Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland on February 8, 1952 · Page 16
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Cumberland Evening Times from Cumberland, Maryland · Page 16

Cumberland, Maryland
Issue Date:
Friday, February 8, 1952
Page 16
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SIXTEEN EVENING TIMES, CUMBERLAND, MD. FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 8, 1952 Phone 4600 for a WANT AD Taker In Hollywood - By JERSKINE JOHNSON NBA Staff Corrwpondent HOLLYWOOD — BeWnd The Screen: There's no "let's-put-lt-on- film" from Danny Thomas now that he's clicking big in movies and on NBC-TV All Star Revue. Danny wants to go on being a live TV star because of his contemporary humor. Danny said: "They couldn't re- ist.;e my shows on film because jokes about Truman and Taft won't be funny three years from now." But he is saying that "for the comedian, television is the biggest headache ever invented. As a night club star, I had to come up with four good new routines a year. Now I'm being: asked to do it once a month. It's a monster." His dream TV contract: Six shows a year. "Just enough to stay in the pie." Danny's movie success opposite Doris Day in the Gus Kahn film biography, "I'll See You In My WONDER BAR 111 Virginia Av*. FRIDAY NIGHT HELEN PETTIE'S TRIO SATURDAY NIGHT Jimmie Campbell's Star Dusters Nightly Entertainment! SPA BAR 19 N. Mechanic St. Phone 5721 Delicious Meals with all the flavor of home cooking! Day* — 7 A. M.' 'til Midnight Sunday. — 9:30 A, M. 'til I P. M. Special Dining Room For Special Occasions SHEEHE'S RESTAURANT 31 N. Mechanic St. Dreams," even has Danny blinking. He told me: "I expected the critics would call me a sad-eyed mutt and a hook- nosed jerk. But you know, it's my ugliness that's making the movie a hit. "People believe it when they see me as a struggling songwriter. And they believe the love story lor the same reason." * * * Left red-faced and holding the bag: A TV producer with a pilot reel co-starring Walter Wanger and Joan Bennett as a Mr; and Mrs. team In a "happy family" series. * • * Pre-mayhem note: The word's out that Bette Davis, playing a bit part at the end of Shelley Winters' starring picture, "Phone Call From a Stranger," wraps up the acting honors and walks away with the film. * * * Irene Manning, who co-starred with Dennis Morgan In Warners' "The Desert Song," is back in town after three years to resume her career. She's been living in London. . . . Jack Carson's ex-wife, Kay St. Germaine, is making a singing comeback. Her first booking was in a Milwaukee club. ... Michael North, whose movie career fizzled, is about to reap a fortune with color decals of movie stars, * * * Line from the script of "We're Not Married," which concerns a justice of the peace who started marrying people before he was licensed: 'It will be the biggest scandal since that mink coat got into the White House." * * * The stores being told that certain members of the Will Rogers family objected to some fictiohized hardships that weren't true in the Warner film biography of the famed cowboy humorist. Dramatic license was taken by the screenplay writers to create sympathy for Will, who in real :ife had plenty of money and was the kingpin of Southern California's polo-playing millionaire set. It was Producer Bryan Foy who finally convinced the Rogers family ;hat a little fiction was necessary. Foy drove home his point with the classic: "Nobody's going to feel sorry for a polo player who broke his mallet." * * * Writer. Jules Epstein after the :revlew of a flop movie: "It was a 'our-snore picture." * « • Hilarious sequence: Jerry Lewis trapped on the. deck of a diving submarine in "Sailor Beware." * * * Mitzl Green, the child actress who grew up to become a night club singing star, is facing a movie cam- era for the first time in 15 years. Mitzi, who is the wife of Director Joe Pevney ,and the mother of three children, was asked if she had a change of heart about Hollywood. "I should say not," said Mitzi, who is on the s«t of the new Abbott and Costello comedy, "Lost in Alaska." "I always wanted to make pictures but no one ever asked me until now." Mitzi's last film was with Jack Benny in "Transatlantic Merry-Go- Round." "J. was still just a kid," she remembers. "They put a black satin dress on me to make me look grown up. Now I'm-grown up and trying to look like a kid." ** * * An older actor with fading vision and impaired hearing was introduced to Zsa Zsa Gabcr. "I didn't get the name," he mumbled. , "Zsa Zsa, Zsa, Zsa," the introducer repeated. The old timer blinked his eyes. "Why, Miss Pitts," he said, "you're looking marvelous!" * * * Asked if they'll wed, Scott Brady and Susan Ball, Til's new glamour dish, answer with: "Anything can happen." Two Area Men Enlist In Armed Forces Here' Two area men have enlisted in the armed forces at the local Ah- Force and Army recruiting station, accord- Ing to Master. Sgt. Virgil Burns, recruiter in charge. Irvin McKenzie, Frostburg, joined the Ah- Force for four years and was flown from Boiling Air Base in Washington to Lackland Air Force Base, San Antonio, Texas, for basic training. Charles E. Hampton, Williams Road, joined the Army for four years and was dispatched to Fort George G. Meade for processing. The elements of vacuum tubes used in the latest models of hearing aids are of nickel filament wire, only one-tenth as thick as human hair. Stop In For The Best Food In Town - SPECIAL. BUSINESS LUNCH fAST' SERVICE The Liberty Tavern 42 N. Liberty St. Your Horoscope Look in the wction in which your birthday comes and Jlnd whit your outlook is. according to the stars, fot 'Siturday, February 9, 19S! MARCH 31 to APRIL 30 (Aries)—Your attitude should be one of optimism and confidence to bring the good results possible. Always respect Use other lellow's ability and you won't be caught o!f guard. Trend is forward. APRIL 21 to MAY 20 (Taurus)—We seldom like to see-wrongs 1C ourselves and dislike others to tell us. So how are we really to know! Take intelligent criticism and you'll get useful commendations. MAY 21 to JUNE 21 (Gemini)—Your planet Is fairly well aspected. "Make hay" while you nsay. Many bright advantages for you. Business In general, personal affairs well sponsored; also romance, sound domesticity. JUNE 22 to JULY 33 (Cancer)—You may be subject to tome uncertainties: these added to your natural sensitiveness could upset best of plans if you are not careful. Don't, Indulge needless controversy or say things you don't mean. JULY 24 to AUGUST 33 (Leo)—Day on the edge of fine results; do not spoil good conclusions by being Impatient. Meet with stern resistance conditions that tend to disturb equilibrium or upset family relations.. AUGtJSET 23 to SEPTEMBER 23 (Virgo) —Some misunderstanding, annoyances may arise, likely In a. m. Under today's aspects it is best to avoid hazardous ventures, litigations, and surely- moods. Be calm, sensible. SEPTEMBER 24 to OCTOBER 23 (Libra) —Give careful attention' to family and heart Interests, Irritation now could be troublesome. Be serene, pleasant in mind and word; manifest your true kindliness. OCTOBER ^^ to NOVEMBER 22 (Scor- piol—Forget post-mortems, get down to business early and you will benefit by the good'rays. Be accurate making statements and drawing conclusions. Generous aspects on whole. NOVEMBER 23 to DECEMBER 22 (Sagittarius)—A good, wido margin for most of your activities so pep up. Achievement can be very worth while. Personal affairs also rate attention, especially In family, courtship. DECEMBER 23 to JANUARY 21 (Capricorn)—Schedule important matters first. Be consistent and you will have little to repeat. Develop habit of observing others' progress regularly. We all can learn more daily. JANUARY 22 to FEBRUARY 20 (Aquarius)—Think and act with sound sense, and on time. Decide what you are going to do about things, and do it. Stars favor new healthy activities. Research for more knowledge. FEBRUARY 21 to MARCH 30 (Pisces)— You are summoned to do something about anything that needs attention. Favorable aspects, your chart says generous returns STAR RESTAURANT 31 Baltimore St. Phoni 55 IT'S AN EASY TRANSITION FROM THE SPOKEN WORD TO THE PRINTED PAGE when you pick up your phone and tell a Times-News ad-taker of your wants and needs. In a few short hours your spoken words are in print in the Times-News Want Ads. Your desire to buy or sell, rent, find work or hire is properly worded with the ad-takers help and will appear in 36,000 copies of the Times-News. This is a splendid time of year for Selling furniture and household appliances Renting apartments or rooms Selling houses or farms Selling used but usable farm machinery Finding lost articles Times-News Want Ads will do all these things and many more for you, and at a surprisingly low cost. CALL 4600 for worthy effort. Labor, trades, manufacturing can advance. YOU BORN TODAY: May have unusual talent for writing, decorating, weaving materials, mechanics. Whatever you lean toward, strive with confidence and you can reach the heights. Even late in life achieve new success. You react quickly to reasoning, but usually refuse to be driven. Make congenial, fun-loving companion, lifemate. generally let the other person say which activities to indulge. Accept changes of abode in stride; you are a deep family lover at heart. Innately conservative, you are keen in discerning public affairs. Could become successful doctor, nurse, religious. Birthdate of: Wm. H. Harrison. 9th U. S. Pres.; Geo. Ade, Sir Anthony Hope, famed writers; Ronald Colman, actor. (Copyright, 1952, King Features Syndicate, Inc.) University Professor Checks Records Here Dr. Alfred Proctor James, a member of the University of Pittsburgh faculty since 1318 is spending several days in Cumberland doing re- Far A R«al Tatt* Treat, Viiit Tht Seafood Cellar Downstairs — at Hasf's Service Sia, Bedford Road and Nave's Crossroads 7 P. M. to Midnite, * Dayi Wi.kly Sundays-Catering to Private Partitt Managed by CAPPY HALLER Mario Lanza — IN THE — "Great Caruso" RETURNING BY POPULAR DEMAND SUNDAY t MONDAY, FEB. 10/11 search work in connection" with the Ohio Company. He is delving into records at the Court House which show Judgments in favor of the company, which at one time owned much land in and around this city. Young mallard ducks can swim a third of a mile as soon as they leave their nests. o Round and Square DANCE PLUMMER'S MOUNTAINEERS Friday & Saturday Nights CLAYTON'S Bean's Cove Road Open 'til 2 A. M. Attend The Soroptimisf's Benefit Danee TONITE AH Ghan Shrine Country Club ART SHAFFER'S ORCHESTRA Courtesy s SUPER 40 DRIVE-IN THEATRE ROUND and SQUARE Dance Tonight FAIRGO CAFE Next to Tracks Muiic by HAZEL and VAN • PHONE 4647 FOR RESERVATIONS Beer • Wine • Sandwiches DANCE . 0. K, K, HOME " NORTH MECHANIC ST. FRIDAY NIGHT 9 until 12 BILLY BERRY'S ORCHESTRA Members and Guests Invited — Free Entertaining Alternatively in the Horseshoe Bar BOBBY HARRIS Pianist and Vocalist JOE NILAND Loco' Pianist favorite AT THE CADILIAC MEET SYLVANU5I ... THE SLICKEST CONMAN, GUNMAN OF THEM All ... TERRY MOORE JEROME 00URTL A ACTION - CRAMMED ADVENTURHI WITH THE SCREEN'S LATEST WESTERN STAR 1 DENBIC HOWS — ADDED — CARTOON AND "MYSTERY ISLAND" No. 6 Down in the Valley... The late Dorothy Dix left an estate valued at $2,316,398 ... And they say you get into trouble giving other people advice ... If that's trouble, the Russians invented Henry Ford , . . Miss Dix proved that sticking your nose into other people's business is big business, and they don't mind being told off If you'll let them pay you for it ... She had more cures for heart trouble than the Mayo Clinic, and she solved more problems than Einstein . . . The moral is: Tell everyone else how to run their lives and you'll be covered with green stuff, either money or produce (overripe) . . . We give advice "Down in the Valley", too, and it's paying off ... We tell your our food and beverages are tops, and our patrons have found out we're telling the truth . . . That's why they keep coming back for more . .. Try us, and you will, too ... Cas Taylor's Formerly "Shober 1 *" SOI N. Mechanic St. Phone 6629 NOW SHOWING Feature At; THE LOVE STORY EVERY WOMAN MUST SEE! from M-O-M tuning * VAN JOHNSON DOROTHY MCGUIRE; RUTH ROMAN F15 N SCREENFUL** LMICNS, HCMT4BIT, HOMMCC ' m • ft> *****»???> BIG STARS! S M-G-M er*i»nri ITS A BIG COUNTRY STARRING GENE KELLY if JANET LEIGH if VAN JOHNSON •£• GARY COOPER •*• ETHEL BARRYMORE * FREDRIC MARCH * MARJORIE MAIN if WILLIAM POWELL if GEORGE MURPHY if KEENAN WYNN if NANCY DAVIS •£• JAMES WHITMORE if S. Z. SAKALL if LEWIS STONE if KEEFE BRASSEUE MARYLAND THEATRE K"* A Scli,ttE f 1UjRat^e. STRAND NOW H»ven ucu> -me NAVY WITHA c*ew tt*f IMS? AISO A COIOR CARTOON PLUS THE NEWS FEATURE STARTS AT — 12:00 - 2:00 . 4 : 00 - 6.00 - 8-00 - 10-68 LAST TIMES TODAY Robert Mitchum—"The Racket' Plus—"Crooked Elver" SATURDAY - TWO HITS! 0 W 2 TOP THRILLERS OUT OF SPACE CAME A TERRIBLE MACHIN£ spread panic on the earth! •** RENNIE •»«»NEAL • — MARLOWE HIGH RIDING THRILLS THAT fNcciF ••••' YOUR.EMofldNiS WITH TENSION! ADDED COIOR I COMEDY CARTOONS I SERIAL SATURDAY MORNING Kiddie's Matinee A Soldier Of Fortune ... A Gal That's A Beauty . . . And A Priceless Jeweled Idol . , . Mixed Toaether They Add Up To 90 Minutes Of Thrilling Entertainment! •G TECHNICOLOR PLUS THIS HARD HITTING CO-HIT!

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