The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas on December 19, 1939 · Page 3
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The Courier News from Blytheville, Arkansas · Page 3

Blytheville, Arkansas
Issue Date:
Tuesday, December 19, 1939
Page 3
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TUESDAY,: DECEMBER 10, 1939 Osceola Society — Personal Flannlgan and Boriiin. Mrs. James D, Lylo Smith, chief of party, U. S. Government Fleet Number Seven's! ^° casting plant at Osceola; H. Coach Prank Jones left Friday afternoon for his home In Conway to spend the holidays with his parents. Mr. and Mrs. C. W. Jones. He will return here the latter part of Christmas week to acccm- pany a group of his fjcmtnolc team New Orleans to witness the liowl Ktnui! played there on Shannon, superintendent, of Fleet New Year's nay. Mr. and Mrs, li. R. Moore of Number Seven; and C. A. Davis, Osceola druggist, were hcsls lo SlrhiBlown, Miss., several executives of Ihe U. fj. J Osccoln torill >' fo: , ,, „ , Engineers District, Office at Wesl;*^> ^...^'^J^,??™'? Memphis and around forty Osce- "" drive to 'iOscooln today for ilic annual llf b 1 - Mr ola business men for a quail and v.-old goose stag dinner at the Os- j \f, co ; ceola community Clubhouse on . . and Mrs. Moore formerly lived in Mr. and Mrs. W. N, Jones of Pi'idnv niehl i LUll ° Rock visilpd Ml ' s - Sll!lio Kci " Fiidn> night. Christ-' Mr "'«' John Kt ' lser S " ml:iy ;lfun '- Steele-Cooter Society—Personal BLYTHRVTLLE (ARK.)'_CnURTER NRWS _ _ | P'A'GE THRE* Missionary Society Iviikrlahu'd Mrs. Lucille Stephens was hostess to tile Woman's Missionary Soclnly .u her home Monday aflerncon when ihere were twelve members Cameron, N. M., have arrived Sleele to make their home. Mrs. Hay Jones returned home Saturday after a week's visit, In Cape Glrardeau with her brother, Klwood Brown, and family. Mr. and Mrs, M. H. Lewis of Braggadocio were in Hteele Sim- day to attend Ihe funeral of Dr. J. 1'. Vickery. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Waters and son Bobble spent yesterday In llly- Ihevllle with friends. Miss I'runces Vannhn mill brother Fred are spending today In nnd one visitor Mrs. J. S. German Memphis as guesUs of liielr sister, Mrs. lliiuh Wrsl and Mr. West and shopping. The meeting was opened with prayer by Mrs. Nesvbcrry Johnson niter which the World Outlook program was given Mr.s. 11. 11. Spence was lender and she was fissisleri by Mrs. l'. K, I'eiuler, Mrs. and Mrs. Jack ish, A. P. Uarham and others for impromptu speeches. Music was • January 1 to begin his duties as provided throughout the evening. Garner Miller, D. M. Brock, G. C. Twin-Six Supper Club Meets Most interesting and unique in designing and landscaping was the snow village built in tile large fireplace of the O. E. Mabsengill home on West Hale Avenue to greet the members of the twin-six Supper Club on Friday 'night when they assembled for the buffet, slipper and an evening of card games. Tlie base was crumpled news- j paper, piled high for snowbanks. | Houses were placed in position and , colored tree lights installed. Over all was placed non-inflammable — cotton. Then fir trees in various i>i., son of Clarksdnlc, Miss., and Mrs D. Bozeman of Crawfonlsville E. D. Robinson, is n student a Mississippi State College at Stark Demonstration Club News Notes Sr., nt her suburban home Tuesday afleviioon. At the conclusion of the bridge (jimii's. the hostess served u salad plate with coffee. Mrs. E. Colin received lii^M srore club prize and Mrs. W. K. llrtice. consolation pita'. Mis. coleman Crews, Mrs. Hob Crcus Jr., and Mrs. W. P. Harris spent l-'tiday In Memphis. K. M. llroofe returned to Kclser Tlmi'jilay from Ixjiilslana where he has been working for Ihe pasl Kcvi'i'iil montlis. Mr. Drooks will be iciv for scvernl days with his • amily. Dr. J. T. 1'olk spent Thursday In Memphis. Keiser News l\iiterl:iins (lull The 'IVo Table Urlilgc club was Harwell. He will go to Memphis argarel Louise Mt'Ouun Mr. and Mrs. Elvis W. McCann I Cooler are announcing the ar- •ivnl of a 10 pound baby girl ut their liome in Cooler Thursday evening. Tlic baby luis been named Margaret Louise. Mrs. McCann who is p:st mistress at cooler was before her marriage Miss Opal Howard of Steelc. N'orniu Carlcloii Former Chicks Are Awarded Grid Letters A son was born to Mr. and Mrs. Curtis Stools Tuesday morn- Ing ut the Methodist hospital In Memphis. Mr.s. BtooLs was before her marriiii;e Miss Alpha Workman. Slie was a griuluiUc ol tin 1 Kelser high .school. lias (Tub Party Mrs. K, II. liobinson Jr. entertained the Young Matron's Bridge club nnd three guests, Mr:;. II. U. Hughes o! Chicago, Mrs. M. C. j 1/irscn and Mr.s. R. H. Robinson Homer Desbarse, Dli'k Tlplon and Calvin Mooily were nnuniK Ihe meiiilieis of the Union university footbiul s(|inui who were awanled letters it Ims been announced. All are former lilytheville high school si a is. The Jiu'kson, Tenn. school Is one of Hie top ranking members of the S. 1. A. A. During October. 1DM, Ihe number til' new pnssenger ears registered was :!H!.f>8'J as compared tc 111).053 during October, 10:18. sizes, a mirror lake with deer beside it,, a skier and his friend, all found natural places. A red light under a few Christmas tree sprigs provided a 'miniature bonfire. The final touch was the generous sprinkling of glistening white snow. Tile picture over the mantel was entwined with holly and cedar and lied with a high red bow, whose streamers extended to the corners of the fire-place. The lace-covered dining table held a centerpiece of red carnations and fern with red tapers intermingled. Christmas gifts were given from the tree in a corner of the living room. In the games, Mrs. Andrew .T. Florida was successful scorer winning a box.-cr candy, with a box of cigars going .to A. W. Ho wen for men's prize. Mr. and Mrs. Bruce Ivy were guests. * * • Gives Dinner Parly I'lau Christinas IV.iskel Eighteen members of the Armorel Home Demonstration club nnd tv.-o visitors made plans for a Christmas basket to be given some worthy family for the holiday at a meeting in the home of Mrs. Taft Mclzjicr Tuesday. The all day meeting was opened with prayer by Miss Margaret Shaw after which Mrs. D. 17. Garnei gave the devotional. Mrs. W. L Smith, new of Ihe group presided over the business session Mrs. W. O. Anderson, the rctlrin: president, was given leal he purse by the group, after othc Christmas gifts had been distrib uuted. Lunch was served at noon. I the Christmas contest, Mrs. W. L .Smith received first prize an Mrs. JanVes Bell, second prize. Tlie next meeting will be Jan. at the home of Mrs. W. O. Ander Mr. and Mrs. Johnson Cnrleton ] arc announcing the arrival of an 8 pound daughter al Ilicir home In Steele on Dec. 10. The baby has been named Norma. Mrs. Cni'lcton was before her mrrlngc Miss Maxiue liallenlinc. * > • Mr. and Mrs. Bill Secoy of Co- nnbus, On., arrived Sunday to nt- end the funeral of Mrs. Sccoy's lothcr, Mrs. Frances Murphy al iollnml Monday. They plan to lieiid the rest of the week here Miss Dorothy Ellen Nichols who s attending Wood Junior College n Malliiston, Miss, arrived Mcn- Iny for a visit- with her mothei Mrs. Ellen Nichols and family Her sister Mrs. Ethel Harris am J. E. Holberl and Mrs. B. Avis o icar Holland spent the \veckcn with her in Mathlson ad hrougli her home. Miss Mary Joe Reid ol Kennel is spending this week here wit her brothers James and Jiggs Reid Miss Frances Vaughn of Tamp Fla., arrived Sunday for a tw weeks visit with her parents, Mr. For Christmas dive Her HKAI/PII AND BEAUTY A course, of Swedish Massage, Vapor Baths and Reducing Treatments. MRS. RUTH LAWHON At Margaret's Be.mly Shop MEYER BROS. Hlythcville, Ark. • Will Buy Your Government Loan Cotton and Mrs. Albeit Vaughn and her Vaughn. Mr. brother Fred Vaughn met her at Memphis and had dinner with Mr. and Mrs Hugh West. Mr. and Mr.s. J. R. Staley oi RUPTURED? IIULBLESS — BELTLESS — STKAIM.ESS THE nomis is »IK VK RENT No matter what truss you now wear, you owe It to yourself to sec the "Wonder" Dobbs. It docs not strut the rupture; it holds'with a soft concave pud; it is guaranteed to hold any rupture; it elves nature a chance to heal; it touches the body ill only two places; it can be put on in five seconds; It cnn be worn while bathing; it can ix: washed with soap and water. I-'RKE EXAMINATION AND DHMONSTUATION Reason should leach you not to place a bulb or ball In opening of rupture, thus keeping the muscles spread apart. J. W. nOliliS with the DOUHS' 'I IUISS CO., of Little Itiick, Ark., will |:K iu niythrvillr, Ark., THUHSllAY, DKC. 21sl, mic day only at the GOFF HOTEL By All'Cleans .Sec This 1'reu Demonstration There arc about 14 to 18 square M". Raymond ^artwright wasj^t of skin an the average adult hostess to seven guests for a wild goose dinner in her home Friday night in special compliment to her mother. Mrs. John White. Naudina and hclly centered the table witli red and white candles on each side. The place cards were also in red and white Christmas motif. Guests were Mrs. 'White, Mis. Maude Travis. Mrs. P. B. Kale, Mrs. Ada Butler, Mrs. Ida Tucker. Mrs. G. T. Florida, Mrs. W. B. human body. TRY THIS PINE RECIPE FOR Inexpensive Sponge Cake Beat two eggs, one and a half cups sugar. TUESDAY — PAL ?. admitted for price of 1 Mix in one cup of flour—two teaspoons baking powder. Half cup water. Add one teaspoon lemon juice and bake. You'll recognize the excellence of our flour for baking. f'S BEST FLOUR AT YOUR GROCER "If 's Easy To Buy Gifts With Savings Club Money!" Also Selected Shorts WED. & THUR. A COLUMBIA PICTURE 5*aramounl News TUE.-WED.-THUR. With llaby Sandy & Hugh Herbert Also Selected Shorts LISTEN TO KLCN 11:00 a.m.— 12:45 p.m.— 4:30 p.m. Phono KHz «4 Phone nosy 333 We Will Buy Your 1938-39 GOVT. A. R. WETENKAMP & CO. 20<t W. Ash St., Rlythevillc Phone 758 Long Distance JOIN OUR 1940 CLUB NOW You'll be able to remember all your relatives and friends generously next year if you join our Christmas Savings Club. It's easy. Just save a small amount each week, and you'll be surprised at the total! F' Five Different Sewings Club Plans SAVE 25c WEEKLY SAVE 50c WEEKLY SAVE $1.00 WEEKLY SAVE §2.00 WEEKLY SAVE $5.60 WEEKLY RECEIVE $12.50 RECEIVE $25.00 RECEIVE $50.00 RECEIVE $100.00 RECEIVE $250.00 THE FIRST NATIONAL IN BUY THE VI LLE , MBMHER FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION A II will convey your .sen! intent, forever, it remembrance of your devotion \n\\K iiflor oilier Kif's lire Coi'Koden! Hlic will he delinhk'd with it if it comes from Guard's, • IJRIIHi'K KIN'f.'S Yellow uold mounllnits, °l nl1 and Ruby. Sapphires and Diamonds, Opals and Diamonds, multiple <lla- (tlC monds. Up from «J>1«> Solitaire Diamonds Over a hundred diamond linns from which to select. All sizes, Newest type sel- lings. $'2ii,iri io ' WKDDING.SKTS Solitaire ennnKCirienl rings with embossed bands or set. with small dla- momls. Per set $2!i HIRTHSTONH RINGS, u liii'tfo assorlnicnt nf unique, yellow nokl MKHiiitiiitfs, stones for every nioiilli. ' priral $1 I'o CAMKO KINGS 'Men's TIKIT Eye Cameo rings, some with diamond Inset. If Ic lily curved, simully lie- U"O C .sinned. $ll.lil) to <J)«)t> RirthstoncK — Onyx He would welcome one ,of these handsome; rings. $2 to ........ M ION'S INVL'IAI, RINGS Yellow iiold Initials on oval, square or oblong Onyx set Priced $3.7f> to '..., UKAU'l'IVUI, MASONTC RINGS Pine yellow cold mountings, with Bold insignia on gold BV wllli Insignia on blrtlistone or onyx set. Moderately priced ill $il.50 to : SCIIAUI'KIl I'F.NS. Also pell ft pencil sets . . . lifetime cjuar- milce. largest nssorimenl In (hi:; section. Sct-s priced nt $2.75 I.OCKKTS-CKOSSKS. All assortment, of quaint, Lockets I" yellow Hold that arc quite the rage now. nlso gold plated and solid gold crosses. $1.50 FITTED CASKS. I .allies' weekend cases with complete fittings, large selection from which to choose. $6.95 to $25 BOUDOIR SETS .Small set of three pieces, other sets ranging up lo 14 piece Including clocks, picture frames, manicure accessories and toilet articles. Burnished gold, Onyx and vari-colorcd Pyrolcnc in many unusual designs. $1.50 lo $30 A beautiful chest of 50 pieces In attractive design. The nationally famous Slratford plale by International Silver Company. Price for 60 pieces and chests 1811 Rogers 42-plccc set of sliver, beautifully designed. The same high quality plated d*OQ 7C ware your grandmother used <pOi»«l«J STKHMN'G SIM'KIl 111 • complete chests or place settings, aorhnm's English Gadroon and Nocturlne and Wallace's nose Point and Stradivari (JjlC CA in slock, place settings up from <J)lU.OU. FOHTOKIA CRYSTAL Eight,bea.utlf.ul new Fostoria patterns; from which to make out-of-slock selections.: A. gift, that is always appreciated. SETH THOMAS CLOCKS Accurate time piece in u large and varied assortment of new styles suitable for every nook In the home. Electric or wind. $3.75 (0 $15 He'll remember yon for years to come If you remember him with 'one of these electric razors. Rand Shaver SD.Sfl Remington . §15 GIFTS OF LEATHER. Last- Ing and useful Billfolds. Key Containers, p i P e-Tobncco Pouches, Cigarette cases. Single pieces or In sets. $1 lo $5 RON'S ON LIGHTERS. An unusual assortment of Ronson lighters or combination lighters and cigarette cases. $1.50 to $15 GUARD'S JEWELRY STORE 200 W. Alain St. Phone 49

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