The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1939 · Page 6
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 6

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1939
Page 6
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PAGE SIX Dam Builders In Idaho Do Successful Job In First Test . BOISE, Ida., Dec. 15. (UP)— A program to use ucaver .(or prevention of damage totaling thousands of dollars annually from floods In Idaho has been pronounced suc- ress.'ul by Oivrti W. Morris, game director. Morris said more than fiOO beaver were transplanted this year from lowlands where Uiey \vcre deemed a nuisance by farmers to highlands where their dams check the spring runoff, prevent floods and conserve water for late sum- STANDARD TIRES PROPORTIONATELY LOW// AT TODAY'S LOW PRICES! . As Low As CAc Per Week On Our BLYTHEVILLE, (ARK.) COURIER NEW8 BUDGET PLAN PHILLIPS MOTOR CO. mer Irrigation and stock watering. Tlic beaver were becoming nl- niosl extinct because of Hie ravages of illegal hunting and the clwlruc- tlon of their natural breeding grounds by the white man's civilization. !Jul tii!<ier « conservation program carried on will) the cooperation of tho federal biological survey, soil conservation service and forestry service, Hie beaver population has increased during the lust live years. Pit (man -Robinson act funds made possible the trapping mul ti'niu- plimling of 376 braver last summer in addittun to approximately 150 trapped by regular conservation officers. Tr:i]ippd by Farmers The beavei were trapped alt over tlie stale, H'lierefer farmers re- portcd llicy were a nuisance. -They were planted in tin; O'.vylice, Tar- ghee ami C'hallis forests, 111 tlic jmi'er n'jrhes of inomitiiin .slreiiins. The heaver have built dams, which keep the moisture in the soil RIK! even tiie flow In streams. Creeks which In other years run dry in lute summer still carried a flow this fall, a toon to runners and stock misers. The pools behind the beaver dams serve as excellent breeding pools for llsli and create tood for game fish, Morris .said. The value of beaver Irom the viewpoint o! conservation is SMI) each, when placed In Its proper plnce iii the watershed, Morris said. Idaho has one of tlic largest beaver populations of any state, probably because of its many rivers and small streams, Morris said. They are found generally throughout the state but mostly in the uortlisrn and eastern sections. The heaver were found to be invaluable In North Idaho, where on meadow lartns their dnms hold up sub-soil moisture and provide subsoil irrigation. | This Is the first year beaver transplanting 1ms been carried out, on a large scale in Idaho. Washington, Oregon and Motnnna arc reported carrying on similar experiments. Morris caught, the first live beaver trapped In Idaho in 1031, near Pierce, assisted by Tom Murray and Jess Robinson, conservationists. The beaver conservation program will gain momentum like a snowball rolling down hill. The beaver breed once a year ami have a litter of four or five kittens. When the streams become fully stocked, the surplus can he trapped, pelted and marketed. The pells are worth about $10 encli now. Morris said n project for management of the beaver may be worked out under the Plltmnn- Roblnson act. Protection of the beaver from illegal trapping lias been more successful during the last two years and federal officials believe they have broken up n $1,000,000 illegal beaver fur ring. The., areas where beaver were planted-will -be pnlrolcd against illegal trapping. WE WILL BUY YOUR GOVERNMENT LOAN COTTON George H. McFadden & Bro's. Agency* E. C. PATTON, Agent Grand Leader Building GTICE To In Sewer District Ho, Three You are hereby notified (bat 13H9 assessment in Sewer District No. Three must be piiirt MT*' Vi 1W °\ 1>Cna " ics illl(i ™ S ts wi I be a thereafter and will have to be paid These wi " '" "*% -'form! lie sure ' Vni ' r asscssnic " fs «« !«»<! immc- Signed Roy E. Nelson Receiver, Sewer District No. Three. Joiner News TUESDAY, DECEMBER 19, 1939' Sunset Club Has Meeting Mrs. l&lwiml Toulon, who Is a member ot the City Beautiful Coin- mission ol Memphis, gave a. talk on "Chrlstnms Decorations" nml tleiiionslMled the wrapping of Clirtslimis iiiickiiges nt n. meeting of thc Sunset. Cinrtai club lust week. Mrs. E. li, Chiles presided over the meeting. Mr.s. Toulon wos ns- slstcd In her demonstration by Mrs. StunneM nml Mr.s, Malloek, both of Memphis. Mrs. Polly Uowtlvn and Airs. Sue Nicholson were hostesses for tlic meeting. # « » Mrs. Norton Gooclloe, of Conwriy, visited Mr. nml Mrs. E .B. Chiles Sr., over the weekend. Dr. niul Mrs. W. S. llorusby of I-aflUe, La., tire vlsltinu Mrs. Hornsljy's parents, Mr. and Mrs, 1C. li. Chiles Sr. Tliey will remain until nfter the New Year holidays. Hufus Urtmch returned from a doer hunt nt Five ntvers yesterday with n large deer. Mr, nud Mrs. Rufus Brnnt'li and children, Miss Hetty nnd Riifus Jr., will lenve Sunday inornln;; for California to sec the Rose Howl game between the University of Southern California and the University of TeniK.'S.'iee. Qustions and Answers Purchases Lot In 100 West Main Block Q. Wlisit Is the correct ceiling to it. At least 50'per cent of the helflit for a room? i floor «rca should have a standard - c "ls A. A ceiling hlglii of eight feet' ccl "" E lleiishl Is generally satisfactory for the' Q How (( ] .nvciage house. When possible, the'cm for piping^"d | ceiling height should be in pro- without impairing the 'portion lo the slxe of the room, strength cf the joist? A. noor joist be duct work effective Winter I recautions j ui • -•-- n • i A i T ,0 ,Jf Jwiiis «re small, a ceiliiiB height. ,. DI'ICK Apply lo btOlie somcwiiat less lhan eijiht feet will ! ( om 'C. r^n ta ; pl wi M " r r n Ji in rpr ?> 7S "^ ..,»;, el t .ht fe,t often adds to the hUrt^u'depth "7"T^ store in the 100 block of wecl Main street on which he «,£ blli ' d a modem • sto ' e T!lc ,!!, b ?. 14 ° fo ° l lot ' P OT '"" ~ " n, was "J " '« iwut, 1 chased from Mrs. T. J. Ma Lost Cane News irt, McDonald Hint the current Jicfelit should he sufficient to pro- Winter .season wcnld he one of con- I vide adequate headroom and free llmious oiierallon for (lie home cjircuhillon of air. The Federal aiistmctloii Industry, (he FHA's Housing Administration has cstab- Technlcal Division has Issued addl-Mlshwl minimum allowable celling tlonal suggestions to guide blulders' hclulits. These vary from seven if who work where low temperatures I ciuht feel, depending upon the V>' fva "- I locality. The building cedes of precniiltons concern the ,'"""'.>' 'owns uiid cities contain .c in co lit Have Turkey Suiiper Mr. and Mrs. W. A. Lewis and daughter, Mira Willie Lewis, gave a turkey dinner recently lor members of the Brinkley district, school board and llieir wives and thc comity examine]'. Daughter Horn A daughter was born to Mr. nud Mrs. Alvin Lorrens Monday night, Dec. l. « * • Has Christmas niiiner The Lost O'auc Women's club gave a Christmas dinner Thursday night at the home of Mrs. C. A. Evans, The purpose was for women to get acquainted and enroll new members. * » » Discuss Cotton Program Men of the Lost Cane community met Thursday night, Dec. 1, nt the school house to discuss the cotton program. Basketball Team Wins The Lost Cane basketball teams, both boys and girls, defeated Manila in three out of four games Wednesday night. Dec.- G. * * » 4-11 Club Meets Members of the -1-11 Club and llieir fathers met Monday night, Dec. 11, to discuss plans'for obtaining a calf through the Production Orcdlt Association. Burdette Two Clubs Organized Because of the large number of member.? enrolled In thc 4-H club, the organization has been divided into two groups for which officers were elected Tuesday. Lacy Powell was elected president of the senior club. Other officers chosen were Jimmy Lutes, vice president; Nanny Mae Hessie, secretary; Inez Eubanks, reporter. Competition will be carried on by the two groups. Before thc election of officers, the meaning of the -1-It Club was brielly discussed by the comity agents. E. H. Bums and Miss Inez Klncaid. Alusical Program Given Thc Burdette community was entertained by Bob McKnight and his Bitrnette Carter Rnnch Boys, who sing over radio station WMC In Memphis. Proceeds of the program went into Hie school fund. Huffman News J. P. Arandnll Is lit of a fractured leg at his home in Pepper town. Mrs. Pearl Henson visited her mother. Mrs. Pantile Copeland, in Cooler. Mo.. Wednesday. Mrs. Watson Schofield and daughter, Peggy Ann. of Stockton, Calif., arc visiting Mrs. Sehofield':; sister, , Airs. Earshel Henson, for a fc\v days. Mrs. Schoiield is the former Miss Flora Mac Lollcr. Mrs. Annie Stokes is visiting relatives in Newbern, Tenn. Mrs. J. T. Walker Is spending a few days with her daughter. Mrs. Charles McClard, and Mr. McClard In Liberty, Mo. Mrs. Fanny Lucas, of Essex. Mo., spent the weekend with her sister. Mrs. L. F.' Moore. Mlw Ruby Mullins and brother, Clyde, are visiting their sister. Mrs. James Price, In Beech Bluff. Tcmi And Concrete following the prediction ot Federal Housing Administrator Slew- -- '--• | foi'meriy the site of the Malian not notch the top or bol- ! SUlre - Since tlie large building - of noor joists more | owned, the lot has been vacant • • except for small restaurants, fruit stands and as a used car lot , appearance of the rocm. Prom a ™ ,d ''"' the .,„,,,„„ """ "••• <-«<< ui co su J ,„ ..!" B . c ' ul of the J°ist. Joists never be notched in Hie span. to support the .should middle »*.L.,V (j/ •.iiniKMii.^ t,uilct.r(l LUC <"<"'.* t*J»n., «Jiu clut.s CUIKclIll use in construction of brick, .stone, iceilliig-heik'lil limitations. In roam.s lite, concrete blocks, plaster, and'*' 11 '"' a portion of tlic ceiling fol- SltK'CO. low* the rnnf ^Inno vufHr-f/,,,! tion until after thoroughly dry. the plaster is Exterior stucco should be applied only when properly protected from freezing. This can be done by surrounding the work with scaffolding covered with canvas or other suitable enclosure. The enclosure may be heated with salamanders so placed that they will not concentrate the heat on limited areas. When using salamanders care should be exercised to avoid smoke and fumes and the placing of them In close proximity to scaffolding Laundering Space Necessary In Home Spnce must, be provided for laundering and household tasks in the new small home. If there is a basement, laundering and most ol Ihe chores cnn be done there. Wherever possible, it is better for laundering to be done on (tie first ncor. Laundry work is difficult, at best, but when carried on in unpleasant dank surroundings it bcconies needlessly burdensome. Sometimes chores and laundering can be done in tlie kitchen, utility room, and to some extent in the garage. Some laundry rcxims may be added to existing homes with funds obtained from private lending institutions approved by the Federal Housing Administration under Us Modernization Credit Plan. lows tlic roof slope, sufficient height should be provided nt Die terlor doors? A. Main-entrance ncco. Krh-k, Stone, Tile, ami lilocks - .-- Dry. clean, pervious brick com- wal1 Io l )eil "'t' the placing of ncc- nonly gives better results in cold CCKal '>' furniture and easy access' weather than impervious brick. Brick should not, be moistened before using. Too much lime In proportion lo cement should be avoided as It increases the time required for hardening. In general, only enough lime to make the mortar workable should be used. For temperatures below 40 degrees F., brick, water, and sand should be heated, the water to about 1G5 degrees F. and the mortar lo about (io degrees F. when the bricks arc laid. New brickwork should be protected from freezing for a minimum of 48 IICIH-S. In general, Winter precautions and treatment as stated for briek- ivork likewise apply to stone, structural clay products, nud concrete blocks. Piaster ami Stucco Warm sand and iieat water to about MO to 175 degrees F. Artificial heal should net be used nt. too high temperatures, and lie.-it should not be concentrated on certain areas of walls or ceilings. Temperatures of rooms should be maintained preferably at approximately 70 degres P., nl which temperature the plaster will be fairly dry in -18 hours. At, 50 to 60 degrees F. at least four days are required for the initial moisture to be evaporated. Maintain heat In the building until the plaster is thoroughly dry. Sufficient ventilation should bc- provided in drying plaster so the moisture will be carried out of a building and not driven into the walls over which the plaster is applied. Avoid forcing moisture-laden air into attic. When walls are Insulated, omit the insinuation of celling Insula- Q. What dimensions are considered minimum for exterior and In- door.s .should be not less than three feet wide and all other exterior doors not less than two feet eight inches wide. Interior doors winch provide access -lo a living room, dining room, cr kitchen should have a iiiiniinuni width inches. of two feet six Provides Place For Recreational Activities In Bad Weat ficr A sun room—enclosed in glass-is not really appreciated until winter comes along, when weather conditions make it unsafe to let the children play outdoors, a sun room provides a place for recreational activities and at the same time pro- moles health. Decorated with growing flowers, plants, and vines, the sun room provides delightful surroundings for entertaining guests and for the enjoyment of tlic family. If immediate plans do not allow for the completion ol thc sun room during the construction of a house under thc Insured Mortgage System of thc Federal Housing Administration, advance planning will save money and insure a more lasting and satisfactory Job when it is feasible to complete the room. Seasonal floor coverings and furniture, available especially for sun rooms, make possible the fullest enjoyment of this type of room during all seasons of the year. Norman Bunchs Occupy New Suburban Home Mr. and Mrs. Nonimu Bunch have moved to their new cottage on Highway 61 at the intersection of the highway and the new overpass road. The four-room house has such convenience.'! as a bath room and electricity and features of thc kitchen include built-in units. The liouse is located on n one- acre plot purchased from Mrs. Lillie Bunch. Aft. Little faid today he hud not decided when tie would erect the bulldmif hut that it would be in the near future. Barn Built On Farm In Gosnell Section Work has been completed on a new modern barn constructed on the c. A. Cunningham far James Barksdalcs To Build • $6,000 Structure On Kentucky Avenue Mr and Mrs. JamPs B arksdale «H1 build a modern five room residence on the lot at 120 Ken- lucl-.y avenue, known as the former King Matthews property Work Is expected to .start Immediately on the house which will be in the $0000 class. To be well constructed, lhj> walls shingles with material, roof of the same o! Oosnell. .111 north The TO by 32 fool structure of cypress. Bedroom Mirrors Effective Treatment colored po.stcl One ?olor Scheme Of Room May Be Affected By Arrangement The need for more bookshelves has been emphasized many times in articles oflerihg advice on the building of new homes or Die modernization of old homes. Various treatments are suggested, some advising the use of one whole wnll of a room for bookshelves while others suggest the lining of both sides of a fireplace with shelves. It is granted that a few books are ornamental and necessary to the creation of a "homey" room, but that endless rows and rows of books, unless they are all similarly bound and in harmonizing colors, should "he road but not seen." Such an extreme use of bookshelves detracts from thc color treatment of the room and in many cases prevents varied furniture arrangements. A modern trend is toward keeping mast ot one's book collection in concealed bookcases instead of having all open bookshelves. In planning a new home to be built under tlie Insured Mortgage System of the Federal Housing Administration, tlic home builder should give careful consideration to the size, style, and placement of bookcases. !n a modern bedroom c mirrors, contrasting with wall panels, may be used, unc interesting combinat}:n fa effected by the setting- of large pink-tinted mirrors flush into walls formed o apple-green insulatitig color panels. The 13 by 18 foot living room will have an adjoining siin porch with n southeast exposure and one bedroom adjacent to the living room will have a .southwest exposure Directly behind the living room is the dining room and (lie kitchen which adjoins the attached garage A hall connects the two bedrooms b jt t !l:_IJX?!iB J>"d_jHnlnjt _ropms. Insulation, attic farTfoi 7 venTilT- tion, modern type closets, biiill in units in the kitchen and the 8 by 10 foot bathroom will feature the house. Wendell M. Phillip:; is architect. Read Courier News -rani aos. Sticking Windows Hardened paint or dampness may jiiiivii-,ii:u paijiv ui uijinpness may ^"*>-, cause a window sash to stick. In i Panting. Check Shutter Hinges Regularly For Rust Hinges and other metal parts of window shutters should be inspected occasionally, if the metal is rusting and in need of paint, immediate attention .shculd be eivcn to it, or else unsightly dark streaks are likely to stain the walls beneath thc windows. All rust should be carefully removed before re- -.....,.- »* »>,ii,vn .-)t\3ll lu MICK. Ill ' the ease of excessive moisture, the wood in the sash and Its frame swells, and this swelling causes Die sash to bind. Trouble usually dis- aptjcars when the wood dries. Before attempting correct-ion by trimming the sash it Ls advisable to sec ; whether a thorough coating with ' beeswax will relieve the friction. TERMINATES ratbniiai Low Rates Long Terms Prompt Inspections Prepayment Privileges LOANS Wilson and Worthington First National Bank Bldg, Biythevllle, Ark. Authorized Mortgage Loan Solicitors for Tho Prudential insurance Company of America CLARENCE H. WILSON Remodel Rooms For Dr, Hunter C, Sims Another physician is lo have I first floor offices, it was marie, I known this week with the begin, j ning of work on remodeling a I liortlon of the J. C. Ulain build- '• lug for Dr. Htinter C. Situs. j Two office rooms of the Blalu; building on North Second street ! between Main and Walnut streets '• formerly occupied by the Kirljy I Sales Co., and Edwards Typewriter I Co.. arc being remodeled. I The 32 by 30 foot suite will have ; a wailing room and five private ' offices and examination rooms. | The front is to be changed with : one entrance in Hie center, flunked with plate glass windows. It Is expected that the building will be ready for occupancy within 30 days. " , Tlic world's oldest art is said to be architecture. Earliest dated ' architectural remains are tliosc of the Babylonians, which date as I far back as 600 B. C. FHA Loans He!]) Dreams Come True! Dreamiiijc of pleasant things is enjoyable but cerlainly nol productive. If .VOH jitui your family Ihink fondly of days whcn you will have a home of your own . . . (hen \vc have neivs of interest (o you. Consult us about FIi.\ financing. THE ARKMO LUMBER GO. Phone 40 Quality Service FOR YOUR FAMILY'S HAPPINESS MODERN HOT WATER FCILITIES Few conveniences contribute so much lo a family's happiness ;is a constant supply of hot water. For bathing, washing the dishes or the morning shave, plenty of hot water "on tap" will pay dividends in daily comfort nnd ; happiness. ' .',' If your family stil] ha,s to depend on the old-fashioned tea kettle for hot water'we urge you to wait no longer before consulting your plumber about (be comparative low cost of modern hot water facililios. > ELVTHEIFILLE WATER CO. Bernard Allen, Mgr. "Water Is Your Cheapest Commodity" jcarry an j umbrella like this HOW ABOUT YOUR ROOF? If the roof fails, rooms and dispositions will be thrown out of ruined and the budget thrown all out of kilter. ' .,.^, A CERTAINTEED MILLERIZED ROOF costs only a fc\v pennies more per month than the ordinary kind and will give sturdy service several years longer. Take advantage of our reasonable prices, expert workmanship and convenient financing. Phone 100 E. C. ROBINSON LUMBER CO.

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