The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas on April 21, 1959 · Page 8
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The Ottawa Herald from Ottawa, Kansas · Page 8

Ottawa, Kansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, April 21, 1959
Page 8
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« i ttBRALD Tuesday, April 21, 1989 week, and comes In about midnight. Then she gets up in the morning and goes to work on o cup of blade coffee. When we te.l tier she'll get sick from such a diet she says in college they t*ugh/ her that most people can live on half of what they now e'at. She isn't saving any money on this job. All she does is buy clothes. We can't afford to send her back to school without borrowing, and Pa says he's not going in hock for a girl who can't even make passing grades. What do you suggest?—H.B.M. Dear H.B.M.: Make certain the girl understands the only way she can return to school is by saving the money herself (She probably figure* she'll wheedle it out of you at the zero hour.) Stop harping on the diet. A col lege • age girl is too old to be spoon fed. As for the hours midnight isn't too bad, but she is going out too often. If you can get a famiiy friend, a former teacher, or someone for whom she has respect, to talk t'o her, it might help. Try it. . RARE OCCASION — Those triplet Angus hclfcrs arc an arm full for Jerry Burd, 12. The triplet* were horn to a 8- year-old registered Barlmrnmt cow at Owa««o, Okln. It In unusual for a beef cow to have, triplets and even more rare for an Angus. The onlves wcljrb about 20 pounds each compared to a normal 30 to 40 for Angus calve*, Your Problems, By -Ann lancers- Production Of Musicals Almost At A Standstill By BOB THOMAS AP Movie- TV Writer HOLLYWOOD (AP)-Herc's an oddity: Hollywood has acclaimed "Gigi" the No. 1 movie of 1953, yet production of other musicals is almost at a standstill. Nary a tuncfilm is shooting in Hollywood today. Only one appears on the production schedule for future months. Fred Astairc is doing his first straight-acting role and recent acclaim for his dancing stems from his TV spectacular. Now another great from the movie musicals—Gene Kelly—has taken his art to the home screen |He readily admitted that the reason is the collapse of theater musicals. "I decided to take on TV because a picture deal fell through," he explained. "I was going to make a musical with J. Arthur Rank, appearing with M o i r a Shearer and Robert Merely. But it was called off — I guess the Rank organization is going in more for television." So Gene took • one of his long' standing offers to write his own ticket on TV. He has been ye- hearsing for weeks for his extravaganza, which will show on CBS Friday night. Always the perfectionist, he has been taping many of the numbers to get big- screen quality. "It isn't easy, even with the use of tape," he sighed. "Television isn't really a dancer's medium. The limitation in the size of the screen is obvious. The viewer doesn't want to see a closeup of the ballerina's face; he wants to see the movement of her whale body, and her relationship to the other dancers. "Nor are the movies the final answer. The best way to s,ee dancing is in the theater, where you get the kinetic sense of three dimensions." Gene has been hoffing in movies since 1842, on Broadway before that. And he's not ready to hang up his shoes yet." "I've got a few more years of dancing in me," he said. "I can go into the straight dramatic parts; I've done them all along. But I'd still like to make some more musicals. 'I can understand the reluctance of the producers. Musicals generally cost a lot more money, and they don't want to get tied up .with a big investment that might not pay off." LANDERS Denr Ann: Why are men such fools? My husband hnd a poor education, yet when 1 try to coi- rect him for his own good, he either arjjues with me or stares into space. I belong to a lovely lodge which meets once a week, The last meeting of every month, we bring our husbands. Al the opening of the meeting we sing the national anthem. Wou'.d you believe it, I've been trying to teach my hus- b a n d the first and last verses of the Star Spangled Banner for three years? The dumb cluck stil'. doesn't know the last verse. Do you think perhaps he's a little bit "letch- ea" or what? When I try to educate him he just yawns.—ENID Dear Enid: Don't begrudge the poor guy a lillle yawn. It's probably the only chance he has to open his mouth in your presence. Just because he has trouble with the last verse of the Star Spangled Banner doesn't mean he's tctchcd. Maybe he has a mental block because you've been hammering him over the skull for three years about it. If it embarrasses you, type the words on a small slip of paper and hand it to him al the next lodge meeting. Dear Ann Landers: I'm 19 and a junior in college. A certain gal has me going around in circles. She's dating four of us in the same fraternity house and can't seem to make up her mind which one she likes best. I'm sure the other guys are trying to get her to go steady, the same as I am. She's just a soft - hearte<' kid who doesn't want to hurt anybody. My grades have taken a nose dive these past months and I don't know if it's because this babe has me in a fog or if it's because I'm in the wrong field of study. I'm brand new at the game of love. I think I need help from a wise old head. Thanks, Doll. — SNOWED Dear Snowed: That "soft-hearted kid" who doesn't want . to "hurt anybody" is having herself a ball. What could be greater than having four guys in the same fraternity fighting for her affections? •If-I know this type of darne (and I think I do) she'll want the one who shows the least interest So why not stop drooling at the mere mention of her name and take* out one of her sorority sisters? As for your grades hitting the skids, I suggest you talk this over with an authority on the subject ( one of your professors). You're welcome.—WISE OLD HEAD Dear Ann: I'm so mad I can hardly see' to write this letter. A few months ago I sent my daughter a lovely wrist watch for her birthday. Yesterday I went to visit her. I noticed she was not wearing the watch and I asked why. She told me her mother-in law had it. A pain shot through me as if I had been stabbed. When her husband came home I asked him how come his mother had the watch. He said "Because I gave it to her." Then I said, "I didn't give the watch to you, I gave it to your wife and I want it back." He said "Once you give something away it's not yours anymore." I'd like to know who is wrong. I have never been so burned up in my life. Am I entitled to that *atch or not?—STABBED Dear Stabbed: Where was your daughter when this conversation took place? The watch belonged to her. The big question is wheth er your son-in-law took the watch from her and gave it to bis moth- er, or whether she gave the watch, a\\ay. If he took the watch without her O.K. then it's her place to let him know she wants the .vatch back. If she gave the watch away, you'll know better than to give her nice gifts in the future. I see nothing to feel "stabbed" about. Dear Ann: Our daughlcr flunked her freshman year in college and came home. She said she was going to get a job and save her money to go back and try again next Fall. Now that she's home and working, she thinks she's her own boss. She's out every night of the You'll Get Real BARGAINS At Our SIDEWALK BAZAAR Discontinued and Shopworn -• Cameras and Equipment • Stationery and Notes • Cosmetics • "Odds and Ends" CRUSHED STONE AG. LIMESTONE FOGLE QUARRY Ph. CH 2-4864 or CH 2-3330 Serving Community for 30 Yrs. without a Price Increase! ORNAMENTAL iRON Railings and Columns .*-.. ****,.,* *¥nn-r»*V •t\. i'** • • '• ' •• Come in and Select Your Design ... FREE Estimates OTTAWA WELDING 417 N. Main CH 2-2681 Opposite Courthouse Dial CH 2-3024 FIRESTONE'S PHILCO SALE A NfN AHI> BEfTR Mf- TO WASH CLOTHE! CARL SNYDER — Registered Pharmacist olby's 226-228 So. Main Sidewalk BAZAAR Wednesday 9:00 A.M. 'til 8:30 P.M. Lamps A large selection of fa- ble lamps for this even/ af jusf Vz the regular price. 2 lamps for the W-290 Here's a totally new principle of clothes washing «o powerful it easily handles 7 big sheets at once... yet so gentle you can wash a bridal veil without tearing or tangling. I MATCHING DRYER 129.95 price of 1. price Rug Samples, Scatter Rugs. Select from many sizes, colors and styles. and up Come to the SIDEWALK BAZAAR Tomorrow. Shop one/Save. Colby's FURNITURE EASY TERMS-Juit 5.00 DOWN New '59 PHILCO Automatic Washer « FUU 10-tB. CAPACITY • EXCLUSIVE BAU POINT BALANCE You can't overload HI Eliminafei harmful vibration. • SAFE FOR All FABRICS • AUTOMATIC DETERGENT AND BLEACH DISPENSER • WASHES CLOTHES LINT-FREt Now at Special Low Introductory Pric* No Money Down 157" Exchange Makes the Good Cook Even Better Deluxe Philco 30" Electric Range Reg. 279.95 219.95 Exchange New sparkling "Sterling look" dresses up your kitchen. 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