Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 17, 1969 · Page 2
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 2

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Monday, February 17, 1969
Page 2
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2 - MMdey, M>. 17, 1969 Recflonds Doily Fech no ly MStlm ! N. Y. Sfocks N-EW YORK «UPI) - Ttie stodc market took a on the diin today m fairiy heavy tmovcr. Tliere was little apparent rea- WASHINGTON (UPI» — Pres-i*""- for the sdloH. althoo^ «J«t Niaon's duM ^^^^\ adviser said today the demand last we*, the first dip AdmiBistratiaD will imiiate ajsiace October. Conceni overj Acfaniiiisfrafioii steks tocurb mflofioR major eQort to curb inflation without triKenas any sisnifi- VietnaDi. the fottbconiac WestI - iGerman presidential election; cant increase m ttnemploynient'.asd the Middle East also might However. Paul W. McCradc-ibave thwarted demand. en, chairman of the Presklent's Council of Economic Advisers, caiitinnfd at a mngwskwal hearins: "No one can assnre Shortly before the final bdl the UPI stock market indicator dxnred a Iocs of IJ)6 per cent Ion I.S73 issues crassiac the Marine sanctuary or 'dead sea' Volume was 1L6 million. that the distortions from tiiree Upe. There were 1.030 declines years of economic overtwating and 342 advances, and price inflation can be; -njc Dow Jones average of 30 corrected with no effect on! blue chip Industrie was off ijsemployment" ;i2j7 to 939.58 near the dose. McCracken, the leadoff witness before the Senate-House < Economic Committee, said he UPI Marfcaf Indicatar anticipates a slo »xlo«n in the Today's closing net price economic boom in the first half change of all NYSE stocks trad- of this year but cautioned that ed, computed by Quotron Serv- tnflationary pressures will con- ice. was off 1.22 from Friday 's tinue. ' close. TTie joint committee's eight' Using April 1. 196C prices as BepuUican members joinedI"" ^>^' ^ indicator closed Mccracken in criticizing (he «oday at 134.16. 7^ UOOK.EB! I A COPT OF YWR VjieSAW PUZZLE/ "You Could Bare a 'Dead Sea' off Sootfaeni Califbrma' By ILMIR LAMMI wAsmNGitm <upi> - It would cost the fovenunent SI bUlioa or mate to ton the oil- fouled Santa Barbara Channd off Califtmna into a public marine sanctnary, according to unofficial Interior Department] estimates. And (hat staggering cost H -Duld appear to make Hi impossible to turn the docki offshore drilliBg in the area except in a national Muetgwcy. questicaed the $1 bilUea aiti- mate as the cost of getting out. He said there was reasoa ta believe that there was less flil in the offsbwe lands than the oil companies had expected. liiis fleld hasn't tuned out to be the bargain they thought," league said. "I'm not so sura jtbat some of them wouldn't be rmDHoa bonus payments, possi-'timc in light of experience with interested in getting out from Oil drilling halt may cost over $1 billion economic policies of the John&ao Administration in connection with the inflationary situation. Advances Declines Undunged Total Daw Jofws Sladc Avarates HithLnvClaMChnfl Ind S54.S7 935.11937.72 off 14.23 Rrs 276.12 270.52 2nJ5 off 4.17 UU 139.22136.98137.56 off 0.54 65 345J0 338.92 340.06 off 4.63 j Sales today were 11.6 minion. LOS ANGELES (UPI)-A' ,D.W-J S2 ^^C^H^J rainsttvm heading south, moved' i*tut, arm a c*.) into Southern Califoniia today;v *iaBt CIM< chuo and was expected to dump!'"-"** c «it. — s «<4 -i>i more rooisUir« on the alreadyliHljS "^e- saturated populace tonight. !••».»• Rainstonns may briiKj moislure to Southland Share Volutn* 1.890.000 9.090.000 Body beffevecf fo be fftof of mhsing young womon The new storm foUowed prac- M*JJ b'cally on (he heels of one Sat- latiay which dumped nearly an JJ-IJJ inch of rain on the Qric Cen-i -^itt ler. raising the season's total to- 2 |;JJJ 19.59 inches. The normal figure., r.xt* according to the U.S. Weather' Otcli. Pet. Clea Alira CiliM 8»rT. TkrUIr Dr. Jim Walter . ... II •• Lthlch Vil. Int. UH Control DaU Ill'a INA Cor» 4i». Nat. Grn . 43<i Amrr. T. « T.. . Sl>i EL MONTE, Calit (UPI)decomposed body of a U.670,000]j^g OTOjan was dug from a sfaalkMv grave Sunday beneath the kitchen of a couple's modest home. Police said today (here were indications it was the corpse of the couple's eldest child who vanished last month three days be&re her scheduled wedding. I The grisly discovery was imade underneath the bone of Silvester and Consudlo Arteaga in this Los Angries suburb. One of their seven duldrto, Alberto, 11. told his father be I '^jtfaou^t be smeUed a dead I animal under the home. Silvester, 46, inched under the home in ;iu -Ifi -i- '.« -l>i -M. -lU ••eh. Bureau, should be just under i' „ . nine and one half iachel. > -^'«"<^3. Added to die moisture from! ^ ^t- Washington area, Saturda.v's storm and from the slippage of some ahieady heai -y rainfaU of January, to- lewdly damaged homes condn- nigbt's storm will present more' "*<^. Ijut police said no more headaches and problems to the>"nes were eodaogerod, at residents of sUde areas. • present. A small slide Sunday closed] Several homes in the Laurel one nortiibound lane «f the Pa-iCan}'on area have also been cific Coast Highwy. backing traffic up several miles to San- damaged because of (he earth slippage. through a crawlway and saw an am sticking from the earth. He called jxdice and officials . cut through the Idtdien Door to j remove the body buried in a shallow grave. Mrs. Arteaga, 40. said she bdieved a wristwatcta on the arm belonged to her missing daughter Anita, 22. Detectives said today they had no suspects and there was no indication how (he giri bad died. Pending an au(opsy to posttvely identify the body, a team of investigators was to back — even if time could heal the ravages caused by the oil leakage from an ofEsbore weD. The Si biliian or more actually would be only a part of the cast of balling all driUing. The sum represents only what the government wouU lose by paying the oa companies for canceling drilling leases granted by the Interior Department, and in the loss of royalties on the JL travd to Salinas in Northemj Department legal officials, Califbmia to question the giri's i«luciant to discuss the possibi- fianoe and relatives. jUty hi detaiL note the oil Through toterviews »-ith the compares drilling in the Santa family, detectives reconstructed B arbar a Channel paid a the movements of Anita during;"bonus" of $603 mUUon for the the days prior to her disappea-; privilege in addition to regular raace on January 15. ; lease payments and an agree- Anita was to be married Jan. "ent to give the government SI 18 in Salinas to a man identified for every S6 received for oil as Wesley Harrington, a soldier iPunped out of the ocean floor, stationed at Fort Ord near the; Government lawyers say the town. ] leases are "property rights" She left with her parents'the government now Nossings alone on a bus fori^^re to take them away biy up to $200 million invested i offshore drilling in the Gulf of under and getting part of their by the companies in develop-Ulexico. j money back." ment, loss of revenues from; 3ut there was no hint in an But what if the cost was SI about two dam piodnetive weDt already drilled, and interest on the companica' investments. order from Present Nixon to't>>Ui<"? Intwior Secretary Walter J. Ifickel to make a "full-scalel review" of drilling regulations The government's Iotses|tbat such a study might lead to would also inchide an uodeter -ia permanent suspension ofi mined amount in royalties I drilling in the Santa Barbara expected to accrue in thejChaanel. Inture. ! Those urging a permanent In announcing approval of the'marine sanctuary be created in leases, in 19ST, fcrmcr Interior! U>e area include the inflnential; Secretary' Stewart L. UdaH Sierra Chjb, a nationwide emphasized the potential linan-icoiscrvafion organizatian based dal gains to the government!in San Frandsco, and Rep. from the wdls. The former Charies M. Teague. R-Calil, secretary today apparently re-'^bose congressional district^ grets the decision but has said'includes Santa Barbara, he accepts "full responsiiulity"| Teague, who said he was for it He said department J working on legislation callmg experts had not objected at the'for permanent suspension of all Would Teagne ttiU permanent halt to favor a drilling? "Yes. I would." he said. 'Tl you bad another of tbCM disasters—and it eonU come from this same well—the oil could keep spreading. T» Mahbu, to Santa Monica, to the Catalina Islands. "You could have a T)ead sea' off Southern Cdifbmia—and that's n-orth more than a bOIiBa dollars." niLU HARD TO FAYf Stf things you. no longer oaa through inexpensive Clasified Ads and get quidc cash. Did 793-3221 now. ^Siiron"jan."r3.°Once ^e:'""'^ haw «o pay the arrived m the city she stayed!""'"'* ^^lue' 1- i u . „j Th*- fair market value. reflect Ihe "faU they S603 with her aunt and uncle, Gilbert! and Teresa Maldonado. say, could On Jan. 14. another uncle, i Anoulfo Maldonado, vkho lived '"'me and Annulfo picked her a few blocks from the Artcagas "Pin El Monte, drove to Salinas! Police said the unde drove taking packages for the family her to downtown Salinas where and presents for the wedding. \ he dropped her off with (he The next day, Anita andj undersUnding she would get the Harrington went to the Armyjljlood test from a private base to get blood tests. But! Physician and then caU the because she was not a dependent, the base physician refused to administer the test Anita called the Maldonado Maldonado home. Amoulfo drove home. Anita didn't call and was never heard from again. PUBLIC NOTICE In accordance with the City of Redlands Weed and Rubbish Nuisance Ordinance You Are Given Notice To Cleon Premises All lots will be posted. Only those needing weed abatement work will be disked. YOU — are responsible for the proper maintenance of your property. Plan now to abate any weed or rubbish nuisance you might have — Don't forget the parkways. Don't abate too soon, but finish before MARCH 15, 1969 As the City will start their disking program then, weather permitting For Further Information You May Call — 793-2333 Redionds Fire Department NOTHING COMPLETES THE NEW BULKY STITCH KNITS LIKE THE WEU-BRED BOSTONIANS Bostonian Flex-O-Mocs. With a slightly squared toe and decorative diain effect. Masculine... rugged... yet fashionable. In a nevr look and color that carries the beefy, brawny mood of bulky stitch cable kmt£. And the logical next step is the solid color, turtleneck vemon with patterned slacks. And to complement this easy-going knitwear... easy-going FJex-O-Mocs. Another Well-Bred Bostonian, designed with the latest fashion in mind. BOSTONIAN FLEX-O-MOCS $22.95 Otber Styles $19.95 to $32.00 Sizes to U, tool OPiN MON. & PM. NIGHTS TIL » W. Eugene AAolona Roy L G«in EvMMa J. Fronken Sinceint II last Mate S». Did mtm ORTREL POLYESTER exciting, perfectly balanced bmadloom carpet by WUMIA WE VE ... tuath licimff greems amd mmmg more apiendid eoton ter people who like people, parties, petg, preeioma little oiie«...erer9- tkimg tkmtmmkea living witk riek, emrelree emrpeta u pleaamre! Now you can give your home a gracious, spacious background of color with this amazing new carpet of Fortrel polyester by Celanese. It has the resilience that lets you vacuum out dirt and grit faster and easier. Just use ordinary household detergent to sponge away spots and stuns. Fortrel's great strength and abrasive resistance ghres longer life to your impresshfe, colorful carpet It's a carpet well worth your consideration. OCEAN CREST Thick, luxurious pile combining warmth of appearance with the king wear and easy maintenance of man-made fiberiL You'll be amazed what Wiufy Hill will do for your floors—its rich, "wind-blown" texture forma pools of color that create a rich, decorative effect wens «q.yd. 8" FMraffi b . n^Otmi fmlMurk tl KWf Wwhwt, Int. firiffire - C«rpef/ig - Ctstoa 0raperfes 17-21 West State Redlands Phone 793-2457 When furnishing your home or office, enjoy the services of a professional interior decorator at no ad^ional charge — from McEwen's staff of experienced and accomplished decoratortl

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