Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 6, 1967 · Page 7
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 7

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1967
Page 7
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Latest Corn Belt Soybean is 'Corsey 9 By WALTER R. FEHR (Assistant Professor of Astronomy, Iowa State University) (The Tollowingr article appears In the November Issue of Iowa Farm Science, a publication of Iowa State University.) (Distributed by Iowa Daily Perss Association) AMES — Corsoy is the latest soybean variety to be released by the Iowa State University — U.S. Department of Agriculture soybean breeding program. High yielding and particularly well suited for the northern half of Iowa, Corsoy will be released to certified seed growers for production next year. Seed will be available to commercial soybean farmers in 1969. Corsoy't high yield and early maturity will make it a replacement for Blackhawk, and A-100. In central Iowa, the new variety is considered as a replacement for Harosoy, Lindar- in, Hawkeye and varieties of similar maturity. Corsoy will provide Iowa soybean producers with another desirable variety to use with Hark and Am- soy. In both Iowa and regional tests, the new variety out- yielded the varieties it will New Quick Drying Carpet Shampoo Gets Rugs Cleaner Without Soaking The easiest way you ever cleaned your carpet. Rent our shampooing machine for one dollar a day and watch it feed this light, foamy quick drying cleaner onto your carpet. Dries in 30 seconds without soaking into the back of the carpet, then comes up quickly with your vacuum, taking the dirt and leaving your carpet marvelously clean. It's amazing. One trial wall convince you too. Bierl's Star* of Floors Phone 792-4318 Carroll Mew books teview Times Herald, Carroll, fa. Monday, Nov. 6, 1967 Monster Brownie ... is actually the most sensitive and precise tracking instrument in the North American Air Defense Command's satellite detection network. The huge Baker-Nunn camera, located at Cold Lake, Alberta, and operated by the Canadian Armed Forces Air Defense Command, can photograph light reflected from an object the size of a basketball at a distance of 25,000 miles. By correlating the photos with known star backgrounds, a satellite's position can be determined with great precision. replace. In the Iowa tests, Corsoy outyielded Hark and Amsoy by nearly two bushels per acre and Hawkeye by six bushels. Corsoy matures like Harosoy and Lindarin, but is two days later than Hark and three days earlier than Amsoy. It is not resistant to phytopthora root rot, but is no more susceptible than Hark or Amsoy. Corsoy nas slightly less lodging resistance than Hark or Amsoy. It is two inches taller than Hark and two inches shorter than Amsoy. Corsoy seed is a little smaller than most current varieties, however, it is higher in protein than Amsoy and higher in oil content than, many of the varieties it will replace. Tests at six locations in Iowa and at state experiment s tions from Minnesota to New Jersey Jiave shown that Corsoy is adapted to a large portion o: the Corn Belt states. Outside of Iowa, the variety'will be grown n southeastern South Dakota, southwestern Minnesota, northern Illinois, .and areas of simi- ar latitude. In Iowa, Corsoy is best adapted to the northern six tiers of counties. It is early in the southern part of the state and should be useful there when Me planting is necessary. The new variety was selected by Dr. C. R. Weber, former USDA agronomist and professor of agronomy at Iowa State, from a cross of Harosoy and Capital made in 1952. The variety has been tested in Iowa since 1962 and by north central state experiment stations and the U.S. Regional Soybean Laboratory since 1963. Plant and seed characteristics of Corsoy are similar to those of its parents. It has pur pie flowers, gray pubescence ("hair" on leaves, stems and pods), yellow seed with yellow hila (seed soars), a dull seec coat, and brown pods. The new variety has pointed eaves similar in shape to Am- soy and Harosoy, but 1 a r g e r han Hark. The 1 plant shape is >roader than Amsoy and Hark. orsoy should be a useful variety for narrow rows. Corsory plants sometimes produce seed with a brown coat. These brown seeds should not nfluence the market value of the beans. A low number of plants with such seeds will not affect yield of a commercial soybean field.' Certified seed of Corsoy may c o n t a i n 0.5 per cent of brown seed coats. Seed of the new variety will be distributed to qualified certified seed growers in Iowa, Illinois, Minnesota, Ohio, Nebraska, South Dakota and Wisconsin for planting in 1968. In Iowa, growers eligible for an allotment of seed will be selected on the basis of their records in certification of soybeans during the past year. Seed distribution will be made by the Committee of Agricultural Development. Following Is a list of bestsellers in Iowa as compiled by the Midland Booksellers Association for this week: Pictlen 1. The Gabriel Hounds, Mary Stewart 2. Rosemary's Baby, Ira Levin 3. Topaz, Leon Uris 4. Confessions of Nat Turner, William Styron 5. The Arrangement, Elia Kazan Non-Fiction 1. Our Crowd, Stephen Birmingham 2. The New Industrial State, John K. Galbraith 3. A Modern Priest Looks at His Outdated Church, Fr. James Kavanaugh 4. Listen to the Warm, Ron McKuen 5. Nicholas and Alexandria, Robert K. Massie (Distributed By Iowa Dally Press Association) THE CONFESSIONS OF NAT TURNER, by William Styron (Random House, $6.95) In 1831, Nat Turner a Negro slave and preacher, led the only recorded revolt against the institution of slavery; the annihilation of white people young and old, men arid women, in the remote section of Virginia where he lived was his 'divinely inspired aim. The novel opens with Nat's confession as he waits in jai for inevitable execution. Then the story ranges over Nat's life in which the agony of slavery is implicit. As no other writer has done so well, Mr. Styron reveals a Negro's soul. With thi strange mystique that is evi dent in his previous work, Li Down in Darkness-and Set Thi House on Fire, he conveys meaning through word-arrangement above and beyond th sense of the words themselves This novel, based on history elucidates facts, gives artistic, often poetic, form to a man's life-story, and provides the reader with a unique and unforgettable experience. That it has a present-day point of reference goes without saying. Don't wait for the movie, (it has already sold for $600,000), because then you would miss Mr. Styron's superb prose. — Mary Ann Riley THE KLANSMAN, by Wil- Ham Bradford Huie (Delaeorte, $5.95) Recent civil disorders have undoubtedly given the Ku Klux Klan a shot in the arm in the north as well as the south. One may hope that this shot will prove to be only adrenalin to a dying patient, but certainly an expose of the ugliness, brutality, cowardice and ignorance of the Klan is timely and important. In this novel, Mr. Huie, himself a southerner, writes powerfully and convincingly of the frustrations of the moderate southerner in a rural .labama county dominated by he Klan. Unfortunately there s so much shocking coarseness this novel, reported in raphic detail, that its poten- ial effectiveness as an illumi- laiting contribution to the real nd serious problem of race re- ations is badly diffused. The tark sex and the gutter anguage may be "real", but ierhaps it's time editors should >e asking is all this art and is t necessary? Good taste really las nothing to do with censorship. — BJG JOHN GREENLEAF WHITTIER, by Edward Wagenknecht (Oxford, $6.50) A short and perceptive study of the poet-abolitionist whose writings and personality had long and strong influence on both literature and politics in America. Subtitled "A Portrait in Paradox," Whittier was indeed a strange man, and although Mr. Wagenknecht has added new dimensions to the stereotype of the cold, cranky and not too talented Whititier he still emerges pretty much that way. Mr. Wagenknecht is making a valuable contribu tion with these studies of which this is the latest following Longfellow, Stowe, Poe, Hawthorne and Irving. — W. W. Warner Questions, Answers on U.S. Tax Matters (This column of question* and answers on federal tax matteri Is provided by the local office of the U. S. Internal Revenue Service and Is published a* a public service to taxpayers. The column answers questions most frequently asked by taxpayer!.) Q — I am selling some property and expect to show a profit on it. However, I will be paid over a 5-year period. How do I report this for tax purposes? A — If certain conditions are met, you may report the gain using the installment method. Under this method, the gross profit on a sale is prorated over the period in which payments are received. This method can be used only if the seller received no payments, or payment of 30 per cent or less of the selling price, during the year of the sale. Make careful note of the payments you receive from the buyer so that at the end of your tax year you will have the information necessary to report the sale on your return. Further information is contained in IRS Document No. 5108, "Installment and Deferred-Payment Sales," which may be obtained free by sending a post card to your IRS District Office. Q — Our daughter is thinking about getting married in December. If she does will we lose the exemption we've been claiming for her? A — You will if she files a joint return with her husband. However, if her husband files a separate return you may claim an exemption for her if she otherwise qualifies as your dependent. In that case, you, not her husband, get the exemption. Q — Why do people who go bankrupt still have to pay their back Federal income taxes? A — The law says that most debts of a legally declared bankrupt are dissolved but that Federal taxes remain a legally collectible debt. Q — I'm a salesman and had to buy a car to cover my route. Can I deduct this cost when I file my return? A — No. However, you may deduct 10 cents for every mile you used the car on your job up to 15,000 miles. If your mileage exceeds that, additional miles traveled on business may Tolls, parking and similar items are also deductible. Instead of this method of deducting your business travel expenses, you may figure the actual operating costs of your car for the year. 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