Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California on July 3, 1974 · Page 18
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Ukiah Daily Journal from Ukiah, California · Page 18

Ukiah, California
Issue Date:
Wednesday, July 3, 1974
Page 18
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18—Uklah Daily Journal, Uklah, Calif. Wednesday, July 3, 1974 Oil shale comes into its own Following last winter's severe oil shortage, the Federal Energy Administration has now turned its attention to the oil shale industry. Authorities say that as many as 700 billion barrels' of petroleum may be extracted from shale deposits in the Rocky Mountains where the Pafaho Development Company is currently expanding its production facilities. PANORAMIC Parachute Creek in Colorado has been the site of oil shale mining since 1922 which experts believe to be one of the richest shale deposits in the country. Some industry spokesmen fear, however, that accelerated mining may cause severe environmental problems before scientists can prevent the possibility of surface water contamination and land scarification. VERTICAL kiln is used by Paraho at Anvil Points, Colo., to crush shale into particles and then superheats them to separate oilfrom the pulverized rock. Wise Men ANWK to Previous Puzzl* ACROSS 1 Biblical 7 Lhdar 13 Unwilling 14-SoogbinT 15 Consecrate 16 Cloak 17 Irish island group 18 Decrease 19 Compact bodies 22 Car fuel 25 Insect 28 Quantity of medicine 29 Usage 30 Learned 32 Late Soviet police chief 33 Legislator 34 Group of learned men 36 Paradise 37 Cicatrix 38 -Moines, Iowa 39 Thrice (music) 40 City in Ontario 42' Note 43 Masculine nickname 47 Skillful sorcerer 50 Wise adviser 52 Punish a , wrongdding 53 Woman adviser 54 Male goose 55 Defeated ones DOWN 1 Modern art trend 2 State 3 Soviet river 4 Golf clubs 5 Superlative suffix 6 Civil War general 7 Scented ointment 8 Monitor lizards 9 Odd number 10 Speck 11 Unwell 12 Pipe joint 18 Know-it-all 20 Chief Norse, god 21 Building • site 22'Pierced with horns 23 Resinous substance 24 Remains behind 25 Assail 26 Eat away 27 Swiss mathematician 49 29 Marry 31 Oxford tutor 50 32 Italian seaport • 51 35 Is able Abrasive tool Worsted fabric Early Christen martyr Group of armed men Raison d' — Black (Fr.) Periods of time Humorist Yellow bugle plant Type of Buddhism Pharmaceutical honey Freudian term ENGINEER Harry Harris inspects crushed shale at Anvil Points before it is transported to the kiln for processing or "retorting" as it is called in the industry. SAMPLES Of shale oil products from Anvil Points C laht are a far cry from the ituminous shales first processed 300 years ago to produce medicinal oils. 1 2 3 4 5 6 1 9 uT ii 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 • *• 23 24 25 26 H28 • 30 W P 32 33 • 35 36 • P 38 3d • 40 P 42 43 44 4s 46 47 48 49 50 51 52 53 54 • - - 55 3 Navy wife gaining weight wmmm Your today, tomorrow by the stars Developing a computer to read minds By SYDNEY OMARR For Thursday,'July 4 By SYDNEY OMARR The only U.S. President to be . born on the nation's birthday, July 4, was Calvin Collidge. Every President born under Aquarius has died in office. One President was born under Gemini. He died in office. More Presidents were born under Scorpio than any other zodiacal sign. Both Theodore and Franklin Roosevelt were astrology buffs. Theodore kept his horoscope mounted on a chessboard in the White House. Franklin gave child star Jane Withers a horoscope as a birthday gift. ARIES (March 21 - April 19): • Full Moon position and aspects coincide now with elevation of standing, spotlight on ambition, ultimate goal. Family dissension could be evident in connection with home, property, sale or purchase. Taurus, Libra persons could figure prominently. TAURUS (April 20 - May 20): Some ideas will have to be rejected. Know it and don't confuse illusion with reality. Message ' will become' increasingly clear. Get factual information. Discard rumor. Check reservations. Travel could be a problem unless careful planning is featured. GEMINI (May 21 - June 20): Finances require more attention than usual. live up to obligations. Older person has right to respect, dignity. But you also have a life of your own — make that clear in nonarrogant manner. Don't overspend. CANCER (June 21 - July 22): Lie low in sense that you don't stick out your chin. Means wait to see what others have in mind. Legal question, proposition arises. There is no need to hang on to losing proposition. Know it and act accordingly. LEO (July 23 - Aug. 22): Some areas, previously secret, receive benefit of greater light. Know it and stick to your guns. Means views will be vindicated. Member of oppoiste sex could be involved. Pressures exist. Timing, proper-pacing become more important than usual. VIRGO (Aug. 23 - Sept. 22): Get together with family member on security matters. Go slow. Don't rush to conclusions: Accent is on feeling, emotion and ability to evaluate under stress. Aquarius, Leo persons are in picture. One who taught you in past could, make reappearance. LIBRA (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22): Obtain valid hint from Virgo message. Refuse to , skip essentials. Holiday spirit should not be used as excuse for carelessness. Safety hazards figure prominently. Know it and take measures which prevent needless accidents. Social contacts will be interesting. SCORPIO (Oct. 23 - Nov. 21): Take special care in traffic. Full Moon position emphasizes quick journeys, decisions and involvement with people on the go who create accidents. You get ideas now which can be developed into profitable concepts. SAGITTARIUS (Nov. 22 Dec. '21): Travel, variety and money discussions are featured. What appears to be strong opposition is due to melt. Know it and handle yourself accordingly. Be flexible enough to examine various aspects of problem. Gemini, Virgo persons are likely to be involved. CAPRICORN (Dec. 22 - Jan. 19): Open, lines of communication with partner, mate. Discuss needs, peeves, pleasures. Old hurts can be healed > — if you talk. Be diplomatic; make intelligent concessions. Domestic area and lifestyle — these are highlighted, especially where Libra, Taurus are involved. AQUARIUS (Jan. 20 - Feb. 19): Much that occurs is apt to be shrouded in mystery. Means behind-scenes activity dominates. Work, health resolutions are highlighted. See in light of actuality. Toss aside wishful thinking in favor of hard evidence. PISCES (Feb. 19 - March 20): Romantic interests, creative activities — these areas are intensified. What had been speculation materializes into fact. Friend with problems means well — you can aid without becoming inextricably involved. Know it — act accordingly. IF TODAY IS YOUR BIRTHDAY you are independent, creative and practical. You often appear to be a mass of contradictions — but you land on your feet. March and December are indicated as outstanding months for you in 1974. Leo, Aquarius and Scorpio persons play key roles in your life. You were on your own early and your mind is your own — you are a person of integrity, even though stubborn. STANFORD, Calif. (UPI) Scientists at the Stanford Research Institute are/developing a computer that can read minds. The machine is still .unreliable and limited in vocabulary, said the leader of the project Thursday, But he added that the implications "are limited only by imagination." Lawrence Pinneo, director of the Neuro-Physiology Program at the Institute, said the computer relies on the discovery that brain wave tracings, show distinctive patterns that correlate with individual words whether spoken or thought. The machine is currently hooked up to a television screen containing a white dot. If the computer recognizes a word "up" in a subject's thoughts, it moves the dot Up. It moves accordingly for the words down, left, right, slow, fast and stop. It doesn't always get thoughts correct. "But sometimes, it will go through spurts where it is 100 per cent correct," Pinneo said. He said one set of words used with success is "tip, hit, had, put, cool." Pinneo concedes that thoughts come in many forms. Images,, non-specific emotions and bursts of insight may be quite incomprehensible to , a computer. The scientist hopes that someday a way will be found to put a computer programmer in direct communication with computers, eliminating much of the tedious card-punching now needed. The project is funded by the Pentagon. Military applications include faster programming and possibly, in the future, remote controlled fighting machines. Pinneo said he has been asked many times if such devices might some day be used by government to control the thoughts of citizens. "Anything is possible," he said. "It is really up to us to be vigilant against misuse." A World War II sub chaser required about 200,000 board feet of wood for such things as bulkheads and foredecks. OAKLAND, Calif. (UPI) - A Navy wife who had her jaw wired closed so she could lose weight and become a "bikini bombshell" to keep her husband's eyes from wandering is mysteriously gaining weight. Doctors at the Oak Knoll Naval Hospital said Tuesday that Mrs. Maria Gray, 32, had her jaw wired on June 11 when she weighed 195 pounds. They -said she dropped to 176 pounds but in the last few days picked up two pounds. The doctors said they could not determine why there was a weight increase because Mrs. Gray was consuming only coffee, bouillon and instant breakfast. They said they were keeping her in the hospital to check on her progress. 462-8e32 M Teleprompler announces its July 4th SPIRIT OF 99 SPECIAL Wll install GbleTVin your home for just 99t.. instead of ourregular $ 9 90 charge! That's ourSPIRIT OF 99!" Get into the spirit! Celebrate the 4th of July with a spectacular display of new channels you've never seen before ... brought to you by Teleprompter! You'll see network programs and specials. Local sports and news.' Educational TV. All coming through on the best picture your set has ever delivered. Color bright as firewprks. Crisp black and white. Sharp, clear reception your bid antenna can't match! 5 extra channels! Best possible picture! All for just pennies a day! • 11 Channels •All Networks • Independents • Educational TV Station • FM Radio • Stock Market Reports • Our Own Local Station —Channel 13 • Background Music "Spirit of 99"special ends July 5th Gil now! Call 462-6737 You. pay only on* month'* tarvica In •dvanc*. Off ar good In cabled area* only. TEllPHOmPTERQZI ^BCLQ TP27 311 S. MAIN ST. UKIAM _ Willits Residents Dial 459-2262 SAFE WAV Bake Shop Ask Us About Birthday Cakes! Pie of the Week Gourmet Peach 8 inch Each Spice Whole Wheat Donuts 10 for 99* Apple Dumplings Angel Chiffon , large One Pound Size ,, ,WBBBSmSfimSM « Lemon Jelly Roll, You'll find us at: 653 South State St. For Bakery Information Phone: 462-7417 Items and price&in this ad are available July 1,1974 thru July 9,1974. i

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