The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 2, 1936 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Wednesday, December 2, 1936
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T " K ^M'NANT NEWSPAPER OF NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND* SOU™KASlMmdo^l *Vl -1-4' Tf ^ VOL. XXXIII—NO. 221 Blythevllle Courier , Blylhevllle, Herald Ulythcvllle. Dally News Mississippi Valley Leader AKKANSAS. WtfDNKSDAY, DICCKMBKli 2, Ifllili SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENT? Would Have Government Offer Old Age Annuities to Everyone WASHINGTON. Dec. 2 (UP)— The social security -hoard today considered creation of a voluntary old "age Insurance'program to pro- tret. 16,000.000 -agricultural and domestic , workers, excluded under the present compulsory law. Trie- suggested plan calls for creation of a government pool to niake monthly pensions available ' ut cost to low Income workers'on ,.a basis similar to Insurance com' pa.ny .annuities/ The'plan also would be available to the 26,000000 workers affected by compulsory provisions'-of. the social security act if [hey cared to" participate. ..,' ', The system as now envislonei would be entirely seH-suppbrtlng with no employer contributions. Premiums could be held as low ws *1 a month with the maximum annuity payable 1 to any. individual set at $50 a month after "the policy holder reaches 65 years. Two of the three board members, -Chairman . John G. Winant End Arthur J. Altmeyer, approved creation of federal insurance 1 policies when they were members of tlie committee on economic'secur- ity appointed by President Roosevelt to study the whole question of social security in 1934 and 1935. A government insurance - provision was written into the original Wagner-Lewis security bill but lost ouf in ' the United States sen Jte Secretary of the Treasury Htnrj Morgenthau jr had ap cultural, workers' and' domestics elimuiated') from the compulsory pension system declaring it lim- pd&lble-^to collect emplojer-ein- plojt pension taxfe, from them Christmas Lights Adorn Main Street Gaily coloied Christmas lights are being placed on the whltewaj posts in trie business section this week with the opening of the Christmas season. The lights, and brackets purclias- ed several jears ago as a result of a movement by the. Lions club to give the citj a festive appearance during the Yuletlds s=ason are be hig given minor repairs and brightened up for use again.' Members of ;the Uous club .conducted a bus mess section campaign thu mom ing to raise money for expenses incident to the: erection of the lights again. Osceola Physician Cites County's High Death 'Rate from Dysentery OSCEOLA, Ark. —A more com- irehensive and effective public health program for Mississippi :ounly, directed particularly to- vard reduction of the high mor- '.allty rate from dysentary, was ,irged by Dr. L. D. Massey, local ihysician, in a talk on "Control >( Colitis in Mississippi County" at i meeting of the Progressive club women's civic organization, here 'esterday. • , One of every seven deatlis in liFsissippi county in the past our years was caused by- sbme form of dyseiitary. Dr. Massey said, .declaring- that the county's death rate from this disease:" is higher than that of any section of the .United States except ' •• Livestock EAST ST. IX>UIS. III.. Dec. (UP)—Hogs: receipts 10,500 Top 10.10 110-230 Ibs 9.90-10.05 140-160 Ibs 7.25-9.90 Bulk sows 9.15-9.25 Cattle: receipts 4.000 Steers 7.50-10.50 Slaughter steers 5.50-7.50 Mixed-yearlings and heifers '4.50-11.00 - • '• .Slaughljr.jiclfers 4.00-5.00 Off I cows 3.00-3.75 '- IX { Mi a little otJ Jrfoit, so 1 - /ivcfv 'ond quick, I linen< in a moment il mini be A.AW. (Continued in Next Issue) Italian Conquest Wins Japanese Recognition ROJvfE. Dec.,2 (Ul')—Japan hasj recognlKed Italy's conquest of Ethiopia, it was announced offlc- ally today. Japan's acllon In recognizing the link n Italian conquest forges one more V: In the German-Japanese- llan front recently presented to ic -world. Germany already has recogniz- 1 the empire set up In Ethiopia V the Italian armies. Under the accord announced to- ly. Italy guarantees that Japanese interests In Ethiopia will be irotected. '•'• The AVar Comes to Madrid Wallis Would Not Become Queen of Great But am Under Proposal BY WEBB MILLER United I'ress Staff Correspondent LONDON, Dec. 2 (UP)—King Edward's friendship for Mrs. Wai' Us Simpson, reliable sources said today, has resulted In n compromise i>rd!>osal whereby he could marry her without causing resignation of the cabinet, or tils forced abdication. The was undcj lood to lie under consideration between the cabinet and the king H would provide that his maje.s- ty would be permitted to many Mrs. Simpson provided she' becomes only the Ducli' of Cornwall and' not Queen of Great Britain. Crisis Threatens One or the gravest constitutional ?rlse.rjn England's hlstoij (,\ MI> :oiild be averted... Tlie goiein rnent lias threatened to force through : parliament a bill nink- . pait of New fn the Osceola n e sceoa iistrict of the countj last yea^r, he said there were o^er 100 deatlu, from d>sentan commoo 1 ' refeiri{d to as colitis, a! 'against inly one from diphtheiia -' A large part of thrf blame, he Tald must be placed upon care- ess disposition of garbage oier- Hownig cesspools and inadequate proubion foi the inspection o£ dairies restaurants butcher shops ind soda fountains. Mississippi county a annual expenditure of onlj about $2000 for public health work for a population of 70000 is entirely inadequate he said He pointed out that ' if tlie county s expenditure Were doubled in 1937 tile state and fe^deial governments and the Rockefeln.r foundation would provide supplemental fluids suffici- ' to make about $12000 avail foi an adequate public health program In the county. The piogram devoted to public welfare was aiiangLd and led bj Mrs W L Moore Besides Dr Massey s talk it Included a dis cussion of the niateimty death rate by ( Mis Joe Walker, who uolnted -out that the United States has the highest maternal death rate of any civilized countrj in ihe world except Scotland. Mrt, R H ' Jones c'ub D «- dent., announce that the public uci..,, uiiuuiuiceu uiat tne public ' ° u""uj< >v «s rigiu in hi welfare committee, composed of assert| P» and. the issues now rais Mils. Moore, Mrs/ J. H. Lovewell c<1 cxlcild far beyond the pub flmi \fit- ri •* r IT L..H _*. .. Mf onH (!M* ni-litnin u. . and Mis. c. M. Harwell, would cooperate with local and county New York Cotton ""-r> •« and U» kU, k in turn to re- ing it impossible for the king to marry a coinnio has threatened fuse lo sign it. The cabinet Worked overtime to prevent disaster. After the regular weekly meeting an informal icabli!>t session: was held, late today In Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin's room in the .house of commons. Baldwin then went to Buckingham (palace and was closeted with the king in what presumably was a critlcnl conference No inkling came from the clos ed and guarded gates of the p-il- ace as to what they discussed , Press Critical of W|n r •Ihe British press lifted -iU self imposed censorship on the friendship of King Edward with Mrs Simpson last night to endorse a church bishops pointed reference to the monarch s private life Provincial newspapeis followed! with editorial comment the Bishop of Bradford s declaration tint the king needs Gods grace and some of us wish he gave more posl tive signs that he Jnows this WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 (UP) — ihe United state',' Mnko In Ihe .m,, cu O i me mvadei and rctuslnfe knotty tnlr. national gnn<« > ml- lo lake refuge on the crasl fled led thu war debl.s Is »'«••"•-"« '- •—• - • -• >•'•"• "™ to t th,, u °"° 1S ° f "" lmC bCl " b '° U8l>l ll °" 1L - 15 [tal " «'«1 ""t'twlhm eonflnc.1 to the fi htlng lines neve, could nipped open as though made of cardboard iastead of masonry and conciete the anir.ment lio.ise was the tni.-et of on e of numerous fatal ai, raids sjstL7ta cor? ducted bv rebels against the Spanls,, capital nils the she.l hole In the- street in the fo7egroun I and the bart maimed trees nuke the scene look like one from the West cm Fiont need The yorkslnre Post mi plying criticism of the king almost un precedented in modem times said that tlie bishop. Dr. A. W r Blunt, "must have had good iei son for so pointed a remark ILxprcssinj the nations hope that Edward would follow In (he footsteps of his father, the Post ••xpresscd d, ej'i "dfaa-oolrltmem If Instead of this continuitj of example, tliere should .develop dispute beUeui the king and his ministers such as must almost Inevitably raise,.a constitutional h sue of the gravest character The Yorkshire 'Observer snld ; 'The bishop was right In iiis rf « »IL. LFUU- lie and the privale lives of not only the king but of all British •.^inrmit; wun local and county '" ul<: "'"« oul »i all British health officers in a sun-ey of subjects, whether or not they may maternal and.child health facili- *« communicants in the church" ties: , . .... Tlie Bishop of Bradford ™, NEW YORK, Dec. Cotton closed steady. .'.". open high Dec. Jan. Mar. May July Oct. 2. <UP>low close 1232 1217 1225 121+ 1201 1206 1198 1203 1186 1193 1221 1201 1198 1213 118fi 1201 mo 1183 mo 1183 1125 IHO 1123 1133 Tlie Bishop of Bradford -as the first aigllsh bishop to refer to Edward's private: life, although high church dignitaries have been -epresenled as opposed to the ting's friendship with Mrs Simn- ,011. ' Tlie bishop assailed the sue- estion of the Bishop of Blrinin"'- harh that the religious ceremony at King Edward's coronation scheduled for next May be cur' tailed. . - . __ .„ ii*Hj J Spots closed at 1263, up 5. Spot Average Is 12,41 Tlie average: price of 7-8 Inch middling cotton .on the 10 designated spot markets today was 1241 the Blythevllle Board of Trade re- ONLY•|9^ SHOPPING DAYS TILL.CHRJSTMA5- ports! Closing Stock Prices NEW YORK, Dec. 2 (UP)-The stcck market made another irregular decline in more active trad- Ing today. Buying continued highly selective. Selling was noted ih a long list of the recent leaders Lorses. ranged to more than ; rv\<n)o ' ' , 187 3-8 . 25 1-2 . 47 3-8 points. A. T. and T. American Waterworks Anaconda Cop ,, Beth, steel u Chrysler '..;., 105 i . Cities Service ...... ,• , . , Coca Cola ...'.'."Il241 Oen. Am. Tank .... \v Gen. Elect. :..'./'" M •, Qeu. Motors .. . ."' S Int. Harvester , '" MS McKesson ..............!'" " , Montgomery Ward N. Y. Central "... Packard i..,,..... R ,11 Screaming out of tlie sky, bombs .wreak rebels' vengeance on Madrid. This exclusive picture, snapped by a newscnnrcraman who risked his life among flying fragments, and flown to-London shows an Incendiary bomb explosion during an air raid. Nole 'the names and dense black smoke. New Orleans Cotton NEW ORLEANS. Dec. 2 (UP) — Cotton futures advanced 5 to 8 points today in a continuation of the bull movement that began yesterday. There was a tight sit-' uatlon in spots and speculators came In with traders on the buy- Ing' side. Expectations of <\ small crop estimate provided another bullish factor, along W llh war talk. open high low C | ost , Dec ....... 1218 1230 1217 1222b May July Oct. Chicago Wheat • open high' low ti^ Dec 1243-8 125 3-8 123 3-4 124 I-» May IM 121 1-2 102 1-2 102 6-8 Chicago Corn low . close 1196 1209 1196 ill!) 1194 1188-1184 l 87 1167 1180 1167 1172 "27 1139 1125 U3i b open 1^2 DOC IK""' 4 110 3 '< May lOU-4 104 US 1-8 108 1-R 1-2 toj , Selected Tenants.: Will Receive. Opportunity to Become Owners" WASHINGTON, Dec. 2 '(UP) — Expressing confidence tliat a salisfaclory government farm tenant program would be worked out. Deputy Resettlement Administrator W. W. Alexander revealed today that RA had purcliased land In ten southern states to provide farms for 911 tenant farmers under It.s demonstration program. Alexander Indicated ho knew of no definite plans to transfer re- selttemont activities to other government . organizations. He said RA was devoting most of its energy now lo completion of suburban and rural resettlement projects and to caring for farm fainlltes In need ot direct relief. ' In connection with the farm tenancy program, Alexander said 78,625 acres of land had been purchased for the 917 farms, dls-' trlbuted as follows: 'Won n-" Carol in a, 100; Tennessee, 64; south Carolina, GO; Geonrta, Issues Warning Against Long Hours for Women LITTLE ROCK, Ark—E. I. Mc- Klnley sr., stale labor commissioner, in warning merchants throughout the state yesterday that women employes cannot be kept on duty more than nine hours a day, except In emergencies, said that extra work incident to increased sales preceding Christmas cannot be Considered an emergency. He said the law limiting hours of women employes Is a health measure and that the Christmas shopping rush puts women clerks and business office employes under a great strain. Tile labor department already has received Information In a few Instances that employers are work- Ing women clerks longer hours htan are permitted by law, Mr. Mc- Klrilcy -said. He warned that continued disregard for the law will result 1» prosecutions. Mr. McKinley expressed the belief that merchants generally should be so pleased at Increased demands for merchandise that they would gladly employ sufficient extra help during the holiday period lo enable them to comply with the law regulating working hours ot women employes. Physicians Doubtful o( Saving Life of YoinifJ Little Rock 'Ailist LITTLE ROCK,, Dec. 2 (UP)— Physicians began administering iaic Vincents seimn to Miss Jay nee .. Easley.- 20-year-old artist, lieie today in nn eleventh hour effort lo save her life from dreaded slicptococcus vcildans Infection 'pf the heart. The serum, rushed here from Paris Prance arrived earlv todny just as physicians were ready to abandon hope for the once attractive girl, whose body has been gradually impoverished by poison sapping at her life line. Physicians, • realising every minute counted, administered tlib first dose nf 8:30 a. m. The; previous vial of serum—believed the only hope of saving the yh-Ps life—may have reached here too late, one of the hospital phv slclans told the United Press. He said her condition was "worse' and doubled If she would survive. The physician, osklngr that hit name not be quoted, said the Infection was hard to cure and that everything lind been tried to save the girl's life. The scrum ni-rlvcd n day later than expected and caused anxlctv t>y physicians, relatives and friends. No Immediate Improvement was noted In Miss Easley's condition after the first dose. She lay In Baplst slate hospital hero with four physicians consulting about her case. She was reported to have « high fever and to be suffering Intense pain. Christmas Parade at Caruthersville Friday CARUTHERSVILLE, Mo. —The innual Christmas Parade will be held here next Friday night, Dec i, according to an announcement by Bob Mchrlc. president of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, •v'hich this year Is directing the parade. : It will be over seven blocks In 'ength, Mehrle said, nnd is to be- ;ln at 7:30, straight from Ninth, vnd Ward, continuing up Ward to West Third, then on Third to Carleton. , • In the principal downtown bua- iness sections, streets will be cleared of cars after six o'clock to prevent the congested condition that prevailed last year,vwhen more than eight thousand persons crowded the downtown streets lo wllness the parade. 113; Alabama, 104; Mississippi, 100; Louisiana, 102; Arkansas, 110; Oklahoma, 59; Texas, 105. Railroad Special Agent To Face Murder Charge WYNNE. Ark., ncc, a (ur)- James Robertson, deputy prosc- •ulliiK attorney, announced this flernoon Hint Fred - Johnson, licclnl . agent for g U ' ' Missouri- 'ncltlo railroad company, would bo Held on murder charges In cotir iiiTlloii with the dciilli early tor (lay of Arthur Kennedy, 31-year- old Wl'A worker. Kennedy died at Ills home this nornliiV from Injuries received ii ii' light with Johnson on.« Imvntown street,' Nov. 20, iiecbnl- us lo officers. DEBTS EXCEED MDEJL oieij>n Obligations to U, S. Sufficient to Pay for Recoveiy MEM Gicat Bombing Raid ;Is Made As Arniies Battle for Capital i[ MADRID, Dec 2. (UPJ-Twcnlf- foui liMirgont warplanos , roared o\ci this beleaguered capital today and inured death fiom the sklfs <Sn he .scurrying civilian population th the midst of tlie greatest battle of the civil war, > •' Nine sllv'cl- alid black thr'ce-mo- torcd bombeis and 15 sliver flgfiC- "' dropped approximately 30 s around University C(ty, where, lojalisls and nationalist . :roops arc locked In combat , A second raid occurred In Ihe of- '' temoon when Insurgent pianos dropjred about 10 mole bombs ^ 'Hie buildings of Madrid Ireni- iled Women and chlldien, May- "g by their men folk In common laired of the Invadei and refusing 01 more --.,, . _... av V n me uuu^i, nell .,--,—, lo bomb proof shelters, subwavs, -..-',-• - llm " sulliclent to cellais and doorways when the llrst offset the Now Deal's licmemlous bomb lattled the city's window's. nu ni t rn, ...n«,^ ! ... , A..K ..[.-...*, 3 wuiguwss oiillav. 1 ) foi lecoveiy durliiK Hie past foui jeaii H .survey by the United Press disclosed today rinth the hutjo sums spent, foi disluiclion In Hie Woild War might conceivably be used to pay for the cost of reconstructing the nation'!) economic lite attci one at the most staggering dcprcs- ons of -modern times. 3o fni the Now Deal's expencii- tuie on relief and iccoveiv has been approximately $12.500000,000 Admlnlstiatlon officials were chewed bj rciwits Hint Pianco had Initiated negotiations looking foiward toward a settlement ol Its debt, which amounh o about one4hlrd .of Iho ( inlerna- tlonal liHlcblttlness to this ''couii- trj Another Inslallinent on the foi- cisn debt Is due December 15 tot«o™ WWW 3 which includes «5 279 320 In principal and Uic remainder In : interest. Tallulah Fire Loss Placed at $800,000 TALLULAK, La-Loss In the nic which destiojed the vencei anc| box planLs of the Chicago Mill nnd Lumber company here Monday has been unofficially 'Stimatcd at $800,000. Foui hundicd and fifty men were thrown out of'cmployincnt by the Are. It Is expected that plants will be rebuilt Fred \y 8-htitz of Helena', : vlco-prcslde'nt of the company In charge' of it southern operations, was expected here today to make plans for rebuilding. "Bank Nights" Illegal, Illinois Official Rules SPRINGFIELD, 111. — "Bonk Night," one of the heaviest draw- Ing cards of Illinois theaters.'was described by Attorney-General Otto Kerner as a lottery and participants were declared subject to flues up to $2000.. fl ',' .,:..;: Kerner gave his opinion In a letter to Bernard E. Wall, state's attorney-elect, of McLean county. "I do not think," 'Kenier wrote, 'that there can be-tiny , . . .... ui vi.v^ju jmnitlpaL- Ing ,ln it in any way arc subject to a fine of. not more than $2000." , ; The residence 1201 West Hearn street, was en- Conway tered by a prowler last night while - - members of the family were at- u s ' n • n \ lending a movie show. , • Hoover Denies Report The only article stolen, amiar- : U»'ll U i_.rj'_ Tlie only article stolen, apparently, was a small child's watch but the entire, house was ransacked. Entrance was gained by forcing open a front window. Town Revives Curfew CHEWELAH. Wash, (UP)—An old ordinance has been revived In this city. Henceforth every night I at 6 . p. m. the curfew bell will ring'and youngsters of Chewelali I must be off the streets. The city council passed the ordinance when complaints came to (hem of much vandalism afler dark!" •""• ' Anll-nucraft -pVpped ly. Tlicie was no loyalist fleet ady to give battle, ' The rnld, designed more (o 'lei'- orUo the populace limn for It.s mllllary cfTeotlvcness, served ohlr to Interxslfy the linlrcd seelhltig In U)c capllnl * Rhine Will Return , .'. as Highway Director LITTLE ROCK. Ark-James B ' Shyne, who served as .stale highway dllecloi foi about a jean nt Iho beginning of Qov. J M Put- tcll's Ilist administration, Vlll re-' 'Vin lo that post undeuhls ad- •illey annoimct'd^ j-eslferdaV ' "X'f - RnyncMiIll be Ihe chief ex«cn5«- tlve officer of (he highway .de- laitment, combining the duties' of Mghwny dhcetor and, secretary of the highway commission, Bailey said. J, Rhine, who hved at Corning for many jeais, Is now, chief of th'e ifjrlcultunil and engineering di- - ilslcn of the Resettlement Afl- •nlnlslmtlon, with a:i , office at Utlle Rock He wps' appolnt«l,. highway dlrccloi in February, 033, and iqsigned nbout a yeai' atci following disagreement w'th aovcinor Pnlrell ovei highway idminlstialion mid personnel Wynne Man Named. "2i Racing, Chairman' LmrLF! ROCK- Aik—John Hil- 'laid, Wynne busines, man, will uccecd H Hlglifill of Blythevllla is clialnnan of the Arkansas rac" ng commission, It was announced heic jcsterday by Carl E Bailey governor-elect. v ' v Hllllard, a followci of racliu;, foi many jears, was expected-to- confer with Bailey hero today The outgoing commission Ms" scheduled to meet I here Saturday . to complete Us Anal report 'ft' Presiding Elder Will Preach Here Tonight, The Rev. E W.'Potter of Jones-' ... v _ ....*..„ .,„,, ut nlt y tjucsi-ion as «oro, presiding elder of Methodist to the illegality and criminal char- churches In the Jonesboro district acler of the scheme described in «'" preach at the First church here 1 your letter. All of those particlpat- tonight, 7.30 o'clock ' ' Prowler Ransacks „,„.„ ullu uie> HcaVn SfrpBt Hr.m-0 Mrs Don jD. Hotoiah , nearn atreet House The n^p^iding eid sr succeed Dr. and Mrs.' Potter, ar'6 viait- lug the ministers of his churches here this week, the Rev. and Mrs' 1 H. L>nn Wade, the Rev s and Mrs'. M. N Johns Jon, ^and the \ Rev. snd Enlists in Army • - • -' \ ( MEMPHIS, Dec; 2. —George B; Boyles of Blytheyllle w'as enlisted In the U. S. army here yesterday 1>J Sgt, ftutus-Hariey.' ."•- /••'•'•" Grand Coiulet Expands "' GRAND COULEE, \ftfh. (UP) —.Enrollrnent in Graiirt coulee schools hit a new high'" hiirk this year with more Uian l,OOd'.pUplli In. attendance. -'Less ..than'-:three yeari ago there was 'ilo . school hero at afi. " • - !l * '• He'll Move to England NEW,;YpHK, Dec. 3 (UP) -, Former Prestdeht Herbert Hoover said today there was not "a -word of trnjh.', 1 In a, report published here tliat'he was considering an Invitation of British friends to lake up protracted residence In England WEATHER Arkansas—Rain tonlgh'. Thursday cloudy, probably rain In east portion In morning. Memphis and vicinity—probably occasional rains tonight and Thursday, slightly warmer. , \ CThe nuxlnnlm temperature-here jesterday was 39, minimum» 37, cloudy,'' according to Samuel "P. Xorrls, official welUicr *»««^—

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