The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana on March 20, 1930 · Page 4
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The Tipton Daily Tribune from Tipton, Indiana · Page 4

Tipton, Indiana
Issue Date:
Thursday, March 20, 1930
Page 4
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; ttWWI BOSS37 MlBIBBA pi or i Lis The Ameilcm radio audience greets with enthusiasm A* sppesr- •net on linear oi GeniMro P«pi, frcik from hie bunk at conductor:*! the Mitropofaan and Ravinia Operas, and Mario Chaml**, [ion of tft« famous opera houses of Europe. Do you ever wonder wltst kind of radios you would find f you actually visited the nones of artists fckc these? It is worth knowina>:-for cars like theirs will tolerate no imperfection. Here, thai, are the verdicts of these two masters: "Could I bi; sunt that everyone Tee enjoyed my SILVER RADIO could hear the eteheswes I «w*e awtonUan*eUye.i.lha«eo«e i<M. tk. mlic^ iMawframcwaeetobraadcaslt 'ia in* the see* reaksa pueM <tpt ^ id M awefc le MNI SR. VER RADIO m 3 N «w V «<fc •partamt Can you aw eAert I can procure h?" ^ /..•••',•" -aawOutiM. lUBCAIiLS KABXY HISTORY. Land Purchased by William Har~ low Entered of Government. William Harlow, residing wth «tucli it y SILVER RADIO r*l create suite for nc, I would bi happy MM 1 w A few dollars more cost, yes—but a world of added joy in the Mastery of the Airi A«d[afl because it's made riihtr-by America's First Maker of Screen-Grid Radios.!; Six beautiful models—covering the whole price range of fine radios—from S145 to 1 $W5. The Model 7SB (IRus* trated) «^ JM"*d at 1158, loss only tubes. northwest of Tipton has (.purchased 30 acres of land of. what: is known as the Joseph .Caldwell homestead ^n Prairie township and several peculiar'incidents are connected -with the - transaction. The land is. part of land entered of the government by Josepfl Cardwell in 1851 and has been' In the family since that time, the last owner being Alva Cardwell» a son of the man who entered it. The sale was made by Roy C. Purvis of Tipton who is a grand- eon of the original owner and the 30 acres sold for $125 per acre. Roy Purvis who has been in clothing business for years-is preparing to enter the real estate business in the near future' and already has a list of property for sale. The sale of a portion of the land of his grandfather is his first deal. NEW MANAGER. READ PAPER. W. Pershing Appeared Recently Before Century Club. . - Change Made at the M & S 5 and ' 10 Cent Store. Harold Mertas of Decatur is the new manager of the. ?J. & S 5 and 10 cent store.on the west side of the courthouse and is already in charge. Recently the partnership which controlled this store was dissolved, and Mr. Mentzer who also owns a similar store at Hickeville O., purchased the interest of his partner Mr. Smith. Mr. Mertas the new manager is an experienced man in. this line and has been busy the past two days. 'arranging new goods at the store "the stock being, greatly increased. He is- married • and will remove to this- city .at once. " ; Lineback & Sons The Tyre and Batrl Men Phone 38 Has Returned Home. TRIBUNE Mrs. Charity Katon of North Main street, has returned home from Baltimore, Maryland, Inhere she had been spending the winter with her daughter, Mrs. Mildred Katon Sullivan and husband. Mrs. Katon also visited during the winter at Washington, D. C, with her. daughter, Mjrs. Paul Vogel and family and with her sou, Floyd Katon, who is employed there having a fine position with the government. Mr. and Mrs. Joe Mulhns and family of near Hobbs were- the Sunday guests of their daughter, Mrs. Earl Smith and husband on South Main street. M. W. Pershing, of Tipton* and Indianapolis, recently read'' a paper before the Century Club,' of Indianapolis, which, has. occasioned-much favorable comment, «nd because of the value of his paper .and the local connections of this venerable man, Mrs. Sam Matthews, librarian, secured the paper for the library•' and it is now on file. The paper was a discussion of national and state parks and as s natural with Mr. Pershing he proved to be a booster . for his home state. In.closing his discourse, he says: "I have visited every state park in Indiana and" many of the 'private and city parks. I have traveled over many of the public roads :n Indiana. I knew the state when there were but few roads and pub- He highways, the country being undeveloped. I have seen great forests disappear and swamps turned into cultivated farms.. I have seen the time" when we had large wild cranberry swamps, huckleberry marshes, wild strawberry patches, hazel thickets and cattail ponds in Indiana, but all are gone now. However, there is now a growing sentiment to' restore some of these beauty spots and a return to the "original scenic effect that we once enjoyed. "Indiana is endowed with scenic and picturesque attractions that bring people • from all parts of the United States to feast upon the diversified scenery that we find in the state. I have traveled over a small portion of the United States and have seen gorges and canyons; mountains and rivers; lakes, caves, waterfalls and large bodies, of water. However, if I were going to take a two weeks', vacation, I would stay right here in Indiana. We have everything that any other state has, perhaps not on so large a scale, but .big enough to' satisfy both eye and ear. "I can not-close this paper without quoting a line from William H. Herschell, when he- says, "Ain't God good .to Indiana? Ain't-He?'" -. Here on Ditch Trial. Allen Kemp, former resident but now superintendent of schools of Pulaski county was m Tipton Thursday.. Mr. Kemp is interested in the hearing before the Board of Commissioners on the Fenian- 1 do Boyd petition. Relief in ^5 Minutes l*irat 'traatmaat. aaaa* donad noatrils, cttan kmt aad throat, permits fra* •wi mc atonal' UstaaUy. A acta* rokjrskW* pnscrjaftlaa.. ' HI |kb> CI-MDK esFmammfaBawasmi : USI-NOKJT . imIUmr •freiwtA) ferehttdrm FIXTURES ARRIVING. Citizens National..Bank Building Nearing Completion. Thursday,! morning the J first loadj of fixtures for the Citizens National Bank arrived in- Tipton and | were ..taken to the Leather- manj building where they are be­ wail SOU) BY ^—Arkenau's Drug Store GEORGE H. ARKENAV Phone 46 ELWOOD LEGION SHOW. Mitchell & Mitcli Will Present Minstrel There Next Week. Mitchell &'Mitch, who produced the Legion show here a few weeks' ago with great success, will put on the show in Elwood next Wednesday and Thursday nights for the Legion post in that city and several Tipton people wiil attend. The show will be given in the Elwood high school auditorium, These-two Tipton young men will give Elwood a mighty good show. Fitch Cooper of Elwood, who appeared in the Tipton minstrel, will also give his aid to the Elwood production." Attended Red Men Meet. James Suits and Attorney A. A. Fletcher were at Frankfort Wednesday night and attended the district meeting of the Red Men lodges. Scircleville, Hillisburg, Kenlpton, Morau, Tipton, Kokomo and Frankfort tribes were represented. Attorney • Fletcher and the mayor ot Frankfort were speakers at the meeting which was a splendid one. Changed locations. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Hoke, who have been occupying. the- C. ,T. Kiger residence at 315, North Independence street for/ sometime, moved Wednesday afternoon to apartments in the rear of the Christian Science home, first house south of where they resided. Feet Cause 'Trouble. All' big growers of seed treat them before planting; treat your, seed oats wita Ceresan, sold by Compton & Son, Inc. c-tf Mail! We Can Suit la Stole, Quality and Price' With Young & Mason (Extra Pants, $5.00 Additional) 'by ««• of AnWrioa'rgmtoit popular priced clothing Thtifi jinli •( ttt HO niiironnHiiir a e TalM T taiat m* Mrs. Sarali Blessing' who assists Mrs. Marion Mitchell with the'cooking at the Windfall high icliool building is off duty because of trouble with her feet, being bothered with broken down irches. During her illness Mrs. Dessio Foreman is working m her place. , Visited at Hospital. mg ptored until needed for stallation. The fixtures are I ' ' I - - : bought.and will be bjrought here at once and i installed| as they arrive. . ; • Thursday the plasterers who have! been at work in the room occupied by J the bank completed- the last detail of their tedious, work of restoring the walls'-and •columns, the panel work is jbuilt up of plaster .of Paris and the work of restoring the' hijoken and damaged portions has been a very painstaking task. i The plasterers have moved to the director's room in the northwest| corner of the building ! and Thursday work of laying \ ' the marble, floor! started. Installation of fixtures will be done as rapidly as possible and will start at once.i • ' ' j. •[ , Contractor W. R. Shook stated Thursday that the building would be ready to turn aver about May 1st and the'bank officials are anxious to get into their new quarters. J: TWTON PASTRY SHOP. W.-3I. Granger Preparing, to Open EstaljUsbnierit April 1st. FUNERAL TUESDAY. Mother of Mrs. E. T. Sigler Buried at Delphi Tuesday. E. T- Sigler, Nickel Plate fireman has returned from Delphi where he was called by the death and burial of Mrs. Sigler's mother, Mrs; Mary Hannell who has been ill for months with diabetis. Some time ago Mrs. Sigler suffered a stroke of; paralysfs. MTS. Sigler and her sister, Mrs. Louise 'Wallace of Hoopston .have been at the bedside of the sick womari almost constantly. Her deathj oc- urrod at her home S miles south of. Delphi Saturday night" and j the funeral was held at Delphi Tuesday morning. ! . ." | Mrs; Hannell was . a splendid Christian woman and her funeral' was a large one, there also being many floral offering!?. . Besides' the two . daughters mentioned-she" is survived by.'.the husband who is also seriously ill with paralysis^ arid six sons. Dr. Hannell of Hoopston, If. I. Hannell of; Los Angelas; Walter Hannell of Colfax; Fred Ha mi ell j of Delphij: and Charles and William Hannell of Qckley, Miss. The daughters are Mrs. E. T. Sigler of this city; MrsJ Louise Wallace of Hoopston and iMrs. Frank -Sparks of Indianapolis. Mrs.j Hannell had visited at home of her daughter in this"city and-several. Tipfoh people w:ere acquainted with her. THIS INTERESTED US— .MAYBE IT WILL YOU; TOO Why is it a "flacr.?" ~~~ Curious liow v,-o come by cer- ainf bits, of langua;;?. Consider for example, the word "fiacre" which is «sued almost as commonly in Eiglish as in French, to /ndicate a horse-drawn hack' or Srb. Why should it be known as \ fiacre? The story is interesting is indicatin % the illogical, or perhaps it is logical, way in which certain words} just happen to -be -,orn into our language. The fiacr^ is so-called from the fact that th i first station in Paris vhere one could procure carriages for hire was the Hotel de St. Fiacre. This was in 1650—almost SOU'years aro. The hotel is' probably no mojre. Words, however, have a habit of outlasting their origins. the Mr. and Mrs. Parke Hoover of Hobbs visited Wednesday evening at the Mercy hospital at Elwood with their son, Herbert Hoover, who was qperated upon Tuesday night for appendicitis. They found him getting along nicely and' his condition encouraging in eve'rv way. | mm YOUR APPEARANCE If you need glasses they usually improve your appearance. By eliminating eye strain they eliminate wrinkles and scowls and let your face relax./ By,enabling you to see your .friends the blank stare is' replaced, by a smile ; bfrecognition. •AConspicnous and nea^ MrsJ" J. E. Prifogle of Columbia Avenue has had recent Word of the [very serious illness of pier sister, [ Mrs. Ethel Srtyder njear Columbus. Miss Snyder suffered an acute ; attack of ihflammatiory rheumatism which has affected the-whole system, the message that she was perfectly helplesjs, with!the exception j of her right-hand, which she could mm Perfectly Helpless; move, Missi many visited i W. M. 4raniser of Indianapolis, is here arranging for opening 'a pastry shop in the Gleason building on North Main street and expects to be ready for business April 1st. The establishment will be known as the "Tipton Pastry Shop." Mr.rGraiger is an experienced pastry mail and \jwill specialize in plain and fancy; I pastries. Some' bread will also be made but this will be a tide line. The equipment wiil be in full view of the public fron ^he front window when the ihop is in operation, this featurs being used in many of the larger and better shops of the larger cities Carpenters were at work Thursday getting the room ready for occupaicy and the installation of the machinery and equipment. 'the Diana. Never before such an exhibition of spectacular horsemanship as Ken Maynard gives, in this exciting drama of life behind the scenes of a big Wild West showt Never before such smashing action! Never before such a.,i»m- pelling storv. Never before a gigantic Western photoplay, with so much real human interest despite its world of movement. Never before such powerful entertainment as you will be given in this great Ken Maynard picture. Don't Miss It! At the DianiKFri­ day and Saturday. There TOOK MB* tot INK AOH FOB 90 YIABS "For 20 years I took aod* for indigestion and stomach m. Then I. tried Adlerttuu One bottle brought complete relief."— Juo. B. Hardy. ' Adlerika rejieras GAS and soar stomach in TEN minutes! Acts on BOTH upper and lower bowel, removing poison* yon never knew were there. Don't fool witk medicine which cleans only PART of the bowels; bat let Adlerik* give stomach and bowels a REiAL cleaning and see bow,good you feel. Bue Front Drue Store- In Atlanta by B. R. Orerdorf. Daily Bible Who; is he that' condemneth? It is Christ that died, yea rather, that is risen again, who Is even at the. right hand of God, who also maketh intercession for ns.—Romans 8:34. Ed j Hewitt, representative for the Baldwin piano factory at Cincinnati, Ohio, was here Thursday attending to business matters.. Mr. Hewitt resides in Kokomo and travels ont of that place. He formerly resided in Tipton. Men's Oxfords Goodyear Wdts 1931 Molds IN* Leather A Home Owned Store for 74 Tears Was No Fire. A few days ago mention was made of a f re run on North Independence street and. it was re- oorted a small blaze was extin-" v'-. I gnished in the roof of the Heisser home. Mm. Peter Heisser states that t lere w'Ss _ n"?r»€fre and ! t is learned that the run was •made only fur practice.. Mrs; Heisser says that there is some-.objection .to the fire department, boys making practice runs' on North Independence street. Found I Snyder is well known' to people in Tipton, having frequently and spending: some time with her • sister and family | since they moved to Tipton. M • . ' • . (• Windfall Sick Persons. Mrs. Fred bolt is confinodj to her home and suffers intense pain fr >m an abscess of the ear; . • Mrs. WUIard Brown has been quite il f at: her home: for the past week sifferlng from' a complication of ailments. Her', daughter, Mrs.'Omer Tr'oyer- of., Anderson is assistin; in the care of her.moth er^ : I ••... The sight, months old baoyj of (Mr. anc MrB. Guy Crouch, was rionsly ill: Wednesday ..with acute |ndi|eal!ioq:-Dr. B; .V;; Chance was snmmoned;and' assisted the little ong-^u'gaining relle Slnap: who-died at^hls home ;in mitten for Child's Jlitten. H. J. Broderick found, a child's the left hand which he left at this office for the owner. It is al brown mitten with black fur cuff. . • . I . Theatre Last Showing Tonight Shows 7:00 and 8:45 Admission, 10c and 25c PA8SION vs. PUDS An exotic loath Setvs bwftuty melta cold New KnglMad in a vibrant IfoT/ietone romaaot with 3ong». i • • Mrs. Marj-j Porter, Mrs. Mary Kecobs, Mrii. William Matern and Miss, Majy Porter were at Indianapolis Thursday spending the day friends. jtli relatives and SS4 4j3 :'j,<

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