Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on May 23, 1957 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Thursday, May 23, 1957
Page 16
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SIXTEEN EVENING. TIMES, CUMBERLAND, Mfr, THURSDAY, MAY 23,, 1957 Dial PA 2-4600 for, a WANT AD T»k«r Small fry love simple sodos| made witli ginger alo and .vanilla, ice cream. For an extra, hang a maraschino 'cherry on slit red (he rim o[ each glass. Quick Luncli • Do your family's food taste differ? For a quick lunch, put sand wich fillings of various Sorts into different plastic containers and place on table with a (ray of sliced bread; let each member of Cinnamon sticks arc fun to use the family make sandwiches oljas stirrcrs for iced coffee. The his or her own choice. LeftovcrsjUvo flavors—cinnamon and coffee in containers go right bnck intoj—arc ones Italian culinary artists the refrigerator, joften team. "Quick, Henry, the FLIT! Mary Haworth's Mail note : Prof e i *ton • lly wife a nd mothc r 1 1 over children'* b*h*v* e m ploy* A confer ned lor. DEAR MARY 3IAWORTH: I clolhes, keep a semblance of order in the bathroom and room, and so on. . H can't be good /or the children 1 be prodded constantly, even if '"[the , Your Horoscope I.ook In Ihi section in which your outlook is, according lo the tlars, I For Frldljr, ,\lar 21, 193? tion sounds to an oulsidcr. t hold a professional brings in half the family „„, „..,., „ iand manage my home with the , jl;e , 0 j, c . but , am exhau - s(ed | Jlitlp of a maid, We have two from carryins , 00 hcav) , a load i fine children-healthy, intelligent.!. . . W hal do you suggest? Bolh .'well adjusted, morally sound,> children have high 1Q . S trustworthy, loving, wilh lots ot • G S intcresls. '• • • : ' ' The problem is, I find my*eU. t £molional Fight '• • pushing the children almost con-', „ . .-.-, , stoutly, to gel them lo do -Ihc ''* Being » aged things we all agree must be done.! DEAR G. S.: The fact that MARCH 21 lo APHIl. 20 (ArlesJ- jenerouB Influences lor most trades professions, occupations. Kecj> In Ihe ider l" 56 P vn( Mllg wore effective.- And professions, occupations. Ktcp In Ihe . ' .. , (he strain is beginning to tell oniK!"\ 0 ' " lln s« sh °* sour capability I job whichl me . My hMsbailr , and j are hardf Vn^/iT/mv fi .rt^"-™ 1 y '!lu 01 !l e ' : workers; we Jiave to be and we «*<«i<i.. >nd can be a pn>«»»iv« Pca» With Appeal To 2 cups of green peas, add a 4-ounce can of pimicntdcs, chop- r 3 ™ y °., ped, and Vt teaspoon of rosemary about 3 minutes before the cooking time is up. The flavor's won- quick derful! canned 1 ham <l>i 1 for a small lie ham may s from source minutes (or a ve with fresh fried peaches. Cheese Selection Have you tried a new kind*- of cheese recently? Food stores V« ottering a wide selection, making it easier for you to broaden your acquaintance with the several hundred varieties o( cheesrj made in America. Kill crawling Insects fast with FLIT BUG KILLER contains AROM1N* ...powerful new insect killer-exclu slve Ae\ elopment ot Esso research- makes FLIT better than everl Use FLIT BUB KILLER with Anmin t< rid 5'our home of crawling insect? quickly and effectively. Look for the familiar blue-and-white can or handy push-button container . . . sold almost everywhere. The struggle begins with my go lo bed too exhausted, cmb- forts to get them out of bed in;lionaliy, lo sleep, after an even- Ilie morning, and continues unlil ing of pulting pressure on Carla, 1 get them to bed ot night. i' e ''s ''»" her t shows lhat you arej .My teen-age daughter a de- ilightlng cnch olllcr - SI|C ' la s a' lightful child, isn't doing too wolf P |acld - eas y-S<>»>g disposition, youi at school, (o my great sorrow ! say; bul - cve " so - sllc is ""con- 1 feel tlie school work isn't siif- 15 " 01 "*' ° n slrike against your ftcienlly raolivalcd, but 1 have 'handling ' of her, from A to Z. no control over that. I've taken'. The P rob ' er n I see. basically, to supervising her home work ! is . (ha j 5' ou have always (uncon- . and lintl she goes through the mo-i sc ' ou . sly) rc J«^<I )'ie children lions, but doesn't really learn be-p 11101 "" 1311 ?— as a department of cnusc she isn't really trying she/ 051101151 "''''*' '. hat - vvhite "con- just doing a disagreeable (as k !scienllmis| y" embraced, repre- '" ° irec| . conflict wilh your "chosen" medium of self- under pressure; and, after an' 55 "' 5 " 3 ° irec| . conflict wilh your cvening of applying pressure, i. o!her "" 'am too .exhausted, -emotionally ESSO STANDARD OIL COMPANY to sleep, Bad For Them, Worse For Her The younger child is less of : namely, professional! your interests. Ncu- matters are equally razored with familiar and unfinished blulnesi. \Voik well so lhat you may onjay. ihe weeV end. MAY 22 (o JUKE 21 iOemlnl)-A a»y to Hlniulale jour rood Intentioni and tiooii deeds. noth yracllcal anil artirtlc matters, as well as mental rored; )ou are Mated lor re- treshine gzlius. benefits, advancement JUNE 22 to JULY 23 ICancer)-You >n atone no* lor periods when jou src lackadaUical. lackinjr in an\bi- tlon. DouMe your efforts, finish in- completed tasks, staK new projects, Set things in line generally. Profits are indicated. JULY 24 lo AU<;UST 2] <Uo) — Abundant reasons here for really hard strivinR. in profession, trade; &cien- ship, w-rliings, and Ihe many important "lime" tasks. AUGC'ST 21 10 SEPTEMBER 23 CVirKO) — Innuence* similar to Ihose ol Gemini. Fine aspects Jor launching new ventures, augmenting present holdings and completing tasks - already started. Enjoy the weeV-end. SEPTEMBER it to OCTOBEIl 2J {Libra)—You can no«- further your own and your family's Interests: also aid associates, employers in their piO' jects. nothing vex >ou: keep looking ahead and working for uuecr jratn Pleasant golngl OCTOBER 21 lo NOVEMBER 51 (Scorpio)—No "Us or buts" about — profitable, action—and good humor, loo. Advancement and lasting benefits ean be secured through work. TilUS, in first-hand dealings With can be secured through an Intelligent Ihe children, you've ataysjTovEWn a ,„ DF . CEMBER „ efl OSSential things, UH-j f Sag,lanius>-- Don't be satisfied with consciously impatient to set them!!I lcdio , c , re atlainir i« ri t IMS «ne planetary done and over with-Wll done, ' " '' °" ct . Corned Beef 12 03, ton 47C Dotty Frtih Coffee i it. .;„ 89c At Good A> Th. ten Jumbo Fr.lh Pineapple* jce Cream l / 2 ««'• 89c Kunl'i Cotif. Peaches 3 **? 97c| , of course; bul definilelv behind . i(y for their pets, hang up their ing satisfaction in j « «,t lurns You are h.» brave, capable; First time in coffee history! foith thai lype of effort DECEMBER 22 to JANUARY 20 (Capricorn)—Whatever your line of endeavor lajid this includes homemak- crs) generous Influences should Inspire you lo exhibit your finest quali' insl hrinir In lies and m<>!l «"»bl« talents. You ,, , - ... J , l DCln S l °- are especially favored now. gether, doing things together, get- JAA'UAHY Ji to FEoauAnv 11 ting lo know each other profound- < A «'"fi'' 5 > — Read, heed sagutariu j v , e ( c * The new, the unique: the daring More Puppets Then Persons And because you are a high- pressure domestic executive, operating at two-job speed, you've never become geared psychologically lo keeping the child's pace TOTAL VALUE 45C enterprise encouraged and sttmufaled now. Don't be idle when all the Influences urge you to do and achieve. FEBRUARY 20 lo MARCH 20 U'is- eej)— New Ideas, original methods en. couraced now. Your special Interests and activities you like should progress satisfactorily. Don't retire, so forward. YOU BORN TODAY are slrong. able, a delightful personality; Interesting, helpful, ftcneious—a vital person. At times you are misunderstood, under- of growth, as mother docs. a wholehearted A child's growth is of necessity slow, while uncertain and his personality faltering . is getting organized; and lo be persistently "rushed" tends to leave him disorganized, vaguely defensive against all pressures, and with- a sense of direction or pur- or self-confident drive in Redeem your 1-coffee coupon now! Give yourself a 3 valuable coupons have been mailed to your home. Each saves lot on a large jar of Instant Chase &. Sanborn. Take the first one to your grocer now. Enjoy a Flavor Break! You'll be glad you've got two more coupons to use on your next two large jars. INSTANT CHASE & SANBORN-the full-bodied coffee rated because you cr up fear lal>\ too much eally se/uiUve nature-, censorship of olhei Ihey can encourage and enjoy your impliitimenls. Con/ide in family but be uary trf further their and truited friends those uho flatter yc oun desJnvs. Cultivate your many a ents; they can he of great value late " life. Birthrate; Victoria, Queen o Eng. (King Fealurej Syndical*. l n c.> Pork And Beans For Hearty Eaters out pose ifc. As of now, the children, are For those ncver-fail appeliles more puppels than persons. itSof active teen-agers here's a eems-either doing as Ihey'rejbountiful bean casserole which old, or not doing it; but. at any lean be readied Jor the table in rate, not "relating" to any group! jigtime. situation "at homo or in school") Empty 2 can (3'i cups! of pork -n terms of acting eagerly, or,and beans with tomato sauce inio aking the initiative, to fceep iipia shallow casserole: Thinly slice tncir end ot things. And they are] a medium onion and dip in melt- 1 now of an age when this apathy Jed butler or margarine. Place on' shows, as significantly unsuited toj top of beans. Sprinkle approxi-' [heir years. Earlier it mighl|matcly Vi cup shredded sharp! •tave been construed as nice mal- process cheese over lop of rings.- leabilily. % a y e j,, 425 d e g rcc oven about 2 eJ Perhaps this is an overly sinv minutes or until cheese is li=hilyi plified interpolation of Ihe dif- browned ficulty—rather slanted in behalt of Ihe children's need of belter understanding, and more crca live handling. But, in any case, you've got to have firsl-handj advisory help, in gelling on lhe ; right Irack, for Ihe sake of all, before you crack up. And in the city through which you write, expert psychological help is available. M. H. Pickles £' 29c Kilni Ho* Dog 01 Hamburg Relish J«29c DSEAM Whip *v a . 29c CORN BKfAD Mix i* poo 29c Swifl'i Ffimign) Who). Connid Chicken '1.09 lib. 4 at. co Toppings 5«.,.,. 49,. Hit.'i HYIHGI SVrup 2 M.. 35c Pillibury KIT Cake Mix 4 <">«•> 89c Chippers BO* 33c Rye Thin* M 33c Sto-Flo IIOUIO Starch 2 i«w» 29c Sugar 10 >• 99c| Slvi Bon nil Colored Oleo 2 «..''S7c Instant Coffee '••-*••"• 1.291 Swiflningl 3 89cl FtMFKa Solid, GH Cabbage .. 2 »> Gio<M Poitol Celery w Corn <"> th» c°° 6 <° Cut Lettuce -- > Win'. Itlcl. Radishes 2 in t« Horn* Grown Rhubarb 2 i°. u Celery Hearts' 19c 29c >49c 25c 25c 25c '35c •Hot Summer'Spedal ! Hi-Kool ice bucket (•HIT with 6 lob«U from Ken-l-Ration 89c SKAW8ERR.IES *'49c .DUIAHYS PBEMIUM Frozen Foods fr«nch fri»», Ptoi, Spifloth. Kol. Mis '.m U p 6 ^°>. $1.00 THAIS BESTI 8OCKINOHAM ItNDERIZtO SWIFT'S PREMIUM TENDERIIJO 6ltlt USEl SWIFT'S RED LABEL SEAOT-TO-EAT BIAO^ CUT FIAVORITE BEEF EXIEA NICE CENTER CUT FREiH GROUND HAMS wh ' thank rroll lb DtfC HAMS «•-: K M . lb 57c HAMS %%&, , b 59c CHUCK ROAST u,. 35c CHUCK ROAST »,. 59c BEEF ib. 39c 3ib, $| Slakes six generous servings. lb, 69c L«on Savory Wilton'i Bacon , S5e Motr.ll'i B.,l QuoUty' Franks » 49c Our Own Dr Ham Salad lb 59c AmJih f fRYING Chickens T«n*J»r Bab/ Beef Liver 57c Rocltinghom Hams FREE ^DELIVER 232 VIRGINIA AVE. CUMBERLAND MO. PHONE PA 4-4360 M Mary Kaworth rounteli through her column, not by mail or personal interview, v/rile to her ifl care of The Evening Times. (King FeMurss Svnditrale) Dice mint-flavored maraschino cherries and add lo a chocolate ice-cream soda. SO MUCH FINE FLAVOR YOU ACTUALLY USE LESST The one mayonnaise with deliixe flavor- ! ...Mrs. FUbert's! News from the Filbert family! A wonderful new mayonnaise with deluxe flavor—so much fine flavor that you actually use much less. A dab of this deluxe jlai'or mayonnaise docs as much for your salads as a big spoonful of the ordinary kind! The secret? This is genuine mayonnaise, made to taste homemade. Creamy-rich with eggs and extra eggs (actually better eggs than you could buy to make your own mayonnaise)! Tangy with real lemon juice, a woman's own spice blend. What a flavor! Mrs. Filbert's Mayonnaise is guaranteed to taitc as good as homemade—or your money back from the Filbert family! t? -Chat "hom«maef»" flavor • Eggs and mora eggs • Real lemon julc« • A womon'i spite bltnd • MIL M. V. MRS. FILBERT'S MAYONNAISE YOU WANT FULL ENJOYMENT FROM HAMBURGERS and NOT DOGS YOU MUST HAVE FRESH, SOFT ROLLS! r\. BUY BLUE RIBBON ROLLS AND BE SURE! DELIVERED FRESH DAILY THEY'RE SilCiP READY TO SERVE I

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