The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 20, 1930 · Page 7
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 7

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1930
Page 7
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PAG3 TRIBUNE CLASSIFIED ADS FOB SALE OB TRADE REAL ESTATE | FOK SALE- -60 acres, good provement:!; priced right. Purvis. L ; Roy c-tf FOR SALE j{OR EXCHANGE Good" double in Tipton for Tjip ton county if arm. Roy Purvis. I t£ FOR SALE jDR TRADE—5-rdoni house, rei-1 bargain, if taken quick; sec! E. A. Foster, with Leavell &jjFuller. c-t£ FOR" SALE ;»r will* trade..'for ' cheaper property, fine six -room ' modern Some on 'Columbia avenue, jlieavefl & Fuller. J c-145 I i- FOR -SALE OR TRADE for Tipton property, 30 acres, line house and: barn and outbuildings; look- at this and you will want. it. .-Leavell &. Fuller, j c-145 FOR SALE OR RE1>JT—Six-rojom bungalow, [basement, fruit, 1 Ji. acres ground; 401 S. 9 th 'St!, Elwood. firs. Mae Medley. FOR SALE - < PERSONAL PROPERTY FOR SALE-;-Early Harvest oats. Dilver Hoover. P -J46 FOR SALE; — 3 buff window shades, 4.\7 feet. Phone 4365. > Mrs. Cyril; Mattingly. c-146 FOR SALE-f-Potatoes, Rural Istew York. Alfred Campbell, Phjone Goldsmith!! . c-145 FOR SALE i— Gentleman's blue it t suit, two jjiair trousers, $10. Phone 2113. 144 FOR SALE—!;-Nice beans for jieed. route 3, - 'tipton. Goldsmith:! Manchu soy J. H. Graham. 6S, p-145 Phone 3 FOR SALE— Good work mare, • - $25. Pete Varnau, Phoije 35Y8. c-146 WANTED —Your general blacksmithing, horseshoeing and plow work; now at your service. R. F- Miller, south pan of Atlanta.. ' tf LOST AND FOUND FOR SALE-^-Timothy seed, hqme;LOST—License No. 551-007. Bert grown, at ?3 per bushel; also j . Scott. Phone Windfall, reverse red clover and 'alsike. Tipton; charges. • /. P^146' Milling Company. . c-146 • ~—'-.—-— _.—•• . - . ' j FOUND — Tire and rim, Thurs- baby { . day by Carry Endicott, at Millersburg; owner can have by paying, for this ad. c -144 FOR SALE — Badenoch's chick star.ter, $4.10; Sunflower j egg ntash, $2.95; Reef brand; oyster shell, $1.00 per cwt. j Fear-CampbeirCo. ' 'e-t£j LOST — Army Wanket; northeast . _^ ; ___[ of city, or'.on road running east from Perfect Circle plant, a week ago. Phone 3395 or leave at Tribune. . c-144 FOB BENT FOR RENT— Modern nous at 325 N. Main. C. V. Craft. c-tf! FOR RENT—Modern h6use. South Independence. Delia Roode. Phone 262. c-tf FOR RENT—37-acres 3% miles northwest of Tipton. S. A. Cul. veiv p-14i> FOR RENT—One 6-room and one 4-room house; good location. Phone 2426. c-tf MISCELLANEOUS FOR TRADE — Nice cottage on improved street for .20 acres Roy Purvis." tf FOR TRADE—Modern Home for Tipton county farm: Roy Purvis, tf FOR RENT—Modern rooms; ho't^ water heat. Miller Hotel, Tribune Bldg., E. Jefferson St. tf ^ RENT—^, irage .'l jphone -34i6.' jVp.143 SOR RENT—Modern three-room apartment, heat, good location,' large living room, hardwood floors, garage, garden space,! §35. 'Phone 591. C -155J CHEAPEST CHICKS you ever bought; 1, 2, 3 and 4>-week-old heavies; &c per day added to day old- price; we sort - them good, you buy only the best; all ages growing fine; "come; can not be shipped; open every day and evening. Hoosier Hatchery, Michigantown, Ind. c-144 FOR RENT — 6 -room semi-modern house, 122 Poplar street; rent reasonable. Phone 33X6. c-146 RADIO SERVICE—We specialize on expert service work on all makes of sets; full' line tubes batteries, etc. McJunkin Radio Shop. Phone 20X7.- c-tf MONET TO LOAN FOR RENT—5-room house and 2% acres of ground; fourth house east of cjty park. Willard Albright. Phone 2205. p-147 FEDERAL FARM LOANS at 5% per cent; pre-paynient privilege. D. S. Phares. c-tf FOR SALE- ; ;-Siugle set of Harness; two j ;l!l-ineh and two bfc- inch collars. L. I. Mattingly. I' 2-144 BABY GRAND PIANO—"Well known nilike: must sell | at once; cash;jor terms. Write Mr. H. J. Pierlion, Elwood, Ind. . - " 'i: p-146 FOR SALE I— Girard's Tip-Top chicks;" or iers are now being booked at reasonable prices for quality ^cMcks and expert custom hatching. Phone 51. Tipton Hatchfiry. C -tf FOR SALE {- We have sevejral thousand chicks at greatly reduced prices.the next ten days; • some alreijidy started. KeiAp- tou aHatchciry, Kempton. Ind. \ . - c-150 IT'S BABY CfjjCK TIME Iloouicr Chitiis—James- waj- hatched lhavc. quality when hat|;hed—qual­ ity when Rraivn. Hutch refit—prow ;ritfht—sell , ™B|it. Heavies hatch each Monday, and Wedncsiliiy. leghorns on Wed- newla}. Ask tfr new four «o!pr ca!t- lUogue. Hoositr Hatciinrv, Mini}! WANTED WANTED—Used gas stove. Hil lard Losey, phone 4514. tf WANTED—Man to cut wood on shares. Phone 2623. c-tf WANTED—Work of any kind. Mrs. Lora Ogden, 312 East North St. Phone 3170. p-146 WANTED — 3 or 4 furnished rooms, downstairs preferred. Box 24, Tribune. p-146 WANTED— Family washings and bed • clothes. -Mrs. Charley Sparks, Phone 2540. c-146 WANTED—To exchange tractor aiid plows for good team. Orville Malott, Atlanta. c-144 WANTED — Wall paper cleaning and any odd jobs. Jess Frederick; leave word at Tribune. c-152 PLENTY OF MONEY AT 5% per cent, from 1 to 10 years, with pre-payment priviliges; best loan in the state. Standerford & Standerford. . c-tf FARM LOANS — Best Lrans in state, 5 to 20 years; interest annual or semi-annual with full payment privilege! Fielding & Fielding. c -tf The Patty Wheeze gantown, Ind:-' T"< WANTED — You to try Richards Rheumatic Remedy; reaches every bone, tissue and joint; removes the cause; money hack if it fails; $1.00; six for $5.50,.at ' Harker & Speckbaugh, and all drugstores.' • • Tb-204 - \ - i- -. • • . • FOR SALE—i-i Victor table mad - el talking iiachine; 1 Deterling console tailing machine; lEdir son consoI <5 Iowwboy talking •-• machine; ! ijlso . asBortment" of Victrola records-at 25c; Line~ lack tc Soys, 122 'West .ie«efe i son street, "j. .• •. c-146 FbH SALE—,|We have an upright; • j'^-plano". 'ipiajiftr. tplantf' and Bmall ' ^/;jgiMd ^eaVl |Hpj!on'»wliich_ -weicjfS FOR HAIiE. . • The Charle '4 --Venable .1S29 Gaeex coach; maraon / _coiM'; -low^ ^ilMfe; like new to ^rery^fa-^ •feJ^fe^apecial prices/ to tvoul m ^?f 4T "^e. -ffiS " IIE ~caah «ls' HU . Car Salesman —Our cars no good? Why, we're selling them by the dozen. Prospective Buyer — I'm not surprised. How much are they a dozen? - The man who mortgaged his groceryl business to trim Wall street and retire at least succeeded lii getting out of the business "CHI1,I>" OF GA:BV IMiSLYS. California Woman Claims u Share of Dancer's .Fortune. . -Los Angeles, March 20.—-A it vivid cross-shaped scar on the little finger of her left hand today became:the clue upon which Mrs. Edna C. Stiles of Pasadena!; Cal., hopes to solve the.mystery, of her -parentage and make-her the^ heiress >' t* Jtho 2-m'iUlon. dollar estate /of t j(Ul^v.ltei^.-;np1ft^ Frencll.••4alloe^3j•;•;.^ho*•:•dl0d:;/iten , years' wKo^A<\y-,n-*-*. A. yv[, HoGJpyney, a fawyor-ot- iOardena&Calrvinnbunced^^ tion regarding the. identity of her parents- or of the mysterious man who, in 1885, placed her in a Peoria . y 111., • foundling : home. She also has been puzzled over the livid red scar, the result of a wound apparently intentionally inflicted, .which mars her finger. A few weeks ago Mrs. Stiles received through the mail an envelope containing a clipping from a San Francisco newspaper giving details of the Deslys will case. The newspaper account contained parts of the testimony of an aged French nurse,- who 1 testified baby girl secretly was born to the dancer many years ago. In her testimony the'nurse said a few hours after the baby was born she cut a cross into the flesh of the little finger of the child's left hand for purposes of future identification. The dancer at the peak of her fame,, the nurse testified, instructed that the baby, born out of wedlock be placed in a foundling home for adoption. A few days later man whose identity has not been learned appeared at the home in Peoria and left a tiny baby whose finger still was wrapped in gauze. Despite the'fact .that. Miss Des lyp in theatrical records alleged, she was born in 1888, and.Mrs Stiles was placed in the foundling home in 1S85, McGovney said he; had evidence the dancer was bor in 1S67, somewhere near Chi cago. . Gaby Deslys, in the early 1900s- was one of the most famous dancers in Europe, and gained un usual, prominence through her friendship with members of the nobility. In 1910 she flashed into the spotlight when the fall of King Manuel of Portugal was attributed to his infatuation for her. . MENXONITE i REFUGEES SAIL. Russian Group of 30O Leaves Germany For Paraguay. IDLE HEX. Will lie Counted By the Census Takers Next Month. Washington, March' 20.-^—Ad ministration officials are awaiting expectantly the -census of un employment next month, which is to determine for the first time the number of persons idle in the United ! States,as a result of economic conditions, including the depression following the stock market crash. ** /Secretary Davis has- estimated that the total does not exceed 3 000,000 while other estimates have ranged higher. Upon the. results of the count will depend the measures which the government will undertake to relieve the situation. Action will be possible, it was added, both'l>y congress and by the administration when data is available as to the extent of unemployment, the industries seriously affected^ the" periods of {time, during which em­ ployes .hi these industries-,' -are idle and causes. Sworn•' to keep' confidential rtpr the census: .bureau:. ..information concerning' unemployment, the census'' takers: will ask questions as to :employnjent :of' all' persons who nsually.aro working at,<iome gainfulibccupatlon. v -Thege 'Wtlt in- ilude^alBo>t > hoseiwhoj; carrion; «x. ,h"ave'iCarnei ; on;,!Uielr ownilndc- Hamburg, \ March 19.- —Three hundred and sixty Russo-German Mennonites have sailed for South America, where they^ intend to join- the . Mennonite colony at Puerto Casado, Paraguay. Agricultural implements as well as transportation were provided for the emigrants by the international Mennonite organization. •Of 5,600 Mennonites who wintered in Germany after their flight from Russia, so ; far S00 have proceeded to Canada, 700 to Brazil, now 360 to Paraguay. ATLANTA. 6* AND SAFETY We Are 44 Years Old —We Have Lived Throagh ThJa Country's Financial Depressions and Panics Doriag' 44 Years and Have Never Paid Less Than *% on I GET THE FULL SIGNIFICANCE. OF THAT Assets, February 28, 1930, .$642,18&87 Undivided Profits, February 28,1930 7,71056 TIPTON BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATION THE OLDEST SAVINGS INSTITUTION IN HFTOH Talk It Over With Oar Secretary, J. A. Lewis Sunday dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs." Ed Bouse were Mr. and Mrs. .Ralph Bouse of Sheridan. Mr. and Mrs. James Henderson and Lewis McDauiels motored to Scir'cleville Sunday afternoon. In the evening they called on Mr. Hill 'and Miss Alice Bishop of New H3pe.. .Oliver Jones attended a Masonic order at that s place^'u." Mrs. Holeman Losey who has been quite ill from complications resulting from a broken hip. is vrey much improved and able to be dressed and eat at the table, which is very gratifying to both Mr. and Mrs. Losey. Mrs. Carl Overdorf who has! been quite ill for over a week suf-j fering with inflammatory rheu- 1 matism, is slightly improved at-! this time. . ; The Wesleyan church of At-; lanta wishes to announce their j series of meetings commencing Sunday evening, .Mar. 23rd. Rev. i Robert Kendall, pastor of the church, will have charge of the meetings. -They have not decided whether or not they will be assisted by an evangelist at tins time. AIL are invited to attend these services and will receive a hearty welcome. " A very interesting missionary meeting was held at the (Christian church last Thursday evening. The children; put on several interesting . features. There were also lantern slide pictures shown of the work^among the Japanese residents <of California; featuring Miss Hazel Harker and others in their-work there. Atlanta folks are quite interested in the work of Miss Harker, as she was a one time school teacher m Atlanta, and has a host of friends and acquaintances . here, who wish 'her the best of success- in her. -missionary work^ . The members of the.-Atlanta M E. church held a very interesting missionary meeting Wednesday evening at the home of Mrs. Ray •Wiggins/ Mrs. ; Pearl Long, Mrs. Maggie Fox and Mrs": Bessie Wiggins read, short experiences of three of our 'missionaries - on the foreign fields: Mrs. Winnie Wlbol and Mrs. Pearl Long sang: a duet, 'The Answered Call." Mrs: j.u\- -Carrie Leonard, I don't believe in MissionB.''-The:-president, MrB; Mary C^hran ,1 ?Uoo1t:'charge fof tfae-!jneeting>andi;-diaposed of the busineiis.ofvthafmonthiyt waa'de- clded, to. entertain" the Christian ^urclttMlssipnary-soclet^of-fthg little Robert Dale on his arrival. Mrs.. Wiles, before her marriage was Miss Lovie Mae Hill of Arcadia. Mr. .Wiles just returned from the St. Vincent's hospital at Indianapolis where' he had undergone an operation for appendicitis. Mr. Wiles is improving and able to be up part of tlje time.' •. ; \ M. "E. .Church. . . (Rev. L. F. Ulmer, Pastor) ^ ' Sunday school, 9;30 a.'m.,M. A. Steckle; Supt. Preachina- 1)0:30 a. m. Subject: "A Two; Sided Subject." Evening service. 7 p. ra. Subject: "God's Advice to Parents." Epworth League, 6:15. 'A debate' entitled: "Resolved that it is easier to get along with.-'others 'rather than ourselves," will be presented by the ' Leaguers, All are invited.: The Ladies Aid. will meet Thursday in an. all day .meeting at the home of Mrs. Hattie Teal. The ladies will quilt, each one asked to bring sandwiches and covered dish. Prayer meeting, Thursday, . 7 p.'ra. We will be delighted to see you. Junior League Thursday 7 p: m. We will be glad for the parents to co-operate and send-the children to these-meetings. .Choir practice at 7:45, p.. m. Thursday evening. All members of the choir are urged to. be present. The M.. E. Reading Circle will j entertain the Reading Circle from j the. Christian church Friday at 2 j p. m. at an informal gathering in]' i the church basement. It is hoped j ; all will be present. ! The Gleaner class will piilf on | their Father and Sou banquet i Tuesday evening,-March-25th. A : good supper as well as. program i will be given at that time, j Mr. and Mrs: Lowell Akers. of ! New'Paris, O., Mr. and Mrs. Ivi Slick and daughter, _ Dorotha Jane Jones of Richmond- were Sunday guests of Mr. and Mrs. L. F. Ulmer. The play "Bead On- a String" put on Wednesday evening by members of the Epworth League, was much appreciated by the large crowd present and wias^a-! success in every, way. They have! been requested by/ different peiv sons to put. the play- on again for the benefit of those who were unable to attend .'because of the tournament and ' other reasons. Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Ehman and i son had as their dinner guests' Sunday, Mr. and Mrs. John Live-' iy, Vivian Lively of Indiana polls and ' Marion Henderson and wife! og Tipton. The dinner honored] Master John Wesley Ehman who| was six years old, Friday. J J. W. Roadruck who has been! sick with indigestion, is .somewhat, improved. • NEW LANCASTER. The New Lancaster Ladies' Aid society met at the church Thursday for-an all day meeting. The members spent the time in quilting and making a comfort. After noon a short business session was held with the secretary's report and . roll call showing, fifteen members present. The next meet-' ihg will be held at the church ou- March 27, in the afternoon. Mr. and Mrs. Oakley Hughes entertained at six o'clock. dinner Tuesday evening, Mr. and Mrs. Sammie. Juday, Mr. and Mrs.. Lester Miller,' Mr. and.Mrs. George Myerly, Mr. and Mrs. Cordova Juday," Mr. and Mrs. Faulty Yarling. Mr. and Mrs. Arthur Yohe. Ralph and Meredith Yarling and Minnie Lamm. Mrs. Roy Sabens, of Ohio, Mrs. Gene^Goar.-of Tipton were Wednesday evening guests of Mr. and Mrs. Nolan Ray. Mrs. Mary Yarling. Miss Esther Yarlin?, were Wednesday guests of Mrs. Charles Wells.' .Mrs. Sammie Juday, Mrs. Mary Pmith. Mrs.. OakleyjjHughes. Mr. and Mrs. 'Wayne "rwliBgfSD^f^Miss Minnie Lamm were among those who attended Eastern Star Lodge 1 :.t Elwood Wednesday evening. . Mr. and and Mrs. Owen Beesoii were Thursday guests of Mr. and Mrs, Edward Severih, of Kokomo. Art Metal files and office i furniture. Rribnne Press. Why not set the highest possible price in the least possible time by the one sure and efficient method? R. C. FOLAND Real Estate Auctioneer Noblesville. j Notice To Members of American Legion SUNDAY, MARCH 23, will be Bodenhamer Day — in — ANDERSON IND. THE GEORGE H. HOCKETT POST INVITES YOU The week-end round trip excursion fare (tickets on sale Saturdays and Sundays, good for return to last Cars Sundays) to Anderson, is but— $1.03 Commander-in-Chief Bodenhamer will be present and the day's program hv cludss a barbecue and all- day entertainment. COME SATURDAY NIGHT or SUNDAY via They have not decided at. present whether or not they will repeat the play in Atlanta. pier,: and. Mrs.gave: a "dialogue How Much Will Your Next AccUent Cost? Ton cant''answer that question ta advaace because there is no way of v teniae; how mnch any icddent niajr cost yon. If yonhit someone; with your ; automobile, and injure him the Jury may award him $10,N», IM f «M or more^damages. Ani you wiU hava to nay, oven * 1» tafcm yoar sa^«a. y..r , iMfue, aadafl yon passeas. Wkr^eiA' Mmt]:whmican A Good Selection of Used Cars to Choose From One 1929 Model A Ford Standard Coupe, Bonnie . Grey color, excellent condition; not much mileage. One 1929 Chevrolet Six Coupe; you can more than save the first year's -depreciation on this car. One Model A Fordor Sedan; less, than 5,000 miles on this car; carries a new car guarantee. One 1928 Whippet Coupe; good paint and tires; A-l condition mechancially. Two Model T Ford Tudors; new paint; both these cars are in A-l condition. Two Model T Fordors, with new paint jobs; excellent buys. These Cars Have All Been Thoroughly Inspected and We Welcome an Opportunity to Demonstrate Them to You. Tipton Main Motor Co. Community Public' Sale, Three Miles South of Tipton, TMrdh x South of New Mope-Church, 1J4 Miles NoHh of AtiaatoA Sa tur day 9 March „ ' ' 10i80 O'clock, the Following Property, Tv-wit: • ~ Player piano;-vlctrola; radio; Aiminster rags;. Cavenporti brary^tables; sectional bookcase: rockers; Singer sewinu DM URe new; dining;-room suiter other.;dining:, room ^ turutturef room.Turulture, including bed clothes^ Stnunons bed;, 'oak robe; now .'mattress^ breakfait set; "otherkitchen fumlturerittJ*" refrlgeratori'.-fourTiioIe;Gl6bA laundry store; cook stove; ^ .. . . ........ ...... ... ... 4r

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