Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 17, 1969 · Page 4
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 4

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1969
Page 4
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SM )land$ Daily Facte 4 - Mendoyv Nb. 17, 1M9 Local Notes Shcrwin -WiniMm Painto Alder 's Paint and Art Store. 25 E. Stole St. 792-3335. x Trustees also hear construction report UR's Ford challenge granf of $2 million nears goal Newairenft iamiDg device tobedMnm flIKfl DMY lisfo cMucfibte port- of foo A visaal approadi piM iodi- calor (VAW) will be demon- Crpet Ivyws NMk*. W« •fiiiii^ii i iw^* w strated March 20 at the Bed- ne greatest sdectioa is at' lands muiiieqkal airpirt. and the MaiwTU-Means. 100 Orange. The University of Kedlands is pnogrom is how in sight been actirtly involved, more possiMlily of its beinc installed St. For help and samides at nearing completion of the S2-, The first lAass began in July, han SIC^^ • million in gifts and with be considered, bcme phone 79^2389. Itovn>.;million Ford Foundation Cha!- 1965 when the ljiiver.>4iy tc- pledges ba\-e been received to-, VAPI was a phe- towTL • xlcnge grant according to a gan it^ effort to raise S6-milIi3n ward the SSO-millisn objective nomenal $750 device, emitting te --fc.. I REACH progress report to the to obtain an addiaonal S2-mtliion set far the REACH program light rays that advise a pilot of oSi j 'V^. ... .V t> J Uni\-ersitys Board of Trustees, under ih? Ford FoundaUon chal- during the,next decade." be said, his accuracy in approaching the Kedlands Knights of the Round Frederick LlewcUyn. chairman knge. Mr. Uowellvn exprci^cJ Jlr. Llewellyn, president of For-.field for a landing. It b a Lock- Taoie meet loriuncnean at REACH Committee, in- crnfidcnce the full amount, est Lawn Memorial Park aasoci-iheed product enaNing a pik>t La Hacienda tomorrow at noon^ fanned jhe Trustees that nould bo raised before the Ford aUon and a University Trustee j to correct his guide path. i>pcaKer. on xne »;o™ oi achievement of the first phase grant chaDenge expires next smce June. 1966. ddivered hisj The electrical contraption win Ins. wiu be WUbur A. \ro- the 10-year Redlcnd; Educa- June 31. iprogress report during the;scnd out three strong rays of tional .Wvanccnent Challenge "In the 2'j-years that we have Board's winter business meeting light — amber, green and red. Atttntiin Elks! heW on the Kedlands campus. When the pitot sees green from Don't mis^ the fun night of the year: P.ER. initiation of F:.£lted Ruler Will Costcllo. Wed. Feb. 19. Eiincr 6:30. meet bg S p.m. S,B ,YOufh amsf^d Cyprus film lecture set X OS first spring forum The Kedlands Cimmunity Cutlsm Mad* DrapcriM and Free Decorator Senice available at your Imperial Forum opens its spring scries S.ore. 19 E. Citnu Ave., on WednesSay. Febniarj- 19, 733-2917. X ,riih a film lecture on Cyprus Janeft Cltamri Weekly by Rsbert Da\is. special. Ladia plain dresses Jack E i n k I c v. coorHina'.cr. S1.19. Citrus at Judson. x said C>-prus is a strategic is- \wr ,7 'Tr.^^r A. ,h, ""^iWranean balance of FK-^^r. h^,H^h^r^,v^>,^ P°"*^- ™3U nation rich In fm fZ F IJ^ L H JL 3^ l>.-^<htakinj beauty. l^r^^KP'J^'^Z G"*"^ Turks. These Lyerla, pastor of the Slate „,nnicts scr\e as an iinbal?nc- Att U-year-oid San Benurdi no youth was in custody today in connection with the beating death of a topleas bar owner who was emptoyed as a chief draftsman at Lockheed Propulsion company in Redands. San Bcnardino police saM the yoatiu Calvin Johnson of nil Hancock street, was booked in County JaU as the resoit of an investisation into the death of Buddington D. Fowler. 45. owner of the Torrid Zone Bar on East MiU street Detectives sakl Fowler's body ROBERT DAVIS The Board of Trustees heard j the VAPI he is in the center "ohor encouraging progress re-)'ane. approaching correctly. Am- roh cn construction of the new.ber means be is too far left University library and Johnston'^ warns be is verging to the College living center complex, right The report mdicaled that Fors-j SUte of Virginia has bought berg and Gregory general con-i hundreds of the VAPI item, for tractors are slightly ahead of, instoUatim at an iU airports, schedule on the library project according to Chi inn an John W. The librao' is scheduled fonSessums of Uie Kedlands Airport completion in mid-July. It will Adviswy committee. also bsuse initial administrative' The demonstration wiU be at offices and classrooms for Johns-sundown, about 6 p.m., on ton Colleee. which will re- Thursday, March 20, and may. ccive its first class of students, be witnessed by U>e general pub-. tnUgkmmti IH in S?Flcmber. Uc. said John W. Wagner, as- i" Heavy rains dt'ring January sislant auport director. have dila.ved wcrk on the two " dorms and commons facilitv for f> • ••• ••ohnston College by several da>-s. jMIIOT Clf IZfiflS but contractors DonaW McKce VllliVIW and Hart expect to make up Uie time and to complete the build-' ! ings by September 1, President • ~ • ' President Armacost also re-; A' InQIO 101^ ported to the Board the neces- Adult class women's chorus What portion of last jt^M jCalifomia vehicle registratisa I fee is deductible for income tax jpurposes in the federal and state returns which taxpayers 3,Te preparing ta Qe by April Department of Motor Vehicles Director Verne Orr says most passenger vehicle owners c •« find tile dcductibre amount by. subtiracting $11 from' the total was found in a fieH near Pemi-"rf f .a'h and .512 on ea ch jylvania street about 7 a.m. Fri-,f.t»t"''| *'»?°''; Jf "l "t registra- day. The ioroner's office said he""" ""^ " ^ died bom a severe head beat- "Th^Sll car fee and »12 suing. Ition wagon'fee were flat annual B. D. Fowler services lb be held Wednesdoy Fowler's wallet and auto were missing and robbery was be- registration payments impossd by Uie Vehicle Code, and not lieved to be Uie motive for Uie: deductible.' he explamed. 'The beating Police saW they began i balance was a two per cent tax looking for Johnson after a 15-i based on Uie value of tte ve- year-old girt to whom bs wis linked was arrested for errat-' hide, collected in lieu of local property taxes and returned to ic driving at Uie wheel of Fow-!cities and counties imder the day set Tuesday ler's auto. Revenue Funeral sen-ices (or Fowler. The "in 45, and a native of Rochester, ductible.' N.Y.. WiU be heW at 3 p.m. Wednesday at Emmerson-Bartlett! Loma Linda chapel. Rev. Dorothea Fowler, pastor of the San Bernardino Unity Church, officiating. Cremation «-ill be in Men- tccito Memorial Park. Fowler, who resided at 22733 Women's Chorus is a Redlands Palm in the Azure Hills section Adult Education class under Uie °' Colton. resided in this area direction of Jerry H. Fairchild.''"r 23 years. I Students learn to sing in four-' •? sunived by his mother. and> lieu" Taxation Code, portion is de- harmony, barber shop Mrs. Zona Frost of Grand Ter-' Sc. wittoZinsiramentalTc''-"ce: two daughters. C.vnthia eompaniment. Mr. Fairchild Patterson of Yucaioa and Steph- jjjj ame Fowler of Calimesa ~ •two grandchildren. and I Street Christian church, offia- in» force withui Uie NATO aled PaUbearers were Boyd member nations. ^^«-KmneSh Sample. Dolph This is an aU-cobr film diow- v !^BobWebster.MortMiller i„g aU aspects of C>-pnis as a „ ^ u...- Kjoten, popular accor-^ Women singing gixiups havel T^ie fami^ ^"^f ^^J"^' ^JT B^™^ Flam. Burial was counU>-. Nicosia. U>e capiat , r-'-^^^^j ^pteting plans for the ."STwiUMhS Uwrence Welk drawn togeUier m ever -mcreas-; ^ons be made to ^ap «r W. Memorial Park. has modem new >Pfrtm«U j,-^^^ 5. on tiiej^*^odeling of the existing H.OOO Xti^show. will head a pnv .ing numbers. Spint of Hope. Oty of Hope ,and homes "l ^^r c <«sOTctM. on ^^^^ and W hatlj ^are foot library buiWmg to!«^>^4j , ,how at Uie Na-I The class plans pubhc per-Duarte Calif. ..- .1.=* aTd'Sof Unity for Europe." i relieve Uic shortage of space for •^"'^ Pes^val in Ii>d» forraances and members may Give your dnyewjy that NWesque mountam %7Uages ^'iU be «pUcing m- departments. TenUtive Hj ^gy""" ijoin in a national women 's sing- • «^ ^ Y-Tour Look. Free ««««*^''5jf :'Mesaoria Ptem wiU. its -'^ep-Haddaa ^.^^ i^y ° ^„ ^ ^ TtfK on .« coating dnveways Pf™^iherds and ^^P-.. w-Sduled for that time. Haddadj^ation and the Department of ^' ^^ivites. wiU be:^^. RudenU interested must -Y-Tour U.S..V" \ras Uic sub- toU. Also paving Davis js an exp^enc^ 'ms'^fSews editor and commen- p ^y ^hology to move into the "^^J^^'y^ ^ from the^^avc some voice abiUty in or- ject of a program given to the Kev«i enactor, TB.5S52. 'l^^J^^^^^^^U >r ^f^^^ — — ' ' Phone Kedlands DaBy Fads awards at National Film Fes-in Las Angeles. He is a veteran Thfa would free Uie adminisfra-Arabian Nights sUge in Uie circulation department, 79M221. i ti'-als. Binkley noted. broadcaster and a specialist m building from any class- center of Uie festival grounds before 6 JO p.m. wedt days, orj Dr. George H. Armacost poUtical commentary. ^ ^ _ rooms, kaving it entirely dc- Senior citizens activities wiU 2:30 p.m. Saturdays to report missed papers and obtain de- - ^ . . , . t •. . ,L r— "—V- liverr .speaker and serve as chairman,forums and may be paid at Uie; situated on Uie Uiird floor • for Uie evenmg. j door, f-or further infonnatkm m oUier business, Uie Trostees, Anneuncing Bcaimiers Knilttng Edmonde Haddad wiU speak:phone (93-2541. elected Uland C. Uuner. ai^te pitting contests plus a new classes. Wed Feb. 19. 7-9- : trustee from Fullerton. to Uie'contest for making dolls out 792-MU. Jo-Zdl s House of Vara-i V 1 *^1 DA4 >Ma>«le 1 Johnston CoUege Board of Over- of dates. There will also be a 104 Orange. X: ¥1701 KOCOrOS .seers. Mr. Launer's appointment' "Sexy Sixty" beauty contest and fills a vacancy created by Uie!a knitting contest The Whalers. .fiiu,.*. rooms, leaving ii enureiy oe-' »W 7 presWent of Uie University of! The registration fee is S3 for;,,oted (o adminisU-ative crffices.ikick oa at Uie Date FesUvaljevMmgs 7 to VMPA .nnn.„r.H Mn Kedlands. win introduce the one or all of Uie remaining six w the School of EduM-with a concert by Uie ctampwn- ?ope multi-purpose room. There!The YMCA sponsored tnp ...r^_j 1.-: » ._j 1 ,:J oi Pf*^''.'"" '^I"".".' fO'"^ g^jj j,jjy Kitchen Band. "° charee and nersons mavered some W.OOO miles dun der to renter. Redlands Optimist club at their The class meets Wednesday! weekly meeting by Warren 10 p.m. at^ the I Wood, co-director of Uie tour. cov- is no charge and persons may |ered some W.OOO miles during 46 There wiU be date eating and enroll in class. days travel. Murphy Alats Requiem Mas* of Joseph Murphy Jr. was h^ Saturday at 9 a.m. at Sacred Heart durch. Rev. Henry W. Keane. officiated. Pallberarers were family members. Burial was at Willamette National cemetery, Portland, Oregon. Emmerstao-Bart- leO. Mortuary was in charge. BIRTHS WEBBER — Bom. a son. to Mr. and Mrs. Kidiard Lee Webber. 387 West 28Ui sUwt, San Bernardino. Feb. 16, 1969, years, native of Rochester, I death of Justice W. Tumey Fox religious singers, wiU appear on Uie Arabian Nights stage at 3 .\ew Yori£ and resident of San'^f ciendale. Three'members of Bernardino - Riverside for 23; ,he Board hoU dual membership' P -m. years. on the Johnston College Board.' National Date Festival contin- Funeral ser\iccs wiU be held; jjr Launer, partner m the ues its ten-day run.through next at Redlands Community hos- Wednesday at 3 p.m. at Uie Em- |aw firm of Launer. Chaffee and | Sunday, Feb. 23. pital. mcrson-BartleU. Loma Linda, jjanna in Fullerton, is a 1940' Coming up Wednesday wiU STUBBS — Bora, a daughter, to chapel. Rev. DoroUiea Fowler, graduate of the University of be Ladies Day, wiUi demonstra- Mr. and Mrs. James Michael pastor of the Unity Church of Redlands. Stubbs. 410 East Clark street San Bernardino, officiating. Cre- Feb. 17, 1969. at Redlands mation in Montecito Memorial NOTICE I Community hospital. Park, Emmerson-Bartlett Memo- I wiU not be responsible for DA\nS — Bom, a son. to Mr. rial chapel, Loma Linda, in any d^ incurred by anyone, and Mrs. Howard Davis. 216 charge, other than mysdf. ' West Oaric sti-eet Feb. 17. D OTSON — Died in Yucaipa. Michael Steves Pogue 1280B Sifa St Yucaipa SELL IT TOMORROW WiUi low-cost Clasafied Ads Weather At'rrace rebruiry nintill l«i 19S9. at Kedlands Community hospital. DEATHS ;SHERM.4N - Died in Kedlands. Calif.. Feb. 14. 1969, Oliver M. Water matters to be on Gty Council agenda tions of Yoga, a "Festival of Fashion" show, and demonstrations of Karate for ladies. MEXICAN AND AMERICAN FOOD ' ? "Served in an almetpherc of Eltsance" Banquet FaclliHe* Available far up to people Lunch or Dinner PHONE 7*3-Sf1S 1570 NO. ORANGE, REDLANDS YOU ARE INVITED to be on BURROUGHS' COMMUNITY CALBVAR! 11 -11:15 am. Monday thru Saturday Radio Station KCAI^FM Beginning on February 22 Churches, clubs, service clubs and all organizations bring your announcements to Burroughs Appliances. 117 E. State St. at least one -veek before date of Uie event Please type or print your announcement No phone calls, please. A\mtt f«m toul tmiaiiu i«.os „-ife_ jirs. Anne B. Sherman, Calif.. Ft"). 14. 19S9. XIrs. Lena Do:s:n. 13490 Br>'ant avenue. Yucaipa, aged 94 years, native] of Mississippi and resident water in its two extremes- of Yucaipa for 1. j-ears f .ui„„ _ ^.j,, ^ave Sherman 62! Cj-press Circle. , °«:"sed is sumyed by her ,he Redlands city eounril's at^ed 86 ears, ^'tive of Man: E^^^^ tomormw night -Hie itowoc, Wisconsin, and resi- ^"' ^^^J'^fi^'^i^J ^ ^ P »* dent of Redlands for 12 years. Scgo, Yucaipa, and g^f^jj. ,,3,, Deceased is sunived by his ... First. Uie council wiU taUc . S7 . 64 J«n. 17 Jan. 18 Jan. 19 _ Jan. 20 _ Jan. 81 _ Jan. 22 _ Jan. 21 _ Jan. 24 _ Jan. 25 _ Jan. 26 _ Jan. 2T _ Jan. 28 _ Jan. 2S _ Jan. 30 _ Jan. 31 — reb. 1 _ Feb. a _ Feb. 3 _ Feb. 4 _ F«b. S _ Feb. 6 _ Feb. 7 _ Feb. t _ Feb. • _ Feb. 10 _ Feb. 11 _ Feb. 12 _ Feb. 13 _ Feb. 14 _ Feb. M SS Feb. 16 M Temp. 34 Boun S6 4« 3» 48 JSS SO .60 54 M7 SO 43 58 65 5» 55 48 S3 55 SB 57 68 76 65 57 52 60 67 65 71 61 S» 61 . 61 .47 M J4 48 M 56 54 41 40 31 29 32 32 34 35 45 45 37 38 37 38 40 47 43 43 45 40 Funeral 6cr\ices will be held of 'acontrtct for the study of, »uc. rtuuc B. Tuesdaj- noon in Emmerson-Bart- alternate p,eibods of receiving' four sons. OJ^'JTM - German.; , ^ at,^upplemenSl water fmm the Jr.. Akron 0'>«' v •'""^P ^.J^' ' gravesid? 3 p .m. Rose ICUs.; ia ^'^emardino Valley Municipal ^"^^V mTs^ii W^^B«•'op Mer ^-jn B. Ganiner of ^ato- District City Manager B.^ Sff- ^^T' S^r "^"^ Ch"«* of Jesus Christ of p. „erritt. Jr.. wiU request au•"ff 'i^* S^ach- ^ &,e La"«^-D8y Saints officiating. In-, ,horiiatioa for approval of the ^i^n ' ^^'^ in Rose Hills Memori-i contract *?.^i^-ices win be held =1 Em'nersoq- Second will be further probing «» ""' Ts^S ^at^^^a m fttTm me BsrtleU Memorial chapd. Yucai- of erwion problems at the mmii- ^ »« l ^'^Xf fhaod. v^^^P'. <^'«^''- ''^P"! a'nwrt. TV Airport Advi- Dr 1^ B^ '^"^r^ HEIDERGOTT - Died in Cali -:so?>- committee will ask the coun- —!aanle7sik4 oTuie First Bap-; mesa. Calif.. FA. 14. 1969.icil to take emergency action fbr . Stanley iiiKe. « uie r n^i. v, ^ Heidcrgott 138 Har- 1 the financing of emergency flood ruby dri«. aged 85 years, na -i coiHrol. at the same time urging I tive of Indiana and resMent of, that permanent dike construction j CaUmesa for IMi mooUis. ! be expedWed. Federal funds will; Deceased is sur\ived by his be asked for buikBng of the dike! " 800 feel north of Uie airstrip. '• Another water matter will in 1.43 .28 123J 13.70 Tr. UJ8 list church, officiating. Interment' will be in Hillside Memorial] Park. In lieu of flowers Uiosel wto wish may make Memorial 1348 contributions in his name for the, — proposed wing for the Plymouth: wife, Mrs. GUd}'s Heidergott of mi Village Convalescent hospital I Calimesa: and tbe following Mr. Sherman was employed for I brotiier and sister: William E volve receipt of bkls for con- .03 JO 44 years in Brazil by Uie Bra-IHeidergott Tucsm. Arizona and'struction of a buiMing sbdl and rilian TtacUon. light and Pow-jJirs. Edyth Pearce. Daj-ton.' <Jab for the new FifUi avenue i4Ji er company, as a civil engineer. Ohio. pump station., FOWLER — Died in San Bemar-j Funeral senices will be held' dino, Calif.. Feb. 15, 1969. Thursday at 10 a.m. at ttie fami-, I Buddington D. Fowler, 22733 |y residence. Rev. Maxw^ : Palm. Apt 40 "G". Azure Chamberlain, assisted by Carl ' Hnis. Colton. Calif., aged 45 iM. Ellison, pastor of the United • i —— Methodist church, officiating. Interment in Crown Hill cemetery, Indianapolis, Indiana. Emmer 4niiOHneenienf of Funeral Services DOTSON. Mr. Lena 12:00 Meen Tneeday Yncaipa Oierfl Gfsvcride Ss'vioe 3:00 PA Tbnday Bon ^ NnHritl Park FOWLER, BodfiM^ 3:00 p.iH. Wtfrtandiy Loma Lia4a Oupel BEIDEBGOrr. Rrank E. 10:00 un. BiMrwlay J3S BuiOv Or. UNDER DIRECTION OF r.urHHR CORTNER 221 BROOKSlOE AVE. -1411 irS THE TRUTH Next Sunday is Wash- «>n-Bartiett' Memorial diapel, j ington's Birthday. He : Yucaipa. in charge. JOBS JMIfS MeCORiaCK CriiiiMt •wiew U « JB.. Itaidiy. at Haaiktto Me- BMrialPaifc. OUVER M. SHEBMAN Senriocs 1D:30 ajn.^ Ttei- dv. at tte Fv-Artfanr COrt- ner O'ypf^ MRS. MABEL TERRY Services peocfing. PLtiMBER •"^tll '.COLDWMSDSBeu: I CO'.OJ'SOURW.V.'S,*^ >'600DM=A'nk:S IN I ! A WCJSE. IS FINE never IS told a lie, it said. We shoot straight from the ; shoulder, too. Truth of I the matter is that we think we represent fust I about the best insur- anca companies anywhere. Test us. mLUAM C. MOOaa. PuMtaktr. raAiaCB.llOOBX.B«it«. im anifalli An. at Otaltr, M- admtiicnienu BTe^STpcr MSh SUS. urn* SmtbM «4ja. tlx waaOa M «• lyai «lt.48. Wr aaa »cr Booth tua,] W jw fateo. Ralph Davis 793-2373 WILCOXSONMd DAVB^hc INSURANCE ai m I. »»!• Cougar Sports Special Speciil Value equipment includes: • Tarbiw »h»»I coifn • E7S X 14 vhitc lidciraU tirw • Rraotfontrol ricinr mirror (hft ti6t) • DUtinetJTt curb Bioldinr • Mid-bod .T piint ttripe Standard equipment includes: • SSI cu. in. \'-* enrint • Concnltd licadlainpt • Stqamtii! rear turn nfuli • BnclwtMiU • AU-vinrl npholittry • DMpJsnp nylon carpetinr Monterey Sports Special Special Vahie equipment mcludes: Standard equipment includes: • Vinyl roof • 390-2V V.8 »nrn« • DfloM wh»«I covtr» • Wood-toned initruratnt ptari • 8 .2s X 1& white >ide»ill tires • Dtep-loop nylon cirpetinf • Triple upper body sporti stripes • Bij 124" wheelbiM • Reniote.controI mirror (left »id») tor a nnooth ride . Ciutom clolh-and -Tinyl or alUinyl nphobterr »ilh 'ront center armrert 'At— ritkmt rml r—f UmxbhMemirykads the with nu^^ UNcoNMERct^y j,M GLAZE. INC. 420 Wost Rodlands Blvd.

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