Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California on February 15, 1969 · Page 15
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Redlands Daily Facts from Redlands, California · Page 15

Redlands, California
Issue Date:
Saturday, February 15, 1969
Page 15
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Opportunity Knocks Every Day In Facts Classified Ads Fhft-ytar-old to oppcor in court DENVER (OTI)-He-s only five years M and tiiree-feet- taii, but Leisb G. Bamm is 8MBS to get his day in court. He jay«-a]ked and got a.b'clcet His Mfaer, Denver jHanist Lei^. Bamn, says tiie younf- ster ran into a car while dtasinc a friend acioss Uie stmt a %e boy suffered a bnken left coOartHoe and a dislocated left hip. "Iliey the ambulaice there until be got his tidcet. . sua . US CIJVSSIFIEO RATES Mifiimum 2 lincs. i avanpi •Of* to the line. 32 tattan ana (picas. DO no. 3T«»...r«« ^ § S Par Hanoi tytM law — tUI Canunafcial llaMa aa •aauaat CtJ^IFICATION INOfX Lost and Feuntf j Panonals J SpeeitI NoBcaa^. J 1Q hr lei» Emeloynwiit WanM Ha:p wantad Schools. Instnjctioni ... Nurtarics-Oay Siliuula . Room and Boafd Rest Homai For Rent Bead)-Mountain Rentals Wantad to Rant . ' Bargain Spot „_ _ „ „ ^TTT I Musical Instrumants the senior Barron said. PoiiceiReai Esata Loans exidained they were doing it to protect the motorist 2 Linaa 3 Linaa 4 Unas 5 Unas 6 Unas 7 Unas S Linaa S Unas 10 Unas NCM U. e4 ft., duplax Altbou^ he was angry first, Barron admits now iMonay to Loan. Money Wantad .. 'Morttaies-Trust Business Opportunitiaa businca. at incoma Propirty . Mountain rtv%m-i »j Real Estate Ezchafitea- Grovas and Ranctiaa .. Real Estate Wanted . . Cornmercial Property -. Houses for Sale hp'Beac^-~,^ . J.^"L-lIx T^irri- . ilndustrial Property doesn t object that his son is, Lots and going before a judge. "In fact, we Osaik court for Leigh will be a good idea to impress traffic : siafety on his mind," be said. leigh. possibly the youngest defandaot ever to appear in a |pro ,SS 'i^ita^_.fwiitiJ!>a ot mtends to plead guilty. economy, ttwt^oia oniyS •"What's that?" he asked. (UJbrevSations ara author&ad. Is he gmng to tell (he judge, be did U? •Teah." he said. "Because I ad." fates. IM and •» aUBCaa JKIML Chiidran aalcawa, HHSB. U22 West Palm. At*. X t bad- apartmant Carpet , vary claan. 793-SW7. 15 linriiSpit w£ lUV and SCtL aaea aaadlinP turc Value Camar Fumitufa, 3U W. Radlands Blvd. m -UU. SIDE GLANCES IrtEAD SW5 - ttow on sala. eH. Pratt Bias, SSl E. Citrus A»a. Bob Parbr, RMI Estate 37 E. Oliva Aval 7»a914 AfAKHmii Unfumiaiiad 2 badfoom. naw car- petini. SUS. M, air oanditianinL anAundry.^ fiSkJS &s"«£^n«^ Hammit tar fraa home Inspacban. 79M901. Palmbreck. and Ash. ~ PATIO APTS. 2 bedrooms. I and rafrim - paUo with sliding kitchen and living nam. ClOMi^la U. of R. on qtfit slraat Unfurnished. tl25. MP Stilimaii. ItUm. REDLANDS OASIS Deluxe Garden Apts. 1-2-3 ^jgu;"^* jFully.air cendMMd, 2 pads, private !ll»*'^Citrus 7»2-7W3 ABBREVIATIONS Readable and undaratwidabla a* romote greater results. Tlia use of picwn PHILADELPHIA (UPD—The Fluladdphia AFL-CIO Council began .picketing the Troc Tbeater—one of the few bur^ lesque houses in. the nation— because it reidaced musicians with "canned" music pany the bumps and grinds of the exotic dancers. ERRORS Where an arror is mada on tfw part of the Redlands Daily Facta, and »a Facts is notinad by » ajn. da» W' lowing first insart-oa. eornicOon wiU be mada and the adwill ba run "m^SnSfiSirF ^-nnPt |be mpoRsibi« for mora than M ki* correct inacftion. NEW YORK ST. APTS. 25 New York St. Mgr. Apt t _ ^S"** - fiebftMM, Carport, CANCELLATION CanccilaUons of prival* paftr an may ba mada until ? ajn, oS day D ipublication. If mti* after t am, jcancallatien win ba mada lor tha Ml""SS a'/placad must ba PtMishad .ione time or there will ba a type aa»- music to acrnm. «»« °^ DEADLINES ; Private party ads—4J0 pjn. dap preceding publication. I Commercial Ads —3 pjn. day pra- 1S^""s»' unfa^KStad. m tur- Bished. SgKWU. "BEDHMM cottage, paitialiOS: nishad. No chiidran or pats. $80 a ll KMOOu'^.a^ hou«. In Men. ' tone. $60 a month. uUlltias paid. . Adults, no pats. 793-2380. rOft LEASE -^Ueallant bcaliea Jar military. 4 bagwems,j; ba"*.>*«* yard fenced. Cope McWnly adnels. , Il75 monUi. Call»2-tU7. ^ . t4EW cottage. 4umWiadrp ^iri ' to wall carpet, gas.litfita, » care, maid service.^ Lots of cupboards. Employed adults only. $90 one, sm twe._7?7-447S. WiMrrOCATION ceding publication. XOnCE or aEABING OV FETI- nON FOB PROBATE OF WILt, AND FOB UTTEBS TCSTAMCN-TABT No. 38152 IP the Soperlor Cenrt of the State ot CalUomia. in and for the Caoaty of San Bexnardino. Is the matter of the Eitate of ; , ——-— AUCnSTA KENNEDY. Oeceaaed. jLOST — Set of iiays, SanTimotao Notice Is hereby given tlut the; Canyon-Barton Rd. araa. 792-a63fc Kina Simnonds for thelCSST —f ,_ PHONE 793-3221 Dilly •:N ajn. to 5 pjn. 1:08 a.nt. to II Naaii SatoPdgy 12 bedroom with dan. M baths, drapes, carpeting, fireplace and air conditioning, on landsca|>^ comer lot $195 .par mentt^ith^lMg. fa-S^gi«S.BUTLDfN6r~ CaMMERClAL building, BadBj^ ' Blvd.. tllfli Kav. 112 Firat 79 »«tll. 1 Lost and Food petJtloB of — — Probate of VUl of Augusta Kennedy, the above named decedent, and for the itsuanoe of Letten Testamentary thereon to Nina Simmonds. petitioner, reference to ivhieh is hereby made for further partieulan. wUl he heard at »30|FOR o-clodc a.m.. on February 28th l"^ 'Marltet Basiiet before 12- I vi3nity"of 792-33S2 2 Penonals 13 Wanted ft Reirt-LNse 1888, in the court room of the Pro- bale Department Room 308 of tbe above entiUed Court at the court- heoie in the CUT of San Bernardino in tha above deaigaalad county and sUte. Datad FebmatT Uth. U8P. V. OKNNIS WABOLK. Oatk. B, Edith Hbgta^ ^ PAtn. B. WILSON. GUAY P. WILSON. 308 B. Stale Sbaet. Redlands. California. Attorneys for PeUUoner. (First pubUcation Feb. IS. 1988) UK SALE — Antique sofa, HOM.i« cabinet eacallant condition. Dolls, miscallanaeus. 796-907X 3 Special Notices Ta« Ratuma, praparad b» tax consultant 797 ^8g2. _^.iing and glazing, n repairs, _'«™?_<>'ing_^Stoles, INCOME .. registered FURS-£lcai ining and glazing, lalining, remodeiing. Stelas, hats, , or enllars mada. 78^7140• TOUft U Europaan. countrias^S 797-657Sr 4 Eaploiaent Waiih^ NOTICE OF BEARING ON PETITION FOB PROBATE OF WBLt AND ^ FOB LETTEBS WSTAIIENTABT iy^^pp „„fga. Call Joe or of San Bernardino. In ' B the matter of the Mate M ABTHtm P. ITOBBAV. SCCMSed. ^tKliricu laacner win www iit faad- ing or elementary subjects. 7 »2-i7e9. — —EXKRT aRpB4TftV Call Bill at 792-0375 U hereby~ii^ that U>e PAlNTINe of Belen Bayley fcr the sonabla. "Bab" OaWltt TlSjHt. NoUce UMtmMHte. alactrldan, 3S yaan exparience. 2 days waak only, aami- ratirad. 792^82. tSN wants private duty nursing — home or hospital — nitfiter day. Excellent references. 797^027. t-nweta of WiU of Arthur P. Mutw the above named decadent and for the issnance of Letters Tastamenlary Helen Bariw^tlony, reference to which is bmby made foe further partleolats. wffl he heard at sao o-aocic a.m.. on Febrovy 28. 1969, in the court room of the Probate nepartraent Boom M« the above —»i«i~< rnnrt at the. - , ,.Kii«mis P..U. S SS,-.MiCA|noT^^^ county ana swc irrm -PFFK slF=ar-r=cv-?:3;ir^rw *i.«i. 4 Help Wanted ORANCB "-^'l*e"lb.: $3.* per bo«. 1336 W. Highland Ave., 792-1526. 6-MTS-ANIMAL* _ WANT to «nd a good home lor ne . 797 .4<ii6r niEE to good home, loving, genue ^<-6ARACE SALE ItMUAl SALE-foread to sell eyery- ' thing Tools, all kinds. Bads, chairs., old radios. Dhonocrapti, wrre re- 1 SSdar, and anSq^- all Wndj, lafrlgsfator, gas stova. TV, hardtoei ss£i.iS».^rAvi"Ms: MNDA — 2U Super Hawk, iharp, mechanical condition. 792-7876. (7 iacaae Property BY OWNER - Rialto, 8 unte wiUi pool and extras. Incoma $10J00 a r. $U,aoa down. Tiada for bal- a. 874.1S47. g Howes for Sale BY OWNER—4 bedroom, baths,,, 2Slt so. ft Family room, recreation : with wet bar. heated paot; S^^. W.OOg 792-9330. j LARGE [BEAT inflalion. Invest In this lovely Teaaj REDLANDS-Country Club aiaa: $1900 ^ down, no cloaing easts; 3 badroem.! — A a^ A f^t^ Slrfr /^rS&5""caS«l FANTASTIG drapaa,.dish«iash«. Fenced. Jj;., acre view lot $29306. Owner, 79^52^9 after S. , inaoor - outooor a lots aid Acieage "These are jet set people, Cecrgel Try not to act SO grass roots-yl" 55 Howes for Sale !55 Houses for Sale BUSINESS LOT ^SliVn «%ndJ '^Mt'«l&; sacrifice for juicic sale. 792-4868. Radands 53 Real Estate Wanted CASH FOR EQUITY , Wa pay cash for Uie equity in your home. Bob Parker Real Estate 37 E. Olive Ave. 793.29M 53 Real Estate Wanted HOMES — LOTS — FARMS TRADITIONAL SERVICE FOWLER'S 210 W. Citrus REALTORS 793-2883 I pmKre LocAfiett '. 2 bedroom and den. Hi balhs. complete with drapes, carpeting and fireplace, air conditioned, double carport and brick wall Pitio. Vi acre comer lot. beautifully Lfnd- scaped with fruit trees and flowers. $26,000 with 10% down. Owner will finance. 792-3621. Radtanda Redlamis Doily Fads Soturday. Fab. 15, 1W - 13 Hwaes far Sale 3 bedroom, . 783.1753. 2 baths. M2B Sertet~i;il*ri5SlaTc5lT5!'fS'm 4 BEDROOM.. 3 .batti. custom .Jiwns. smaller guest house with its ewn; prints-drive and •wMjW'i 'J^y! extras. By owner. $22J0ll.-79»4997.; 2350 sq. it Outstanding viae, V» acre landscaped lot Dining room, family room, large living "«>««$49.750. ,w„«, - wu.ww. living at its bast In this ultra-modem dieam hqma^.ad- OPEN HOUSE Sunday, 1-5 P.M. 714 Robinhood Ln. 4 Badrooms — Family Room Wanda Hale 128W. Colton Realtor ra3-2<'S'RedlanS!:"'cSHI Is W. state SL JpVnin"g"ttieli«fila^^ A view of tha mountains. ...... golf course-can beenjoyad walls of glass and darastoiy dows. Beamed ceilings, huge fire-' — inSividual thru win- place, indoor garden. >in„.n ,w.. patios, unique bath rooms, fabulous storage thru out this 4,080 sq. ft home, ara iust soma of tha amenities. Beautifully redecorated and re- landscaped for easy cara. Enioy living in the extra large living room, formal dining room, built-in kitchen, family room, den and 3 bedrooms (expandable to 5). For an appointment to see this individually designed home far tha growing family, call PRESGOTT'S Realtors Multiple Listing Service Days: 793-3188 BY OWNER — Lovely custom 2 bad- room, den, on Elizabeth Crast New- Iv radecor^ad. Magnificent view. Owner transferred. $3 >.70a 7924189. CUSTOM extras in this 4 ... and pool home. Cannot ba duplicated for thousands mora than tha owner's price of $42,700. On cul- de-sac near Kimbcily SchooL 792-1548. 1_ $5,500 South of the Border Spanish style home with 2 bedrooms and dan. Attractive B-B-Q in back. A raal buy at $16Ma Garden Setting on Garden St. iNlea two bedroom with separata din- In room (or family room), central halhaay, fireplace in living room. Be sura to see this at $22,500. Corner Lot badrooms, 2 bath heme in lovely low-tralfic araa. Built-in bar. Attractively landscaped, life of luxury for $31,Ma Bob Parker, Realtor 793-2914 HOUSE in Radlands to $ism Cash. No slab lloors. 797-7607. FOR LEASE: Coinmarelal multipur- posa building, ZJOO se. It Excallant location in IMantona. 10c per sq. ft Don Arneqard, Realtor 301 E. Citrus Ave. 793-2341 CASH IN A FLASH I NET CASH-ALL CASH Wa need your house — now. We pay ' all costs, delinquent payments made curiw^ immadialaly. Con- *"MRTHENON BUILDERS, mc 9439 Sierra Ave., Foolana 823-4276 or 875-3140 collect 3 OR 4 BEDROOM older home. Southeast Radlands. 793;1731. ftOOM in priMta home. Call 792-23a BEAUTIFUL area, view, 2 story white ' brick colonial, 4 bedroom. 3.W balhs. 2600 sq. ft Many extras. A very special house. $42,000. 797-7321 after 4 pjn. or weekends. A-AUTOWOTIVB •« ALU Visb bulaar i-ftoor Auto, pawar staaringani and bra—. U& No. 301 E. HATFIELD BUICX i Bhrd. ' slaaring. •/ DUlvn weiiT. :i'— •«"fatrea «-l^H.rd.op. siwn -«.srTr,>»%^^^ radio, haatar, white walls. Lie. Na J'^;^H»DBU.CK JajCTiN*»ffiATaxeallanre6ndl- 'B "S'uicK ^wJidcat 2 -Ooor Hardtop. V* auto., power steering and brakes, factory air. Uc No. HUS **'HATFIEU> BUICK 301 E. Redlands Bhid. 793-3238 •B AAMBLEft clTOtewagonTS^ maMc. ycaljant eendjtio&_7«j^ <to BUICK GS i-boor Hardtop. P?.'«1?r."4S!-o,TeanS: ^"••H^^D^^JCK 301 E. Redlands Blvd. _793-3238 $10,950 East Highland Ave. in Redlands. Compact 2 bedroom home with din. ing room. 12x15 living room and tiled kitchen. A sood home, a fine floor plan. Sure needs paint and you gotta do it at this price. Terms. 1 DON FIGGINS 2 bedroom home en R-2 lot 45x146. Close in to town. Owner will take $1000 down and carry tha baUnca. I have tha key, better hurry on this one. EARL JOHNSON, Realtor 405 E. Redlands Blvd. 792-6380 793.2291 20 N. 7lh Realtors 793 -2861 55 Houses for Sale Open^ll^i'so TU S-5101 OPEN SUNDAYS OPEN HOUSE Sunday. 1-5 P.M. 1302 CLOCK a 3 bedrooms. • Fenced yard. • Room for boat or eampar, _ $17J00 793-3354 33 E. Vine • MULTIPLE LISTING SEMVICI Yucaipa URGENT SALE a 2 story modem studio apartment • Charming older country home with horse corral stalls. _ , • Plus a vacant,adjoining R-3 tot with lovely private surroundings I and landscaping, a Near all schools. ' A Real Sale at $35,000 12470 Uth. Vucalpa. For appointment call 797-876« bafora 9 a.m. Radlands ~, 6V OWNER -4 badroom. near Saga's,; $23,000. Stt» loan. 792-1349. , VIR6II. X SIMS, REALTOR ^ ' M W. Citrus 793-2777 ti 6WNER — 3 badroom and jam DO YOU HAVE... In-laws? Teen-Agers? College Students?.. Here's the answer to your housing problems. A very livable, modem, 4 bedroom, 2 bath home PLUS I cozy 2 room and bath guest house with complete privacy. Smiley.Cope school District FHA Financing. Quiet Seclusion On over one-half acre with a view and room for a horse. A rambling ranch style home with ewer 200O square leet 4 spacious bedrooms, 3 baths, private livin, dining area. Beautifu $35,000. $19.200. Owner transferTed ;_W3 :CTfl. Lev — Mt Chestnut Open |J°p,ooMj^4M5k^ IBV OWNER - ComforUbla home and {a cozy 2 room and.bath Financing. $25,500. Now You Can Buy On FHA or VA Terms This lovely custom built home m a most desirable southside location. 3 bedrooms, two balhs, Plus den with used brick fiiaplaca. Bullion range, oven, dishwasher and refrigerator. Quality wall to wall carpeting over beautiful hardwood floors, lots of ir DCdUUIUI II«IUWMW« iiw,^ .„„ fruit and shade trees. Low down. Only $25,750 or NO DOWN to qualilied veteran. Dated Feb. 10. 1969. V. DENNIS WARDLK. Clerk. By s/ Edith Houghton, .uvn lor leim Deputy Cleric.; alter 3 p.m. wnxiAM J. CLAHIC », CAPABLE Boi 3524R-A Yucaipa Blvd., Yucaipa. CaUI.. Attorney for Petitioner. (Tirst PubUcation Feb. IS. 19S9) , housekeeping. Own apt 792^9Zl._i pce'lent corjdiUoninsida a^ IWARTED-^horl order cookTOown- 6 '^^J'^^'^^f^l^iS^ ' town Redlands. 792j919jlte;^4.p.m. I'^^ iteiring and brakai .factory air. vinyl top. Lie. No. RHL 4»s. $1999. cottage. 2400 sq. Jtj .swimming! pool, dining rooim Kyoa 6U S. ,„ ^,u....,^ .i»i^wV-^ VIRGIL J. S MS io«t''«M'S:lK;;',8W^™r Reaimr^ 793-2777 auer A p-m. CAPABLE Bookkaeper/Secicbry /or flight office. Radlands Airport, Mr. Odom. Aooointment only. 794-2314. fULL-TIME housekeeper, experienced. references. Must'drive »— ,— 793J460 evenings and weekends. HATFIELD BUICX •Ml F Redlands BhWt •O BUICK Rwlara. laeallanl u»m tion. Full power, ataiao. $1400. 792-67S2. dio, heater. «UL3a.$«?9. . ta the provisions ot Title 6 Oivisloo 1, Chapter 2, San Bcr- ^UrS^O-xStycSu. said apginn tioB aMUng to CSXATE THIin AM AND AagA within .A-IJS lowtng 'dualbed property: cHots d' wide with 1T.1S1 aq. ft 1 IM 7b .:^%ide with ao.442 ffllJ' of S ISiSS' of N S8ta', let IS. Barton Bandie, ggfEBAIXV LOCAITO .WEST S% or ALABAliA ST AWTOX WUTR or ORAKCE AVE. ';^,?ls '^^i[^ GIVEN thl^ above matter ha> been Mt tor ^Mie beating betote Ike County ll^ac CommiMioo oo TJiur«lay. jMnaiT 27. l»a» at 9:1S ajn., m( the Planning CommiMlon ^hanJenj, | necepuonisi - wooiwm .i Excellent typist light bookkaaping, shorthand helpfur Must ba e«- perienced. Yucaipa aia^ Wrila Yucaipa. expetianoa naecssary. OMT Blains Shall Sarvica, mont Ave.. Baaumont ^ Receptionist - ;*fa£ BUICK 30i t. wwienp. oiWd. 793-3238 HATnELD m 301 E. Radlands Blvd. P .a Box 1129. Automatic Transmission repair man with Ford Motor Co. ea- noe prafertad. See Jim Hanay. JIM GLAZE. INC Uneoln-Mercury 420 w. Radlands Bli I condition. 7»2-lM5._ „, malic power slaaring and brakes. HATFIELD BUICK Blvd. 793-3238 jiadTSHTRl radto. tiss than ICNO Miles. Phena •gPOWTi*e Catalina i;^^..^^*^ Automatic power steering and •_— _lvd. Salesman the Fianmng yma^y^.y ^.-t ^T I 3U m. View Ave, San •amardhw., S T ^? S-.SoS?.S SS ID ForRert Automobile GOOD DEMO PLAN SMALL SALES FORCE SELL NEW-USED See Bob McMillan ar Jim Giaaa Ne Phone Calls JIM GLAZE. INC Lincoln - Mercury Daalar 420 w. Radlands Bh/dn Badlands ""'"•HATF'ISO BUICK 301 E. Radlands Blvd. „ aulvnatic tiansmisst ott of ar la uppoiinwi w —• iU IVI Hgai nnasal at time ot hearing., t ^SBS^BRHM TO this lOUi -a, of-Rhn-rr. ^ _ j ^AKTMeWTS SAN BEHNARDINO COUNTY PLANNING COMMISSION. Index Mo. 27S /1U {$70.. PURfllSHED, mniairs, «2S w. CEBTtnCATE, _ It ta Manby CrtlfM as tdUaws: .^.^SS^-ntSir^cSS: ffidamder ttai flgauaM naga lAUVUN DtVELOrMBIT COM- ^nSr priaelpal glaee ot ti^nesi »^1 .S£^ aM -.«. - .rsaMira a( tta partaats aa as fal- •dward Kalaatie 38H8 Paaotaaa Dr. yncalpa. California DUrt&'^^^Hant cendltian. M , Bond St to $50 month, uti in!»iii5HEDrr"L-. Adults. $71. 2$ N. or 793-4586. ssni CrastTiew Drire Ye • Jadk Kiatovfl SS81* Dale St W. M. BaBa*. ». U8U Second St . DURRELL APTS. 1011 t Cantial ^ _^ Fumlshad. altracUva, t badfaam *i• plax units. Attached caipert. M. laundry. $13a 793-578S EDWIN JACK KKATOVn. .H. wmvont, n- laa. Pint Crest 1001 roil sr. NOWRBmHe Jutt Mwly complotad • Baeholort. I, 2. 3 Bedrooms* • $IOOte$l90pM Al HATFIELD BUICK 381 E. Radlands Bhid. ]P-^ MaSi flake fibarglas^body. extra _ __ sat of wide rinjs a^ «"«. P"» 4: a-Miarhw Sarvtca' tew bar, phone 792-5830. 1* Ansawnnf ^mrmt «%SEFSS**^^*** ing room, family Fufly landscapad. Campbell and Ketcherside !l31 Caion Realtors _JW«5» Eves. Harold Dykslra 22'Z!SJ Joyce Lawrenca 792-7833 Leone Wogan 79^S280 Dudley Keteherslda 7924134 Ed Campbell lt»W9 Champagne Appetite This lovely 3 bedroom, 2 balh home I has been completely radacerated' In very good taste. Hard to find features such as breakfast aiaa in kitchen plus formal. dining araa. Fireplace in living room. Wall-wall carpet and drapes included. Forced air heat and ducted cooling Back yanl completely walled In with large patio and room *9r pool, boat or camper. 793-3698. 792O013 Elsie Webber 792«00 Wh Does 1+7 Has It: Quick-Reference Directory to Business Household and Professional Services Only $8 per month buys o minimum, 2-line ad in thi$ directory Call 7VM111 fdr furfher informgltoii Economy Minded? 3 bedrooms and den, plus dining room. Lots of storage inside and boat storage outside. Can you believe only $9,000? Let us show you this today. Room to Spread Out? 5 acres in Highland. Small house on property. A good investment for $30,000. Good financing availaMa. THOMAS REALTY Phones 793.4394 79M56I 792-2016 Salunbr t SnAf -1 to S P.M. COUNTRY CLUB ESTATES • 3088S Pde Alfe • 30895 Me Alto • 12831 Pnasta Dd Sd 4 Bedrooms — Deluxe Custom Built — VTew Lots Unusual Floor Plans — Professional Color Coordination — Palm Springs Designer — Close fo Tennis Club. • NEW HOMES • REALTY 201 W. RadtaMb Bhrd. 793-2437 302 E. State S». 792 -1121 Air C«ndit»wi»lil-Ht«Mm_ • Clg88 BURGESON'S^ -EVERYTHING IN GLASS." Red'fSi* Glass House. 510 Orange. 792 -5Ka. • Hardwgre end Appllgwcea ELL'S 792-1849 • tE. - Payna - Worthinglon Since 1949-sarvica-AH Mafcaa Cut Glass - China - Furniture Yucaipa TunvoH 792-7209 , IMPERIAL HARDWARE 19 E. Dtrus 793-2917 Jawalry Mfg.-Rpp 'lr ALDEN JEWELRY-Mfg. & R_apair. lOS Orange, 10 ajn.-4 pjn. 793-4078. >• Mpiiing and Star— REDLANDS VAN 4 STORAGE,,., liM^Jn^trial Pam 79 ^7la 'TSl ^NDs 'AilnS^B^S*" !ALSO exhausts-Uil pipes. 792-497S. ticuwM. 792-4776; Guaranteed lor life of your car. —— Bw .1 u .rf4r •• 1624 Texas HATFIOD BUICK • JMISWei III* J»r»'*» ,„.. 1 TJIERCUIIV ANSWMINrSEWICE 147 E. Vine nyiaoi ' ReyaT Muffler. 601 N. Eureka. •k OWca Machinas • FurmtwT » Autii fcoMir" 793-3238 , Colony Park Wagon. All mg, bfal<«iJi8fftJ!lS-"»- * Autp r, Willys. Flat Can ^^^^ SERR-S OF REDLANDS , 208 E. State 792-3939 ^glntin. Ml E. Redlands •o otPSBwenx >*«r m .«a .1 'Sag"^ «^^>,'iT «>Rt «"d Wrilpaper "vog^lTerWEDOIT i^^AjJGUN *-SSSfc " W eu. In. VB.wRh VTOLAHW 3 MlNUTt CAR WASH ^sJaSgfiLj^ Car—t 0881RB ] SANITARY PLUMBING IWMIBATF JAWITftft SEfttflCE 'lltt Wabash Av^ Redlands. 794.3131 earoets.Floors-Windows 79*2S94 A, DBIUSM |C8fpea -"'Floi«-wi;a5;is' 79^2584 ^ RMf;„, Dutch Girl Cleaners J. W. Cotton 792-383B • eeUrTele^Meirgr^ RB?ARmi6 ^T0ft GEORGE MOEHLE Painting. 792-3179, 5 - 7 p.m. 'FREE Estimates and Guarantee No Job too Large or too Small IS years area experience. Call evenings only lor appointment 792.9361 OVRE OPEN HOUSE 12 NoM to 5 p.m. SMILEY-HBGHIS ESTATES 4 Custom Homes from $47,500 View Lots avail, from $12,500 FEATURING Lovely Spanish style luxury honia high on tha tree-lined ridge with an unending view. Pat Newnham & Helen Johnson your Hostesses Take Highland Ave. West to Serpanline. left to Smiley Heights Dr., then right ta Sales Office, Simdery 1-5 pjn. 523 MAI Across from tha golf course with a view. 4 bedrooms. 3 baths, heated pool and raom for horses. Les Platz, Your Host South en Caion to Garden, Garden ta Mariposa, then East on Mariposa to our sivts. II AHtjun a rwitu., 793-4670 _ zz: ToM ar:"fe« t^s^ HEIhiOfltlG. IttiMi OR SHlflGLtS • Superior Roofing Ca. 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