Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa on November 6, 1967 · Page 6
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Carrol Daily Times Herald from Carroll, Iowa · Page 6

Carroll, Iowa
Issue Date:
Monday, November 6, 1967
Page 6
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•Junior Editor Quiz on- Woter Witching r- SOME BELIEVE •[ IT-SOME PONT "•——_ Daily Times Herald Features . . . Comics OUT OUR WAY By NEQ COCHRAN Monday, November 6, 1967 English Ladies Answer to Previous Puzzle ACROSS 1 " Poone" nickname 38 Inside B ««*•«*» «g™SU food «t«. ,. u 10 Karly English drink 12 Restaurant 9 Important 43 Cornpass point 44 Formipf "to be" 45" Sharp" 48 Confederate .... army (ab.) dispensing food 49 Move edgewise 51 Fawned upon 53 Labor 54 Most competent 55 College degree (ab.) 56 Nautical term from slots 13 A weigh (naut.) .15 Before (prefix) IK races in Female deer in Melody 20 Thing (Latin) 21 Fruit drink 22 Shakespearean character 26 .Icllyliko material 27 Chess pieces 28 Mother superior of a convent 31 Whirled 34 Educational group (ab.) 35 Feminine noWN 1 Metric liquid measures 2 Ear (comb, form) 3 Edges 4 Tidy 5 Tn tho rear of & boat f Hoard 7 Encountered 8 Aggregate measure in three-foot units 1) Article of virtu 11 Rectifying vacuum tubes 12 Three-handed armadillo 14 Removes rind 17 Learned person 23 Friend (law) 2} Sheltered side 25 Write 23 Insect 30 Stripe 31 Masculine appellation 32 "Little " (Dickens) 33 Duchy 37 Drink of the gods (Greek) 3fl Cut into 39 Assault 40 Peruse 42 White poplar 46 Japanese port 47 New Haven school .50 Part, of the . mouth 52 Devonshire (ab.) QUESTION: What does science say about water witching? ANSWER: Water witching, often called dowsing, is supposedly a way to locate water which lies underground. Holding a y-shaped willow stick, the dowser walks over the ground in the general area where a well is to be dug. If the stick suddenly points to the ground, as in our second picture, a supply of water is said to lie directly beneath. Wells are then dug at that exact spot. Many people belive in dowsing; others do not. There is no doubt that many good wells are located in this way; but the skeptics say that, in some areas, there is so much water underground that the dowser is pretty apt to find water everywhere. A government pamphlet on water witching states that dowsers as usually sincere people who really believe they can find water by using their forked sticks. But careful studies of the subject conclude, that although many wells have been found in this way, dowsing is not a reliable system by which to locate underground water. (Jerry Ahlbrandt of Fort Collins, Colo., wins today's combined prize of Compton's Illustrated Science Dictionary plus $10 cash for this question. Mail yours on a postcard to Junior Editors in care of this newspaper.) TIZZY MV FOLKS SAY I SOTTA FIK1P <3OOP HOMES R3f?THESE PUPPIES--VVOULP YOU LIKE TO HAVE ONE? & i WHAT 1'P REALLY LIKE TO HAVE IS IW-> FORMATION OW THE SUBJECT OF HOW YOU, BEIN 1 SO SHORT AKJ 1 WITH BOTH HANDS FULL, WERE ABLE TO RIMS THE POOR. CHIMES/ SHEER DESPERATION OUR BOARD.NG HOUSE NUANCES OF THE LAW-L&T M& FOSt WAS NANVETJ PURCHASING. AGENT AMD COULDN'T FIND ANY— ER. AW— SUIT At- L& MERCHANDISE /W0ULO IT 8E KM TO SUV HI 6 OWN ? J—H~ \ U SHORT RIBS By FRANK O'NEAL J DRPPP£P WHATS THE M/tTTfif?? NO USE IN OV02SPIUEP-MIUK. By HANNA-BARBERA ..,1 HEAR ITS CONTAGIOUS.. IT'S TH' DANCING By Kate Osann By Dick Turner CARNIVAL By V. T. HAMLIN HEY, BAZ, YOU SLOPPY O\L STLJMBLEBUM! ' WELL, YOU'RE GONNA GET MORE ...THASSA ^ THAN AN IMSLJUT IF Y'PON'T INSULT/ ) TURN LOOSE THAT MOOVIAN YOU GOT PRISONER/ SLOPPY Oli STUMBLE BUM? COME OUTA. THAT CAVE. 1 I WAMTA TALK TO. YOU.' E WOMEN OF MOO, DISSATISFIED WITH THE EFFORTS OF THEIR MEN TO RESCUE OOP FROM THE NEANDERTHALS HAVE TAKEN ON JOB THEMSELVES Everything looks appetizing but the prices!" "Why can't you be like other mothers and get too wrapped up in your social affairs to have time for me? By Gill Fox SIDE GLANCES By RALPH HEIMDAHL By DICK CAVALLI meoizE WATCHING THE PIGSKIN GAMES ON TV WH£N THtr 6fcjA6ON 16 O VS2— WONT VOLJ ? I A& A MATT/32 O=FfrCr,T'M NOT VSZy INTERESTED /N FOOT0AU- / LOAHN' AGAIN! VER PI RED/ SYLVESTER i I/ HERE'S YER PAY.. I'LL FINISH TH' SIGN MYSELF! I WAS NOT BORN TO BE FETTERED BY THE BONDS OF COMMERCE! 5OM5 •OCMMGNIST?/ "V \ ; > *J V // ^\ S \\^mi.. //- 6 El 1967 by NEA. Int. T.M. 819. US, Pot oil FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By HENRY FORMHALS . x WELL.MR.WORR ITS YOUR FAULTJTMOS6'- \Voa SHOULDN'T TMI9 IS SOWS To HELP HAVE OOVvJM TM& SINK IN N\V LAP./. OF -YOURS MAIM.' "No, that isn't the handsome, dashing, rich Wooster twin. It's the homely, tiresome one who lost all his money on Wall Street!" By WALT WETTERBERG /WHAT'S I NEW By LESLIE TURNER "FAT5'1 IM FACT IT SOUNPED LIKE "5LAT BKU&H FAT$'.,.OK 'FLAT £HRUB FATS»- PIP VOU HEAR. AMV VOICE 5 gESIPE* RINGING? MR. MCKEE& top- NAPER& LEFT A CLUE UWDER. HI5 WIKJPOW' LAWSUIT SUMMOrOSI '£ NOT READY TO TE5TIFY VETi NO HEY, LOOK,.. HIPIW BEHIND THAT TREEI TIWCTLV, EXCEPT FOR OWE WORD.,,

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