' UKY W ^ER t/OAS concerning a new home for the Squeezing home a run in the - °— — — uvuuui 01 me inira, faw raw nutted soon to the club and the High scored a 3-2 win over West Jusll. Shot :all Hi£h. Time pul-llerlrkk. sloppy fielding by the Yanks to push lhe World Champs four games off the pace. The While Sox, with the aid of errors by Billy Martin "'-d Mickey Mantle, scored five unearned runs in the sixlh lo help Jim Wilson to his fifth win in six decisions. Nellie FOX homered for the Pale Hoseii-inn. Stevenson. Carter): Allfcai as Johnny Kucks absorbed the' Fort Hill; Cre!ipio»n..Ti'me i^i.e j«r A ^i •— , - r — . ..^ Unn, Beali High; Sues,**, Fort Hill. Distance 4S-7Vi' p Hiih jump — Hedrick. Cre»apto»-n; Carter. Beall Hich: T»ij«, Cresaptown; Hauler. Forl Hill. Heisht S'l". Broad frmp--Bush. Beall HiKh: Shook. Allezany: Miller. Allrcany: Shewhnilte, Fort Hill. Distance 16'H" "9-yard relay-Alleiany (Gatincy. Bruce, Miller, llarihberser): Cre~sap, leconds. "' nunnic^ HI a roioinac \'aliev Mayor Robcrl F. Wagner to Conference clash at Paw Paw sillriv Inp nrnhlpm nf rpfrw^itno ..^,i 1_.. Althongh he did not win, r>tircn performed most specla- cularly against (he Bombers. Tom Slurdivant, with much more hilling power and fielding finesse which the Yanks were (hen showing, had lo pitch a ncvcn-hillcT to lop the heavy - bespectacled Kaycee hurlpr. 3-J. Sally Jauiak Misses Firsl Shot At 300 NORTH TON'.WANDA, N. Y.- xi DUO jjaiey was me loser wniie notched triumphs in the opening t{v -Sa"y Jan Brewer gained his sixth win on games of the City Softball Lea-i game bu! on --- four-hit pitching. . gue ycslerdav. "The Brewers gcl e ' sht pins for a 293 score - . The commitlee, created >^u uu . uojr uui tiicn me sir a in ol Capping oft the curve look its Cards Pick Ryba As Special Aide . sixth game yesterday, allowing only four hits as the Hed Sox thrashed Cleveland. 11 to 0. 1 The six - foot - one. 175 - pou hurler was a greal pitcher righ from Ihe start and only spent on year— 1951— in (he minors. Tha Cardinals Worried^ Will Change Lineup CINCINNATI—fAP)—The troubled St. Louis Cardinals are expected to shake their lineup real good tonight against Cincinnali, including slicking third baseman Kenny Boyer in cenlerfield. The fifth-place Red Birds, only one-half game out of sixth, may also start Ed Kaskoi ~ vilh aid to athletes as the one Blxln> may also slarl ta KasKO big problem still on the agenda. L sll . orls , to(p . - f ° r , A1 2 arh andl ,^]H" < ,lf a,-,/! TV-ftP Yesterday the conference- Mlksls al thlr(i for B °y cr ' who11 JtlClIclllCl, il CLj Slapped down a request Ihat in- be , ln rooklc B ' G ' S " lilh ' s out - ¥ _ Line Up With IIBC In Suit n the air program. Under pres- Jnt rules an athlete can be given " le Cardinals and is baiting .333, '--- • '" ' - - -ight behind Stan Atusial, the ree tuition and employed on a ampus job paying not more than 100 a month. Violation of this code is what Camper Club's Dinner Tonight Jack Hennemicr, assistant fool- ball coach al the University of Maryland, will be the speaker at :he annual dinner tonight by lhe Camper Club in honor of members of Allegany High School's athlelic leams. The affair is scheduled for the Centre Street Methodist Church recreation hall and will get under way at 6:30 p. m. Coaches, managers and mem hers ot the football, basketball baseball and -track teams am cheer leaders will be honored. The toastmaster will be Fred Anderson, Allegany alumnus anc judge of lhe Allegany County juvenile court. Approximately 125 persons wil allend. came off. | Both struck key blows for th« iterday be. •ester J, dinals hope he'll snap out of it °'y suit against the IBC. its sub- ind raise his .254 baiting average, sidiaries. and club officials Jamei Miksis, a 30-year-old journey-p- N'orris and Arthur M. Wirlz. man utility player, has shown well Judge Ryan, who has declared n the tew games lie's played in. lne IBC guilty of anli-tnist regu- He's batting .375 with three hits '?'' ons '" conspiring lo monopo- ST. LOUIS (INS)' _ The St Louis Cardinals today announcec • > ovlvauvjl U, 1>. ^., li OH IQ 3 200Q —U..J UI.ILUUIIICU start again this year. He won his appointment of Mike Ryba as special assistant to general man ager Frank Lane. Ryba, who gained fame as a mdajifu neveiana. 11 to 0 It "- 71 " 1 ' " llu K*»"JL'U lame as i \-as his second shutout of the P' a >' cr wi *h the Redbirds by per 'ear. forming at all nine diamond po sitions. succeeds Joe Malhes wh resigned Monday following front office shake-up last week. The newly-appointed aide year, he led the North Carolina '- ane *'" 5c °u! piasters whom th League with a brilliant 19-and- record. Record Improves He spent the next two years in the service, returning to make good with the Red Sox in 1951. His record was JO-and-9 that year and he improved il to 11-and-IO in 1955 before jumping to 19-and-9 la. I season. He means to keep improving his record and lhat would mean at least 20 victories this season. gress of St. Louis' minor leagu players. of tlle Paw First Big Harness Stakes Race Tonight YONKERS. N. Y. Uv-The fir:, of the rich N'ew York slakes for harness horses will be raced to night at Yonkers Raceway, wilh ; smart field of nine battling in th< $3S,QOO-added Good Time Pace. —- ••-.„ Adios Harry, the world record League in 1956. . study the problem of relocating the Dodgers, announced yester- holder owned by J. Howard Lyo... of Greenwood. Del., is the 8-5 fa vorile in the one mile affair, with „.- . . _ , - - ••-•" Dottie's Pick next at 9 to 5. Dol Virginia School for Ihe Deaf of tie's Pick, owned by J F, an "y Romney in a Potomac Valley C. E. Armstrong, Brampton.'ont. and Adios Harry have defeate( each other in two previous meet ings this season. ycslerday- - After tying the game at 3-2, flevelopment" with Mayor Wagner and that "further meetings are planned." ° • , . *- -v^jicj tying me Dan day it was studying only Iwo j unjor Householder's squeeze sites - both ,n downtown bunt with Urgent on third pro- Brooklyn duced the winning tally. A spokesman for the Dodgers Largent socked two hits for said Brooklyn president Walter the winners while Mover had a pair for West Virginia Deaf. The win was (he sixth for the Pirales while the Lions dropped their seventh in 12 attempts. Fa» raw w, v«. Dtit , AB R n • AB R n l.arjent , 211 Collln. n, < o 0 H'hoWf r 2 1 n 0 Moon 1 110 sharp e 300 Bujrol t 301 Powell c 30 OFopVb Ib l » I \ Wkhila .. 51. Paul . leapolis tnilianapollj Hamilton —.. , ,_,, M vjeiniuiii ana Hermans ' — ---- .v....,,....*,.,, n. i.— iB Crc[ j 0 n iL > Q /IC OII H£ , er Bud Daley was the loser while notched triumphs'in the openin? t?v - Sa!1 >' Jania)c almost hit a •'5 00 ,''- Gordon , j o i Sy , Brewer gamed his sixth win on games of the City Softball Lea i game bu! on her twelflh ba" she F*'"?" m 2 » orayior r four-hit pitching. . gue yesterday. "The Brewers gcl e ' sht pins for a 293 scor ° ? ° Pilarcik's pinch single for BaKdowncd Blue Ribbon Bakery 6-3 i Sllc Iias bccn bowlin S sc timore went Ihrough the legs of: w hi!e Hermans blasted Old' Ex-! yoars - i lcr nrevirlus ^'Sh w; Detroit first baseman Ray Boone ports. 12-3. • >85 - achieved five years ago. anrl liiina r*>lirn-nr p"ranL- T si-v! ?.-«;i -v «... . . ^ . • 3 1 1 301 > 0 I - . _j .„. . 300 C "Cordon ' ' ° M ° r " c J " * She has been bowling seven TOTALS 13 3 i TOTA1-S27 2 7 oars. Her nrevinns hip'h was aiJJi^^'j.,,, 1 *"' 101 nx> o—z . rrors—BprcilolJ. HamiKon, Smith. 2b hits-fjr^cnt. Sacrilk**—C. Cordon, Ifoustholdfr. Double plays— Kouyeholdcr (unassisted). BB-off 'McCoy 2. Struck out. by Hamilton 10. Mc- Coi- 1. Hit by pitched ball, by Hxmll- Philadelphia i Womochii. iw, i Manly. 1», Mi|. McCoy (Shade). Balk LP—MtCoy. Foviell. and hung reliever Frank Lary! Neil Tocy lost lo I.efly Bob: p- ; ,~r ~. with his sixth loss in eight de-iffook as lhe Old Gees pushed' lg ' cisions Lary also permitted the;across a rim in the fifth and two Bv T . . . , , , c« ( . ,m by pitched ban. Birds to tie the score in lhe nmtrvin the sixlh to break a 3-3 dead- DKTROIT K, t ,' c " " m <Moon> McCoy <Shai on Billy Gardner's two-out sin-lock. Hook gave up three Mis V^™^^^' "£*;££ ij^.-r.^."^^^ Duren allowed six hils and iwo fanner ° rge ' "" ^ [^ tn T" 1 * n"" ^^ ^ """' '"' "'""""' earned runs for seven innings and ^n homers were his sev-C ' ° gal " '^St^S «g e tailing a "as e t 5 ban" Jen Cnl , h a " d e .? lh I* ^^ '^ John E «™ !e a " d ' Bumps"!"'""'1 hv TV viewer T,,«Hav » - a Kv °' nin blasl by Vlc Power - Barton had four of (he winners „ ™>nc COAST IEAGUE &.^^^P?^^.^? ; a^^ I s.^l«^wi. xi: -ra "3 ;; S ?*=• sT? 5 ??'* s -"« s ° 5 a g,J "----•• cp the Yankee hitlers a . b ™ rbcd hls flfth Ioss >n 5IX ric '.trouble chalking up his 12-3 win| - AOVERTistMiNr _ n the season. The planned insertion of the 24•ear-old Kasko for Dark is deigned to give that veteran a rest . Dark lias been going well for , cam's leading hitler at .347. .Rescuers Move Before The move of Boyer to the out- NEW YORK W—Two influential organizations were lined up behind lhe Internationa! Boxing Club today in its stand against a gov. eminent proposal the IBC sayj could mean an end to boxing as television has made it. In this corner: Julius Helfand, chairman of the powerful New York Stale Alhletic Commission. In Ihe same corner: Tom Gallery, sports director of the National Broadcasting Company, which lei- ^n eigbl trips to the plate Iliz-; promotion of fights, is con- i >-<e,iji tupj iu nit: piaic. f••--•• r<viiiviitfu vi ifguia, ii tufl The changes were prompted byjducting hearings to determine thi the Cardinal's poor record and by «*'eni of penallies to be lixed. owner August Busch. He expressed a desire this week to try oul the youngsters on the club. Southpaw Lane Confuses Brown DETROIT Lfl — "This south- saw business is confusing." said the liltle man lliey call Toothpick- Brown. "He was always coming al me from the wrong side." Toothpick had recovered sufficiently from his sixth - round vnockoul by Kenny Lane lo ram)le on aboul how dilficult it is lo "figger" a soulhpavv. "Someone said he couldn'l punch." said Toothpick, a 24-year- old Philadclphian. "Whoever said It hasn't ever been in the ring with him, that's for sure." It was a clear mismatch that wrought Broivn and Lane together . The government wants Hie IBC dissolved and Norris and Wirli compelled to sever connections wilh Ihe club's iwo main bases of operation. Madison Square Garden and Chicago Stadium. The IBC contends such slepj would damage boxing and yesterday Helfand and Gallery agreed. Birds' Gnrdncr Sclg Record For I'uloiiU BALTIMORE Ui _ Billy Gardner of the Baltimore Orioles set an American League record by handling 12 putouts al second bass in the 16-inning 2-1 loss to Delroil here Tuesday night. The old record of Jl for an ex. Ira inning game was held by Gerry Priddy of Detroit. He set Ihe mark in a 16-inning game in 1952. Charlie Gchringerof Detroit (1929* and Roy Hughest of Cleve- ° — "--— *-».".• »v£i.iiit.i Mjiv auu iwjf nugnest of Lievc in last night's nationally televisediland (ID37) also had handled that ind DrOadcasL liphtu.'fiohl h/inl man« in n ,"n«. : — _: . and broadcast lightweight bout from Delroit's Olympic Stadium. What happened was thai the' 24- year-old Lane, after dominating the action Ihrough Ihe first five rounds, connected with a looping right hand in the sixth round and Brown was counlcd oul al Ihe 1:U mark. For the Muskegon, Mich., fighter, il was his 13lh straight nany in nine inning games. Cardinals contemplate obtainin- fl * hler - " was hi s »lh straight in trades and also report, from VI . ctor - v - l»u_lhird straight knockoul personal observation, on lhe pro- win antl his " Wth ' trium P n in 51 LEAGUK w. L. Bulfalo IB n Havana Toronto .... u u Cotumbiu Richmond .. II II RocheHer •Miami II u Montreal , Columbui I. Miami 3 Rlchimond 3. Havana o Toronto :. Iloctxeittr t Buffalo at Montreal (rain) w.L . 1} 19 . 14 If . tl Jl . 11 :•) Chicago Cub rookie pitcher Dave Hillman won 21 games for Los Angeles in the Pacific Coast MARYLAND FISHING LICENSE Still 'THI June 1 STORER BROS, Va. Ave. at 2nd St. -AMERICA* AS3OCMTTO.V W.L. . U 10 Charleston . 31 1) Omaha 73 13 Denver IS 18 Louis viltt Minneapolis 7. Oiar.eatOD I Indianapolis 4, Omah* 3 lanuttinlle 11. SI. Paul 3 Wichita Ml lvnv<r fr*ln> HEADQUARTERS FOR WILSON SPORTING GOODS See U» For Team Price! THE TOY SHOP Cor. Bedford & N. Centre Sti. a'Jig«rg5 szzsz nearest bit of ground. Bill Skowron had lo skip rope on a pitchJDapjicr DRII League loggi Berra saw one sail a footV;.|| M , r . • over his head. Billy Martin was'"'" 1 " ccl 'OUg" 1 . thrown out at first while flat on! „ h a ! Persons . > n ™ an Kcrn-ans his back al home plate aflcr his' "• '— "" \ tti - t i*i=u* bal accidentally tapped the ba]l£ B _ ln . 8 . on S of J! 1 .?. u ? nls in lhe Old Export jfor the Hermans with a four-hit-; tcr. "Ret" Moreland hit a triple! and two singles for the winners! and Bob Burns banged a three- bagger. Dave nitter had a dou-' . , „. ble for the losers. I"" °'°' """* A ""° ''"<">" «•- l> "Get-Acquoinred" Plan Resumed 220 40( 0—12 10 0 ( "B m ' n »W«ii>8 «onKr ptrieni MO on; OOZ 001 0—S 4 0. nom» only for 30 doya. rh. low) bal accidentally tapped the ball- gng one OI lne lcan " ln lne ,O'o Eiporl OOZ 001 0—S 4 0.nor*, only for 30 <)<,>•,. rh. lotot con in a futile effort lo get out of lhe: Da . pp . er Dan Llltu LeaEllc are ' Brelsford and Burns! 'Twigg.i,, „„, ,, 5(| . . way of a pilch asked lo attenci a meeting today,;perdcw (6) and Shaffer. I w»n-y«r.waii T:30 p. m., at City Hall. Several !}luc Ribbon 210 000 0—3 1 2 """'" '' "'f"" 1 f'nom nudlog Nearslghtedness, which pilots are still needed. Old Gees 003 012 x—6 8 3 «*t'° "iH lill pay do? or for •«>« force* Duren to wear glasses The date for Iryouls of new iToey and Whilacrc. Hook andL p . n ,,, „,. lr , Y - lt .j oa ... ,...„ m wmrh arpm a« ISlr-b &c Krtl. tilai-Arc ««J ^ ^t:c-n.,r r : A « *.« »i. n v i- ' *""•' "M»r« up forces Duren to wear glasset which seem as thick at bol- tle-bottomi, Is the handicap which checked his career. At 18, fie has spent eight yfari (Continued on Page 21) uuu> die MIII ntuuuu. uia (jecs UU3 art x—6 8 3 The date for Iryouls of new iToey and Whilacrc. Hook and players and a discussion on lhe Eversole. new alignment of teams will b«! on tonight's agenda while equip-' mcnl dislribulion will also be[ discussed. N ASSOCIATION >Vcw Orleans 3, Birmingham 2 Oialtanoosi 7, Memphis 3 LWle fl«X jl N»>hvi!!c (rain) o]k« availabT*. Cat! or «•« o, 4t N. C«nlr« Si. Oiol fA 45800 Hooni ovir $300 madt tindil InduiMot financ* AtlJ : BARGAIN FARES EVERY SUNDAY Ia»«al Trip r>r>i NATIONAL LEAGUE TESTEKDAT'I BF.st31.Tl New Vork (. Clilcaio 1 Cirielnnail 8. Brooklyn 1 (n) ! t. Philadelphia J <„, ])) PilUburih al St. Louii. rain KOB LMt . 22 10 . 19 10 . 13 11 . IS II Clnciunall Miloauket Brooltlyn . Philadelphl < St. Unil, . York Chiejfro . PilUburlh 'WASHINGTON '4 40 BALTIMORE $ 4 W BASEBALL Take the Family on a B&O Bargain Trip SUNDAY, MAY 36 — Af Baltimore — Double Hiadcr — BAITIMORI vi. BOSTON LV, CUMIEIIANO 7.10 AM «[TUIN IV. lALTIMOkl 3.30 HA Ol 7.SO fM IV. WASHIrWrOK 4.40 FM Ol 9.00 PM JTANOA10 T1MI 1AMI DAY For f/tkili o/i rf MttnoHtn, tell e» 1MH Aftntl BALTIMORE & OHIO RAILROAD c » 'r Twin for Sp««J oerf Comrcrt— A«i(J High*o r Heroril, n.VME TONIGHT r»l»!>| c rileSfts, C*TI St. Louis at CincinnaU (» p. m ) — Joixs <l-Jl vi Gross rl-o> GAME* TOMOKROW (•Virtlnf Tfmri, ESTI MilwauXec at Chicago (IraOV Nrw York al Bn»Uyn (7:00) Pittsburgh at Philadelphia (7-001 St. Louis at Cincinnati (a;00> AMERICAN LEAGUE TESTERnAT-B RESULTS Clileato I. ,V«w York « Borton II, Cleveland 0 Kln>u Clly ». Wajolnjton » Balltmore 4, Detroit 3 (n, 10) OF THE TEA Won 1,0,1 T«t. o. B.

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