Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa on January 11, 1972 · Page 3
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Estherville Daily News from Estherville, Iowa · Page 3

Estherville, Iowa
Issue Date:
Tuesday, January 11, 1972
Page 3
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-AM Thoughts on getting friend's wife pregnant By Abigail Van Buren [O 1J7J by CMCMO TrfbVM-N. Y. Niwt int., Inc.] • DEAR ABBY: I hasten to advise you apparently I did 1 not make myself clear when I wrote it was all right for a | man to try to get his friend's wife pregnant, if his friend ' had tried and failed. I cited a Hindu religious book [The •• Vedas] as proof, but I did not mean to say it is all right in this age. In these modern times it is better to get artificial insemination under the care of a registered doctor. Years ago no such thing was heard of, hence the advice in The Vedas. Nobody has ever done such a thing in India today, and personally, I would not go near it. PREM AGARWAL DEAR PREM: Thank you for clarifying your statement. I heard from many readers who took issue with It. DEAR ABBY: My daughter [Sally] is 21 and has been married a year to Paul, a divorced man who has a 5-year- ojld son. The boy lives with his mother, but she sends him to Paul's whenever she wants to get rid of him, which is nearly every weekend. At Christmas Paul said he and Sally were to go to his ex's house to watch Junior open his presents. Then the "ex" and Junior would be coming back to Paul's house, so the child could have another Christmas party in his daddy's house. My daughter refused to go along with these plans and I agreed with her. Paul went alone, and brought Junior back, alone. My daughter gets along fine with Paul, except where . Junior is concerned. I believe where there is a divorce and a child, the . parents should do what they can for the child, but leave the ; other spouses out of it. What is your opinion? SALLY'S MOTHER DEAR MOTHER: I think there should be a special place In heaven for any woman who marries a divorced man with a first family, because as far as the man is concerned [whether from guilt or whatever] his "first" family usually comes first. And the same holds true for a divorced woman with a first family. DEAR ABBY: I just read your letter about the 'woman with two young boys. She said she regretted having the second one. I went thru the same thing. " My oldest is 5 years old and the baby is 15 months old: The older boy was a model child. The baby was a headache jErom the word go. He cried constantly. He never slept unless I walked him, and to top it off he was built like a Sherman tank and I'm only l(»j^unj^. 3 AbJ^ given him away by 3 every morning if I could have, and I . jiated myself for feeling that way? ' '-^.*fV I talked it over with my doctor and he' told me many mothers have a child like that. So tell that poor woman she is not alone, but to wait until the baby is old enough to run around, amuse himself, eat with the family and play with His brother, and he will settle down. Mine is still a lot of trouble, but he's improved tremendously and now I love him to pieces. MANTUA [OHIO] MAMMA . DEAR ABBY: "Happy in San Angelo" praised her psychiatrist for curing her of a depression with hormones. A psychiatrist who even considers a physical cause for an emotional problem instead of blaming it on "mother" is a rare bird apparently found only in Texas. Too bad more of the same aren't around. AMAZED IN MINNEAPOLIS DEAR ABBY; Please don't send a compulsive eater to her local Mental Health Society. Send her to a doctor who is qualified in diagnosing Hypo-glycemia. "Mrs. Lazy," who was fat and miserable has every symptom of hypo-glycemia, a condition which can be corrected by the proper diet. And it won't run into a lot of money, either. AN INTERESTED M. D. CONFIDENTIAL TO "IN TROUBLE AND ASHAMED" IN SAN FRANCISCO: If you're too ashamed to contact your parents directly, get in touch with their attorney, clergyman, family doctor or a relative or close friend. But let your parents know where you are. I promise you, you'll sleep better tonight. And so will they. TV Tonight . . • Vikki Carr in Debut On Mod Squad Drama ESTHERVILLE DAILY NEWS, TUBS,, JAN. 11, 1972 Page 3 File $48,500 Suit In Dickinson County A damage suit for $48,500 was filed against a Superior couple in Dickinson County District Court last week. Claude Stratman of rural Spirit Lake has filed suit against Evalyine and Kenneth Billings for personal damages received in an automobile accident, Feb. 19, 1971. Mrs. Billings was driving west on Highway 9 two miles west of Estherville and collided with an auto being driven east by Stratman. Mrs. Billings was driving a 1970 GMC truck owned by her­ self and her husband. Stratman alleges that he has suffered and will continue to suffer from injuries to his neck, back, pelvis, skeletal, muscular and nervous systems, has suffered and will continue to suffer medical expenses and has suffered and will continue to suffer loss of earnings. He also alleges that Mrs. Billings was responsible and that she was driving on the wrong side of the center line at the time of the accident. A jury trial has been requested by Stratman and his attorney Ernest W. Wilcke. Immanuel Lutheran Elects New Officers Presented by COMMUNITY TV SIGNAL CO. TUESDAY MOD SQUAD - Singer Vikki Carr in her dramatic acting debut; Leslie Nielsen as her fiance, a war correspondent who was involved in the Vietnam drug scene — and still is. 6:30 p.m. ABC. HAWAII FIVE-0 - Khigh. Dhiegh returns as arch villian Wo Fat in "The Ninety-Second War." The two-part drama begins with the Chinese agent framing McGarrett- to divert Five-0 attention from a much larger operation. 7:30 p.m. CBS. MOVE — Thriller—A modern monster story: "The Night Stalker." Darren McGavin stars as a Las Vegas reporter on the trail of a maniac who thinks he's a vampire. The TV-movie was filmed on location. 7:30 p.m. ABC. CANNON — Crime Drama — Tab Hunter as an ex-racing driver who's lost an arm and gained one giant chip on his shoulder; Alejandro Rey is the priest who is caught in the wake of his vengeful campaign against the world. 8:30 p.m. CBS. MARCUS WELBY - Congen­ ital birth defects are at issue in the conclusion of "The Basic Moment," a drama in which the birth of Dr. Welby's grandchild triggers medical and psychological crises. 9 p.m. ABC. MOVIE — Drama — "Banning." (1967) Fair romantic melodrama about professional golf in the artifical world of an exclusive country club. 10:30 p.m. Independent Cable Channel 7. WEDNESDAY SPORTS SPECIAL - Hockey: Minnesota North Stars Vs Detroit. 6:30 p.m. Channel 11. NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC SPECIAL — The Last Tribes of Mindanao. 7 p.m. CBS. COMEDY HOUR- Friars Club roasts Joe Jamath. 7:30 p.m. NBC. ANNUAL SUPER COMEDY BOWL SPECIAL - More than 70 Hollywood and NFL stars look at football's funny side. 8 p.m. CBS. MANNDC — An enigmatic tape recording ties a missing philanderer with a beautiful model, blackmail and murder. 9 p.m. CBS. DICK CAVETT - Secretary of Interior Rogers Morton scheduled. 10:30 p.m. ABC. Officers for 1972 were elected and reports of the past year heard at the annual meeting of the congregation of Immanuel Lutheran Church south of Gruver Tuesday evening, Jan. 4. After the opening hymn, "O Master Let Me Walk withThee," and devotions by Veryl Baas, the Rev. P. L. Mork gave his report. He pointed out that one-fourth of the congregations of the American Lutheran Synod have less than 200 baptized members and said the small church may be the most important institution in a community. Harold Howard, outgoingtreas- urer, was given a vote of thanks for his work the past three years. Edgar Iverson, outgoing secretary, read the minutes of the previous yearly meeting. Mrs. Lawrence Hanson, Synodical Committee Chairman, reported. Arnold Hoganson, outgoing president of the congregation, re$1,150 Damage In Collision Damage was estimated at $1,150 in an intersection collision Monday afternoon five miles southwest of Estherville. * The mishap occurred* at the . inter section, of county roads N24 and A31 as Milton Griffith Evans, Terril, stopped at a sign, then pulled into the path of a car driven by Martha M. Sammons, Estherville. Damage to the left side of the Evans 1961 Chevrolet was estimated at $300, while the Sammons 1970 Mercury had about $850 damage to the left front. Evans was ticketed. hi Estherville city police investigated a one-car mishap in which a pickup owned by David Lee Woodyard was damaged when it left Central Avenue near the L & R Drive kin, hit a snow drift, hedge and tree. Democratic Women Will Meet Thursday Emmet County Democratic Women and Central Committee will meet at 8 p.m. Thursday at the DEK building. Nancy Payne, Sixth District Committee woman from Storm Lake, will explain reasons for precinct caucuses scheduled for Jan. 24. John Lazaris, ILCC government instructor, will show color slides of Washington, D. C. Refreshments will be served after the meeting. All Democrats are urged to attend. Chris Larsens Observe 40th Anniversary RINGSTED - Mr. and Mrs. Chris Lar sen observed their 40th wedding anniversary on Dec. 28 at their home. They were honored by their children, Mr. and Mrs. Les Larsen and their five sons of Ann Arbor, Mich.; Mrs. Gerald Hendrickson and mree children, Little Falls, Minn., and Mr. and Mrs. Dick Larsen and three children, Windom. Their daughter and her family, the Larry Benchs of Osseo, Wis. were unable to attend. Callers were Mr. and Mrs. Carl Matheson of Estheville, Mr. and Mrs. Andy Burt, Mr. and Mrs. Ray Peicht, Armstrong, Mr. and Mrs. Walter Jentz, Fenton and Merean Larsen, Ringsted. They were pleasantly surprised by an arrangement of carnations from Jennie and the Lawrence Jensens, Texas and they received about 200 anniversary cards from their many friends and relatives. viewed the budget and a budget of $17,092 for 1972 was approved by the group. Officers elected are president, Lloyd Birkland; vice-president, Veryl Baas; secretary, Dennis Gjerde; treasurer, O. Harold Johnson; deacon, Clare Skatte- bo; trustee, August Andresen; board of auditors, Albert Berven, James Rost; Waldorf delegates, Mr. and Mrs. Clare Skat- tebo, alternates, Mr. and Mrs. Cliff Saul; Synodical board, Vernon Brown, Eldora Hanson, Merle Flint, Dennis Gjerde. Ushers, Lowell Christensen, Virgil West, Clyde Hall, Kenneth Hanson, James McGregor, Marlyn Fry, Ronald Olson, Wally Blinkmann, Keith Schnell, Keith Christensen; board of education, Mrs. Eldon Aanonson, Mrs. Orville Gjerde; nominating committee, John Birkland, Bill Bryan, Mrs. Vernon Brown, Mrs. Leonard Howard. Iowa district delegate, Vernon Brown; Spencer conference delegate, Torger Winterton, alternate, Ray Fry; publicity, Mrs. Richard Hanson; senior choir director, Mrs. LloydBirkland; junior choir director, Mrs. P. L. Mork; custodian, Mrs. Albert Wolden; organist, Mrs. Ralph A. Johnson; assistant organist, Mrs. .Albert Berven. A fellowship hour followed the •meeting. Dickinson's First Baby Born Monday An eight-pound boy, born Monday, is Dickinson County's first baby of the new year. After nine baby-less days at Dickinson County Memorial Hospital, the Paul Crosbys of Spirit Lake finally provided a claimant for the prizes held by Spirit Lake merchants for the first baby of die year. A member of the hospital staff said this morning, "there's another baby on the way right now. Maybe we'll soon have the first girl of 1972." ILCC Trade, Industry Sets Open House The Trade and Industrial Education Department of Iowa Lakes Community College will hold an open house on Thursday, Jan. 13, from 6:30 to 9:30 p.m. on the South Campus at Emmetsburg. During the open house period the Auto Body, Auto Mechanics, Farm Equipment Mechanics and Marine and Small Engine shops will be in operation. Tours of the building will be conducted and the Health, Business and Agriculture departments will be open for inspection. The public is invited. smittys SUPERVALU THE INTERNATIONAL ART COLLECTORS CLUB BRINGS TO YOU GENUINE ARTISTS CANVASES 120 of the World's Greatest Art Treasures Accelerate Grads GRBWOLD, Iowa (AP) High school students here will be allowed to graduate in three years instead of four if they can succeed academically, School Supt. Or in Mann announced. "We don't anticipate that too many of our students will make it in three years," Mann said, "but some probably will." He said purpose of the plan is to "challenge" students who may be bored with studies, and to allow brighter pupils to finish their high school courses earlier and enter college sooner. The alligator spends its winter buried in the mud of its swampland home. Beginning This Week, You May Select a Free Canvas Each Week For 12 Weeks. Choose From 10 New Canvases Every Week. ...You May Purchase Additional Canvases Without Coupons For As Little As 59* For An 8" x 10". WEEK MAR.*7toAPR.1 ^P^^-' 8" x 10" canvas . . ., £$ s li> - WITH COUPON fr FREE fts//;> i&HtNlUM MAR KUP 8. FAIR ^ nn WEEK MAR. 13 to MAR. 18 III Good for one J"V^ 11" x 14" canvas WITH COUPON CDCTC 8,5500 rKr r ORDER OR ' 1 MORE MINIMUM MARKUP & FAIR TRADE ITEMS EXCLUDED 79* VALUE «V,'. .... ... lg §§g%' FREE ^MonT* ; f |jP^^ UM MARKUP fe-JF /jjIf^-; ~ fttHK u ^HB.* to MAR. 4 f *" Good for one p>f 8" x 10" canvas c Ui[*tii h" FREE Ipi pfl^pn ^pflod for one ""T^^^^^H l ^l9 ^Br2" x canvas iflB ^H L ^kiB mrr w,T &$5odlH i ^HP rntt ORDER ik^H • • MORJ ^IH ^SfitoUM MARKUP & ^^^B m &J£f Jfitood for one ' •> ^ K ^SyJ '£2" x 24" canvas ' , I". ^JtfiMMUM MARKUP & FAJR ^V, pflpn^pn^ptRd for «^2 I^TBI •^Ifl^SMe" x 20" canvas "^^OflflB pfl ^psY WITH c °e^p «j nVB FRtt ORDEf^H p^p^S* %&— MOR^pnj KM&UMUM MARKUP & FAfl ^H PJBpaHpteyTEMSEXCU|^PJ^pjJ AND HERE IS THE EASIEST, MOST ECONOMICAL WAY TO FRAME YOUR CANVASES Each week custom crafted, hand finished wood frames in eight distinctive styles to fit the canvas size of the week will be available at fantastic savings. 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