Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana on June 28, 1957 · Page 25
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Logansport Pharos-Tribune from Logansport, Indiana · Page 25

Logansport, Indiana
Issue Date:
Friday, June 28, 1957
Page 25
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Friday Evening, June 28, 1957. LOGANSPORT PUBLIC LIBRARY Typhoon Toll Is Eighty-Six TOKYO (UP)-Torrential rains and floods spawned by Typhoon Virginia battered northeast Asia Thursday and Friday, leaving a trail of at least 86 persons dead and missing in Formosa and Japan. Virginia died out Friday in -the China Sea, but the downpour which followed battered Japan heavily throughout the night. Repc.-ts from Taipei said floods killed 29 persons in Nationalist Qiina and 16 others were missing. More than 3,000 persons were homeless and about 500 houses destroyed. Twenty-thousand persons were still threatened by the floods in the southern part of Formosa. Unofficial reports received in Tokyo said floods, landslides, cave-ins, and other accidents resulted from the deluge that killed 30 persons throughout Japan and left 11 missing. MlTICK Or AUUIMSTdATlON ."••'< i jr, j;;r, STATK tjf I.VUMNAJ COI.'.Vrr UK ''ASH ' S " : A/U,?;'^,;^$;V ; ' JI;IT COI;I;T .Sotl.:« i» l,':r«l,y K Iv<-« that I,,];, 1-iavJn wnv, r,n I),,, |3Ui ,i, lv „, Jim*. 1117. ajiiiolnli.rj AilmliilH- Irntrlx wllh tlii: Will An:n-i..il ,,f the KMutc ,,t Hu K ll M. |-'lui.-'!riil'!, All . pfrH'jn , -j.rr or not n.jw dii«-, MINK! nil; UK; t,;ur.- In K;I!(| i:otirt within Hx- 1 1; j innntliK fniin I hi: .Inii. i,r l}i-. rln-i iJilhll'-mlwi ;r thin ;,,,U<-« ',<• n.-il'l Clalllii. will |,|, .'ori:V'.| l,;i|-,-..,|. J*;il.-.| ai I.i;«;u>«[M,rt. In>li:ir:n, this IJtli 'lay i,r .lurin, '>:.7. KUXAJ1KTII |:||-;KKI; Clerk i,r lii<; t:in :H )i. I'.nn-t for f';i;K ''"'inty, Jliuiiuia TiArifii.ii .1. Ti.'HKUTv fiariii'.-. urtlri- l!ull'll;i K , J.'jx;ili>-P"it. InilliilM I.M)IA\A AI,<;OHOI,I<: IIKVIOH- .\<;i-: <.:o.-\i MINNJON l.KUAI. XO'ni'.K (IK 1'l.lll.H; HI<:A IIIM; N'.lli.-i, In li,-i,.|,y cly.-n lli;il t In^.i-al Ali "h'.li.' l:.-v.-r;i|.-,i, I'.'.iH'l of CAH;-: Oiiimy, iiiii!;.n;i, v/iii, --M i |j ;«. o;i '.li<: Z'Jiul ilny <,r .lulr nr,7. ;,t til- .•:. i',,,j,i i:.,.,m, I'mm lloui.1,. In I In; l-lly <„,- |,,v.-i,, ,,r r<"K;Lii«port, Jnrliji IKL In iiald i:m,n- IV. Ij'rlilri IMM-WI lt;f I'jn of III.- ;ifirilli-:il)'<» i,t lln- r',ll;wliiK l/i'- AI.-oli';II' l:.:v.-r ,IJM- fi-'riiiil i,l Ilin i-lur* )i,,i-i.|ii;irit.|- iji-i-li-ii.n.-.l HII'I will, ;il MtM Ilin,, :,,i,| .,!;,, ..... ii-ii-.lvi, liiriirjii.iili'ii ••oufi-riiliiK thl flt;i|.r'i. i,r «i,| ( J ;. jn.ll- J..MI, aii'l Ih.. i,r,,i,,M-ly -,f lif.iulii;- I IK- |,.-!n,.i iilillllKil for I" nll'-li IIJi|>!l.:lil,l ill HIH i..";rnl:!i-:. II;IJTII:'|: On In I-!. .MllliT fr Chai.ii-i. I! Wholly < l!'-M.iiir:iiit i !{«-.-!, l,h|ii-,j ^ win.. j!.-i;iiii-i , ^::i-;j -till :;:.. \.n- Kail«|,..rl, li.'ll.inn. MAID IM'HMTIOATIO.'V WII.I, in-: oi'i-:;; TO "'UK I'l'isi.l' 1 . A:-:|J j'rj{i,ic CA irri':i rA'no.'f JH HI-:. Rochester Eighty members and guests ot the Rochester Lions Club held ladies' night Tuesday evening, with a delicious ham dinner served buffet style. Preceding the dinner, Don Pressel offered the invocation. The out-going president, Robert IVanDuyne, presided over the busi- | ness meeting. j Mr. and Mrs. Don Pole-son of I Etna Green were introduced. Mr. jPoleson is a past district govenor. : They showed colored slides illustrating the resume of their recent i world tour, which they so vividly presented. i Plans wore made for [he coming j street festival of the club, July 3, i which will feature three types of : entertainment: Square dancing. Games of skill and an ice cream i festival. Each lioness is to fur- i nish a cake and a pie. I Past President Tisy Myers in- itialled the following new officers: |First Vice president, Dole Shaw; I second vice president, Don Pros- ,':cl; third vice president, Keith jWalburn; recording secretary, George O'Neil; treasurer, Ray Sbi'lfon; secretary. Ken Baldwin; tail-twister, Randt Westwood; and lion tamer, Robert See. Also the following directors were installed: Harold Gerri. Hugh Moore, John CriwKll and Wayne Ileisler. The president elect, Conde Holloway will be installed when he returns from his vacation. Mrs. Dale Shaw was hostess to i'he Rckamcmoh Home Dcmonstra- I lion club Wednesday afternoon, iwilh Mrs. Ken Brandt as assistant hnsicss. i Mrs. Joe Cardona opened the ; bu.sinc.-.s meeting, giving the devotional thought on "The.se Perilous Times". The roll was called and the re- .NIITK :i~'n,~^;\ vT'AVPTniToiJ~A"i>L JIITIII.VAI, A 1'rillll'HIATIII VM '•//"-','•''.",•,'" l ""'"''- v Klv ';:' " ; ""• I 1 :.;-.' I'oiinly. linll;tii;i. lluil Ihi- A.lvl:i,,ry II.,I1|-|| in,,! Tl'.int,.|. i,l "Jil'l 'I'liwIiKlilp will ini!i!l III (In. lM|-:ll:,--K LlTI.:!! In III,, h'lllll' III -iiiiv, iii:,7. 111. MI.-' iii,HI- i,'r' 7::in • .'.'li.i-l; I'. M. fUHTj h, i-r,n»lili'r ill,,- l^lli.wlliK :i'llllll'in:,| H|l|IMI|>rl- I.-1111.11, Wllli-h plllll urillllTH I'llMHllll-r II.-' .-.-l-.-ll V I" III';,:! Ill" ,-y. | fJllirlllM- n iv i'ii,i-r>'.fin-y iixhiUiiK in Lliln HID'- t',-v,-h : .-!l';:riAi. ;-(i'iif 101, (••:::.•;i- 12. Ill-null- III lillllillllK'-- anil ilrnnniln (I nun.nil I Thn I P I,I-«KII|IIK :i|i|in.|iil:illi,ii In In iul.lllli.il I,, i.|M,r.,|,rl;,l|,,ii:i |iri,- vlilml I'll- In Hit! nxlitiliiK l<M,lK'!ln lili'l l.-Vl.-l'. Iri VI- Hi': 'rlHhl III III! lii-HI'll' Uli'l-i'- iin. Tin. iiililllli/inil ii|i|ii'.,|,rl;.ll..n ii:> riiiiillv in:tili'. will f.'- n ill '.inn 11 • •;..!•,• M-.ri-iii-rl u, Hi,. K'HII. lli,;u-'l .,r 'l';i« <'.,!iim:m,|i.m:n-, w h ! • h I!.,;ii,I will li'.lil ;i lurllinr linni-- IIIK ivllliln nn.-i-ii ihiyn nl I IIP ...i.iily n'iilll.ir'ii i.rriin- fiT fain. '•.,11111V, lll.llllllll, l,|- III F.lll-ll ollll.l- |,l;i,-i; u" n.tiy h.' ,!.-I!|KH:I I i-'l. Al i-'|. Ii l,>-;iriiiK. liiximvnrn nhji.iil I MK i>. i.nv i<uc)i lulilll II.IIM ;t|.|, i., pi-Ill • M-INI, IIII.V )'<• lllrllfll, llll.l Illl.'l'i-J.l.'ll i;. '. JIJI.VIHK iii;iy 'I'llilfi nr III" f'.ilnly Jiuilll.ir U',,,-11 ^tiiil wliiM'i- l-.li-ll ll"ll|-|HK Will III: hl'lir.l. ln.li-il Ihhi ;'.» r'.n v i.r .lilii". lnr.7 HUNAI.il Ii. MOMM. TltllH'rKK TNKII.I, K, i I'.N'I'lll.l,, sponse was "Current Events". The members sang the song of the month "Tell Me Why". The club voted that each member would pay SLOO fee to become a Board Member of the School for Handicapped Children. Plans were made for a club trip to Culver, July 18, where the members will have dinner together and attend the Culver Play House. The membens are asked to meet at the home of Mrs. Phillip Clinger for transportation. The Door Prizes were awarded to. Mrs. Paul Felke and Mrs. Cardona. Mrs. Ben . Geib won the orize awarded for the contest, conducted by Mrs. Marjory Wagoner. Lovely refreshments were served at the close of the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Sam McDowell and daughter, Patricia, are spending the week in St. Louis. Mr. and Mrs. Elslon Sayers and son of Star City, were Wednesday evening guesls of Mr. and Mrs. Don Melzger and family. Mrs. Henry Good, accomnanied by her son and wife, Mr. and Mrs. Darwin L. Deland of Michigan City, attended the Don McNeil Breakfast club in Chicago, Tuesday. Mesdames Harry Lnr.dcrbnck, Hugh Barnhart, C. f,. Gik'cr, Burl Ros.sington and Miss Narcissus Sowers, are in Indianapoli.s where ihe will play in the OLfiA gnlf tournament at Highland Country club. The combined Boards of the Fullon County Cancer Society and the Woodlawn hospital Cancu.' 1 Detection Center Board donated u Path- olofifcal Microscope- to IVimfllawn hospital for use in the labratory, This will be used in cimncctiun with the detection work which is carried uri monthly by the Detection Center. This gift, at a cost nf $7!t2.!>0 was made possible', by :nun- ies derived from cwHnbulion.s n[ individuals, and also memory funds established in memory tit sonic i deceased cancer patient. The C'cn- |tcr welcomes all contribution)!, mid ^lie Kiilton county and surrounding I counties wiil hi! most .'ippreciutive it! llii.i much numltiil (!(|uij>»ici>l. In closing, plans were made for the next center day. 1 Rochester will have two one-wyy 'streets as provided in an orilin- jance paused by n 4-1 void .during |Ihe regular session of the City Council. The ordinance will lake effect us sonn as :i|i]>rti|>ri;ili! nigim have liceri erected. Jefferson street will be Soulh bound l.r;ifric only, friini Third sl.r(ti!l. soulh lo Kllli atrcnl, .•Hid M;ii!inon street will IID for Norlh bound traffic only from r/lh street lo Mill. Biil.h .Inffersmi nnill Mi'iillsun streets will he through fitreuts with one exception cnch; at Seventh street for JefferHiin anil' ill Ninth street fur Madison. The ordinance nl.so provid(!H for a fine of mil li'S.'i than f?i nor mure MISTER BREGER lhan $100 for violation of its terms. In other business councilman Gordon nominated Mrs. Ruth Richardson for ' re-clecllon and Mrs. Carlton 1-laskel.t for election to the Rochester Fulton county library board, to fill a vacancy that will come up soon. Mr. and Mrs. Myron Rcrkhoiser will hold open house Sunday in Iheir home from 2 t» 5 p.m. in honor of their 25th wedding anniversary. Friends and relatives arc invited to attend. Mr. and Mrs. Berkheiser were married June 2(i, 10:12, at the South Bend Broadway KUB church by Ihe Jtev. Fredrick Kuebler. Mrs. Berkheiser was the former Melon Chamberlain, dabbler of the late Mr, and Mrs. Li. Chamberlain. Mr. Bcrkheiser's purenls were the hilc Mr. and Mrs. Merrill Berkhciser. The licrkhoiser.'f have one daughter, Nancy Sue. Admissions to Woodlnwn lin.spil.nl are Mrs. Mlio Aull, Akron: Lavad;i Mclflvoy, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. JMITIOH McKvuy, Akruii; Mrs. Geraldini! D;iy, 11^5 Madison .street; Jack Wiselcy, Argos. Uismissnls: Kdwurd Cronklmum, Ciiiypool; Mrs. Rowliuid Kninp, (Wr, lOii.sl 21 Hi alreel: Mrs. Doyle Piilmnn and diiunliler, ArgiiH; Mrs. Charle.s .Steiiiniiin, r.ourhon; Mrs. Kirk Livelihood and (Iniinhter, Ti/jpi.'canou; Mrs. Clinrles J'hillips, Iliirkel. Mrs. Omn Warner. 2I>, , Plymouth, lias been IdiMilllieil liy I'i'iil Conkle. owner of Conkle's Tot Teen Shop, Rochester, ns the woman who passed a worthless $45 check in his store' last month, IJochestei police said Thursday. The woman who would admil nothing is being held in the Plymouth jail for investigation 'of other bad checks in that city. Winamoc A son was born .Mine 27, to Mr. and Mrs. Charles DeLorenzo al Caniual ho.vpita). Ilichurd I'nlslrn was at Anderson Thursday, where he attended the [nnural of George Kord -Ir. n friend he had made in school. ,Judith u lid Gcrnldinit Lewis, rlaiighUjrs ol Mr. H:K| Mrs. Milo /,ewis of Monterey, uiulerwenl lon- sillectninlcs at Cnrncul hospitul lust l'"ri(liiy. Mr. mid Mrs. Clay tellers ol Wiiiamac will gu lo Holland, Michigan l : 'ritl«y In spend Ihe weekenc wilh Mr. and Mm. Richard 1'ryi 1 and children. Mr. ami M::H. Mareit] Buck have moved from North .Unison into tin Cord Huffman house on Riverside Drlvo. Mr. I'Ynnk Zellers of Winnmnt: was admitted to Cnrnonl Hospital h'uiifj/iy for IreutnienL. Mrs, Kverel.t Ciordon Ihv formci Miss I'riscilla Slr.'iw who has bcpn enijiluycil foi' soinelime at AiliMi l)eiiiit.V shop will leave Sunday l( make her lianie al. 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Army. She will be accompanied by Mrs. Lillie Gordon and Mr. and Mrs. Don Shelhart of Logansport [or a weeks stay. Mrs. Harry Roberts ana sons, James and Jack, and Mrs. Emma Good left Thursday for Bainbridge, Md., where they will attend the wedding of Miss Janet Roberts of Winamac and Mr. Francis Rafter Jr. ot Binghampton, N. Y. which will take place Saturday, June 29. Mr. and Mrs. Chauncey Bader of Grand Rapids, Mich., came Wednesday for a visit in the home of Mrs. Mae Gorrell. Mr. Bader returning home Thursday and she staying for several weeks. Lenore Koepky, small daughter of Deputy Sheriff and Mrs. Wayne Koepky, underwent surgery at Saint Joseph hospital, Logansport, on Wednesday. Her mother stayed with her until Thursday morning and her grandmother, Mrs. John Koepky, was here lo care for the other children. Mr. and Mrs. William Murphy and daughter, Jackye, left Thursday for a len-day vacation trip to Texas, and expect to visit relatives Logansport, Indiana, Pharos-Tribune Nlnt at Lakeland, Fla,, enroute home. Mr. and Mrs. A. J. Daugherty and children, Mike and Kathy, and Clarke Porter are spending a ten- day vacation at St. Petersburg, Fla. They will be accompanied home by Mrs. Porter and daughter, Linda, who have been visiting her parenls. Mr. and Mrs. 1 Jack Barnett and children of New York City are spending three weeks in the home of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Barnett. Hospital Notes MEMORIAL Admitted: Mrs. Bessie Buchanan, route 1. Royal Center; Mrs. Minnie Burkhart, route 3: Owen Fitch, 201 Tacoma avenue; John Simons, (522 Shultz street; Master Dennis and Master Lynn Hastings, 101 West Clinton street: Mrs. Eva Kingery. 1238 Chicago street: Mrs. Dorothy Bagwell. 2101 George street; Mrs. Phyllis Hincman, 17 East Colfax street. Dismissed: Maslcr Billy Woolen, 121 Cliff Drive; Mrs. John Bcnn and son, 1829 Spear street; Mrs. Loretta Clearwater, 805Vi West Melbourne avenue; Mrs. Loree Wilson, 333 West Broadway; Miss Darlene Logan, Lafayette; Mrs. Mary Bryan, Camden; Miss Phyllis Rice. 1208 Peter street; Master Neil and Miss Mary Beth Chambers, route 2. ST. JOSEPH'S Born: To Mr. and Mrs. Charles Needham, Winamac. a daughter. Admitted: Mrs. Mae Hume, 2206 East Market street. Dismissed: Master Michael Beall, 864 Garl'ield avenue; Mrs. Henry Cornell and daughter. Star City; Master Gary Downhour, route 1, Galveston; Mrs. Keith Emery and son. Onward; Master Tom Hirschauer, 028 High street; Miss Karen Hoffman, route 1, Royal Center; Miss Sally Hunter, 1720 I High street; Cecil Marlcr, 1614 | Woodlawn avenue: Mrs. .Mary Sylvester, 523 Twelfth street; Keith Turnpaugh, 621 Franklin street. Read the Classified Ads Buying a car? 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