The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 21, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, March 21, 1930
Page 7
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•• ••i-.*-..-2y - T 1 - '^r- DOROTHY- DAKNTT By Charles MdAams . - LIKE MY .J5TER DONT VOO? TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS 6 We Are- 44 Yean, Old — We Have lifted Country's financial Depressions ud FaaJca 44 Years and Have Never tfaid Less Than 6% on GET THE FULL SIGNIFICANCE OF THAT 8TA 1 WANTED —- Garden spading and rug clearing. Phone. 4390. p-147 FOR SALE OR TRADE REAL [ESTATE FOR SALE—G.O acres, good improvements; iipriced riglit. 'Roy Purvis. c-tf FOR SALE — Large gladiolus bulbs, assorted, 10c per dozen. Phone 1125. c-146 W ANTE©—-Work of any kind. Mrs. Lora Ogden, '312 East North St. Phone 3f70. -p-146 FOR SALE—Good work mare, §25. Pete Varnau, Phone 35Y8. C-14G FOR SALE OR EXCHANGE — • Good doublet;in Tipton for Tipton county farm. Roy Purvis, tf FOR SALE ok TRADE—5-room house, real,! bargain, if taken quick; see JE...A. Foster, with Lravell & l'iujier. .. . c-tf FOR SALE tif: will trade, for cheaper property, fine six-room modem bjmic on Columbia avenue. Lravell & Fuller. I ! ; c-1-15 | WANTED — Wall paper cleaning j and any odd jobs. Jess Fred' erick; leave word' at Tribune i " c-152 FOR SALE — 3 buff window shades, 4x7 feet.- Phone 4365. Mrs. Cyril' Mattingly. C-14G FOR SALE—Timothy seed, home grown,* at $3,.per .b'ushei; also . red clover and alsike. Tipton ' Milling Company. e-ltli WANTED -r- Your general blacksmithing, horseshoeing anc plow work; now at your, sery ice. R. F. Miller, south part of Atlanta.: sailors came from the head Pier 2 West, where a nary ban'd played. There was v a flutter laniong the crowd. The sluice gates were .opened and- water rushed against the old ship's sides. • •• j Swaying gently, the black hull, with its white trimmings and Its temporary masts flying -flags and bunting, rose upon the iurushin, tide. dinner guests, Mr. -and Mrs'.CItt- {day guest of her ford Hartley,- of Gary, Mrs. Will Hartley and children, Mr. and Mrs. Harold Warner and children and Mr. and Mrs. . Ted Gunn of of El wood.. In the afternoon they.! family and-her sou Ray Small and tf LOST AND FOUND willi- FOR SALE — Badenoch's baby j LOST— Parker Duofold pen Sunflower!" out cap. Frederick Robertson. i Phone 1273. c-124 chick starter, $4.10; egg mash, -$2.95; Reef brand! i oyster shell, $1.00 Fear-Campbell Co. per owt I FOR SALE— jj -room semi-modern on paymeut.s; N. Main; don't need any niihey; just like rent. ' C. V. Craft': c-tf FOR SALE ton proper^ TRADE for Tip- 30 acres, fine house and .barn and outbuildings; look jit this and you will want it. lieavell & Fuller. |i c-145 FOR SALE ~ Goose eggs from; large stock, Mammoth Tou-! louse and Embden. Phone 384,! LOST—License i(Ic- 551-007. Bert c ' il \ Scott. Phone Windfall, reverse charges. ' P-146 MISCELLANEOUS Windfall. W. S. Trimble. c-150 FOR TRADE — Nice cottage on FOR SALE CR RENT—Six-joom bungalow. jiasement; frjuitf«l tf: acres groujid; 401 S. 9th -St.. Elwood. >|irs. Mae Medley. p-1,45 Foil SALE—jFurniK; 5, 20, 21, G4, SO, 1-10- lj-5, 15S, 1G0 and 245 acres: if {Interested -see First National Insurance Co., Opera House - BJ(!<ck. Phone. . 271 or i;iu2. !; c-150 FOR SALE PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE—jfEarly Harvest oats. Dilver Hoover. p-146 FOR SALE—.iPotaloes, Rural New York. Alfred Campbell, Phone Goldsmith.; c-145 FOR RENT, improved street for. 20 acres. Roy Purvis: tf FOR RENT—Modern nous at 325 | FOR TRADED—Modern home for N. Main. C. V. Craft. c-tf j. Tipton county farm. Roy Purvis. \tt FOR RENT—Modern house. South: Independence. Delia • Roode. j RADIO SERVICE—We specialjze Phone *>262. c-tf I FOR RENT—37 acres 314 miles j northwest of Tipton. S. A. Cul-j ver. i' p-llsl on expert, service work on all makes, offsets; 'full line N tubes, batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone 20X7. . c-tt FOR RENT—One 6-room and one MONEY TO LOAN 4-room .house; Phone 2426. • good location: I FEDERAL' FARM LOANS at 5 % c -tt FOR RENT—Modern rooms; hot I water heat. Miller Hotel, Tribune Bldg., E. Jefferson St. tt -per--cent; pre-paymeut privilege. D. S. Thares. ' c-tt FOR • RENT-—Modern three-room apartment, heat, good location, large living room, hardwood floors, garage,.'garden space, $35. Phone 591. c-155 PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5 % per cent, from 1 to 10 years, wtth pre-pay ment priviligeB; best ' loan in the state.. Standerford & Standerford. c-tt FOR SALE—; r Nice Manchu soy beans for jieed. J. H. Graham, -.route "ipton. Phone 3 0S, Goldsmith^ p-145 BABY GRAND . PIANO — Well known mike; must sell at once; cash[jor terms. Write Mr. H. J. Pier[)on, Elwood, Ind. j; _ p-146 FOR SALE |r— Girard's Tip-Top chicks; oiliicrs are now being booked at {reasonable prices for quality chicks and expert custom batching. Phone 51. Tipton Hatchery. c -tf FOR SALE j— Wc have several thousand 'chicks at greatly, reduced prices the next ten days; some alrciidy started. Kempton Hatcli'srv, Kemptou, Ind. -j] - c-150 FOR RENT — 6-room semi-niod- crn house, 122 Poplar street; rent reasonable. Phone 33X6. c-146 FARM LOANS — Best . loins j in state, 5 to 20 years;'-interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege. Fielding & Fielding. c-tt •• • I FOR RENT—5-room house and 2%- acres of ground; fourth house east of-city. park. Willard Albright. Phone 2205. P-147 OIJ> IRONSIDES. FOR RENT—Six-room semi-modern house; garage; large lot, with fruit: one square of public school. Inquire, of C. H. Warnt, Phone 271. • • c-147 WANTED Again Itidcs Hc» After Being He- built liy Pennies of Children! •IT'S BABY CHUCK TJMET Hooslcr CliTjKs—lames— way hatched! liavc qiial- •]ty -when haMied—qua)-: .Itsr-'wlion gr.ijwn. Hatch , e \'\~?l ° a 'ir rtjflit— sell lijS'H.r 1 ^!? 8 »<»t«* each .Monday. - 1, S~S y --J ?' t tfor nev/ four color cat- alopic. Holler, Hatclicry, Mlchi- FOR SAIiE-^i Victor table modf. el'talking console ta WANTEtt—Used gas stove, lard Losoy, iPlione 4514. llil- . tt WANTED—Man to cut shares. . Phone -2023. WANTED—Two or three furnished rooms. Address ' Box AB, Tribune. p-146 WANTED — 3 or- 4 furnished rooms, downstairs preferred. •. Box 24, Tribune. p-146 •V WANTED—Famib' washings and . bed. .clothes. , Mrs: 'Charley .Sparks, Phone 2540. v .".> «-14« machinb;.'l Deterling "kink machine;'il-Edl-' son console lowwbpy, taikinB ? >| . inachineVijalso assortmentVof ': Victola.^bT«;it^5c^^nli^ : | «bn street;. ' ,- -jv.-jr-i.-T-*™?-!*! : The '.Charles Venable 1929 . Eiiei -toach; maroon color: low j . Boston, • March' . 21.^—Resiir- rected like the Phoenix of o!d, the 132-years-old". frigate Consti ti(tion, three years ago a- pathetic, decaying hulk is riding the sea again, her sleek black hull staunch and true Much of her refitting still is! to be done.-. Many, a day will, pass before her towering masts raise | their, heads against the sky and wood oni many another day .before her c-tf! glcainiug tsalls billow- in the sally . I breeze. * But this glorious'fact stands out—Old Ironsides is- afloat again, i • '/.The ceremony: of refloating'. aft; er three- days of rebuilding ^was the simplest^ Saturday.." '•'";-J .< At the head of^ the great' concrete box that forim>the <dry, dock stood Lieutenant John A ."'Lo'rd, grinned -.master.'.builder of . •such steel - giants an the, super>dre^d- naugbts - Ne War .ork and -'Arisqna-.;-: ; !To.',-bis' «reqe wed --cjiaf Umaashii» the k nnifeA ^CoBiUUti ^pf ^ monument, Wthjhim web'Rear Xlaptatn, CjsM. i Bimmera.. ^of ithe I 1 AROMA. . Miss Merl Leeman, student n.t Muncie Normal^spcnt her'vacation with lior parents,-Mr. and Mrs Roll Leeman of Aroma, Merl is an exceptionally good student. She has. made straight A's all the way through-her course. Mr. and Mrs." Hoy King and daughters of Galmon were Sun day dinner guests of Ozro Cox and family. Mr. and 1 Mrs. Wm.^Todd visited with their daughter, Elizabeth Sunday in Bloomington. Miss Todd is taking a course in music. Mr. arid Mrs. Omer Hiatt entertained at Sunday dinner .- ?r honor of their-son's 22nd birthday at their country home east of Aroma. Those present were Mr. and Mrs.'Oral Ca'ghue of Anderson, Mr, and Mrs. Oral Carpenter of Aroma, Mr. and' Mrs Harvey Doversberger of < Cedar Corner and Mildred Kimberling of Frankton. Eugene Johnson of . Chicago who is moving to life father's farm cast of Aroma was called back to Chicago by the serious illness of his. wife last week. Mrs Johnson is a school teacher 1 and is to come to the new home as soon as her term is out. .Mr.-and'Mm. W. B'. Major visr itcd with the latter's sister, Mrs Silas Webb of Frankton Sunday. Mr. and Mrs. Webb are both in poor health. Mr. Webb suffering' v/ith heart trouble and Mrs. Webb with gall stones.. Mrs. Virgil Etchison and children of Omega.and Mr. and Mrs. Otis Leonard [of Arcadia were' the Sunday guests^of, Mr.' and Mrs, Larue Leonard and daughter of Muncie. Mr.-and Mrs. B. J. Major of Omega, had a» their week end guest; Margaret Dellinger of Peru'and Avra Caylor of Muncie. The young peoples class of the Omega Christian Sunday school ire preparing a pageant for Easter.- There will rlie choir'prac­ tice at the church Friday night, All that can. sing are asked to-be present. - . •' Mrs.- Rcna Hughes of Omega spent; last week .with her. sister. Mrs. James Coe^of • Sharpsville. Mi's:' Coe who has-had pneumonia remains about the saucu- Malley Russell 'who has' been living- on.- the'.Jim Newby -• -place has -bought - the Blessing property, in .Omega.-He is-doing^some repairing to the honse and is going to build .a garago.-His son'~ William vor Indianapplii's spent Wed-, nesday''-the new r bome: Mr. -and i Mrs'. , George ^Moore and son "Frank of Omega^had ,as their ^f dlnnir guiitsf Mi' »n »^,TKre ^ahlon> 'Tetei-Vnd mother, Mrs. Nancy Brown. Mrs. Vera Small is spending this week in Elwood with her daughter,. Mrs. Scott Burton and called on Mrs. Dee Sharp, .their aunt, who • is quite ill, Qther guests in the Sharp home were Mr. and Mrs. Mark Hartley, of Qicero and May Carroll. Garnet Hughes of Omega who ias heen ; at the Northwestern University at Chicago returned : iome Sunday. EKIX-SIIILO. Ekin at io:l)0 i. in. Preaching at 7:15. Sliilo Sunday school at 9:45 a. li. Preaching at 11:00 a. m. The Sliilo Ladies Aid cleared i20 from their market held at Lieatherman's store at' Tipton Saturday. The revival meeting which started at the Ekin M. E. church ast week is being well attended, here being - an unusually big :rowd Sunday night. • . Shirl .Overdorf. and wife • of iVeed Corner were Sunday dinner juests of Dave Law and family. Scott Burton and family of EI- family. Charles Carlisle of . Kokoma spent Saturday night and Sunday with his parents, Ed/Carlisle and wife.- • Walter Ne'wkirk and wife and Jack Reynolds and wife-of'North Vernon were- Saturday evenin; supper guests of Mel Hoover and wife. . • Charles Eller and - family visit ud William Wit ham and family of near Albright Sunday afternoon Miss Hester Itoss spent Wednesday night with Mrs. Uora Robbins uiid family of Sheridan. Mrs. Clay Burton made a business trip ,to Kokomo Tuesday. Miss Marigrace Fox is spending the week with Jack MeKinney arid family near Sheridan. Mii-s Edith Burton . was the Wednesday night guest of her aunt, Mrs. -J. C. Haworth and family near Sheridan. •Miss Pauline Eller entertained the Freshman class of Boxley at a St, -Patrick's party at her home east of Ekin Friday night, There present. The vood and Edith and' ,Maurice j we re about forty 3urton spent Sunday" in Keiiipton levelling was spent in playing vith Avery Rood and family. J game 's and music. At a late hour Mrs.Will .Itoss of Tipton spent.) the hostess served refreshments Saturday..night and Sunday with lor ice cream and cake Mrs. L. H.Ross and family. | Mr. and Mrs. Henry Campbell i Fred Coats and wife called on j of Arcadia celebrated their 51si Charlie' lAino and family near j wedding anniversary Sunday at \emptoii 'Sunday afternoon. jllie home or Well Hover and wife Riley Beam and family- of Ko- j 'of near Ekin. Those- present to tonio were Sunday guests of the | enjoy the day-were Truman Dunn 'ormer's parents, Allen Beam and land family. Willie Goodnight !amily. Afternoon •" guests were'and family, Eari Thompson and lussell Smith and wife, Mrs.' ,Vill Friend and Mivi. John Pear:on,' Walter Beam and. family of Elwood, Lawrence Shook and vife and Miss-Esther Shook of Goldsmith. Cade Burton and wife spent latnrday afternoon in Tipton. Malcolm Njoble of . Iiidia'napo- • is visited Wld\ Burton and fam- ly.Sunday evening. Mrs. Dplt.Wilson of Goldsmith \nd daughter, Mrs. Claude' Mains >f Tiptpi/ visited Mrs. Dave Small! Sunday, family, Mrs. Nancy Brown and- daughter.' Martha, and grandson Claude Allen Small,- Mrs. Laura Ridge and-Betly Smith, and Carl Marion Smith. ; GOLDSMITH. (Continued 'FronifPage -i.) Robert. The evening was spent in games and contests. Popcorn fudge candy . and taffy were served. The next cla^ss party will be with Mr. and / Mrs. Weudle i^niith, the 2nd Friday evening in Pearl Mille'r and familv-of El-! April at an April Fool party, vood were Sunday guestsof Mrs. *' r - """* Mrs. J- B. Plymir HetHe Coppock' and ,'on Will (were given-a very happy, surprise Misses :Marth'a Beam 6f Tipton ' at tlleir beautiful home in Gold ipeut Saturday. night and Sun- lay with her grandinothur, Mrs. •*elta 'Small. •• Miss Eda Ellor or Tipton and 'Hiss Eva Eller or Atlanta spent he week, ond with their parents i smith the event being in'celebra- tion of their birthday anniversaries which both occur in March: The surprise was arranged by the rol-itivcs and was c6mplete lucv 'cry way.: TwoJarge angel food Timrli* Eller and w.Co , b,rtl,d ' ly t 7 ikt!> Gl ^ cA Me' Small and 'family of! o£ thL ? lctmy *»*>mUA_ UWL Vtlanta were the. Saturday .night Assets, Febrnary 28, 1930, .. Undivided Profits, February 28, 1930 .. |«42,166J7 7.716J6 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN TIPTON Talk! It Over With Our Secretary, 1. A. Lewis! enjoy the evening.' The decora-'west quarter of the southwest * Hons for the evening were in the i nuarter, a distance of 27 rods an* • green and white and the refresh- j ff ^et thence nortliward paral- ° • - I lei with the said east, line of said • ments served at the close of tnei ni g hway to tUe ngrt h 'lioe of said \ jolly evening carried.out the pret-i northwest quarter of' the soutfc» ; ty color scheme. Games, music and contests were ' enjoyed through the evening. Refreshments' of sandwiches, wafers and coffee were served. Mr. and Mrs. R..E. Foster en- w-est quarter, a distance of 57 V rods and IS feet, thence westward j on said north line to the place of 1 beginning, a distance' of 27 rods • and 9.9 feet, containing ten acres, \ Leaving of said . real estate so • . owned by said decedent at the » I time of her death 32.40 acres, ' teHained Wednesday evening at a, m ore or less. ' '. prettily appointed six o'clock- din-; Said real estate will be sold up- ' ner party, having as guests Mr. j 011 tIl e following terms: One-third and 'Wis. Alfred Campbel, /-^ B . B ^J^ p ^I.Tlf JS : Miss Mabel Campbell of Norman- one-third in twelve months front da| Rev. and Mrs. C. E. Dunlap, day of sale, deferred payments to Grandma Dunlap and Miss Mar- : 1,c evidenced by notes of the pur- garet Lucile Collier of Gold-' ' r . haser , \f rin * T % l P, tr % eat fr °™ - their date, waiving relief, provld-.. iiic for attorney's fees and secured by a mortgage on such real estate sold, or, for all cash at the option of the purchaser. Suid real estate shall be sold ' — '. free and clear of. liens and encam- Tbe undersigned executor of timj brances, except current; taxes! last will of- Elizabeth Carr, de-j thereon for the year 1D2!» which ceased, hereby gives notice that : are due and payable,- in the year by virtue of an order of tin- How-' J!t::o. and also subject to (he ini Circuit Court, made and en-' rishts of_ the occupying tenants. smith. - - - Notice of S;ilc of Real Estate by Executor. tered in a cause therein pending' FARMERS LOAN & TRUST CO. wherein said exec.utor of said will: Executor of the Last-Will and is plaintiff and Henry Carr.Mr., Estate of Elizabeth _Carr.. deceased. ind de- 127-33-39 -lS Not iff ti> Ta.\|iii>t'rs of an Appropriation. it al; are defendants, and boiii;: lause No: 12799 upon the dockets '.hereof, and also by virtue of the power conferred in said will, it n'ill at the iiour of ten o'clock a. ni., on the 2!ltli day of March. iSSOl, at its banking' house on r , , . Kast Jefferson street, in the city 1 " thu waller of determining to of Tipton, Indiana, and from day! makt -' a » appropriation by the t.» day thereafter until sold, offer.! Tow " ° r Kempton, Indiana. . 'or sale and sell at private sale for! Notice is hereby given to the •lot less than the appraised value: taxpayers «f the ttfwn of •Kemp- hereof. the followinc described tHI »> 'ixiiana. that the proper legal -eal estate situate- in Tipton Couu-'° ,Bc ' !rs n f*»«« miwicipality at Indiana, to-wit; tlis-ir regular meeting pla«-e have -y, All that part of ...the northeast dr!>-i-mjnc.-d to miikir an approprt- luarter of the soutRwest quarter : " { . l "" r hi.nd^d seven and ^.Section •aS.'-TSwfeh*^ north.! 1 .' , ^ M '. tto £ ars tr "? \\"' Range -1 cast, lying west of the!''"'' 1 '". said town for be purpose •ight-ot-way. as uow located of! 1 ,!IV1 »- tI,e PreMminary costs Union Traction Company of Indi- i"cident to the proved construe^ ina. formerly the right-of-way of. » u « " r »'« •ornando _Bwil et al Indianapolis Northern Traction<• fl, "." , • wn "" n i,iri ' , " ts town and Company. Also all that part of the north- whicli town is assessed thereon. Ten ">r mori; taxpayers, other vest quarter or the southwest '"" , wl: " PaXiP"" »« M luarlor ot said -section, township ind range aforesaid, which lies; vest of said right-of-way "f said j who feel themselves aggrieved by such determination, may appeal to t lie stat>? hoard of tax rommis- raction company, except the said, -^'oi'ers of Indiana for further ac- en acres thereor in the northwest j l!un - h >' tiling a petition therefor •omer thereof so devised to saidi"'' 1 " the county auditor of said -ora' Carr, by the provisions of' county on or before the expiration said will aforesaid, which said j of twenty days front the 22nd day en acres is moi'e particularly do- of March, l'.iso. The state tax icribed as follows: beard will tix a dale for a hearing Beginning on the east line of'" 1 U'i* county. f. the public highway which runs' fated MarHi 2*.' 1»3(». :ioi-th and south on the'west side: KOV DAVENPORT, of the said northwest; quarter of j WILLIAM AMOS, the southwest quarter of said sec-! CLYDE.ORR. ion, at a point where intersected I c-115 Hoard of .Trustees^ 'iy the north line of said rt 1 '-' —' '- : - 11 1 •vest quarter of the south west! luarter - of "said : section, and; .hence running south on .-the east; !ine of said highway to the south*' iide of the orchard on said north-.west quarter of the southwest quarter,-a distance of 57 rods and 16 feet, thence. eastward parallel with the north line of said north- 1 Why not get the highest.pos-' sibie price in the Feast possible time by the «:ne sure and elll- cient method? R. C. POLAND Ural Estate Auctioneer Xobh-srlllp. Land Auction 198i/ 2 -ACRE STOCK AND GRAIN FARM 'I Iw undersigned will sell, without reserve, to the highest bidder ' on.the premises located seven mile:; northwest of NohlesviWc, and 3 miles west and one-half mile south, of Cicero. Indiana, on --• ind. Sunday guests-of Ed Small ind wife. v ».-• . Orley Burton and family. -where the splendid dinner was served:.Guests .for .the dinner of! I. with Mr. ; .find Mrs/ I'lyinire were: Mr. 'add L Mrs. Newton Magiieti, Tipton^ were the Sunday evenirig I Mlst ? ^?A« Masness-ai.d Myr- mpper^uests of irflm'.BdlthJBuii. ^•Magnett .of Kempton; Mrs. •on - . - • / • ! Mary Schockney of . Normanda T «r-' e^iii r >.' • ,-'•,•• ,/ c -'nd Mr. : and Mrs. Horley Kelley J.T. Small,-wife and daughter j ' „ „; : -..-.i~- „ ^ „. ' ,- , r . i-and daughter Ruth-of IndepentI- v.ertic spent' Saturday li>(Sier-f- 1T ri i . - * ... .,, ,. ;, - • once and J.Osborn. . -•- •• Jan; with:>Walter- Oreathousc and ,r, „• ii. „ , ' , . fainil i j -i The,/Modfern;Priscilla club was < w* ,'' y.';:-j,' : ^: • TV, rpntertainod-AVednesday: afternoon ^rle^,Cumi and- wife and dt ^ bQme of jjra' Alice He^ .yred^Coat^andwielspentM j h ^tSrsburg, w .t»^ nine mem^ ln 3^V w,th , bers prejient.. The afternoon was Tues. 25 Beginning at 1:30 P. M. ..... 150 acres of good tillable land, which is fevel siiiptr tree ttMlS* walnut spil, balance is rolling pasture land with plenty or shade anoV running water. This farm-is tile drained and has jail good Un* M •fencing. / . i • « IJtl'KOVWIESTS w L " {"given over .to the-usual socfal tea- >6eorge 'Tot^kuA 'wife called on turos Xtx-tho close of the after Ray Torkj(pjyiU^wijojieur^hcrl-^ U oon'Mra^Honry served "a dainty iaip t SmHlay^ufjferriTOii ; "J* ' 4wp^*'coufso' t lunchfeou-< A Tho next. Improved wjth A- 5-room Tramc honse. Dnishtil in- walnnL. mtav ^i porch,- newly papered, and in good, condition; barn]|lli|0. itwpuirj foundation, 8 feet of blocks and. 12-foot siding, hip roof, cof drivewuy, rodded and wull painted, and is practically new; try. house; garage-and corn 'crib. x is located only 2^4 miles from Ciccro .j wbick ''kfij, good town with good 'markers, (schools and chuTches. tf' 70S- 1" -in the rakrfcct'for -a stock and grain farm, located in a good < • ing section, do : not mjss this 'safe. -'; This" rnrpr tvili bo.orrorcd as 158 acresr. 4ft acres,, Hbtf*a* i' At the sunie,tlmu 1 pnd place wil|> sell 4f)» busl «ta^ofcy *lfow'e« , ' ' - JVEBSIS. - Oiia-tirlrd. of .piirchaBe price above ; jtu0c |jBj|

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