The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on August 8, 1952 · Page 1
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 1

Blytheville, Arkansas
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Friday, August 8, 1952
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VOL. XLVHI—NO. 116 BLYTHEVILLE COURIER NEWS .,,.. .„. „ — TUB DOMTOArfT NEWSPAPER t» NORTHEAST ARKANSAS AND SOUTHEAST MISSOURI Blythevllle Courier Blytheville Daily News Mississippi VaUey Leadw Kytlwville Herald New Resignations In Justice Agency Said in Prospect WASHINGTON (AP)_A new round of top-level reb- ignations in the Justice Department was reported in prospect today, and the axe is expected to fall too on some U S district attorneys outside Washington. At the same time, a relatively unknown attorney — loss L. Malone of Jfo.swell, N.M.—was slated to take over the department's No. 2 spot succeeding A. Devitt Vanech as deputy attorney general. Vanech resigned Monday to seek the Democratic nomination for the unexplred term of the into Sen. Brieii Mc-Mahon of Connecticut. Bin Major Vacancy Made Impending new changes in the department were forecast by informed sources as amounting to a virtual clean sweep of officials left over from the regime of Ally. Gen. J. Howard McGrath. and before him. Tom Clark. The departure of Vanech left the eighth major vacancy in the department's top echelon—starting lasl April <! wilh the firing of ,Mc^ Grath at the height of President Truman's government "house cleaning" campaign. McGralli stepped down aller he had first fired Newbold Morris, his special "house cleaner." Behind much of Ihe shake-up in Ihe Juslice Department has been the investigation launched last spring by a special house judiciary subcommitlee headed by Rep. Frank Chelf (D-Ky) and Rep. Kenneth Keating (R-NY). Chelf and committee counsel Stephen A. Mitchell ol Chicago were reported backing Malone for McOranery's chief deputy. Besides being a friend of Mitchell, Malone is a member of the Board of Governors of the American Bar Association which has been' seeking more voice in Ihe selection of department personnel. The association advocates stricter non-political professional standards for government attorneys. Young Bar Leader While litlle known in official Washington, the 42-year-old Malone has a record as> an able oil and gas attorney in (he Southwest and is described as a leader in f I r- ' f soybean Event ToBeSeptB-13 FOH.TAGEVILLE, Mo.—The fifth annual Soybean Festival and Exposition, to be held in Portageville Mo., Sept. 8-13 will be the most balanced festival to be held to date festival officials said today in outlining plans for new events. The Porlageville Junior chamber of Commerce, sponsors, said Hank Williams and his Drifting Cowbovs the younger element in the bar association. His appointment, Informed sources said, probably will be followed by the firing of "at least two" district attorneys—not identified. The Chelf committee, and. especially the chairman, has made no secret of feeling that certain district atlorneys "have got to go" for the good of the deparlmenl. BLYTHEVILLE, ARKANSAS, FRIDAY, AUGUST 8, 1952 TfiN PAGES SINGLE COPIES FIVE CENTS Cherry, McMath Go Own Ways in Resuming Attack FACE TO FACE —Chancellor Francis Cherry, left, and Gov. Sid McMath, bitter rivals for Arkansas' Democratic nomination as Governor in next Tuesday's primary, question each other on Cherry's radio talkathon at Helena Thursday. ^I^I __ _ - i Both men had challenged the other to the personal debate. McMath walked in unannounced about noon and the two nuizzcrt cacli other on campaign and personal issues for about 50 minutes. (AP I'holo) Sen. McKeliar Loses In Tennessee Vote NASHVILLE, Tenn. (iPi—Two- fisted campaigner Albert Gore, administering Kenneth D. McKeliar his first political defeat in 11 years, pulled steadily away from the elderly senator today in clean-up returns' from the Democratic primary. With all but a smattering of the* state's approximately 2,300 precincts in from yesterday's voting, the 44-year-old Gore had a lead of better than 60,000 over the 83-year- old McKeliar. The count from 2.101 precincts was: Gore 238,807, McKeliar 175 272. Included were returns from 100 of W2 precincts in Shelby Counly Memphis where McKeilar had. as usual, the support of Politico E. H., Crump, But where Cruinp in Jlis political hcydey delivered virtually a solid vote, the 62 precincts gave Gore 23,586 votes, McKeilar 25918. Frank Clement, former FBI agent, apparently had ousted cumbent Gordon Browning in Ihe governor's race. Browning sought a third two-year term. Victory m the primary Is tanU unction ' and Sen. Estcs Kefau- of the , , Ole Opry" show will be on hand for two performances during the event, appearing in matinee and evening shows Sept 11 The Turtle Derby, an annual feature attraction of the festival will be held this year on the ni-ht ' phis political leader E. H Ciump mikmtr his firM bid foi a state «'ide comeback cfter his organization was beaten four years ago by Broxvning ' - — • ver. i Crlnnp Backed McKeilar Crump had supported McKeliar and Clement. % There was major activity in the Denver headquarters of Republican presidential candidate Divight D. Eisenhower: The general, his running male Sen. Richard M. Nixon, ami John Poster Dulles, the party's international alfairs expert, met lo map campaign strategy on foreign lol- ,i r of __ _ s Queen Revue will be held"sept."io. and is open to youngsters from three to five. This will be the first year in which, a junior king has been selected along with the youni; queen. The Soybean Queen's Float Parade will highlight activities Sent. 11. Bands and numerous floats are scheduled to appear in lhi<; year's parade, according lo festival'offi- cials. The Soybean Queen herself will be picked during the beauty pageant Sept. 12. with the queen receiving a S500 grand prize. Contest entries in each event arc open to contestants from through- session may come a f\, jitin nua year uii tnc ni°'nr i i • • -•• — ,! —-.•..._ .. Sept, 9. A Junior King and u ecislcn °" Jusl how lmrd E ' SC1> ,-, . -1HJ5 aim howpr will cfrilm ~.,f :.,... *i._ out the PortaGeville chairman. Joe . Jaycees of the is general Weather Arkansas forecast; Partly cloudy Ihis afternoon, tonight and Satur- N'O CHANGE day; widely scatlered. mostly daytime thundershowers; not much change In temperatures. Missouri forecast: Considerable cloudiness tonight vith scattered showers and thunderstorms, Saturday scattered showers or thunderstorms southeast and extreme ea? portions; cooler Saturday except ex-, treme southcasl; low tonight 70-75! hower will strike out against the loreigri policy of Ihe Truman ad ministration—a policy he helped carry out as European defense commander. Eisenhower Cheered Eisenhower began today's meet- party who backed Sen. Robert A. Taft for the nomina'^n They said (hey would give their full support to the present ticket. George T. Hansen. national committeeman from Utah, passed Ihis Inside Today's Courier News . . . Farm news and review . . . Page 7. . . . Sunday in IhB churches . . . I'ase 5. . . . Society . . . Luxora News . . . Page 2. . . . Markets . . . I'agc .1. . . Sjpnrls . . . Page c. . . . findi ne;r way (o underscore taxes . . . ediloriaLs . . . 1'agp, 4. Democrats 'Cold' To Idle of Recall By JACK BELT, WASHINGTON dVj-Lending Democrat gave cold reception 'to- day to President Truman's suggestion he might call a special session of Congress to act on new inflation controls. Sen. Joseph C. O'Mahoncy of Wyoming, chairman of the Senate- House Economic Committee, told a reporter he thinks such action at this time would be futile. Sen. A. S. (Mike) Monroney of Okir.homa said he believes the government ought to watch the cost of living "like a hawk" but. he indicated he doesn't think lawmakers are in the frame of mind now to return to Washington and act on a Top Senate Positions Now to Be Reshuffled l^of «en Kenneth D. McKeliar in primary assured a re-shuffling next January trrff Tennessee in top Senale The 83-year old McKeilar Is dean of the Senate in service, chairman of Us Appropriations Committee, Senate president pro lem- pore and ranking Democrat on various Senate-House committees and commissions. U Democrals retain control of the senate in the fall election. Sen. C.irl Hayden of .Arizona, who will be 75 on Oct. 2, will become appropriations chairman. This com- millee holds purse strings on all the mulll-billion dollar government expenditures. Hayden hns been a senator since 1927. Bridges for GOP If the Republicans should win ^,,r- , , . — senate control. Sen. Styles Bridge",'^ 105 r ?"", '" "' e fifth of New Hampshire, who ^53 and! ' has been in the Senale since 1837. would lake over as appropriations chairman. Bridges headed the committee during the Republican 80th Congress. Americans Bag 3 Enemy Planes Nation's 18th Jet Ace Is Captain from Salt Lake City, Utah SEOUL, Korea _ The U. S , _ . Fifih Air Force said American pi- l°'l shot . dm ™ lhrec Communist Dro . or " presiding officer , — of the Senate when the vice presi dent is absent, carries with George In Line In line for this under : . word nlomj lo him yesterday, add-1 cratic majority would be sen ing that prospects looked bright Walter F. George of Georgia 74 for Inn f;np in ttioir crtitA,- „.i__ . ... furious Jet bailies over -lh Korea. America's crowned In 18th the Jet ace was nclion. which for Ihe COP in their states. In Springfield, III., the Democratic presidential nominee, Gov. Adlai Stevenson, was reported ready to kick off his campaign with a Labor _Day speich in Detroit followed by a swing into the Soiilh lo hold.the Dixie vote in line there. High on his list of musts in the days ahead is the naming of a new Democratic national chairman reportedly on his way out. Elsewhere on the political scene: McKclclin Opens Fire Gov. Theodore R. McKetdin at Maryland opened fire on Stevenson and his running mate. Sen. John Sparkman of Alabama. McKeklin said Stevenson's one-time endorse- Sec McKELLAR on Page 3 : ...,.„;. , . who has ser -ved in (he Senate since IS27. or other top-ranking Democrats. These include Sens. Hayden, Richard B. Russell of Oeorgia, Harry K. Byrd of Virginia, Patrick McCarran of Nevada,or Joseph C O'Mahoney of Wyoming. If the Republicans brought Ihe five-day Allied loll of Russian-buill Jels to IB destroyed and 19 damaged. Capt. Clifford D. Jollcy of Salt Lake City, shot down his fifth MIG to qualify as an ace. That made three kills in two clays for the 31-year-old Sabre jet pilot. Today the Air Force confirmed a MIG lie shot down July •(. As a result, the spectacular Fourth of July aerial brittle near the Yalu River became the biggest day of the war for U. s. airmen— 13 MIGs shot down, one probably destroyed and five damaged. Den. IS Keociril lirokcn The old record of 13 shot down, two probably destroyed, and one damaged was set last Dec. 13 The July 4 battles erupted when Governor Hits Insincerity on REA Program By l.KON HATCH NASHVILLE, Ark. (AP) —Gov. Sill McJIath lasl nifjlit charged that Chnnrellor Pi'uncis Clien-y is insincere in his avowed support of the rural electrification program. He said that Cherry, who opposes him for a third tpnn nomination, "tells you that he's fin- the UKA." "Bui he nlso tells you." McMalh added, "(hat if he's elected governor — and he won't be — he will discharge Howard Glailtlen nnd John E. Thompson frmn the Public Service 'Commission. "You know that they're Ihe two 'commissioners) who have been fighting for rural electrification ever since they've been on the commission." McMath went on to say thai he had helped gel PSC approval of the proposed "super co-op" sieam generating plant ut Ozark. The matter now Is in the Supreme Court, and McMnlh said that if Ihe court decides PSC didn't have nulhority lo grant permission for the plant 1m would ask the legislature lo change Hie law McMath spoke to some 3 000 persons — that was his estimate and also that of City Marshal Olln Bnl! — in this home town of Rep Boyd Tackett. who ran third ll the July 2D preferential primary McMalh called Taekcll "my friend" despite the sometimes uncomplimentary remarks (hey nmde about each other in the pre-preferential primary and lauded him as a "self marie man." He didn't remind his listeners that Tacketl announced he was supporting Cherry over McAlnlh in next Tuesday's runofl primary. Talkathon Recounted exchange tit Cherry's Helena lalk- alhon. new controls law. Republicans generally were inclined to look upon Truman's statement (hat he has a special session call under consideration as something of a political liarrassmenl move directed at Ihem. Truman ''To Wait" Truman told a news conference yesterday he is going lo wait 01 developments. There were -indica lions he may discuss this antl othei issues wilh Gov. Adlai 15. Stevenson of Illinois. Ihe Democrall: presidential nominee, when Ihe} mecl here next week. Slevcnson has accepted a 7'ruman invitalioi lo attend a Cabinet meeting at tin White House Tuesday. lo be quoted by name tokl a re porter he believes n special ses slon jnlfrlit. be embarrassing K enlly is attempting lo avoid too close an identification with the Truman admitiisiration. "Policies" Certain Republicans have made it clear they would use the forum of a special session to launch all-out attacks on the President and the Democratic nominee. And bcccurss it is in numbers a Democratic Congress, Truman hardly could blame Ihc law-makers for failing to act effectively to curb the rising cost of living without pu 1 ting that blame primarily on his own party rather than on the minority Republicans. O'Mahoney said he thinks Ihere undoubtedly is going to be some <*--- "-~ -..e,...^.^ furllusr increase in the cost of ' high and he hoped il could be living. He added: reduced. If the two cents, n pack increase volcd by the lasl legis- Sreclc Troops Ordered To Keep Bulgarians Vit Evros Island ATHENS, Greece OP) — Acllng Premier Sophocles Vcnitclos told a packed press conference today Greek forces had Iran ordered to keep Bulgarian troops off tile border Evros Island of Gamma, from which the Communist Bui- gars were driven by Greek firo yesterday, Vcnlzcios said Greek (roops al the river border between Greece and her Soviet satellite neighbor had been ordered to stand by on the alerl until the United Niv- lions back Greek demands lor unquestioned sovereignly over the tiny Island. A dispatch from Istanbul, Turkey, said reports from the Turkish border 10 miles from Gamma Indicated no new activity in the area and Hint Turkish authorities appeared nnexcltcd over the latest Grcek-Bulgar Harelip. were screened; "his promoters lake them over the telephone and his lawyers answer the ones tlmy think .should be answered," McMath assorted. "Just try to get n 'controversial question answered," McMath urged. McMath gave Ihis descripllon of his opponcnl's lalkalhon: Fie talkelh on nnd on and sayeth nothing." Questions Are Answered Jifdge Claims T Proof of Auto 'Shakedown' By CAUL BELI/ PINE BLUFF (AP) — Francis Cherry said today ho had "plenty of proof" that Gov. McMath had been shaking clown automobile dealers for campaign funds. The Chancery Judge and guber- nalorial aspirant, who described himself as "Ihe unorthodox candi- dale," made Ihe statement In reply lo a • question submitted at hla talkalhon here. He did not specify what Ihe proof was but declared "the fact that I've made Ihe charge several times and it hasn't been denied should be proof enough." Cherry charged that McMath refused to answer any questions except those he wanted to answer when he appeared on the chancellor's talkathon at Helena yesterday. A listener had asked Cherry how he felt when McMalh showed up suddenly al Ihe'lalkalhon and entered Inlo debate. "Glad to See Him" "I was glad to see him," cherry replied. "I knew the people would like to nsk him the questions they had been asking me ... he refused lo answer certain questions. He answering only those lie wanted to. "Some say McMalh wns courageous for coming to my talka- lhon; others say he did it because he's making a last ditch sland I don't know why he came, but I had been Inviting him for Ihres weeks." Cherry conducted his 3-hour Fina Bluff lalkathon in an unused business building which was uncomfortably warm. But the big room was jammed with people and the crowd overflowed inlo tile slde- wulk despile a light rain. Persons in the audience fre - quenlly interrupted the question and answer session lo m a k a "dollars for decency" conlribu- tioiw to Cherry. They also gave 1 ' large cherry-covered cako kingsizcd Drew County •r. of the 1052 Memphis Collon I The Inlkathon was broadcast by Truman Barkley r Nixon to Be Sent NCPC Invitations Jaycees Also Eye Beauty Pageant For Cotton Contest .J. L. Wesibrook. Chairman of (he 1052 National Cotton Picking Contest, said today that plans were made at a meeting of the contest committee last night to Invite president Harry Truman, VIce-Presidcnt Alben Barkley and Republican Sen. Richard Nixon of California to the 13Ih annual event to be staged hero October 2-3. Mr. Westbrook said the commlt- ,tc-c Is hopeful that one of the dig — nllaries y.'ill be able to ntlend the him a ....„ contest.. He also said special Invi- ""<! a kin Inlinns' \viJI be .sent the Kliur nurf watermelon. Carnival to nlteiul as guests of the Junior Chamber of Commerce, sponsors of the event. A proposal to Institute a "Miss National Cotton Picking Contest" pageant u-as heard by the comtnit- I lee, with Ihc suggestion lhat it be made nn annual feature of the contest. Reports on this plan nre lo be heard at a dinner meeting of ,.-> ,...„„„,„„ . McMath asked "what Is my op-; ""! committee next Thursday night. poncnt's attitude on tiie state medical center?" his own iiucsllon: "He said at Pine then answered Bluff he thought the cignrelte lux was too according to Mr. Westbrook. The committee also voted to in- nearly every to gel votes. six radio slalinns in four cities Pine Bluff, Hot Springs, Stuttgart and Greenville, Miss. Judge Cherry accused McMath of "programming road In Arkansas" . "You couldn't build all of them in the next 10 years," he said. Cherry said all roads now under contract would have to be com- pleled if he-is elected. "A contract is a conlrnct-you can't break one." he explained, "But I doubt it will be of such proportions in the next three months as to make it advisable to try to do. in the middle of a presidential campaign, what can be done much more sensibly when the campaign is over and a new Congress is elected." Western Actor In Rodeo Cast Two Shows Set For Fireman, Police Benefit Johnny Garbor. who nt.ivs role.? *""~^ p o Wcstern movies for Republic rupt a powcrful A]|[cd b {, mbin . g Q( | Pictures. w,ll lead the array of stars U Ihe Republicans win. Bridges, Communist jets zoomed out of , TT who now is the GOP Senale lead- Manchuria in an attempt to di° I Wcstern or ^mll/1 1~l-rt «u:_ I .._. .. . . - _ "v*\,.,, t jt vu ul.-,- --• , !0 bands to attend this year's i Talkathons are scheduled later celebration, Mr. Westbrook said, i today at Stuttgart and Hot Springs. Fifteen bands were on ham) for Ihc ! Cherry Issued a challenge for a 1951 parade. "Mayor's Day." slated i "committee of McMath supporters" lo Ijc held on the 2nti. Is shaping up J'" handle all questions coming in inlo a highlight of the contest, Mr. | to llls talkathon at Stutlgart. Weslbrook said, nnd plans for v/cl- : McMath has been charging that " a bunch of Florida promoters" have been screening questions to see that Cherry answers only those he wants to. Cherry has denied this and on his talkalhon here said to prove it he wild let McMath's supporters Ink" (he questions on the telephone n t! transmit them to him. Although he plans to continue lo confine most of his campaign to the talkalhon technique, the prematurely gray judge spoke from E J. Cure, chapter chairman of j the slump at Lake Village yester- tlic Chickasawba Chapter of the j <la y afternoon and delivered a 15- roatis of Inlss eh : American Red Cross today annonnc- ! 'ninute address from a Memphis latiire should be eliminated, it would mean that the medical ccn- ler (to which the two cents goes) would not be built, the proposed nurses training school would not be built and the (University of Arkansas) Mcdicnl School would lose its accreditation." Charges Hepealcrt The governor repented a charge that Cherry opposes farm - lo market roads, nn accusation that Cherry has denied. "My opponent " McMath said, "has endorsed a recommendation of a Highway engineer lhat ,., „. inoo ^u : mm;, n_nu ixt^u vrosg today annonnc-i """ ulc "<-""t::>.-» irom a .Memphis 500 car per day traffic count .should i ctf appointment* of nciv committee j television station last nrtjhc. hway depart- chairmen for Ihe cotninc year. ^ l Lake Village, Cherry, who Audit Commission coming Ihc visiting mayors ore almost complete. Red Cross Commltee Heads Named not be part of the high 1 ..,. *.^,., tl - ..,„,,,,,,,, ,,, , - ... ^,,m mcllt - ' Mr. Cure said the following peo-! speaks in ii soft, conversational rnal would mean that all farm- pin would Icarl chapter work In their i manner in contrast to the fterv lo-markcl roads would have lo go conimlUer:;: i oratory of most politicians de- back to Ihe counties, which aren't] Water safety. Mrs. Hugh Whit- ; clarcd that the biggest issue ot able to build Ihem." | s jt : f irst , M Charles Moore- home" 1 ' 0 ••-••"-»•- "<- ••- '-•Cherry, McMalh charged, "has | mirslnE. Mrs. B. A. nugg;" a North Korean officers candidate school. The fast Sabres warded off Ihe MIGs from U. N. fighter bombers. The Air Force said claims of that will perform in Ihe Welch brolhcrs Rodeo that will show here next week. er, could take this honor and the limousine or let them go lo Sens. Robert A. Taft of Ohio, Charles W. Tobcy of New Hampshire, or Alexander .Wiley of Wisconsin. Under the congressional senior-' — i--~—..-*•,> «tonu^t:u v*um-1 f ~ -n----j j ity system, normally the lawmaker '> lmlnist ' et a »" several damaged I P crrol ™i">ccs Tuesday and Wcdncs- > ^ . J,1 | ,„„,. |,^ „,*.**;_ i , . , rill, -* H,..TI r^ . ... «no has served longest has his pick of committee assignments and chairmanships. said thai ail Ihc decent people in Ihe slate voice! for him. "Since he got 30.000 votes in the firsl primary, I hope all those who ^ta, me nn rorcc said claims of TT. j -,. another probably destroyed Com- C T °^° W1 " glvc tm> nightly | me." think they aren't decent enough to vote for Kr.incis Cherry vote for U.S. Agency Estimates Cotton £Crop at 14,735,000 Bales be confirmed liter. Front Gels Support O. N. warplanes also gave powerful frontline support to ground Iroops who Thursday withstood the (lay at Walker Park under the aus- Extended Arkansas pices of the policemen and firemen j Weather Forecast of Blythcville. Proceeds from the! EMcmlcrt Arkansas Forecast for are to go to purchase uni- holiest day of Ihc year—a searing i forrns and equipment for the police 108 degrees on the Western Front, On the Central Front, Allied planes loday allackcd Chinese hoops who Thursday nighl tried in vain lo recapture the rugged 8-1Z: Temperatures ill average 1 to treme soulhcasl- low tonight 7n 7i wacutxTi-T,™ m T-*. . . . l recapture Ihe ruReeri extrSou^;^ . _. . .......01. CaSt Ol the Current t'nllrtv* e*rr\n Kiln.. Tl.!.. .:„._._ ,_. . . T\.~ T-:_t-«l- ... exlreme southeast. Minimum this moraine—71. Maximum yesterday—95. Sum-el loday—6:56. Sunrise tomorrow—5:16 Precipitation 2-1 hours lo 7 a.m.— none. Toial precipitation since Jan I —22.24. Mean Umpcralure (midway between high and Ion-)—«3. Normal mean lemperatures of AugusU-«0.3. This Dale lasl Vrar Minimum ihh morniiv: --79. and fire departments, the city hasi ^ dcRrecs brlow normal. Normal annnnnrrrf ' i minimum 7fl tn Tl Vnrm-.i -~....i cast of the current cotton crop, loday eslimated it at 14.735.000 bales of 500 pounds gross weight. This compares wilh production of 15,130,000 last year, the ID50 siiult crop of ll>.102,000 bales and Ihe ten-year < 1041-50) average of 11,775.000 bales. The Agriculture Department had appealed (or n crop of 16,000,000 bales this year to meet domestic .ind export requirements, and to - dat»-30.21. production, respectively, by stales Included: _ „. .. Mis?ouil -83 ver cent of inmnal ••resnrmearnni-fi" -. dome.-lir : W pounds per acre, au;l pnuim:- •*auii<u-y i to tlni. _•;• um.y.'on p!us Ihe, " M) ° J *IC.CCO bales. I United Slales in the 1952-S3 crop Arkansas-66,274 and 1 050 000 , Increase the reserve. The reserve, nr carryover, was estimated nt about 2.4i)0,fl(K) halps as of Aujr. 1. Ml). Chinese and lillcry and North Korean ar- nuns boomed L-si.maiea al lo 14.600,000 »-orean imalllrymen. nfo-mal'nn HI. tvlll rt i • IT i..bale.. This estimate includes 'do- The Eighth Army estimated Chi- ancl' I-Cm" co\"ov work d.±![ mestic consumption of !).300.000 lo > ncsc tosses at 521 killed and 300 co»bo\ work dnnn« 9.800,000 bales and exports of four ! wounded In the battle for the'strrn million to 4.800.000 bate. M " ' The condition of the cotlon crop on Aug. 1 was reported nl 75 peri, - ^»,..' ,/.JVMU:U ccnl of normal, compared wilh 7l> 1, y across the entire fronl, but per cent a year ago. and the ten- i !', c acllotl was reported from the year average of 77 per cent. ! vvcslern and Eastern sectors. The condition of (lie crop, the u • ~, ^ T7 indicated yield per acre, and the No «-"Ctt In Plane Hunt J^L LA J*>. - American planes announced. Oarbor is a trick horse rider and! chan'cs"' stunt man and has appeared In a 1 bea"f^Sf"iiJir number of We-slern movies for Re-1 most of period. public, according lo advance pro<ss i ' information. He will do trick riding and all-around cowboy work during! the rodeo's performances here. j The rodeo also will Innlude )9 • other performers, all ol whom are veteran rodeo mon. Thr rodeo also ! boasts (35 head ol western stock. minimum 70 to 73. Normal lo %. No Important rccipltalinn moderate lo llic campaign "is the In'ergrity of • ...,.i,,, t . i.iio. n. n. uugg; slalf j 'h c inim you want to he your t;ov- aidc. Mrs. Bob Logan; Junior Red I crnor." Cross. Mrs. Jerry Cohen; disaster.! "" Y "u Believe, Vute" Worth Holder; finance. Sicjsbert! " lf ,'ou believe I'm a man of cood Jiedel: blooti. Harry A. mines; pub- ! character and Integrity," he said lie information. E. M. Terry; home j "'hen help me. If not. defeat me." service, Mrs. E. M. Huffman. I i! <~ said, as he has throughout Mrs. Julia Haralsoti. chapter ex- | his campaign, lhat he will nol make ccutlvc sccrclary. snid no board i "wild promises in exchange for meeting would be held during (he votes." monlh of August. The group's next: " If ;in V of you hie is on tho regularly-scheduled meeting will ne, s ' :llc welfare rolls wrotmiully, be- Sept. 11, she said. -»..*.. -< - .._>:,,_-. ,_.;- Military Wants Medics WASHINGTON <JT> — The Army p and Ihe Air Force today asketi for lershowcn j Ihe drafting of 371 physicians and 200 dentists in Oclober .. Jones to Attend 'Gathings Day;' State's Senators Asked — n p and ships Friday reported nn <••.«> In llu-ir limn [ or ,, twm-fii- eiucd U. S. Navy M-,,i,,,., ,,,,•„,! teinber mi.sing since Thursday with 13 aboard. Pn " ! Jo "'' s of ' »'«li™ of committee member thro.wn. The Welch Brothers Rod™ Is owni'd hv M.V IKiisbmy. 'ivnn . biothers, fmir i,t whom h;isp v.nn and been tiir, with a larger number amending - «iu»an the "remonics in the fairgrounds William Fulbricht also have grandslantl nl Worker Park. InviU-d to atUnd the celfbra-' - chairman ,,J I vlteil Bishop snirt the public is In. lo ;iiteiid, and iloket s.i!t\- , cause of a polilical debt or some oilier reason, then you'd better not vote for me. I'm goim; lo lake you off Ihe rolls. You didn't belonf there in the first place." And. on his telecast, the Judge said: "The only thing I have to prom- See t'HKKRY on Page 3 A mon shouldn't trust his wife with the cor unttt she toorns to drive info the garage without shutting her eyes. ^M»

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