Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on April 17, 1954 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, April 17, 1954
Page 16
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PAGE SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, APRIL 17, 1954 HERE AND GIVE M€(? NAME, «VE HAVE A RUNG SYSTEM I THAT WILL VWfpy HFft ENTRY IN JUST A FEW SEGONt&y By Leslfe Ctwrti>f1sl DONALD DUCK u,,, „,«,., I B.t Walt Dfwey ^SJ THB RKRRVS CHRIS WELKIN, Hy RttM Winferbotham r< ? «' > n v -« =A. '•> i'tr 'J. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES lly Kdgar Martin THB SMITH FAMILY Ry Mr. and Mrs. George Smith ft? Cftri Orotert -.^ ^9^ *«a*s* * IIKNRY By Carl Anderson ALLEY OOP Ity V. T. Iliintliu HOuKOMM ENOUGH! A WERE LOOK.. IF WU'KE IRYIN 1 •TO SA.Y I'M PUTTIN'ON/ A LITTLE WEIGHT. FOR GET IT.. I THINi; IT SORTA BECOMES ME.> tOU P0 a MY STARS. IT'S V\OR5E THAN I THOUGHT! Television Programs Key to Frequencies: KSD-TV (91; KSTL, (381; WTV1 (34) fl AT 11IIIIA V -illlll SpolllKM ThPBlre -iM Superman CM) Dave Dlxon (54i Western Playhouse 8:00 P. M.—(3i Btr anger 'I'hnn Fiction l.ini On Your Way <Si Parade or Mnglo -I3i Bthel & Albert CHI i Dotty Mack (.141 Beit the Clock 7:00 P. M.—I3i Spike Jon en (Mi Enterprlhe U.S.A. (Ml Jackie Glenson • iSi Ted Mnck ism Sport Thrills -i5i Martha Rnye 116) Boxing (94) Herb Shrlner B:IIO P. M.—I54I Favorite Husband 6.1.1 P. M. 6:30 P. M. 7:30 P. M. B:00 P. M. VOU'VE BEEN ACTINQ- *— V LIKE A PEST ALL HENRV! STAV OUTSIDB CAHNIV/\L Bi; Diefc Turner "I'll bring the rest of the things, Elmo! You get over there and jockey for position!" 0:00 P. M.—OU) (341 8:30 P, M. —i3i 13(11 I54i 10:15 P. M.—(.I'll 1U::«) P. M.—1«4) 11:00 P. M.—(Si <&4) 11:30 P. M.-I5) 12:00 Midnight— 12:30 A. M (SI 2:13 A. M.—(51 On Guard Colonel Hack WrcKtling SUii-llght Theatre Wrestling SporU Wrestling Parade of Start Movie Showcase Arthur Godfrey I5> Red Skclton Feature Weather SUNDAY HOKZ 7:00 A. M.— News; Music II.-OO A. M. —Full Gospel 8:30 A. M.—Word ol Life 9:00 A. M.— Ilndio Hour 0:30 A. M. Healing Mtnsltry 10:00 A. M.—Morning Worship 11:00 A. M.—News 11.15 A. M.—Frocdy Martin 11:30 A. M.—Morning Sermon 12:00 Noon—News 12:18 P. M.—March ot Olmet 12130 P, M.—Shurtleff 1:00 P. M.—News. Ballroom 2:00 P. M.—News 2:15 p. M,—Religious Program 2:HO P. M.—OK Ballroom 4:00 P. M.—News 4:15 P M.—OK Ballroom 4:45 P. M.—News 5:00 P. M.—News, Sports 5:15 P. M.—Montlcello 1 r 3 2 J 2 2 3 3 3 3 4 4 4 4 4 5 5 5 5 5 5 i Indian Invitation ACROSS 1,4 is capital of the Republic of India 9 Make » mistake !0 Once mor« 11 Weird 3 Eminently 6 Purifies 18 India has had a of famines in it« history 9 Oriental porgy 0 Convulsive cry 2 An (Scot.) 3 Wave (comb, form) 5 Brother 7 Heavy blow 8 It has many — - resources 1 Chemical solvent 2 The Khyber 5 Male sheep 8 In a line 0 Blackbird 1 Gibbon 3 Female sheep 4 Perused anew 8 Seasoned ) Harsher 2 Requires 3 Brazilian seaport 4 Even (contr.) 5 Winter vehicles 8 Before DOWN Sea nymph I Silkworm 3 Sons 4 Dim Dani 5 Selv 6Tard 7 Sacr form 8 This on tl Ocea llExte (com 12 Enth ardoi 14 Unas IS Belg 17 Melli 21 Crue 24 Tierr Fueg 26 Odor n 14 w birds nutive of el es y ed (comb, ) nation is ie — i— n rnal 27 b. form) 29 usiastic 30 pirated 32 an river 33 Dwer 34 a del 37 o Indians s 38 i * ij i4 i Wf, 21 ^ 3 ^ ww An M A E * v B O •M X * e on Sy act Ar Pai Th Wa dev Chi hyc Wa 25 m sv •• V i? •i A L O E B T ver to Previous Puzzlft T A|S gb K N T M 1 1 R B V E % N 0 9 S T = * 3 N *.'% = H *. * « B 5 R * ;•, 9 T A M A 1 » t? N O A T S R n o >t\ B 2. i r B S I R i B f y A R L E -J A . B M A S P *! •1 A r 4 1 n , 1 c A U A T 1 vi t C B S £ U H; e R F M R P O \sl H B K p ve, genus 39 Marries •nbol for 42 Hindu queen inium 45 Pertaining to icle an age t (Latin) 46 Poker stake e dill 47 Expired rning 49 Sidelong ices glance >mical Sl'TreasOr* Irocarbon Island" author s indebted (inif.) H 10 (3 ^ U ^ Biggest Beast Largest animal ever to inhabit the earth or its waters . is the sulphur-bottom w h a 1 e, which !> li ^ U tt b %% wfo W, u SI * it 1 ^ n ^ W ^ e d N * sr N) n 5T 3T- sometimes weighs 150 tons, surpassing in weight and size even the giant dinosaurs of the Ag» of Reptiles. With MAJOR IIOOl'LE ,_ X'LL Kf-KAFP/ OH,YA^MEM,.T WA5\^^L^'df 1VWWASONE . .. UWEARTHLV SHRIEK/—ME|SH-J^ VOL) ^ ° F 0&R BAICTeR PCDSABLY CALLED tf I6 , l ^? 61 , rt •« rAoSct ic Thl? • WASM'T ! YOU —HE COLLAPSES IF THE FLOOR CREAk6/-~LyA?8L>T I'M AM OLD SCOTLAND YARD MANi, AMD T ^^TO A TOMCAT VJrTU Hl5 X ( ; ^ "ML CAUBUTiMTKey^ .FENCE- IM6 IT'5TlMETO ROM HIM HROU THe MEAT /.. ^Mlo WA6 THEr ., JCReecH CHEAPO'ROUMD stKE WOKLT5- OUT OUR WAY tty J. R. Willhim. NO. THERE'S 1 NOTHING. OM HERE THAT LCtXS. LIKE IT CAME OFF >THE WASHER.' I'LL &OAWP i%En THE: l.AWKl POJ'T BE RIPICU- UOM&.' DO VCXJ THINK FOR ONE MINUTE THAT HE'P EVER FIX A LAWN MOWI-R-: C^OOUT AMP Stf- IF HE'f- BUILPWo AMYTHIWOj 6ARACM- ' i ^>JMJ ^ r ^>' ^ so. 4g*~$£ WHY MOTHERS C-.ET J R WU-LKW;, «1 I? T/ie Telegraph's Daily Radio Chart Saturday KSl) (NHC) 650 K(J KXOK (ABC) WEW VVEW 770 KG KFUO 850 KC KMOX (CRS) 1120 KC K\VK (MBS) 1380 KC 1430 KO FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Bloss« Urs punrTMis WAY .NEPHEW/ I'LL FINISH PUMPING THE TUBES IP lOU'U. AfiRee 1C) DELNY YOUR DEPARTURE t 3Y JOVE.YOU TALKED Me INTO IT.' BUTOMLY FOP A FEW DAYS, NMNID YOU / CRUMPET HUT DRIPS WITH CMAR- ACTER.S / YOU COULD DO OUP CHAP, VW NOT Y&UR TYPING- IN ONE OF COME NOW. OLD FOR YOUR. ,BOOKRl<&«r IM CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner IP VOU DOMT Wft.WT I CM'TLET ' * T LE ** T NOT » & PERSECUTING>M.RE»,PV FURIOU& OVER ! lHtRE'5 -ft NCfeS HP THINKS T iV* \ ro 60ftBV..IvUOtJEr/FRA.Vkje, HI \ tAUKPeRER,^OllU«TOp THF KID L$£>OaKr\H& WITH THS.T WEW CHWJFFEUR.'.'... PORIS MNB EIVE WJ0TH&R. News, Melody Kaltcnborn News P D. Prcvue WOKZ 1070 KO News; Top Tunet Go To T'own Dixie Hith WEW Presents Fatima Rosary News Business Parade Sports Reel Luncinn Column Songs World News Housewives News First rtv« News News; Sporl Pluln Enslls Big Prevue News; Records Record Report Sports Extra News; Sport* Artist of Day Club 1S70 News News Circuit Attorney Concert Hour ,Johnny Mercer Gangbusters First Flv« Sports News Bandstand News Club 3S70 Sign Off A'oke Up St. Louii Opera House of God; FM Proudly Hall Midwest Jamboree Uunsmoke Sanka Salutes Record Revue Spelling Be* News; Bandstand Grand Ole Opry French Masters News Melody Pattern Two For Money Cap. Cloakroom New Gng. Jamb. Lombardnland News; Bandstand Bandstand Country Tunes Dude Ilanch Pee Wee King tve. blessing News Open Bible Easy Does U Music Dave Allen News; Bandstand News Cugat'k Orch. People Music Masters News Abide With Me News Three Sons Harry Fender News; Allen Dawn Patrol News Ac Snorts Pastor's Study Midnight Melodies Concert Favorites Top Tunes News News; Dawn Patrol Dawn Patrol Newi Amoral Lofty Hitting Brings Another Look From Dodgers NKW YORK - (NKA) - The Dodgers picked a peruliar way of revealing thai Sandy Amoros lias made the team. Huzzy Bavusi, usked why he hadn't put in a hid for Knos Slaughter, stated his reasons and then casually added that he'd rather have Amoros nnywny. Congratulations, keed. You're in. All National League i-lubs had to waive on Slaughter before the Yankees could deal for him, hut Bavasi saifj he was certain Ihe Cards would have withdrawn waivers had the Dodgers shown interest. "We couldn't have got him," he said. "Not only that, but we really weren't interested. Slaughter wouldn't l-e a regular with us, and we're not a club that can afford to sit $30,ot)U guys on the bench." It was then that Bavasi made the remark thai seemed to suggest that he, rather than Walt A'slon. will decide who's going to stay wilh the Dodgers. "Personally." the vice president said, "I wouldn't take Slaughter ahead of Amoros, would you?" Amoros js the Cubaji rookie who hit .4U5 in spring training. But his outfielding proved asAin- certain as hit English, and lay after day Alston made biting references to the senor's wobbly arm and jittery judgment. It was assumed from these comments and others, even more to the point, that Amoros would he going back to the minors if the manager had anything to say about it. Alston k e p I plugging Don Thompson, Dick Williams and George Stuiha for Ihe job of understudying Jackie Robinson. But when liavasi says he prefers Amoros to Slaughter, he doesn't have lo add that he prefers Amoros to Thompson, Williams or Shuba. So no matter how Alston may feel, Sandy seems to be getting the nod. It may be that this is Bavasi's thinking: If Billy Cox doesn't stand up, Robinson would move to third base. And Robinson himself may not stand up. Either way, there' a fair chance that a substitute left fielder will get plenty of work. Thus Amoros wouldn't be wasting a year on Ihe bench. No doubt Alston would rather have Sandy do his learning in the minors. He could always be recalled if he's needed. That sounds more sensible, but there is one objection to it, and per- hap« that's what bothers Bavasi. A Spanish assembly plant in Barcelona now turns out 4,000 Italian Fiat autos a year. NUTICk NOTICE OF PETITION TO PROBATE WILL STATE OF ILLINOIS ) COUNTY OF MADISONtjl' IN THE PHOBATE COURT OF MADISON COUNTY. In tho Matter of the Petition for the Probate of the Last Will and Testament of James D. MaKinney, Deceased. To all persons whom this may concern—GREETINGS: You are hereby notified that on the ninth day of April, 1U54, an instrument in writing purporting to be the last u'ill and testament of James D. MaKinney, deceased, was filed in Ihe Probate Court of Madison County, Illinois, and, that also on the came date was tiled a petition, asking that the said Instrument in writing be admitted to probate as and for the last will and testament of James D. Ma- Kinney, deceased. Said petition states thut the fol- lowjng named persons are all the known heirs at law, legatees and de- vUees of the said deceased, to-wlt: Eloite Montgomery, Helena Tesson, Eva M. Gaston, Mary E. Case. And that the other heirs at law, if an». of said deceased, are unknown to said petitioner. You are further notified that the hearing of the proof of the said last will and testament has been set by said court for the eleventh of May, ia54 at the hour of 10:00 O'clock, A. M., n the Probate Court, at the Court House In Edwardsville, Illinois, in the county aforesaid, when and where you may appear and show cause, If any you have, why *aid instrument in writing should not be admitted to probate as the last will and testament of tald James D Maiiciuiy, deceased. DALE HILT, Clerk, of the Probate Court. Dated at Edwardsville, Illinois, this ninth day of April, 1954. April 10, 17. 24 ANNOUNCEMENTS S IN MEMOK1AM liTLOVING MEMORY—Of Mrs. Sarah McHHnney. who died 3 years ago, April 17. 1951: Gracious, gentle mother, Always sweet and kind, You only saw the good in folks, And to their faults were blind. God's taken you to heaven, Where all is joy and mirth, But the place you left so empty, No one can fill on earth. Sadly missed by the Children and Grandchildren TiTLOVING MEMORY—Of Nick Beck who died one year ago, April 17: More and more each day we miss him. Friends may think the wound Is healed, But they little know the sorrow That lies within our hearts concealed Sadly missed by Wife and Daughters. MRS. SARAH PAYNTER-McKiNNEY —In memory of our dear mother •who passed away April 17, 1951; Mom, the days are awfully long, So lonesome, dreary and sad, When you were called to your haven of rest, The best pal we ever had. She walked serene with peaceful heart To meet the setting sun, Her liund in God's, an unafraid To let His well be done. Deeply missed by All her children and Grandchildren, And all who loved her. IN LOVING MENOBY-O/ our dear husband and father, Mr. Charles Sammis, who departed this life April 18. 19SJ: We think of you this d»y, rather dear Father, With a grief that is deep and true; There is always that tad longing, If we could only speak to you. A loving home we once enjoyed, How sweet the memory still, tut death ba* l*(t a loneliness 'his world can never fill. Sadly DIMM by Wife. Children watt OrandctxUdrca IN MEMOIUAM IN LOVING MEMORY—Of our deaT mother, Mrs. Nettie Jarrett, who passed away April 18, 194:: Oura was the pain she couldn't bear. Our risk or hurt her greatest fear. Ours was the step upon the stairs She always stayed awake to hear. Worry and love go hand in hand. And that she worried, now w« know— And that she loved us, we understand, But oh, it seems so long ago Since she held us by the hand Ours were the smiles she longed to B6C, And ours to her the bitterest tearg. That we should safe and happy be She made the labor of her years. The one reward she wanted most " Of us forever to be proud' Of us belatedly to boast I wonder has it been allowed. How much we miss her God only That mother of ours who loved uc to. Sadly missed by her Children and Grandchildren IN LOVING MEMORY-Of Alma "C7 bherley, who passed away 1 year ago, April 18, 1953: We never knew how much we could miss you Until we could no longer look (Unto your loving eyes ol blue One year ago He took you from ui To be His guest. 1 hope we shall be together again When we are laid to rest. Sadly missed by your Son, Daughter-ln-Law, Grandchildren. IN I.OVING MEMQRY-Of my hus." band. Onis A. Lawrence, on our wedding anniversary, April n, 18S«: Today I opened my treasure chest. It had a secret key: It holds the thoughts of yesterday. U is a chest of memory. ' 1 take each treasure one by one And J hold them to my heart. To me they are no precious and so dear, With them I'll never part. Now when this day is over And the world has gone to rest. Again J'U lock bis wemorjr ' Within my treasure chest. Soon, some day in Heaven, Wfrere all things shall be made new, I won t have need ol these memories For then, dear, I'U be reunited wiU»

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