Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 19, 1954 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, April 19, 1954
Page 5
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MONDAY, APRIL 19, 1954 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGBflVfe Petrochemical Industry Is t^it By Growth Pain By 8AM DAttSON SAN FRANCISCO £>-One of the nation's leading growth industries is suffering a little from growing pains. Petrochemicals—the family of products once lookr-d upon ai mere hy products of oil refininj?—has shot up since the war to produce such widely accepted proddcts as DON'T MISS OUR OPEN HOUSE THURS. - FRI. * SAT. APRIL 22, 23, 24 FREE GIFTS For Everyone -PLUS- Big Grand Prize SKELGAS RANGE ALTON Skelgas & Heating 1B54 Washington Av«|. Alton —Phone 2-2765 synthetic fibers for clothing, detergents for cleansing, synthetic rubber for tires, a host of plastics, i fertilizers and ingredients used inj medicine and food processing. ! Today the industry Is suddenly' face to face with such fart's of life as over-capacity here and there,! ; keen competition, price qtieasiness' land even the hard-sell. j | But industry leaders say it's i merely a matter of getting their i second wind: the industry is funda- j ! mentally healthy: and leading, companies continue their expan- j stem plans. They insist that neither i product possibilities nor market j potentials have begun to be ex- i hnusted yet. | The very lushness of the petro- j chemical growth since the war at-1 tracted a rush of companies into I the field and may have 'caused I temporary over-expansion in some j products. Some 80 oil companies j and 80 chemical companies are making one or more petrochemical j products derived from petroleum and natural gas. Rubber companies have jumped in, and now nearly a third of their sales are accounted for by their chemical subsidiaries. "Capacity slightly above demand is normal in American business— or was before the abnormal postwar boom years," points out an j official of the Oronite Chemical Co., subsidiary of the Standard iOil Co. of California. About half of Oronite's business Apple Tree* to Be in Full Bloom Thi? Week HARDIN — The weatherman came to the aid of the Apple Advertising Committee. Thursday. Friday, and Saturday, hy sending unseasonably cool weather to retard the apple blossoms and help insure that they will be at the height of beauty wnen visitors throng the counly this week. A very strong, cold wind began Thursday noon and continued to Friday evening and was very discouraging to the opening buds, j However, many of them were | open and they will not bt> stopped J from unfolding, except that the j process will be slower. Growers j Saturday were still saying that the trees would be beautiful from Tuesday on and that the coming weekend should find them just about at their best. Round-lhc-Dav! DRESSEL-YOUNG DAIRY GRADE A HOMOGENIZED MILK The biggest reception was given by pupils at a Beenham (England* school to the climax of a conjuring exhibition—sawing the principal in half. i c supplying the cleansing industry with key materials used in making household and industrial detergents, a demand that continues to expand, company spokesmen say. It also produces one of the basic chemicals used in the manufacture of the polyster fiber marketed by Du Pont under the trade name Dacron. The petrochemical industry has made great strides along the coast of the Gulf of Mexico. It has been B prime factor in the postwar in duslrialization of the area. OPEN TONITE MONDAY NITE 5 TO 9 SPECIALS PLASTIC BOWLS Regular I5e ea. Each Stayi bright and new looking. These handy bowli make home keeping easier: practically unbreakable. HOUSE BROOMS Regular 1,29 ii. Firmly sewn quality corn will take long wear. Wood handle; light, easy to lift. GARMENT BAGS 5 to 9 Tonitt Transparent plastic bags let you se« garments Inside! 30-in. zipper, 2-hook metal top frfatne. Neat colored binding. WOMEN'S NYLONS Regular 98c ea. For discriminating women — 1n Spring shades <o complement their new spring and summer wardrobe. tiO gauge. MUSLIN PILLOWCASES Snowy whit* bleached mu ilin woven of thrifty cotton. Buy a supply tonlte and save. ASSORTED COOKIES Reg, 39e Ib. Pavoritt dessert and mack for evervone, Choice ot Devil's Delight, Cocoanut Bin, Vanila Creams, MUSLIN SHEETS 81x99-In. Sizi Daylight Saving Time Arrives Again Sunday <ates — Massachusetts, Rhode Island and New Hampshire — derided to extend daylight saving [or an extra month, until the last Sunday in October. The usual span is from the last Daylight saving time rolls around , Sunday in April to the last Sunday again next Sunday for millions ol \ in Sf< P'™iber, which is Sept. 26 this Americans. Other millions will ig- j y par 1 Some states, like Indiana and Kentucky, have laws forbidding of- it. As in the past, about -15 per cent of the population will sot clocks nhead one hour; 55 per rent will rot. Opposition traditionally has centered in rural areas. Many farmers | sa.w that cows and pigs don't know how to tell time, but do know when the sun comes up. tn the bigger cities, however, industrial and office workers like daylight saving, particularly the extra hour in the evening when they can weed the flower bed or play catch with Junior. There are a few new wrinkles this year. Three New, England ficial daylight saving time. Yet there are ways nf getting around if. The Indiana law. for instance. : provides no penalty. So various city i councils adopt annual resolutions I authorizing it for the general pub: lie. Rut the clocks in public build- i ings grind along on standard time. i St. Louis and its suburbs, are 'the only parts of Missouri that turn the clocks ahead. States which will have daylight saving, either statewide or locally. ' include Rhode Island. Maine, New j ! Hampshire. Massachusetts. Vir- j <-;inia. Montana. Kentucky. Ohio, j j Missouri. Indiana. Vermont. Illi- j nois, Pennsylvania. Connecticut, Maryland, West Virginia, New York, New Jersey and the District of Columbia. GALLBLADDER, IfVt* fferer*! Avoid cnfonle <Hstr«i ind preventable operations. tat information *end tamped envelop* to iDR.OtTORARtEiCRLftSS Tiyl«f»IHe. Ifl. At.OT, ft»* Who Launders Sheets and Shirts Best? 909 E. Broadway Oral 3-8877 Read Telegraph Want Ad* INVEST NOW! PAID-UP SMARM vntm DEPOSITS INSURED ur TO $10,000 BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION BROADWAY * PIASA 8TR., ALTON PttONIB §-«*l HOME THE MOST WARDROBE for the least sewing! Low-cut dross has your favorite four-gore skirt. You'll love the smooth-nnd-flared look of it. And that companion cardigan is the latest fashion. Pop it on over other dresses too! Pattern 4810: Misses' Sizes 12, M. 16, 18, 20; 30, 32, 34, 36, 38, 40, 42. Si/e 16 dress, 3% yards, 35-inch fabric; cardigan, 2 yds. This pattern easy to use, simple to sew, is tested for fit. Has complete illustrated instructions. , Send 35 eonls in coins for this pattern—add five cents for each pattern for first-class mailing. Send to ANNE ADAMS, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dcpt.. 2-13 W. 17th SI.. New York 11, N. Y. Print plainly Name, Address, Size and Style Number. Baseball on TV Looks Belter This Season By C. K. BUTTKRFIEM) NEW YORK ff — Big league baseball, back on TV in quite a few cities for another season, looks a lot belter to me on the I home screen than from any grandstand. This is especially so when I see those fans bundled up in winter overcoats for the early - season games, And even if the camera can't see the human ability, it's in a much belter position than I would be at the ball park. However, this is not to discourage the faithful from attendance. If the seekers of the true almos- phere of America's favorite pas lime didn't pay their way in, there wouldn't be any baseball for TV to relay. When "Home," morning program for women, opened on NBC- TV six weeks ago it set up a garden plot called a "Growery" and asked each of the 48 states to contribute a bit of dirt. So far 36 have responded and six others have promised to send a contribution. That leaves only Maine, Mississippi, South Dakota, New Mexico, Idaho and Indiana to report. The idea behind getting soil from each state was to demonstrate how all kinds of plants can be handled in a mixture representative of Uncle Sam's entire domain. Good quality sheets you'll me every day, Bleached white, tape selvages. ROLLER and TRAY Rtfular 1.49 Do proffiilonal painting jobi tht flrit time e»tlly and quickly — get thU amazingly low priced let. 1-qt. tray. Huge Galaxy The galaxy is a huge system of some 100 billion stars, ot which our sun is one. Its diameter is about 58,000 light years, with a light year being the distance light travels in a year, or nearly 6,000 billion miles. For beautiful... Washable walls it's The washable LATEX wall paint ROLLER OOVERS r 1,98 Val Practical ind long • wearing, Holler* kept clean. Will not tofteu In oil or water iM»iuU! ALUMINUM FOIL 36e Ugbt weight aluminum fall. Ideal far covering and wrap, ing road* for ic*uo*. PLAID TOWELS Quality cotton mtfc. Bright »'«kii|jMii color*. S0iv»f ed •Met), Hemmed. HOI US Mou. if Frl. 9 to ». Other FREEI TM New 19J4 HOME DECOIATOt • 44 HI t* IKOttMM) * GOQO. »*i*mnG COMTUCTOI I SHfBWIH WILLIAMS Right Tn Limit 6 Big Stores to Serve You 321 Belle St. 119 W. Third Street 632 East Broadway 2523 College Avenue Wood River (Downtown) Jerscyville (Downtown) exalt EAGLE STAMP SALE! GET., REDUCING PLAN SO-Day Miipply of 'Ann Dclnfield Appetite llediicer Wafer* SO-Duy Supply of Ann Dcluftold Vitamin CapKulcs ONLY 4 FREE! $15.00 Eagle Stamps with This Purchase THRIFTY DRUG STORES NOW GIVE & REDEEM EAGLE STAMPS DO YOU WANT TO STOP SMOKING? USE OF A LOZENGE TO CURB SMOKING APPEAL Smoking appeal was effectively reduced in 77 percent of 349 smokers following the use of a medicated lozenge. The lozenge contains benzocaine, 1 20 grain, and is flavored with saccharin, extract of licorice, powdered ginger, and oils of anise, wintergreen, peppermint, coriander, and cloves. The recommended method of use is to take a lozenge every time there is a desire to smoke. The average number of lozenges taken by the subjects of this investigation was 6 daily, but some took as many as 15. There were no untoward effects. The safety of the lozenges is emphasized and it is pointed out that even if 63 lozenges were taken at one time, this would represent 3 grains of benzocaine, whereas the pharmacological dose is 5 to 10 grains. The anti-smoking action of the lozenge is attributed to: (1) its effect upon taste, and the effect of the small amount of benzocaine in the lozenge is to delay the absorption of the flavoring agents and thereby prolong their effect; (2) it satisfies the smoker's desire to have something in his her mouth. (W. L. Gould, GP. 7:53, 1953.) Clinical Med. Aug., '53) STOP SMOKING THE EASY WAY ..,, AROCENT LOZENGES 100 S2.00 144 SUPPLY OF VITAMINS % PIIICE! DEODORANT CREAM $1.00 CARA NOME Cream FREE! $2.00 EAGLE STAMPS WITH ABOVE FOK ACID-UPSET STOMACH REXALL BISMA-REX ... o,, y 89 FREE! $2.00 EAGLE STAMPS WITH ABOVE REXALL, I'tJRE-TEST REXALL PLENAMINS . . «£&. 4™ FREE! $15.00 EAGLE STAMPS WITH ABOVE KKXAI.L — KANTLKKK N . w 50 HOT-WATER BOTTLE... 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Hlrnded ma«lei fully with llic piquant and inviting K.S.V. I! Perfume, you'll find Cascade envelop* yuu in « tatting and provocative aura of flagrant and refreshing lovelineti! P.S. Coordinuti your Iragratir* wwdrobi with R. K. I' K Perfuiiu, ptHnct, Uutlint Powder .., at inviting pricet from tl.OO to I?Ml. All prictt plut lax. -H| FIRST CHOICE OF MILLIONS St. Joseph Aspirin^,,49 MAKE THRIFTY YOUR REDEMPTION STATION FJBR E4QLE STAMPS For Moth ers Americ CHOCOLATES 00 MB. $ BOX $5.00 W ITH ABOVE EXCITING BIFT FREE WITH SHULTON Desert Flower Toilet Water Buy Toilet Water, Get IKKK Siw Bottle Hand ami l4iiuu>.

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